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today i rushed into hospital for a checkup after bearing so much pain. It was such a bad experience, nurses & hospital staff was rude, doc was extremely busy having so many patients like she can not even talk to one person for 2 mins , at least in logo ko to khush ikhlaq hona chye:)

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I agree with you; doctors, along with the nursing staff, must be well-mannered and polite. As a doctor myself, I am extremely critical of my colleagues when it comes to their attitude. However, I don't have high expectations of them anymore. Mulk k halaat hain aisy k koi achay moun se baat kry? They are overworked, underpaid and exploited.

هو عادي ادخل ماما دار مسنين عشان اسافر منحة الدكتوراة، ومحدش يقولي خديها معاك عشان مصاريف المنحة مش هتكفي فردين وهي محتاجة رعاية صحية. هي لها معاش بتاخده من هنا

I’m sorry this was your only option. I know it’s a hard decision to make. I honestly don’t think anyone wants to go into a nursing home.

In your own honest opinion, Do you agree that people who go into nursing and med school are mostly in it for the money & less for caring people?Thoughts 💭 🧑‍⚕️ 🥼

Everyone is different so I can’t speak for every person who goes or went to nursing/med school and I myself have considered med school but didn’t follow through with it due to how long the process to get a degree could take for me to start working in the medical field. I never considered nursing but have considered working in the medical field before because I loved human anatomy and chemistry was also something that I found interesting back when I was in high school. I also loved the hospital I’d visit when I was a kid and imagined myself working there when I got older so no, I don’t think the majority go into the medical field for the money since it usually takes time, dedication and interest in the medical field to go through years of schooling and officially start working in that field.

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In your own honest opinion, Do you agree that people who go into nursing and med school are mostly in it for the money & less for caring people?Thoughts 💭 🧑‍⚕️ 🥼

I cannot judge a while profession of people but I am not a fan of doctors. Nurses almost always seem to be caring kind people though.

Even steph says you use lift machines to lift heavy people!! And she knows what she's talking about she was a cna for a year!! https://ask.fm/Stephaniestarxx/answers/172231926022

Well, like she said, it's probably different in Canada than it is here in the US. plus, I've never worked at a hospital, only nursing homes, so maybe it's different at a hospital. All I know is that residents can only use a lift if it's ordered by physical therapy and put in their care plan. They decide if someone needs a hoyer lift or a sit to stand lift based on their mobility, not their weight. I have had a lot of light residents who used hoyers and a lot of heavy residents who didn't use any lift machine, and if anyone who doesn't use a lift falls to the floor, we get them up ourselves, regardless of their weight. I also learned in CNA class how to properly lift, so I won't hurt myself. Like I said, I've been doing this for a long time, so I know what I'm talking about, too.

why are you babysitting abby's children? where is she

she’s resting. bonding with the baby. establishing a nursing routine. adjustin. getting to know baby.
and i’m just keeping the kids entertained and doing whatever she asks me to to make this transition a little easier for them. whether it’s doing the dishes, making a meal, or just playing w the kids quietly.

Have you ever been hospitalized? For what reason?

Yes I did... It happened 2 years ago on 2020, after I released my music album of '2020'.
I was hospitalized by the COVID19 virus at the time. I thought I was about to die and never see my family ever again. My husband, my kids and my sister gave me those "Get Well" cards. The head doctor; Janine was my former co-worker back in 2014, when I used to work with her. Before I quit my medical nursing career and started my music career by the summer of 2014.
Have you ever been hospitalized For what reason

Selain baju baby, botol baby, barang apa lagi yang boleh diberi hadiah untuk yg bakal beranak?

Kalau untuk ibu, boleh bagi:-
1. Compression Sock (untuk ibu berpantang)
2. Nursing cover/Baju Muslimah Bf friendly (senang kalau ibu² nak bagi baby susu kalau pi mana²)
Untuk baby :-
1. Baby swaddle/ kain bedung
2. Baby towel
3. Diapers
4. Mug cup baby/ set makan baby (macam awal tapi nanti² dia boleh guna)
5. Baby bib
6. Teether
7. Gauze handkerchief
Macam banyak lagi heheheh
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Did you practice injections on other students in nursing school?

💫Yes, we were trained to do injections first on manikin, then on each other 💫
💫Да, обучались делать инъекции сначала на маникене, потом друг на друге 💫

Pak/India doesnt have a culture of throwing elderly in nursing homes. Ofc children are part of every parents retirement plans

That's not the point. They are wrong aswell who throw their parents out do not try to bring an irrelevant thing when I'm talking about something completely different. Stick to what is said.
The point is that parents who want to have a boy for the sole reason that they need someone in their old age can never make good parents or even deserve to have a kid in the first place. Because a child is a human being not a retirement plan, and I do not care if it sounds harsh but the fact is that many desi parents have a hard time understanding that children are humans not objects they need to produce for their own selfish needs. These are the kind of toxic parents who don't let even their grown kids have a life and will of their own. A person who wants a kid for the sake of "burhapay ka sahara" is nothing but an idiot who does not realize that a little human being is a huge responsibility, and when that human being grows he will have a will of his own you can't mould him or her into what you want based on your own needs.

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Tita 25 na ko pero 1st yr on my 2nd course pa lang. Realized I want to be a nurse abroad. Dependent pa rin sa supportive parents. Gusto ko magwork but parents want me to focus on my studies. I know Im extremely lucky pero parang napagiiwanan kasi ako, naiinggit ako sa mga kabatch ko na earning na.

When I was a teenager my aunt from the province stayed with us. She was already in her thirties when she decided to study nursing and apply to work abroad. In her late thirties she eventually made it to Canada where she has a successful nursing career. It's never too late. Eye on the prize. Your classmates might be earning now but none of them will have as stable and as lucrative a career and life for you abroad. Just be patient and do well. I moved to the US in my late 20s and while it took a while for me to start over, now 20 years later I'm confident that I have achieved more for myself than anyone I went to school with without relying on family money. Come back her pag nakaalis ka na. I'm proud of you now for having big dreams and will be even more proud once you achieve them. Not if.

What would you do on your ideal day off?

My favorite way to spend a day off is by just staying inside and relaxing. Sometimes I just head into town and meet up with my friends or go to the park and read a book.
I'd like to say travelling or something interesting, but honestly, sitting on the couch and watching movies / playing video games and making Mac & Cheese for lunch really recharges my batteries. Especially if it's a rainy day. Wake up. Do something physical (run, bike, hike, etc.). Shower. Get stoned. Play Xbox. Order pizza. That is my favorite way to spend the day off.
Getting chores done, prepping meals, and then enjoying an afternoon drink.
Visiting a city centre with a few shops I like, getting a fresh haircut, watching some football (like the European Cup) right now.
Being able to sleep in, not having to keep track of time. Clothes. Random junk. I guess the weirdest thing I buy is a stuffed animal every now and then. But I spend on clothes mostly. I'm basically a thrifting Goddess. I find tons of brand name or high end things that I get tons of compliments on. I rarely pay over $20 for anything, yet I have a lot of nice things. And to prevent myself from getting into a hoarding type of situation I often give clothes I don't wear away on Craigslist. I've given away over 10 trash bags full this year of really nice clothes to people in need. So it's a win for everyone.
Just relaxing at home not having to go anywhere 👍🏻 Sitting outside in the sun with my wife and kids, with the smoker going with a brisket or some ribs, good friends, good brews.
What I’m doing now, sleeping and relaxing. No obligation to do anything and I love it.
Alone at home working on my hobbies while listening to scary/creepy stories.
I like a good 'catch up with life' weekend. Do all the things that need doing early on, and then spend the rest of the weekend doing what you want but don't have time for. For me, that's whatever crafting project is on the go coupled with netflix and good food, mixed with a long walk and hanging with the SO.
I haven't spent any time with my family in twenty years. After our mother died, my siblings decided they didn't want to associate with each other, or me, anymore. I moved 1200 miles away. I have a brother who moved 4000 miles away. We are all strangers now. My wife and I make the three-hour drive to see her family once or twice a year. We're doing it on Christmas day. We'll all spend time with my wife's grandma in the nursing home. Our scintillating conversation will almost definitely consist of rundowns of their various medical ailments. They're going to take us to dinner at a restaurant because my MIL can't cook for shit. Then we'll go back to our hotel, and drive home the next day. Woot.

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https://ask.fm/periwinkle_x/answers/168631422132 - I spent the last six hours typing something onto a document, at least 10 pages long, only for my 🖥️ to unexpectedly crash 😬 Plus, I hadn't bothered to save it 😬

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😳 oh jeez, and you’re only a little annoyed by that?! I would’ve been pissed asf tbh. Something similar happened to me, I was writing my discussion board at 1 am the other day and I refreshed the page by accident and all my work got deleted! And it was probably the longest DB I’ve ever had to do( 3 questions relating to Long term care and defining 30 regulations pertaining to Nursing Homes) I literally wanted to cry😂😭.

Wowww that is a bleak look from the retail view gah xD What’s the school goal for the bf? And are you both the type to respect the elders when it comes to not moving in together? Awww look at him being a sweetie :P Next ring gonna be the real bling!

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lmao, I have emo retail memes to blame for this mindset... xD
He wants to get through nursing school... But, his path is taking a bit longer than originally planned... I still feel that if it doesn't pan out this second go-around, at least he could step up the ladder where he is currently working, since he is already making quite a bit there, already!
We both are fairly respectful to our elders... and have been, in that retrospect! I would rather get married first, anyways, and find a first house together... Probably naive, but that's just something I've always planned on?
You live with your girl, rightio? Are there things you've learned from that, that you're glad you had, prior to getting married?
Ohhhhhh yeaaaah! Diamonds... they a girls best friend, lol ;D

How old is too old to still be living with your parents?

idk why americans have such a fascination w their kids leaving at 18 or thinking its weird for adult children to live with parents, even after their own marriage / children. it’s literally so normal to live with your parents until their d*ath / hospitalisation (nursing home) in most countries 💀
my mom has always lived w my grandma. even after 25+ years of marriage— my dad just moved in with them too. it’s not weird 🤷🏻

Does your hubs get up with you when you feed the baby at night?

yes and no. we’ve kinda had this routine going since the night in the hospital that jaxson was in our room.
i wake up to feed him. halfway through i wake up justin and ask him to burp bby so i can go pee or whatever. then i come back, finish nursing, and justin is usually up getting me anything i need.
like rn i just got back from the bathroom to finish nursing. justin got up and got me a water and is asking if i’m hungry etc. and he’s in the kitchen getting a small snack for himself in case bby wants to stay up after his feeding, that way i can sleep.
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What was the biggest turning point in your life?

About a year ago, my ex and I broke up and I had noticed I was constantly berating myself, being the biggest pessimist, and gaining weight like crazy. I finally took a look in the mirror and realized I needed to change for the better. Started working out, frequently meditating, became more spiritually-aware, eating better, and cut the toxicity out of my life. My life is significantly better and I can finally say for the first time in my adult life that I am truly happy.
I was aimlessly taking credits in college. I stopped dead in my tracks after taking calculus and physics finals, turned around, and marched into the school of nursing. I’ve been a nurse for 21 years now.
I was working part-time at a job while I was finishing up my college degree. After I graduated, two opportunities opened up around the same time- the job I was working at offered me a full-time position, and my best friend, who lived across the country, bought a condo and invited me to move there and be his roommate. I considered accepting the job offer and staying in the town I was living in, but instead I packed up my stuff and moved across the country with no job lined up, but with a place to live while I searched for work. 10 months later, my best friend's girlfriend introduced me to a woman she worked with. This woman and I started dating, and 2 and a half years later, we got married. If I had accepted the job offer instead of moving, I would have never met my wife.
I was on the fence about kids before, but having to raise a gay teenager in a conservative rural area in my mid-twenties stomped the shit out of that urge. I refuse to even date a woman unless she has no kids or they're all practically adults.
An 8 year relationship ended. It was the catalyst for every major change I've made in my life since then. Among many other things, I started learning to cry, ask for help, apologize without qualification, and let go of what I can't control.
For better or for worse, I dropped religion. I was never as into it as the rest of my family, and the thought that one entity gets to control how I think and act was stupid, especially since I could just up and leave the church and think for myself. Probably when my uncle, with whom I lived between age 6 and 10, dicided to kick my foster-mom and us kids out. Destroyed quite alot of opportunities for me and basically put the next decade of my life in turmoil.
When I was miserable in a marriage I rushed into. He’s an good man but we weren’t partners or lovers, just roommates essentially. I realized I had a choice - stay and live a mundane but safe life or choose happiness. I chose happiness.
I was 21 working at Walmart with no real plans for the future. I'd enrolled in college, but I wasn't sure what I'd wind up doing. 3 weeks before I was supposed to start college, I see an ad for EMT classes at the local trade school. I thought, "That seems kinda cool," and changed all my plans at the last minute to enroll in that instead.

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The best thing that has happened to you this week 🙂

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Got snowed in with my wife today. We did a puzzle and cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. It was nice because we couldn't go anywhere even if we needed/wanted to so we had a stress free guilt free day together.
I got some really frustrating computer algorithm to work (flawlessly) at work today. Did a simple task, but the satisfaction of seeing something you slaved over finally start working is very rewarding.
My crush offered to let me vent to her with all the shit I've been through this year. Going back to the office and socializing with my team in person.
Got surgery that I've been needing for around a year. Took months to get to the point where I finally decided to get help. Had to go through the whole X-Ray/CT/MRI thing a few times, visit with my doctor a few times, and get medications to try and help, all to get referred to a neurosurgeon and have to wait 2 months to get my surgery.
Spent quality time with my partner before he flies off for work for 2-3 weeks. Bitter sweet knowing that I won't be seeing him for weeks, but those were the best moments and feeling I had in weeks.
I did a colleague a favor, expecting maybe lunch in return. I had a good time, got a free lunch, and was paid $100.
I’ve been a nurse for eight years. This past year broke me and I thought about leaving nursing for good. I decided to give it one last chance. I started a new job on Monday and I absolutely love it. I am excited to go back next week!
A couple years ago I saved a woman’s life by forcing her to go to the ER after she passed out. She was mad at me because she didn’t think it was anything serious but she went and she ended up in complete heart block and coded in the ER and have to have a pacemaker put in. I saw her yesterday and she remembered me and thanked me for saving her life. It’s a good feeling.
Saw my mum for the first time in two and a half years. I flew from US to see her in UK. It was a complete unexpected surprise for her too.
Keeping continued contact with someone I’m very fond of.
That I became friends with my male best friend. He is so sweet and supportive and I really love him!
I watched my cousins get married on the beach in Florida. They’ve been together 16 years and only recently were allowed to wed.
My dad and I went to lunch. Seems quite lame, but it’s really huge for me.
I started taking vitamins, getting motivation to work out again, and I'm learning to love myself and not be so obsessed with my depression. I read a cool fanfiction and a big update came to my favorite game.

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S'attacher à une personne , lui mettre des coeurs et elle aussi , se promettre des choses ... Pour au final qu'elle prenne vôtre coeur et s'en vas avec car elle ne s'en sent pas capable.. Ça fais très mal ...

Onii Zuka
That I wasn't as mature as I pretended to be and I wasn't ready for a real adult relationship with a woman who had goals and the charisma to achieve them. Also she was a total sex bomb and when I saw her ready to blow up in my face I ran for cover and left her in shock and awe. I always felt bad I broke up with her over text and avoided her at school and eventually she met somebody else and forgot all about me, thank god. But for the longest time she sent me the worst messages and called me the worst names possible. I felt like such a loser.
I've had two really bad ones. The first one taught me that you can't go back. I was head over heels for this guy and we were together three years. He broke up with me "out of the blue" and I was completely blindsided. I spent a day or two thinking that maybe he just needed a bit of space and things might go back to normal. But within four days, there were pictures of him kissing another girl on FB. I made up my mind that we were not getting back together, and sure enough, he wanted to a month later. The lesson I took from my second really bad one was to always be prepared. I was emotionally over the relationship long before I left it, but when I finally ended things, I had no place to live, I was unsure if my job was going to keep me on at the time, I was starting nursing school, I didn't want to leave my cats, and everything was up in the air. Life was a mess. I could have prepared myself for that a lot better, but I didn't want to face that I knew I shouldn't be there.
That it was actually incredibly easy to say 'We're Done'. I gave myself a day to think about things and if it was worth fighting for (we were together three and a half years), but it turned out I didn't need that long. I wrote a list of things I did and didn't like about her and the cons easily outweighed the pros. I called her and told her that it was done, had a cry, hung up the phone, and never talked to her again.
I learned that it didn't matter how dedicated I was, how hard I worked to please, how loyal, successful, funny, etc. Sometimes things don't work out and weren't meant to. Some people aren't going to appreciate your efforts and will take them for granted. On the plus side, the break up may have been needed in order for you to be with who you were meant to be with or grow in ways you ex wouldn't have allowed.
I know l felt like throwing up all the time an l sometimes did. I tend to be internal and beat myself up mentally. So l became more physically active, the endorphins from working out helped me. I also volunteered at the hospital. Just change your routine; sometimes the anxiety and hopelessness would get bad so i would watch caddy shack or animal house. You will overcome, you are strong and friends , family and Reddit people like me will give you added support!

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How do you find your life goal? How did you figure out what you wanted to do with your life?

First, for me the idea of what I wanted to do with my LIFE was paralyzing. I thought I had to pick one thing and do it for my whole career, and I just couldn't imagine being excited by the same profession for thirty years. When I realized I was allowed to change my mind and wouldn't be locked in, I decided to focus for a year on achieving something I believed in. It would be my mission. At the end of the year I could pick a new mission if I wanted, but at least I now had momentum and skills and achievements- better than still spinning my wheels and trying to pick the "right" choice. It's worked out well so far. Second- I already touched on this- don't focus on picking a career. Pick a purpose. Pick an overarching mission. Finding mine was a bit different. Back in high school I told my mom I wanted to do film directing because I thought it was cool and she quickly shot it down saying I should do something "safer" like nursing, be a doctor or a pharmacist. Walking home one day, I was mad to the point that I decided then(as a 10th grader) that I will be pursuing a BS in chemistry then going to pharmacy school. Fast forward onto my 2nd-3rd year of college I was still not 100% sure, maybe 40% but I already had planned to be a pharmacist so I always said to myself it'll be too late if you switch now. Senior year I was cheated on with my last bf and perhaps because of my misery with my career choice. So I decided to work hard on my choices that if I was gonna fail another class then I'll choose something else. I finally got around volunteering at the pharmacy and I'm proud to say that almost 1 year in, I'm really happy in being there. I failed that class I decided on but passed the one I took right after it(Organic II). I realized I wanted to be a pharmacist because of that class and biochemistry that I took the semester after. I then took the pharmacy technician exam so that I can be a technician while waiting for the application season to open.
This is going to sound cheesy as hell, but it happened when I stopped trying to figure out what to do with my life. When I stopped overthinking and planning over every little event that happened and took a step back, I realized what I really enjoyed doing and that I could do it for a lifetime.
I would like to be a professor or an ethical advisor or something similar. This is not something I would do if money where no option or is not something that makes me especially happy, but it is something that would make me feel like I contribute and would fit well into the way my life has been going so far. It's the kind of person I look up to. And it is something needed in this economy.

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Quel destination aimeriez vous allez pour vos futurs vacances ?

Those three ideas are always floating around, but I just need time to actually go. As for my next trip, I have no idea. If it's not a long, multi-week trip, it's very spontaneous. I may decide to take a trip to French Polynesia out of the blue one day, and you'll catch me on the next flight out. I actually do this semi-frequently, as whenever I need to focus on an important essay for one of my classes, I'll leave town for a few days to focus. Small <1 week trips are always spontaneous and I go wherever I feel like. It's the bigger trips that require planning and lots of time.
Before I watched the video series in Vietnam though I really wanted to travel to Italy and explore the country in depth. So I was also in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Italy (both of these trips would be over a year away because I just recently booked a flight to Lisbon to start a 5 month solo trip already).
So now I’m just planning over a year in advance honestly. I’m thinking when I get around to my next trip I would do 2 months in Vietnam on a motorbike, a month in Taiwan, 2 and a half months in Italy and finish off with 2 weeks in Malta. (again I only really thought of Taiwan from posts on this subreddit, and then from lurking in google maps I saw popular tourist attractions that looked beautiful, so I thought taiwan would be cool to visit)
Money is a big factor for me and skyscanner has been a life saver with its wide search options. I can look at worldwide prices for a given month. They have some results from iffy sites though so you have to be smart but I’ve booked most of my vacations because of deals found there. I do more nature/dive trips (done lots of the Caribbean) now while I’m relatively young but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on European cities but hopefully I’ll live long enough and see those when I’m a bit older and not as keen on scuba diving and hiking all the time. Thailand and Cambodia is my top dream trip though and I’ve decided to do it next fall regardless of the cost.
For example - I was looking for a place to go to. fiddling about on a flights site. Hmm Ireland maybe? I could split the time with Scotland? oh wait these are some seriously cheap rides to Istanbul...hell yes Istanbul it is! Do I know anything about Istanbul? no....nothing more than what Ive come across in passing...Well lets go find out. In another case its more planned. My GF is finishing nursing school (seriously bad ass) and we have talked for a long time about going to Morocco. She was there with her family when she was young. And I love me some middle eastern stuff. So Ive always kept that destination on hold as "our thing". So I was fiddling about again with flights and I was seriously considering Spain. The idea of roaming Spain by train had serious pull for me. And my GF says "I think Im going to take a break between degrees this spring" well hey girlfriend, can I take you to Morocco?

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Are your parents still alive?

My Mom passed 26 years ago, Dad passed 5 years ago. I admire them a great deal and am proud to have been able to call them Mom and Dad. My parents both worked hard, dad had 2 jobs. I have no memories of when they weren't there for me, riding a bike, graduation, buying my first home. Mom taught me acceptance and how to treat everyone equally. Dad taught me how to always be there for family and how to fix things and make things. I'm pretty handy as a result. I try and parent similar to how I was raised. I am just doing the best I can. I feel lucky that I have great examples to follow. My husband's parents are the polar opposite of mine. We have been estranged from them for many, many years. I think they both passed on at this point. He got over the guilt and obligation to keep them in our lives a long time ago.
My mom is still around and she is a pretty wonderful person. She never gave up on me even when she should have. I have spent the last several years trying to get to know her as a person, not just my mom. I take her places and try to get her to tell me stories of her and my dads lives. I want to hear all about what it was like growing up during the depression and WW2, what it was like to live on a farm with no running water or electricity. And what it was like to be newly married in the early 50's and living in the mid west. At first it was like pulling teeth getting her to talk about that stuff because she thought it was so boring. But once she became convinced I was truly interested she began to open up. I have heard some great stories. If your folks are still alive I recommend trying to get them to tell you stories of their lives.
I was an only child, and an unwanted one (Mum was 37 when I was born; she had given up on having children and was enjoying the party life of a childless housewife; furthermore, if she were going to have a child, she wanted a girl, which I obviously was not). They did not do a great job of bringing me up. Dad worked shifts and, when he wasn't at work, he spent his time gardening or down the allotment. Mum was exceptionally house-proud, and a messy child was a nuisance; I was banned to my room most of the time.
Parents living, but very elderly. Still love my mom to the moon - she is a very loving and forgiving person, even though she made lots of mistakes, mostly by omission rather than comission. My dad, otoh, is kind of an asshole that drank his way through his depression, and couldn't wait for all of us to move out so he could have his house to himself. Half of us kids still visit him once in a while in the nursing home since he has very bad dementia. He is always so happy to see us! It's the love that he responds to. I'm still working my way through my feelings about him, as memories surface that are not pleasant, trying to understand things from his point of view (WW2 vet, strict moral values, raised us with the stick more than the carrot). It seems to be working - I still love him even with his faults.

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What do you do to keep yourself sane and what is helping your PPD or helping you from getting it?

My family is only my parents, and they've already made it clear they won't watch him at my apartment. I refuse to bring him to their house because it's a health hazard, I'm talking it smells like dog pee and poo the moment you step in the door. His family is all talk, as much as I hate to say it. They're quick to say "Call me if you need anything!" and such, but then when I call they kind of shut me down and aren't very helpful/there for me. So I'm kind of riding solo here but with some help from my mom when she is able to stop by. Thankfully my husband will have good communication back home, so it's not like I will go weeks or something without speaking to him. So I still have his support it's just from a distance.
With the weather finally warming up, getting outside helps a lot. Even if it's just a quick walk around the block with LO, it clears my head and puts me in a good mood. It also forces me out of pajamas, which is another thing that I think helps, sanity-wise.
I also started getting into photography when LO was new and sleeping all the time. It's good to have a hobby and I ended up with some adorable memories to put on the wall! Today, the sun is shining (literally lol, but figuratively too), and I am considering whether I want to take my daughter to a nearby petting farm or just to a park. When the weather is nice, I try to get out and do something fun every day. Sometimes that's just a walk around the block or playing in the backyard, but doing something is key. I often try to do one-out-of-the-house errand every day too. It passes the time, and the baby loves to see other people. If the weather is crappy, I look online for a sensory activity or craft we can do. This obviously gets easier and more interesting as they get older! There were definitely some hard days, and days where I felt completely overwhelmed. I just tried to stay positive, and I'd vent to DH a little! He'd reassure me, and between that and the sweet smiles of lo I powered through! Breastfeeding was a little challenging the first few weeks, and definitely the first time she started cluster feeding! I whined a lot lol! But I am SO glad I am able to breastfeed and that I stuck with it. The extra bonding and all those feel good hormones you get from nursing have been priceless! The bassinest was one of my absolute favorite things I got too, I hope you like it as much as I did!! It will definitely be a huge help through the nights for you! It was also peace of mind for me. I could look right over at her and check her whenever I wanted! Which as a ftm, especially in those early months, was constantly! Other than the normal cleaning and stuff, I try to workout at some point every day or go spend some time outside with the little one. He loves it outside. As far as PPD, my Dr prescribed my zoloft, and it's been a GAME CHANGER for me. The first couple weeks pp, I was a crying crazy hot mess.

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Comment se passe ton été

I went to go see Paramore and Foster the People last Friday and Zac said it was his favourite show in the entire tour. Also, my guy friends were testing the noise levels of the concert goers. I’m currently in the middle of a D&D campaign that a good friend of mine is DMing and my character (And my party )has almost died a few times. Another close friend is also hosting a D&D campaign called the Curse of Strahd, which is the perfect opportunity to add more depth to my character’a lore. And I've spent the majority of my graduation money on VHS tapes. But next week is my birthday and in just three weeks I'll be leaving on a trip to Austria with all my friends for a whole week! We've been there last year already and it wad SO beautiful there, I'm looking forward to it.
It’s been kinda shitty. Sure, I got my first job, but the work has taken a toll on my back and legs, and they don’t have any resemblance of a steady schedule, and the pay is extra shitty because it’s minimum wage, except there’s also union dues, which cost me almost a quarter of what I make. And I havnt been able to get anything I wanted to do this summer done because any day I do have off I’m too tired and sore to do anything but play games. And my one and only big goal, the main reason I wanted a job in the first place, is looking less and less possible, not because of the money, but because my Mum. And also I got a concussion a few weeks ago which is still making me very dizzy some days. overall it’s just been shit.
Can't say I've been doing much academically, but I'm trying out other things. I've been learning how to be a better cook, which has turned into making fresh bread every day! I started writing a novel and it's the most fun I've had in years. I've also gone hiking a few times now. And I'm learning how to sew! So yeah, nothing academic here but loads of personal skills and just trying to enjoy my break. Taking a chill English writing course that ends on 31st July, moving houses, and soaking up the sunshine. I’m also reading books, writing stories, acquainting myself with my piano and artist hobbies, attending conventions, and hanging out with friends and family before I start a hectic Nursing program. Personally, I devoted a huge chunk of my summer to just resting at home and recovering from a pretty rough school year. Work + academics killed me. I've been doing some summer reads, listening to a lot of podcasts, and got back into my hobby of writing. I'm also slowly learning to tackle my fear of working out in public.
Well in not going to do both. That would be way too much time out of class recovering from surgery. I'm the kind of person who struggles hard to catch up if I miss two weeks of class. It's University too. It's not like anyone is helping you with missed classes. Especially in an applied class where you are marked for attendance and there's a lot of practical stuff in class.

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if a wife chooses not to breastfeed her baby, does her husband have a right to feel upset because he wants the best for his child?

i mean sure he can be upset but it’s her body and her choice. he’s not the one nursing the child and ultimately it’s not up to him. if it means that much to him, he can go find donor milk or talk to his wife about wet nursing.
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What scares you about in life

I'm terrified of being with a partner for a long period of time thinking we love each other and have a wonderful life, and then finding out that they settled for me. That their true love is someone else who they were unable to be with, so they went for the next best thing which was me. I don't want to be anyone's back up because their real true love didn't work out. I'd hate to be with someone for years, then we break up and they get together with someone else they knew years ago and everyone says "it's about time!" "those guys were meant for each other, it's so great they got back together after all this time" etc etc. I know that's really specific, but I hate the thought of it.
Right now, never getting on my feet. I broke up with my ex who took care of me the past 3 years in April and I still live with him (and pay him half of rent + utilities) as I'm having difficulty saving money to get both a vehicle and my own place. I'm 26 and I've always lived with people and the two vehicles I've had were only for short times. I'm proving to myself I can do this on my own, but it's hard being patient. I feel older than I am and I feel like a failure for not having my life together. It's crushing my self-image.
Recently I've been really scared about growing older. Not of like being 30-40, I mean 70 and 80. I just keep thinking about how all my love ones are going to die one day. Idk why. I think it was after I read that news story about the elderly couple that had to be separated because they couldn't be in the same nursing home.
I've been quite sick one year ago, and I know that I couldn't have done it alone. Wasn't that hard, but it wasn't the best year of my life, I needed someone for most of my daily tasks. I'm scared to hell that I'll always need someone else in my life (mostly for emergencies), and that I'll never be the strong and independent woman that I want to be.
I have a similar fear, but on the other side of this. I got into my current relationship very shortly after the previous one and I had everyone (including my parents and my SO's parents) telling me this was a bounceback relationship and that it wasn't going to last. So now I'm terrified that I'm going to wake up one day and realize that I'm not really in love with my SO and that I'm just pretending for the sake of keeping things the way they are, or out of fear of being alone, or some other reason. Makes me really anxious and I start questioning every little thing I think or say or want. I mean, I know I love my SO. But damn my brain likes to forget that sometimes.

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Which is harder? Law school or Med school? Why do you think so?

mkymrms’s Profile PhotoQueen M's
Medical school is harder. It takes over your entire life. Working day and night for countless hours. It requires constant thinking with repetition. As a nursing student, it is hard yes but the more terrifying aspect is that we deal with lives and souls of strangers that we have to help.
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Why is it that Kuwait doesn't support the different majors and hand crafts rather than engineering and medicine majors ! Most kuwaitis are engineers / doctors what about the rest of jobs ??

That’s funny because I was having a discussion with my mother about this topic yesterday
Thanks for pointing this out.
المشكله مو من الطلبه، المشكله بالنظام بكبره. غلط بالتفكير، والترتيب. المفروض يشوفون سوق العمل شنو ناقصه؟ لان الديرة متروسه بشكل مو طبيعي كل الطلبه هندسه ومحاماه
If we compare our ideologies with other western countries such as canada or new zealand they support the ones with capabilities in expressing their knowledge and creativity using their hands such as nursing or wood crafting or whatever that deals by using the manual labor. We have many majors that lack criteria such as software security engineering, international perspective.
I think in Kuwait, they select these majors(engineering/ drs) because of the salaries. Other than that 🙇🏻‍♂️God knows why
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عندي كيس ستدي لمريض iron deficiency anemia هسه المفروض اكتب عن respiratory rate او tackycardia بس كل الاعراض هاي ما بتتعالج الا بعلاج المرض وسببهم هو نقص الحديد اصلا الي بمنع وصول الاكسجين فمفكر بهيك تشخيص ineffective tissue perfusion rt decreased iron and hemoglobin in blood amb lab tests

bahaalbarghouthi9’s Profile Photobaha Albarghouthi
اوك وصلت 🖤.
بس ال diagnosis رح يكون حسب ليفل ال amount of iron لل كيس اللي عندك
بدك ال nursing diagnosis !!!
تمام :
The lack of sufficient amount of grooves in the patient’s body caused the body to not be able to produce enough red blood cells to enable it to transport oxygen. As a result, symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath appeared in the patient.
هيك انت قادر توصل الفكرة كامله في حال كان عندك بروجكت عن حالة المريض اللي معك 🖤
+2 answers in: “اي حد بدرس تمريض او متخرج بدي مساعدة بسؤال صغير🖤”

Student nurse here, do it up we need more nurses in Canada. My question to you is: what aspects of the nursing profession are you drawn to? Which type of nursing would you like to do in the future?

johnthang189929’s Profile PhotoJawn.SRN
Aspects of nursing is providing proper care for all patients,depending on their needs is very important to me.
I’m interested in working in pediatrics or mental health!!
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Premed obviously sir but I have only 42% want to do BSCN NURSING but all doors are closed bohat koshish ki kch ni hua Aku se critical care technician Kia h unhone bhi mna Kia h

See, I had the similar case. I failed in intermediate pre-engineering more than three times. I swear to Allah when i took admission in college, I had this firm determination that I will top the board and will go for NED University or any such university. I failed. You know, when I checked my results, this might show me as weird or shameless but when I saw that I failed I was laughing at the laptop screen out of joy because I was saying to myself Kya Hogaya Zindagi barbaad Nahi Ho Jati Na Ruk Jati Hai Failures Se. Allah upar betha hai, ap ko dekh raha hai, He has given you internet, food, safe enviroment, there are a lot of things to be grateful for. I can understand k you might think k kab tak ye hoga agar mein apnay pairon pe khada na hua. Koi occupation to apnani hai koi bhi. Medical k ilawa kisi or mein kar lo, that is a suggestion. Don't be sad doosra I am giving another suggestion because I know ye kehne kisi ko k field chhor do jis ka shoq hai dukh deta hai. Lekin ASK YOURSELF, Waqiye dil se medical ka shoq hai. Then if your answer is not yes, change your field.

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+3 answers in: “I am not understanding what's going on when I was in intermediate I choose govt bmcolg because of finincial issues they gave me 29% overall and phy chem supply I attempted 2nd year and did supply they give again chem 1 n 2nd year supply then again once then after that they clear me just in 42% in”

يعني عارفة فيه معكرونة 🦠 بالبشاميل شغال في العالم... اكيد تفاؤل الي كان حابب يتعلم تمريض خف حبتين ولا ايه؟ 🤔

هى طريقة كلامك غريبة ليه 🙂
+ اكيد اللى كان بيفكر يدخل تمريض هيرجع يفكر اكتر من مرة وخصوصاا بعد العدد الكبير من Nursing staff اللى مات 🙂
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What gets you into a creative mood? Are you reading anything over quarantine? Are you looking for something to read? What character dynamics do you best enjoy in stories and media? If you want, share something creative with us! As always, thanks in advance for your responses!

ErinWolf4919’s Profile PhotoErin Wolf
Beauty usually gets me in a creative mood, for example seeing something vibrant or something melancholic I really want to put into words. Little snippets of reality, captured and drawn with words. :)
I've actually not been reading much - too much academic reading at work. I've been nursing the first Witcher book for a while. I like it, but I hit a story that I had somehow read elsewhere years ago, so my interest dissipated (it was a good story, but not the kind I want to read twice). I recently bought Howl's Moving Castle - I've seen the movie and I wonder whether I'd understands its symbolism better if I also read the book.
What character dynamics.... god, so many. I like the strong, mythical, dutiful-but-dark, honourable-but-misunderstood characters. The anti-hero, the god of assassins with heart of gold, that kind of thing. In terms of dynamics between characters, I like the friends/lovers united by the same cause, the ones driven by shared responsibility saving humanity and so on, also the wise-ass characters cracking jokes and simultaneously creating and dissolving tension with their humour and gentle asswholery.
Something creative... I don't have anything of my own right now, but I can share that I started writing a tiny snipet of a novel. :) It's fantasy/sci-fi (my usual) and it starts with a beautiful, optimistic picture of a beautiful, optimistic world. Would that idyllic peace change? Both you and I are yet to find out. :)

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The US government is finally taking the Covid situation seriously. The hospitals are full of patients in every room. But no visitors allowed. Even when their family members are dying . At least in my state that is the situation. No visitors at all. It is heart breaking. Is your state the same?

Robin Hood
Yes. My mom is in a nursing home and she not only can’t have visitors, but she can’t leave her room either. She’s bored, but she’s healthy and alive. That’s worth it to me

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