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معكم أخصائي التغذيه والصحه العامه لأي استفسار The nutrition and public health specialist is with you for any inquiries

manshow787’s Profile Photoyour doctor
Let me put you to the test then.
1- What food is the fastest way for the body to consume and absorb carbohydrates?
2- How many protein intake as a person of 80KG should take on a daily basis to build and maintain muscle mass?
3- Give me three sources of high fiber foods.

What do you do to compensate for the fact you got no one to talk to? 🤡

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
I just pray for all humans living in this world that they may find good path ,get health , happiness , nutrition, roof ,money and all Muslims should get what is asked for by prophet pbuh and stay away from what our prophet asked for from Allah taalah

جبت ٨٦ في الميه وقدامي كليه طب بيطري وكليه تمريض وكليه علوم وكليه تربيه المفروض اختار اي ينفعني قدام بعد التخرج ؟

ادخلي بيطري
أعتقد إنك محتاره لإن بيطري مش مقدرينه هنا ف مصر
بس حقيقي هو جميل ف أقسام كتير ايه حلوه
عندك nutrition وده حلو جدا للبنات
وعندك كمان بعد م تتخرجي ف قسم Medical analysis
وفيه مجالات كتيره ليه
هو من وجهة نظري حلو جداا
وربنا يوفقك في أي مكان تروحيه يا قمر🤍✨

Can you cook? I don’t mean anything extravagant but can you cook basic things and do you have knowledge about nutrition?

I can! I could also tell you how many calories are in most things that you eat, etc. I used to credit that to years of growing up in a highly pressured sporting environment, but it wasn't until a friend went "yeah no, that was disordered eating" that it twigged. Because I'm so smart like that, haha!

Borzasztoan pattanasos lettem pedig tiszta volt az arcom..mit ajanlotok? 🥺 Mondjuk nagyon egeszsegtelenul is etkezTEM! ez is kozrejatszhat?:/

Revox termékek! Nekem nagyon rendbe tették az arcomat. Szalicil-sav szérum, C-vitamin szérum, nyáron fényvédő... emellett rengeteg szuper termékük van, drogériás áron. Ezen a linken lehet böngészni: https://lovebrands.hu/markak/revox Emellett sok víz, meg rendes kollagén bevitel is segít (én pl. Scitec Nutrition kollagént iszom minden nap). Az egészségtelen kaják is közrejátszhatnak, sajnos én is szeretem a gyorséttermeket, chipseket, alkoholt stb., de a Revox megment mindig. <3

What is the most important point to remember in nutrition?

Sarbu2418’s Profile PhotoDr. Angry Bird
Never over complicate nutrition.
There may be “superfoods”, but when it comes to nutrition and health, it’s good to know what works well with your body (digestion, etc.) rather than force feed foods that do not sit well with your body, consequently taking all those media-driven benefits away.If it worked for you that doesn't mean it will work for others.
Everything in moderation.

Well. You're right. Nutrition has a vital role to play with thr human biology. I started looking into it amid my fitness journey and was most surprised to see that one could almost regulate their entire body system via diet. I also learnt the importanfe of each macro in our diet. (1)

Part 2 of vitamins and minerals importance:
Minerals are vital substances for every living being to live a healthy life. They are like little warriors which help the body in regeneration and repair of cells, energy transmission, nerve signaling, strengthening muscle and bone, healing wounds, boosting immunity, and much more. Thousands of mechanisms in our body like performing day-to-day activities smoothly need the necessary amount of different minerals. But are we aware of which minerals are essential and how they play a crucial role in our body? And how can one take minerals via food instead of medicine?
Vitamins are continually consumed within the body and must be repleneished continually.
Vitamins are Organic Nutrient- Most of which are not made in the body and mainly obtained through food. Each of the vitamins have specific functions in the body, for example
Vitamin A: Essential for Healthy Eyes, Healthy Teeth, Skin and General Growth and Development. Natural source: Carrots and other Citrus Fruits– all of which get their hue from the carotene pigment.
Vitamins B: For Immune Function and Iron Absorption. Natural source: Whole grains, Potatoes, Bananas, Lentils etc
Folic acid – Vitamin B9: Helps in Preventing Birth Defects in Pregnancy. Natural source: Dark Leafy Greens, Asparagus, Broccoli, Citrus Fruits, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Seeds, Nuts, Cauliflower etc
Vitamin C: Give Skin its Elasticity, act as an Anti-Oxidant and helps in Iron Absorption. Source: Oranges, Guava, Red and Green Peppers, Kiwi, Grapefruits, Strawberries, Sprouts etc
Vitamin D: For Strong Healthy Bones. Natural Source: Spending out few Minutes in Sun, Eggs, Fish and Mushrooms.
Vitamin E: For Blood Circulation, and Protection from Free Radicals. Natural source: Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes etc
Vitamin K: Helps in Blood Coagulation Natural source: Leafy Greens Vegetables, Sprouts, Broccoli, etc

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What motivated you to get into nutrition studies?

I was reading a lot of science books and magazines, and wanted a profession that involved some form of human biology. I did my research, and discovered nutrition would satisfy my craving for understanding human biology. “Dietitian” was listed, at that time, as one of the careers predicted to need more practitioners in the future.
Being a dietitian requires interaction and conversation with people regarding health and it has been satisfying to educate and guide people toward healthy changes in their lifestyles. Nutrition is a field that is constantly discovering and refining its knowledge base, so keeping current with research has also been interesting to me.

Kinda curious keh what courses/subjects does a dietician/nutritionist take during their academic sessions ?

Mo_Addy’s Profile PhotoAbdullah
Majors are human anatomy, physiology , diet and drug interaction , dietetics , medical biochemistry , Food analysis, Nutrition & human metabolism, psychology, food safety and quality management , enteral nd parenteral nutrition , food and drug law, food supplements , nutrition diseases, meal planning, patient care etc etc

انا عايز اخس اعمل ايه ؟؟

لو مش عارف وحدك في ناس بتابع اون لاين ع الانستا فى nutrition اسمها nadakoura صراحه مع انى تابعت معاها شهر واحد بس خسيت في ٥ك لانى لما كنت يبدا وحدي مكنتش بعرف بتديلك نظام غير كده هى مختلفه انها بتابع بشكل يومي عن تجربه انا جربت اتنين تلاته مكنو زيها
فده لو عاوز تبدا لو ملكش في الجو ده افتح صفحتها او في صفحات تانيه شوف نظام الصيام المتقطع واعمل نفس الوجبات فطار وغدا وعشا في صفحات كتير بتعمل كده لو التزمت هتلاقى نتيجه كويسه الاهم اعرف ان الدايت مش معنى انك تجوع نفسك

Society seems to treat fat people badly. They are seen as lazy, undisciplined etc. How do you feel about fat people? Do you have prejudices about them? I think I do, unfortunately, but I try to treat everyone with respect.

Fatphobia is just a way of the system, unfortunately. There is very little love for fat people, regardless of whether or not they enjoy being fat, they put on weight while recovering from an ED, they have medical issues that caused or contributed to weight gain, etc.
I have internalized fatphobia, as I've always been, at the very least, on the chubby side. It's a doozy to unlearn, as I've been taught my body is wrong - even when I was healthy and walked to get around my hometown instead of taking transport (and would have people hollering out the side of *cars* at me to exercise and lose weight, imagine that!) Now my medical issues make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight, rather than the weight being the specific cause for my ill health in the first place. However, as long as I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise, my health picks up somewhat and I feel better within my (still fat) body.
De-stigmatizing fatness and changing our perspective that fat automatically means unhealthy will help people of all sizes, tbh. Also, as fatphobia is a tool of capitalism, it's very cool and anticapitalist to do so.

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Do you think it's right that healthier food is generally more expensive then unhealthy food?

Expensive/inexpensive is out of this question 😕 Lemme explain it in details...
#1 thing: Is it possible to get healthy food from the market?
Can u get unadulterated milk? 😐
Can u get fruits & vegetables which don't have pesticide or fertiliser residue (these are carcinogenic chemicals)? 🤔
The chicken: Didn’t it receive growth hormones in the poultry farms?
Even the water that u drink: R u sure it’s 100% or even 70% free of all contaminants???? 🤔
Eating healthy is actually eating clean, there's a misconception about having everything brown, brown bread, brown rice etc..., but in reality these are absolutely not required to either lose or gain weight! All u need is to track ur daily calorie intake 👀💁🏼‍♀️
#2 thing: For sm1 on the go or at work especially, most food around us which is available outside is industrial mass produced nutrition stripped! Home food is better cuz it's fresher, simpler but labour costs r never accounted for those! So technically not cheap at all, but at the same time it's cheap if u decided to make it urself 💁🏼‍♀️...
I had been discussing such a subject with some of the top functional medicine doctors in Jordan who have put together life-changing diet plans for people on food stamps that r super impactful... Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, though it certainly can be if u have an expensive taste! 🤪😂

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How to loose weight without workout and diet asap?

Pretty weird thing to say.
Diet is what you consume; the nutrition you take. If you aren't taking any food you're guaranteed to lose weight.
Anyways, fruit smoothies and Chloe ting workouts did the job for me. Good luck x
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قول نصيحه على بالك دلوقتي

1. متاكلش excess protien
2. متاكلش اكل فيه saturated fatty acids
3. و ال red wine بتمنع oxidation of fatty acids 🌚
4. ممكن تشرب كأسين خمرة فى اليوم بس عشان تحميك من امراض القلب 🍾🥲
#nutrition midterm 🥺💔

طب ليه كلينكال وبتشتغلى في مستشفى صغيره

المستشفى مش صغيره بالعكس ده مستشفى تخصصي تابع للامانه ولسه جديد لسه شبه بأسس المكان
#فأولا هى experience جميله جدا انك تشارك في تأسيس المكان اصلا.❤️‍🔥💪
#ثانيا clinical ف الامانه من أعلى المستويات
لان اصلا لائحة الامانه بتشترط وجود clinical و nutrition ف كل مستشفياتها.🌷
#ثالثا ودى اهم نقطه انك لازم تفتت هدفك لsteps لان ف عواقب كتير أما بتخلص الجامعه الدنيا مش زى ما انت راسم فلازم تبقى more flexible وتسعى كتيرررر علشان الطريق طويل
وبعدين المستشفى بالنسبة لى سفر فكان تحدى اصلا انى اروحه💪
#واحفظ بقى الكلمتين دول منى وافتكرنى بيهم 😂 👇
(تذكر حلاوه الوصال يهن عليك مر المجاهده 👌من استطال الطريق ضعف سيره 👏💯)

اخدتي كورسات ايه في مجال التغذية او ايه اهم كورسات في المجال التغذيه ؟

reemsameh5176’s Profile PhotoReem||ريم
لا انا ماخدتش كورسات انا بدرس nutrition اربع سنين وف سنه 5 ماجستير بالاضافه ل كدا باخد كورسات طبعا وحاليا بتدرب ف مركز تغذيه ع اجهزه عموما والسنه الجايه تدريبي هيبقا ف مستشفى ان شاء الله اهم كورسات تغذيه هيا اكيد التغذيه الشامله عموما تغذيه رياضين تغذيه أطفال تغذيه ال pregnancy women تغذيه اللي عندها أمراض معينه cancer او diabetes type 1or 2 او ضغط كلي كبد كدا

Who wonder to return, What do you think about your lifestyle, example am vegan, and you?

outsidenowthiswar21’s Profile PhotoXhqjd
I am not a vegan, and I will not say that the lifestyle is correct, there are bad habits, but I drink a lot of fluids, have sports in the regime and try to keep track of the nutrition time
Darude — Sandstorm
Who wonder to return What do you think about your lifestyle example am vegan and

بما إنك بتقول فزراعة كاتبه فالبايو medical nutritionsليه medical لخريج طب بس عندكو اسمها ‏nutritionist اخصائي تغذية فرق السما من الارض فالمضمون

ي انون انا عاوزه اكتب كدا هي عندنا medical nutrition او clinical nutrition او nutritionist او dietitian، انا عاوزه اكتب medical واجع دماغك لي!!!

Depression solution?

Assalamualaikum, sister.
—Nutrient deficiencies are linked to a higher risk of depression.
—Take the nutrition blood tests. They can help you determine if you’re deficient.
—Open up to a parent or a sibling about depression.
—If we don’t understand the problem, we’ll never have a solution. Identify what triggers your depression.
—If your depression is getting in the way of your life & work, hire a therapist. They help through cognitive-behavioral therapy by helping you identify & manage the triggers that contribute to your depression.
— Don’t skip meals even if you don’t feel much like eating. It makes you feel more low.
—Excercise for some time or take brisk walking everyday even it’s for thirty minutes.
—Try to spend more time with friends & family.
—Commit to getting 8 hours of sleep every night ( it has personally helped me w/ my anxiety).
I know depression is terrible but don’t let it win. Seek help if you can’t cope but DON’T GIVE UP. Depression books are helpful too. They are best to guide you into thoughts that help w/ low moods & negative feelings. Keep searching till you find answers & solutions. It’ll pass. Once you get better understanding of it, learn coping skills — you’ll able to live, hold it down & not be controlled by it. HANG IN THERE. May Allah be w/ you & bless you. 🙏

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Hi tita. I want to make my own terrarium. What do I need to start making one? I have an extra large, airtight jar. I have no idea what to buy first. Thank you!

I make mine with a bottom layer of charcoal (I use aquarium charcoal grains), then aquarium small pebbles (size of cooked rice), then a moss layer (sphagnum or swamp), then garden soil. The charcoal keeps the system clean. The rocks provide drainage. The moss keeps things humid and I believe also provides nutrition. The soil is where you plant your plants. Choose small plants that love moisture. No succulents. I like working with small ferns, aluminum plant (Pilea cardieri), nerve plant (fittonia), and Selaginella mosses. I plan to make an instructional video soon but will need a few months to set up. Good luck!
Hi tita I want to make my own terrarium What do I need to start making one I

What are some topics you know a lot about/or just love talking about? Here are some of mine - nutrition, Prince (the late musician), bees, ancient Egypt

Which kind of bees?! I started keeping honeybees last year and my lord, that was a learning curve.
Personally, I'm a secret classic literature buff. I love herbs and plants with my ENTIRE heart. I've always loved photography but that's gotten way more laid back since I had to become a grown up. I love talking physiology and training, but I love chatting about it whilst doing it even more.

What are some topics you know a lot about/or just love talking about? Here are some of mine - nutrition, Prince (the late musician), bees, ancient Egypt

Oh nice, we have a shared interest there in Ancient Egypt! What aspects of it interest you the most? (I’d be happy to shoot you some questions if you wanted) :)
I guess for me, anything art related, culture, history, travel, music, films, photography, ancient civilisations, mythology, folklore, etc! :)

What are some topics you know a lot about/or just love talking about? Here are some of mine - nutrition, Prince (the late musician), bees, ancient Egypt

Music, tv shows, photography, books, life not that I know a lot about it I just like talking about it. I like knowing what goes on inside peoples heads you know? What they think about etc. I like conversations where we can talk about anything and everything and when I can be myself around them and when they understand how I am how I am if that makes sense

Why is my hair falling out?

Could be from a few different causes, iron deficiency/low ferritin causes marked hair loss, thyroid function issues, poor nutrition, illness, stress, damaging hair products.
See a doctor for a blood test.
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داخل الامتحانات معتمد على ايه ؟

ف آخر ترم ف الكلية قبل امتحان ال nutrition and immunity وبعد ما ذاكرت المادة اكتر من مرتين وبرضو لقيت نفسي ولا فاهم اي حاجة و الامتحان خلاص الصبح و انا قاعد والله بخبط دماغي ف المكتب، كعادة اي امتحان اتصلت بأصحابي فيديو كول عشان نراجع ولقيتهم برضو زيي و انيل، قولتلهم انا هنام و نتقابل ع القهوة الصبح و يحلها الحلال، روحت الساعة ٨ و الامتحان ١٢ و انا ولا كأني ذاكرت و من التوتر نسيت كل حاجة، روحت لقيتهم جايبين فطير مشلتت و عسل و طحينة عشان طبعا اهم حاجة تغذية البطن عشان نعرف نشغل العقل😂، واحد قال انا معايا امتحان الدفعة اللي فاتت هنشوفوه، شوفت الامتحان و حفظت الاسئلة بالاجابات لإني خلاص كنت نسيت و ذاكرت كام سؤال essay وقولت زي ما تيجي تيجي بقى مفيش ب ايدي حاجة اعملها،، دخلت الامتحان وشايف المعيد جاي بيوزع الورق و انا هموت م التوتر و قلبي هينط من مكانه م الخوف، اخدت الورقة قولت بسم الله و قرأت كام سورة وكتبت اسمي و فتحت على الصح و الغلط لقيته هو هو بتاع امتحان السنة اللي فاتت، جبت الاختر لقيت الاسئلة مش متغيره و الاختيارات هي هي بالترتيب،، كنت هموت بقى وقتها م الفرحة وخلصت الامتحان وخرجنا احنا ال٤ في غاية السعادة والله ومحدش كان يعرف اللي حصل غير بعد ما خلصنا و لما الدفعة عرفت الحمد لله دعوا علينا😂😂
يلا الحمد لله على كل حال ويخربيت الزهق اللي يخليني اكتب كل ده🏃🏼‍♂️

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Dentists are not doctors. Someone please tell them to shut the fuck up.

Dentists are not doctors surely.. They have their own profession which is equally significant and respectable.. i myself have studied nutrition and its related to hospitals too mostly.. so whenever sb tries to call me a Doctor I correct them instantly.. because dude every profession has its own important and value.. we don't get it

If I wanna flatten my belly,should I stop drinking milk?

I'm not going to lie, guys, I have so many of this style of question in my inbox so I'm going to super quickly put a few things together:
I would love to be able to answer comprehensively, because I fucking loveeee nutrition. I don't practice what I preach so much these days (oopsie) but it's always been one of my fave parts of the job.
However! I need so much more background than a one liner. It's like with this one - are you male, female? Have you got intolerances? Do you even know? Do you train? If so, what's your history? Have you struggled with eating disorders? What does your daily intake look like? Etc, etc, etc.
Literally - a basic nutrition consultation (just for the initial one) would take at least an hour. That's just not possible for us, I'm sorry 😭

Why you are intelligent? ,,genetically you are inteligent or You have any sharpness secret if it is then tell me

urhiddenfrnd’s Profile Photourhiddenfrnd
Some are born intelligent like Albert Einstein sir🤠, I don't know if I'm right to say myself intelligent or not and on what premises you're asking that like on the basis of performance in exams, general knowledge, or becoming successful after experiencing a failure situation 🌝 or if some one is a drop-out like steve jobs sir🤠, and along with it tackling a tough situation in a tactful way🤠💜💞

Researchers conclude that - brain size, sensory ability, speed and efficiency of neural transmission, and working memory capacity plays a significant role in intellectual knowledge🌝, so in a way, intelligence is related to genetics , and it also depends on external factors like parenting, education, availability of learning resources & nutrition, etc.
[Source: google]
Why you are intelligent genetically you are inteligent or You have any sharpness

Have your grocery shopping habits been affected by the pandemic? Has the amount of time you spend on average in the store changed? 😷🛒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"Have your grocery shopping habits been affected by the pandemic?"
oh, most definitely! I mean, I cook everyday, but because of the pandemic, I've found it so much healthier for my wallet/bank account to *not* spend money on buying meals.
also — it's far easier, and way more convenient to keep track of my own nutrition that way. 😋👩🏻‍🍳💫🍳
"Has the amount of time you spend on average in the store changed?"
yes. I hardly ever spend time in shops and malls now.
Have your grocery shopping habits been affected by the pandemic Has the amount

Pharm D ka koi idea hy? Admissions k regarding?

Nh ami abu ne mana kya
Food nutrition k apply kr k test d dya h ab merit p a gya to thk
Us k ilawa nums or mdcat m apply kya hua
Or international relationship k abh date nh ae admission k wo krn apply
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Is it okay if I eat too much watermelon on a diet?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Girl eat as much watermelon as you want. It’s 90% water
That being said, diets are stupid and don’t work. Depriving your body of balanced nutrition in the name of losing weight only really ever makes someone grumpy, makes their body gain more weight from starving themselves, and makes them keep going on more diets. It’s a cycle 👎🏻
Unless it’s a specific diet plan tailored to your body by a professional nutritionist or doctor it doesn’t work

Share you opinion pls 😎

The main factor that influences a person's height is their genetic makeup. However, many other factors can influence height during development, including nutrition, hormones, activity levels, and medical conditions. Scientists believe that genetic makeup, or DNA, is responsible for about 80% of a person's height

Serius tanya, disini ada yg tiap hari /tiap pagi makan nya mie instan gak? Terus masih sehat2 aja ga ampe skrng?

ak nggk. tapiiii mie instan itu aman kok asalkan dlm sehari km ttp memenuhi kelengkapan gizi d makan minummu dn pola hidup sehat aja. kl mi gk aman gk mgkin smp skrg msh diproduksi masal bgtu. stiap makan baca label nutrisi dn komposisi, mi instan isinya y karbo lemakjenuh sama tinggi natrium. asal km siang sore malam makan dgn cara mencukupi gizi yg blm terpenuhi dr hanya mkn mie ya fine. tambah serat mineral protein lemak takjenuh zat2 gizi lain dst, cairan yg cukup, hidup sehat. fine aja, sehat.
mgkn perlu diperhatikan jg bahan pengawet yg ada d instan2, tp slbhnya mnrtku y hanya perlu baca nutrition fact aja.
kl sehari2 org hindari mi instan, tp tiap hari makanan minumnnya tinggi garam, gula, lemak, ya sama aja sakit. paham kan maksudku? gizi seimbang. makan yg tubuh perlukan, bukn yg km inginkan

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خلصت الامتحنات امبارح 5سنين من الرهاق والتعب، ايه نصيحتكم ليا ،كلية صيدله

الف مبروك، وربنا يوفقك في اللي جاي.
ممكن نصيحتي ليك واللي انا وقعت فيه اني اقولك.
كن واسع الافق، بمعني انك ما تقفلش نفسك علي مجالك، لان ده بيضيع منك فرص كتير.
اقرا واسمع عن كل حاجه، اهتم بمجالات تانيه غير مجالك، بحيث تقدر تقتنص اي فرصة تيجي قدامك، اقرا واسمع، عن الـ business, nutrition, food, politics, technology وهكذا...
في ناس كتير جدا عمل كارير شيفت بسبب انهم لقوا مثلا شغفهم في مكان تاني، او بالاصح اتفتح لهم باب رزق اوسع كتير من مجالهم. وكانت ناجحه في شغلها بردوا.
يعني مثلا بشمهندس وائل قعد 6 سنين مهندس مدني، وبعدين ساب كل ده، وبعدين راح فتح محل كفته وكبده، تصور، دلوقتي عنده اشهر وانجح سلسلة مطاعم شاورما في القاهره اسمه ابوحمزه.
والامثله كتيره جدا....
في الاخير انا مش قصدي اقولك اعمل كارير شيفت اطلاقا، بس ما تقفلش ودانك وعينيك علي مجالك بس.
وربنا يوفقك في اللي جاي يا دكتره، والف مبروك مره تانيه.

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انا عندى ١٩ سنه طولى ١٦٥سم وزنى ١٢٠ كيلو انا عارفه انه كتير هو مش بيبان عشان لبسى واسع بس انا بدأت اتضايق فجأه فى كام شهر كنت مكتئبه وكده وزدت جامد لما كنت فى ٣ثانوى نا عاوزه طريقه امشى عليها واخس وبلاش حكايه الادويه والدكاتره لو حد جرب طريقه وخس بيها اتمنى يفيدينى ويقول ويجزيه الله كل خير

الطريقة انه يكون عندك عزيمة
وبعدين تقرأي عن الـ Nutrition او مجال التغذية وتعرفي كل حاجه بتاكليها وتاثيرها علي جسمك.
دي كدا حجات علي المدي الطويل، يعني ممكن تحددي كل يوم وقت نص ساعة مثلا انك تقرا او تسمعي زي ما تحبي عن الـ nutrition والـ healthy life.
من الحجات اللي ممكن تسمعيها كل يوم في قناتين علي اليوتيوب: قناة اسمها دكتور بيرج بالعربي، وفكر تاني لدكتور كريم علي.
دي اهم واول خطوة اللي هي التوعية وتقدري من الخطوة دي تحطي لنفسك دايت او علي الاقل تقربي من اكلات معينة وتبعدي عن اكلات معينة.
الحاجه اللي بعد كدا اللي اقدر انصحك بيها ان تلعبي كل يوم كارديو في البيت، في البيت مش لازم جيم عشان الموضوع يبقي سهل وتلتزمي.
الكارديو حيحرقلك كل يوم 150 كالوري، وده عظمه جدا.
ولو مش عارفه حاجه عن الكارديو، في تطبيق اندرويد اسمه fitify في خطط كارديو ممكن لمدة 3 شهور، ممكن تمشي معاه.
التطبيق مش النسخة الكاملة بس حيقضي الغرض، لانه تطبيق مدفوع، لو حبيتي بعد كدا النسخة معاه ممكن ابقي ارفعهولك.

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How much active screen time do you usually have each day on your phone? What apps do you use the most? 📱 (You can most often check those things in your settings 😊)

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You're asking the wrong person. My sister-in-law LIVES on Facebook. She talks to everyone and everything since she obtained a government phone. She tells everybody she's not working, the reason she got fired, what she thinks of her former boss, and other things they don/t need to know. She's in her early fifties and is wild about KISS. She used to sing late into the night with the windows open until the neighbors complained.
Zero. I sometimes answer it when it rings.
As much time as I spend on here which is too much. But really I find using intention when going online to be the most important part. If you just set arbitrary time limits and don't really care or think about them, you'll probably just find ways around them or to justify ignoring them (like I am now... my blocker is on Firefox, so I'm on Chrome :-) ). You need to actually go online with a purpose and then stick to it. The days I do best are the days I tell myself I'm going to go through my favorite subreddits, open tabs for everything that sounds interesting, read those things, then close reddit and not open it again until the next day. If I'm quick sometimes that takes me half an hour, sometimes closer to the hour limit. And the actual time limit you use should depend on a lot on how much actually useful content you look at online. If you're just looking at memes, you'd probably be better off with a 0 second time limit (IMO). If you're spending all your time learning about things that actually improve your life (things related to your career or hobbies, philosophy/religion, health related things like fitness and nutrition, self improvement etc.), 4.5 hours might not even be enough. I don’t limit my total screen time - I limit usage. I’m averaging 7 hours a day, with most of it being either library apps (I only read e-books and I read a lot), and various productivity apps I use for work. I limit Reddit to 1 hour three times a week. My reasoning is that I could be reading Shakespeare on paper, and I could be using a real paper calendar to keep track of my appointments, and a real paper to-do list, and so on - it doesn’t really change anything if that’s on a smartphone. What I need to limit is Reddit, because it’s a time suck, so I do that. I average 4.5 hours a day on my phone which is more than I want. That’s 31.5 hours a week. All that time is upsetting, I could be doing so much more with that time. And that’s just my phone time. I use a computer at work and at home too so really I’m probably closer to 5-6 hours a day. I set my screen time limits for 2 hours a day M-F and 4 hours a day on the weekend. I’m not always successful but screen time can make it more annoying to use my phone by having to hit ok every 15 minutes which helps me be more conscious of my use.

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ثالثه ثانوى وخسيت جدا مش باكل كويس خالص ممكن حضرتك تقولى على حاجه مغذيه او لفتح الشهيه فضلا؟

هو انا مش متخصص nutrition ف مقدرش أفتي في دا..بس انا مريت بالسنة دي وكنت خسيت برضو اوي وبفقد تركيزي أحيانا كنت بشتري برطمان عسل ابيض بالمكسرات بيبقى موجود في الهايبرماركتس مغذي جدا كنت باكل معلقتين مثلا الصبح ومعلقتين بالليل فيه جميع أنواع المكسرات ودي فيها دهون طبيعية وصحية عشان الوزن وكمان مليانة فيتامينات بتزود التركيز وكمان اصلا العسل الابيض مفيد لدرجة كبيرة اوي+ النوم ٦ ساعات على الأقل ومش اكتر من كدا لإن اكتر من كدا أو أقل بيعمل كسل وطول اليوم هيخليك مش مركز وبيخسس اكتر ف عشان يبقالنا من اليوم فترة كويسة نذاكر فيها والدروس وكدا والمرقعة طبعا بتاخدلها ساعتين ولا حاجة ف هو كفاية اوي٦ ساعات وتحاول تظبط نومك على كدا+ الأكل بقا حافظ انهم يكونوا تلات وجبات بين كل واحدة والتانية اربع ساعات بالكتير خمس ساعات وطول مانت قاعد بتذاكر خلي جنبك حاجة تتاكل فاكهة حلويات سناكس اي حاجة بتخن...ابعد عن الأدوية دلوقتي خالص عشان انت محتاج صحتك جدا ومتجيش على جسمك عشان هتلاقي نتيجة المذاكرة صفر....والأهم من كل دا متشيلش الهم وهي سنة زي اي سنة الخوف بيوقفنا مكاننا وبيتحكم فينا ويهيأ لينا اشياء أسوأ مما هي عليه ف حاول تجمد قلبك واوعى تخاف من أي امتحان لإن الخوف بيدمر حرفيا حتى لو مذاكر هيضيعك..دا امتحان عادي جدا اقنع نفسك بكدا بس تكون حريص إنك تخرج منه بأفضل ما يمكن وأفضل نتيجة والباقي صدقني بتاع ربنا..بس انت هات اخرك أيا كانت قدراتك وربنا يوفقك ♥️

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