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While growing up, were your parents more outgoing or more of a homebody? Do you think them being a homebody or outgoing helped influence who you are and what you’re like today?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
both of my parents were very social individuals whose livelihood revolved around being part of the social circle.
i'm a little of both so i don't think they were the influence, but rather more so myself and my tolerance.

While growing up, were your parents more outgoing or more of a homebody? Do you think them being a homebody or outgoing helped influence who you are and what you’re like today?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
We grew up in a strict household and always stayed in, it did influence a lot since i haven’t experienced a lot and i mean a lot of things others my age did, there are many things i don’t know and am just learning about them now.. so i kinda get to be able to experience lots of things for the first time.

While growing up, were your parents more outgoing or more of a homebody? Do you think them being a homebody or outgoing helped influence who you are and what you’re like today?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
We were always out and about as a family, just the three of us. They didn’t have friends or anything.

While growing up, were your parents more outgoing or more of a homebody? Do you think them being a homebody or outgoing helped influence who you are and what you’re like today?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
More of a homebody, my mom more than my dad. They did go out for the kids so we could do stuff that we wanted. I think I'm a mix of both

Would people describe you as closed off and if that’s the case, in what ways?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Depends on the people we’re talking about. I’ve heard previously that upon meeting me, people had the impression that I was quite reserved and closed off, yes. I think that is in large part because I’m very shy and not that outgoing with people I don’t know. I kinda prefer to observe rather than engage. 😯
However, I don’t believe people who truly know me feel that way, as I try my best to be open and engaging, especially with those I’m close to. Like, if I truly trust you, I’ll be giddy and talkative, easily excited, and always wanna make conversation with you. So, I’d say that’s the biggest difference in how I’m perceived, is just, do I feel comfortable being myself with someone? And if so, I’d like to think I’m more or less an open book. ☺️
Would people describe you as closed off and if thats the case in what ways

Why would you want to be like everyone else?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
if i was like everyone else i would be outgoing & less shy but in a way, i am thankful that i'm shy. my shyness keeps me away from fake people. it keeps me safe from humiliation & embarrassment. i just like to do my own thing. i never had friends. but i've learned to be fine about that. i'm not, as the saying goes, "everyone's cup of tea", i'm just me. i can easily be defined, but the only word that defines me the most is that i'm a loner. always have been, always will be. i don't have any interest in being around people or hanging out with them. i don't care about this social media crap where they do these stupid little videos with each other. i go outside, do some landscaping & go to bed later on when the sun's gone. social media is the worst thing man has invented & i despise it. but i use it anyways because i do what i want, when i want & if nobody likes it they can kiss my ass

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What's the opposite of you ?

Someone with high self-confidence, loves public speaking/making public speeches, very outgoing, risk taker, brave, often sarcastic, tall, is understood by many, not reserved, always smiles, responsible by nature, is great at writing poems/understanding poetry, hardly ever stays at home and has lots of friends irl.

What types of men do you find attractive in looks & personality? Cowboy, trucker, businessman, athlete, geek, professor, rapper, biker, military, etc? Confident, quiet, outgoing, macho, etc?

I find this question so difficult, as I don't really have a "type". All of my exes have been different, in both looks and personality. I am usually attracted to more alternative people, but my boyfriend right now doesn't fit that description at all so I don't know. I really value humour, though. The person has to be able to make me laugh. It's a deal-breaker if they can't.

What types of men do you find attractive in looks & personality? Cowboy, trucker, businessman, athlete, geek, professor, rapper, biker, military, etc? Confident, quiet, outgoing, macho, etc?

I'd go for a geek or metalhead over any of the others on that list, and I don't mind them being quiet or confident as long as they don't pull that "alpha male" crap, but what I'm attracted to is the person themself, rather than their aesthetic. 2 people with the same or similar aesthetic can still look and behave completely different.

Yeah you kinda went with the flow it’s nice! I don’t think you’re an introvert but I guess I’ll just ask you. Are you? I feel like you would be someone who is very outgoing

I'm in introvert in khandaan. Mostly it's due to the image you gotta carry. Mama Baba ke tarbiyat Ka naam hey n all. You gotta stay n be the most pious version of yourself. Wese yeah I'm outgoing with my close friends. But obviously within the decency limits

Do you think without the internet people would be more lonely?

I don’t think that people would be more lonely.
I think people were much more outgoing in the past, because you actually had to go out and meet people to socialize. Nowadays people can also socialize without going anywhere so the way we socialize has changed a bit. I don’t think online socializing is the same as contact outside of the internet.
Do you think without the internet people would be more lonely

Who would you give these awards to on ask? For "Being creative", for "Being funny" and for "Being kind".

anonstar17654’s Profile Photoanonstar17654
For being creative:
@AmericanLass (for that amazing fall/autumn door wreath you made - still in absolute AWE 🤩🤣🍁), plus answers are always very detailed and have so much personality!
@gingerbreadguy2 ... You always are so creative in our conversations... They're unpredictable, at times, lol
For being Funny:
@redoasis2017 ... Your GIFS/answers are HILARIOUS! You're a natural comedian, always know how to make someone smile 😁
@Apeshitz ... Your answers make me giggle like an immature child 🤣
@Neo_gs ... You have a sarcastic sense of humor, which I love! Lol.
For being kind:
@ianbushell355 ... You are such a kind, wonderful human being! I know we don't talk much anymore, but I still appreciate the person that you are! 🙂😊 Also, STOP SAYING YOU'RE BORING, cuz you're not!!! You're absolutely fantastic and don't forget it!
@lnr87 ... You've been so welcoming on Askfm from the start! I appreciate how kind you are, and always feel like you treat me like a human being in questions, answers and the like ☺️ Thank you, for that, Lyndsey!
@natalehjayne ... I think you're such a kind, thoughtful, beautiful soul! Your page is chock full of never ending kindness... And I love that! 🌼
@fiezuqa ... I love your outgoing spark and how kind/authentic/humble, you are, no matter the person! Your light is so radiant and don't ever forget that! KEEP ON SHINING BRIGHT ☀️✨

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Are you more of an outgoing person or would you rather just keep to yourself?

I keep it to myself because for my it’s just a simple philosophy
Apna rola ap ko khud hie solve krna chahya jitna marzi ap dosroen sa help la laen ya un mein confide hoen
Knowing who to confide in can work but majority of the people apni life stories shuru kr deta hain 💎
Are you more of an outgoing person or would you rather just keep to yourself

So, a bird tell me that you knew someone who makes your days even better, talk about him 😉

▪️I have always been a person who, with words, can be more open and explain my feelings better.
▪️I can say that I can be a little cold in showing my feelings in person.
The person I just met, I can do it more openly.
Of course I won't change with other people, but with him I am.
▪️Little things I didn't like very much, with him I do, like holding hands, kissing in public, even dancing.
(I still don't like to dance, but I'm in his arms, that's what matters.)
▪️I feel more comfortable with him, I only know him for a short time, but I have this feeling that I've known him for years, and that I can trust him.
▪️He makes me feel happy, I don't think that's the right word, it's something more than happy.
▪️He gives me a new glow, a new life. I have to thank him for that. It gave me a feeling that I deserve more than I had before.
▪️All the people I've ever met, there came a time after meeting them, when I got bored.
▪️Me with him, I'm not fed up, I just want more with him. I can't get enough of him.
▪️In terms of personality, he's more outgoing with everyone, I'm more introverted until I get to know the person.
Maybe I needed someone like him to change that in me.
Now if that will happen, I don't know. 😅
▪️He's super fun, I think my cause of death will be: Laughter 😂 Like the Sims 😅
I've always liked people with a sense of humor, but he can be 100 times more than me... It means I'll never have the last joke. 😅
▪️He agrees to make my ideas crazy. This is already a bonus. But I don't know if it's me or him who has the best ideas. 😅
▪️We have some (almost most of them) ideals in common, which is very good.
▪️Not forgetting that it seems like I've never been in love in my entire life.
I'm discovering it all over again, like a virgin. 😂
▪️New things I do now:
▫️Smiling at my phone while reading or replying (even my friends are fed up with it). 😅
▫️Being flushed whenever I pass him at work. 😊
❣️ I could write more but I think that’s enough for now. 🖤

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What would you is the least liked zodiac sign all around the world? Which do you think is the most liked and the most loved and has the best reputation over all the other zodiac signs?

I think a lot of people would say Scorpio cause they can be dangerous when someone crosses them. They tend to always get what they want too, which can get peoples backs up. Most liked I think Leos cause they are confident and outgoing, tend to be leaders in society and people follow happily. If it was my opinion only, I'd rank gemini at the bottom. I get on best with water sign women and earth sign men :)

As a Capricorn, what ‘Capricorn traits’ do you not have?

I’m driven by success and status, but its not necessarily about money. I like classy, elegant things, and abhor people with poor taste and uncultured behaviour. I am also rational and cold. I like beauty and perfection.
I can fit every characteristic most of the time and split from the traits with some aspects. I'm career oriented, but not ambition obsessed. I'm money driven, but not at the cost of quality or people. I'm a lover of art, but not a fan of knick-knacks. I'm an organized, efficient, & thorough worker, but not exactly a "hard worker bee."
I'm emotional & sentimental, but can certainly be stern & terse. Sometimes I'm "cold" when sorting through my emotions, I like to be able to speak about them clearly so that they are taken seriously and respected. But I cry at Disney movies, too. I like things tidy, but overlook little messes as long as they are taken care of before getting out of hand. Resourceful, creative, family-oriented, compassionate, patient, intelligent, balanced - these are traits most "readings" neglect of Capricorns. I used to fit most (ambition, hard work, wise with money, emotionless) when I was younger, and haven’t explored much about life and myself. Now, I can’t believe I’m even a Cap to begin with. Work is a chore, ambition is smth I feel I’m forced to have to better my circumstances, I don’t save. I’ve cried and felt more emotions in the past three years than I’ve ever had my whole life. It’s confusing and pretty alienating.
I can be ruthlessly blunt. Very straightforward and often times can be mean, or so people feel that’s how I’m being. Emotionally I’m unstable, but very rarely show it. I’d rather be working than with friends and most people even bosses would call me a workaholic. I push people away often.
I don’t have a lot of Capricorn traits. My only other earth placements are my Virgo NN & Capricorn Neptune. Rest of chart is mostly Aquarius & then Sagittarius & Aries sprinkled in there. What I DO have is the overthinking & worrying... I take myself pretty seriously and my absolute least favorite thing in the world is being made to look bad. I care a lot about my status (to my dismay) and I crave power and success, mostly cause I like the respect and attention that comes with it. Not big on money. However, people always say I do not come off as an earth sign. When I’m not depressed, I’m very outgoing and playful, I’m scatterbrained, irresponsible, impulsive, I’ve been told I’m “airy” but that doesn’t sound like a good thing ha. I always felt like I was having an identity crisis because I never have presented as a traditional Capricorn and I actually even have a stellium so I relate heavily in other ways like work ethic, responsibility, and ambition.

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Is our ego an illusion?

Just watched a YouTube video regarding us being in a simulation, lol.... So, yeah, I'd say... it very well "can" be an illusion! xD All of this can! O___O
I also think that we kinda' have to "trick" ourselves in believing that we're confident... to give off that "illusion" to others outwardly, and ourselves, internally...
I mean, there's been times at work I was super bubbly and outgoing, but does that mean I'm extroverted and not self-conscience to some degree? Noooooooo... Does that mean I'm comfortable with my surroundings and in my own skin that day? Absolutely not, lol. It's just a way I can get through the day... A way I can "feel" more confident... if that makes sense? I'm kinda' ego boosting myself up! Getting myself into the mood. :P *shrugs*

My question is for girls only, do you prefer a shy man or a bold man?

abdelzahra’s Profile PhotoSaif
I like somewhere in the middle, I don't care for arrogance but I don't want someone super shy either. I'm an introvert so I like ambiverts/extroverts who can be outgoing and confident, who will push me out of my comfort zone (but not too much) but will also show me their softer sides

🤷🏻‍♀️ Are you shy or an outgoing person?

I'm in the Victoria & Albert museum. This photo that I'm sitting next to probably sums it up. It also reminds me of a scene from my favourite film, Life of Brian, where the Roman guards invade the headquarters of the PFJ and they all hide.
Are you shy or an outgoing person
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Which are you: an extravert, introvert, or ambivert? Are you more likely to gravitate to people like you or opposite to you as friends/partners?

I'm definitely an ambivert!!! Extroverted people think of me as an introvert and introverted people think of me as an extrovert 😂 And just like that, I can feel comfortable hanging out with most people. Me liking someone usually depends on other stuff than how outgoing they are 😊
Which are you an extravert introvert or ambivert Are you more likely to

Which are you: an extravert, introvert, or ambivert? Are you more likely to gravitate to people like you or opposite to you as friends/partners?

I’m very much an introvert. I seem to attract extroverts (or perhaps they’re ambiverts), folk a lot more outgoing than me, at least! I think it’s good to have a mix of both; introverts who understand how you tick, that you need and take time to yourself to recharge, and extroverts to help pull you out of your shell at times, while also balancing them out a little as well :)

Has your family ever pressured you to act a certain way?

When I was a kid, yes. I remember my parents would wake me up from my nap and convince me to go outside to play with the other kids. It's like they wanted me to be this jolly kid who's friends with everyone. But by the time that I've become a bit outgoing, they've become strict and would only let me out/watch TV during weekends and have me focused on studying. Couldn't even touch the guitar. And the computer is basically only there for research purposes and I couldn't relate when my classmates talked about social media/games.

Grappler raises a good point. Where is glinda? Is it possible she moved to Florida and found a new group of friends? Oh well, I’m glad we were there for her when she needed us...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocasual fan
The hardest part of moving to a new state is finding a group of friends. I’m starting with neighbors, coworkers, and there is an online group of women new to town looking for friends that meet up once a month. There is also an art studio a block from me that does art classes, and a yoga studio. I’m not very outgoing in real life, but I think meeting friends, like dating, is a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely it is that you will find someone you click with.

In what way are you your own worst enemy?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
Definitely in that I sleep too little, since it brings out all my worst tendencies. I become prone to procrastinate, my mental health goes into a negative spiral much more easily, I loose my drive and am much less outgoing. In many aspects, tired me is the worst me and I really should do more to not let that side of me come out as often as I do 😕
But to be fair, these last months it has been hard to catch up on sleep since there's been construction going on outside of my building. Not like you can sleep in when there's a bulldozer driving past your window at 7 🙃 I'm soooo happy that they're gonna be done before Christmas, it's been going at a snail's pace cus of the pandemic but they're finally ramping up!
In what way are you your own worst enemy

Would you say you’re more of an extrovert or an introvert?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
I'm somewhere in between! I love to be around people but my social battery only lasts that long. Like, I love to go out and party but afterwards I just want a quiet place to go back to and recharge. I tend to be more outgoing and for longer when I've slept properly! 😴
Would you say youre more of an extrovert or an introvert

What is your favourite way to spend time on your own?

I live alone, but on the weekends (when they don't call me at work), I like to make a breakfast of things that I usually don't eat (due to lack of time), while singing whatever sounds on the playlist, then take a long shower, put on a mask for my skin and my hair, then dress something comfortable, without a bra, then I fix my apartment a bit and dance while I do it, then I put on a movie while I eat a pizza and sleep the rest of the day because I have to take the opportunity to make up the nights I didn't sleep.
My favorite way is to go to a place of natural beauty. I live near a little river, and I go there all the time alone in the early morning and observe the seasons and animals. There is a peacefulness to the natural world that is not to be found anywhere else.
Reading, going for walks, and shopping. I've hated shopping with other people ever since I used to go with my sister when I was younger. She would spend 1 hour tossing up whether to spend $15 on a pair of shoes whereas if I see something I need/ have been wanting to get, I'll just get it without hesitation. Go to the gym early in the morning, come home and have a nice long shower, shave my legs, use my favourite shower gel and get in comfy bottoms and a baggy hoodie. Drink coffee and watch tv. Perfect.
My faves are either cooking/baking or painting! I have recently rediscovered how much I love to cook and bake and I've always loved to paint. They are things that don't necessarily require a "rulebook" but a little studying can improve them a ton!
Reading. Video games. Getting high, blasting music and deep cleaning the house.
Since having my kids, it’s usually a toss-up between sleeping or taking a nice long hot bath/shower, or taking a bath of boiling water.
In a tent somewhere in the woods with a fire going, heating up a big kettle of tea to sip all day and night. With my boyfriend who tends to the fire and pours tea, while I read a book out loud to him. And at night, I go catch some frogs by the lake because I just love frogs.
Being out and about with my friends. I'm fairly extroverted and outgoing, and I feel like a day spent indoors isn't a good use of my time. Go to the diner for a greasy breakfast and then watch a movie at like 9:00 in the morning. Normally movies are an evening thing that we have to make time for, so doing it in the middle of a weekday morning feels so damn decadent.
Make coffee before walking the dog, so I can take a thermos of it with me and go for a long stroll. Then curl up with him on the couch and play some games. There are some parts of this that are dependent on other factors. Is it a friday and I'll have the rest of the weekend off? Head start on resting. Gonna sleep a whole lot and have more energy by Sunday.
Is it a Monday and I rested all weekend? Maybe I'll go to a park or a zoo. Spend time with my kids. Use that time and energy for experiences worth having.

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What is your biggest regret in life?

Just generally letting people influence my decisions. I ended up in a good spot but can't help but wonder if I would have been happier if they were 100% mine.
Not telling my dad the situations in full as best as I knew so he’d get custody of me way earlier (Wasn’t cued in on everything, but what I knew was probably still plenty) I’d probably be a straight up genius, if not, at least a bit more confident in myself.
Not going to school, and instead throwing 10 years of my life away on my first two wives.
Putting so much effort and passion into relationships and never becoming okay with being alone or ever really finding myself. I was in a 4 year relationship from the time I was 15 to 19, and then another 4 year relationship 3 or 4 months later that lasted from the time I was 19 to 24, and got into another relationship 6 months later. I realize now that I've never been alone, I've been in serious relationships basically nonstop since I was a freshman in high school and I'm almost 25 now.
I wish I took the time to go and experiment and be alone. I wish I had gone to clubs and experience what it's like to be 19-24 years old. I wish I lived but I committed myself to long-term relationships or tried to because I wanted to feel needed or loved.
Not understanding boundaries better as a kid and doing things I deeply wish I could undo. Nothing because life is pointless as we all die at somepoint. Life is unfair and too many variables determine how good or shitty a person's life will be. Nobody is ever in complete control of their destiny. Luck and Genetics determine your life. I never asked to be born, just got thrown into this shithole.
Not being more outgoing or participating in more social activities. I lost too many experiences just because I didn't feel like going to an event.
Not being more outgoing, I'm better now but I think it would have helped a lot when I was a kid. Not cutting my toxic parent off sooner. Also listening to peoples Opinions that I would never ask advice from.
Being born with physical defects I couldn't do anything about till I was an adult.
I wish I had worked harder and been brave enough to be myself and go for what I wanted earlier.
Playing too much League of Legends instead of investing this time in other, more meaningful hobbies.
I’m in my second year of high school and I’ve done nothing. I haven’t gone out smoked or any of that shit. Most of the time I sit at the computer researching places I want to see and wishing I could get up and see the world. It’s super cheesy I know but that’s it.
Not getting my messages said to my hellhole of a high school. I tried to make videos in a TV pro class that could get my points across, but they were either never finished or I didn't get the chance to show them. And to make it worse, barely anyone took what I had to say seriously.

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Have you ever been on a singles cruise? And if so, what was your experience like?

MY friend has sex with two different women on two separate cruises. I met a woman from Texas and we had sex all week. I would say it's mostly women over 30. The 20 something cruises I think have a more balanced ration. It seems more older women. I'm 43 so the 20 somethings are really not the people I go for. I know another couple that got married by meeting on the cruise. More older women than younger ones. Mixed bag. Some are not attractive at all and some are pretty hot. If you do it I would recommend going on their facebook page and begin talking to your cruise mates before the cruise starts. It really helps to get to know everyone.
That sounds like more fun than I was picturing. Most of my friends are the type who enjoy drinking, hunting, muddin' and other assorted redneck-y activities. There's no way they're gonna sign up for a cruise but it would be glorious if they did. I guarantee we'd have a least a few contenders in the belly flop contest.
I've been on six of them. Generally there are a lot more women on them than men. They send out emails with the ratio and it's always about 10 to 20 more women going. My buddy met the love of his life on one of them. She lived in Sweden. He actually went and visited her. They would have gotten married if the her family didn't need her so much in Sweden and he couldn't leave his family behind. With that said they are a lot of fun. You get your own cruise director and you have parties with just the single people and your own shore excursions.. There are lots of people trying to hook up. Not everyone gets lucky though.
Three weeks ago I did a singles cruise on Norwegian Epic from Barcelona. The Epic has solo cabins on deck 11 and 12 for solo travelers. My guess is there would be around 70 solo cabins. All these cabins are located in hallways which are only accessible by solo travelers and are connected in the middle at the solo lounge. Solo travelers can meet here and have a drink. Everyday at 18:00 there was a solo gathering to meet others and if you want to you can join the group for diner. I absolutely loved it! It's a great way to go on vacation alone and still get to know others. I had dinner with other solo travelers everyday. Sometimes with the group, sometimes we just wanted to eat later and went together without the group. For an outgoing person like you and with your age, I think doing a cruise like this is great. Most of the travelers I met were between 35 and 60.

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E super fain ca ai un grup de prieteni asa mișto. Eu nu știu cum am reușit, dar am păstrat legătură doar cu o persoana din liceu, iar la facultate am întâlniți oameni foarte de treaba, doar ca ii scoți foarte greu din casa pentru diverse activități, gen mers la munte, mare, petreceri, seri de jocuri

Și eu mi-am cunoscut 90% din prietenii apropiați în facultate, dar am norocul să fie oameni destul de out-going și alături de care pot face o grămadă de chestii

If you could see a measuring scale above people’s heads, what would you want this scale to measure? Their status in society, their level of happiness, their wealth, etc.?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
This is such an amazing idea!!!
Defined if they are friendly, outgoing because I don’t want to meet anyone that’s dead inside..or dead serious you get me?
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