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Not sure if you remember but NeverDie was black. I'd also say Silynn and Horo are also black because of all the stuff they stole in ppv1. Just wanted to let you know there were top black American players in all ranking systems of the game (score, ppv1, and ppv2).

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Wow, I totally forgot about NeverDie!
Also, Silynn and Horo are the true gangstas who dominated buttholes before ppv2. Nowadays, there is a new pimp in THE GAME. Legends call him Adam Jones but we just call him Kaoru, the pp collector. You fuck with his rep, you get fucked. That new kid named Xilver15 thought that he had it all good...until he got fucked. Now he regrets ever fucking with THE LEGEND. It got to the point that he had to remove the 15 out of his name as an attempt to cover his old identify. He is now known as Xilver, son of the TRUE SILVER GOD named HDHR. He is destined to defeat THE LEGEND and take his rightful throne as the new number #1 pimp dog of america. Woof motherfucker...

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