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Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it? Elaborate, please.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Unless you're willing to tackle nihilism by dedicating your life to studying some principle of theological scholasticism, adopting metaphysically objectivist measures to such abstract concepts as intrinsic 'meaning' is likely to result in a complete waste of time; for any vague allusions toward a spiritual order of any sort or practicality is perilously close to being rendered redundant in this systematically egalitarian, post-Christian society to begin with. Thus, you'd be much better off creating your *own* subjective meaning, thereby leaving any notion of a potentially (and dare I say, likely) fallacious system of spiritual objectivity to the guys counting the angels...Or *data*, I should be pressed to say, given that the Priests have now been wholly subverted by the Engineers.

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Now I know why Nietzsche went insane lol. If life has no absolute meaning wouldn't that make constructs necessary in order for a civil society to exist? Is there a set of inherent morals or can we choose our own? Is good an absolute and bad a choice not to be good? Inquiring Ask minds want to know 🙂

My understanding is Nietzsche's mental breakdown was unrelated to his philosophy.
I thought the very fundamental basis of Nihilism was exactly the opposite of what you write in that a "civil society", does not in fact exist nor should it be allowed to.
As regards Ask's inquiring minds, there are many sources with which they can acquaint themselves with the whole philosophy of Nihilism, as I'm not a Nihilist myself, it is hardly my role to elucidate matters for them.
I have much more pressing questions and issues in my Ask inbox, such as the colour of my underwear, last time I had sex and what I had for breakfast!
Come to think of it ,surely Ask is a manifestation of a Nihilistic variant, often challenging objective truth , morality and even meaning itself. :}

Is there a subject you're especially knowledgable about? You mind saying something you know relating to that which you think most other people don't know? 🧠🤯

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So spirituality is not everything that everyone thinks it is everyone thinks that spirituality is where an individual knows themselves and everything that they like and dislike when in fact it is not spirituality is actually when a persons higher self has aligned with their former self former self meeting your avatar self because it’s not actually you you’re physically here but spiritually your state of mind is where you’re actually at so it’s kind of like understanding that you were a human in a physical form with a bunch of different energies and you might vibrate towards different pathways every now and again which then leaves you to have to come back but that’s when your higher self tends to pull those vibrations together a lot of people don’t like to register it as such because they do believe in just the one true religion that’s the religion they love that but I’m not that kind of person I do not believe in Catholic religions and Christian religions and all the basic standard true religions that they call true. Everything is in as true as it seems if you look closer or maybe turn it in a different light.So I actually see how a lot of people wouldn’t want to acknowledge it but the human body is housing our soul Russell lose her body is such but a lot of people don’t believe in that there is a such thing as nihilism where a lot of people believe in the fact that nothing is after death you just kind of guy I can go into a huge spiel on nihilism but I’m just not gonna do that right now

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Is there a subject youre especially knowledgable about You mind saying something

What are your favorite subjects to talk about?

well, i was today years old when i came to realization that I don't have a favourite subject to talk about, maybe nihilism but i haven't had experienced it to extreme so maybe i just like yapping about random things with no clear demarcation of what i like or what i dislike. (tho i have a quite an obv disdain towards talk involving discussion on love.)

Write a few words please. (Anything you are thinking about right now or these days or at this particular time in your life, please share with us if you may) Stay dope and peace on you 🙏🏽🌸❤️

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I think in lieu of being cognisant of our limits and our power of choice, I’ve observed, we waste our time mourning uncontrollable things, that leads us to nihilism that gives impetus to depression.

I have a friend who says herd immunity (purposeful exposure to the virus) is the key to Covid control. This once was a popular practice-- a kid gets a childhood illness and all the neighborhood were sent over to catch it. Were you ever intentionally exposed to an illness like this?

I did have chickenpox as a kid but I'm not sure if my parents threw me into the lion's den to get it. I just remember it ruining my planned weekend of football and Sonic the Hedgehog. #FirstWorldProblems
But to veer off track a bit, as far as I know wearing a mask doesn't necessarily stop us from contracting COVID but lessens the chance of us *giving* it to others. If this is indeed the case then I certainly believe we all have a social responsibility to wear one, regardless of whether you (not you, Grace) deem the nature of this collective obligation "authoritarian" or not. So I do take the view that COVID *is* real, but, like many others, I do nevertheless have my reservations over the degree to which it is portrayed so seriously by the MSM.
I can't add much more than that unless I'm to go off on a tangential rant regarding current 'pop' conspiracy culture wherein every attempt the government makes to combat the (alleged) mortal severity of the virus is merely an extension of the "Fascist Police State". Frankly, if having to wear a mask in public and being obliged to wash one's hands on occasion are the markings of a police state then George Orwell's cautionary prophecies were an epic fail. You can spot a moron when they describe anything they don't like as "Fascist!", "Authoritarian!" or "Orwellian!", completely ignorant of the nature of Fascism/National Socialism and even Communism. It's so utterly lazy and shallow, and I find it immensely tedious whenever people conveniently dismiss anything they don't fully understand as being nothing but a 'shadow' force against which they must rebel (just because). A friend of mine said that you know a society has reached a stage of profound nihilism when everyone feels a need to politicize medicine (by which he meant life and death), and I think he may have had a point.

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Bine, Nihilismul la noi e văzut mult prea greșit, ca să se poată numi nihilism :)) că majoritatea cred că nihilismul înseamnă că nimic nu are rost și atât

Da, implică mai multe și nu mi se pare neapărat o concepție care nu-și are rostul chiar dacă nu-s de acord cu anumite chestii
Nu se întâmplă neapărat la noi lucrul ăsta că în general oamenii nu văd ceea ce trebuie, extrag ceea ce vor
+9 answers in: “Existența noastră rămâne a fi asimetrică, neomogenă și haotică și de aceea este important să găsești un echilibru între ele. Să ai o săptămână perfectă!”

Ramsha do you know about Nihilism and Existentialism? I have thesis and using these theories I need help no idea u have studied English can you help?

When you want to ask anything like this make sure you untick or message me on my insta . Yes I have studied these theories Nihilism comes under Existentialism first be clear about which aspect of Existentialism you are going to use its a very broad term. and it depends on the selection of your text too either its modern or classic, prose or poetry. Contact me on Saturday evening around 6pm.

Scuzoaiele mele eterne, nici nu am observat că nu a încăput tot deși pe mine mă lăsa să scriu în continuare. Continuarea sună astfel: Îți dau putere? Te provoacă și îți dau de gândit? Te pun pe calea spre o viață mai bună?

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Salve Ioana.
Ba ce bine e sa ai la ce raspunde.
Asa, bun, Gabriela poate confirma ca sunt un om care isi pune toatr intrebarile... odata =)) Adesea gandesc prea mult, dar sunt invatat sa ma lepad de perspective unilaterale si uit ca ceilalti nu sunt inscrisi neaparat la sportul asta si-am alergat degeaba sa-i intrec.
Eu asa functionez, informatia inseamna putere si visez la a fi un magnat in domeniu. Imi place sa am pareri sustinute, reactii argumentate, lacune cat mai putine si scop, chiar daca-i placebo (here the nihilism strikes). Intrebarile imi asigura functionalitatea, sunt o masina cu scopul de a gasi raspunsuri.
Liked by: Ioana Patricia
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Lopós. Cheerful Nihilism vagy az Existencial fasztudja jól írtam e Nihilism oldalról szedtem és én is kiraktam a másikon 😂

Szétadom,hogy egy hónapos ez a válasz,miután kitettem,te lájkoltad először kb egy órán belül,majd kitetted 9 nappal ezelőtt,és én vagyok a lopós. xD

I happened to be high in neuroticism and openness as well. That made me existentially struggle for an aggregate of three years. And I saw these personal trends manifested in many pessimistic and quite nihilist philosophers! Is it valid to criticize nihilism based on nihilistic people's personality?

It is possible, given that this philosophy makes its adherents' lives much worse.
+1 answer in: “Even though my political views are blurry, I find most leftists lacking and lazy in a sense. Is it correlational with the way their psychology is structured?”

I already read for Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus.. etc. I basically read about nihilism and existentialism, but I want to read more about every religion philosophy. I've already got some of Ibn Roshd books, but I also want to get more philosophical books about theology and comparative religion.

+3 answers in: “Is anyone here an expert at philosophy?”

Ok, so. Read on chaos magick and ah...without ever even hearing about it I've sort of developed a philosophy with its principles? Waht.Basically a variation of panteism and nihilism and who knows what, but also my experiments with techniques like Reiki(but not exactly)and achieving pain alleviation

GergiAtanasov’s Profile PhotoḘ̷͇̫̓̾̏͊͌̓̽͗̂̓͑͑͆͐̋̄̓͘
You really got THE POINT HUH
I honestly dislike chaos magick even though I'm a damn thelemite (thelema is Aleister Crowley's religion-like... philosophical movement that relies heavily on the concept that he really did get some cryptic messages back between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th when he was in Egypt high on coke, absinthe and opium for three days straight and wrote it all in a book, if you haven't read about that already) and Crowley was damn big on chaos magick as he believed in the WILL OF MAN and that only, and the main part of the magick part of chaos magick is that you could use AnYthING, any rirual, any bit of any religion or any kind of spiritual movement, a n y t h in g, even combining completely opposite magickal... Tropes, for example using an orthodox st. George image in the middle of an upside down pentagram to invoke him lmao, just to get what you want. So magickal immorality, really, as most ritualistic mages that follow any certain spiritual path or religipn tend to, just like Christians do, hate on EVERY OTHER spiritual path that isn't theirs.
I have a chaos magician ex who says memes are sigils. I'm quite sure you know what a sigil is, look it up if you don't. Also for some reason chaos mages tend to LOVE "energetically charging" things by cumming on them. Like literally shooting sperm and all. Crowley liked that alot too. He, which was very chaos magick of him, considered "sexual acts of perversion" or any... Irregular sex to be where True Will ™ is at, he thought that's the strONGEST POWR A MAN CAN USE
I have no clue why im bombarding ypu with all of this information, hope u wanted it

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I've come to the conclusion that there can be no true atheists; or at least, one has to embrace nihilism wholeheartedly, which few people do. Belief in God is replaced by the "atheist" with belief in Progress, blood and soil, scientism, etc. We always yearn for God in some manner. Thoughts?

This is pretty clear to everyone but atheists. It's one reason that people don't like them: they go around telling people they have no "faith" in anything, but they always do, in this or that, and will always be eager to explain to you in painful (and illogical) detail why THEIR faith isn't really faith.
Ive come to the conclusion that there can be no true atheists or at least one

Είμαι απλά ένας άνθρωπος. Είμαι ένας μαλάκας και τον παίζω όλη μέρα αυτό θέλεις να ακούσεις; Είναι πολύ αργά πια. Πότε θα προλάβω να διαβάσω; Μεθαύριο γράφω; Εγώ φταίω γιατί είμαι μαλάκας. Σας αγαπάω όλους σας. Σας ανοίγομαι γιατί εσείς είστε η ζωή μου. Αλλά τι θα κάνω; Δεν μπορώ άλλο.

Nihilism is always the answer

Iar în ziua aia în care privești în gol undeva dincolo de tavan, parcă aproape te cuprind lacrimile, poate de dor, regrete nostalgie sau pură beatitudine.. Atunci, în acel moment, unde ți-e gândul ?

Nicaieri si pretutindeni.
Sufar de nihilism fals
prespectez ca babilonieni
cerul instelat
ca sa simt un puls
fragil de existentialism uman
Ce dracu tăt scriu aici....gandul meu nu e nicaieri. Stau si ma uit pur si simplu la un tavan alb.
Viata alba. Tavan alb. Totul ii alb si sters.
Am pofta de o tigare.
Care se baga?
Iar în ziua aia în care privești în gol undeva dincolo de tavan parcă aproape te

misi nih min, mau nanya tapi kalo salah mohon jangan dijawab sarkas. kan menurut nietzche hidup ini ngga berarti. apakah kalo kita jadi nihilis lantas kita ngga perlu berfilsafat lagi karena berfilsafat kan tujuannya untuk mencari makna/esensi?

Gue jadi pingin bunuh Virdath yang gak membantah miskonsepsi terbesar Nietszche tersebut. Ataupun ejekan Nietszche yang juga diwariskan pula dari Kant tentang bagaimana filsafat in the nutshell sama sekali gak menyentuh kehidupan orang-orang dan eksklusif akademia saja.
Nggak, Nietszche bukan nihilist. Nihilism dalam Nietszche adalah state dimana semua value mendevaluasi value tersebut. Saat kamu pikir kepercayaan untuk hidup sesudah mati dengan harapan untuk membuat hidupmu punya makna justru malah mendevaluasi, menurunkam nilai, kehidupan. Saat kamu percaya tuhan demi dapat berbuat baik mendevaluasi nilai kebaikan itu sendiri sebagai hanya sebuah ketertundukan belaka, saat kepercayaan penuh terhadap sains mereduksi kebenaran hanya sebatas empirical theory bahkan menafikkan bahwa sains adalah interpretasi manusia terhadap alam semesta yang secara ontologi tidak lebih dari filsafat, dan seterusnya. Itulah state of nihilism. Devaluation of the highest value. Kematian tuhan dimana kita sendiri yang membunuhnya. Tuhan bukanlah sekedar tuhan Theistic disini. Tapi semua nilai-nilai lama yang selama ini mengatur kehidupan manusia.
Dan harus kamu ketahui pula bukan Nietszche yang pertama kali mencetuskan ide tentang pembunuhan tuhan tersebut. Tapi Immanuel Kant. Dengan dia mengatakan tugas terbesar filsafat adalah menghancurkan miskonsepsi yang telah menjadi fundamental cara berpikir kita. Sehingga saat Nietszche bilang tuhan telah mati, mungkin yang telah mengajak manusia membunuhnya adalah Kant dan Nietszche cuma menemukan mayatnya.
Pengertian di atas sangat penting untuk paham bahwa ide tentang nihilism bagi Nietszche bukan sekedar absen nya nilai objektif di dunia. Tidak, lebih dari itu Nietszche ingin menghindari state tersebut dengan melampaui kemanusiaan. Menjadi Ubermensch dengan mentransvaluasi nilai-nilai lama menjadi nilai-nilai baru, untuk menerima dunia ini dengan seutuhnya dan bukan sekedar mencari kebahagiaan dan menghindari penderitaan. Para pencari Kebahagiaan bagi Nietszche hanyalah orang-orang Inggris, dimana dia mereferensikan Jeremy Bentham. Tidak, transvaluasi nilai menghendaki kita embracing penderitaan dan menjadi triumphant dengan mencari makna kehidupan ini. Inilah yang membedakan Nietszche dengan Sartre dimana makna ada setelah eksistensi dan kita punya kebebasan radikal untuk melakukan apapun dan makna ada setelah kita memilih. Sementara Nietszche, makna ada saat kita melampaui kemanusiaan kita.
Ah jawaban Virdath gak sengaja kehapus...

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misi nih min mau nanya tapi kalo salah mohon jangan dijawab sarkas kan menurut

Kak, jelasin apa itu optimistic nihilism dong. Aku lihat di Instagram kakak soalnya nulis kalau kaka itu optimistic nihilist.

Seorang optimistic nihilist itu tahu kalau dunia tidak ada artinya. Segala sesuatu di dunia ini hanyalah sebuah persepsi serta moral dan fakta seluruhnya bersifat subjektif. Tetapi hal tersebut tidak menjadikan seorang optimistic nihilist tidak menikmati hidup. Kenapa tidak menikmatinya hingga kematian menjemput dengan sendirinya?
Kehidupan ini tidak ada artinya, politik tidak ada manfaatnya, black hole, apa pun tidak ada guna pada akhirnya. Kita tidak memiliki sesuatu yang benar-benar akan dapat dibuktikan, kita tidak memiliki sesuatu yang benar-benar dapat diperjuangkan karena kita semua akan berakhir pada ketiadaan. Hidup tidak ada gunanya, mungkin hanya sebuah ilusi dari persepsi kita? Kita semua akan mati, tetapi kenapa seorang optimistic nihilist peduli dengan segala hal?
Katakan sebuah lukisan di galeri seni, apa artinya lukisan-lukisan yang dipampang di sana? Lukisan itu mungkin tidak pernah ada, mereka hanyalah persepsi dari indra kita saja. Tapi tentu lukisan-lukisan itu indah bukan?
Kamu melihat kasus intoleransi belakangan ini? Apa gunanya melawan sikap intoleran toh kita semua akan mati? Tapi kamu pasti sadar kalau melihat penindasan terhadap orang-orang di sekitar mu tidak mengenakkan bukan?
Kamu lihat orang yang kamu cintai sekarang? Apa gunanya? Mereka mungkin tidak nyata dan cinta hanya sebuah ilusi yang membuat mu bias! Tapi jatuh cinta itu menyenangkan dan membuat mu senang.
Jadi kenapa kita tidak bersantai dan menikmati hidup tanpa tujuan dan makna yang kita sendiri tidak dapat sangkal meskipun tidak memiliki makna tetapi begitu menakjubkan?
Jadi mengapa tidak menikmati aroma daunan sore hari di sebuah taman dengan pohon-pohon yang rindang bersama orang yang kamu cintai sambil menertawakan hidup yang tak berarti ini pada saat matahari terbenam?

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Kak jelasin apa itu optimistic nihilism dong Aku lihat di Instagram kakak

We don't need the Whys and the Hows dude :) Because everything is meaningless. The only certain thing about everything is death and end So...

Since 1 + 1 = 2 then there should be be Whys and Hows.
Maybe life is meaningless, so when we ask the question "Why life is going to end?" Nihilism is gonna answer us "Because it meant to be"
Now, let's ask "How it's gonna end?" Nihilism has no answer, Dialectic does!!
Dialectic tells us HOW we live our life, Nihilism tell as WHY.
Dialectic can't tell us Why, Nihilism can, and it goes on....

Halo min, mau nanya nih, nihilisme tuh apa sih? Kok kaya ada kaitannya sama kebencian, korelasinya apa ya?

Nihilisme adalah suatu andangan filosofis dimana bahwa semua tidak memiliki arti atau tujuan.
Nihilisme sendiri dibagi menjadi 3, moral nihilism, dimana bahwa sebenarnya moralitas secara objektif sebenarnya tidak ada kebenaran yang hakiki; metaphysical nihilism, pandangan bahwa sebenarnya bahwa tidak ada yang nyata, yang ada hanya pandangan subyektif seorang observer dan kebenaran empiris hanyalah ilusi; dan compositional nihilism, pandangan bahwa sebenarnya objek yang ada di alam semesta ini sebenarnya hanya ada susunan atom, dan obyek yang kita lihat adalah produk dari mispresepsi indra manusia.
Saya nggak ngerti kenapa nihilism bisa dikaitkan dengan kebencian, karena nihilism sendiri berpendapat bahwa kebencian, kebahagiaan itu semua hanya ilusi 😅
Dari mana kamu mndengar hal itu? Mungkin bisa di bedah dari situ 😀

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Do you think many/some of the problems we have in the west is caused by a growing sense nihilism and hedonism as religion decrease and isn't replaced by anything?

Sort of. People like the 'cluster' into ideologies. And the old saying, 'Idle hands are the Devil's playground?' very much applies in my opinion. It's one of the reasons why war always spurs on huge technological growth. People need motivation and they have an ingrained desire for group cohesion. To be part of something bigger than themselves.
It's one of the reasons I'm hugely optimistic for things like space development and new powerful technologies. If we could rekindle the human imagination in a large enough struggle? So much of this pointless shit would wash away.

asafavvufdbhhfxbcgc. vxxgxn no hch ffgtb ghfrvj âaaadfyv buni i nihilism . brizbizur. havaian bucherise.vbbcgbxb. atac. advectiv mg bbvvvcccffcxdzc.dzasvgejvfmxjddjcnfjkmd

Ogo si limba ,da asa o intrebare lunga nu ti-o fost lene sa tastezi.....?:D
Principalu, ca mi-i jale ca n-o inteleg.
P.s. sa-mi spui ce limba ,vreau si eu s-o invat.

bang cara mengatasi nihilisme gimana yah bang?, according to PAM with bene dion kadang pengen nulis something2 yg gimana gitu cmn kepikiran duh apa kabar penulis2 stensilan yg bisa 'membawa' orang sedalam itu, jadi malu dan males nulis2 lagi haha, depresi tuh jadi bikin orang nihilism ngak sih bang?

Jangan banyak nanya deh, nulis aja dulu. Itu yg bikin nihil. Bagus jeleknya itu tulisan lo, jelek jg tulisan lo. Karena ngga pernah berani jelek buat diri lo, makanya elo nol terus

Yeah, you're very perceptive. A bit like Ingmar Bergman at his worst: "oh, we are such tortured souls. Existential nihilism and meaninglessness is bad."

Frankly, my mate, Woody is the bad Copy from Bergman but the difference is that Bergman deals with these subjects with solid way while Woody deals by sarcasm and black comedy.

To assume solipsism means to assume a self. I can have a Boltzmann brain for metaphysical and ontological nihilism without having a self, thus, without solipsism. Young man, your step is still on the brink. Step back. Nihilism is not something you want to face.

That's my whole point, I have yet to remove the self. At any time when I pore over nihilism (existential nihilism and metaphysical nihilism), there is always one thing that is left, which is the self, or one abstraction of the self that allows a universe around it. It is just for the sake of my presence that I take one point in the circle of life and assume meaning there. Identity is just that one thing that I delay to risk.
Enlighten my self-centered mind.

I always seek out people to disprove nihilism, whether it's about metaphysics or ontology. Epistemology and ethics are child-play. Look at us, we can't even prove the being of our existence, let alone other shit. What is the point of banging the head against the gate of truth anyway

I haven't thought of ontological nihilism yet, but metaphysical nihilism is a subject that you either know the very superfice of it, or first go down in existential crisis and then always put yourself on the brink of mental disorder (again, the order that we all know is a social construct) or misfit. I have yet to prove my viewpoint on metaphysical nihilism, but solipsism is quite affirmative for me. Any nihilism is some kind of post-structuralist instability, when you find out that nothing is what is it, have nowhere to cling on, and start to curl yourself in denial.
Personally, I think any who denies nihilism or makes such an attempt is merely being unsure (of their identity, performativity, and possibility). Through this text you can see how I relate most to existential nihilism, because on other matters I am quite unsure myself.

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Trong Triết học có nhánh nào cho rằng mọi vật sống đều là con rối sinh học không? Tự dưng một ngày nhớ ra là ai đó nói đến từ biological puppet, xong nghĩ thêm mà kinh hãi rằng nếu một đứa bé bị cho sống cạnh lũ chuột ngay từ lúc nó được sinh ra thì nó sẽ sao chép mọi hành vi của lũ chuột và

trở thành một con chuột, nghĩa là vật sống không có linh hồn, chỉ là sự sao chép trong quá trình tương tác với các vật khác. Linh hồn là sự ảo tưởng của loài người, suy nghĩ, nhận thức, nghệ thuật...mọi sản phẩm của con người trong xã hội người chỉ có ý nghĩa trong đó. Ý nghĩa cuộc sống là gì,
đơn giản chỉ là duy trì sự tồn tại của vật sống, trở thành vật sao chép hoàn hảo, tối thượng nhất của loài. Nghe cái thuyết này hợp lý thật.
có. Nihilism
Thật sự nihilism (thuyết hư vô) thường được mọi người hiểu nhầm là YOLO. Khá là sai. Việc nhận ra cuộc sống là vô nghĩa đến từ những trải nghiệm khá là tiêu cực, không phải như cậu ấm cô chiêu suốt ngày rảnh tiền đua xe rồi cứ YOLO mà sống.
Vì con người luôn cần 1 ý nghĩa cuộc sống để mà sống bình thường, hoặc là họ sẽ phát điên (according to Jung...), nên dần dần nihilism có thể phát triển thành existentialism hoặc pessimism. Existentialism là như Sartre, sau chiến tranh thế giới thứ 2, cố gắng nói vể 1 thứ học thuyết mà con người có thể "tự tạo ra ý nghĩa cho cuộc sống của họ". Rất tiếc, existentialism của Sartre và những sự phát triển sau đó nữa, nhận được sự chỉ trích khá nhiều khi chúng ta hoàn toàn biết được việc con người bé nhỏ, giới hạn và vô dụng trong vũ trụ này thế nào
Còn pessimism thì
you know, the name.

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http://ask.fm/AliceSelwyn/answers/138958373316 vậy thì theo anh nên đọc tác phẩm nào của Nietzsche đầu tiên ạ?

trước đọc Nietzsche phải học classics trước đã
Lý do là vì triết học của Nietzsche bị ảnh hưởng nặng bởi Hellenistic school of thought, nên nếu không hiểu Greek mythology thì không thể nào hiểu được toàn cảnh philosophy của Nietzsche được
Vả lại, Nietzsche cũng contradict khá nhiều, không biết cố tình hay vô ý, nhưng có vẻ như việc phát triển positive nihilism không hiệu quả do khối u não

kak sorry nanya punya buku nietzsche yg mau dijual ? atau tentang nihilism gitu. Sorry kalo nanyanya telat.

Sudah telat hmmm yang nanya buku yah mbok dipikirno, unggah jualan buku satu dua bulan yang lalu, nanya kok baru sekarang. Sama jangan malu nanya email ama WA, di sini suka males dibales hm

vậy chết đi có bao giờ là 1 cách giải quyết chưa a? kiểu nhiều lúc em cảm nhận em ko thuộc về cái sự sống này. kiểu như anh nói ấy, ko phải lỗi của ai cả, nhưng cái hiện thực này nó cứ làm em như thế nào ấy mà em cứ cảm thấy rất mệt mỏi cơ..

anh nghĩ em đang đi vào lối mòn của nihilism đấy
Chết là hết, nhưng chúng ta đang sống. Em cần phải hiểu rõ 1 thực tại là chúng ta đang sống.
Sống và chết có thể định nghĩa cho nhau, theo việc cái chết khiến chúng ta định nghĩa chúng ta sẽ làm gì trong cuộc đời này. Nhưng để làm được gì đó, chúng ta phải ngừng nghĩ đến cái chết đã. Chỉ có thể như vậy, chúng ta mới chắc chắn rằng chúng ta có thể chuẩn bị cho cái chết đã.
Nếu nghĩ đến cái chết quá nhiều thì em cần phải biết là: để chuẩn bị cho cái chết, chúng ta cần phải sống, để chắc chắn rằng chúng ta tạo được cái ý nghĩa cho cái chết của chúng ta.

Liber dekadent . Nuk e ke vene re por nga deshperimi dhe tashme edhe nga impotenca im into nihilism . Pse nuk me sugjeron ndonje liber te mire ? Me thuaj dhe ca nihiliste se une jam injorant . Po ndonje poet ? Nje qe te kete shkruar nje veper te neveritshme sepse ashtu duhet te lexoj

Më vjen keq që je i dëshpëruar, por un nuk jam që të kem lexuar vepra nihiliste (nëse ka). Besoj se biblioteka lokale mund të të ndihmojë ☺
Ju përshëndes

It seems Millennials possess a level of cynicism and nihilism that soldiers returning home from WWI had. Why is that?

Well... that is a little hard to believe. I would certainly like to see a way to objectively test that premise. Tho' I do not doubt there are at least similarities and haunting parallels.
I suppose an argument could be made that the inhumanity and monstrosity of WW1--i.e., the distance between that which was experienced and what young men were prepared for by human adaptation--has parallels in every day life today. Exposure to pron at increasingly early ages, unlimited alone time, pron time, game time, no limit to interpersonal coarseness, especially from young women, the same young women prostituting themselves for free, widespread divorce and emotional neglect all bound up in a protective social condom for putative safety. None of those are things that nature, even in her wisdom, could possibly have prepared young humans for in the adaptive environment.
Modern culture is a full frontal assault on human nature. Presumably, the strong might come through little damaged. But many, many more on the margins are damaged in a profound way.

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Have you read anything about Arthur Schopenhauer and his philosophy? If yes, I am interested to know whether his thoughts consist any ethical dimension or whether it is related to nihilism? Sorry if the question is drivel because I just read about him.

I've not studied him. The quick review I read makes me think he was some misanthrope. My initiation into the concept of nihilism started with The Big Lebowski.

Have you read anything about Arthur Schopenhauer and his philosophy? If yes, I am interested to know whether his thoughts consist any ethical dimension or whether it is related to nihilism? Sorry if the question is drivel because I just read about him.

Yeah I did. To me, his thoughts consist of unbalance energetically of genius ethical because most of the creative right-brain thinker usually will come across a depression or some sort of knowing the incoming probabilities which allow them to stimulate what will happen in next 30 seconds,30 days or even 10 years from now.
About related to nihilism I'm not sure since this will happen to less than 0.01 world population.
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late in the evening, coffee shop, a table, two chairs and two hot coffees. if you could sit and chat to anyone from the past or present for one hour, who would he/she be?

kusumandaru’s Profile Photoaan
It would be great to have a chit-chat like Orwell or Camus, but I think I want Kafka.
Kafka have been known as dark nihilist (and people think that's as a negative thing goddamit). He is a romantic nihilist. Every time reading Kafka's, maybe some reader trying to get some "message" about modernity dark side in his work. Nihilism without God (God with the capital "G"), bureaucracy hyper-rationalism that suffocating an honesty, and the death of idealism.
He didn't offer anything to reader. I want to ask what happens when he wrote of about a man--a human being--waking up as a cockroach. That disgusting insects, yang kerap dikaitkan dengan lerasi pecundang haha. Dia gak cuma nulis fiksi. Dia menulis sebuah cerita di mana kenyataan, realitas-realitas sosial tidak memiliki batas antara fiksi dan bukan-fiksi. Yes, karena itu I want to have a chat with Kafka. Iya dan Kafka mirip @AdotAdinata dan bahkan sedikit kehidupan personalnya Kafka.
There's a saying "God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them."

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late in the evening coffee shop a table two chairs and two hot coffees 
if you

Eh.. když tak čtu Tvé poslední odpovědi... Nezačínáš trochu bláznit, Kevine? :-) Ne, to je špatná otázka, zvlášť když se ptá někdo, kdo sám nikdy nebyl úplně "v pořádku"... Spíše.. mohu Ti nějak pomoci?

GlitterInTheWind’s Profile PhotoThanatomorphose
Ne, nejsem v pořádku. Nejsem v pořádku už hodně dlouho, nejsem v pořádku už od dětství.
Myšlenky, které dítěti do hlavy nepatří. Smrt, spousta smrti, smrt utopením, smrt pádem, probodnutí arterie.
Nicota, prázdno, smrt.
Nihilistou odmalička, nihilistou navždy.
Tréninky, tréninky, hodiny, škola, hodiny, tréninky, škola. Počítač? Počítač, počítač, počítač!
V mém slohu je trocha poezie, nemyslíte?
Spoousta lží, lži kamarádům, lži milovaným osobám, lži mi, buď jedna velká lež.
Asi mi můžeš pomoct, ale já si tohle všechno tak nějak způsobil všechno sám a tak mi to svým způsobem i vyhovuje.
Svým způsobem. Na druhou stranu je to dosti skličující.
Insanity in sanity. Hupadgh N'gha. Nihilism and chill.

Existențialist în genul:"Suntem un fragment de praf cosmic într-un ocean de nimic,abandonți în cursul existenței și condamnați la moarte...dar asta nu înseamnă că nu ne putem distra." ? Da,îmi sună a nihilism optimist.Ce mă deosebește de un existențialist?Eu nu mă distrez.

Antipater’s Profile PhotoAspirator de Suflete
Nu o să întreb de ce nu te distrezi, ci cum percepi dumneata ''distracția" pentru că, dacă accept totalmente ce-ai spus mai sus, ar însemna ca o parte să nu fie prea adevărată.
Felul meu de a mă distra nu aderă la tipul comun de distracție (termen decadent).
E o senzație tare atunci când afli că ramura meningeală a spinalului are și fibre vasomotorii sau când știi ce făceau 'les popelicans' (paulicienii bulgari) după ce își lăsau femeile gravide, nu?
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https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1119123254765932&set=a.252656618079271.73231.100000048037893&type=3 anh cho em xin ý kiến của anh nha.

Thêm một con người ích kỷ nữa. Nghĩ cho bản thân trước và những truyện sảy ra trong xã hội thì thờ ơ.
Anh cũng giống như anh Kiên, cũng là một đứa vô thân (atheist) nhưng anh không vô tình. Người chết và bị thương vì khủng bố thiên tai ở đâu cũng khiến anh quan tâm hết. Với những vụ khủng bố như thế này nhất là mục đích của nó bắt nguồn từ tôn giáo thì anh lại càng quan tâm và phẫn nộ.
Trong bài đấy nói. "pray for Paris" Cầu nguyện cho paris, vậy cầu nguyện cho vị thần nào? tôn giáo nào? Tuy ý này là đúng, việc cầu nguyện đúng là vô dụng nhưng trong lòng họ vẫn quan tâm, họ vẫn có một trái tim, thứ mà dường như ông này không còn.
Với cái suy nghĩ này chả khác gì những những người theo đạo hồi, Bọn IS khủng bố giết người dưới tên tôn giáo của mình, nhưng số đông những người theo đạo hồi vẫn thờ ơ không lên tiếng, họ thờ ơ và nói rằng ISIS không phải người đạo hồi thực sự (not true islam) và chúng không liên quan tới chúng tôi bởi vì đạo hồi là "tôn giáo vì hòa bình". Chính những tâm lý thờ ơ với thế giới xung quanh họ như vậy nên IS mới lộng hành như vậy. Cả những người trẻ trâu VN mình nữa, những sự kiện lớn trên thế giới dù tốt hay sấu cũng vẫn thờ ơ không quan tâm, nghĩ cho mình trước một cách ích kỷ, thỉnh thoảng đứng bên ngoài rồi chửi vào, không đóng góp và giúp một chút nào. Rồi lại chửi tiếp là đất nước mình tồi tàn. Thử hỏi lại là mấy ông không làm gì để giúp, đứng ngoài chửi vào và chỉ biết tới mình trước, thì vấn đề nó có được giải quyết không?.
Với cái xuy nghĩ thế này thì ông nay nghiêng về nihilism nhiều hơn là atheism. Và những người như vậy không đóng góp gì đc cho xã hội cả.

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But do you think nihilism contradicts happiness? I mean you can never truly be happy if you think that life is without objective since you'll lose interest in lots of things cause everything won't matter anymore

Well, feeling emptiness is not really great, but sometimes you just accept life the way it is, and do what you want, because life is meaningless.

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