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⠀⠀‧•ʚ❀💌❀ɞ•‧⠀⠀ Ӄαкσе ραguσ Ɓы слушαеmе ?『 αнσн 』

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из последнего , мною избранного ...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMpk-Hx5Pwk&t=40skali_ka_talina’s Video 170274079031 JMpk-Hx5Pwkkali_ka_talina’s Video 170274079031 JMpk-Hx5Pwk
ʚɞ Ӄαкσе ραguσ Ɓы слушαеmе  αнσн

Have you known serious students of the occult who actually practice witchcraft?

I would phrase it differently but yes, I've known / interacted with Initiates of esoteric orders at various degrees and while they may be considered "practitioners," many of them feel that they are conducting *experiments* for the purposes of research and enlightenment. Allow me to be clear - all magic is rooted in deception but the greatest "trick" has little to do with deceiving others.
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What do you know about witch craft?

I happen to know a great deal about the occult, black magic and esoteric disciplines but I am primarily interested in the historical, cultural, philosophical and psychological aspects. A genuine student of "the dark arts" is more of a researcher than a practicing witch / warlock. Generally speaking, I view most "practitioners" as clueless New Age dimwits who have no idea what they're talking about. Their "interest," if I can call it that, is nothing more than a quest for an identity.

Do you believe in the paranormal?

As it relates to psychological constructs, yes - anxiety, suggestion, locus of control, imagery, critical thinking, fantasy, creativity, spirituality, religiosity, etc. To my understanding (and based on my own personal research into the occult and esoteric disciplines), belief in the paranormal seems to correlate with cognitive factors, executive function and so forth. An interesting book on the topic:
Do you believe in the paranormal

Do you believe in the paranormal?

I remain open to paranormal phenomena but in my personal experiments and investigations, I have never come across anything which could not be explained. I've slept in places which were supposedly "haunted," conducted rituals, left "bait," consulted witnesses (some reputable, others not so much) and so forth. I am aware of events which others have reported / experienced but it wouldn't be proper for me to opine on those specific "encounters" because I did not have their experiences and to believe or dismiss without a proper investigation would not serve any purpose. Additionally, I possess some knowledge of the occult / esoteric disciplines but as an ardent skeptic, it takes a great deal to convince me. Reyn til Rûna. -l-
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What genre of books do you mostly read?

History, military history, philosophy, business / investing, science and technology related, classic and classical literature / poetry, religion / mythology, esoteric / occult, art and music, etc.
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What games do you think you'll be playing as a streamer? Personally I'd prefer to watch a streaming program of Boom discussing philosophy, poetry, occult topics, and mindhacks but I guess one has to go where the money is.

I would probably play all games honestly. I think people would literally laugh at watching me play horror games cause i get so scared & i say the funniest sh.it.
I was thinking i would kinda do both, like id game a little bit & take a break to talk to people that sort of thing.

ich finds auch nervig dass es richtig zum trend geworden ist >:c allgemein occult science oder astrologie wird irgendwie so unauthentisch verinnerlicht kp wie ich sagen soll

Ja irgendwie regen mich diese stereotypen auf und es sollten mehr solche sissys wie dich geben wenn es um Astrologie geht kuss an deine Astrologieverbreitung
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Tell me you zodiac sign I will suggest you lucky colour number and stone

I appreciate the kind offer but I have enough amulets and occult paraphernalia to keep me warm for a few Winters... ???
:::strikes match:::
Tell me you zodiac sign I will suggest you lucky colour number and stone
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Do you have any paintings on your wall in your house? Care to share a picture? If you don't have any paintings in your house would you ever get any?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
🖼 My walls are covered in bookshelves and masks so there’s no room for fine art.
🖼 However I do like it, if I had the money and space I’d have sci fi and horror paintings by Lee Gibbons, Les Edwards, Mark Rogers, etc etc etc wall sculptures/gargoyles/grotesques by Stella Stardust, traditional painting by Grimshaw and maybe some of Waterhouse’s magical women, perhaps some occult art by A O Spare and M P Hall etc. And art by friends like @asgardarts !
🖼 But I like so much, if not more, fine art by those whose names I don’t know or can’t recall, so I’d likely be spending my days on DeviantArt or wherever ordering prints of some of the stuff I like on there.

↬What do you like to read? ♡

Books dealing with history and / or military history, business and investing, political and economic theories, philosophy, science, technology, art / music, the occult / religion / spirituality and esoteric disciplines and classic literature / poetry and classical literature. =)
What do you like to read
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Tell something about yourself. How old are you, what's your height?Favorite flower,favorite colors?What do you like to watch,what do you like to listen to?Favorite food,favorite cocktail?Your interest, your hobbies?What do you choose- pride or love?

I am 22. I'm 5'4. Iris (don't have a fav flower but it's one of them.) Teal, green, black, purple are my fav colors. I watch Horror movies and Documentaries mostly. I listen to anything from Classical to Industrial depending on my mood. Mango rice or anything rice related really is my fav food. Fav cocktail is Pina Colada (I don't drink much.) I have many interests including Occult and Sciences. I have several hobbies including Painting and Writing. I choose pride over love.
Tell something about yourself How old are you whats your heightFavorite
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It has been decided that each Year should have 13 months of 28 days each, plus Christmas day (13x28+1=365). What should we name the extra month, and why?

There already is the suggestion of “Sol” between June and July to mark the summer solstice.
Interesting topic actually, because it is said there has always been 13 months, but due to the fact that 13 is a divine feminine number* and because of the patriarchy which resulted in the suppression of women, men tried to erase all evidence of that in our lives to keep women suppressed.
For example, that 13 is said to be an unlucky or even evil number, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Many buildings don’t have a 13th floor, due to that believe.
I mean, there are 13 lunar cycles in a year, so why not make 13 months with every month having 28 days, which is much easier when it comes to determining the day and date. Like “Today is the 1st, so it’s Monday”, you know.
And in that 13-month-calendar, every 13th of the months would fall on a Friday, which was known to be a lucky day and to celebrate the divine feminine. 😉
Coincidence? I think not. 😄
I love topics like this. Occult and hidden knowledge, that’s slowly coming to the surface again. ☺️💟
“The number 13 has a unique association with the Divine Feminine. Thirteen is said to have been revered in prehistoric goddess-worshiping cultures because it corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days). “

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It has been decided that each Year should have 13 months of 28 days each plus

¿Me puedes recomendar grupos de música? Tampoco pido una lista masiva en el caso de que te gusten demasiados, sino los que más te gustan entre esos, como los más "top" de tu lista

No sé qué música te mola, así que te voy a recomendar un poco de todo lo que a mi me gusta. Te pongo entre paréntesis el género al que pertenece la banda en cuestión.
-Shawn James (Blues/Rock/Country/Folk).
-Faun (Pagan/Neo Folk).
-The Necromancers (Heavy Occult Rock).
-Dead Can Dance (inclasificable).
-Myrkur (Dark Folk/Black Metal).
-Summoning (Atmospheric Black Metal).
-Greta Van Fleet (Hard Rock/Blues Rock).
-Bathory (Black Metal/Viking Metal).
-Steam Powered Giraffe (Steampunk music).
-Agalloch (Black/Doom/Folk Metal/Ambient).
-The Alan Parsons Project (Rock progresivo).
-Mike Oldfield (Rock/Experimental/Ambient).
-Enya (New Age/Pop).
-The Dead South (Bluegrass).
-Stoned Jesus (Stoner/Doom Metal).
-Wagakki Band (Folk Rock japonés).
-Harakiri for the Sky (Black Metal/Post-Metal).
-Omnia (Neo/Pagan Folk).
-Siouxsie And The Banshees (Post-Punk).
-Sol Invictus (Neofolk)
-Death in June (Neofolk/Experimental).
-Aurelio Voltaire (Dark Cabaret).

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اسف للتدخل " غير السائل " طب انا والدتي بردو عملت cbc و طلع عندها انيميا و الدكتور طلب occult blood دا هو كدا شاكك ف كانسر ولا حضرتك بتخص الرجال بس اسف مرة تانية

السيدات الامر مختلف
لانهم بيفقدوا ده في البيريود
لكن الرجاله بتفقد فين ؟
+2 answers in: “الدكتور طلب من والدي تحليل occult blood بعد ما شاف التحاليل الي كان عاملها وطلع عنده انيميا بس ف cbc هو كدا شاكك ف كانسر ي دكتور ولا ايه ؟”

الدكتور طلب من والدي تحليل occult blood بعد ما شاف التحاليل الي كان عاملها وطلع عنده انيميا بس ف cbc هو كدا شاكك ف كانسر ي دكتور ولا ايه ؟

وانصح انه يعمل منظار علي طول لا ينتظر حتي التحليل ده
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The Warrens where the ones thet kept all the occult stuff including Annabelle for years I say keepers instead of owners as I do not think its a good idea to say you own such things lol but yea its closed as I do not think they had any kids tbh idk no one to take care of the items or want them

Austintag1ous’s Profile PhotoAustin Moreland
oh yeah I know! my favorite movie is the conjuring aha so I knew that they keep the stuff. Yeah no one wants the stuff because it’s scary lol
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Naaa the Warren occult museum in Monroe Connecticut which is now permenatly closed its where Annabelle is or was kept anyway since it is now permanetly closed since Lorraines death reminds me are ya looking forward to Annanelle comes home?

Austintag1ous’s Profile PhotoAustin Moreland
oh I didn’t know that! That’s interesting! But why is it permanently closed?
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Yea would be pretty cool to visit there weird thing tho right around the time Lorraine Warren died in April you couldnt get on to their occult museum website where Annabelle and loads of other things are kept weird shit started happening at the museum too

Austintag1ous’s Profile PhotoAustin Moreland
oh my goodness that’s scary tbh. And what museum Zak’s?
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Подскажите, per favore, пять книг, с которых стоит начать изучать герметическую традицию, помимо Эволы и Джаммарии

Ох... Пять... Ну и вопрос))) После долгих дискуссий список был составлен. И так:
1. David Bohm - Wholness and the Implicate Order. Всё просто. Перед тем как начать готовиться к чемпионату мира по бегу нужно научиться ходить. Перед тем как начать изучать герметическую традицию, алхимию, магию и т.д. Нужно прочитать Бома. Без вариантов.
2. Elémire Zolla - Le Meraviglie della Natura: Introduzione all'Alchimia. Просто-напросто самая лучшая книга об алхимии написанная не алхимиком. Книга, прочитав которую можно будет сказать: "наконец-то я хоть что-то понял в алхимии".
3. Andre Vandenbroeck - Al-Kemi: Hermetic, Occult, Political and Private Aspects of R.A.Schwaller De Lubicz. Скажем сразу, это очень тяжёлая книга, даже в плане языка (английский - не родной для автора). Возвращаться к ней придётся не раз, не два, и даже не три. Однако же, без неё из Фулканелли (а де Любич, напомним, был одним из двух участников сего проекта) можно лишь картинки смотреть. А вот хорошенько её проработав - вопрос об алхимии отпадёт просто уйма. И да, если слышите что кто-то шибко бодро рассуждает про сухой путь и не знает изложенного в Al-kemi - смело бейте такому адепту с ноги в табло.
4. Merélle - Alkymiens Mysterier. Если Вам когда-либо попадалось нечто в дупелину пьяное, жамкающее беззубым ртом: "Головин - умер, мы - мудаки, Фулканелли - последний алхимик", - то Вам следует знать две вещи: а) перед вами традиционалист и б) существо право только в двух своих тезисах, Головин действительно мёртвы, они и правда мудами, а вот последнее - восем не так. Доказательство тому книга книга - женщины-алхимика, адептессы )) Мерель. Книга не совсем для начинающих, скорее для людей имеющих опыт лабораторной химической работы и желающих узнать чем алхимия похожа, а чем отлична от того к чему они привыкли и поэтому человеку без соответствубщего бэкграунда книга может показаться тяжеловатой и скучноватой, однако она стоит того. Информации (особенно практической) в ней столько, что как говорится, нигде больше не найдёшь.
5. Archarion - Von wahrer Alchemie Разъяснение розенкрейцеровской алхимии с приложением одного из главных алхимических текстов ЗРК. Некоторые теософско-антропософские уклонения автора конечно же портят впечатление, однако но не слишком сильно, да ещё и перевод ЗРКшного Тестамента. В общем очень-очень важная книга после прочтения которой вопросов (в особенности относительно этапов Делания) сильно поубавится.

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맞추셨으니까 우리 계속 절친해요♥️ 영국철학자 Nick Land의 [ Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007 ]라는 책이에요 https://g.co/kgs/K1dRLx

moistice’s Profile Photo건조
정말요? 그렇게 해주시겠읍니까 영국에서도 잘 부탁드립니다 건조님 아직 가려면 멀었지만요 하인츠님과 행복하고 평온한 저녁 보내고 계신가요
알려주셔서 고맙읍니다
이 책 쩌네오
A dizzying trip through the mind(s) of the provocative and influential thinker Nick Land.
During the 1990s British philosopher Nick Land's unique work, variously described as "rabid nihilism," "mad black deleuzianism," and "cybergothic," developed perhaps the only rigorous and culturally-engaged escape route out of the malaise of "continental philosophy" --a route that was implacably blocked by the academy. However, Land's work has continued to exert an influence, both through the British "speculative realist" philosophers who studied with him, and through the many cultural producers--writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers--who have been invigorated by his uncompromising and abrasive philosophical vision.
Beginning with Land's early radical rereadings of Heidegger, Nietzsche, Kant and Bataille, the volume collects together the papers, talks and articles of the mid-90s--long the subject of rumour and vague legend (including some work which has never previously appeared in print)--in which Land developed his futuristic theory-fiction of cybercapitalism gone amok; and ends with his enigmatic later writings in which Ballardian fictions, poetics, cryptography, anthropology, grammatology and the occult are smeared into unrecognisable hybrids.
Fanged Noumena gives a dizzying perspective on the entire trajectory of this provocative and influential thinker's work, and has introduced his unique voice to a new generation of readers.

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No, keep up, I was talking to my friend Tom about you because he's a very powerful person and I showed him your picture and he told me to stay away from you because you can do black magic on people's hearts and minds.

Why would Tom think something like that. Do you think that I would try to use the occult to influence people?
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طب ي دكتور بعد اذنك انا اتبرعت بالدم من شهور فاتت بس من يوميها وانا بدوخ وضغطى واطى ع طول انميتى 13.4 بس انا ضعيفه وبيجيلي صداع من دماغى من ورا ع طول دا من ايه

الهيموجلوبين مظبوط .
بس الأنيميا مش نقص هيموجلوبين فقط .. تعملى صورة دم كاملة وتعملى fecal occult blood test علشان تشوفى فيه أى نوع من الأنيميا ولا لا .
الصداع طريقة علاجه :
- بعد إستبعاد إن يكون فيه الصداع بسبب الضغط البدنى والحالة النفسية
- كشف رمد لو فيه مشاكل فى النظر .
- مفيش يبقى كشف أنف وأذن
- مفيش يبقى كشف باطنة
- مفيش يبقى مخ وأعصاب .

how did you get interested into the matters of the occult? can you recommend some literature or where to start even because im sort of lost here? there isnt some trustworthy source so i dont know what to trust in particular

I don't think you're asking the right guy...I won't tell you what to read or do, but i can tell you the best piece of advice related to learning about the occult that i've heard (by my boo ofc) - don't get involved with anything occult unless you are very grounded. Because you will definitely lose your mind. I don't mean this in some horrific edgy way where demons pop out of the ground and tear you apart with sinful wild revelations no human mind can bear, although it might seem so to the person to which it's happening. But since i'm very grounded - what will actually happen is that because of your sole interaction with things that can't be seen/touched and your involvement with the world out of your reach, you will start noticing weird schemes and stuff everywhere around you. This is what losing your mind actually is. You stop living life and being interested in the physical and give way to abstractions and wild ideas and concepts and some world BEYOND. You start overthinking, connecting dots; you start seeing everything is related and intertwined and you can't help but SEARCH for that pattern you know is out there. Mind starts taking over your body. And this is not good. People are not their minds only.
Like...y'all. When ppl say the occult is hard to stomach and for tough people only, they really mean it. You need to have a solid foundation before you can allow yourself to roam in the air or dig deep down into the ground, otherwise you may not come back. Or to put it that way - gotta open the lower chakras before you start developing the higher ones.
You see, you and i can look at the same thing and see different things. And both of us may be right. Each and every thing that exists is on...different planes of perception...Say, i think i may have a poltergeist in my new place. Lights are switching on and off randomly, the door sounds as if someone's pressing their body against it, doors open, water leaks for no reason, we have random power cuts in the building. It's too cold in my room. I feel strange.
I choose not to think that's any ghost or whatever, because i am confident in my physical shape, so things that exist on another plane are as good as non-existent to me. If it has no body, it can't hurt me, that's what i choose to believe. I choose to exist in the physical plane of reality and this thing doesn't exist in that plane. We can never meet. So it's all good, i find a rational explanation to my problem and fix it.
But another person may not be so physical. Another person may live in their head and perceive things on a mental plane, they can feel energy and energy can get to them and destroy them.
So this thing in my place...It is a poltergeist and it can kill you. But it's also not and it can't touch you. Things don't exist, i swear. They are perceptions and perceptions are different and all true.
Uh, where was i going with that. Seems like i'm not that grounded after all. Totally got lost in my head.

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do you watch netflix or hulu? if you do, what are some programs you've recently been watching? if you don't, what are some of your favorite tv shows?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I have Netflix but not Hulu. I’m currently making my way through NCIS. I also just started Dark today. Seems like a German Stranger Things so far but I’ll see how it goes. I need to catch up on Broadchurch. I’ve watched a lot of crime shows lately like Killer Kids, Occult Crimes, etc. I just finished Shot in the Dark — highly recommend it. And I also just started Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which is an Aussie detective show reminiscent of The Doctor Blake Mysteries which is another great Aussie show.
Also everyone has been raving about Mindhunter and I watched it and was super disappointed because of how slow and boring it was. It took me ages to get through it.
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O,a to w sumie ciekawa opinia,dzięki za przywrócenie do pionu z chińskimi bajami. Occult Academy jest twoim ulubionym,bo trafiło w twój gust czy jest bardzo dobre po prostu? Ocena na malu odstrasza i to bardzo.

occult academy jest moim ulubionym anime, ponieważ główna bohaterka jest silną niezależną kobietą, jest dużo motywów okultystycznych, które lubię, więc estetyka spoko, poczucie humoru bardzo ironiczne, czyli moje ulubione, nie jest długie (chyba 11 odcinków) więc się nie nudzi, klimat bardzo szybko się zmienia, w jednej sekundzie jest strasznie, a za chwilę śmisznie, a za 2sekundy bardzo smutno, także jest bardzo dynamiczne co mi się podoba. no a co do samej fabuły, to główny wątek jest bardzo wolno rozwijany z początku... ale jak już zbliża się wszystko do wyjaśnienia całości, to jest taki szok, że o jezu.... w życiu nie spodziewałbym się, że tam się taki chaos wytworzy i to na tak gigantyczną skalę. rozumiem jakiś zwrot akcji, ale taki obrót wydarzeń, echhh..... tak jak w madoce przejrzałem tego kyubey od razu, tak w occult academy nic nie zapowiadało tego co się stało na końcu.

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Bo meduka jest cholernie specyficzna,shinsekai yori też by ci mogło w takim razie nie przypaść. Oglądałeś Death Parade? Cudeńko na ewentualną przerwę od dziwnych dziwactw.

death parade polecałem użytkownikowi @rasta_krasnal bo to tak słabe, że aż jej się spodoba, bo niestety mi ani trochę. madoka wcale nie jest specyficzna, za dużo anime i seriali oglądałem i rozpracowałem tego kyubey już na początku, to co stało się później nie było dla mnie zaskoczeniem, motywy (głównie zakończenie i postać tej jednej dziewczyny władającej czasem) podobne też do mirai nikki (które również przerwałem, bo ta różowa tak mnie denerwowała, że aż nie mogłem oglądać). steins;gate też mi nie podpasowało.
mój gust jest echhhhh.... moje ulubione anime EVER to Occult Academy, nic mu nie dorównuje. drugie i trzecie ulubione, zamiennie, to Death Note (jedno z pierwszych jakie widziałem) oraz Zetsuen No Tempest, bardzo niedoceniane, bo pierwsze 3-4odcinki to tylko walka z magią w tle, zero intrygi, zwrotów akcji itd., ale później jest tak dobre a momentami nawet lepsze od Death Note. podobało mi się trochę Zankyou No Terror, a poza tym tylko tasiemce oglądam, Dragon Ball, Slayers, Saint Seiya.... ech nie próbujcie nawet w mój gust trafić, bo ja się nie bawię w breaking bad czy grę o tron lub supernatural oraz ich odpowiedniki w świecie anime.

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ما أسباب عدم زيادة طفل رضيع عنده شهرين و 5 أيام عنده حساسية لبن وبياخد لبن عبارة عن فول صويا وحديد وما زادش والدكتور زود عدد مرات الرضاعة الصناعي ل12 مرة وزود كمية الرضعة لأنه مش بيزيد ؟

قبل زيادة كمية الرضعات ينبي استبعاد اسباب تعثر النمو في الرضع عبر اجراء الآتي
اولا الاشعة دي
- Echocardiography
والتحاليل دي
- TSH , T3 , T4
- Stool analysis (with occult blood in stool detection)
- Basal Growth Hormone + IGF-1 + IGF-2
- Total IgE
وابعتيهم ليا أو لدكتورة صفاء واقولك اللي في الولد والخطوة الجاية

Do you believe demonic possessions occur? Why or why not? If not, how would you explain the behavioral changes that occur during these episodes?

AmericanLass’s Profile PhotoC.
Yes, I do. It mostly happens to people that invite them into their lives, whether it's intentional or not. But yeah, I have met more than one person that had the Devil in him or her. Thankfully, it has never been anyone that I love or know on a personal level.
That said, I can't stress enough to people that "playing" around with the occult is not really playing. When you partake in any of this kind of activity(Ouija boards, seances, etc) without a real medium, you are putting your spiritual life at risk. Demonic spirits that have not made it through the reincarnation process love messing with people(especially people that have no idea what they are doing). Your best bet is to stay away from all of it. It can come back to you later during reincarnation... Hi C!

Write down the name of these products You are using----- 👉Tooth brush- 👉Tooth Paste- 👉Shampoo- 👉Perfume- 👉Hair Cream- 👉Watch- 👉Shoes- 👉Phone-

Shopnil_niloy’s Profile PhotoHasibul Alam Niloy
1. T.B - ProDentalB
2. T.P - Sensodyne
3. Shampoo - L'Oreal Elvive (Deshi Product ✌🏼️😂)
4. Perfume - Jordache Men
5. Hair Cream - None :v
6. Watch - Rolex O.P.D
7. Shoes - Occult (Converse)
8. Phone - IPhone 5s and SGalaxy S4 :3

Are Scorp people's eyes amazing 'cause a demon or two live there, or do demons live in Scorp people eyes 'cause they amazing

Fun fact: having demons in your eyes actually isn't funny nor does it happen to everybody and having an intense gaxe is associated with being Plutonian, yes, as we really are connected to the Underworld (Hades IS fucking Pluto after all) yet that doesn't mean we all are fucking demonic, a demon (which is basically a ray of negative, underworld energy, not an individual) would attach itself to a person when they're weak, depressed, prone to suicide or very much interested in the occult and, eventually, opening themselves to invite spirits in. And I guess being Scorpionic helps, but it's not the main thing. And also, this is not a teeny witchy cringey novel, so it isn't fun nor cool, nor is it a thing to joke about.

Maybe this question is a bit dumb, but when you wear like Killstar or the stuff where it says "occult luxury", does it mean that it's only for the ones who believe in Satan and stuff? So do the clothes have a background or a meaning?

The occult has absolutely nothing to do with Satan

Köszönöm a lajkokat ♥ Bár kétszer meggondoltam, hogy írjak-e az occult hashtag miatt. (Nehezen viselem a rontásokat)

Haha, szívesen. Az occult tag nem arra vonatkozik, hogy varázsolgatnék, szóval ne aggódj. :) Egyébként meg jót nevettem így reggel a válaszaidon szóval én köszönöm!

Que animes Recomendarías? Estoy buscando ver nuevos y no me decido. Soy de gustos abiertos así que admito cualquier cosa

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Yo soy más de clásicos, de los que veía de pequeña, como Sailor Moon, Fushigy Yugi (nunca recuerdo si se escribe así), Sakura, Yu tu hakusho...
De los más nuevos que he visto y me gustaron puedo decirte: Rewrite, Ataque a los titanes, Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sword Art Online, Los siete pecados capitales, Kuromukuro, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Karin...
Ahora no se me ocurren más, y como algunas tienen algunos años quizás ya las conozcas, pero bueno.
(Haciendo esta lista me he dado cuenta que en el último año he visto un montón de series anime nuevas 🙃)
Que animes Recomendarías Estoy buscando ver nuevos y no me decido Soy de gustos

why are so many girls nowadays ( not talking about you, i known u) trying to be dark and all that " cute but psycho", " satan is my daddy" , goff shit? but then if they come across actual occult and demonology they back off

I was actually discussing this with my friend last week, its so cringy, I came across one of those girls again today. If I was easily triggered or gave a shit, I'd call it offensive and rant about it abusing my religious views on Facebook.
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ah magick seems rly complicated tbh,,is it ok if i should start out by reading mythologies and philosophies (youve mentioned that there are books that are fairly accurate in major cities!) how can i look for reliable books? also what falls under "magick"? theres a lot of topics, but idk if

Yes, practice without understanding is meaningless. Philosophy & mythology are good places to start getting a feel for the cultures you are considering. Pro tip paganism is just an umbrella term for polytheistic religions & does not neccessarily include magickal practices.
So consider if you are just looking for an old world religion or more traditional paganism, spiritualism, or magickal practices.
Either way large library branches in major cities often are less biased to mainstream religion and may include polytheism, paganism, & occult books in their religious sections. Also check under ancient history, mythology, & western philosophies. You might find some good cultural info.
If you live in a smaller area or don't have access to that large of an institution then cautiously research old world religion, world mythologies, & paganism online. Don't use blogs, forums, or practices. The more reliable the source of information the better.

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You are in the last anime you watched? How fucked you are? Now you know this question then how about going in details about it, what kind of life would you build in there and what kind of character would you be? Maybe even MC? I'm actually curious so please answer sooner or later

RoneLTU’s Profile PhotoRijouku 。◕‿◕。
Well I guess I'm pretty fucked up, because I don't know what is even happening there ;u;
I'm not really into occult and paranormal stuff, but this seems interesting...so gonna continue it ^w^
What kind of character would I be? Ehh, well maybe just someone that Shou Moritsuka finds to be comfortable with (≧∇≦)
~Let me steal your heart too, Shou-kun.~
You are in the last anime you watched How fucked you are Now you know this

No, I don't know you in person, but you are kinda straightforward with that, aren't you? With Havoc and "I LOVE EVERYBODY" and all that.

I... guess I am?
It's just a BPD thing, I shove my slightly made up personality traits in people's faces in order for them to think I actually am a human being, but I am, in fact, just five black cats shoved into a trech coat that happen possess occult knowledge for some reason.
See, I did it again. Main reason Plutonians seem proud: we don't really have personalities, so we tend to only talk about ourselves so people think we actually are human beings.
That aside, I do believe I love everybody, while Havoc just stuck years ago, when I was all about order and being introverted and the-weird-ass-quiet-kid, I guess I just happened to change to live up to it.

i know you're very knowledgable in paranormal, the occult, etc- what are ways to protect yourself from spirits, demons, or just in general?

Don't invite that stuff into your house by playing with occult stuff (like ouija boards)
For something more I'll need specifics ?? but theres the general stuff like smudging & blessed rock//sea salts.
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kak ngomong-ngomong soal spirited away, lumayan sih filmnya tapi masih bingung kenapa seterkenal itu. kalo menurut kakak sendiri bagus karena apa?

((Lumayan sih filmnya))
Yha gapapa selera orang mang beda".

From my pov, why i like the movie so much is because;
1. The art is frickin' breath-takingly beautiful. Like seriously, the color palatte is very complex. It's rich, it's got depth, it's realistic. Can you imagine how many hours it took to paint them? If i'm not mistaken most of Ghibli's animations are done in traditional way. Which means the backgrounds are painted by hands.
2. The details, be it from the cinematography, scenes, or props. The little, intricate details in the movie that may seem trivial but it brings the movie alive, it gives the movie that 'real' feeling. We might not notice the details, but it brings the movie together. Like during that elevator scene when the cam shoots Chihiro from across this alley between two rooms with shoji doors and you can hear the faint and dampened laughter and chattery from inside the rooms. Or the way Haku gagged in his dragon form when Chihiro shoved the medicine into his mouth.
3. The depth of the characters and relationships between them. Nuffsaid.
4. The story. I think why Spirited Away is so special to me is bcs since i was little i have always been interested in occult stuff, especially Japanese myths and spirits. So the movie is like a whole pack of exciting goodies for me. I mean, finding a land filled with magic and mystical beings and funky spirits!!! And trains crossing the sea!! With shadowy see-through commuters!! C o m e o n just how exciting is that.
5. The score. Who doesnt like Joe Hisaishi's One Summer's Day lyk srsly it's super endearing.
6. The silent scenes. Like during Chihiro's train trip to Zeniba. Where you can see island and the house in the distance. Sort of like when you're in a trip and you just gaze out the windows and enjoy the scenery in silence.

Yha segitu dulu sih kayanya wkwk. Yep i am so in love with spirited away. Anyhow, Here's an article about spirited away just in case you want to read it http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=60237

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kak ngomongngomong soal spirited away lumayan sih filmnya tapi masih bingung

myślę, że podołam... w każdym razie dziękuję za odpowiedzi i notkę! za zetsuen no tempest też się wezmę ale to innym razem

Na shinden jest 5 pierwszych odc po polsku i ósmy też po polsku, reszta albo po angielsku, albo wcale nie ma. LOL nie wiem czemu to anime jest tak ciężko dostępne... to samo z moim ulubionym serialem: Siberia. Też tylko jeden odcinek po polsku, a reszta tłumaczona do połowy i w połowie odcinek się kończy xd
i koniecznie jak obejrzysz to napisz mi jak się podobało, bo do tej pory tylko jedna osoba to obejrzała przeze mnie, ale myślę że sporo osób nie chce oglądać Occult Academy, mimo że tak polecam, bo nie ma całości po polsku.

kurcze gdzie sie podziala odpowiedz o zetsuen no tempest, chcialam się zapytac jak często masz zamiar oglądać

Nie wiem, pewnie na początku obejrzę z 6 odcinków, te pierwsze 4 są serio słabe, ale jak ogląda się pierwszy raz, to trzeba obejrzeć. Tak jak Death Note - pierwszy odcinek był słabiutki, bo wyjaśniali tylko jak działa zeszyt... dopiero później się rozkręciło. Tutaj w Zetsuen no tempest tak samo jest, tylko rozciągnęli to wprowadzenie aż na 4 odcinki. Więc te pierwsze 4 obejrzę tak jednym okiem, a później już w pełnym skupieniu będę oglądać. Wiem że był taki moment, że przez 3 odcinki wyjaśniali jedną rzecz, dosłownie stai w miejscu i rozmawiali czy to jest możliwe co wymyślili i wiesz co.... to było mega ciekawe! Na jednym wdechu obejrzałem i musiałem się serio skupić, bo w pewnym momencie się zacząłem gubić. Tam była nawet mechanika kwantowa!
Na ten moment moje ulubione anime EVER to:
1. Occult Academy - wątpię, żeby kiedykolwiek cokolwiek spodobało mi się bardziej.. w trakcie oglądania Zetsuen myślałem, że może jemu się uda, no i było świetne, ale nie lepsze.
2 i 3 - Death Note oraz Zetsuen no tempest. Nie mogę jeszcze zdecydować które lepsze, bo całego zetsuen jeszcze nie przetrawiłem, muszę obejrzeć jeszcze raz, bo za pierwszym za bardzo pochłonął mnie motyw szukania tego kto zab. ił Aikę Fuwę, więc poboczne wątki trochę przeskakiwałem w takim sensie, że no spoko coś tam się działo, ale co mnie to, dawać mi tu rozwiązanie!
I tę listę moich top 3 anime stworzyłem bardzo obiektywnie. Bardzo lubię i doceniam np. Higurashi no naku koro ni, albo Zankyou no terr.or, ale to nie są takie MASTERPIECE jak Death Note czy Zetsuen. A do Occult Academy to już serio NIC się nie umywa. To anime tak bardzo mi się podoba, że nawet nie umiem napisać o nim notki.... bo miałaby chyba 5mln stron. Wiem, że jedna osoba to przeze mnie obejrzała i też była zachwycona i po obejrzeniu do końca stwierdziła, że teraz rozumie czemu ciągle mówię, że nic innego nie umywa się do Occult Academy. Ale ciężko znaleźć po polsku, bo jest tylko kilka odcinków i trzeba po angielsku oglądać albo wcale.

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Днес сме на тема магия. Вярвате ли в нея? Бяла или черна магия? Wiccan или Occult? Прикачете нещо по темата :)

Не вярвам в магия (това е илюзия) ..черна магия☀☀ Occult
Днес сме на тема магия Вярвате ли в нея Бяла или черна магия Wiccan или Occult

damn, must be hard being you - secretly being obsessed with others, but rejecting them before they find out you're another desperate human being with feelings. But, I mean, that's the better way to live really. Kudos

My Scorpio actually does not have the typical obsessive, stalker qualities, that this Rising would normally have. It dwells more on me being edgy, dramatic, interested in the Occult and having the infamous Scorpio dark undereye circles. Once Mars actually explained to me what counteracts it in my chart, but I am me an therefore I forgot what it was exactly. Bless me not being a Libra or a Cancer, right? Those signs would be so scary with my rising placement, I want to know people with such birth charts. I feel that they would be so lovely. Are we actually talking about astrology, I wonder?
If we are just talking human interactions - there is no use psychoanalysing me (you won't like me when I'm psychoanalysed). I do not work the way you apparently desire me to, as you are obviously going by nothing but Ask.FM answers and your thoughts and ideas. I actually have the feeling you try to project yourself onto me for one reason or the other. Strangely, a lot of people do that and I do not mind it one bit, yet I still find it quite confusing.

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