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How's the breastfeeding going? Did your milk come in yet?

Yes my milk came in yesterday.
Day 1 and day 2 was so hard, hardest thing that’s happened so far, I nearly gave up to be honest.
Leo had a very poor latch from the start because he had a tiny mouth and his mouth wouldn’t open wide enough, so we started using nipple shields for a few days while my poor cracked and bruised nipples healed, but last night we tried again without nipple shield and his latch was so much better then it was on day 1 and day 2. The nipple shields helped while my nipples were sore but it also helped encourage his latch

l just asked how many guys had seen you naked?How does that make me a pos?lol you're tripping.

No, you're mad that I don't want you sexualizing me, objectifying me or asking inappropriate questions about me. Never once did you ask if I allowed those kind of questions or was comfortable with it, nor did you ask if you could send me that kind of shxt. Not ONCE did you think about whether i'd be comfortable answering those or not. Going off about how so many men "must" have seen my fxcking nipples just bc I dated them? Seriously? What makes you think it's okay to send me that.

Menurut kalian kesetaraan gender tetep harus ada batas atau bener2 setara disegala aspek?

Andrillh’s Profile PhotoAndri Abdillah
Menurutku harus ada batasnya. Kalau yang harus benar-benar setara di segala aspek kayaknya gak bakal bisa. Mungkin salah satu kasusnya seperti ini.
"If a man can walk around the streets without a shirt on, I think women should have every right to do so, there's honestly no difference. It is just a set of nipples."

Do you wish sometimes you were the opposite sex ? 🥴

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
Yeah all the time because I want to be able to take my shirt off to cool down without being arrested😒 crazy how sexualized women’s bodies are when breasts don’t even have sexual functions. Yes nipples can be sensitive but so can areas that are ticklish and we can show our armpits and stomachs and stuff. Until we free the nipple I am going to be upset.

دكتور سؤال هو ازاى الواحد يعرف عنده سرطان الثدى

علي حسب راجل ولا بنت ولو في الاغلب بنت بيكون اعراضه معروفه منها شكل غريب للثدي غير المعتاد او تجمع كروي ملموس من الداخل او قشور بتظهر حوالين nipples دول اشهر علامات ..لو ال clinical diagnose ال قلتهولك ده مش واضح بنسبالك وشاكه الافضل عمل mamogram..بالشفا🥀

جسمي بتبقا حرارته عاليه اوي My nipples بتكون باينخ كده اوي من الهدوم وشفايفي بتبقا مفتوحه كده زي،الايموشن 💋

لا دا انتي تيجي تلجراام بقي عشان انتي لازم تعدي تدلعي ع بتاعي لحد صبح
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Baby... I’m thinking about something....but like..I wanna hear your opinion first....sooooo WHATDOYOUTHINKABOUTMEGETTINGNIPPLEPIERCINGS??? If you don’t like it, then of course not but like....just a thought....

startedfromthebottoml’s Profile Photolara
Oh Baby you know I Just thought about getting a new piercing myself... Didn't really have my nipples in mind but I kinda Love the Idea of the both of us twinning... What do you say? And you know whatever you want, I want too. No need to asking for my permission<3
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What’s your opinion on exposing nipples through clothing? Many say it’s “only nipples/it’s natural” but what do I say to that?

Allah(swt) ordered women to cover their bodies with loose cloths so that they doesn’t reveal your body and attract opposite gender revealing even a single nail is also harm either revealing private parts or whole body is considered as Haram and what is Haram is always a Haram😤

Why is it that tumblr will allow literal hardcore porn, but if you post something with a nip in it, it gets removed? Please note that I'm not complaining about the hardcore porn, but about their bias against you and others like you.

Dude idek anymore.
Deadass the other night I'm scrolling on though my dash and I saw at least 5 pics and gifs of full on tiddies, like nipples n' everything. These are actual people too not porn stars...
Not that there's anything wrong with that but I am sick of my shit getting flagged/deleted on there.

rabi peerzada ki leaked nude pics n videos dekhi me ne kal n it's a sad reality to know that us k nipples boobs pe itne expanded hai k boob ko munn lagana to door ki baat dekh k hi darr lagta hai n aap k bhi aese hi hone hai bas packed form me hi boobs pyare lagte hai warna ander se dekh k to ewwwww

Still you're obsessed with boobs

*He brings him into the living room, placing him onto the table as he broke away from the kiss to remove Shoto’s shirt, throwing it off when he immediately went for his neck, harshly leaving several hickeys. He played with his MAN NIPPLES as well*

IWillWinLoser’s Profile PhotoBakugo『Katsuki | Kacchan』かっちゃん
*lol man nipnips , Shoto was already panting slightly watching Bakugo doing his "job"*
❄🔥I...love you ....
*Shoto already forgot about what happened a few minutes ago as a shiver when down his spine from his lover's touch , his face started to turn pinkish as he let go some of a loud moans taking a grip of Katsuki's hair with one hand and putting the other on the table moving his head backwards a bit ,still having his legs around Bakugo's waist *
❄🔥 B-Bakugo... ah~ .....rough~

Apparently a school has added Vape Detectors in their bathrooms. The article I read didn't give much information on HOW the vape is detected but apparently it will send text alerts to the principal and other higher up people and they then bust the person vaping. Thoughts on this?

lnr87’s Profile Photoʎǝspuʎ˥
Cream for sensitive nipples I’m telling you and for the butt hurt. Soon you will have to log all the times you had a bowl movement and report it to the government lol let the kid be kids. I use to be that kid that would walk out of class to go have a cigarette in the toilet. When I was doing all that the teachers would take notice and come see what was happening if I needed any help outside of school etc now it will be like hey you detention that’s it lol sad times.
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Now, would you say you have had self esteem issues that encountered in a past or current relationship of yours?

I mean I use to be self conscious about my body in the past & my forehead but that’s about it .
And in the beginning of my relationship it use to be my nipples 😂🙊
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This was a really interesting, if somewhat depressing, answer, ty. Was going to ask how you relate it to your own p3nis but fuk, that's a bit over the line even for an anon

It's also not that interesting. This stuff is about "the phallus" rather than "ya dick" because it shouldn't be taken literally, or as a demonstration of the active thought processes of actual misogynists. When (mostly old-school) feminism starts talking about The Phallus ppl roll their eyes, but when we talk about "emasculation" a lot of angry dudes will start emphatically nodding. Both terms are equally metaphorical, but one is used by feminism, & the other by right-wing demagogues (& feminists too, but this is about feelings, not facts. The truth doesn't care about your facts.).
There are things I can say about this that might be relevant tho. As a slutty dude who shows off his body, I inevitably encounter the question of what to show off. A bit of bulge has been a popular addition to a lot men's wardrobes for basically all of my ppl's history, including the ultra-conservative Victorian era. I avoid it very carefully however, because to me it reads as aggressive. It's meant to be sexy, & I think a lot of folks see it that way, but I'm so alienated from male sexuality that to me it just seems intimidating. I get all pearl-clutchy about it. What if a CHILD sees me, goodness gracious.
Most of the men I encounter down at the mall out w/ their tiny daughters would probably prefer the bulge to what I'm doing, which is without question turning their impressionable offspring gay instantly. On a busy day I'm getting looks that say "oh what the hell you can do THAT?? This changes everything!" at a rate of about once every 15 seconds. That's pretty disruptive. By comparison, "look at the cock on that guy" just makes me feel like a rude douchebag.
Why is that? It's not like I'm presenting as a woman, so the knob isn't going to shatter some kind of careful illusion. Removes some ambiguity, honestly, but I guess it's just Too Masculine for me. Seems too vulgar, perhaps? But, I don't feel the same way about more feminine naughty-bits, cleavage & nipples & such. What's the difference?
Perhaps this unease can be traced back to the idea that I was describing in my previous answer: a penis is DANGEROUS. It's a weapon, in a way feminine genitalia isn't. Traditional masculinity definitely agrees; as far back as Freud, the vagina was described as a "lack," while the phallus was a pro-active tool. Male sexuality is something that happens to you, is done to ppl, & female sexuality is The Gift, something that's given away (or taken). These are old ideas, & while most folks don't read Freud or Helene Cixous these days, these observations about 20th century gender construction remain very relevant to how we conceive of ourselves. Me included.
I don't really want ppl using these old ideas to form their relationships to their own bodies, but if we're gonna discuss "gender" as a social construct, you gotta be at least somewhat familiar w/ the depressing history. It's who we are, unfortunately.

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Why adam has one leaf on while Eve has three leaves :( .. I never understood why female nipples are considered erotic sexual zones while male nipples are not!! Some males have bigger nipples / breasts than some women anyways ;)

Yes, that's just a cartoon. I agree with you, why are women's nipples supposed to be covered, and not those of males. I follow the "free the nipple" movement on Twitter.
It's all part of the patriarchal attitudes that were inculcated by the monotheistic, Abrahamic faiths. This prudishness towards women's breasts, etc. 🤔
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Dekho har waqt larai ni krty pyar sy bat Kia kro Muhje tou Kal sy ghussa aarha hai Mainy tou ni utara kisi py

tmhain gussa mjhpay arha tha? nahe na? to yaha q nikala? did i talk rudely to you? i guess no! you need to put some butter on your tongue or i'll chop your nipples off and make you eat them.-. DONT MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR MY WEAKNESS! i can be equally harsh with words chanda :)
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Wie kommst du damit zurecht ohne bh rum zu laufen. Würde das auch gerne tun, hab aber dazu kein Selbstbewusstsein... bc of nipples and so you know

ich denk mir immer jeder hat nippel und es ist einfach tausendmal bequemer

Having ur nipples pierced is a good idea until you think about the fact that if u ever die and need to be shocked by a defibrillator, the chances of ur nipples frying off are pretty high. ur welcome

And telling this to a lifeguard is bullshit because she or he knows that if you place the pads correctly on a person the piercings will not heat up.

Boys make breasts a big deal . Boys can show off their nipples but girls can't cause its an sexual object . The only purpose being baby feeding. Won't answer anymore 😂if ya don't get it with this time

I did get it for the first time you asked 😂😂
Lol you can show it off if you actually want to
But it’s not rare, it’s awkward I think 😂
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(My attempt to make you ponder) What would happen if girls started asking pervs these kinds of questions? What's your waist line measurements, what's your breast size, how big are your hips. Why not? Guess what dude. Guys have nipples too. I'm just wondering if these pervs would stop asking...

scubapro0509’s Profile PhotoAdam-n-Eva
This makes me think, I wish guys would stop asking me these questions 😅😅😅
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Genuine question: If a man and a woman walk topless down a busy street, I presume the woman would be the one who got in trouble for indecent exposure. But on what grounds? Is there a specific law that says lady nips are indecent? Help appreciated.

I actually really don't know, other than the fact women's breasts have been heavily sexualised over the years.
I did try to research this but I couldn't find anything majorly concrete, I did read that in the 1900's, it was seen as indecent for men to have their nipples on show and that was heavily protested which resulted in men being then able to walk around with their chest out in 1936.
I suppose we just live in that world nowadays. We're supposed to keep them covered so that men don't 'get any ideas' which is something I genuinely read in an article. It's all very sad really.
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ايوا مهما كان السؤال برده احنا مالنا نشوف حلماتة ليه ،دي تخليها علي موبايلك وتفتحيها فالحمام ولا فالسرير براحتك انما متشاركيناش لحظاتك الهيجانة مش مشكلتنا

maho eza enta astaghferuallah ya3ny khayf ala nafsak la tgebhom mogarad ma tshof nipples walad fa de moshkeltak wla eh?
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مفيش حاجه اسمها بنت بالغلط ....ما هو يا ولد من الشهر السادس او السابع يا بنت لو مظهرتش الاعضاء التناسيلة الذكرية ،و في حال كونه ولد فا ليه يكون عنده كده و ميتمحوش ؟؟؟

يا عم اهدى شوية انا بهزر دا اولا و لو عايز رد علمي فا ابحث شوف .. متعصب على خلق ربنا .. دور يا اخي و انت تعرف و لا متعرفش طول ما انت مشنج كدا... و بعدين ملقتش الا nipples تشغل بالك !!
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Hi gorgeous. I just saw a photo in your instagram na lumabas ka without bra in US. I just want to tell you na please don't do that here sa Phils. If you're in US nalang kasi it's normal there and people won't mind. Yun lamang po.

hi! fyi silicone sya to cover up only nipples and people were assuming na it was my nipples kasi bakat lol so yeah and i always go out without a bra but i make sure na thick yung fabric ng damit ko. ☺️
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بس ع فكرة ممكن ميكونش ليك ذنب بجسمك بس هو فعلا مستفز وانتى حاليا بمجتمع شهوانى وتحسي كل واحد شايله ع كتفه فكدة هتتعرضى لتحرش اكتر يبقا الحل انك تشوفى حاجة واسعه من فوق ده راى

Women have boobs and nipples and y'all have to be okay with that,it's a part of my body I don't have to worry about hiding it or making it looks smaller or cover it,WHY SHOULD I?
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Do you think it is discrimination to expect girls keep their nipples covered and almost hidden basically, when guys don't have to? Why?

No, because mens nipples are just there for decoration lol. Women actually have a very good reason to have them. I know first hand the difference between a man and a woman’s after breastfeeding my son for 2 years. I am all about the boobies, but I don’t think women should flaunt them around. That’s just creepy. Idek... I think it’s perfectly great to have them out for use to give a baby nourishment.. because if you are doing that correctly, you cannot see the nipple anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Being a woman comes with expectations, being a man comes with expectations. They don’t always have to be the same.
Do you think it is discrimination to expect girls keep their nipples covered and

Do you think it is discrimination to expect girls keep their nipples covered and almost hidden basically, when guys don't have to? Why?

Never really thought about it but eh I mean not really. You could probably distract people with your boobs out & people might try to tough them without permission🙄 plus I think technically guys don’t have “boobs” it’s more like an extended chest cause boobs are like small pillows & theirs are flat ish🤔😎🙂🤷🏻‍♀️

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You have to lick my icy chilled chocolate syrup dipped big balls and suck my vanilla cream covered small cock and you have to bite my asian light brown hairy nipples with tart on em and then you have yo lick my arse while putting your thumb inside it... then will i give you 15 likes in your vagina after eating it thoroughly for 20 minutes while squeezing your big hooters and pinching them softly with my thumb and index finger...

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