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Do you think gene-edited vegetables are safe for consumption? Would you eat vegetables if you knew they gene-edited?

I would, yeah. They are researching into making crops have a longer shelf life to reduce post-harvest waste, which I'm all for because seriously it goes off so quickly that it gets wasted. There's also research being done to up the nutritional value of some veggies which, given the current situation with most soil being largely depleted and therefor our veggies having much less goodness in them, is definitely important

Lex do you make a lot like over 50K or more? Is 150K a lot where you live? Can somebody earn more in your field and whats the limit?

> Lex do you make a lot
Overall, I am satisfied with my earnings / returns.
> like over 50K or more?
My earnings fluctuate every day. Losses and gains can vary greatly from one day to the next. Likewise, there is no yearly average. I believe you're thinking in terms of a yearly salary? It's impossible to offer an average figure because it doesn't exist in my field and my secondary sources of income can also vary greatly.
> Is 150K a lot where you live?
This depends on one's expenses. For example, I have one acquaintance who earns over 300K yearly and lives rather modestly. Nearly half of that income goes to taxes. The rest, high Manhattan rent for a "studio" (slightly bigger than a cat box), bills, food, student loans, car loan, etc. In the end, he is lucky if he's left with 10K. Another acquaintance earns about 65K - huge rent-free apartment in mother's house (nice part of Staten Island), no loans, doesn't drive, low expenses and she's able to save about 20K / 25K per year. Also has a side hustle selling nutritional supplements online grossing about 5K yearly and she's in her mid-twenties.
> Can somebody earn more in your field
Yes. Considerably more.
> and whats the limit?
There is no cap / limit. Traders / investors / speculators can assume significant risks and may earn or lose accordingly.

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Do you prefer cooking or pre made meals?

ArielFern11441’s Profile PhotoAriel
I prefer cooking my own food at home with my items I've pre purchased...such as making my own wraps for dinner or something like that.
As long as I have access to portion sizes and nutritional information, I'm happy.

Do you think some people get more attention because of how they look?

Facial symmetry isn’t distributed evenly in this world. That’s true. And neither is body shape, some people struggle more with that. It would be false to say that there aren’t certain types of faces and bodies that make life easier for some people. Because they just do. There are some people who have an easier time getting attention because of the way they look and it would be a lie to say otherwise. But I think it’s worth thinking about it in a couple ways. Firstly, we do actually have an incredible amount of influence over our attractiveness and part of that is of course the ways we can work on our personality, our boundaries, how we come across. Our charisma is something that we’re not just born with a certain level of charisma that can’t change, we do actually have ways of improving our charisma. We do actually have ways of being more bold, of speaking up for ourselves more, or flirting better but also on the outside, we do. We can go to the gym, we can workout, we can improve our body. You can groom yourself and look better that way. You can look after your skin. Like there are a lot of things you can do.
Now, is it gonna take someone who doesn’t look anything like the kinds of people that are held up as the examples of today’s day and age beauty? No it’s not gonna completely eradicate the gap, but it can make an extraordinary difference. So I think that’s the first thing. And the second thing is being the best looking person in the room, only really matters if you’re trying to attract everyone in the room. Which by the way isn’t even possible for the best looking person in the room. So if you’re coming at it from a place of trying to attract everyone in the room is just an egoic pursuit. That’s just your ego that wants to attract more and more and more people. What is it that you actually really want? And if the answer is “oh I’m looking for a really great connection” then you’re playing a very different game than the attention game. You’re actually in the game of “let me find that person who I’m gonna build something extraordinary special with” and that to me, is where there’s much more happiness anyway. I think one of the problems for people who get an extraordinary amount of attention is that it actually takes their focus away from something that could be far more nourishing, far more nutritional, it’s harder to choose one person if you are inundated with options. And it can also be seductive to have lots of options, and it can make it hard to give that up, but that doesn’t mean that happiness resides in y’know constantly flitting from one superficial interaction and romantic situation to another. If you take the preside that for most people being in a deeply connected and beautiful relationship, however they define it, is one of the most beautiful things they can experience in life, then you don’t need to worry about that egoic part of you that worries “Am I attractive enough?” That’s ego.

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Cc ga mau bikin FAQs aja ta? To avoid repetition of questions gt?

Actually that's a really good idea. Im gonna list the answers to the FAQs below. And I'll put the link on my bio. From now on, any questions related to these will not be answered. Thanks!
1. Soft lens: Geo lens super angel in brown (@eyelovin)
2. Curling iron: @beauphoria automatic curling iron carousel 1 (32mm)
-Haircut/hairstyle: http://ask.fm/nathaniaelisa/answer/117542337704
3. Shampoo: Pantene (for any type of hair will do)
4. Other hair products/treatments: none
5. Hair color: never dyed my hair
6. Makeup products used:
-Moisturizer: Clinique
-Face primer: Benefit
-Foundation: MUFE N125
-Concealer: Kat von d
-Loose powder: Mac
-Bronzer/Blush: Hourglass
-Brow: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in ash brown
-Eye primer: Urban decay
-Eyeshadow: varies (my most fave is the lorac pro palette)
-Eyeliner: kat von d or stila liquid liner
-Mascara/lipstick: barely use any (almost never)
-Detailed steps on eye makeup: http://ask.fm/nathaniaelisa/answer/120921436072
7. Skincare: varies (currently clarins and clinique)
8. High school: Bina Bangsa Malang
8. O Level/A Level/IB: A Level
9. College: Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA
10. Uni: University of California, Berkeley, CA (graduated on May 2014)
11. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science, Dietetics concentration
12. Was I on scholarship: Nope
13. Place, year of birth: Jakarta, 1993
-Lived in Malang 1998-2010
-Moved to US 2010-2014
-Currently reside in Jakarta
14. Instagram: @nathaniaelisa
15. Pap selfie no lens no makeup:
16. Cullen's house address: 3333 NW Quimby St, Portland, Oregon 97210, USA
17. Other bunch of random facts:
18. How to calculate ideal body weight:
-Please dont ask me "my weight is __kg and my height is __cm. Wdyt?" anymore. Calculate it by your own.
That's all I guess. I will really appreciate it if you'll take time to read them before you ask me anything from now on. Good night! XO

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