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"Looking at a picture of a man on the internet isn't gonna give me an orgasm" She says before looking me up 😂 Hun your boyfriend is like Shrek compared to me and yes women do like how i look i have proof and DM from oh so many women but your Shrek i guess he couldn't find a hot one so settled with U

The one who laughs
Since when do I have a boyfriend🥱 Last I checked I was married & very monogamous but you have fun going on about some boyfriend that doesn't exist.

In the student musical I'm a part of there are several sections: Stage, dance, band, prop builders, PR (💙), cooks, makeup, sewing, sound / lights and party-fixers. Imagine you were gonna apply to join, which of those sections speak to you the most? Why? 🎭👨‍🍳📸🎺💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I choose cooking - baking. I love baking. It makes me feel good. It is like breathing to me. Doing something with my hands frees up my brain to think about other things. The pleasure of removing something perfect from the oven is unique and giving people something I made, with my ownhands its perfect like I live for watching people eat that first bite, knowing that for a blessed second their world has stopped spinning. Seeing people close their eyes and experience that tiny little food orgasm is sunshine for my soul. Likesimply it make me happier when anyone have my food with satisfaction. 💙

Pap of your handmade food.

Okay So Its Something About Food That Makes Me Go Crazy And Wild I Can Write About Food All Day Long And It Will Sound Like I Am Saying Few Romantic Lines About My Lover. From The Food I Made To The Cakes I've Baked I Am In Love With Every Moment Of It. Just The Way How Salt Bae Enjoys Cooking And Sprinkle The Salt On Top Of Food Just Like The First Snowfall Of The Year. Even Though I've Made It And I Still Feel It (The Taste) On My Tongue And The Fact That I Just Had My Breakfast, Its Still Giving My Mouth An Orgasm 😂.
Pap of your handmade food

Shumaila tum wannabe religious ban kr lecture deny ki bajaye block bhi to kr sakti thi?

ash_heyyy’s Profile Photoash_heyyy
Ni ye aap ny kya yahan py pichly 3 din sy Indian drama shuru kiya huwa hai? Koi aik msla hai aisa jo apky sath na ho? Ya koi aik insan jis sy apko msla na ho? Or ye hr baat shout out main krny ka knsa fetish hai? Knsa orgasm milta hai apko is sy? Ajeeeeb.

aw love it ty , great to see you are back and I so hope things are improving for you , I know you have been having a tough time, stay strong and be well xx btw the Bay around poolbeg was looking spectacular as Storm Barra swept in

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Yw... I am trying to rest per doctors orders and am feeling better than I have in awhile. Dani has been a sweetheart and dotes on me, hardly letting me do anything strenuous. As I told Bob, at first she was even afraid an orgasm would kill me but I soon dispelled that notion lol
Your Christmas Joycean pub tour sounds like a great idea. Starting at the pub close to the lingerie store appealed to Dani as she shares your love for sexy and elegant underwear, much to my delight. The three of us are going to have a quiet Christmas here. My grandfather might come but he hasn't decided yet.
I saw the picture on your feed of the storm churning up the sea.. impressive... I find the power of the wind and the sea beautiful to behold. We get Nor'easters here and I love to go down to the shore and watch the ocean get angry lol
Beannachtaí séasúir ó Seraya, Dani, agus uaimse xx

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What's your all-time favorite dessert?

buttni_here’s Profile PhotoAmnah
Well I Couldn't Find The Picture Of The Chocolate Cake That I Baked The Other Day It Was So Intense In Flavor The Aroma Of Dark Chocolate Was Literally Giving My Mouth A Huge Orgasm Since It Was Still In The Oven And Once It Was Done Baking I Made A Chocolate Waterfall Over It And Then Sprinkled It With The Icing Sugar Like The First Snow In The Winter 🤤. But Yesterday I Was Making Ras Malai And It Was Good To So Ras Malai Is Probably My 2nd Fav Thing To Enjoy As A Dessert.
Whats your alltime favorite dessert

Why i do not receive second reply from any one on ask? they just comment and leave messages 🙄

I can only speak from my personal experience. There are essentially four types of personalities who utilize askfm: Troublemaker, Penpal, Romantic and Narcissistic Cheater.
1. The Troublemaker - this is the individual who thinks it is funny to insult people and to degrade and diminish other people in order to make themselves feel better. It is best to ignore and block the troublemaker.
2. The Penpal - these are folks who like to write and are looking to communicate with interesting people who also like to write and enjoy sharing hobbies, thoughts, poems, songs and ideas. Sometimes Penpals can even develop into long distance friendships. This is how I use askfm. I enjoy writing and I attempt to find other people who also enjoy writing. There is no romance, flirtations, sex or any other nefarious activity perpetrated by the Penpal. They are writers.
3. Romantic - These people join askfm looking to find a husband, wife or partner. In a sense, they treat askfm as a dating site where their goal is to fall in love and live happily ever after. Personally, I do not see askfm as an effective date site and I have seen very few long distance online relationships turn into successful marriages or partnerships; although, it does happen. Because these LDR's typically have no physical contact, they create a burden that is unsustainable, and that most healthy couples cannot tolerate.
4. Narcissistic Cheater - I spend much time researching and discussing this type of relationship because the Narcissistic Cheater is so prevalent among middle age couples between the age of 35 and 55, but also because they are ruthless people who are willing and able to destroy marriages, friendships and families in order to find sexual partners to satisfy their insatiable sexual needs. The Cheater spends most of their time in social networks looking for sex. Their primary motive is sexual in nature and involves roleplaying, sexting, sending erotic and suggestive text messages, nude photographs and porn clips where sex is explicitly stated and words like "adore, love, adventure, horny, infatuated, clandestine, hookup, erotic, orgasm, amorous, erogenous, massage, sensuous, sensual, attractive, lustful, dangerous, lust, lustful, horny, romantic, passionate, aroused, cherish, venerate, palatable, pleasurable, attractive, enticing, alluring, captivating, hypnotic, tempting, inviting, intriguing, angel, Guardian Angel, honey, dear, pretty, beautiful, riveting, tantalizing, cherish, worship, massage, stimulate, fondle, arouse, awaken, provoke, motivate, enflame, etc are used to attract and stimulate their targeted victim who are typically very young.
Several days ago someone asked me what angers me the most about social networks and I responded: the Narcissistic Cheater because they enjoy destroying marriages, relationships, families and friendships. The Narcissistic Cheaters are loathsome people who deserve our collective contempt and disdain. :D

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Why i do not receive second reply from any one on ask they just comment and

you will have soon a wow effect that shit think oh that i don't see coming

OMG this is sooooooooo exciting Mr Dude
I know I'm gonna have an orgasm bet that's what it is
last bit definitely correct
only thing comin is the guy usually 🤣
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i know its diffrent but the dude is here to plesure you one day i promiss that you become one hahha just no if you a nymphomaniac hahha but i mean the girls that i have have a orgasm :D hahha

well I'm only up to chapter six of the Kama Sutra so you're probably safe on that score
do like a some nice gymnastics in the boudoir
very impressive Mr Dude , not be drinking too mmuch Gosser and get brewers droop in your Wilhelm lol
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hhaha can i draw you naked than hahha XD yes thats one of my fav mivies amelie and evrytime i must cry hahha but pssstt i mean the begining (5 min after or so) where she thinking how many people have a orgasm hahha

that would be cool,
yes it seems a lovely movie
you would fit into Montmartre district Mr Dude
part of the Parisian demi monde lol
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Que pensez vous des coups d'un soir ?

ashlynnline9253’s Profile PhotoAshlynn Line
Not for me. I've been in an exclusive relationship for years now, but even before that I didn't particularly like it. It's just hard to get off with someone (a) I'm not comfortable with, and (b) who doesn't know my body and my likes well enough to know what to do without direction. And yeah, there's the safety issue when you're going off alone with a stranger.
I think I would have more fun with one now, than when I was younger and sort of coming across them by chance. I'm older, I have plenty of sexual experience, I can afford a hotel room, I feel confident in maintaining my safety, I'm in an open relationship so it would just be about the sex and enjoying a night of touch and intimacy. However, I'm not totally confident in my own skin, like I was when I was a couple sizes smaller... so I'd likely be self conscious once clothes came off. And then, it takes a while for me to orgasm, so unless I have a vibe with me, or he/she is interested in lots of foreplay, I'd likely end up just doing whatever they want to do to get off, then lay awake wondering if any of the other women they were with really enjoyed whatever we just did... or if they've ever actually been with another woman... or if I maybe should have asked them ten minutes ago, if they knew what a clitoris is, before they rolled over and passed out...
Personally, I find it dangerous. I would never have sex with someone I just met, I have to know them and trust them enough. The danger of going to a stranger’s home alone or then lying about STD’s is too much for me. Also, the chance they could be a stalking psycho after the deed is done or just overall, annoying and relentless is something I don’t want to deal with. Sure people are attractive, but it doesn’t mean I’m just going to have sex with them after a few drinks and only knowing their first name and if they have a cat or not. Also, it’ll be very unlikely I get off as this person doesn’t know me and what I like. Hollywood has definitely glamorized one night stands, I don’t think they’re worth it, sex is always better with a personal connection and with someone who knows your body.
My self esteem and self worth were fine, probably even improved, because I just wanted sex so it's not like I went in wanting these men to love me or value my friendship, etc. I just wanted sex with no attachment and they wanted the same so it was great. I learned a great deal about myself sexually (what I like and don't like). Definitely worth spending the time for flings and one night stands. No relationship or dating BS to complicate sexual learning.
Being intimate with a total stranger, no matter how attractive he is, is not at all appealing, along with possibly contracting STDs and putting my safety at risk. Add in the strong chance that I might not enjoy it, and it's just not worth the risk. Also, the guys I've met who are willing to have ONS are the type of men I don't like, so I'm not going to have sex with them.

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Nu pot intelege tipele care nu-s solidare cu alte tipe la suferinta, atunci cand sunt victimele unei deceptii amoroase. Oricareia i se poate intampla si in loc sa fii empatica, tu sa ai orgasm ca tie nu ti s-a intamplat, suferinta alteia e satisfactia ta, inseamna ca esti zero si empatia ta e praf.

Hai să nu exagerăm… 😂
Nu e datorită ta să fii empatic cu toată lumea pentru că o să ajungi roată de rezervă a tuturor și oamenii aceia îți vor transmite din energia lor negativă.
Nu zice nimeni nici să fii răutăcioasă cu persoanele care suferă, trebuie să fii indiferent dacă nu rezonezi cu persoanele respective. 😃
Multe suferă din propria prostie și din prea multă dramă, nicidecum iubire🙂

رآيك في اللي حصل مع بنات التيك توك؟

طمعان في رضا الرحمن قبل ما تتعاطفوا افهمو القصة بشكل تقني اكتر علشان تعرف هي واخدة ١٠ سنين علي ايه ، هنتكلم كلام مبرمجين شوية معلش علشان نفهم القصة
١- في نوعين من التطبيقات ( تطبيقات تجارية - تطبيقات سيئة السمعة )
- التجارية ديه زي whatsapp telegram insta facebook uber careem ... الخ
- سيئة السمعة زي truecaller - whois - likee
لحد هنا زي الفل طيب هو ليه ترو كولر سيء السمعة لانه ببساطه بيبيع الداتا فا هنا سيئة السمعة مش شرط تطبيقات جنسية لا في تطبيقات من الاخر كده حراميه بتستغل المستخدمين
٢- المبرمجين بيعملوا حاجه جميله كده في التطبيقات بتاعتهم اسمها ريفيرال
- باختصار لو انت فاتح اكاونت في اي تطبيق تجاري بتكسب منه او بتشتري منه زي مثلا سوق او امازون ممكن تاخد لينك الريفيرال تبعته لصحابك او تسوقوا للناس علشان يسجلو عن طريقك فا تكسب مثلا من كل عمليه بيع ٥٪ او ١٠٪ او ٢٠٪ لحد هنا دية حاجه اسمها التسويق بالعموله
- الريفيرال ده بيبقي عبار عن كود ، اما الشخص ال هيسجل يحط الكود يدوي او يدخل علي اللينك علي طول فانت تاخد نسبتك تلقائي
٣- التطبيقات بقه سيئة السمعة ( الدعارة ) دية في منها نوعين انتشروا نوع بتفتح التطبيق تطلب واحدة تجيلك البيت حاجه كده زي اوبر وكريم بس بدل ما تجيلك العربية بتجيلك البنت وبتتفق معاها علي الساعه اللي بتكون من اول ٥٠٠ جنيه فيما فوق علي حسب العمر والجنسية والشكل طبعا وبيكون من ضمن الاتفاق خدمات زي مثلا هتقولك انا هاجي لمدة ساعة ٢ شوت + مساج بادي تو بادي او مساج فرعوني ... الخ واي ساعة اضافية بكذه وده بيكون جوه الخدمه ال بتطلبها
٤- التطبيقات التانيه بقه ( دعارة برده ) بس اونلاين بتقولك ايه انت هتدفع ١٠ دولار في صورة كوينات بتكون شاريها من التطبيق وبالمقابل هتقعد معاك ١٠ دقايق مع خدمات زي sex toys او only orgasm ودة بقه تطبيق لايكلي او غيرو من التطبيقات سيئة السمعة طيب النظام بيبقي ايه ؟؟ بص يا باشا في رجاله مهاويس بانهم يتفرجو علي بنات قاعده مبتعملش حاجه وتدلهم كوينات ( اها والله زي ما بقولك كده ) الرجاله ديه بقه لما بتوصل لذروة النشوة الجنسية بيعملوا حاجه اسمها برايفت ريكويست بمقابل عدد من الكوينات فا البنات اللي بتدخل علشان تفتح الايف بس وتكسب ٥ الاف جنيه بتجيلها عروض كتير للبرايفت فا طبعا لو البنت داخله تفتح لايف مش اكتر وتكسب من غير ما تعم

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Just answer here the 2 questions and im working on it with a therapist only cant ask someone these 2 so no need for pep talk thank u in advance

Really happy to know you're taking active steps and trying to get better, as for the first question yes, you are completely normal. Above 85-90 percent of women do experience orgasm after the procedure if you feel pleasure masturbating you shouldn't be worrying about it at all. It's a common misconception that it leads to zero sexual pleasure, this case is only with type 3 and its complications. Even then women can still experience orgasm just in a way lower rate, this is never performed in Egypt so you don't need to worry about it.
And as for your second question, I can't tell you that... this only depends on how you deal with your emotions and how much your partner prioritizes your pleasure just make sure you have good understanding conversations and talk about what you both want or prefer,
And No, it's impossible that you got pregnant from that don't worry. However you said you might try it naked...I would say it's still very unlikely but since there will be no barrier you should protection just in case(it's still very very very rare you would get pregnant from that) but being extra careful won't hurt especially where we live.

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Eh iti dai seama ce orgasm interior o fi avand ea ca i-a inchis facebookul aleia, fac pariu ca se simte tare mandra de ea gen triunfatoare =))

efectiv ma uimeste cat timp liber au unii
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+3 answers in: “I am dat report unei fete pe fb pt ca avea nume fals. Si i blocase fb contul))) a trebuit sa si confirme identitatea. Dar ea nu stie ca eu am fost moor. M am mai dat si intelegatoare cu ea ca vaai ce naspa, dc plm ar face fb asta? Rad. N o suport oricum da o in slbz”

ما هي دلالات وصول الأنثى للأوغازم -النشوة الجنسية-؟ عند الرجال يحدث القذف ويمكن رؤيته بشكل واضح. ما هي العلامات التي تصحب حدوثها عند الأنثى في الواقع بعيداً عن خيالات البورنو التصويرية.

An orgasm in the human female is a variable, transient peak sensation of intense pleasure, creating an altered state of consciousness, usually with an initiation accompanied by involuntary, rhythmic contractions of the pelvic striated circumvaginal musculature, often with concomitant uterine and anal contractions.

How have you been, lately?🌝

zarnaib_khan’s Profile PhotoZarnaib Khan
I think I'm slowly turning into a middle-aged uncle, from finding silly jokes and dad humor funny to using my phone at low angles, with brightness that could give orgasm to Ayesha Sana.... These are all the signs man.... Next thing you know I'm gonna send a flowery 'Good Morning' forward to a group .....mayn I really fear that day

De ce - majoritatea - reclamelor la ciocolata par mai degraba scene din filme pt adulti? Mereu: Tipa frumoasa, dotata, “bomba” cum ar spune baietii de cartier, sumar imbracata; ia bucatica aia de ciocolata, o umecteaza, geme, da ochii peste cap mimand orgasmul. Zau, de ce?🤣 mi se par asa cringy.

Probabil vor sa arate ca ciocolata provoacă orgasm 🤷‍♀️
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har kchak 7az daka shawaki xosh u katachi xosh drust bks ba jawaki romantic ba qsay xosh dayawe orgasm be u ra7at be xzmate dakam ba chat agar 7azishi krd dachma kni faraq naka chat bi yan bema kni har yakachi wist xzmate dakm la snapchat chatm lo bnere mashtrsn hich blaw nakamawa adam_7707 🤤

😂😂😂 xark chwa sar marix atu taza lasar aw shtana may?

Wow people answering your question back to me about orgasming as if they were the one who asked you Originally 😭😂 who even takes an hour for one orgasm damn!?!

Should have asked for my help
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Sheikh sorry for the question, but I need to ask please. Sometimes I wake up with a lot discharge *not* accompanied by a dream. Do I have to make ghusul? (I also get regular discharge throughout the day.) I'm a girl.

No need to apologize for seeking knowledge.
There are different types of female discharge:
Most common is asexual discharge called Wadee, it is clear and runny, sometimes changes to foggy during ovulation. It serves as a cleaning aid for the productive system by flushing dead cells and bacteria. It breaks wudu when it comes out, but it is pure (Taahir), so if it falls on the clothes or a pad they don't need to be changed before prayer.
The other type is sexual discharge: this can be one of two types. The first happens at beginning of arousal, called Mathee, it's also runny, clear, and abundant, but it has a unique smell, similar to dough. It is produced for the purpose of lubricating the vagina before intercourse. It also breaks wudu, but it is also pure.
The last type is the other sexual discharge only happens during orgasm, called Manee. It is white-yellowish in colour, and it is also pure. It could ejaculate (in a small gush) or comes out softly.
This one both breaks wudu and requires ghusl.
All the above is pure. The only thing that is Najis (impure) discharge is urine and blood. These require washing the clothes if they fall on them. A prayer is invalid while wearing clothes containing either.
The exception to the last rule is a person with urinal incontinence (can't control their bladder). In that case they disregard the incontinence. They do wudu at the start of every prayer time, and wear a pad, they may pray as many prayers with that same wudu until the next prayer time. They have to redo wudu at the start of every prayer time as long as they have an active incontinence.

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عويس محتاجه مساعدتك جدا.انا بقالي سنتين متجوزة انا بحب جوزي جدا بس عندي مشكله Sexually I never reached orgasm & دايما بيهتم باللي يبسطه هو بس مع العلم ان مش بنعمل علاقه الا مرة كل شهر تقريبا وهو مش بيفرق معاه.. وحتي لما بتحصل بيبقي وقت قليل اوي ومبيفكرش انا اتبسطت ولالا.قولي حل اتكلم معاه ازاي

مره شهريا ؟ هو انتو كام سنه ؟ وهل عنده اى امراض عضويه تمنعه من انه ياخد وقته ؟ وال foreplay بياخد وقت اد ايه ؟ وهل الg-spot عندك عارف مكانها وبيعرف يداعبها كويس ؟

Eu unul, ca băiat pot spune că am făcut-o cu o fată care era foarte foarte strâmtă și asta a fost bine pentru amândoi că ne-a adus la orgasm simultan și am mai facut-o cu o fată care în momentul în care s-a udat foarte tare, n-am mai simțit că am peni sul în vagi nul ei. Nu mai exista frecare deloc

Nu stiu cum sa-ti zic ca nu ma interesau detaliile astea. Vrei sa te felicit acum ca ai facut sex sau ce?
+4 answers in: “E adevarat ca tipii prefera fetele care se lasa mai greu cand vine vorba de sex?”

Pakistan is the most patriotic country in the world! We would fight with till our last breath, India does not know what he is getting involved into. Jeet hamari he ho gi. Kashmir bane ga Pakistan, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! ???

don't talk about patriotism when y'all basically orgasm over baji bombastics tatti shuda content who basically gets view by mocking half our awam

Hello tita! How do I tell my bf na ako naman ang paratingin nya sa rurok ng tagumpay when we're having sex without offending him? Laging sya lang po kasi ang nakakareach ng orgasm. Tapos matutulog na lang agad after we clean up.

Ay. Bakit ganyan siya? Baka akala niya masaya ka na sa ginagawa niya? Are you faking it or do you give the impression na okay ka na? Sad to say medyo clueless ang boys sa ganyan e. So you have to claim it. Don't allow penetration unless he's made you reach orgasm. Push his head down to give you oral stimulation. After his orgasm if you're not done, grab his hand and motion for how you want to be stimulated. Hopefully he'll get the message and this will excite him. If he reacts negatively or dedma talaga sa pleasure mo, he should get ready because you'll find a better partner. Because you deserve one and no independent modern woman should still be shortchanged during sex. Good luck!

I sent that question to over 50 persons. You are the only one who said there is something better than se)x🍀

U just fucked the living hell up !!!. Am a motherfuckin demon no bloody person. Anyways, Orgasm lasts only a few bloody seconds where workoutgasms can last for an hour or two !!!. Now am afraid it's time for u to fuck off yeah !!!. ☆☆☆ ...
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ايوه بلمس ال clitoris بس الاحتكاك دا عمره ما هيوصلني لل orgasm مش باخد ادوية.. بس اللي بعمله pillow humping فببقي مشدودة شوية مش ريلاكسد اوي

طيب هفهمك فكرة الاورجازم عندكوا عامل ازاي
انتي عندك نوعين من الاورجازم
النوع الأول clitoral orgasm بيحصل لما تعملي vibration على الكلتورس
ودا النسبه الكبيره
النوع التاني vagina بييجي من penterationالدخول والخروج بيعمل اهتزازات برده بتزيد مع القوة والسرعه
وفيه اورجازمس من فرك الحلمات او من الفيتشات لو عندك
الاحتكاك اللي بتعمليه بيبقى ضعيف فمش بيوصلك زي رعشة ال مخده وانتي راكباها
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Tita, I've always been attracted wih my bestfriend ever since hs. Recently, i found out that i've been in love with her pala and i tried asking her out and she said yes and we're now dating for almos a year!!! tita, i didn't think we'll go this far and wala po ako exp sa sex will watching porn help?

Congratulations and I'm very happy for your new relationship. You didn't say how old you two were but how about just spend time with each other and slowly learn about each other? Hindi naman kailangan sex agad? Slowly but surely like practice your momol skills until you're both ready to move forward? As for sex the best too is for you to learn your own body and what feels good to you and how to reach orgasm on your own. Home court advantage is your best friend because what feels good to you feels good to her as well. Watch some sweet lesbian movies too (not porn designed for men) to get an idea of how things work. But to me how things work is what feels good to you and your partner. That's something you can both discover with much joy and anticipation over the course of a long period. Enjoy! 👍

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Cuando estoy encima de mi novio moviéndome, siempre lo hago terminar a él, le encanta y a mí me encanta ver cómo lo disfruta, pero mi problema es que sólo una vez he llegado al orgasmo, generalmente no, e incluso una vez puse una almohada bajo su cadera pero no funcionó, ¿qué hago?

Es muy importante la comunicación para un buen s*xo. ¿Le has dicho que quieres llegar pero nunca lo logras?
Además no smp depende solo de ti. Porque por lo que cuentas tú te esmeras para que él sí lo logre.
Antes de empezar con la teoría, grabémonos estas cifras: 61,6% y 85,5%. La primera corresponde a las veces que ellas alcanzan el orgasm*, y el segundo, a la de ellos. Según una investigación realizada por el Instituto Kinsey de la Universidad de Indiana.
Dejaremos las claves que se deben seguir para que nuestra pareja, compañera o amiga tenga el mayor éxtasis de su vida?
Las mujeres no son como nosotros. Su org*smo es más emocional: si su cabeza y su cuerpo no están en sintonía, lo más probable es que acabe por fingirlo para que pares de una vez. O será sincera y verás que has fracasado. No entiendes nada, porque según tú has hecho todo bien: caricias, lametones, preliminares... pero nada. ¿Qué se te ha olvidado? Contextualizar el acto s*xual.
Nos referimos a que le hagas olvidar todas las tareas que tiene pendientes. Todo lo que le haga estar en el presente, ahí y en ese momento contigo.
Muchos hombres cometen este error: van demasiado rápido. No puedes tocar los pez*nes o el clít*ris de una mujer y pensar que solo con eso se va a excit*r. Además, resulta muy incómodo que lo hagas si ella aún no ha entrado en el juego: puedes hacerle daño. Empieza con besos en la boca, en el cuello, en la espalda, la entrepierna... y cuando lo veas claro, estimula las zonas propiamente eróg*nas.
Una vez que hayas comprobado que está excit*da, has de estimular el clít*ris.
Un estudio publicado en el 'Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy', a partir de 1.055 entrevistas con mujeres desde los 18 hasta los 94 años, determinó que más de un tercio de las consultadas (un 37%) necesitaban estimulaci*n clit*riana para poder alcanzar el org+smo durante el coit*. Cuando este órgano entraba en la ecuación, más de un 40% de las mujeres afirmaba llegar al org+smo más del 75% de las ocasiones. Tan solo un 18% reconocía poder llegar al clímax únicamente con la pen*traci*n vagin+l. Las cifras hablan por sí solas. Si quieres que tenga un gran org+smo, hazlo a lo grande.
Antes de entrar, debes comprobar que está suficientemente lubric+do. Si la metes a lo bruto no solo puedes hacerle daño a ella, sino que además puedes desgarrarte el frenillo (y duele mucho, tendrás que ir a urgencias). No obstante, mojado no significa listo. No hay ninguna prisa. Puedes practicar s*xo oral. Ten una cosa clara: cuando ella quiera comenzar con el c*ito de verdad, te lo hará saber.
Rebecca Rosenblat, psicoterapeuta especializada en relaciones de pareja y s*xualid+d, aconseja tengams algunas fragancias masculinas que simulen los olores causados por altos niveles de testosterona. Eso, sin duda, aumentará la intensidad de su org+smo.
10MG para continuar [...]?

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Iar ca fată nu alergi după băieți, ci aleargă ei după tine, îți iau cadouri și îți plătesc alte chiestii...ca fată poți avea orgasm multiplu, ceea ce băieții nu au...

Satisfacția mea cea mai mare este când îmi cumpăr ceva din banii mei, si când dăruiesc ceva tot din banii mei făcuți prin muncă cinstită. Spre exemplu, școala de șoferi mi-am plătit-o din al doilea salariu, desigur că aici au contribuit si părinții mei, dar stiu cum sa ii investesc.
Si da, băieții umblă dupa mine, dar am iubit si țin la el. Crede-mă că știu să mă bucur și de un singur trandafir.
Sunt două tipuri de femei în lumea asta, ca mine sau cele pe care le-ai menționat tu.
Cum am mai spus, nu toate suntem la fel.
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Să-i transmită cineva acestei tute @vicytz care e blondă si la figurat dar cu aere de intelectuală că Întotdeauna se folosește  în mijlocul unui cuvÂnt, nu ,,Î". Faptul că-i din Republica Moldova nu e o scuză, că și acolo s-a stabilit regula asta de o bună bucată de timp!

ai și orgasm cand te fte grija altuia?

Sunt un băiat de treabă Și citesc multe Cărți Și sunt romantic Îmi place să dau trandafiri fetelor dar sunt timid și mi -e greu și mi -e frică Și dacă vreau îi creez plăcere unei fete să aibă orgasm cu mine în pat Crede -mă sunt bun la asta Dar dacă mă critici și mă înjuri cum fac fostele :(

Și citești cărți in care semnele de punctuație nu se folosesc, asa-i?
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tin minte ca acum mult timp a venit p`aci o ofticata zicand ca tu esti de vina pt declinul societatii si ca va ganditi doar la orgasm si am ras un pic :)) ma rog, ai pus o la locul ei, but still, trist e ca multi oameni mai gadesc asa

Ah da, tin minte=))) E trist ca aia avea varsta mea approximativ sau poate era chiar mai mica.
+1 answer in: “Unii oameni nu si doresc copii si e perfect normal, nu mai traim in 1890 cand copilul sau o casatorie era prioritara, oamenii au mai avansat si ei odata cu timpurile.”

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