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هندسه، لو انا مهندس اتصالات ف هواوي بس عقدي outsource وشغال ف مجال ال Mobile communication و انا بحب الشبكات اكتر و شاطر فيها قدامي أروح إتصالات مصر براتب اقل ٢٥٠٠ ج عن هواوي و برده outsource .. اروح ولا لا؟

صعب احددلك
انا شايف الناس بتنقل لحاجة تحبها وبعد سنة ولا اتنين بيكون عادي
فلو الواحد مش كاره طبيعة شغله ممكن يكمل
شوف ميولك
شوف طبيعة التيم اللي بتروحه
مستقبلك المهني وتوافر الفرص
ولو ينفع ابعتلي رسالة منفصلة بسنين خبرتك ومرتبك

You’ve been given a sufficient budget to host (or outsource) a weekend festival of your design. What type of festival would it be? What would happen there? Would it be free or charged? What are examples of things festivalgoers could expect to see/do?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
🌷 Festival of Awareness for the Less Fortunate (Education, Food and Shelter).

There would be an entrance fee which will all proceed to charity. It would have different areas for entertainment, food and display of inventions and exchanging ideas from the guests such as Elon Musk, Oprah, various artists, athletes, chefs, scientists, Dora, etc.

You’ve been given a sufficient budget to host (or outsource) a weekend festival of your design. What type of festival would it be? What would happen there? Would it be free or charged? What are examples of things festivalgoers could expect to see/do?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Swingers festival, as for what people would do and see there, use your imagination and let it run wild.

You’ve been given a sufficient budget to host (or outsource) a weekend festival of your design. What type of festival would it be? What would happen there? Would it be free or charged? What are examples of things festivalgoers could expect to see/do?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
It is not going to be a charity from my side at all because I'd rather earn from something that can happen instead. Let it be a festival where people gather about and simply have fun, get to know each other, play games etc. Maybe festival will be on a subject of Christmas? Maybe kids would be welcome and could meet with Santa and elves. They could recieve little candy presents in the end.
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You’ve been given a sufficient budget to host (or outsource) a weekend festival of your design. What type of festival would it be? What would happen there? Would it be free or charged? What are examples of things festivalgoers could expect to see/do?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Ooh, that's tough! I'd probably wanna have a variety of stuff, I'd have like a zen zone where its all comfy with cushions and blankets and they play chilled out music with pretty coloured lights and people can go and relax, I'd have some dance bits, diff types of music for diff peoples tastes, and a performance area with mini stages for visitors to display their own talents. I'd probably have to charge, realistically, but I'd try to keep the charge low because I wouldn't wanna price people out of it if they'd enjoy it

You’ve been given a sufficient budget to host (or outsource) a weekend festival of your design. What type of festival would it be? What would happen there? Would it be free or charged? What are examples of things festivalgoers could expect to see/do?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
"What type of festival would it be?"
a book festival. 📚🔖💫
"What would happen there?"
there'd be stationery vendors, office/school supply vendors, book vendors, amongst other cool stuff that goes down during a book festival.
"Would it be free or charged?"
it'd be free admission.
"What are examples of things festival goers could expect to see/do?"
📓 get great deals on stationery, books, and other products
💬 get a chance to meet their favourite authors etc
🏵 get collectable items/merchandise
Youve been given a sufficient budget to host or outsource a weekend festival of

You’ve been given a sufficient budget to host (or outsource) a weekend festival of your design. What type of festival would it be? What would happen there? Would it be free or charged? What are examples of things festivalgoers could expect to see/do?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
I’d make it a music festival hahaha try to get as many singers/rappers/mc/djs to come and obviously make people pay a fee

lets say something Nice✨

duafatima6’s Profile PhotoDua Fatima
We don't live in bungalows, duplexes and flats. We live in our 'Minds' . Yes, that's our permanent residence. And there are no constraints of square-feet there. And you know what! No matter how organized your rooms, balconies, garages and verandas are, life is only good when things are sorted there - in your mind. And that is where we keep things messy - regrets piling up in one corner, expectations stuffed in a closet,secrets under the carpet, comparisons littered everywhere, worries split on the table, complexes leaking from an old bottle. Be aware. For this 'real home' of yours, you can't outsource housekeeping. You got to it yourself.

فيه اتنين واحد telesales outdoor f orange الsalary مقدرش اقولك بالظبط بس يبدأ من ٢٠٠٠ والتانى شركه outsource وال salary فوق ال ٣٠٠٠

مش مجرى بالنسبالي على تعبه وبعدين شغل شركات الاتصالات مرهق وفيه نصب عشان ابيع فمش بحبه
+16 answers in: “نووووح يا نوووح اييه خططتك للاجازة بعد ما خلصت امتحانات وصيفت ؟؟”

iya benar, di awal bikin DigitalMarketer.id, tapi bukannya workshop pertamanya itu seudah bikin SID ya? apa aku salah ya? :) kok bisa yakin sih, padahal persiapan materi workshop nya juga pasti tidak sebentar :)

Iya setahun setengah setelah SID. Materi dikebut setelah workshop di announce. Set the goal first baru dikerjain contentnya.
Thats my way of pushing myself.
Kyk ini January we set the date and place first, announce it to some of our closest friend that we’re having a new program di Bali, baru digarap detailnya, lokasi acaranya, etc. Jadi public commitment for us.
Itu yang aku lakuin di tiap project. Also Bill Gates jg gitu waktu bikin microsoft pertama kali. Set the deal first, baru nyari outsource OS DOS waktu itu kan
So it just works like that. Set the goal first and find out how to do it :)

Kapan ya Indonesia punya landasan roket sendiri? Biar ga numpang negara lain kalo mau luncurin satelit

Sama kayak pertanyaan kapan Apple punya pabrik iPhone sendiri... Ngapain lha wong outsource bakal lebih murah daripada bangun semuanya dari pihak pertama. Kek, dalam produksi pun adalah bijak untuk kamu tidak berusaha memonopoli semua tahap produksi dan fokus pada satu atau beberapa tahap produksi saja. Seperti misal kamu jualan pecel ayam. Bayangin kamu juga yang memegang peternakan ayam, sawah, dan kebun sayurnya. Apalagi kalau sampai memegang produksi pupuk dan pakan ternaknya juga. Tentu tidak ada satu pihak pun yang bisa mengendalikan semua tahap dan alur produksi yang rumit dan panjang seperti ini.
Jadi gini, sama seperti membuat pabrik, landasan roket membutuhkan biaya dan human resource yang super besar yang untuk suatu fasilitas tersebut. Mereka mampu memenuhi demand tidak hanya dari negara sendiri, tapi juga dari negara lain. Tapi mereka membutuhkan launching site sendiri karena dalam setahun mereka meluncurkan sangat banyak roket daripada negara-negara lain. Tercatat dalam 2016 NASA sendiri, dan entah mungkin saja ada organisasi lain yang meluncurkan roket, meluncurkan 65 roket.
Sementara bandingkan dengan Indonesia sendiri yang bisa dibilang sangat sedikit peluncuran nya daripada negara seperti US. Hanya tujuh satelit, tujuh peluncuran roket dalam rencana tiga tahun dari 2017 ke 2020
Kecuali jika entah bagaimana negara ini membutuhkan sangat banyak peluncuran dan tidak ada negara yang sanggup memenuhi kuota peluncuran tersebut baru mungkin Indonesia entah secara sendiri atau bekerjasama dengan negara lain membangun situs peluncurannya itu sendiri. Tapi tanpa demand yang banyak tersebut, membangun situs peluncuran jelas cuma pemborosan. Jauh lebih baik kita mulai bangun sesuatu yg lebih bermanfaat bagi kita seperti PLTN atau pabrik lain yang kita bisa memproduksi suatu barang dengan kualitas yang menyaingi pasar global.

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If you were the CEO or owner of the company, what are the costs and benefits of moving half of your production overseas? Are there any negative consequences to doing this?

Are you trying to outsource your essay writing overseas?
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Well kak, aku pernah baca answer kakak kalo skrg kakak udh outsource semua krn menggaji pekerja bulanan itu melelahkan? Well, can you explain that? Kira2 sisi positif dan negatifnya apa aja ya kak ko kakak milih outsource? Thank you in advance kak:)

betharibintango’s Profile PhotoBethari Bintang Oktavia
Soalnya tailor, pattern maker, atau tukang payet itu seseorang yg memiliki skill tertentu. Bukan orang yg mengerjakan hal yg bs dilakukan semua org seperti asisten rumah tangga atau misalnya karyawan laundry ku yg istilahnya kl mereka berhenti kerja pun aku gak susah nyari penggantinya krn gampang mengoperasikan mesin cuci. Tapi utk menjahit gaun kan ga semuanya bisa. Jadi kl ada yg berhenti, cari yg cocok lagi pun gak gampang. Inilah yg membuat karyawan jd besar kepala krn dia tahu kita gak mudah mencari pengganti dia. Apalagi skrg penjahit lebih memilih buka sendiri dibanding kerja sm orang. Ini plus minus outsource ya:
- Profit yang bisa kita dapatkan per gaun tidak bisa terlalu tinggi dibanding kita mempekerjakan orang.
+ Ga perlu kejar order krn ga menggaji karyawan bulanan. Jd ga ada kata nombokin gaji karyawan just in case order lagi sepi.
- Karena ga perlu kejar order jd lbh nyantai sih jd gak terlalu terdorong utk dpt client banyak dlm sebulan hehe but since I am busy with other things too, it is okay.
+ Gaji penjahit atau pattern maker sekitar 4-8 juta & gaji pemayet sekitar 2 juta (kl ada yg mau di bawah UMR). At least kita memiliki 2 tailors dan 3 pemayet, blm lagi kl kita pakai tukang pola, bisa outcome 20 jutaan in total utk gaji labor. Not amount of money I wanna spend every month, really. Because my main income is from my property aja outcomenya ga segitu.
+ Karyawan yg dodol akan bikin capek hati. While yg pinter malah suka sok ide diminta bikin apa dibikinnya apa krn menurut dia lebih bagus. Kadang dibilangin malah ngeyel. And since you are their boss, mereka tahu kl km ga segampang itu utk replace karyawan. Kl pake outsource, dia akan bikinin orderan kamu bcs you are their client dan dia tahu kamu bisa kabur ke outsource lain kalau kamu ga puas dgn kerjaan mereka.
- Kamu harus coba banyak outsource utk membandingkan harga dan kualitas. But it is much easier dibanding mempekerjakan karyawan beda-beda utk mencoba kualitas kerjanya.

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Halo kak, boleh tau ga faktor apa aja yg dipertimbangkan dalam memilih tempat bekerja dan bagaimana prioritasnya? Aku bimbang karena ada 2 tawaran. Jadi outsource di bank asing besar di bagian finance atau karyawan tetap di bank asing juga bagian audit tetapi tidak sebesar bank pertama. Makasih kak.

Gue selalu mempertimbangkan 2 hal.
Remunerasi (gaji, benefit, dll masuk sini) dan opportunity.
Percuma gaji gede tapi nggak berkembang. Di situ2 aja selama bertahun-tahun. Jadi mikirnya jangka panjang.
Ada satu prinsip dasar yang selalu gue gunakan di beberapa momen.
"tunda kenyamanan"
Alias bersakit2 dahulu bersenang2 kemudian.

Halo kak, boleh tau ga faktor apa aja yg dipertimbangkan dalam memilih tempat bekerja dan bagaimana prioritasnya? Aku bimbang karena ada 2 tawaran. Jadi outsource di bank asing besar di bagian finance atau karyawan tetap di bank asing juga bagian audit tetapi tidak sebesar bank pertama. Makasih kak.

Kalau ngomong "job opportunity", kalau kamu above average, maka niscaya akan banyak sekali. Beda dengan yang namanya "career opportunity".
Yang bedain "job" ama "career", beda-beda buat setiap orang, tapi secara general:
"Job" adalah di mana kamu masuk 8 jam perhari dan kamu di bayar di akhir bulan, the end.
"Career" adalah di mana yang kamu kerjain itu add value kamu secara perlahan, entah itu nambah project experience, nambah network, dan nambah "value" kamu di pasar, yang di mana value itu bisa kamu gunain buat negosiasi saat ada employment atau business opportunity, di kemudian hari.
Terkait tawaran di atas, buat outsource, gue sih bakal liat dulu apa yang gue kerjain selama durasi kontrak itu. Kalau misal kontraknya cuma setahun tapi gue gak jelas kerja dan expected outputnya bakal ngapain selama setaun, maka gue lepas. Lain halnya kalau setaun itu misalnya gue akan masuk ke suatu project besar dengan tim yang punya brand name, jelas tujuannya apa, dan apa yang diukur.

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Why is it so difficult to recruit artists for game dev? What can I do short of making it rain to get artists on my team?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
Count on luck? This is an employee market, they have the power. And it's Catch 22 too: good artists will want to work for you if you are proven, successful, interesting, and it's hard to achieve those without making a game ...you need good artists for in the first place.
If you have the money, though, there's many outsource artists and studios waiting for the offer.

What happens when you get in a car to go to the shop & it locks the doors & drives you to the police station for questioning? Surveillance will improve in-step w/ other tech.

Absolutely true. I was limiting my response to the scope of the question but no doubt we'll be thoroughly and frequently betrayed by technology at every turn. For all of the benefits of self-driving I outlined in the previous question, there's the undeniable truth that humans suffer. Truck Driver is one of the few remaining careers a person can undertake without needing a college degree etc. and it's a large stalwart in terms of income generation for a swathe of the working middle class. The loss of those jobs is going to be devastating. Add to that the loss of all manufacturing jobs to 3D printing or the like and so on. It's an undeniably bleak future for most. The dissatisfaction that results is going to be a major driver for justifying the expansion of surveillance. On a related note to your original question, Uber this week updated their terms and conditions to formalise their gathering of all location data for users of their app. Not just when you call a vehicle or take a trip. Facebook and Google both already do similar. As I often say (and keep repeating) 1984 got it wrong only insofar as it didn't recognise that the government would outsource the surveillance to private corporations. Crime and Punishment as a Service. Your Uber picks you up and instead of taking you to your dealer, it connects you to the Judiciary Bot which convicts you of Intent to Procure and sentences you to Privatised Prison where you are immediately driven by the car. You are rated 0 stars.

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Why is it that people keep praising Ufotable? I know that good animation doesn't equal to the studio being good (with the exception of kyoani), but does ufotable also have a different policy like kyoani or do they just happen to have really good in house animators, or is this all a misunderstanding?

There's a lot of things to tease apart here. First is the amount of post-processing dinner by ufotable's digital teams. They add effects and stuff in the photography step to make the final product look very flashy. A lot of people confuse the art here for animation and claim the animation is wonderful when it's about average for the most part.
Next, ufotable does have a lot of in-house talent. However, they still outsource a lot of the various steps of production. They post per cut like everyone else, do they're no better nor worse than the other non-KyoAni studios.
Finally, there is a bit of an anti-KyoAni sentiment that's been going around for years and is starting to be much more vocal lately. People thought that every studio did practices like them and when they found different, they want to attach them due to the content of the shows they produce. Ufotable's shows cater to the audience who wants more action or video game setting productions, so they get pushed instead.

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If you have a job, where do you work at & do you like it? If you don't have one, where would you like to work at?

Yes! I recently got a job & I love it so far! :D Tbh at first I didn't think I'd like it that much...because you know, it's customer service from an outsource call center. But the training (I'm not out on the floor yet, but I will be next week. ;D) has been great, AND IT'S FOR ETSY. You can't not like working for Etsy. I went from *never touching this site* to *I want to buy all the things & know way too much about this website*
I'm not and "official" Etsy employee, I work at an actual call center, but I work under Etsy.
You'd be surprised by how many people treat Etsy like it's Amazon & not what it really is, a venue lol. But the call center I work for is Etsy's only call support, so if you end up calling Etsy because of an issue...there's a chance you could be talking to me. ;D
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Much older sis recently went back for her masters. The subject is not my expertise, but she's insists that I help with assignments. When I tell her this is out of my scope she gets pissed and says I'm holding out and selfish. How do I deal? Want to be supportive, but I feel like she's out of line.

She is. You tell her you're not comfortable with the material or the way she talks to you and suggest she get a tutor.
Also, I have a Master's. You're not supposed to outsource the assignments, but do them yourself. That's how you learn. It's hard because it's supposed to be. It's a Master's degree.

Hai kak selph, selama jadi fashion designer pernah gak merasa dikecewakan penjahit (jahitan yang kurang rapi, bentuk yang gak sesuai design, atau lain lain)?

zoe_als425’s Profile PhotoSyarah salsabila
Pernah? Pernah? Man. Sampe eneg iya hahaha.
Before I find my current team, I used to employ several in-house tailors or send the designs to other outsource tailors. In 2 years, I changed outsource team thrice and changed tailors like... I don't know, about 20 tailors I guess. Jadi kalo ada yg bilang nyari tailor itu kayak nyari jodoh ya bener.
Nanti ada yg polanya bagus, jahitnya ga rapi. Jahitnya rapi, polanya ga cocok. Atau dua-duanya bagus, tapi orangnya nyebelin. Ini kenyataan loh. Punya karyawan yg sabar dan manut tapi bego, capek. Punya karyawan pinter tp sok tahu dan sok dibutuhin, capek juga haha. Untungnya team yg skrg so far baik-baik aja sih :)

Ko denny , saya baru mau mulai bisnis online dari website dulu . Pertanyaan dalam sebuah website, apakah Jasa SEO berpengaruh besar? Kalah iya , ada rekomendasi conpany untuk SEO ini? Thanks

Seo cukup penting, tapi bukan prioritas no 1 kalo saya. Kalau ada budget tentu boleh outsource :)

Hi, Bor. Based on my experience on difficulties carrying laptop&documents all the time, gue kepikiran pgn bikin line tas kerja buat perempuan. Yg muat laptop&stuff, strong, reliable, tapi jg fashionable. Nah, gue buta bgt di produksi. Do I need to create the bag in indo or outsource abroad? Thanks!

lo susah2 research dan develop produk
lo susah2 nyari workshop yang both affordable dan capable ngerjain order lo
lo susah2 nyari material yang cocok sama design lo
lo susah2 marketing, branding dan memasarkan produk lo
lo susah2 banting tulang ikut trade show 4 hari dari subuh sampe malem
terus orang malah milih beli gucci/lv/chanel kw karena "bermerk"
welcome to indonesia, where what actually matter never mattered and the more superficial you are, the better.
oh, and also the people are about as dumb as a sack of wet mice.

Kak, mau nanya, kalo Docmart kan sekarang di produksi di Thailand, kalo yang versi mahalnya yang 'Made in England' itu beneran dibuat di England kaya Docmart taun lama apa gimanaa?

dkrxt’s Profile PhotoIG: dkrxt_
non-vintage collection docmart sekarang diproduksi di china, thailand dan vietnam. avoid the ones made in china though, kulitnya tipis banget.
vintage collection mereka yang made in england essentially cuma beda di kulit upper. yang non-vintage pake smooth leather which actually adalah kulit corrected grain yang dikasih pelapis akrilik (that's why they're so shiny from the get-go). sedangkan vintage collection make quilon leather. a fancy name for a full grain leather, is all.
but still, gue sangat advocate people to go for full grain as opposed to corrected grain.
kulit corrected grain yang dipake sama non-vintage collection have this tendency to crease in the ugliest way dan kalo udah bener2 lama dipake, acrylic finishnya bakal flaking. really really something you don't want if you're in for the long haul.
kulit full grain, on the other hand, ga akan kayak gitu. the downside is, it will be a pain in the arse to break them in. but once they've broken-in around the ankle, they'll last for more than a few decades.
but if we're talking "dibuat di england kaya docmart taun lama" we need to define how similar. see, pas docmart abandon ship dan outsource produksi ke china, they leave their england factory high and dry. dan ada jeda waktu antara docmart abandon ship sampe mereka reintroduce the vintage collection yang dibikin di pabrik lain (meskipun tetep di uk)
now, the factory that docmart left behind, mereka ngebuat brand sendiri yang namanya solovair. now this brand, is made exactly like the first docmart boots that came out in 1960. same machine, same pattern, same leather cutter, all that jazz. so in a nutshell, solovair itu lebih docmart daripada docmart sendiri.
jadi kalo lo ada temen yang di uk, mending lo sekalian minta mereka proxy solovair boots buat lo.
but while we're talking about rough and tough work boots, may i interest you in a somewhat relatable pair of white's boots?

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Kak mau nanya kalo Docmart kan sekarang di produksi di Thailand kalo yang versi

There are many ask.fm users who like to share their opinions on their ask.fm page with their own way to delivers it. Do you have any favorite user? Or perhaps someone you dislike becase his/her answers are irritating?

Stop it. Let's just meet over latte.
I understand that it's not always personal with Ask.FM. Sometimes you just want to A/B Test a content. Sometimes you want to play with numbers (of Likes, of Followers, of Hate Questions).
Sometimes it's personal without the users even knowing (or acknowledging) that it is.
Sometimes we use it to outsource ego nutritions;
Sometimes we use it to heal old bruises;
Sometimes it's to track old flame, to see how our exes are doing, to accumulate what-ifs and see if it still stings.
Sometimes it's to meet people, the like-minded, the greater minds,or even the nemesis to-be, people of different opinions you'd like to spar with.
Sometimes it's to try your luck. On dating. Giving the heart and chance to feel again.
To pitch, for a business idea.
For a job,
or an idea to make the world suck less.
Or, a pitch of some other kind,
"Can I interest you in Netflix and Chips?
Netflix and Cheese sticks?"
But above all, when it gets personal,
check and verify: perhaps its more intrapersonal than interpersonal.
Perhaps the foul-mouthed just don't know how to ask nicely for a pat in the head and some scratch on the back.

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How is it that U.S.A is insanely rich yet it doesn't have paid maternity leave or free college or at least cheaper college?

Because it's a mixed capitalist economy in which the rich are able to profit off the backs of the less fortunate. I say this coming from a rich family and spending several years in a painfully rich neighborhood. The system is screwed. It's why America is so successful, really. Outsource production, get things cheap, sell them at a far higher rate for profit, accrue wealth, don't cut your workers any slack or pay them more because it would hurt your profit margin, so on and so forth. It's because of the richest of the rich that everyone else has to suffer. Greed is a horrible thing.
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I was phone interviewed by an outsource HR, and she says the feedback is not out yet, so yeah i guess i'm on the waiting list or rejected or w/e, 3amtn dh my num 01068965216 if you're in touch m3a ay HR m3a vodafone ireland would be great! thanks so much btw x

xSainty’s Profile Photo-
Hi there, I just referred your number to the HR and I really wish they call you soon.. Best of luck!

Om sebagai rekruter, mgkn g nerima karyawan yg pengalaman pertama kerjanya jd outsource di perusahan telco selama setahun & bumn 2 thn, namun sempat nganggur selama 2thn krn jadi ibu rumah tangga? Jd ceritanya sy pgn apply kerja lg, nampak g pede soalnya pengalaman kerjanya g bnyk dan smpet nganggur

Kamu harus pede. Apalagi nganggurnya karena alasan kuat (membesarkan anak, misalnya). Jelaskan soal masa nganggur kamu di cover letter. Kamu tidak pernah tahu yang membaca surat kamu mungkin seorang ibu/ayah yang bisa berempati dengan situasi kamu.
Good luck!

I don't understand why you're so invested in the idea of your skin economy and the matter of skins at all, if your game isn't at the completed stage, why use more resources in something that will benefit a minority rather than push out new features and so forth?

New skins are new things. They might not mean a lot to you but it's a way we can outsource art, reward the community for their contributions and add a new dimension to the game. It only has to be done once and gives all these benefits over and over. So it's obvious that the earlier we do it the better.

nah kalo semacem docmart itu..knpa di web nya ada description doa itu gyw padahal di sol bawahnya ga kliatan ada jahitan sama skali cuman rubber sole nya doang...dan kalo pedro gituan berarti welt boongan doang kan ?

docmart itu special case sih.
dia satu2nya brand yang pake welt karet.
dan iya, metode dia dalam nyatuin insole, upper dan welt pake metode goodyear welting kok. lo liat jahitan kuning yg iconic banget? itu dari welt tembus all the way kedalem sampe ke canvas gemming yang nempel di insole. so yeah, docmart itu goodyear welt, no doubt.
tapi, keunikan dia adalah di gimana caranya dia nyambungin welt nya ke outsole. see, pada konstruksi sepatu pada umumnya welt itu dijahit all the way down sampe outsole kan. tapi kalo di kasus docmart, dia gak pake jahitan. instead, karena dia welt dan solenya dari karet, dia pake proses vulkanisir untuk ngegabungin welt dan outsolenya. jadi lah ga ada jahitan di outsolenya.
i have great respect terhadap metode konstruksi docmart. it's just their china-sourced piss-poor shit corrected grain smooth leather upper i can't stand. makanya, kalo beli docmart beli aja vintage collection mereka yang made in uk, or looks for some "unique leather" yang gak smooth2 banget seperti oiled nubuck atau distressed leather. or you can just buy solovair, brand in housenya pabrik tempat docmart diproduksi sebelom mereka outsource produksi ke asia.

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Cici, kalo di rumah sakit gitu ada dapurnya atau catering ya? Soalnya temen aku nanya sama susternya dia bilang pake catering, terus ga ada dapurnya sama sekali. Emang iya ci? Hehe. Thank you in advance ☺️

Every hospital is different. In siloam memang pake outsource catering dari luar. Tp kita ada dapur sendiri. Jadi all food are prepared on site

Have you had much luck with 'mental health professionals'? I haven't. I've had people tell me it took years to find one that helped and to keep persisting - f*uck that! I srsly just to do what I think is best/helps me and for the most part I pass as a 'normal' even successful member of society. lol

Medical intervention on someone's consciousness can be really beneficial, but the people who need that sort of thing generally are keenly aware they need it, & seek it out deliberately, often in desperation.
For everyone else, "mental health" is a bit weird. Unlike your body parts, which have clearly-defined purposes & utility functions we expect them to fulfill, your mind is just YOU. It doesn't have a specific purpose, just what the people around you in your environment expect from you. For this reason, a lot of mental health stuff is correction masquerading as healing. "Fixing" someone's mind implies it has some kind of intended use, which isn't really true.
Of course, a lot of people wish they were different or could do things they can't do, & that's fine. In that instance, seek the help you need. In my case, for example, what I needed help to be able to do was shit like study, get a job, & smile at people I didn't like. I don't really think I should have to do those things, I don't really think anyone should have to do those things, & if society wants to insist that sort of thing go on they should nut up & just kill me as an example to everyone else...not try to get inside my head with drugs & therapy to get me to conform cleanly.
Sometimes I feel different, like I honestly wish I could behave differently, & that's my prerogative. I'm am allowed to change my mind about changing my mind, and so are you. If you can handle your own shit, then for sure, it's always better to avoid the medical establishment as much as possible - if for no other reason than they're always busy with stuff so the fewer people they need to deal with the better.
Just don't avoid availing yourself of said forms of assistance if you feel like you'd benefit from them, is my advice. Every bit as important as not feeling pressured into them because the people around would like you to act differently. So long as you aren't hurting anyone, you do you, as far as I'm concerned. If you have it under control, there's no need to try to outsource the handling of your consciousness to a stranger.

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Jadi anak CSR di kantor gw br saja *menyisihkan* paket2 charity donation kelurahan buat Naban (tenaga outsource kyk sekretaris, ADM) di kantor &semuanya basically ngedukung. To me that is wrong, kl THR Naban mah hrsnya kocek sendiri. If u were me, how would u perceive this? Maaf reality check disini

Hey I'm so sorry but I don't understand your argument:
"THR Naban mah hrsnya kocek sendiri"
Why? Is it because you're afraid of any conflict of interest? From an outside perspective I perceive nothing wrong with it, but then again, I could be wrong. Different offices have different rules and codes of conducts when it comes to these things.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but outsourced/part-time employees do not receive THR bonuses, and on top of that they are very dispensable, making their position very precarious. Allocating a small portion of your budget for a package of parcel hardly sounds wrong?
(Wow look at Rara sounding all wise and professional and shit)

Jadi anak CSR di kantor gw br saja *menyisihkan* paket2 charity donation kelurahan buat Naban (tenaga outsource kyk sekretaris, ADM) di kantor &semuanya basically ngedukung. To me that is wrong, kl THR Naban mah hrsnya kocek sendiri. If u were me, how would u perceive this? Maaf reality check disini

Dari cerita temen-temen, banyak kok usaha "penghematan" yang aneh-aneh di korporat :))
Kalau tidak suka dengan bagaimana "kebijakan" diatur di perusahaan, lebih baik ganti lingkungan daripada gondok sendiri.

Jadi anak CSR di kantor gw br saja *menyisihkan* paket2 charity donation kelurahan buat Naban (tenaga outsource kyk sekretaris, ADM) di kantor &semuanya basically ngedukung. To me that is wrong, kl THR Naban mah hrsnya kocek sendiri. If u were me, how would u perceive this? Maaf reality check disini

Ini maksudnya gimana? Kamu mau bilang kalo karyawan outsourcing sebenarnya gak berhak atas THR atau anak CSR semaunya? Biasanya sih ya (walaupun gak selalu) kalau mayoritas tidak merasa terbebani berarti itu masih dalam batas kewajaran. Emang diminta berapa sih?

-that's not true. School teaches you basic math and advanced math and physics and biology and chemistry etc. all stuff that can be used later on in university to be hired into a well paying job. Not one as a cashier that you do seem to be fixated on. Be a cashier Idc but don't call school stupid.

And nobody said I was fixated on a cashier, that's just you being an ignorant condescending cunt. A job is never guaranteed. Like I said, there's people out there who have trained their whole lives for a shot at a job, but have been forced to work shit jobs because they'd rather outsource work to foreigners, or give budget cuts and fire people, and a lot of the time, those people get told that they're "over qualified" whatever the fuck that means. I don't know about you, but I've seen plenty of kids stressed and depressed because of school. I've seen people who are high school dropouts become successful, and I've seen people fake documents and diplomas and still ace their fucking jobs. I learn more from the Internet, YouTube, Wikipedia, movies, fucking video games even, than I do from school. And believe me, there's plenty of well paying jobs, and pathways through life without school. Some kids might even see school as a way of taking a bird, shoving it in a cage, then clipping its wings too, instead of letting it fly. With all that being said, keep being an annoying twat, and I'm going to wait until you can get a stable life together, and I don't even give a shit if you're a god damn political figure, I swear to god I will whipe you out, and you'll be easily replaced, and all your life will have been for nothing, because that's the way the world works. You'll see one day when someone far less "qualified" than you takes your job and starts making more money too, princess.

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Would you rather be the most attractive person alive and date the most ugliest person, or date the most attractive person aliveand be the ugliest person. Let's just say your significant other is perfect for you personality-wise and all, so no "what's on the inside that matters" cop-out answer.

Be the most attractive person alive, obviously.
I mean taking a colossally cute cutie is nice, but I believe you shouldn't outsource the duty of loving yourself to others. I mean, it is your job to appreciate & cherish yourself – and I bet being the cutest in the world makes the job 100% easier.
I guess you could say I'm with RuPaul on this one:
Would you rather be the most attractive person alive and date the most ugliest

What do you think Do becoming a fully independent company would mean for both parties, if it ever happened? You mentioned Do lacks in some departments without KyoAni, but is the reverse true as well? Is there a good argument for why splitting would be beneficial for one or both?

It'd mean that both companies would have to subcontract out work more (and likely to other companies besides Studio Blue and BG work from Kobo Basara).
Do has staff that draw key frames & in-betweens, 3 directors, 3 animation directors, and a staff to paint. They'd have to outsource BG & photography/special effects/editing. Conversely, KyoAni has those departments in-house. They don't need anyone else (besides the typical editing studios like Q-Tec to compile sound, voices, animation and such).
There's not really a good reason for the companies to split apart at this point. Do can grow easily by taking on additional responsibilities and starting to co-finance projects with KyoAni (like they did for the Kyoukai movies and their Free! money) without having to break out on their own. Conversely, the additional staff/talent at Do means KyoAni doesn't have to expand and buy another studio to continue their current workload. It's the best situation for both companies at this point.
Eventually, we could see Do lead the animation production (though not the finances) for a show and have KyoAni assist, but they don't have the equipment yet to fully head on their own. That may also happen eventually, but only time will tell.

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Could you go into more detail behind the process by which PA Works made its original anime, such as Shirobako or Glasslip or NagiAsu? Also, is there something that makes them different from Kyoto Animation producing its own works?

PA Works's president Horikawa is very good friends with Infinite's producer Nagatani. Nagatani used to work at Bandai Visual before starting his own company in 2011. Nagatani's industry connections allow him to push projects from PA Works that wouldn't get pushed from other companies. He's worked with Geneon, Warner, and Pony Canyon to produce original works from PA. They come up with a concept and pitch it to those companies like "we want to make a chorus anime (Tari Tari)." The companies bite or pass on it. If pass, then they go to another one and hope they fund it. Once a committee is made, they chose the main staff, create the detailed plot, begin the multi-media marketing, and move forward. PA Works is never the main financer of the show. PA gets the "original creator" royalties, but they only get a small contracted part of the video disc revenue. The vast majority goes to the publisher, always the video distributor.
In contrast, Kyoto Animation's new method partners with producers Nakamura and Saito (from Pony Canyon and Lantis respectively) along with someone from TBS/Asahi Broadcasting (prior to the formation of PonyCan USA) to handle domestic internet distribution and international rights. KyoAni takes the main financer role for every work and pushes the works they want to create. Pony and Lantis assist with video disc production/distribution and music production/distribution, but the main decision is always up to KyoAni. Additionally, they are part publisher of the video discs, so they get additional revenue there.
Both companies sell merchandise through their online stores, which goes directly to them.
The other huge difference is the amount of in-house work. While PA Works has staff to draw/paint key frames, 3D CGI and backgrounds, they outsource a lot of that (plus the photography) to other companies instead of doing it in-house likely due to scheduling/staffing. KyoAni, due to owning Animation Do and Studio Blue, does nearly everything in-house with a small exception of BG work outsourced to Studio Kobo and Headworkx at times. This leads to cheaper and better quality productions than PA as you're paying for fewer people per episode than by cut (and more animation directors/expensive staffers).

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Are you happy about the results from voting that conservative won? What are your thoughts on David Cameron privatising the NHS? (If you aren't in England I apologise, I can't remember where everyone is from so just ignore!)

There are a fuck ton of misconceptions about the privatisation of the NHS. As it stands, there are parts of the NHS which are privatised, and the government is merely looking to outsource other aspects to third parties. The whole system is not going to be privatised. The consumer is not going to be paying substantially more for healthcare through their taxes or up front (if they even pay anything more at all). What it will do it is increase competition within the industry (good and necessary for the economy), promote efficiency and cut the government's budget for healthcare way back (again, good for the economy). There will inevitably be downsides and setbacks, but it's a necessary change.

Bor, kalo bcara cutting price, terlalu naifkah kta generalisir smua pabrik lakuin hal sama dengan rana plaza? I mean that's ridiculous to cut the cost by not making a proper factory, cost cutting bs dilakukan dgn efficiency, sama dengan china produksi segala hal dengan massal biar harga bisa murah

tentunya ada pabrik yang lebih layak daripada rana plaza.
tapi pabrik2 itu ga bisa memproduksi garment dengan harga yang sama murahnya. we need to stop being so naive.
kemeja bikin di bangladesh paling berapa sih harganya? kalo lo dateng ke BGMEA lo juga bisa liat profit pabrik2 itu berapa. permasalahannya adalah brands dan pihak outsourcing mereka gamau bayar lebih.
kalo lo bener2 peduli soal pekerjanya, harganya juga harus disesuaikan. itulah sebabnya baju2 yang harganya lebih masuk akal pekerjanya gak pernah protes. all that extra money mengalirnya ke gaji pekerja dan peningkatan keselamatan kerja.
ketika rana plaza runtuh, semua orang didunia protes. tapi ketika ada jeans seharga 100rb semua orang tetep seneng2 aja.
pembeli seharusnya keluar dari mentalitas tersebut. mereka seharusnya berpikir, dari mana baju2 ini datang, dan apa harga yang harus dibayar (dan siapa yang membayar harga tersebut) sampe2 harga baju ini bisa semurah itu?
seandainya ada rana plaza lainnya yang ditutup, brand2 fast fashion itu juga akan dengan mudahnya outsource ke pabrik2 lain yang harganya bisa menyaingin harga yang ditawarkan rana plaza. dan dengan harga yang sama, gue ragu kondisi kerja mereka bisa berbeda.
tapi argumen sentral gue tetep satu. ga ada yang bisa dibanggain dari brand2 fast fashion tersebut.

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If you could be a king (or queen) for a day, do you think you would be fair? (Hint: Think of all the hardships and adversities you will be countering.)

First of all, I'll be a queen. I'll be the fairest in all the land.
Oh you mean politically fair? Hell no. I'll be corrupt as fuck, I'll abuse my power and outsource the boring queen duties to anybody who wants it. My kingdom will suffer wars, famine, disease, high taxes, ethnocentrism, low maintenance, and public executions. But people are going to be happy because somebody so fabulous and funny is their queen. The highest-paying job would be the royal jester, and there's no limit for how many can apply (doesn't give you guillotine immunity sadly, good health insurance plan though) so we can have a whole bunch of jesters entertaining me. And all of this is in ONE day.

what advice would u have for a guy (me) who thinks he's gay but his partents would kick him out if he came out of the closet

Well first, I would tell you to outsource to people who you know you can trust and evaluate the situation.. I mean is it killing you to stay closeted or should you pretend to be straight til you can go off to college or what not and then do it then. Timing is everything. Don't hesitate to contact me personally:) i'd be glad to help..

Do the UK's lawmakers realize that British porn producers will simply outsource their work to other countries to make porn?

That's what happens every damn time. The country loses money to make some moralizers happy about harmless shit they never had to actually consume but feel obligated to police regardless.
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" It's not what you know, it's who knows you,... and do more networking" This. Apakah networking pada akhirnya lebih penting daripada skill sama experience kak? I mean if you are good, people will notice your work, won't they? And networking itu agak time-consuming gak sih? Thanks.

Sederhananya gini, kita coba ambil contoh ekstrim:
- Kalau kamu jago banget, tapi ga punya kenalan atau channel apa-apa, ga bakal ada yang tau kamu siapa.
- Kalau kamu ga bisa bikin apa2, tapi kamu punya channel dan kenalan banyak, kamu bisa outsource kerjaan yang masuk, masih bisa idup dari dapet komisi.
Skill sama experience penting banget, tapi menurut saya networking itu lebih penting. Selain meet-ups, mengupload karyamu di internet dan sosialisasi dengan komunitas itu termasuk dalam networking. Coba baca buku Show Your Work by Austin Kleon untuk bisa dapet insight lebih.

Quale particolare deve avere una persona per farvi provare un disgusto così forte da evitare di parlarci?

Deve indossare la cravatta e usare termini fighi di cui non conosce il significato.
"In realtà il trend della nostra company sta crescendo secondo l'indice di Eurispis in linea con le direttive omologate. In capo a due anni saremo top-trend nell'IT-Engineering e in outsource per le maggiori aziende della regione".
"Si, però questa rimane comunque la mia lettera di dimissioni."
"Non vuoi fare più parte del top-trend? Abbiamo una mission con overlook a lungo termine pregna di soddisf-"
"Mi danno xxxx-mila euro in più"
"Ah. Beh. (Sorride nervosamente)..però come tu sai il denaro non è tutt-"
"Per me si. Buongiorno".

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