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What if Amber Heard was telling the truth?

If there's even a shred of truth to Amber's claims then our whole society is rotten. memed and mocked her for coming forward. Even if she isn't telling the truth, we've opened a door that says it's OK to meme and mock abuse stories as long as we don't like the person. None of it is OK.

Do guys care if girls have a bit of chub on their tummy and thighs ?

None of the men I've been with have been bothered by it, and I have more than a "bit" of chub on my thighs and tum! Keep in mind, however, that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they find attractive in a partner. Will you meet guys who are exclusively attracted to slimmer women? Absolutely.
But, look, if a guy rejects you because he isn't into your body, don't let it get you down. There is nothing wrong with the way you look, you just weren't his type. It happens! I promise you, there are plenty of other guys out there who will think you're absolutely gorgeous!

I have depression and I feel like everyone hates me my life is boring and I feel like I dont want to be alive my parents dont care about me I want to hide away and not be seen I feel worthless and I feel like none wants me to be here

I've left my Instagram account on my profile. Message me if you need someone to talk to. I'm a good listener. 💞

*he became incorporeal right before the dart struck, it passed through his incorporeal form he seemingly vanishes, before reappearing completely solid behind her resting his crossed arms on her skull, despite being far larger than her, he seems weightless* -Y'all just tried ta tranq me?-

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
How did..? You can become incorporeal like a ghost!? H-hey! Get off my head!! I'm not a table yo! Though..it's weird..how aren't ya hurting me yo? You weigh more than me broski! None of ya business if I did broham! *The tiny skeleton frowned a bit as she adjusted her glasses* I might have to step my game up a bit with you..just like with him..he decided to fight me..*She then runs out from under Shadows crossed arms and teleports behind a tipped over table filled with darts as she reaches inside her lab coat to pull out a switch and once pressed, 2 machines lower down from the ceiling that fire darts at Shadow*
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So I don’t understand why my mother feels anxious, depressed or a bit hopeless sometimes.

I think that your mother is grieving many losses at once. The loss of her family members and the loss of the physical strength she had a few years ago. Grief in itself is a very heavy feeling, it emotionally exhausts us. Along with this grief, she also fears for the future. She sees that your eldest sister hasn’t settled down yet and she has grown so weak already, would she even be there for all the rest of your siblings? Would she be physically and mentally able to get all of you settled down? This also is a cause of a lot of stress for a parent who feels like they’re physically declining because for most people, physical decline is a sign that they are losing control over their lives. If they are depending on others now, how are their kids gonna depend on them for their future? This thought scares them.
All this stress and anxiety, along with grief exhausts a person so they don’t feel doing anything that they once used to enjoy. You wouldn’t want to go and enjoy yourself if your mind is so burdened right?
One way to deal with this situation is help her open up about her concerns. But you can’t do that by asking her directly because she wouldn’t want to stress you guys out with her problems. So you could do that by creating a fake situation. Like say that you met a friend online jiski ammi is soo sick and she s so worried for her daughter’s future. She has x number of daughters and none of them are married. She has asked me for advice because she is my friend, what should I tell her mama? See what she says in response to that. Does she reveal her concerns too? Even if she doesn’t you can answer your own question by citing different ahadith. By saying ke you have read that Allah has promised that if something is written for something, even if the entire world is to gather against it, that person would get what’s destined for him. And tell her ke you know a woman on youtube who got married early in her life and thought she was so lucky but later own got divorced and now she recalls that her married life was a nightmare and she’d rather stay single. I know of a yutuber like that, that’s why I am mentioning this. So tell her that delay in marriage is because Allah prepares us for the life He has chosen for us. He has to equip us with all the skills we need to raise our children and live with the spouse that he has chosen for us.
Baaqi grief of losses, tell her to read a few verses of qur’an everyday for all the people she has lost. Qur’an reaches the departed souls and Allah eases their hereafter as a result of this. Talk to her about your khalas more often. Don’t let her suppress these feelings of grief. Sometimes crying it all out is the solution. My mother saw my nani breath her last, right infront of her. I thought there’s no way my mom would be able to recover from this trauma. At first it was very hard, she wouldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. But then I started talking more and more to her about our nani.

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What does "eat your cake and have it" mean?

When someone gets all the benefits of something and none of the bad parts.
Like if someone was in a relationship and had a secret person on the side. They get the 'benefit' of having two people at one time, with none of the repercussions or punishment for it. (provided they don't get caught obviously)

Is the world experiencing a clash of civilizations?

Yes. In 1996, the late Samuel Huntington (1927-2008), a respected Harvard professor, published The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. He saw the Cold War’s end as a transition into a world in which the divisions among the great powers once based on political ideologies would be replaced by the more enduring divisions in history grounded in cultures and religious traditions. Huntington defined civilization as the broadest cultural identity in history.
Huntington cautioned fellow Americans: “In the emerging world of ethnic conflict and civilizational clash, Western belief in the universality of Western culture suffers three problems:
1. it is false;
2. it is immoral;
3. it is dangerous.”
He said, “The belief that non-Western peoples should adopt Western values, institutions, and culture is immoral because of what would be necessary to bring it about… Imperialism is the necessary logical consequence of universalism.”
Huntington simply could not imagine that an increasingly faithless, feckless, radically secularized, and libertarian West (and America) might be a greater danger than other cultures in widening the post-Cold War world’s civilizational divisions. In other words, he did not perceive that the contemporary West, culturally in disrepair and spiritually broken, can provide neither leadership nor moral guidance to others when needed in preventing the clash of civilizations.
America's first president, George Washington, warned:
“Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns.” Furthermore, “Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice? It is our policy to steer clear of permanent alliances, with any portion of the foreign world.”

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What do you think about when woman have a lot of scars on body, like on legs or hands after some allergy?

I don't. Because someone else's body is none of my business.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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What do you think about when woman have a lot of scars on body like on legs or

You can't kid, there's a reason Fresh has never possessed me, in my time frozen state none of you parasites can affect me

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Is that so? I had a hunch..but what if I told you, I'm currently using another version of your daughter? You still have the will to pull that trigger brosive?
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Do you own a vinyl record if you don't do you?

There's a ton of vinyls in a glass cabinet in my living room. Along with the player!
Couldn't tell you what any of them are though xD
None of them have seen the light of day in years! They're my dad's lol
Do you own a vinyl record if you dont do you
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Horoscopes and zodiac signs are different things. Horoscope is about finding what would happen to you and relatable things based on stars and that's forbidden. Zodiacs are however a big sea and I only talk about personality traits part of it.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Horoscopes depends on the zodiac signs and zodiac depends on the movement of stars and planets (astrology). So its the same thing. And believing in things which only ALLAH knows (gayb) is also forbidden.
Allah says in the Qur'an: "Say: None in the heavens and the earth knows the ghayb except Allah, nor can they perceive when they shall be resurrected."

Opinions on Amber Heard? Is she faking? Or is there some truth to her tale?

I see too many people throwing their ideas onto this but the thing is, none of us really knows. We weren't there, and ab*se cases are complicated and messy and there isn't always clear cut evidence of all wrongdoings. I say Let the trial play out and take any evidence as is, but it seems the public have already made their decisions.

let's say I'm your used to be close friend, any genuine word for me?

I hope you are happier with your life now. I not angry that we did ended our friendship but just u know, i still wish that we can remains as best friend until where our children will become bestfriend like we used to. Bestfriend over generations, that's must be nice. Thankyou for your time, your efforts, your smiles, and thankyou for was there in my thick and thin, and thankyou for made me the happiest hooman in old days. None of the days was bad for me, bcs u did made me happy and when i need someone to share on, u was there. I glad u there. I glad u was there. U comfort me when no others could. But now, we both already have our own bestfriend, but i don't think we should compare it with us, don't u think so? Anw, if u reading this, I would love to rejoice our good old days, and yes, to meet u again.
Till then, take care.

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Do you like football if so what team ?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
Should say Liverpool or Everton or Manchester United as its my North west teams closer to me well can say Manchester United is shit without watching it I know they are by my socials 😅 so none don't like football rather watch paint dry can't cry over paint
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Republican or Democrat? Do you really think either one are on your side?

We don’t really do politics.
Both sides are bullshit, all human government is tyrannical, restrictive of the wrong things, and none offer what we need.
There are certain subjects some of us may have opinions on, but none of us thus far really care for any political party.


Because strangers do not really know who we are, right? People who know us and have spent time with us understand our personality (whether good or bad) and as a result they are able to predict our reactions to reality as well as establish effective boundaries to protect themselves from our emotional inconsistencies and outbursts and erratic and offensive behaviors. The stranger has none of this insight and can easily be fooled by first impressions.

*After the Colors and their Shadow return to Hyrule Castle, Vio almost immediately makes for the castle library, perhaps some of the forbidden tomes here might have information about their current foes*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
* @AngryBlueLink ended up in the medical ward,
@PyromaniaRed followed him up there,
Vio hadn't paid attention to where @MrImportantHero had gone when they got back, he presumed to @princessofprophecy3 side since she was undoubtedly at risk
@forgottenfifth had left his shadow to get some sleep in their shared room
tome after tome Vio pulled from the shelves, books on magic including human sacrifice and attempts at ascension.
Any mention of the names Miquella, Mohg, Marit, Marika, or Rykard.
Though there are a number of books that no one aside from the princess' most trusted knights would ever see that contained mention of human sacrifice, none mentioned any of the names of their foes or of a place called 'The Lands Between'
Vio sighs resting his head on his crossed arms on the table, exhaustion clinging to him like spiderwebs, he couldn't shake the ache he felt having pushed his Hylian body past its limits. Though he wanted to get up, search through some more books, maybe find something that would give them an advantage. Instead he fell asleep at the table next to his books, eventually one of the castle staff or perhaps the other Links would find him there.*

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After the Colors and their Shadow return to Hyrule Castle Vio almost immediately

If you were walking down a street and walked past a cp who wasn't aware of being a cp yet, what would you do?

Lol. We usually, have a burst of excitement, and freak out. Wolf would slap Toby’s arm multiple times, to get him to see the other CP. Lol. Though, due to none of us having very good social skills, we rarely ever approach them.
- Angels

Who has more humour amongst your parents? Ammi or Abbu?

Tbh, none of my parents have humor. My dad makes the same jokes he used to make like 10 years ago, and my mum doesn't even make jokes.
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Real pain? Crying while covering your mouth around 4am just in case someone might hear because of anxiety and depression is slowly killing you. Your chest hurts and in that time, you have begrudgingly become used to sensation.

I’ve had my fair share of depression and so were my friends.
All of us deals with the depression on different varying levels and to rid or even break free from the clasp of depression, the solution for each and every one of us is never the same for the other.
But there is this one exactly identical thing that my friends and I did before we could get out of our depressions; What we all did that is the same is — Expressions.
Most of us would create a shell (or even something that’s sturdier than the Great Wall of China) around us and suffocate ourselves without ever getting help from anyone close to us.
I noticed how depressions were slowly killing us all, so I fixated a journey of expressions for all of my friends whom needed the help at the time. It wasn’t easy, because just by expressing one’s feelings isn’t the best way to deal with one’s depression.
The journey of expressions that I’ve given them all, always have one thing that’s in common; Get them engaged to the point that they’ve entered their very own Flow State — A state in which a person fully expresses what is true to their feelings without the fear of being rejected, heckled, judged, biases, nor the stereotypes that people may have upon any one of them.
Yeah, it wasn’t easy to get them to engage in their own Flow State because you really have to know a person down to the core before you could set the journey to expression for anyone, even yourself.
But none helped myself in such a way, and it’s my turn to help myself in setting a journey solely for myself as I’ve seen how different I am when compared to all of my friends. Still a work in progress — But if you ever needed any help, you may ask to be heard on ASKfm; Though it would be better if it’s someone you could meet in person that could help you out in such a way.

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No hate but why did you hide your age? I’m curious what made you change your mind

Just kind of like leftover precaution. My generation grew up starting windows 95, I always had internet growing up and bc of that we got the "internet safety stranger danger" pounded into our skulls. So i stopped using my name, my age, anything that could relate back to me in any way. I have had some stalkers and I wanted to make it hell if they tried to find me, none of my accounts are really linked and they all use different names. Being as old as I am now I've kind of relaxed a little with it all.
Sorry for rambling im pretty stoned i hope that made sense

Have you ever had a crazy ex? Not violently crazy but believed in or said strange things. I had an ex who claimed she could see fire/smoke where there was none, and that she believed she was sexually assaulted by a ghost 🙄.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
My ex girlfriend made me believe through more than half of our relationship, that her mom had a tumour but in the end I found out from her sister in law that that wasn’t true :/

Qual è la canzone più vecchia e bella che conosci?

Non è la più vecchia che conosco ma Gilbert O' Sullivan ha rapito il mio cuore con la sua musica fin da quando ero bambina.
I viaggi in macchina con mia madre e mio padre, passati ad ascoltare i suoi CD e cantare tutti assieme... che nostalgia.
“When the evening is over
put your head upon my shoulder
and I'll tell you something
I believe is true...
happiness is me and you.
In a world so distorted
where the worst is best reported,
love may be something
that will see us through...
happiness is me and you.
There maybe girls that I'll remember,
that made me happy for a while;
but none of them compare with you my love,
however hard they all may try.
If the bus that we're taking
has for ages kept us waiting,
what does it matter?
Even in a queue,
happiness is me and you...
There may be days when you discover
I'm not the man you think I am,
but through it all we will recover
without the aid of any plan.
When the weeks turn to hours
and in June it's April showers,
I'll tell you something
I believe is true...
happiness is me and you.
Happiness is me and you.
Happiness is me and you.”
YT: https://youtu.be/-mjTh7iuYTMFluty’s Video 171361589062 -mjTh7iuYTMFluty’s Video 171361589062 -mjTh7iuYTM .

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Fluty’s Video 171361589062 -mjTh7iuYTMFluty’s Video 171361589062 -mjTh7iuYTM

i def want to hear your depp/heard take. i was a fan of depp’s ages ago (not so much his recent work) but i find it weird how ppl are fawning over him now like he’s some innocent angel. he can say the shittiest borderline misogynistic shit and ppl are all “you’re so funny & traumatised johnny” hmmm

I think they both suck. I think its disgusting how even after *those* texts that depp sent came out people are still up his ass, the things he said were fcking disgusting. I think his past of being aggressive and abusive is being discounted because everyone wants to jump on this "omg support male abuse survivors" but this is not the case to be using as a reference. I think theres a smear campaign being used here. I think neither one is really taking it all seriously. I think its disgusting that her mental health is being called into question. I think its disgusting that people feel the need to baby a full grown man. I think its fxking disgusting that she is being told she reacted in a "wrong" or "fake" way to her abuse just because it was a clean neat submissive reaction even though that isnt indicative of abuse or not, abuse victims react in a variety of way and none of them are "wrong" and that is a fcking disgusting message to be sending into the world especially when there are young women who reacted differently to their own abuse. I think it shouldnt be as publicized or made into entertainment. I think this is becoming a media circus that in turn has both of them acting for the cameras.

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How ambitious are you?

I am leaving no stone unturned to reach the highest positions. Grew up in an inner city, motivated myself to get a degree and get a good job, and now that I have a decent job my parents constantly tell me to quit while I'm ahead and settle into my position for life. They think I'm a moron for striving for bigger things. My friends from the same city that became extremely successful also have only themselves to thank. None of us had abusive parents but we also weren't pushed to greatness as children. We just wanted better for ourselves and didn't want to end up living in the same shitty city as adults because we didn't work hard enough. In my experience the people who have the biggest dreams and most success have innate ambition. There is no "settling" for a job that pays a certain amount of money or a house in a nice neighborhood. There's no end point, only a desire to achieve bigger and greater things. I don't know if this is due to personality or brain chemistry, but you can see one person come out of a family living in squalor to become very successful while the rest of the family is content to keep living the same way they always have. I agree with this. My father is one of those hard dedicated workers. I have been working for the same company for close to 4 years now and have only taken 6 days of sick time. I do this because i strongly believe in attendance when working as he has done so his entire life. My mother on the other hand won't stay at a job for more than a year and mostly works 4 days a week and uses sick time nearly all the time.
Some of it was just monetary. When I was single I didn't care about money as long as I had enough to pay for rent, food, and video games. But now I'm 32 and we just bought a house, we are saving for college for our daughter, and we hope to travel internationally. All those things are easier with a better-paying job. As far as doing big things in the world, I've never really thought that way. My goal is to leave the world a little bit better than I found it and to raise my kid(s) to do the same. EDIT: Spelling
When I first read that, I was ready to call bullshit. No fellow human could look at these photos and not be moved. But then I realized... I didn't really care, the first time I saw the pictures in a book, or a movie. I doubt I felt any awe at all. Ten or fifteen years later, just thinking about it makes me tear up more than a little. The difference is that I've gained (I'd like to think) some perspective, both on our place in the cosmos, and realized the immense expansion and fulfillment of human capabilities that space exploration inherently is.
Ambition probably comes from life setup and morals taught early on. Rich kids don't have as much of a drive to succeed as poor kids like myself, because daddy will always be there to bail them out. You will find that a lot of the large names of today were poor early in life. Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling are two commonly known ones.

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