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Would you have moved to a big city when you were in your 20s?

I think the ideal is being in a smaller city nearby a big metropolis. Like Cambridge / Boston, or Oakland / San Francisco. Far enough away that you don't feel crowded every time you leave the house, but you still have access to the jobs, nightlife, dating scene, etc of the big city. It's definitely overrated to pay a premium to live downtown somewhere that's super busy. Noise is constant, crime is higher, there's always some bullshit going on on the street, traffic sucks. If you're going to do it, do it while you're still young... the older you get the lower your patience for dense city living becomes. Find a mellow neighborhood with a good pub and a local bakery instead. I lived in a few larger cities in my twenties but in hindsight putting down roots in a smaller town earlier would have saved me a lot of time and money. With that said I had a lot of good experiences and gained a lot of experience working in a more competitive environment that I carried with me making the smaller city experience a breeze by comparison.
Living in a city was okay for a year or two, but afterwards I really just wanted to leave again. Too much constant stimulation, too many people, not enough nature, I couldn't stand it. I thought moving to a bigger city would help my dating and friend prospects, but if anything it was tougher because my manners and values were too different. Honestly I still can't stand city-native type people, idk what it is but 90% of the time they strike me as so weird and off putting. But I did meet my gf there (who's from the sticks herself), so that part worked out.
I moved from a small town to a bigger city a few weeks after I turned 18. Loved it, still love it, and would highly recommend giving it a shot even if for only a small amount of time. If you don’t like it, do the fun stuff and bounce after a few years. If anything you’ll appreciate your small town that much more. For me, being in the middle of it all is better than space and tranquility. But there’s not right answer and I self aware enough to know that I might not always feel that way.
Hell no, I've always hated Chicago, even the nice areas fucking suck to live there. Too much shit going on, no parking, and everyone acts like assholes. It was only a 20 minute Uber to go out and party over there anyway so its not like I missed out in my early 20s. My friends were always dragging me out to the bars and clubs at that age.
I know alot of people that do it for a social life. I had a good one while being in the burbs. Only trade off is I have to drive everywhere with the exception of some pools, a shopping area (with food, grocery stores, pharmacy, and gas in it), and woods/the river.

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Was sind deine persönlichen Ziele bzw. Vorhaben im diesjährigen Sommer (falls vorhanden)? Du kannst diese gerne teilen, wenn du magst. - @feytality

feytality’s Profile PhotoJolly Roger
I'll give it a crack in german for once I suppose!
Das wichtigste Ziel für diesen Sommer ist vermutlich die "großen" Fragen des Promotionsprojektes zu klären. Einige Sachen stehen schon, einige Grundlagen sind gelegt und die schemenhaften Umrisse eines Typsystems bahnen sich an, auch wenn gefühlt jeder zweiter Tag daraus besteht, sich Gegenbeispiele zu überlegen, wieso es so nicht gehen kann. A special kind of fun.
Das ist irgendwie wichtig, um nicht in einen Dauerzustand der Panik reinzugeraten. Weil wenn man den erstmal erreicht hat, kommen auch keine guten Ideen mehr.
Das ist irgendwie noch wichtiger, weil wenn irgendwas schonmal läuft, kann man Paper einreichen, und irgendwie die vorzeigbare Quote erreichen, mit der die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft dann zufrieden ist.
Plus es eilt irgendwie, einer der smartesten Personen aller Zeiten verlässt den Lehrstuhl. Ich bin nicht der Einzige Doktorand der zittert!
Jedoch viel wichtiger ist der Post-Covid Reboot meiner typischen sozialen Kreise. Ich bin sehr auf der extrovertierten Seite angesiedelt, und ich bin froh das alles langsam wieder aufwacht. Leute erscheinen aus der Senke, die meisten Wochenenden sind endlich wieder verplant mit persönlichen Treffen mit oder ohne längeren Trips in andere Städte. Es gibt wieder Night-Life, und ich kann die Lichter wieder genießen. Das Vorhaben/Ziel ist es wieder den selben Zustand wie vor der Pandemie zu erreichen.
Ich hätte gerne meine zwei Jahre zurück, aber wenn ich das schon nicht haben kann, dann möchte ich zumindest soweit möglich meinen Lifestyle zurück. Und als erster Schritt ist Cocktailbar und K-Pop Party in relativ großer Gruppe ziemlich gut, zumindest ein Ziel was aktiv direkt kommendes Wochenende in Bearbeitung geht.
Hmm. Yeah. This text reads ugly. Sighhh.

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You are always out drinking how does your boyfriend even want to be with you?

first of all - i will never ever change for anyone - if i want to go on nights out and drink til i pass out then i will. secondly, my boyfriend loves me a lot and respects me and trusts me enough to let me do whatever i want. i’ve always loved the nightlife, i will always do x

Have you ever been to another country, other than the one you live in? What was that like?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photo☾ᗩᖇᑕᕼIE☽
I have! I’ve been to France many times, partly because it’s relatively easy to go to, and my dad is fluent in the language. We mostly went to various places within Normandy, but the south of France is truly beautiful. I’d love to visit there again; we stayed near a huge lake with the Alps in the distance, and the nightlife was so lovely; the hum of cafes and restaurants, people outside laughing and enjoying the summer evening.
Recently, I went to Edinburgh, and that was my first time visiting Scotland! I miss it so much, it’s not often you come across a place that’s so relaxing and tranquil, while also being incredibly beautiful and full of history. It honestly pops into my head everyday, and made me realise how much I truly love travel, and how refreshing it is for the soul! ✨
Have you ever been to another country other than the one you live in What was

What is your favorite country and why?

I've only been to Norway once but it was outstanding. Gorgeous nature and cities, incredibly kind (and beautiful) people, and also one of the most socially progressive and economically stable countries in the world.
However, I really enjoyed England when I visited London for a week several years ago. The people were very friendly and helpful, the Underground was easy and convenient. The food was amazing. I love London's steakhouses, and they also have really good Indian and Japanese restaurants as well. And the history was very fascinating. We stayed only a few blocks away from the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, so we crossed the bridge and toured the tower basically everyday. Back at home, my favorite state out of all 40 states I've visited so far, Minnesota is my favorite because that's where a lot of my family lives, but my second-favorite state has to be my home state of Colorado. I love that I'm less than an hour's drive away from the plains and the mountains. I like to hunt pronghorn antelope in the fall, so the plains hold a special place in my heart for that. Plus, it's always fun to take my dirtbike out and tear down the country roads as fast as those two wheels can take me, which is close to 80 mph. The mountains are awesome too! I participate in a sport called endurocross, AKA trail endurocross, AKA enduro. The mountains provide me with a beautiful challenge of riding my dirtbike up some of the most insane hills for the best views. America. We have a right to freedom of speech. We have the right to bear arms to prevent government tyranny. We're also "Capitalist pigs" who have a reasonable tax rate (this doesn't apply to California). We don't have universal healthcare, but I'll make do with corporate group insurance or a government job if it comes down to it.
Also yes, this is one of the few countries that give you the right to bear arms with the exclusive right to defend oneself from not only individuals trying to harm you or your property, but also a tyrannical government. This is rare as fuck because in the vast majority of countries you’re expected to wait until police arrive lol. We’re also one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, you can choose to live in the tropics of Puerto Rico to the cold urban city of New York to the deserts of Arizona.
Ireland. I love the culture, the traditional step dancing, the music and the food. Hell, I even took two semesters of Gaelic in college. Because of that I was tempted to take a few more Irish centered courses in order to get my "Celtic Studies" certificate but I didn't because it would've cut into my minor. Plus I'm half Irish.
Berlin is arguably the best capital city in Europe, imo. It's has the perfect blend of everything you'd want from a trip abroad. It's very multicultural and has amazing, vibrant night-life, but it's all set against the backdrop of incredible European history.

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* . ⭐ * 🌙 * . * 🌟 . 🛸 * . ✳️⁩* . *🚀 * * 💫 . * ☄️*✧ • 🌕 .🛰️ *.🌠.☁️ .✨ * ★ * 🔭 * ⋆ * . 🌑 . * 💫 * . * ⁦✴️⁩ ˚ ✵ * ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. SƤAᑕE .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

Today, I officially switched to my nightlife routine. I missed those quiet nights where you can clearly hear your inner self.
*Feeling too comfortable to be a full-time night cat xD*
#A pic of my office, seriously I lost count of how many items I own for cats and especially black cats ٧.٧"
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Nightlife Spam: When was the last time you accepted a drink from a stranger? If you haven't, would you?

A woman bought me and my boyfriend a fishbowl each last night. They are almost £10 each! I told her not to buy me one, but she was like "nah don't be silly" and got me one anyway.
I bet she regretted that in the morning. 😅

Nightlife Spam: When was the last time you accepted a drink from a stranger? If you haven't, would you?

someone bought me a drink but the bartender made it and gave it to me so i knew nothing was in it ?
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Nightlife Spam: When was the last time you accepted a drink from a stranger? If you haven't, would you?

I don’t accept drinks from strangers and plus I’m not old enough to drink lol
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Gibt es einen 'Star', einen 'Autor', einen 'Künstler' (Irgendeine bekannte Person), die du gerne mal treffen würdest? Wenn ja, wen? & nun, stell dit vor ihr habt 12h Zeit. Was tut ihr? :)

VielseitigesDesinteresse’s Profile PhotoVielseitigDesinteressiert
ach, ist er ein star? ein autor? oder später mal ein künstler? man weiß es nicht. ich treffe herrn jimpanse aka @plusoderminus wir treffen uns in einer kneipe, um die sache mit den männern und frauen auszudiskutieren, dann gehen wir ins theater, jimbo wählt aus. anschließend zeigt er mir das nightlife von kölle. ich fände das interessant. er wahrscheinlich nicht so. aber wenn man ein künstler ist, muss man damit vielleicht leben.

Plan sprachufenthalt der zmache? Wie ischs so o ond sreisebürohed gseit wer sautür? Stimmt das? Was cha me der so mache? Isch Cannes nice? Was för Erfahrungen hesch gmacht?

So hotelmässig muess me glaub eif chli sueche, aber kenne dört lüt vo dem her ishs für mi praktish.
Cannes het halt so de südfrankrich-charme, me cha irgendwie abschalte und ds lebensgfühl dert gniesse, uf jede fall ishs bi mir so. Me cha guet shoppe, flaniere etc es git vo luxus bis chlini lädeli eig alles. Es ish recht e lebendige ort, aber cha o mega entspannt si so i cafés, am strand etc. Chli witer usse hets o buchte undso, da muesh eif chli sueche. Mit boot chame o zu insle fahre und es git e walk o fame wo sich vili berüehnmti schauspiler verewigt hei.
Für mi versprüht die stadt e sehr grossi lebensfreud. Nightlife findi o nice also het würk vo allem öpis:)
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+4 answers in: “Abgesehen vo Paris weli städt in Frankrich hesch no gern chasch empfehle döre Sommer”

du học bên đấy anh cảm nhận thấy mọi thứ như thế nào? xem ảnh trên ins của anh em thấy nó cứ kiểu trầm trầm ấy.-.

hì sau khi học xong một kì thì anh nghĩ anh sẽ chả lời em đúng hơn.
anh thích cuộc sống bên Đức hơn, kiểu thành phố anh ở là Karlsruhe thì cũng bthg ko vui lắm nhưng cứ cuối tuần là anh với ông bạn lại share tiền mua vé bang 13.5 eur một thằng, nếu đi đông nữa còn giảm tiếp (đi từ 0:00 t7 đến 3:00 chủ nhật), đi toàn bang, tiền phương tiện gần xa của Deutsche Bahn đủ cả. Đi xung quanh bang khám phá rồi xem cách con người bên này sống thì anh thấy nó khá hợp. Kiểu ngày thường đi làm xong cuối tuần ra bờ sông, lên núi chill í, hay vcc, kiểu anh hợp với cái kiểu đi chill như thế lắm. Văn hóa bên này cũng có nhiều cái để khám phá nữa, kiểu đi tham quan lâu đài, phố cổ, bảo tàng...
btw không trầm lắm đâu, nó sẽ trầm nếu như em chỉ ở nhà lủi thủi ko ra ngoài, hoặc em học ở những chỗ quá buồn mà những chỗ như thế Việt Nam cũng có, còn lại thành phố đủ đông vui nhộn nhịp nếu như mình tự active và ra ngoài, biết cách manage tiền cũng như tìm offer để đi chơi thì bên này ko hề đắt.
ngoài ra trong trường có Sport Hall và CLB khá là phong phú, có thể tham gia để socialize với con người bên này, họ khá là thân thiện chứ ko lạnh nhạt lắm đâu :)))
và bên này cuối tuần nếu ko đi chơi xa thì anh đi uống bia, bia Đức đúng là best, xong sau đó anh đi ngắm sao :D pretty interesting đúng hem, và thêm màn đái bậy nữa hihi.
và nightlife ở thành phố thì quả thực khá vui, như hôm anh ở Munich đi xuyên đêm tay cầm chai bia đi khắp nơi hay phết, có ông Thổ gặp bọn anh trên tàu còn làm quen xong mời bia mà :))) lão cứ muốn học cách cảm ơn bằng tiếng Việt để nói với khách Việt ở quán Kebab của lão í í :)))
cảnh vật thì nchung cũng khá đẹp, mấy thành phố cổ thì cũng khá là bánh cuốn, anh ưng phết.
và đặc biệt mùa hè bên này đầy đủ cây cối nên nếu thấy nóng thì nên ra khỏi nhà vì bên ngoài có cây nên nó mát hơn ở nhà nhiều, xong xem các chị em xinh đẹp đóng 2 mảnh ra tắm nắng kaka :D
public transportation ok nên việc đi lại thích phết
chính vì những điều này nên anh cũng ko bị homesick gì cả đâu, lí do duy nhất anh về hè vnam chơi là vì anh biết nếu hè năm nay ko về thì năm sau khó mà gặp lại các bạn mình chơi nữa, hết.

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That book sounds super super super scary! I hope you have lots of hot cocoa and marshmallows and a blanket and nightlife to keep you warm and safe! I was scared reading the description!

I still have some hot chocolate that I haven't got around to making. Keep forgetting or not in the mood for it.
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اشبيلية احلى من برشلونة الناس احلى هناك و ودوديين اكتر و بالشتا مو برد وكمان فيها من عبق الاندلس و قريبة من قرطبة و غرناطة اما برشلونة بالصيف خيالية و للي بحبوا ال nightlife بحبوها اكتر ؟طيب بدك تتغربي لحالك ؟

مين قال انو بدي اتغرب؟

Iya lu boleh ga setuju tapi orang yang liat dan menilai:) makanya hati2 sama apa yang lu share, karna gak semua yang lu share itu dinilai bener. Jangan sampe aja lu share tentang nightlife & anak nanggung liat malah pengen coba2 haha. sayang lu masih muda dek

Oh jelas bgt emg org lain yg bisa menilai ☺️ beda kepala beda pemikiran. Apa yg gue share itu bener atau salah yah dr versi gue, versi org lain mah terserah mereka gmna ngartiinnya.
But so thank you for your advice, maybe gue bakal filter lagi apa yg gue share (itu klo otak gue nggak gatel pengen nyablak sih ya) maklum gypsy souls kek gue sangat susah dimengerti org lain 😂

Yaila gua tau kali pergaulan nightlife, jangan seakan2 gua gatau. Makanya gua ngomong kaya gitu buat ngebuka pikiran org. Walaupun lu gak ngapa2in tetep aja kan reputasi lu dicap org bisa aja jelek. So being smart dude:)

Ampun suhu 🙏🏻 hahaha. Nah lu pikir gue bikin point kek tadi buat apa klo nggak buat bikin org open mind ☺️ semenjak gue tau nightlife kek gmna, gue sama sekali nggak setuju reputasi jelek itu dipukul rata ke semua orang yg ada di nightlife. Just it, nothing else dude.

Kalo lebih terhormat sih neng mending gakusah diumbar kalo lu suka clubbing. Kesian ortu... duit ke clubbing itu gak sedikit. Udah bukan jamannya main clubbing gt Udah telat. Mending perbaikin diri, jangan banyakin generasi2 begini.

Bukan mengumbar, sya cuma sekedar sharing. Dan maaf sebelumnya, jangankan clubbing ya, sya nongki aja nggak pke duit ortu apalagi duit dr nte ☺️ dan maaf maksud Anda "generasi begini" itu seperti apa? Klo yg Anda maksud adl pemabuk dan lainnya yg berbau negatif tentu sya setuju! Tp perlu diliat dalam nightlife ada generasi kita pecinta music edm, trance, trap dan segala macamnya yg mereka salurkan dalam hobby bahkan pekerjaan sbg DJ ☺️ ada fotografer nightlife yg punya hobby, punya talenta fotografi dan videografi yg saya rasa mereka bukan generasi yg salah jalannya ☺️ maaf sebelumnya ini hanya sekedar pendapat, yg pastinya pendapat sya dan Anda itu berbeda ☺️

When was the last time you went in a trip? Where did you go, what did you visit and what souvenirs did you buy?

My last trip traces back to last year. I went to Edinburgh, I saw almost all the sightseeing spots there. I didn't buy any souvenirs. Edinburgh is a beautiful city filled with stunning geology. Its diverse landscape is worth seeing, as it transforms from the volcanic Pentland Hills in the south, to the seaside resort of Portobello in the East. To get a birds-eye view of the city, you can scale Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, which is one of the most popular attractions. No matter how you get to Edinburgh – by train, bus or cab from the airport – Edinburgh Castle is a must see destination. You don’t need to be a good strategist to know why the castle is located at that spot – the volcanic hill with the sharp cliffs that have been cut by glaciers is the main reason Edinburgh is located here. From this spot it is very easy to defend Edinburgh from an attack from all directions. Historic and beautiful, a cultural capital that fuels the senses whether you love the arts or nature, nightlife or study life, Edinburgh is stimulating and inspirational and never, ever boring.
It’s one of the world’s great cities, cosmopolitan and friendly, at the heart of the country’s political scene, with a social and environmental conscience and visually, is simply stunning. Climb to the top of one of Edinburgh’s hills and savour a view that has enchanted and inspired generations of thinkers, innovators and inventors - for centuries Edinburgh has been at the centre of discovery and learning. Walk cobbled streets and discover historic corners. Then find yourself in the midst of modern technology and discovery, in a city that embraces fresh thinking and is an incubator for groundbreaking business and ideas. Living in Edinburgh means being part of a vibrant city which combines old and new, nature and architecture, art, culture, science and study, with a dynamic outlook that builds on its impressive past. You can’t fail to be stimulated and inspired by Edinburgh. I was completely awe-struck by the beauty of such a city. Students make up one fifth of Edinburgh’s population, and there are plenty of amenities, attractions and opportunities, catering for diverse interests and tastes. There’s a wide range of live music in local pubs to major venues, an exciting club scene – you’ll find something on every night – and there are hundreds of cafes and bars for socialising.
From shopping to sport, theatres and art galleries to a rich historic heritage, Edinburgh is big enough to feel like a capital city yet compact enough to feel like home. Most people in Edinburgh are friendly, certainly more so than the majority of Londoners for instance. I found the people particularly friendly in Edinburgh compared to London. They are immensely helpful and will go out of their way to show you the way, if you ask them.

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I'm visiting Ireland for a couple of weeks this upcoming October. Any advice or recommendations on what to see?

Brutal Jones
The vast majority of Irish people don't speak Irish or use it in their daily life (myself included) so don't bother learning any.
Also we don't do tipping. If you're in a taxi and the fare comes to €18 you can hand the guy a twenty and tell him to keep the change but tipping isn't expected by anyone.
The busses in Dublin are very unreliable. If you need to be somewhere at a certain time don't count on the busses to be on time.
When you're drinking in a pub, drinks are bought in rounds. Apparently most other countries don't do this which I find that hard to believe but I'll explain it anyway. Instead of everyone buying their drinks individually you take turns buying them in batches. So if you and me were drinking I'd buy the first round (paying for both drinks) then you'd buy the next round (paying for both drinks). It ends up costing about the same but it's just the way we do things. If you'd rather not do it this way you don't have to but it might be nice to try it out while you're here.
I've heard the leprechaun museum is shit. It sounds like a tourist trap because nobody here believes in or cares about leprechauns so I'd say avoid. If you're bringing a kid and want to go to one of those "fun" types of museums then Dublinia is probably a better bet. It's about the vikings. Been a very long time since I was there myself though so I don't know what it's like these days.
I hear it's nice out west in the likes of Galway but I've barely been there myself. If you want to see green fields and quaint sleepy Ireland that's probably the place to go.
In Dublin the nightlife is mostly centered around Temple Bar, there's a bunch of different pubs and restaurants there to try out.
If you see a red-haired guy in a hawaiian shirt leave him alone.

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Wünsche dir und deinem Freund ganz viel Glück und finde das so toll dass du alles machst damit du glücklich wirst und auf die Meinung von anderen scheißt :) it's truly inspiring. magst du erzählen wie ihr zusammen gekommen seid ich find solche Geschichten ur süß

Ja also zur Eeklärung: ich kann einfach not alleine sein, schau wenn ich jemanden liebe, dann immer mit vollem herzen, aber sobald die Person viel scheisse baut verlier ich meine Gefühle einfach, weil ich weiß, dass ich besseres verdiene. außerdem verliebe ich mich so schnell, aber trotzdem liebe ich mit vollem herzen.
also, so kennengelernt hab ich den Simon dann eben am nightlife durch die Liv (seine Schwester; ist ne gute Freundin von mir) und da hat er mir halt seine blaue Lederjacke geborgt. mehr war da an dem Abend nicht, immerhin war ich da noch in einer Beziehung. am letzten bash vor 2 Wochen oderso hat er mir wieder seine blaue Lederjacke gegeben und da haben wir dann rumgemacht haha (hab mir die Lederjacke behalten dürfen, und es hat einfach alles mit der Jacke angefangen haha) und ich hab an dem Abend bei dir liv gepennt danach nur hat er mir dann geschrieben, als wir halt bei ihnen daheim waren, dass ich zu ihm ins Zimmer kommen soll (er war tbh richtig angsoffen an dem Abend) und dann haben wir gekuschelt und soooo viel geredet omg, haben einander so viel anvertraut.
und am nächsten tag wollten die liv und ich aufs beach clubbing in Retz, und er sollte halt mitgehen. und eigentlich gings ihm ur scheiße aber ist trotzdem mitgekommen. und wir waren halt alle gemeinsam am retzer Weinberg oben vorglühen. und am ende waren wir alleine und ich war da tbh so fett weil ich 3/4 der Vodkaflasche alleine getrunken hab hahah. und da am Berg oben haben wir halt den Sonnenuntergang betrachtet, again ur viel geredet, deutschrap gehört mit tschick und alkohol. (es war so perfekt) dann simma halt aufs clubbing gangen, wo ich so schnell fett war bc vorglühen und ich wollt um 12 schon zu meiner oma heim. er hat mich natürlich begleitet und ich hab mich iwie am bein verletzt und konnte nimma gehen dann hat er nen einkaufswagen genommen, so cute. bei meiner oma dann bin ich dann einfach eingepennt weil ich so müde war hahahaha i'm sorry.
dann haben wir uns am nächsten wochenende getroffen und waren gemeinsam essen & starbucks, dann sind wir zu ihm heimgefahren wo wir wieder so viel geredet haben und deutschrap gehört haben. und dann am nächsten tag wollt ich nicht weg von ihm weil ich mich einfach so wohl fühle bei ihm, dann ist er mit zu mir gefahren wo wir "13 reasons why" gemeinsam fertig geschaut haben und er dann auch bei mir geschlafen hat.
dann am Freitag, waren wir gemeinsam in Wien weil ich für zwei Freundinnen geburtstagsgeschenke brauchte, und dann hatten wir halt noch 3 stunden zeit. Dann bin ich auf die glorreiche Idee gekommen, auf die donauinsel zu fahren weil ich tbh viel besser mit ihm reden kann wenn keine hundert menschen um mich herum sind. wir haben uns dort dann zum wasser gesetzt und haben wieder ur viel geredet und dann hab ich ihn gefragt, was das jetzt eigentlich zwischen uns sei.
dann haben wir bisschen geredet und dann hat er mich geküsst und gesagt, dass er mich liebt. und das ist die story. wow ur lang i'm so sorry

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Also ..i mag di soo gern 💋 hast einfach a Traumfigur 😍 ASS🍑 man sollte uns nicht immer zuschaun in turnen 💦 Nightlife is mit dir Legende 🌟 bist so schöön und des Jahr wird no was 💋ly

ooouuu laura baby 💖💖💖 danke mausl alles zurück und hoi da arschl 😍😈 aiai turnen hahahhah heute omg, heb mi 💋 love youuu girl, bis morgen schatz ❤️😋

ʜᴇʟʟᴏ﹐ ᴍʏ ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ❣ Возможно, Вы уже отвечали на подобный вопрос, но всё же. Так как уже 2017 год, я прошу Вас составить плей-лист из песен, которые Вам подарил 2016 год. Составьте список композиций, которые особенно запомнились Вам. ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴅᴀʏ ᴀɴᴅ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴏᴏᴅ﹐ ʏᴏᴜʀ

ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚдобрый вечер хх
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚЯ уже писала о подобном, мол, какие вышедшие синглы мне запомнились больше всего в ушедшем году - http://ask.fm/aleksandra212/answers/141794561454 (надеюсь, будет интересно почитать) Но помимо них я давила на повтор и другие композиции, других годов, и других исполнителей, и которые не являются синглами. И когда я слушаю нижеуказанные треки, то сразу возникают ассоциации с какими-либо месяцами и моментами 2016-ого, когда эти композиции мне очень хорошо поднимали настроение и спасали. Да и тут когда они не всему миру подарены, а именно МНЕ в плейлист.. Ладно, поехали
ЯНВАРЬ (охх, уже год назад): ★ Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams
★ Iggy Azalea - AZILLION
★ Simon Curtis - Berlin Wall
★ Era Istrefi - BonBon
ФЕВРАЛЬ: ★ Grimes - Kill V. Main
★ Barbe-Q-Barbies - Let Me Out
МАРТ: ★ Fifth Harmony - Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
★ Iggy Azalea - TEAM
АПРЕЛЬ: ★ Robin - Salamatie (feat. Softengine)
★ Gerard Way - Don'T Try
★ Millionaries - Drinks On Me
★ Lana Del Rey - Paradise
★ FAKY – P.O.V. (Jedward Cover)
★ Halsey - Colors
МАЙ: ★ Zedd - True Colors (feat. Kesha)
★ Lana Del Rey - Without You
★ Douwe Bob - Slow Down
★ Nika Kocharov And Young Georgian Lolitaz - Midnight Gold
★ Minus One - Alter Ego
★ Marina And The Diamonds - Teen Idle
ИЮНЬ: ★ Twenty One Pilots - Heathens
★ The Neighbourhood - Everybody's Watchin' Me (Uh Oh)
★ The Neighbourhood - How
★ Marina And The Diamonds - Valley Of The Dolls
ИЮЛЬ: ★ Lana Del Rey - Yayo
★ John Newman - Love Me Again
★ Two Door Cinema Club - Start Again (о дах, парклайв)
★ Сплин - Танцуй!
★ Сплин - Давайте делать паузы в словах
★ Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To The Video
★ Mindless Self Indulgence - Witness
★ Lana Del Rey - Burning Desire
★ Britney Spears - Hard To Forget Ya
★ Passenger - Let Her Go
★ Softengine - Free Rider
НУ КОНЕЧНО ЖЕ... ★ Стигмата - Сентябрь Горит
★ Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
★ BORNS - American Money
★ Lana Del Rey - Bel Air
ОКТЯБРЬ ★ Lady Gaga - Million Reasons
★ Lady Gaga - Angel Down
★ Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow
★ Placebo - Meds
★ Placebo - Special K
НОЯБРЬ ★ Lady Gaga - Diamond Heart
★ Lady Gaga - John Wayne
★ Softengine - She's My Messiah
★ Green Day - Nightlife
★ The Weeknd - Party Monster (ааа там партия Ланетки аааа)
ДЕКАБРЬ ★ Cascada - Last Christmas (Radio Edit)
★ The Vamps - Jingle Bells Rock
★ The Weeknd - Stargirl Interlude (feat. Lana Del Rey)
да, знаю, опять вышло слишком много, но я просто и решила выписать все, чтоб при прочтении названий у меня в голове возникали приятные моменты при прослушивании этих песен из 2016-ого, потому что там был не только вопиющий капец
всем добра и взаимопонимания. хо

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ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴍʏ ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ  

Возможно Вы уже отвечали на подобный вопрос но всё же 


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