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Do you have a secret you want to share..!💭

RandomQuotes69’s Profile PhotoPickle rick
it's not a secret, more like a stupid fact about me 🙃
i love romantic novels & fan factions and when i find a good one i finish it in two days maximum doesn't matter how long it is..
then i get depressed for a whole week trying to move on and find a better one :'D

If you were to live in an underground bunker for several years what would you take with you for comfort?

I'd take lots of art and craft supplies, for various hobbies. Like stuff for clothes making, painting, cross-stiching, customising items/furniture, clay making, drawing etc. You can pass loaddddssss of time with art, and if you don't have Internet access or electricity, you can still do it. So it's a great thing to stock up on.
Books /graphic novels too would be a good one.
If Internet or electricity was in a good flow, if there was a generator down there, then I'd bring game consoles, games and films etc to play or watch.
Lots of cosy blankets, pillowssss, cuddly things for comfort too!

When you think back about a book you’ve read in the past, do you see images/scenes or do you see written sentences pop up in your head? 📖

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
It's funny cause I feel like I see scenes / images for all kinds of texts that I read, not just fictional novels! Even when I read textbooks, my mind often tries to visualize the words on the page.
Most recent example I can think of is when I read about the previous two chamber system in the Swedish parliament. Whilst reading I imagined people from different parts of the political spectrum arguing whether we should move to only have one chamber or not. Which was helped that I had been to the old parliament chambers during a visit to Stockholm and knew how it looks like in there.
So, that's usually what I remember, the things I visualized and the feelings / thoughts that came with that 📙👀
(Not my picture)
When you think back about a book youve read in the past do you see imagesscenes

When you were a young teen, what did you imagine you would be doing by the age you are now at? And have you ended up matching any of it?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
🚀 As a young teen I wanted so much to be an author of paperback science-fiction. As I got older more and more adults discouraged me as attempting to make a career out of it. By the time I was doing my O Levels, 16+, and CSEs at school (now GCSEs) I was at a loss as what job I was going to do when I left school.
✍️ If only Creative Writing courses and degrees were available then! (If they were, nobody pointed me in that direction, but I don’t think they became a ‘thing’ until many years later.)
📚 Anyhow I wrote about 22 unpublished novels, plus a plethora of short stories and some Roleplaying games and FightingFantasy-style game-books over the years without seeing anything published other than a few niche magazine articles here and there.
🐺 But eventually WildWolf accepted an ebook anthology of short fiction, so I did finally get *something* published in the end!

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How to stop porn addiction. Serious ques it is.

Idk if this addiction is a thing but I think you should;
Stop thinking about it all the time.
Get yourself removed from such groups (Whatsapp/Facebook) etc.
Stop watching romantic movies or reading romantic novels.
Pray, pray, pray, five times, regularly.
Pray for yourself in Tahajjud.
I've heard Fasting also beneficial for it.

What makes you laugh the most?

Mustafa_hassan1010’s Profile Photoمصطفى حسن
When I see my favorite person relaxed and laughing, I rejoice a lot, and the funny novels also make me drown in the world of laughter, my mother, my nieces and their troubles, and my big brother who strangles me with both hands to force me to laugh 😂😂

What kind of hobbies did you have when you were growing up?

Writing talaga. Listening to music. Watching animes, reading manga, collecting anime magazines, tapos a little bit of reading novels
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Hey are you really ok...

Whats up fellaz, aapka bhai waapis aa gaya hai cuz aaafis say haftay ki chuti mili hai aur novels parhnay ka mood nahi ho raha tha so ab ham yehaan apni pesh karain gai :)
#goodtobeback #saxnigga69
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Welche Sprachen könnt ihr alles sprechen und schreiben+lesen???

Pauline56449’s Profile PhotoPauline
Ich spreche seit über 30 Jahren deutsch, learnt to speak English from 7th grade and deepened my skills by watching movies, reading novels and maintaining friendships with some Britsh people et ego obtinui Latinum, sed nescio quid ultra.
Jag också lärnte att tala lite svenska darför att min morfars syster bor i Sverige.
Yo tambien hablo un pico poco español y я гаворю немного по-русски, я учу русский язык.

Echt cool dieser Gedanke die gleichen Vorlieben zu haben🤭 würde echt gern mal wissen wie du so drauf bist 😇 welche Titel findest du aktuell anziehend und magst du auch light novels mangas :) ?

Ich weiss ehrlich gesagt nicht genau, auf welche Antwort du dich beziehst, aber ich vermute auf meine Anime Empfehlungen? :D
Aktuell gucke ich ja Spy x Family und that Time I Got reincarnated as a Slime.
Ich finde Re:Zero ja richtig gut und auf YouTube gab es eine Umfrage zu dem besten Isekai (wo jemand in eine andere Welt wiedergeboren oder "teleportiert wird). In der Umfrage gab es die Auswahl zwischen Re:Zero, That time I Got reincarnated as a slime und mushoku tensei. Von denen habe ich nur Re:Zero gesehen und wie gesagt, sehr guter Anime. 😌
Naja, dass Ergebnis war:
26% Re: Zero
27% that Time I Got reincarnated as a slime
47% mushoku tensei
Die anderen beiden wurden besser gewertet und deswegen ist aktuell mein Ziel, erst einmal die zu sehen. That Time I Got reincarnated as a slime ist bisher auch ganz gut. :D
Mangas lese ich generell sehr wenig.
Zuhause habe ich 6 Bände von My Hero Academia und 2 Bände von Black Butler. Ich habe aber beide Animes gesehen, weswegen ich die Mangas nicht so spannend fand. :3
The promised neverland möchte ich mir aber ggf als Manga kaufen, ich habe den Anime gesehen und viele fanden die 2te Staffel blöd, vorallem da vieles aus den Manga nicht mit rein genommen wurde.
Die genaue Definition von light Novel kenne ich nicht, bei Google stand, dass es quasi wie ein Roman ist. Bei den besten light Novel Animes stand Re:Zero und that Time I Got reincarnated as a slime, sowie ein paar Animes, die ich mir rausgesucht, allerdings noch nicht gesehen habe. :33
Also light novels werde ich ganz bestimmt mögen. :D
Liest du denn gerne Mangas?
Auf deine andere Nachricht werde ich später wahrscheinlich noch antworten, aktuell bin ich auf der Arbeit und habe dementsprechend keine Zeit mehr zu antworten. :33
Aber ich bedanke mich schon einmal. :3

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Novels Ne Larkiyo ka Sai Damag Kharab kia Howa Hai Asa Larkaaa Batati Hai Ju Ix Duniyaa Me Hota He Nhi Hai .🙄🤷‍♂

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais"
Standards high hoty hamary.
Wtitten by yours truly, excript from archives of 2019. Lol.
کہاں ملے گا ؟؟؟
میرے گھر سے نکلنے سے پہلے جب وہ مجھے عبایا کرنے کی تلقین
کرتا ہےتو اُس وقت وہ میرا میجر احمد ہوتا ہے اور میں اُسکی حیا
۔کسی بھی مشکل کے وقت جب وہ میری ڈھال بن جاتا ہے تو اُس وقت
وہ میرا اے۔آر ۔پی ہوتا ہے اور میں اُسکی حیا سلیمان
جب وہ اپنا قیمتی وقت میری بے جا ضد پوری کرنے میں صرف کرتا
ھے تو اُس وقت وہ میرا جِہان سکندر ھوتا ھے اور میں اُسکی حیا
رات کے اندھیرے میں بھی جب وہ بنا روشنی کے میری آنکھوں کی نمی دیکھ لیتا ہے تو اُس وقت وہ میرا عمر جہانگیر ھوتا ہے اور میں
اُسکی علیزے
بِنا احساس دلاۓ جب وہمیری ھر پریشانی کو دور کر دیتا ہے تو اُس
وقت وہ میرا فارس غازی ہوتا ھے اور میں اُسکی زمر یوسف
مجھ سے جڑے رشتوں کْے احترام اور میری خودداری کی خاطر جب وہ اپنی زندگی بھر کی خوشیاں داؤ پر لگانے کو تیّار ھو جاتا ہے تو اُس
وقت وہ میرا وجدان مصطفی ہوتا ہے اور میں اُسکی ملیحہ
تہجد پڑھ کر جب وہ میرے اور اپنے عمر بھر کے ساتھ اور میری خوشی کی دعا کرتا ھے اور پھر مجھےنماز کے لئے جگاتا ھے تو اُس
وقت وہ میرا سالار سکندر ہوتا ھے اور میں اُسکی امامہ
میرے اپنے جب میرا ساتھ چھوڑ جاتے ہیں اور وہ آگے بڑھ کر میرا ھاتھ تھام کر عمر بھر ساتھ نبھانے کی یقین دہانی کراتا ھے تو اُس وقت
وہ میراعالیان مارگریٹ ھوتا ھے اور میں اُسکی امرحہ
میری غلطیوں پر میری اصلاح کر کہ اپنی محبت کے حصاروں میں سمیٹ لیتا ھے تو اُس وقت وہ میرا غازان احمد ھوتا ھے اور میں اُسکی
میری ہرچھوٹی سےچھوٹی خواہش کوبن کہےپوراکرتاہے،میرےساتھ بچوں کی طرح لڑتاہےمیرےروٹھنےپرمناتاہےتووہ میرااسامہ خان ہوتا ہےاورمیں اس کی نورصبح

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قولولي علي حاجه تتعمل ف اليوم ف وقت قليل ومريحه للأعصاب ❤️

manar8422’s Profile PhotoManar Ali
drawing 💕
walking or Jogging around home or doing exercise at home 💕
reading novels and books 💕
self-studying and learning languages 💕

Have you ever thought about what your past lives were like and what you learned back then? Ever considered what your current life is trying to teach you?

MidnightHyperion’s Profile PhotoIsmene Julayla Tovah Grimaude
I did! I think about it a lot! I was actually feeling today that my past lives were better than this one. This one is difficult and tricky because it seems boring but its not and it takes great courage and strength to survive here. I remember a great quote I read by Albert Camus in one of his great novels “A Happy Death” it says: “It takes more courage to live than to shoot yourself.” That quote summaries my point on how tricky this life could be; every concept, every emotion and feeling.. literally everything is misunderstood. So, answering the other half of your question, I always try to think what this life is trying to say to me in each situation, problem, and obstacle. I am sure I learned a great deal in my past lives! And I am sure I won’t be disappointed from this life as well but in order to not be disappointed we should welcome the lessons and let go of this life because if there’s one thing I learned in this life so far it that letting go of it is the best way to learn from it.

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Você Minha Amiga Mulher Já Leu Literatura Feminina? Se Sim Você Gostou ou Não e o Porquê de Sua Resposta

MarceloFreitas308’s Profile PhotoJONNHY CAMOMILA
If you mean some sweet romantic female novels, so I dont like them 😁. But from fantasy I liked The Twilight Saga, Fallen saga, A Discovery of Witches saga, from older ones I like Rebecca, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and some other from history like Inquisition flames or Gritch witch etc... 👍

Hey Reebaa. Do you like novels?

I used to read novels Pehlay but phir jab bhi main koi novel in rahti thi main addict hojati thi or phir main story k andar ghussi hoti thi duniyaa ka koi hosh nahi. Ab bas bhen ne chor Di parhna.
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What is your MBTI personality type? If you know, then you know!

The bibliophile appeared to be looking for something as he rummaged amongst his novels. Isn't it funny that this terrible blob of evil has misplaced something and is searching for it with his tentacles? Like an octopus tossing around clams. I'm curious as to what he's lost. His morals, most likely. "MBTI?" "Ah, Myer Briggs... I believe I'm an ENTJ," he says with a click of his tongues, waving his hand in the air, seemingly preoccupied with his little game of "Hide and Seek". He could be looking for a soul, a body, a severed limb, or just a really fancy bookmark. Your guess is as good as mine. Returning to the initial topic, it is common for people to be mistyped, and MBTI is fascinating and layered. It includes cognitive and auxiliary functions, as well as the ability to find yourself caught in grips and loops. We also have demon functions, amongst other things. I'm quite sure that ENTJ would be the best suit for Nightmare, but his Enneagram is still up for question.

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(MS) Besitzt du Mangas? :)

LittleMissy420’s Profile PhotoLittleMissy420
Folgende Bände befinden sich in meinem Besitz:
Oyasumi Punpun (13/13)
Siúil, a Rún (11/?)
Mushishi (10/10)
Vampire Knight (19/19) + die drei Light Novels, das Fanbuch und die Special Edition von Band 19 (ich bin ein wenig besessen xd)
Vampire Knight Memories (6/?)
20th Century Boys (2/?)
Battle Royale (1/?)
Ryuko (2/?)
On Doorstep (1/?)
Samurai 8 (1/?)
Tensei Shitara Slimedatta Ken (4/?) -> Habe ich mir nur wegen eines süßen Schlüsselanhängers gekauft
In These Words (3/3)
Ich hätte sehr gerne folgende Manga:
- Berserk
- Attack on Titan
- Demon Slayer
- One Piece
- Naruto
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Planetes
- My Dress-Up Darling
- My Hero Academia
- Kleine Katze Chi
- Noragami
- Monster
- Death Note
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- ...

Мої нескінченні дороги Сплелися, мов доля моя, Я знову вернув до порога, Де батьківська рідна земля. Країно моя — Україно, Ще пращурів пам’ять жива, Знайома тут кожна стежина, І сонце мене зігріва. Хай пісня твоя, Україно, Злітає, як птах у блакить, А мова твоя солов’їна У кожній оселі звучить.

To be honest, it surprises me that you are together with Europe for one thing, and you cannot understand one simple thing, that what you are doing is really Nazism.
A person who came from Crimea and speaks Russian with a Tatar accent, he also remains beaten, despite the fact that Crimea was Ukraine at that time. Anyway, they beat me, they twisted my arms because I spoke Russian. I was not a Crimean Tatar in their eyes, with Jewish roots, I was their Muscovite. And now no one is friends with me either. It is very strange that the people are so stupid that they cannot distinguish between a Crimean Tatar and a Jew. It is very strange. They see that the girl seems to be beautiful, but they still hurt her.
Honestly, I would not tolerate someone beating me in order to show my love, it’s already hard for me in life. They twisted my arms, Andrei asked the little children to pull my hair, despite the fact that it was very painful.
He apparently didn’t understand what I shouldn’t do at all - to do it, but to the stupid one explain what, don’t explain. If I behave like a little one - I read adventure novels, play with a teddy bear and watch cartoons, then he decided to offend me in this way. Someone's pain is dead parents like yours, and my pain is to lose them now. The most important thing is that it hurts a lot that I can’t return to Crimea at all, since it is already Russian, and I don’t want to get bombed.
But I have always loved and will love Crimea because it is my mother's homeland.

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Як ти? ❤️Як день проходить? Сподіваюсь усе гаразд 🙏🇺🇦

id95254032’s Profile PhotoАлый закат
I want to tell you right away that I have a complete mess with the Ukrainian language, since my mother herself is from the Crimea and our native language is Crimean Tatar with my mother. Of course, there is a sister at home, but she communicates in Moldovan. And our native languages are 3 languages, all the same, Crimean Tatar, Turkish and Hebrew. Speaking of which languages I have learned, these are two foreign languages: Portuguese and Russian. I understand that you will now be offended that I am writing to you in Russian, like the rest of the people from Ask. There are just a lot of inadequate people in the ask and it’s easier for me to write in English what I want to tell you personally, because I don’t understand the Ukrainian language very well, and I don’t want to offend you with Russian, since there is a war with Russia in Ukraine.
My day went well, I hugged a teddy bear, ate chops and rejoiced at the purchased headphones. I'm saving money for a laptop. As this war ends, maybe I'll buy it for myself. At 12 noon I will go with my mother for a walk around the city in a dress, God willing, good weather.
And so everything is fine, except for the fact that I have a mess with the Ukrainian language, and every second offends me here.
And not only because of the Russian language, but because I hug a teddy bear and read children's adventure novels. They call me bad words, they tell me that I am fat and pimply, even if this is not all.

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Любите читати книги? Якщо так, то які?

bogdanakovruha27’s Profile PhotoP®incess
Please do not blame me for my poor Ukrainian language. All you have to understand now is that I will not write in Russian, understand in English what I want to convey to you. If you do not understand English, I will switch to Portuguese. But I want to say one thing, that before my 23 years old, despite the fact that I am now a little more than 23 years old, I have read a lot of books, I have a whole library, because I like to read, and a book is knowledge.
By the way, I ask you to love and favor my mother is a Crimean Tatar, and my father is a Jew with a Slav.
I love adventure novels like Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and others.
Sorry for the English, bad with Ukrainian.
Перевод на португальский.
Por favor, não me culpe pela minha pobre língua ucraniana. Tudo o que você precisa entender agora é que não vou escrever em russo, entender em inglês o que quero transmitir a você. Se você não entende inglês, eu mudo para português. Mas quero dizer uma coisa, que antes dos 23 anos, apesar de eu ter pouco mais de 23 anos, já li muitos livros, tenho uma biblioteca inteira, porque gosto de ler, e um livro é conhecimento.
A propósito, peço-lhe que ame e favoreça minha mãe é uma tártara da Crimeia e meu pai é um judeu com um eslavo.
Adoro romances de aventura como Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island e outros.
Lamento que o português seja ruim com o ucraniano.
Thanks to!
Graças a!

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کہنے کو کچھ باقی ہے؟

Sigmund Freud once said, Emotions which cannot be expressed, never die, are buried alive, and then reappear in ugly ways.
Read the books of June, Parveen, Wasi, and other Urdu poets. If you analyze Google's statistics, Pakistan will be one of the countries where pornography is the most popular. Even if you travel from Khyber to Karachi, even if the woman is passing by wearing a shuttlecock burqa, the men around her will keep staring at her until she turns the corner of the street and disappears from sight. You can talk to anyone and see, after every two sentences, there will be insults on the genitals of mother and sister. If you listen to the statements of religious preachers and scholars, they will have shed light on the size of the ups and downs of better maidens. You will also see Pakistani dramas, novels, digests, movies, this love affair, and will be revolving around love affairs. You should also read the newspaper every day and see if someone has abused the BB or if someone has abused the BB, little children, even the honor of the corpses in the grave will not be found safe.You won't find any mention of science documentaries, life on Mars, or robots, no discussion of Nietzsche, Russell, Einstein, or philosophy. Imagine that the film Jinnah on Quaid-e-Azam was made by a British production house, and the Kingdom of Heaven film by Salahuddin Ayubi was made by Hollywood. We have never been able to get Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, to make a film or documentary on our history that we can present to the world beyond pride. We put ban on Hollywood movies, but in the name of stage dramas, nothing else was shown.
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Make a car, bank balance, so that when the youth is over, then the thought of marriage, that is, the virgin who is more than half her age, keeps wandering. The burden of dowry on girls is different. If it is a recognized fact that sexual gratification is a basic human need, and unless this basic human need is met, man cannot concentrate fully on other creative works, he suffers from mental disorders. Why refuse to believe?How long will we continue to produce poets, lunatics, madmen, and grieving generations instead of Newton, Einstein, Bill Gates? How long are we going to force young people to spend two out of four days of life wishing and waiting for the other two days? What science of the world, what psychology of the world, would call this society right? Who are we trying to deceive? Who are we trying to lie to? What kind of system of life is this where the expression and fulfillment of basic human needs is restricted? When all the doors of truth and truthfulness are closed, then everything is still there, but under the guise of hypocrisy, every person claims to be an angel And no human being can be found even by searching.
Freud said, "Emotions that cannot be expressed, never die, are buried alive, and then reappear in ugly ways."

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Small circle,Private life,Peaceful mind.

nope, bigger the circle the merrier it gets!
stop quoting dumb things from novels, it doesnt work that way in life! you cant socialize, thats your fault not ours! large circle, pvt life yet no peace :D
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What sort of books do you have? Like, are they all fiction?

I think probably 3/4 are probably fiction lol
I tend to go more for the fantasy based novels! Newest one being Kith and Kin!
But I have books on Folklore, various Wicca books, books on astronomy, nature based books about identifying plants for cooking etc! I have an illustrated book about Studio Ghibli and the mastery behind their movies, etc etc etc :)
What sort of books do you have Like are they all fiction
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Language: English