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Ja obejrzałam tylko dwa sezony Norweskiego i Skam Austin, Skam NL....i tak żałuję, że Skam NL nie dostał kontynuacji :(. Ale ostatnio nawet myślałam aby oglądać Skam, więc jakby było zbiorowe oglądanie to jestem chętna .:)

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Ja osobiście przyznam, że nie ogladalam innych "SKAM" niż norweskie, bo nie mogłam się przekonać do innego, niż do tego oryginalnego. Przez jakiś czas śledziłam co się dzieje ogólnie w tych serialach, któryś nawet zaczęłam, ale nie podołałam, więc nawet oprócz oryginalnego SKAM możemy obejrzeć inną wersję, jak będzie więcej osób chętnych!!!

What is your escape place?

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Where 3 mountain ranges meet.
Where there's the second world's highest peak.
Where 05 of the world's 8000m peaks are situated.
Where there's 8th wonder of world located (KKH)
Land of Shaheed's
Home of Snow leopards (NLI Regiment)
"That is Hunza Gilgit Baltistan" Northern Areas Of Pakistan

1.Fumi?? 2.Bevi?? 3.Chi ti manca? 4.Hai fratelli o sorelle??? 5.Alcool? 6.Hai un migliore amico?? 7.Hai una migliore amica?? 8.Fidanzata/o?? 9.La persona più pazza?? 10.Ti sei mai ubriacata/o?? 11.Bacio o abbraccio? 12.Stampo o limone???

Cio 18 anni sti giochini... nli faccio ?

Ik mij kare femer pse bon skr ke lek.. Mund tket babi jot nli lek droge edhe bo skr ca ke .. Kare femer kur tthush kam lek thuj kur e ke lekun tat jo lekun e babit

Kto ofendimet thuja atyre q ke nshpi e para , e dyta e km then dhe do e them qe kur je mir ekonomikisht sdo tthot q patjetr meresh me drog po kaq esht niveli i dituris tuaj dhe e treta leket e familjes time jan edhe te mijat sepse sjam rritur akoma qe te siguroj jeten time
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hey! i .m guy so basically situation is i recently join a group of new friends in that group there is a guy who is so loyal with me.. he's so popular good looking and still he's so down to earth and i dont know y i really feel jealous of him even he's so good to me what should i do😶 any idea?

C firstly believe in yourself ok? You are nli one there may b ppl better than you or worse than you but nobody is u did u get that? You dnt hav to gt jealous of him coz ur the best n you might hav some such qualities which he cant hav ok🙂

Most Asked Question to you... Are You Single?? Are You Dating?? Baapre you are most eligible bachelor in Town. kuch karna padega😂😂😂😂😂 Most of them are Anon.. i think they are afraid of you. but i m not afraid of you. kya karegi.❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😘😘😘

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Ha ha ill come ha ghar pe n kidnap you and ask your parents to gimmi a silk and then nli lev u 🙈😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anche loro perchè se truccano. Poi nne vero che non è bella, ma anche se lo fosse tientelo per te e non lo di in giro. Più che altro te si ntoro che nci manco le palle de scrive senza anonimo. Marti nli ascolta che enno dei deficenti godete sta crociera perchè sei bellissima ♥♥♥♥

quanto sei dolce❤️❤️
comunque chi sei?❤️?

Madonna sta gente che dice GRASSA a una ragazza veramente che schifo. Nli ascoltà apparte perchè nè vero niente e sei molto bella e hai molto belle linee e poi so scemi davvero che paura ste persone. Scusa il disturbo un bacino

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ma si in fondo io mi piaccio così
e solo che non ho i soldi per comprare altri pantaloni quindi devo mettermi a dieta per tornare nella mia quarantaquattro entro settembre
comunque grazie per i complimenti
mi lusinghi
ciao a te

Like = Like n dislike. like = I love you . Your hair♥ Eyes♥ Nose♥ Lips♥ Ears♥ Eyebrows♥♥ I love the whole if yu twine♥ Am blesses to have you in my life, uar my LIFELINE♡♡itni pyaari, islamic♥♥All in one pack ho meri aap n uar nli mine bas♥ Dislike = NOTHING♥ How can it be possible jaan ke mei kuch

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Omg 😍 I LOVE YOU MOREEE BEAUTS😘 best person I know💗
you're so down to earth and sweet Mashah'Allah ❤ true beauty😘

ka ti si mal fukjen? pa ves kak je biu hitler neusmiljen pa grob?! ti ga mas pa za faking naslounico? pa kao za nekega idola? stari kak si ti fukjen alo... ko jih je dau tok pobit da je kr brezveze... otrok...

ne govorit ce so ti celo zivljenje sam slabo plat njega kazal pa ce nimas pojma kaki so nli razlogi za to kar je naredu... idol pa zato ker predn je karkoli postal je svoje cilje in nacrte napisu v knjigo in jih je pol vse uresnicu do zadnjega.. to uspe redkim ;)

ba så du vet du får inte kristna att nli muslimer ba för du lägger ut sådant, jag skulle iaf aldrig vilja va en terrorist

Aha så du påstår att ALLA muslimer i hela världen bombar sig själva på gatorna? Dvs ca 1.5 miljarder människor ska bomba sig, ingen människa skulle överleva längre enligt din hypotes

U think that I'm a toy? first i gave u soo much of everything which u dont even deserve! and when i find another guy so that i can forget u, i really could not forget!! i literally loved u so much! m what i ever got in return was NOTHING. I always waited for that from u. But u?I nli got d word-WAIT!

u got a boy now..so why do you want me?

if I was ur gf- wud be datng the cutest ! wud have the best days of our lives..I wouldn't be perfect ..but i will love u always! wud capture evry moment ! cuddle with u ! u wud receive kisses at small things 🙈 be wd u always ! #no Games - nli love ❤

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★★that seriously turned me on........★★
♥♥♥so maay b its possible in real life???♥♥♥

1)Can we ever be sure that our perception of things is right – without consulting other people? If we do consult others, how are we to know whether theirs is true or if we’re both deluded? 2) Why do Logic and Reason fail to explain that which is true? 3) What hurts more the truth?or a lie ? why?

ShivangiPokharna’s Profile Photo✮ ✪ Shivangi Jain ✪ ✮ ヅ
1 - Making perception about any damn thing is nevva right cz u dunno what the actual truth is..! And wen u don't make nli perception there is no chance to consult people ??
2- Coz we Indians have a bad habit of thinking , understanding and taking every fucking decision by our heart ? and dats a human tendency ..!!
3- If your lying to smone just to see them happy n bring a smile ...den dats wrong ✌
rather its better to say a truth den saying a lie ...n hurting dem at the end ???

Snälla skär dig inte. Jag vet inte vad som hänt men jag lovar det kommer inte löna sig i längden! Du har ett underbart fint ansikte och din kropp ser jättefin ut. Du har värsta chansen att bli modell om du bara inte hade skurit dig. Men det är ditt liv och du kommer komma fram till vad du vill!❤️

tack nu får ja ångra de för hela livet för ja vill nli modell:P men va dryg jae sry... men ja vet

I think u still din notice me out.. Y dont u just go n check ur wall page at d extreme bottom.... N see uve chucked so much attitude with no reason giving my answer... N yaa it was u nli na who commented ke my jokes r lame if i laugh ( haha) on dem myself.! C,not intrsrtd in an argument! -AS

Untick if u want an answer coz i just can't sort wat u talking about
I think u still din notice me out Y dont u just go n check ur wall page at d

Dude u flaunt about urself a lot and stuff and think u too great but dude u don't even knw eng properly .before throwing dictionaries on others plz realise there is no word like hairs* its nli hair

Darling I think u need one the question ws "Do you like long hair or short hair better on "OTHERS"! Soo i didn't mean mine n urs it ws in general.... hairs evryone "hairs" and yes I love to flaunt a lot tere baap ke paise pe nai jeeti hu saale chutiye toh apne kam se kam rakh samjha na? itna dum hai toh untick kar ke muh pe bol saala fattu

Ma cazzo dice quella sporca zingara che 18 cm son pochi,maestro mi sa che devi farle capire a nome di tutti nli che vuol dire un diciotello ad uncino

Quelle che dicono che 18 sono pochi io non me le scopó per principio. Quelle che tanto facevano le fichette le ho fatte gridare come delle galline prima di essere sgozzate EPPARLANO?

Likers get if was their girlfriend i wpuld hv been a lucky prsn on diss earth would always bring a smile on ur face would hv fullfilled all ur dreams would hv given u many gifts of ur favourite would jv taken in my arms 4ever luv u soo much my chinnie<3<3:-D:-D n nvr hurt

ik how much u dont hurt:(
i guess dat's what u r dng right now
anyways i love you way more i love you to infinity nd beyond nd ull never know how much u mean to me u r like a sunshine in my life i don't knw wat would i do without u i smile onli becoz of u nd nli for u never ever leave me my minnie you will always remain my bestieee♥♥♥♥:*

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