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هل تقبل ان تتزوج بدون اقامة حفل زفاف ؟ .. لماذا .. ؟

sartar2015’s Profile Photoريـّــــان
اكيد اي اصلاً احسن
لأن لبكة وعجقة وقلة واجب وحتى لو بعمل عرس اسطوري رح يحكوا علي الناس
بقا بعمل حفلة صغيره بمكان Outdoor على طاولة وحدة لأهلي واهلو والرفقة المقربين وانتهى 🤍

How was your party yesterday? 😃 Hawaii topic? 😁

LarryStylestomlinson436’s Profile PhotoOK, so just Larry
It was a lot of fun! The party was for those who had worked at the student nation I'm a part of this term. The day started with brunch down in the basement together with the team I was assigned to, which was super cozy 😊
Then after that we went up to the activities for the early afternoon portion of the event, which was the part that was vacation themed. They had set up a TV and couches for you to play Mario Kart, gave you the ability to play Singstar and Guitar Hero on a big projector. Outside they had set up a big outdoor bar and then tons of beer pong tables. That event ended with a beer pong tournament, which we won! 🥳
Then I headed back home to change into my suit for the formal three course dinner we had in the evening. We call those a "sittning" and there we sing a lot of Swedish drinking songs together. We had assigned seating and I got to know a lot of new people that way, which is always fun according to me! The ones I sat with really liked their wine and schnapps though so I couldn't help but get dragged in. You could say I was a bit... wobbly at the end 🥴
I would've gone clubbing as well after that if it wasn't for how I was feeling and that I knew I was gonna go practice drive today to my grandma's birthday celebration. But overall, a really, really fun evening I'd say 🥂
Also: This is what I wore for the vacation themed part, if people were curious lol

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How was your party yesterday  Hawaii topic

Why is Pakistan's population growing so fast? 🌚

Non-spread of education, lack of scientific thinking, bad health infrastructure, absence of outdoor indoor entertainment, the mentality where girls and women are objects (not saying that every other person has this mentality).
But one thing that is very strange lar lo mar lo or phr bachay paida karlo. Is mamlay mai laraiyan kaisay log side pe kar detay?

are your cats indoor cats or do you let them go out?

they are strictly indoor cats. They can access the 2nd story balcony when I'm out there with them but that's it.
I get real heated about outdoor cats in a suburban or city setting.
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You're alive but are you living ??

Dreamyst_’s Profile PhotoN.
We all pretend to live :)
Everyone is trying to hide what they really feel and what they really want.Society acceptance is the major priority these days and for that we all are living, I mean can you sing a song outdoor that you sing inside your bathroom?You are always humming so no one can listen otherwise you’ll be called cringe or whatever because you don’t have good voice but still you want to sing.Number of these oppressions on your soul and you know what everyone still acts like a programmed robot which can move and act according to the surroundings (:

Do you enjoy going to art museums?

I haven't been to one since I was in school but I love art with great passion. I've been to a more art walks and outdoor events.
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Konsep nikah nanti, indoor atau outdoor?

Tergantung uang nya .
Aku itu batak, jadi pasti acara adat dan pemberkatan harus indoor. Ga kebayang lagi diulosi seharian panas2an. Apalagi aku hiperhidrosis. Wkwk..
Kalau ada uang lebih utk nikah, buat resepsi outdoor menarik jg. Dihari yg beda ya..

have you ever been so compelled/drawn to a place that you would consider moving and living there? 🗺✈️🏡

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Yes I have. As a young boy and young man, I lived in the state of Massachusetts where I attended college in the city of Boston. After getting married in 79 I discovered that whenever we went on vacation, it was either to Maine or New Hampshire where the lakes, mountains, great hiking, skiing and beautiful coastlines were located. So in 94 we purchased 2 acres of land on Bow Lake in Strafford New Hampshire and built beautiful house overlooking the pristine lake where the loons laughed and lake trout played.
While living in New Hampshire we had access to all kinds of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, ice skating, hiking, cross country skiing, down hill skiing and water skiing. And all we had to do was walk outside our door and all of those God given blessings were right at our fingertips. However, as we were getting on in years, we found ourselves vacationing in Key West Florida each year because of the warm weather. In 2010 we decided once again to pack our bags and relocate to the great state of Florida where we plan to spend our remaining years.

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have you ever been so compelleddrawn to a place that you would consider moving

If you had to live a week without internet what will you do to keep yourself busy?

amyc4225’s Profile Photo~ℱᎯⅅℰⅅ~
everything that has kept people busy before internet was a thing - go out and actually breathe in fresh air / outdoor activities / socialize / read books. there are endless amount of things that can keep us busy besides the internet - but we're too blinded and addicted to the virtual world now

طرحت فكره انو ممكن نسوي شهر عسل وسفر ونسوي حفله زواج بسيطه يعني جلسه تصوير وهيج يعني بل احرا نتخلص من سوالف ناس فاضيه وكلامهم الي لو سويت افخم عرس حيكون ولو اقل شي هم نفس شي فاخترت انه تونس بهل مصرف شنو وجهت نظركم بهل موضوع؟

انا مع وبشدة تعمل حفلة صغيره الكن فقط وللناس يلي بتحبوهم تكون هيك Outdoor مع غدا صغير او عشا وتاخدوا صور حلوة وخلصت
فكرتك هي الصح انا ضد الاعراس الكبيرة لأن المهم انتو تكونوا مبسوطين مو المعازيم

gais! apakah kalian benci asap rokok?

fruityloop33’s Profile PhotoRobby Warholl
Benci bangettt
Ap lg aku sll sesek klo kena asap rokok ☹️🤧
Sayang nya, ling kerja, ling komunitas aku, banyak banget lohhh perokok aktif nya
perokok pasif nya, tmsk ky aku gini, yg gbs kena rokok tuh dikit, cuman hitungan jari, itu jg klo kumpul d 1tmpat, g smpe 5 org loh bwt perbandingan antara yg ngerokok & yg engga
Jd lah qt sll d posisi "wajib memaklumi" kebiasaan sebat sembarangan mereka2 ini ☹️
Prnh loh suatu ketika aku itu protes, mnt tlg k mrk spy g sembarang nyalain rokok gt
Eh, mlah aku nya kena hujat 1masyarakat 🐷 krn posisi aku sbg perokok pasif dsni "klah suara"
Jd sejak saat itu, aku sll minggat jauh2
Meski aku batuk2, sesek2, jg mrk tetep bodo amat, trkesan oura2 g liat & bner2 anggep nya itu "masalah ku seorang diri" 🥲
Prnh jg kondisi fisik aku yg batuk2 sesek gt, malah d bilang manja sm mrk, kta nya aku gbs "Hidup & berbaur" sm mrk, gbs "merakyat" pdhl sesama rakyat jelata, tp d nilai trlalu begaya acted ky Sultanwati Your Highness
Can u imagine? 🤧☹️🥲
G usah jauh2, d rmh aku jg
Ad 3 org abang, mrk semua perokok aktif & hobby nya sebat indoor
Km bs bayangin sndri lah, engap nya dlm ruangan tuh ky ap, klo 33nya sebat bareng, lbh dr 1btang, dlm rmh yg tertutup
Klo ku tegur spy sebat nya outdoor aja, kn bisa ya, aku kena bully & hujatan, d keroyok habis
Akhirnya klo ad tamu, auto d tiru sm semua tamu2 nya, krn mrk dtg jg rmh bau asap lohhh ☹️🤧
Semua pd sebat d dlm rmh, penderitaan bertambah klo ad acara d rmh, gileeeee
Bersyukur lah skg hrg rokok naik, spy mrk "agk" sadar diri klo mau sebat 1 pack penuh d rmh ☹️🤧☹️🤧🥲

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Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am very very pro-indoors only. If you live on a farm or whatever, then fine, I still think you're wrong but whatever.
Outdoor cats don't live as long, they're at risk of disease and parasite, they are at risk from predators like coyotes, and in danger of vehicular slaughter.
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Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I was a child there was about a hundred or so around the landing. Mostly wild. The fishermen often fed them after cleaning their fish. I prefer outdoor animals. Were not allowed to have pets in our apartments but we still feed the strays that come around. They seem too love our backyard. 🤷‍♂️

Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I had one once. He liked to roam around the garden during the day but didn't go any further, probably because there were quite a few other cats in the area and he didn't get on well with other cats. He got agitated if he was made to stay indoors for too long. Maybe a cat who had never been outdoors would be ok, but I think once they've sampled the outdoor life they will never really be happy being kept in. Not unlike people.

Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Kinda depends!
Animals generally getting fresh air etc is good for them! But some cats are not outdoor cats. Like they don't know how to behave and prefer the indoor life. Then other cats prefer the outdoors!
Sooty was a stray. She initially preferred being outside majority of the time! Where as now she's older, she prefers staying in :3
Obviously being cared for inside means you can keep an eye on them better! And with going out there's potential dangers..
Those of you who own live with or generally likes cats do you think they live

(sent on 1/1/22) lately, my roommate has been introducing one of her cats to the outdoor world with a harness & a leash for a few minutes every day. have you ever seen someone walking a cat before?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Actually I tried that with my cat after I moved 🤣
He wouldn't have it tho, he'll stay an indoor cat. I'd be too scared to let him out anyway, coyotes have been snatching cats and small dogs in our neighborhood.

Auf welche Dinge, die du nicht zum Überleben benötigst, möchtest du nicht verzichten?

Mayonym’s Profile PhotoMayonym
da gibt es wohl so einige, die das überleben einfach angenehmer machen. so dinge wie handy, pc, waschmaschinen oder irgendwelche anderen haushaltsgeräte, elektronische unterhaltung, bücher, softgetränke, sanitäre einrichtungen wie dusche oder klo oder waschbecken. die liste könnte wahrscheinlich endlos sein, worauf ich eher ungerne verzichten würde, bin trotzem großer fan von so outdoor survival und camping und zelten, also es geht schon auch ohne, aber über längere zeitraum fehlt es einem doch schon irgendwie.

Do you own very many house plants? What about outdoor plants?

Sadly not many inside!
They die so easily despite my best efforts! Only thing I can put it down to, is perhaps my pc is chugging out too much heat? So I only have artificial plants inside!
Outside... oh lordy that's a different thing! My garden is FULL of perennials! The biggest being a hydrangea which we took a clipping from my Grandparents garden! We hoped it would take root as we wanted something to remember them by after they passed! Thankfully it's thrived! And we've managed to take 2 more clippings and grow another 2 bushes :3
Do you own very many house plants What about outdoor plants

“I’m never bored” could you tell us about your secret ingredients?

Reading, writing, studying, occasional painting, some gaming (mostly modding), tinkering with electronics, very light programming (more of a hobby), building and maintaining PCs, mediating, hiking, working out, skiing, playing guitar, jamming with friends, collaborating with other artists (when my schedule allows), camping and outdoor activities, sh!tposting / memeing, esoteric pursuits and study, some woodworking, watching movies, charting market movements and analyzing business / investment opportunities, etc. How anyone has the bloody time to be "bored" is beyond me... ;-)
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Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

Summer because it allows me to enjoy my favorite things, camping, hiking, & shooting targets. But then again I’m able to do all of those things during the winter also.
Summer everyday! Its warm and sunny and you can wear just shorts and no shirt and not be cold. Days are longer so you can stay out and its still light and nice. Summers the best! Winter. There’s something so magical about snow, it makes me feel like a kid again. Everything is so silent and peaceful, it’s like an entirely different world. Driving through it is less magical, however.
Autumn, short as it may be it's a beautiful mix of hot sun, chilly wind and days are just starting to shorten. And mushrooms. Love mushroom hunting.
Winter, lovve winter. I drive with my windows down in the dead of winter because it's so refreshing. Then I'll blast my head and do it all over again. Winter, as breath taking as it literally is, is amazing to me. I loathe the heat with the passion of a thousand suns. You cannot take off your skin when it's too hot which is exactly how hot it feels here in the South every summer. If you are cursed enough to end up in a/with a car with no AC in the dead of a southern summer it feels like torture...the heat, the sweat, the funk. Burning your legs on your car seat...wanting to wear shorts but being absolutely murdered by the mosquitoes...summer is absolutely the definition of misery to me. Truly hate it.
There are others out there. Every time I explain this to people, I get the weirdest looks, like I'm from another planet. Summer. I don't like feeling cold, I don't like wearing layers, I don't like being covered up from head to toe, I don't like dealing with rain and snow, I don't like the inevitable colds and flus I always seem to pick up, I don't like the shorter, darker days.
Summer 100%. I can deal with bad weather, but I can’t deal with the cold when I have limited heating, and I hate dark days/long nights. When I first hear birds singing again in spring and colour popping from flowers, it honestly makes me so happy.
Summer 1,000%. I ride motorcycle and am just generally obsessed with sunshine and patios and such. I like the change of seasons and cool weather until around January, and then I’m just seasonally depressed for ~4 months. I probably shouldn’t live where I do, but I can’t think of a state/city I’d prefer to live in, so I just stay out and whine about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Summer. We only really get one rrally hot week here, the rest of the time ot sits aroubd 25C so its not unpleasant, I can bike to work in sunlight, spent lazy afternoons in pub gsrdens or reading in the park by the river, and its full of fun events like frstivals and outdoor plays and concerts.

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Does anyone enjoy rainy days more than sunny days?

I enjoy the sun and/or hot weather so long as there's a steady breeze. I hate this muggy air not being able to breathe feeling when the sun's like 40 C. When I don't feel like going outside or doing anything, I like rainy days. When I feel like going outside or doing something, I like sunny days. I don't like cloudy days though, I find it more depressing than rain. At least there's something happening on a rainy day.
But nothing can top a rainy day, like real terrential downpour. That's fantastic.
If I can plan my day. I would like to have majority of my weather to be cool weather with nice drizzle. I'm all about that jacket weather.
When I was little, I would run to the roof and play in the water untill my mom caught up to me. I loved seeing the rain falling down.
While I’ve always been one to enjoy basking in a nice sunny day, I find rainy days to be entirely more relaxing. It almost makes me feel as though the whole world is at a standstill. I absolutely love rainy days.
I like the rain here, because its often accompanied by lightning and it all makes for a very interesting evening show. It also helps keeping the temp down. Even if its 85F or 90F, when it rains it'll drop to 70F and it cools off the whole house. Rain is also a commodity here so it's nice when we actually get some. I enjoy the sweet smell after it rains (or right before it starts). It's hot and sunny if it's not raining during the summer, which for me is miserable because it's difficult to do outdoor activities when it's 100F outside.
I never found rainy days depressing at all, but rather kind of soothing. It's a good day to make a warm drink and hang out.
I enjoy cooler sunny days. I've lived in a rainy climate and have experienced rain that I don't enjoy. I've also lived in a hot climate where it's gotten a bit too hot. I like the color the world has when there isn't an overcast.
Rainy days are comfy. Rain on a tin roof is awesome. The post-rain earthy smell is lovely.
The rain has been great recently to cool down the factory I work in (which isn’t air conditioned) from the 90 some degrees we had before. It’s also cool to fall asleep to raindrops on the roof at night. I like rain if there isn't really high humidity with it. It's always the worst when you put on a sweater because it's raining and chilly and then 10 minutes later it's clinging to your body.
I wish I liked them! It's rainy here 99% of the time and I find it so depressing. I think if I liked rainy days I'd be a happier person!
Usually, people refer to rainy or cloudy days as more gloomy and negative, but I actually find them more pleasant than sunny and shining days. The sound of rain or view of clouds sailing through in the sky is very relaxing to me. Gives you an excuse to be comfy and cozy. Drink warm beverages (mmmm London fog) read a book or binge watch a show.
Not feeling guilty about staying inside and playing video games.
It's kind of a comforting and calming weather.

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As tu déjà fait une croisière ? Si non, aimerais tu en faire une et où ? 🔵

I went on a cruise in April to the Bahamas and it was the best time of my life. We went on a carnival cruise line. Don’t use room service too often because your bill will skyrocket. But if money’s not a problem then just enjoy all the free food and relax while on the ocean. The stops are best part though. Some islands are owned by the cruise line so they’ll upcharge you on purchases on the island because they can. But they usually have a lot of activities going on throughout the day like karokee, trivia, and shows. I snuck some weed on the boat and that made the time 10x better 😂
Carnival is my favorite - food is reasonable, accomodations are fine, people are super nice and friendly and they have outdoor movies at night and also (typically) a separate adults only pool area which was AWESOME. Tons of activities and everything was pretty easy going. Upcharge for drinks and fancy dining, though, which is to be expected, but Norweigen had free drinks. Lines at the buffet can get LONG but there's always specialty dining if you're willing to pay and frankly it's not that much money. We bought a bottle of gin for the room and it was like $100.00 but it was more than enough to keep my friend and I happy without spending too much money additional on booze. You are only supposed to drink it in your room, but what are water bottles for if not for sneaking gin and tonics for your outdoor movie experiences? Norweigen was my second favorite. Food was somewhate better than Carnival, staff and other guests were fairly friendly and the rooms were fine. No outdoor movies, though and only one pool and hot tub area which meant I didn't get to use the hot tubs or pools because too many kids, plus fewer activities and it was hard to figure out how you were supposed to sign up for them. Bonus for this one: "all inclusive" is free booze AND the cruise I went on went to Cuba, which made going to Cuba extremely easy.
I have a massive phobia about falling out of the sky, as such I don't fly (yes, I know it's irrational). That's fine to get to anywhere in Europe, but beyond that, virtually impossible. As such cruises are fantastic for me to see places that I normally would either have to spend a few hours crying my eyes out over and stressing about for weeks beforehand, or, just not doing it. I've been on a couple of cruises, one up to Svalbard via Norway and Faroe Islands which was great to head into the actual polar bears will eat you Arctic. The demographiscs on that one weren't great, I (23ish at the time) was one of about five younger than retirement age. But also, Svalbard. I went on one when I was 16. I think it was Carnival, to Mexico, Jamaica, and someplace else. Western Caribbean, basically. For me it was a lot of fun. I got to try seafood for the first time, guilt free. I could have ice cream whenever I please. I really enjoyed being on the boat in general. My mother got seasick when the water got a little rough lol. The ports I was mixed about.

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What is your favorite source of outdoor entertainment?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
Geocaching! Love it!
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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What is your favorite source of outdoor entertainment

What's your favorite thing about where you live?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
I live in the middle of nowhere in England. The nearest McDonalds is 40 minutes away for example. If you like the outdoors then this place is perfect. Everyone knows everyone and you can walk a mile down the road and be in the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen.
I live on a river, in a secluded cove. It gives me access to the ocean, and adjoining rivers so there are favorites and new places to explore. The neighborhood I live in is very old. There is 5% turnover at best, no one ever leaves. So I can leave my door open all night and not worry about it, and UPS has no compunction about leaving a $700 laptop on my front porch in the dell box.
I live near a city, but actually on the outskirts of a very quiet village. So I can enjoy silence and nature, yet if I want to go shopping or need city life, all I have to do is get on the bus that stops a few hundred meters away from my house and within forty or fifty minutes I'm in the city's center. I don't actually need a car since I can do most of the everyday stuff with a bicycle. And also, we have a surprisingly awesome and fast internet connection.
My family is here, we get some good concerts. Summers are hot, winters are cold, and it's just a two hour drive if I want to go shopping in the US, see Niagara Falls, or visit a muséum or gallery in Toronto. I guess that's several things. My town: it's a good medium between rural and the city. 30 minutes in one direction takes me to the middle of the capital city, and 30 minutes in the other takes me to the country. But I can also get pretty much whatever I need without leaving my town itself. My house specifically: it's warm, dry and quiet. We're also lucky enough to have a good view of nature from our kitchen windows and we wake up to the sound of native birds. We've got a good bit of space and a great outdoor area for those months when we have great weather.
I'm about two hours away from North Shore Pittsburgh which is really convenient when concerts, sports, and other activities come around. But, for where I live, it's in a very quiet/isolated place. Peaceful, but I would prefer the city by a mile if I had to choose.
The apartment where my friend Larry and I live is next to the city zoo. The zookeeper for the Siberian tigers, Joey, gets a bit tipsy during his shift sometimes and forgets to lock a few things up. Because of that, Larry and I get to watch tigers chase and kill the ferrell cats that live around our apartment complex.
Honestly? I actually kind of hate where I live right now. Oh the suburb I'm in isn't too bad... It's just... not where I'd like to be I guess. I want to move back to my home towm... but my partner is from here and reluctant to move there.
I love my town and by far the most favourite thing for me to do is to go down for a walk in the garden of the Royal Palace and maybe end it with a nice dinner near the ruins of the Roman predecessor of the city.

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have you tried baking? are you any good at it? 🧑🏽‍🍳🥐🍞🧁🥖

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
🍰 I once had to bake a fruit cake for a residential training course. It had to be hand made (not premixed) and paired with a bottle of wine. So I splashed a bit of wine in with the mixture, baked the cake, travelled for hours to an outdoor residential centre on Coniston Lake in Cumbria, and submitted my cake & wine.
🍷 Mine was disqualified as I’d opened the wine to add to the cake! However everyone else got criticised for *not* adding their wine to their cake.
🍰 I’m still miffed at that to this day!
🧁 Anyway, no I don’t bake and other than the aforementioned cake and some kid’s stuff when I was little, I never have.
🎂 I did invent an imaginary cake once though, see: https://askfm.onelink.me/FaQr/b9c21f8f

Good to know. I work for delta, and we are super big on this subject, but I am a outdoor employee so my chances at work are limited. You did teach me a few things tho. If you think of anything else please fill me in

I hope that you can do something to help but its very rare for them to actually use those kinds of airlines.. they usually just use the airports to transfer their product to a certain part of the airport, a part of the airport where only the super wealthy ever go. So, if you’re ever inside just keep your eye out. It happens every day. 150 people a day.

what is your favorite childhood memory?

DavinaNsrnaila_’s Profile Photochicacao ✿
Every weekend used to be an outing weekend.
The whole fam would leave all their works and spend time together for the weekend.
Playing board games, outdoor games, going to parks and gardens.
That's my favourite childhood memory. Spending time together.

Woah, helloo Tobbe!😁 How're you doing?😇

korndude’s Profile PhotoKoЯnDuDe
I'm doing good thank you! 😄 I'm currently making preparations for a fun event I'll be hosting together with my classmates for the new students tomorroe They're gonna go around to a few of our rooms (Including my own) and guess who lives there 🏡 I'm curious to see if my room is as good of a reflection of myself that I think it is lol Have made some pamphlets, am currently working on a music quiz and am gonna clean my room extensivel before they arrive. After we're done we're gonna have some outdoor activities 🥏
Once that event is over I'm gonna head back home for a game night with the ones I live with in the dorm. I'm gonna work Friday. I'm gonna go on a "HOF-Hike" on Saturday with my student organization where you drink a 33cl alcoholic drink of your choice for every km you walk (We're gonna go for 10). I've done it thrice before and it's a lot of fun 😌 Also gonna have a Dungeons and Dragons session with a few of my friends on Sunday. So all in all, I have a quite busy weekend ahead Haha

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Woah helloo Tobbe Howre you doing

Your outdoor pics make me want to go out for walks more often! How regular do you get to be? :)

Oh thanks lovely! At least a couple of times a week - I want able to pre-covid because of my commute time, but now I'm working from home so I'm able to get my dogs properly walked instead of spending hours in a car! Which adds up, because Mia has decided she's now too old for long walks 🤦‍♀️😂
Your outdoor pics make me want to go out for walks more often How regular do you

Are you an artistic person? If yes, in which arts?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
I enjoy the arts in general but am not particularly gifted in any of them. I’d like to believe I am. I majored in illustration in school and am a graphic designer by trade. It’s hard to explain my style but I usually do digital portraits. I’ve also always really been into cartooning, working with inks, watercolors, and collage. I’m hoping to try some acrylic pour painting soon as well. I've just gotten into piano improvisation, but I've already played classically for 11-12 years, so patterns are nothing new for me. I just think of a time period I want to emulate, think of generally how I could do that (chord structure, rhythm, general style, etc.), and then I just start improvising. So far, I can emulate the Romantic period pretty well, and I can improv ragtime some.
I play instruments and produce. When I have inspiration I start generally by writing a song, all in one go, then tweaking parts of it to fit. Then I'll improvise the guitar while singing to find the right notes, and go from there after recording the base to add drums, bass, and so on. Save it and I've got a song.
For me, I like outdoor and portrait photography. A lot of it is just running "live". Something catches my attention and I go after it to take a picture and try to get cool unfamiliar angles. For portraits, I have a few poses in mind, but a lot of the pictures are like, "Oh oh oh! You know what we should have you pose like?! Do this!! YES!" and I take the picture. For graphic design, I try to go after a theme (like "friendly", "dark", "modern", "simplicity", "loud", etc.) and do what I can to make the project come out so.
I write and perform rap music, and my creative process is pretty sporadic. When I find a beat that I like, I'll put it on loop until something strikes me, whether it be a mood or a specific set of lines. This drives the rest of song, and honestly I just let the song go wherever it wants to. A lot of it is pretty stream of consciousness, I just write what I'm feeling at that point based off of what I said previously.
For me photography is very much a reaction to something that I like the look of, but my composing is much more meditative. I prefer to allocate time to developing a new idea, a time when I can sit down at my computer and focus onto creating something. Sometimes I get lucky and I get into a flow really easily, and once this happens hours can pass without even a second though for the time. My record is 8 hours straight without a break, every second of which was spent either adding to or reviewing different sections of a waltz I was working on. I think some of this will come down to ADD (which I believe I may have), particularly something known as hyperfocusing. The arts part I do in my academic setting is much harder, I have to go through tons of research for inspiration to strike me. Usually I set a topic to research based and then read large amounts of science studies and articles.

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