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age? location? single/taken? height? weight? bra size? current bra colour? spit or swallow cum? sexuality? virgin? been fingured before? current underwear colour? type of underwear you wear most? do you masturbate? shaved or natural? will you send nudes?

Omg these are totes fun.
age - 11 location - Herzegovina Single/taken - I've got like 19 boyfriends atm? so go figure i'm #skux. Height - i'm pretty tall measuring in at 7ft 3. Weight - Just dieted and lost 20kgs, so i'm sitting at 134atm STOKED. Bra size - 10-AA Current bra colour - i don't need a bra but i like pink nipple tassles just do like dress it up a little. Spit or swallow cum - I like to snort it tbh? #variety. Sexuality - Sexual 24/7. Virgin - No way i have sex with all my boyfriends. Been fingered before - fisted* Current underwear colour - I took it off for some air so none. Do you masturbate? Yeah fuck yeah!! Shaved or natural - def natural i like some adventure duh. Will you send nudes- nude4nude or??!!1////

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