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Читали ли Вы книги в подростковом возрасте? Какие произведения Вам действительно нравились?

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most of the books I read, I read at the age of 12 to 16, they were books on history, philosophy, occultism, psychology, art, I also read many of the classics of world fiction.

مفاد کی بنیاد پر تعلق قائم کرنا کمزور لوگوں کی علامت ہے۔🦅

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Change your Dp ⚠️
Do not do unto others what you may not want done to your religion.
🌸Star of David, Hebrew Magen David (“Shield of David”), Magen also spelled Mogen, Jewish symbol composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star. It appears on synagogues, Jewish tombstones, and the flag of the State of Israel. The symbol—which historically was not limited to use by Jews—originated in antiquity, when, side by side with the five-pointed star, it served as a magical sign or as a decoration. In the Middle Ages the Star of David appeared with greater frequency among Jews but did not assume any special religious significance; it is found as well on some medieval cathedrals. The term Magen David, which in Jewish liturgy signifies God as the protector (shield) of David, gained currency among medieval Jewish mystics, who attached magical powers to King David’s shield just as earlier (non-Jewish) magical traditions had referred to the five-pointed star as the “seal of Solomon” 🌸
🌸The Seal of Solomon (or Ring of Solomon; Arabic: خاتم سليمان‎ Khātam Sulaymān) is the signet ring attributed to King Solomon in medieval Arabic tradition, from which it developed in Islamic and Jewish mysticism and in Western occultism. It is the predecessor of the Star of David, which became the symbol of the Jewish people in modern times.🌸

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مفاد کی بنیاد پر تعلق قائم کرنا کمزور لوگوں کی علامت ہے

- Alchemy, astrology and occultic symbolism has always been a part of secret societies and satanism and sure, a lot of this stuff is overrated and thrown under the wrung of conspiracy theory but some of this goes back in history to freemasonry books and a jewish book on magic cd the Zohar so that ;

it is quite interesting how satanism and cults are a backdrop for this as this is advantageous for them to have knowledge like this to maybe manipulate or control people or make them go astray
I didn’t know about the jewish roots or their book on magic but in almost all religions there is a lot of study revolving around heavenly bodies and their impact on us like hinduism has it’s own obsession with it as if it determines our entire life and in Islam a lot of prominent figures were astronomers but muslims after that influenced by hinduism and occultism mixed astrology and astronomy together and started believing in a lot of things they weren’t supposed to be into. I mean sure there is stuff like how we’re all connected to the universe or how moon influences waves of the sea and maybe blood flow I don’t know much about that and how black magic can be accurate about things but still other than how it’s haram it’s also absurd to have a system that classifies all humans in the world into twelve discrete categories. There’s a lot more diversity and everyone’s environmental conditioning even if they are the same initially just makes it all the more complex.

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1. What was the first piece of music you remember owning? (vinyl, tape, CD, etc)? 2. What was the first piece of music that you bought with your own money (if it's not the same piece)?

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Not to sound rude or anything, but I'm from the generation of free access to music - the internet, so I didn't care much for vinyls/tapes/CDs, although I inherited dozens of such from relatives. For example the very piece of music I fell in love with was a tape, which my mother bought randomly from a gas station on our way back (or to) the sea side. When we played it for the first time, I fell for it immediately because I heard Pantera, Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, Foreigner, Alice Cooper and many others. It was called Rock Hits Planet. Years later when I got even more obsessed with rock/metal and occultism (10y/old) my mother felt regret for buying something she never checked it contained industrial 'sinister' metal, which isn't the best music to play to your 4-y/old is it? It's a funny story really, because she's hated my "dark morose phases" where I could listen to industrial/trash metal 24/7, but she was the one who introduced it to me! LOL.
https://youtu.be/4c3BCWx5Rpg?list=FLxu3mwHwfnw9MCQAcVS_5SAREBELstunner’s Video 142734980475 4c3BCWx5RpgREBELstunner’s Video 142734980475 4c3BCWx5Rpg

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REBELstunner’s Video 142734980475 4c3BCWx5RpgREBELstunner’s Video 142734980475 4c3BCWx5Rpg

But, you believe we must take responsibility for our actions and make plans for our future right? If so .. What do u think the future has a gift to you ?

100% as i said we all should depend on ourselves, we are growing,learning and facing life .
I'll see till then ;) i don's do occultism :p "تنجيم"

I commend you on wanting to spare innocent lives. I wish you success in your uphill battles. I hope that this will bring peace and prosperity to Venus and Earth. Good luck, or in Tatoonese - according to the 3rd Treaty of Liberation, èğģňøģ! Live long and kick ass, Young Padawan. Transmission ended.

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ill spare the innocents obviously, yeah thanks ive collected the ingredients that supports my occultism ritual to obtain the force. ef ek sé á tré uppi! Transmission ended literally.

The dragon under the water can only be killed with the Bang Tang Gun. I have overheard the Overlord of the Jupiter Belt say that it is achieved only by those who have completed the cycle of Nirvana. I think you have to fulfill this quest on your own. Try seeking help from the Wind Spirit of the East

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i think i will just borrow the force for awhile cause in the Book of Grimmoire theres an explanation how to do it with occultism ritual whatever but ill figure out how to do that, and ive talked with the Wind Spirit of the East and she told that once the force connected to Jasum, its no longer needed so before somebody get hurts i think my plan is much better

Vc me daria um conselho de como estudar Jacob Boehme?? Eu começo a ler aquilo e me parece uma selva de imagens. Sinto que não tenho o "criterion" para separar o que é aproveitável e o que não é.

Seu interesse é teórico/acadêmico/histórico/cultural ou "devocional"? Essas leituras são difíceis mesmo. Eu mesmo não li Böhme.
tenho um vago interesse por alquimia (eu sei que Boehme não é "só" alquimista), mas não tenho conhecimento.
De qualquer forma, recomendo a edição do livro alquímico Mutus Liber do José Jorge Carvalho (com os comentários dele), o Ferreiros e Alquimistas do Mircea Eliade e também, por estranho que pareça, a leitura dos capítulos "The “Tantric Female Sacrifice"", "Pure Shaktism and Tantric Feminism, and Alchemy", "Fascist Occultism and it’s Close Relationship to Buddhist Tantrism" e "The Dalai Lama (Avalokitshvara) and the Demoness (Srinmo)" do livro "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" de Victor & Victoria Trimondi (disponível aqui: http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Contents.htm ). Recomendo ainda os livros do Mantak Chia.
Além disso, é indispensável conhecer o "corpus mítico" (mesmo que ressignificado de forma cristã no caso dos alquimistas ocidentais, as "imagens" desses deuses permanecem). Recomendo livros do Panofsky, inclusive o "Saturno e a Melancolia" (que não li ainda tampouco). E é indispensável entender a simbologia astrológica. O Marcos Monteiro - http://ask.fm/mvmonteiro - pode indicar alguma bibliografia nesse sentido talvez. Também é preciso estudar algo do hermetismo e neoplatonismo.
Acho que por aí tem-se uma introdução boa aos temas alquímicos e acho muito válida e iluminadora a analogia da alquimia com yoga: o al-tannur (ou "athanor"), o forno alquímico, entendido como o próprio corpo do alquimista. é nesse nível de introdução ao tema que me situo em matéria de leituras (assim como em se tratando de goetia). mas fica a dica.
O Böhme, além de ter relevancia alquímica, se insere no misticismo cristão luterano, que influenciou o pietismo, Goethe, rosacrucianismo etc. O background dele é teologia cristã, neoplatonismo, alquimia de Paracelso. temas fascinantes. falta estudo.

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Vc me daria um conselho de como estudar Jacob Boehme Eu começo a ler aquilo e me
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If you believe in ocultirism or in lucifer it means that u dont care about others people feelings and you dont suppose to love anybody right? But in fact you have feelings and you felt in love? So at least theres still some sparkle of joy in your heart :)

no... occultism isnt about hating everyone or beeing careless... people who think that way are fucking dumbasses... but yeah just a few get to know that Gilberto.

I'm wise when it comes to occultism and different beliefs as well. And I must say, your words have surprised me. Whoever knows about this topic would agree with me, that anonymous person looks so pathetic and out of context. You are powerful and beautiful. <3

I'm aware of it, thank you beautiful. You are powerful too. Wisdom makes us different, like I've always said it. You are one of my favorite people, because you are wise and you see things clear. Unlike many.

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