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Why do people struggle with love?

saltoftheearth86030’s Profile PhotoCupid
Desperately wanting something will definitely lead to struggle. One reads romantic novels, watches romantic movies, sees couples on instagram, ends up craving smth that doesn't even exist. I am not saying love doesn't exist, but picture perfect love that is glorified nowadays doesn't exist.
We forget realities of life when we look for love. Even a pinch of truth and struggle shatters our idea of love and then we start thinking that it doesn't exist. Love isn't filled with excitement, romance, and happiness all the damn time. One has to go through the highs and lows of love in order to attain the love of a lifetime. We give up at the sight of struggle because we just want the romance that exists in movies/novels and fake life of instagram couple influencers.

what girls like the most in a guy

Girls... like positive qualities like communication skills, responsibility, accountability. But when a guy like that actually appears, these girls leave him for a person who doesn't give a damn. 💀
The psyche could be.. that.. a nice guy must be nice to everyone. Right? If he is communicating, taking responsibility, having a sense of accountability, chances are, that's just his personality, and he grew up in such an environment where people communicate rather than running away. He is probably nice to everyone.
Girls want thrill. Adventure. To be with someone who is rude, toxic, mysterious, and make that guy soft for herself. Of course, what do you expect from a gender that grew up reading wattpad novels for fun? 💀 So, they just want to extract these positive characteristics from a negative source to feel special.
Real mature women, however, realize that it's not their responsibiliy to bring out a saint from within a diabolical person.

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Яку книгу ви найбільше рекомендуєте?

tiargentt1’s Profile Phototiargentt
Та я сам як книга. Понаписував всякого. Від роздумів про війну, до еро***них новел, чи міні новел. xD Від фантастикі до певно хорорів. Від казочк, до рефлексій, через призму фільмів які я надивився, на нашу реальність і сни. от аби не недоумки які просрали нашу державу у 2019році вибравши геноцидну шмоню коломиського, може я б почав видаватись десь та якось. А так...На F3 з бажаючими ділився деякою колекцією моїх ''новел.'' А тепер той сайт як і аск присмерті. Хоча ні. Аск у комі. А F3 присмерті. А шкода, там це було комфортно робити. Скидувати текст. І не мало і не багато, якраз. А зараз не маю бажання і тими розповідями ділитись. Краще я з них напишу один чи два великих новели.
But I myself am like a book. I wrote everything. From thoughts about war, to ero*ic novels, or mini novels. xD From fantasy to probably horror. From fairy tales, to reflection, through the prism of the films I watched, on our reality and dreams. If it weren't for the idiots who screwed up our country in 2019 by choosing the genocidal scum of the 95th quarter, maybe I would start publishing somewhere, somehow. And yes... At F3, I shared a collection of my "short stories" with those interested. And now that site is asking for death. although not Ask in a coma. And F3 near death. It's a pity, it was comfortable to do it there. Reset text. And not a little and not a lot, just right. And now I have no desire to share those stories either. I'd rather write one or two big ero*ic novellas with them.

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Do you agree with this saying: Love exists only in novels and fairy tales?

ahmad12125’s Profile Photoمسافر بلاعنوان
I don't agree with that saying at all! Love definitely exists in real life, not just in novels and fairy tales.
While stories often romanticize love, real-life relationships can be just as magical and meaningful.
Love comes in many forms and can be found in friendships, family bonds, and romantic partnerships.
It may not always be as perfect or effortless as depicted in fiction, but that's what makes it beautiful—it's real, with all its complexities and imperfections.
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How often do you read romance books (if you do)?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The way I talk about love, you’d think I read many romance novels, but unless they’re by Shakespeare (some of which are less about love than people realize) or Jane Austen, then I don’t read them. I prefer non-fiction, which most people find boring. 😅 I love classical literature, suspense thrillers, psychological studies, biology/scientific theory, poetry, philosophy, and religious material.

Anybody who can recommend me something good to read?

If you're looking for a thriller, I recommend Five Survive by Holly Jackson. If you're looking for a romantic comedy, I recommend The Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. If you're looking for a dark academic, I recommend If We Were Villains. If you're looking for a horror thriller, I recommend Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. If you're looking for something quick to read, I recommend Double Date by R.L Stine. If you are looking for a Fantasy Action, I recommend the Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. All of these novels are easy reads and keep your interest piqued.

Natürlich ist eine mögliche Verlobung integraler Bestandteil und wichtiges Element des Reinblut-Daseins… aber hat dein Selwyn Kiddo eigentlich Bock zu heiraten? 😄

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Oh ja. Zinnia war das Mädchen, dass sich schon mit 8 Jahren ihre Märchenhochzeit (inspiriert von...naja allen Märchen, die sie damals gelesen hat) vorgestellt hat. Und mit 23 hat sich das wenig geändert. Nur ist das Idealbild gewachsen. Nach all den Romance Novels, die sie gelesen hat, hat sie astronomisch hohe Ansprüche, zusätzlich ist sie ausgestattet mit bestimmt 300 fictional crushes. Und ich sage es mal so, wenn man einen Mr. Darcy im Kopf hat, hat jeder andere Mann es schwer (naja das und wenn ein Mann sie anspricht und Interesse zeigt, erschreckt sie sich so sehr, dass sie aus Reflex erstmal 500 Meter in die entgegen gesetzte Richtung rennt. Das ist auch eher semi optimal).

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?

Definately, "Jane Austen" cause her novels were beautifully written and captured the essence of life in her time-period so vividly. Plus, she was such an interesting person herself - witty, clever, and independent-minded. It would be amazing to get a glimpse into her mind and learn more about how she approached writing and storytelling. ✨️🌻✨️
If you could meet any historical figure who would it be

Something worth reading?

maryamwaheed129912’s Profile PhotoMaryam
Mujhe apnay pasandeeda mard par fakhar tha, us par naaz tha mujhe, usay bataya tha k Allah meray samnay cheezein le ata hai jo sach batana hai bata do. Mera ghuroor khaak mein mil gya true colors dekh kar.
Mujhe pehlay se maloom tha k wo kesa mard hai, lekin itna zada us chez par yaqeen nahi tha, kahin ye bhi tha k shayad meray liye badal jae wo. Shayad kuch sharam aur ehsaas baqi ho us mein. Lekin wohi jo har larki k sath krna, ghost and same kahaniyan etc. Banda badalta hai apni aurat k pas rehnay k liye khud ko, shayad ye khud ko badalna nahi chahta tha isi liye hamesha commitment se bhaga. Novels parh parh kr wohi personality apna li. Mein ne kaha tha usay k mujhe jhuut se nafrat hai. Apnay hathoun se apni marzi se sab barbad krdia usne. Ek dosti izzat mukhlisi ka rishta isi liye bannay na dia usne kyun k usay apni intentions pata thi. Kia zabardast larki kho di hai usne is playboy pattern ko follow krtay huay, afsos.

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Hey Jas, if you don’t mind me asking, which romance books would you recommend? I’m looking for books with scarred characters who have been through a lot.

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Hi, Merve. Usually the romance novels I have read don’t necessarily involve certain characters like the ones you mentioned lol. I would probably suggest looking into self-help/motivational books that pertain to that. I am not sure of any at the top of my head but I’m sure there are various titles that you can find at your local library or on the internet. You can probably look up some of those books on GoodReads as well. It will be a helpful start. 🤓

What kind of books do you read? 📚🤓

cometstrixxx’s Profile Photo✧˚Comet˚✦
Well, despite growing up in a somewhat middle-sized town which was the equivalent to an American county seat, we lived in a rather secluded neighborhood nestled in the heart of the so-called Teutoburg Forest. It was one of those locations where you wouldn't be surprised to encounter characters as lovely and philanthropic as Ed Gein or Dr. Heiter – the perfect setting for movies like 'Wrong Turn'. Within a radius of approximately 1.5 miles, there was literally nothing – no other kids, no pets, just a fair number of neighbors who seemed to be competing in their own leisurely 'race to the casket'.
What was even worse was German TV at the time. German TV is quite different from American TV; it's more akin to British TV. We have two very big public service broadcasters, and for all other types of TV, you would either need cable or a satellite antenna. We had neither. So, whenever I switched on the TV, I could have found myself watching either a Hitler documentary or Volksmusik. German Volksmusik. And no, this is not akin to Irish folk or country music – it's literally this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5ySLcU8vwQnormanz9761’s Video 174092261915 x5ySLcU8vwQnormanz9761’s Video 174092261915 x5ySLcU8vwQ.
So the only entertainment available was either video games or reading. My father was and is an avid reader, but he mostly reads suspense novels, something I didn't really get into as a child. My mother is not much of a reader, but she was an English teacher and had a lot of literature from her college days, including a copy of the Communist Manifesto, which happened to become the first book I read, amusingly enough (my parents weren't from the GDR and the copy of the manifesto was filled with anti-communist annotations).
Among my first fiction reads were mostly Victorian literature, 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë, 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens. At some point, I encountered my mother's dystopian books from college, 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley and 'Fahrenheit 451', which I understood pretty well because of all those Hitler documentaries on TV. And this pretty much shaped my reading experience for life. I enjoy reading a lot (often juggling 4-5 books at once). Among my favorite English authors are Joan Didion (she was an absolute genius), J.M. Coetzee, Kazuo Ishiguro, Paul Auster, Virginia Woolf, Hemingway (of course), Hunter S. Thompson, Theodore Dreiser, Kurt Vonnegut, Emily Dickinson, Philip K. Dick, Stephen King (especially '11/22/63') – and many more, but those are the ones that come to mind immediately. A lesser-known non-fiction book that I like to recommend to everyone is 'The Sense of Beauty' by George Santayana.
Even if my spectrum of beloved fiction leans less towards suspense, I quite enjoy Raymond Chandler (despite his evident misogyny) simply for the way he writes and the atmosphere of 1930s/40s Los Angeles he manages to evoke.

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normanz9761’s Video 174092261915 x5ySLcU8vwQnormanz9761’s Video 174092261915 x5ySLcU8vwQ

Are there any films, shows, books or games you think are underrated and don't get the credit they deserve?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
🐉 The Dragonriders of Pern series of novels by Anne McCaffrey mostly written between the 1960s - 1980s and continuing into the 2000s written by her son.
🎥 They were big in their day, but a revival (e.g. a proper film) would be cool.
📚 I’ve just bought my niece a boxed set of one of the trilogies for Yule.

Съжалявам, че ти отговорям така просто изтрих приложението! 😅 Определено трябва да гледам и Heaven official blessing, помня че гледах от него малко и нещо го оставих за друг път 🤧

MrsKruspe’s Profile Photo▩your▩bes†friend▩is▩dea†h▩
Няма нищо, много е яко и това аниме. Трябва да го гледам и аз, ама все не ми остава време. Първите две Novels ги продавам даже в olx и bazar ама никои не ги иска. Чисто нови са, ако се интересуваш ми пиши в туитър профила ми - @zor6a се пиша пак и там. Снимката е моя.
Съжалявам че ти отговорям така просто изтрих приложението   Определено трябва да

Can you hate someone for what they have done, and love them for who they had been?

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photolost_cause
I can not possibly hate anyone.
Firstly, the only reason I might drift away from a person or become distant is to save myself from getting hurt due to not being acknowledged for what they mean to me because I mean very specifically, I mean everything I say or do, and what is dangerous for myself and them is the possessiveness I develop over them and the expectations I have for returning the same vibes I give off.
Secondly, as far as love is concerned, I have always loved the people I befriended regardless of everything that ever happened, good or bitter, sweet or soar, the only thing I ever remember in a bond is the goodness and sincerity. And talk to God about each one, of how they taught me to become a better human being.
Thirdly, there are no binaries when it comes to human beings.
We are not saints and sinners.
Rather, we are a bit of both, a product of our choices and consequences.
There is no use creating such stupid binaries. None of us is the protagonist of Jane Austen's novels.

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Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

HP & LOTR! The film about a boy wizard was released in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣. In the same year we could see "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring". I remember there were advertisements for these two films on TV. Scenes from the films were combined into one video, and at the end the time and title of these fantastic films were indicated. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even find it on YouTube.
Some fans still confuse the actors. D. Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter and his colleague E. Wood, who played the role of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings. Many viewers mistook the actors for each other. I agree, they are indeed both “short, pale, blue-eyed, brown-haired men,” but they don’t look alike at all, even like their younger and older brothers.
Even though both stories are amazing, the comparisons between them are enormous.
https://youtu.be/YULOsGBw96Yvezhnovets’s Video 173493229492 YULOsGBw96Yvezhnovets’s Video 173493229492 YULOsGBw96Y
JK Rowling's creation is reminiscent of the work of John Tolkien. These novels are the fruits of the remarkable imagination of the writers and, accordingly, one franchise was inspired by the other. Looking at them in the same time period, you can notice some similarities.
◾Legilimens and the Power of the Ring - Voldemort was able to read Potter's mind, which is why Dumbledore wanted Harry to learn the art of Occlumency from Snape. We later learn that Harry was another of the Lord's Horcruxes, allowing him to see into his thoughts. Moreover, Voldemort further placed a taboo on his name, so that at the moment when a particularly brave wizard uttered it, his minions could follow this person.
The great power of the ring called upon both Sauron and the Nazgul who were bound to the ring. Sauron and the black horsemen recognized each time that the ring was being worn.
◾Dementors and Nazguls — The first ghost-like creatures, shadows without any specific physical form. The Nazgul are werewolves of the ring, enslaved by its power and the most terrible assistants of Sauron.

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Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Kya ideal leky srf novels mai exsist krty hain?

Having been through an era of loathing men and loving Jahan Sikander (who btw is a terrible red flag but that’s another story), I’ve realized that in order to love, you have to love the messy parts. It’s not always going to be happy good mornings and 12am cuddles. Sometimes, you’d go weeks into ugly fights where you hate each other. That’s where it gets tricky. You can’t have perfect, we carry our insecurities, our past, our scars, our worst shades into an intimate relationship. Perfection, then, is someone loving you through the uglies. That’s it. That’s all. Just someone who is in it for the happy days and the sad. Someone who’d rather stay up with you till 3am trying to fix the mess than run to find peace elsewhere. That’s where novels ruined reality for us.

tell us about thing that u love ❤

i love books, novels, and stories.and love anime, reading, we love watching movies, and I don’t care what country they are from. The important thing is that the movie is beautiful. I love rain, winter, sunsets, friends, cats, good people. I love manhwa and manga. I love history and mythology, I love archaeology, art, I love the violin, I love calm sounds. ♥

Kindle or paperback?

spicyginger1888_’s Profile Photospicyginger1888
Admittedly I don't read very often. I do love reading but my adhd is so debilitating in that regard that reading is near impossible for me most days (not the ability to read. But the ability to concentrate on the words I'm reading).
However when I do, it's usually graphic novels and I buy them as paperback. I love flipping the pages of books it feels really calming. The smell of the pages is really charming and soothing too. So I always opt for a physical copy if I have the choice.
I do have a kindle that an ex gave me. And the kindle app on my phone too, but honestly I rarely use them these days if at all ha. They're handy if you wanna travel and have various books to read but don't wanna pack heaps of books. So I usually use it if I'm going somewhere and want the option to read things. When at home though, or a always paperback for me 📖💖

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Share something you love ❤️

I have read probably more than 200 books & novels, but this book (novel) holds a very special place in my heart , I have lost count of how many times I have read it, some may see it as a silly teenage or adolescent love story, but to me it’s much more than that, I have read it for the first time at a very good phase in my life (probably the best) so yeah that could be one of the reasons I love it so much, and it has been my most efficient form of escapism for the past 5 or 6 not very good years, whatever the reasons are or might be, this book has been (and I guess it will always be) one of the best companions I have ever had in my life 💞💞
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Whats your favouriteeee novel?

romahaider1616’s Profile PhotoRameeeennn
From blood and ash series. (not completed)
It ends with us.
Too late.
Heart bones. (Rest few other novels of CoHo are way too ideal)
The silent patient.
The maidens. (Must read)
Harry Potter obviously.
Angel and demons.
Deception point
The DaVinci code.
The lost symbol.
The devils half mile.
Keep you close.
Defy the stars series.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
The girl on the train. ( End is fun)
The fault in our stars.
Let it snow.
Blood men.
Book of a thousand days.
The bone season.
16th seduction. (It's kinda series too but I've read this only)
••• I'm terrible at choosing favourites•••

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?

Nope. I write good any type of text, novels, journalistic materials, though. Other than that I'm quitedumb in generating smth. What's funny, even my dumb ideas are copied oftwn by ppl who consider themselves creative and so on 🤣
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Do you have a secret you want to share..!💭

it's not a secret, more like a stupid fact about me 🙃
i love romantic novels & fan factions and when i find a good one i finish it in two days maximum doesn't matter how long it is..
then i get depressed for a whole week trying to move on and find a better one :'D

If you were to live in an underground bunker for several years what would you take with you for comfort?

I'd take lots of art and craft supplies, for various hobbies. Like stuff for clothes making, painting, cross-stiching, customising items/furniture, clay making, drawing etc. You can pass loaddddssss of time with art, and if you don't have Internet access or electricity, you can still do it. So it's a great thing to stock up on.
Books /graphic novels too would be a good one.
If Internet or electricity was in a good flow, if there was a generator down there, then I'd bring game consoles, games and films etc to play or watch.
Lots of cosy blankets, pillowssss, cuddly things for comfort too!

When you think back about a book you’ve read in the past, do you see images/scenes or do you see written sentences pop up in your head? 📖

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
It's funny cause I feel like I see scenes / images for all kinds of texts that I read, not just fictional novels! Even when I read textbooks, my mind often tries to visualize the words on the page.
Most recent example I can think of is when I read about the previous two chamber system in the Swedish parliament. Whilst reading I imagined people from different parts of the political spectrum arguing whether we should move to only have one chamber or not. Which was helped that I had been to the old parliament chambers during a visit to Stockholm and knew how it looks like in there.
So, that's usually what I remember, the things I visualized and the feelings / thoughts that came with that 📙👀
(Not my picture)
When you think back about a book youve read in the past do you see imagesscenes

When you were a young teen, what did you imagine you would be doing by the age you are now at? And have you ended up matching any of it?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
🚀 As a young teen I wanted so much to be an author of paperback science-fiction. As I got older more and more adults discouraged me as attempting to make a career out of it. By the time I was doing my O Levels, 16+, and CSEs at school (now GCSEs) I was at a loss as what job I was going to do when I left school.
✍️ If only Creative Writing courses and degrees were available then! (If they were, nobody pointed me in that direction, but I don’t think they became a ‘thing’ until many years later.)
📚 Anyhow I wrote about 22 unpublished novels, plus a plethora of short stories and some Roleplaying games and FightingFantasy-style game-books over the years without seeing anything published other than a few niche magazine articles here and there.
🐺 But eventually WildWolf accepted an ebook anthology of short fiction, so I did finally get *something* published in the end!

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What makes you laugh the most?

Mustafa_hassan1010’s Profile Photoمصطفى حسن
When I see my favorite person relaxed and laughing, I rejoice a lot, and the funny novels also make me drown in the world of laughter, my mother, my nieces and their troubles, and my big brother who strangles me with both hands to force me to laugh 😂😂

What kind of hobbies did you have when you were growing up?

Writing talaga. Listening to music. Watching animes, reading manga, collecting anime magazines, tapos a little bit of reading novels
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