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During an master program scholarship in HEC Paris, one interviewer ask me this question: " nowadays people says i am smart, if they really smart then why don't they find the solution of every problem?" Can anyone guide me what is the correct answer? Thanks 😊

Many people may claim that they are smart to impress the interviewers so as to prove their merit but the reality is that the majority of people are "wise fools." They know what's global warming, ozone depletion, murder, rape etc. They also suggest plenty of ways to overcome such problems in various interviews, exams, worskshops etc. But in real life people fail to apply their knowledge and wisdom to fight against the important worldly affairs coz they may be just too scared or coward to overcome their narrow-mindedness or may still be under the clutches of superstitions. Only a small percentage of people are able to apply their knowledge and wisdom in real life to overcome the wordly problems but again due to lack of mass and support, their objective fails.

Baby do you hate rain as much as I do??

no…. i love rain….
in the rain you feel comfort in special way….
and rain is most beautiful weather
for lovers….
but even if you are not in love rain is
beautiful weather phenomenon….anonymous
i don’t like the word hate
in a bad way ….
but my generation or more younger …. or little baby’s loves
the word hate
but without introducing
a feeling of hatred and aggressiveness….
into it ….
these are older people …. if they hate …. they are hate with actions… and they are remember
everything….trying to do …. or do something bad ….
the object of hatred with
i hate only cold weather….
but i think everyone know about

Would you date Ezra miller?

Ezra didn’t offer me….)
if seriously….
i remember i reading some bad things about him….
but in fact for some reason…. i don’t think that he is bad….
it seems to me that he is good ….
maybe spoiled…. yes …. but not bad…
about your question
is no of course…. i don’t want to date
Ezra Miller….
i’m his…and only his🕸❤️
guys read my Ask
before you ask
as i see you have this favorite connect me with the celebrity….
there are questions about others….
maybe i’ll answer later …
but guys my answer is always will
i’m his….🕸❤️

why r u against sxxx

As a Christian man, there is nothing more intimate than seks. You are literally inside another human being — please take that into consideration the next you have seks. I'm a man who needs commitment and loyalty — I need to know that you're spending the rest of your life with me and that I'm sharing these intimate moments with my wife. My wife is the only person who should ever have that access to me.
Seks has become so accepted in today's society that people are becoming desensitized to seks crimes, and it's the most heartbreaking thing.

When you see a person who has lot more than you has success in career a perfect house n perfect family n lots of money, you get jealous? real answer atm pls.

Not at all my dear! I wish everyone in every possible way only the BEST !! May Allah give all of you more and more and keep you all blessed safe and happy my friend! Alhamdulillah in my heart is nothing like jealousy or hate for anyone. If you good may Allah give you million times more. That’s how I feel and think..
You’re all my brothers and sisters in humanity and should you not want the best for your family ? 💛☺️

Remember the good old days when we were kids and didn't have to stress over things like work, inflation, time, bills etc. Adulthood sucks.

Those weren't good old days for me. Sure, I didn't have to stress about those things. But I had to stress about a lot of worse things instead. I'm glad I now only have to "worry" about adulthood things.
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Remember the good old days when we were kids and didnt have to stress over

Serious question what is the big deal about some women choosing not to wear bras?? Why does it matter if they do or not?

frostawolf20’s Profile PhotoAdam
If YOU don't keep fit , you may soon need a bra !!!!!!!
~ as for girls, women . . . . . it's largely only a big deal in some/many men's heads . . .
Some females are glad to get their bras off at the end of the day - coz they can hurt a bit . . . . sometimes it's the other way round . . . can hurt without adequate support . . .
But even men with 'mantits' , will never know how it feels , coz it's not the same . . . . so, I wouldn't worry . . . .
It's tragic if anyone ever feels pressurised from any irrelevant interference . . .
Now , Balls . . . . I've heard that inadequately supported balls , for any lengthy time , can coz problems , especially later in life . . . . so you may best ditch the 'boxers' , for for a comfy cotton nest . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWAko7gscP4igotamatch’s Video 172470236282 iWAko7gscP4igotamatch’s Video 172470236282 iWAko7gscP4

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Serious question what is the big deal about some women choosing not to wear bras

Is it natural to desire polygamy for men?

It is natural for a Muslim man to desire polygamy in his life because he knows that Allah has permitted it with only one condition and that is "justice among the women he marries". People today say that it's an impossible condition to be met, but these are just baseless statements. Truth is that polygamy should be promoted. If you can afford to marry twice or thrice then you should. But, you can't just make it about getting rich, taking dowry, or l*st. Most of the men today, or let's just say all of them, want to marry because of the last stated reason. It's all valid and Halal if the condition is fulfilled. Society has made it a taboo. Women today can't accept this fact. Thus, weak men are obliged even when they want to marry more than once.
A few years back, I also wanted to marry 4 women instead of 1. It was because I wanted to shelter and support women who got oppressed in any way; war victims, orphans, etc. Society does not provide for such women. So, if they have Haya intact, you should just marry and protect them. You can also marry widows with their permission and will of course. That was my intent back when I thought the world could become better. Today, I can't even think about marrying 1 after seeing the fights that occur after marriage. 😄✌🏻

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Do you have family members who are/were veterans? My great-grandfather was a veteran of ww2, but I never met him, he died in the early 80s, but my elders say he had lots of stories to tell and he was a bit… unbalanced… probably had PTSD like most veterans, it just wasn't a diagnosis back then.

lots. i think the most recent was my maternal grandfather, though he died when his daughter (my mother) was still young. he was quadriplegic due to a landmine incident in the vietnam war.
update: i just found a picture through the australian war memorial that is tagged with his name. considering i never knew him, and i've only glanced at one picture of him (and it was from when he was in a wheelchair), this is absolutely mind-blowing to me. this was dated roughly six months before the incident.
Do you have family members who arewere veterans My greatgrandfather was a

Os homens são do tamanho da sua generosidade? (Livre Interpretação.)

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLgrabb
""dz9ronin’s Profile Photo
"Are men the size of your generosity? (Free interpretation.)" ""
Once there were giants walking amongst us
Now I have to deal with little men withlittlehearts
I'm glad myfather's not here to see
What happenedto men like him
They fought the battles these dwarves can only talk about
Times have been better but littleness won't invade my soul . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyXJFXz-14oigotamatch’s Video 172460019834 tyXJFXz-14oigotamatch’s Video 172460019834 tyXJFXz-14o

Have you ever mapped out your family tree?

I made short list of my BLOOD relatives that I know about only:
👉 my brother and his children (3)
👉Mom + her siblings + their children & grandchildren (31)
👉 Dad + his brother and his children and grandchildren (7), 👉their parents (4) + their siblings (8)
👉parents of their parents (8), but I dont know number of children of siblings of my grand parents and number of siblings of my grand-grand parents and their children.. Etc, so... 🤷‍♀️... Just 61 people plus my 2 children 😅
Have you ever mapped out your family tree

Did you know Opel / Vauxhall is a American GM product?

ErinFiveV’s Profile PhotoQueen Of Extreme
Where is Vauxhall originally made?
Vauxhall Motors Limited (/ˈvɒksɔːl/) is a British car company headquartered in Chalton, England. Vauxhall became a subsidiary of Stellantis in January 2021. Vauxhall is one of the oldest established vehicle manufacturers and distribution companies in the United Kingdom.
However , when I bought MY first Vauxhall in 1978 , it was at that time own by American 'General Motors'
And it was generally well known at that time , that GM owned Vauxhall , Opel , & Bedford . . .
My Vauxhall was a 'Viva GT' ~ very rare , only 200 made . . . didn't even have a handbook ! - but the manual for the 'VX-490' was perfect, as that was it's ohc engine . . . . twin Stromberg carburetors, that were virtually pumps!
mine only got 8 miles to the gallon when I got it ! . After much expert work & tuning, got it up to an amazing 20 mpg
Could only keep it running with help from enthusiastic friends & constant raiding 'scrappies' for VX490 parts . . .
Finally had to let it go
Here is a rather toned down model , and a dreadful colour !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvAhwIckMgoigotamatch’s Video 172449954170 vvAhwIckMgoigotamatch’s Video 172449954170 vvAhwIckMgo
* & the original Vaux *

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Did you know Opel  Vauxhall is a American GM product

พอจะบริจาคเพลงให้ผมหน่อยได้ไหมครับ ผมฟังเพลงเดิมมา3เดือนแล้ว

Aheye_121’s Profile Photoเซเร้ปขบท่านหนึ่ง
* ประกาศให้โลกรู้ - Dept
* หลงรัก - Newery
* touchdown - perses
* flowers - Johnny Stimson
* Jasmine - DPR LIVE
* you're my everything - sadeyes
* Rover - KAI
* New Boots - RIO
* Only - LEEHI

Why do people seeking God so often distance themselves from sex?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Or from eating, except whatever is required to stay alive. And sleeping, except again, whatever is required to stay alive and functioning.
Almost as if, they won't indulge in desire but only the absolute necessity to keep their tongue moving and limbs working.

What do you think about feminism ? I always adored your attitude and mindset so I’m really curious about this. Please explain your thoughts janu:)

Okay okay jaaaanuuu😂 let’s get into thisss :
You’ll be surprised maybe, but I don’t stand for the „feminism“ of today. What I mean by that is : Fighting for the right’s God gave you as a human being is absolutely right and good. Rights God gave the women despite what certain cultures or the society might say. No question about that. But what these „women“ do nowadays is to spread hatred and haste. Saying they are oppressed and dishonored by men but being themselves the ones who do these things towards men by showing no respect. Also this competition mindset… I don’t get it. Ladies men aren’t your enemies!! Why you acting like you’re in a competition with men?! Why you trying to become more and more like men ( in looks, job status etc.)
Let the man be a man and you be a woman. THAT SIMPLE. And show some respect! The same way you want to be respected by a men, you should respect a man too!
Look for me its simple- I believe in God and whatever he says is the truth MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT ( Thanks God) BUT EQUAL.
And theses rights no one has the right to legislate except God. Allah - the One and Only God, The God of all humanity, all of us, the CREATOR of both- male and female HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHATS RIGHT AND WRONG. And who has which RIGHTS.
So my dear I don’t care what the society says, because I believe in heavenly laws, not man- made laws. So if standing for the truth makes me a feminist I am one. If not I don’t wanna be one. The end.

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Why is the mother-daughter relationship so…difficult?

lolguessme_’s Profile Photololguessme
I have great relationship with my mother unfortunately I've seen mother and daughter very factor broken relationships where they slag each other and at each throats alot I couldn't never slag my own mother of as we get on she is my best friend the only parent that step up for me when I was younger

If I could only answer Yes to any question you ask me, what three questions would you ask me?

oh i already said i'm not good at asking people questions.
1 question why don't you remove the anonymous
2 what is your hobby
3 your full real name.

I know very well and I don't want to have sex without marriage at all but I try to marry a foreigner because they don't ask for money

I can understand your pain, but the problem with men like you is that you don’t think about the rules that apply to you, I bet you’re the type of man who only cares about the rules that affect women like hijab. Let me remind you that Muslim men must lower their gaze. The fact that you have made these sexual comments towards me shows that you haven’t been doing that, and I hope you repent and be a better person.

For The Moon~❤️🌕🤍:

Mooooog167’s Profile Photo❤️Gïmê⏳Ñëûtron❤️
Only you know all my secrets, all my problems, all my weaknesses. Only you know how many nights my eyes have been a never-ending fountain of tears. Only you know whom I loved and how much I loved, only you know how much I suffered and for whom I suffered. You are my refuge. We are quite similar - you are surrounded by a lot of stars but I feel you alone, as lonely as I am in a crowd of people. We both looked a lot alike...

Just checking am I still on your wallpaper?

okay anonymous….
i have been asked about this …. a lot in last time…
in different versions….
but essence of question is the same….
who’s on your screensaver….?!
and why not him….🕸❤️
i really don’t know how someone found out …. but someone really want to know about ….
on my screensaver….
Edo…☀️Prince Charming….
only me call him like this….
Edo have a partner….
his orientation….
and choice…. it’s his private life ….
i don’t want to talk about ….more…
but i know i’m special for him….
and he miss me…. or not
it’s not important
why i don’t change the screensaver to his….🕸❤️ photo ….
because…. because anonymous….
because i want our …. together….
probably a lot of ….
inside me …. but i want to write only this
i know that i’m loved and read my millions
and i can’t be outspoken…. but
you are not Prince Charming….
even your question started with the words I checking
but if it’s you Edo….☀️
hello….✨ Prince Charming…
no , no….
i don’t think …. and i don’t feel….
he’s ….🕸❤️even a little bit jealous
because honestly…. i was think about….
if we start being
jealous of each over ….
we’ll have to be jealous of the whole world of women…. and even men
because men like him too…
but he isn’t gay…. and not bi
and he is jealous of the whole world of men …. and even women….
i don’t believe that i write this …. but it’s true…
i believe in power of love….our love…
and…. and… and …. o lot of inside

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Do you text boys first?

That totally depends on the situation.
My friends I text first if I need to ask them something.
My boyfriend and I text basically continuously, so I’m not sure who starts first lol. At the beginning of our relationship I started first.
On social media: only if I asked a question or if I want to know how somebody is doing, but it’s not often that that happens. 😅😂

So you cannot chat privately unless you pay? They already made the option free, now it’s back to Vip only. Isnt that bad

Idk, I’m not here to private chat with people, so I don’t really mind haha.
It was really weird that they made it free for a short period of time without any notification, almost looks like it was a bug to me. 😂😅

Shohor hota to us k liye dua krti.

Tou *shohar k haq main dua karne k liye *shohar ka hona zaroori tou nahi he.
He is not a part of your life but he must be existing somewhere on planet earth and must be dealing with the hardships of life...
Why to wait for him (whoever he might be) to come into your life and then only pray for him..
You can still pray for his existence (even though you don't know who he is), for him to stay safe and healthy and that may Allah Tala guide him in whatever he's doing in his life.....
Aap ki cheez he, aap k paas hi aani he, tou abhi bhi dua ki ja sakti he...

Do you have advice for me?

RuskySpamBot’s Profile PhotoHrobárova Dcéra
. . . for you, personally :
Hear people complaining
They say they got dealt
The roughest deal
They cry when it's raining
No bread for the latest meal
But if there's no heaven
You can be sure there's no hell
And if there's no devil
There won't be no god to hear you yell
See people get holy
They're turning some plain water to wine
They're living life slowly
They can look up and see
The day turn fine
But ask them the question
And no answer is there
Whether you're eastern or western
There's only one pace that we can share
One day at a time
See people get sickly
The shock passes down from bad to worse
The backs up and prickly
Roll in a ball and pretend
You got no purse
But if this continues where does it all end?
I'm in the retinue
Till i see broken wishes mend
One day at a time
So when you get lonely
Be good to yourself and bless the day
Know you are the only
One who can deliver what i say
Try fighting the fever
Try popping the pill
Become a believer
Try separating life from still
One day at a time

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🌸 What is your favourite thing to do? Could be a hobby, activity, anything :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
I think it's no secret at this point that I absolutely love to write. I have been fascinated with storytelling ever since I was a child, who was obsessed with playing pretend. My imagination, and its' seemingly infinite ability to create, has always been my favourite thing about myself.
And I'm eternally thankful that it hasn't faded or gone away as I have grown up. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that my ability to create and tell stories has only gotten better the more I've grown and matured.
What is your favourite thing to do Could be a hobby activity anything

When you're sick, what's your philosophy around staying home? Like, how recovered do you need to be to carry on like normal? 🤒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don’t really know, I have only ever been sick with Covid-19 and I wasn’t really sick as such but I stayed home until I had a negative RAT so I wouldn’t make anyone else catch it 🤷🏻‍♂️

If you could see only one color, which color would it be?

yomummyyy’s Profile Photowicked.witch
Green, because it is a cool passive color, comforting for both, eyes and brain. Also, it strongly associates with nature. Being a nature lover, I would choose it because I love lush green meadows, trees, and mountains. The pronunciation of this word is also very cool and nice so, yeah, GREEEEEEEN!!

Pap when u last meet the person u love the most. How did it feel

This is the only picture I have from the last time I met him, almost 5 months back...
- Mujhe mehsoos kesa hoa...?
- Hamesha ki tarha, jaamid-o-saaqit, San'nata, pur'asrariat, mohobbat, sakoot, sukoon, veerani, aur bhi bohot kuch, lekin agay ki baat rehne dete hain...
Pap when u last meet the person u love the most How did it feel

Give a creative answer to this question: name a reason or two why living in a first floor apartment is bad 😁

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
By first floor, you mean on ground level? Only we refer to it as ground floor here 😌
Living in a ground floor apartment would be pretty bad since there'd be a lack of privacy, you would need to have the blinds or curtains drawn whenever you're doing anything that you don't want people outside to see 🥴
Noise could be a problem too, since you may have to deal with more of it than the apartment/s above you 😬
Give a creative answer to this question name a reason or two why living in a

What is your favourite flavour of slushy?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
I never ever saw the point in those things . . . .
in fact they hadn't been invented went I was . . . . (was I ever)
Probs the only 'slushy' I had . . . . . well , you know when you fancy a reeeeally cold beer, & it ain't cold - so, you stick it in the freezer for a fast chill . . .
But , things happen , you forget , it's in the fast-freeze . . . you go for it ; it, too icy to hold . . . . you open , it's half frozen , it's slushy . . . .
So , have another sip . . . . of another 4 mini-slushies ; these quad are 'Femme-Fatale' genre ~
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP0u112D9vMigotamatch’s Video 172348695162 eP0u112D9vMigotamatch’s Video 172348695162 eP0u112D9vM

She probably more in love with you than any man has ever been

ups …. stop 🛑 girls….!!!!
i know that i super delicious girl….
for girls…. and women too…
but you
know anonymous….
i absolutely
and very very much love men….and men only …..
and you know everyone know how much they love me…
i could be i can if i m familiar be the best friend in the world for the girls….
but not more…..
and i honestly began to notice how some girls and women look at me … with so much love in the eyes….
it’s so strange for me….really….and yet girls how i noticed fall in love with me with another kind of madness….
o my God…..
i used to answer:
i love … not love i adore men….
i find only opposite sex attractive….!!!!
god what am i writing….
god, i answer this way to a girl not a man….who is love with me…..
hmm …..anonymous you even can’t imagine how men loves me…..
since i was born

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