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Anything you wanna say for a long time?

Usama_gujjar’s Profile Photoا سے اسامہ گ سے گجر
Since last night till this this very moment, I’ve seen atkeast three shoutouts all from men, one wanting to add others for Snapchat streak scores, one asking for the insta handles of awam and one MashAllah is asking for mobile numbers straight up! Lol
Honestly, mera meter urr gaya hai :) FOR FUCKS SAKE this is not a dating app. Go to Tinder. Kya gand phelaya wa hai yaha? Anonymous nae tou anonymous accounts bana ke awam apni desperation nikalny ajati hai baki shehhazey private account details mangty phirty ha on a daily! Kya bakwas ha ye sab?
Koi izzat, gherat, sharam naam ki cheez nae hai?
Nae kya samjha hua ha yaha awam kya karny ati hai? For the love of God, find platforms that suit your needs. Stop making this place filthy.
Have some dignity.

why do non americans care about this? they're not personally affected.

I have friends who live in America.
But this isn't just a point in American history that is a negative, it will have a knock on for everyone else. It doesn't matter that it is happening in another country! It's still a point that women have been looked on as inferior and not worthy of their own decisions all over again. THAT is why we care!
why do non americans care about this theyre not personally affected

why parents are often too much controlling ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
Because they literally own you unlike any other person in the world. 🌚
Not all parents are alike. Some won’t say a word and let their child do whatever. Too much of love can spoil your child obviously. They need to know what is acceptable and what’s not, since a young age.
Other parents never realise the fact that their child is a living breathing human too and after childhood they can not impose their own likes and dislikes and choices on them. Once they’re an adult, they’ll have their own pattern of lifestyle which can be influenced by their upbringing but not by them anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I know what parents do is out of concern for their children but they too can go over board with it. Too much concern, too much possessiveness, even too much of love and care cuts out the breathing space for the other.
Nobody wants to write an essay of why they’re just feeling low. You’re human you’re allowed to have both happy and sad days. “Bas esy hi” needs to be enough you can’t always explain ku? Kis liye? The concept of “Personal space” does not exist within desis. Be it from parents side, be it from family, be it from siblings, be it for spouses. Let a person breatheeeee.
You can’t always possibly know what goes through someone else’s mind. It’s not possible so why tire yourself and them with the stupid questions?
Then comes the category of parents who can’t accept the fact that it’s their child who has to marry someone not them. So they don’t get to choose. Theak hai shit happens but where does it say shit won’t happen if your parents are picking someone for you? Ffs beauty and money isn’t everything. I’d never say it does not matter. Ofc it does but it’s not the sole criteria to settle down. Parents normally don’t give a shit about vibes and mental connection and I don’t think you can spend a lifetime with someone without it unless Ofc you just want to enjoy their status or literally only bow down to their looks which is more than common here. Pathetic honestly
The only problem parents and anyone who loves you have is not keeping a healthy balance.
If it’s control and possessiveness out of love it’s, over the board like the other person is an idiot and can’t live their life without it.
If it’s freedom and letting them have their space that too is overboard to the point they have children involved in all sort of evil and they still accept them. Just like women often stay back with cheating husbands lol.
They’re both stupid!
A healthy balance is needed which I don’t see anywhere honestly. It’s an absolute chaos out there. Crazy how you can be blinded by love to the point you’re hurting yourself or them.

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Ever tried growing something in a pot and failed? I tried strawberries with no success sigh

Tomatoes! They didn't fail cuz of being in the pot, we sadly had a storm. The high wind broke the stem :(
Although not in a pot, my carrots didn't do too well.. but that was due to going away for 10 days, so had to dig them up... they were so small xD
My grandad said they were delicious though xD
Ever tried growing something in a pot and failed I tried strawberries with no

What do you predict would be the long-term effects on mental health of children being encouraged to pick a gender and sexual orientation, rather than going with their genetics?

Well you can see that in a lot of older generations. People who were gay married people of the opposite gender and had children with them because of various reasons, but were never really happy. Some people even got depressed and after years many of those couples would get divorced.
I think it would feel very confusing and pressuring to be somebody you’re not. It’s like telling somebody with an atypical neurology (autism for example) to act neurotypical (free of autism and other neurodivergent patterns). That’s basically impossible and can lead to self doubt, low confidence and a lot of stress.
What do you predict would be the longterm effects on mental health of children

Why don't superheroes with super strength use their super legs to run super fast?

why, it was with Flash and several dozen of his imitators, several cheetahs also had this opportunity. In fact, superheroes are usually not credited with such an ability for the reason that the device of human legs is in principle not adapted for high speeds, it is much more convenient to use controlled teleportation or flight, which in themselves look ridiculous enough not to explain why a superhero suddenly began to fly slower or faster.

do you have a garden? if so, what do you mostly grow? if not, do you think you'd have the knowledge and patience to tend to one, or do you have a brown thumb like me ?

omfgkayy’s Profile Photoalt.m
I have a lot of indoor houseplants but not a garden. Once I got a little grow your own strawberries kit & I took care of them per instructions but they still died.....I was kinda bummed lol

Would you date a celebrity? Why? Why not?

nah. I don't like to attract attention at all. Even when more than 50 people read my blog or leave a lot of positive comments on my work, no hаte; I start to pаnic. It's a lot of prеssure. That's why I'm still here - I like the anonymity of the ask. Ari has a good song bout it, btw...
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oRcXOnLkM7A&feature=emb_titlegwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7Agwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7A
There is another reason.. I'm usually comfortable with my appearance and I can focus on mental work. But when I'm dating someone, I irratiоnally want to be perfect, like, 24/7. I start correcting fаr-fеtched flаws and pretending to be someone else all the time. Needless to say, it takes not only a lot of time and money, but also аnxiety appears - and this is the attention of only one person. Plus, it will definitely have a bаd effеct on my аbility to concеntrate.

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gwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7Agwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7A

What would change if the world had proof of the existence of aliens?

I'll add a pinch of rаcism - will humans even guess that this is the proof? I know scientists who are crаzy about this, but now there are not as many of them as in the last century. Most likely, in this case, politiciаns and journаlists will go bananas. Ordinary people, I think, will be dividеd into two camps - those who are delighted, and those who will be xenophоbes, that's for sure. Internаtional cоnflicts are likely to be conductеd cоvertly, while some countries will certainly begin shаdow preparation of weаpons for possible "repеlling an aliеn attаck", lol.

Cowo boleh nangis gak sih ?

Why not? Cowok juga masih manusia kan? Punya perasaan juga kan? Haha
Cewek ataupun cowok nangis gppaaa. Toh itu bukan jadi patokan orang itu lemah. In ma opinion, orang nangis itu ya tanda dia lelah. Dan lelah bukan berarti lemah kan? Krn mereka atau masing" individu punya batasannya masing". Dan perlu diinget, kalo lelah tu bukan nyerah pilihannya tapi istirahat :)
Just ma opinion ya bre haha

I don't want to sound mean but may God protect all of us from gingerness and gives us good freckles free skin and thick Italian eyebrows.

I am not sure how to respond to this message. Being Italian I can attest to the thick Italian eyebrows.
You forgot to mention the thick Italian hair growing from the ears and nostrils. lol :)

dlaczego kobiety ranią? płec zenska ma hobby aby ranić mezczyzn? i łamać im serca?

Does the female sex have a hobby to hurt men? and break their hearts?
Don't generalize, not every woman hurts a man. There are so deadly beautiful women who can kill by the very appearance. The guy will look at such a dazzlingly beautiful woman and he will lose his eyesight or life due to the impression 😊 https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/20618110785922984/ Nie wszystkie kobiety łamią serca
dlaczego kobiety ranią płec zenska ma hobby aby ranić mezczyzn  i łamać im serca

Well, ASKfm isn't exactly a highly-educated crowd, so I don't see people lording their education over yours. If people have been asking you the same question, it's likely because they're either curious or there's something about the way you answer questions that makes them wonder.

Anons will use literally anything & everything they can to try & drag someone down, regardless of how insignificant it actually is. If you don't understand that, then you obviously haven't accumulated a decent amount of followers bc I can tag a number of people & they'd all not only agree with me, they'd also list countless similar experiences lmao.

it's so obvious what anon(s) are trying to do, they ask these questions just to try and "shame" you which is stupid because there's absolutely no reason to feel ashamed. it's about one's choice, not about smartness.

THIS👏🏻👏🏻 1000% this. I've gone in depth about what choices I made and why I made the choices I made regarding my education and anons did nothing but give me a hard time for it. They give me a hard time over every move I make, that's why I hardly talk about the changes in my life anymore even though I really want to. It's beyond sad and pathetic on their part.

You just had a baby and your parents are not interested but was very interested when your brother has there babies, what do you do and how do you re act?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
Every time Baby makes a super-purple face & blasts in their nappy/diaper ;
Slap it on their dimwit grand-parents face . Give them all a turn.
That should capture their interest .
You just had a baby and your parents are not interested but was very interested

What is a prayer that you say?

“God, if you could make it your plan to smite [insert name here] I would really appreciate it. No rush though, I know you have certain things in place but like if you could rearrange a few things Thatd be great cause we both know that [insert name here] is not on the pathway to you so lets just speed up some things for all your other plans, yeah? It was great talking to you God, you’re absolutely wonderful. Thank you for listening. I know you’re busy.” 😂😂😂😂
Whats absolutely hilarious about this is every time I’ve actually done this, the person I’m talking about is suddenly no longer in my life and I have no idea what happens to them. 😂😂😂😂 even though its kinda a joke cause i never think God would change anything for me 😂

Are you sometimes forgetful? What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose things when you're out and about? 🥴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Often. 😅 I set reminders on my phone or write notes for myself (and then place them somewhere I will inevitably see them in my everyday life), sometimes multiple of those at different points. It also helps to share with someone that I have those plans/responsibilities, and/or to ask a loved one (preferably someone who is better at remembering and organizing stuff than me) to remind me of it at a certain time.

Would you leave your partner for someone rich and famous? Why? Why not?

No, because those offer little to me. Being with someone you don’t love seems like a waste of time and superficial things I feel like don’t bring joy.
Fame is ick and I wouldn’t want anywhere near that madness so that’s immediately out. Wealth is something I would want on my own, not from the outside. Plus if you were marrying wealth there’s a large chance you’d have no real access to it so it isn’t a good reason I feel like.
My top priority is connection and love.

How do you know that enough is enough in a relationship? I'm so lost and don't know whether to give the xth chance or leave.

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Healthy relationships are founded upon trust, respect, honesty and good communication. If any of these attributes are missing then it is imperative to discuss the situation, negotiate and reach a compromise that satisfies both parties. If your partner refuses to discuss these issues or continues to violate your trust, disrespects you, is dishonest and is unwilling to communicate, I would end the relationship and move on with my life.
Remember, if you do not love yourself and respect yourself, nobody else will either. So it is imperative to establish personal boundaries that define the behaviors and attitudes that you will accept and those you will reject. If your boundaries are repeatedly violated then, for your own health and wellbeing, you must end the relationship.

Would you date a celebrity? Why? Why not?

I’m a pretty private person as it is, so I’d find it rather overwhelming to be immersed in such a public sphere. Plus, I’d constantly be wondering why they were seeing me in the first place, when they have the pick of beautiful celebrities around them!

Are you sometimes forgetful? What do you do to try and remember stuff or to not lose things when you're out and about? 🥴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've misplaced a water bottle before. Left it in Victoria Secret's dressing room and had to go get it. Besides that, I'm good at keeping things on me.

Do you really know what your freedom is? An illusion of freedom, glues your wish to be free!!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
If you can not stop me taking your name, how can you claim to be free... If i can not make you call my name, how can i be free... Freedom is just a concept of human mind... we should stop fighting for it...
Liked by: M. Adeel Mir Zalaam

How do you know that enough is enough in a relationship? I'm so lost and don't know whether to give the xth chance or leave.

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Unfortunately, there are no simple answers in these matters. If a relationship has deteriorated to the point where it seems irredeemable, I'm afraid that only option exists. However, if the channels of communication remain open, voice your concerns and try to reach an understanding. Ultimately, both parties must be willing to make concessions and act in tandem toward a goal. Pedestrian euphemisms are usually ignored but for what they're worth, let us consider the following: there is unity in strength, a house divided cannot stand. I honestly hope that you can move forward together harmoniously and without further complications but if this is not possible, it might be better to sever ties...
How do you know that enough is enough in a relationship Im so lost and dont know

Are you sometimes forgetful? What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose things when you're out and about? 🥴🤦‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Rarely forgetful and I find that it helps if I "rehearse" upcoming events in my mind - no guarantee but things may go smoother and there is less of a chance that I'll forget anything important.

Are you covid vaccinated?

JayMarieOfficial’s Profile PhotoBella ✨
No. I have natural immunity from previous Covid infection. I had it before the vaccines became available (April of 2020) and according to the CDC and numerous studies, I do not have to assume the risks of an experimental gene therapy.
From the government's "Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System": https://openvaers.com/

Volt már olyan kérdésem, hogy mit kellene normalizálni, így most az ellenkezőjét kérdezem: Szerinted vannak olyan területek, amelyeken már átestünk a ló túloldalára elfogadás szempontjából?

alkalmikerdesek’s Profile PhotoAlkalmi kérdések
A kis toitoi mögötti kuffantás utóhangjai alapján azt kell mondanom, hogy a megcsalás. Szánalmas, hogy ennyien bevédik a csávót.
És igaza van, dugni jó, dugjatok ti is minél többet, ő meg legyen rocksztár és szexeljen végkimerülésig, szívja a kokót a ribik seggéből, tök oké, csak akkor ne tartson már ezek mellett egy nőt, akitől mindent megkap érzelmileg és aki úgy tudja, hogy monogám kapcsolatban élnek.
És nem, nem tenné meg ezt bármelyik férfi. Akármilyen meglepő, a legtöbben továbbfejlődtek annál, mint hogy pina Pina PINA 0-24, és bárhol bármikor bárkivel, csak hadd tegyem be, légyszi.

Okay. I had a feeling. Seemed really random and wondered why it was on anon.

kandydevil’s Profile PhotoRachel Raven
Yes, it's the same cretin who not too long ago was making an issue of the fact that I "wasn't getting enough likes." Now, the petty imbecile is triggered because I am getting a few here and there. Like I mentioned, this jealous simpleton has been obsessing over me for years: 🤣🤣🤣

can someone give me their honest opinion on my pictures and tell me if i should post them on insta or not?

Yes, sure!
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on:
Twitch: norakitties
OnlyFans: norakitties
Instagram: norakitties / theragingkitties
Telegram: NoraKitties
Tiktok: NoraKitties
Facebook: Nora May - NoraKitties / The Raging Kitties
Snapchat: norakitties
Geocaching: NoraKitties
can someone give me their honest opinion on my pictures and tell me if i should

Are you sometimes forgetful? What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose things when you're out and about? 🥴🤦‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am forgetful, yes! A lot more than I’d like to be, honestly.
I tend to forget where I put things, like my phone, keys, wallet, etc… Sometimes I forget to bring something from home all together. Or I’ll set something down, thinking I’ll remember, and then I end up leaving it. 🥴
To fix this, I often keep reminders on my phone of important things I need take with me, or that’s on my to-do list. I even leave sticky notes for myself as extra reminders! That way if I’m not looking at my phone, it doesn’t completely slip my memory.
As for remembering where I put stuff, I do try to stay fairly organized and put everything back in the same spot so it’ll be harder to forget where I last left it. Also, if it helps, store everything that’s essential to bring with you by your front door, so it’s within eyesight when you’re leaving.
And then, I have one more weird tip, but it might be helpful… Use mnemonics. Like a catchy phrase to help you remember everything. So for example, I like the phrase “Sell Milk.”
Sell- Cell phone
M- Money
I- ID card/ and any other important cards you might need for public transport, etc…
L- Lunch (if you’re packing for school/work/another event where that’s needed)
K- Keys
Might not work for everyone, but you can just make silly phrases like that! Hope that helps! 😁

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Are you sometimes forgetful What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose

Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out? What is your favorite type and brand? Thank you!

It truly depends on what you’re comfortable with, and which one would suit you best. What I mean by that is, depending on your lifestyle, pads specifically, can be quite inconvenient.
An example would be, if you’re an athlete, a swimmer, a gymnast, etc… Tampons would be the most logical choice for you.
It is important to note though, that pads are significantly easier to start out with than tampons, as you have to learn how to use tampons properly, first.
Personally, I have tried both, and I almost always prefer pads. But I’m also not super physically active, and they are just more comfortable for me.
I wear the Always Maxi pads! There are a few different types, like ultra thin, super absorbency, with/without wings, etc… And I can’t really recommend a certain type just because that is something you have to test out and see what works best for you!
I really hope that helps a little, and that you are successful in finding the right thing for you! 😄

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Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out What is your

Are you sometimes forgetful? What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose things when you're out and about? 🥴🤦‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have a good memory, to be honest. Just sometimes, human error is inevitable. Even so, I still jotted down everything I need to be done in one small book. Prioritize which one needs to be done first. Break it down into small tasks and ill do it every time I am available.

What do you usually do to deal with really bad heat? What if you're at a place that has no air conditioning? 🥵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
[ ɪɴꜱɪᴅᴇ ]
★ – I darken every room by closing the curtains.
★ – I drink more water with ice cubes.
★ – I place the ventilator nearby.
★ – I put the filling out of the blanket and moisten it with a little water just before sleeping. This cools very well and it is more pleasant to fall asleep with it in strong heat.
[ ᴏᴜᴛꜱɪᴅᴇ ]
★ – I try to walk in the shadow when I am outside and take a sun hat and water with me
★ – I use sunscreen when I know I am going to be outside for a longer amount of time.
★ – I use a small ventilator that doesn't need energy. they are not as effective as the ones with energy but it's better than nothing. lol.

If you enjoy video games, what kind of games do you usually look for/prefer? (You can also name some) 🙂 Is it more important for you that the game is relaxing or intense?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I can play almost whatever as long as it's with friends. Cause it's quite hard to not have a good time when you spend it with people you appreciate ☺️ Examples of games I play with friends include Sea of Thieves, Video Horror Society, Dead By Daylight and Phasmaphobia 🏴‍☠️👻
When I play by myself I usually gravitate towards story-based games. I could go on forever listing games in that genre that I like but examples include Witcher 3 (Arguably my favorite game of all time), Divinity Original Sin 2 and Kingdom Come Deliverence (The game I'm currently playing) 🗡🛡
I also really like shooters of all sorts, both singleplayer and multiplayer. Examples include Doom, Resident Evil, Halo Infinite and Metro Exodus 💥
Most of the games I've listed so far are pretty intense to be fair but I can also appreciate a more relaxing game such as a city or park building game, like Cities Skylines or Prehistoric Kingdom 🏢🦖

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If you enjoy video games what kind of games do you usually look forprefer You

What is the worst reaction you have ever had from taking an over-the-counter drug?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Not drug but after Velvet revolution here my son was born and our shops were full of west goods suddenly so I bought for him oil Johnson&Johnson and he had allergic reaction from it on all his body 😱. Then I had to bath him in hypermangan and I bought our good east and healthy cosmetics for him 👍😁
What is the worst reaction you have ever had from taking an overthecounter drug

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