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*cont* After getting monsterkind out of the Underground meaning a True Pacifist run happened. You sold your soul to Chara didn't you. Are they here, I owe that brat a world of pain too

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*The ghostly child was there even if they didn't make their presence known, perhaps they were trying to avoid Geno? I could see why considering the events of AfterTale, but the telltale sign that shows they're there was the fact Frisks eyes were different..they weren't their usual blocky shape but rather they were open with red pupils*
"You don't owe us anything, what we do in your absence is none of your business, besides, any damage we do can be undone with a single reset, I didn't say I would keep the promise if you left"
/They're so sweet/
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none of the others kids go out reaping?

*Geha does go out reaping but for all the wrong reasons..any Souls taken by her don't exactly get a afterlife
Sorell is too much of a pacifist and wouldn't be able to go through with taking someone's Soul
Silver just doesn't care and would leave
Goth will go out reaping but it would be against his will since he hates his powers and hates being a reaper at all
Shino..let's be honest, can you see anyone like Shino being a reaper? Plus unlike the others, her and Raven are completely mortal, they have no powers at all like Reapers
Raven despite being entirely mortal, decided to bend the rules and get himself a scythe in order to help out reaping*

In the show Avatar people have the ability to bend and control one out of four elements: Fire, water, air and earth. Which of those elements do you think you would've wanted to control and why? 🔥🌊🌪☄️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Air. It is the element of freedom. And air-benders are pacifist by nature. Their bending style is flexible and seeks to find the path of least resistance. ♡
In the show Avatar people have the ability to bend and control one out of four

*Alright I'll give you that Dream was cool in Underverse and shocked the shít out of me like dude, all Dreams I've ever seen all play him as a pure pacifist that does nothing even if someone is in danger and I thought Dream was like that because so many people played him that way except yours*

CrossingOutNames’s Profile PhotoCross
*I tend to play a lot of characters in ways that are probably closer to canon and I take them more seriously. Even characters like Dream and Ink*
Alright Ill give you that Dream was cool in Underverse and shocked the shít out

How can you live without getting into trouble with others?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
You can't. You are bound to meet someone you disagree with, and you are going to be on opposite sides. No matter how pacifist you can be.
In 2019, I met a person who was showing me kindness and support, and I really believed that, because it was right. After awhile, I discovered otherwise.
From my part, I didn't do anything, it was that person behavior that affected me, and I had to stand up for myself. It's something I hate to do usually, but I must, it's my right. And a right should not have been taken away from you.
So that didn't last :)

He can use guns!? AVSHSJDNENS

*He CAN but thing is, he won't, he's too much of a pacifist and dislikes violence, he developed his magic just in case he absolutely has to fight one day but he will try every possible way to solve things peacefully first before ever resorting to violence, he won't ever fight back unless he feels there's no other choice, that's how he had his eyes damaged, he completely lost one eye by having it cut right out of his socket and the other was stabbed but luckily he didn't lose it, he just won't fight back, if he decided to defend himself and use his death touch that wouldn't of happened but he doesn't believe in hurting anyone, Reaper was able to reap him because he refused to fight back*
He can use guns AVSHSJDNENS

Niște persoane se iau de iubitul meu, știi cum sunt unii băieți vor să se dea zmei și se cred șmecheri. El e pacifist și calm, nu le dă atenție dar ei îl consideră p*zdă. Sunt afectată de treaba asta, eu sunt genul mai vulcanică și țin mult la el, să intervin să-i pun la punct pe nesimțiți?

Nici vorba. Sa-i pui la punct cum, cu ce, fix tu? Doar l-ai pune pe prietenul tau intr-o situatie si mai penibila. Eu zic sa iti vezi de treaba si sa ii ignori la fel cum o face el, ca n-ai cum sa o scoti la capat cu unele specimene decat asa sau sa ii bati de sa le sune apa in cap.
+3 answers in: “Miruna, îmi dai un sfat?”

Nu este cocalar, acum studiaza la Bucuresti si s-a angajat pe vara, sa ramana aici cu mine. Ti-am mai povestit oricum. Nici lui nu ii place, dar am fost in vizita la ai lui si mi s-a parut un oras linistit si pacifist asa. Acum cocalari, taraneti etc. gasesti cu duiumul si in Buc.

Nu e acelasi lucru. Oricum parerea ta e irelevanta, doar ai fost in trecere.
+11 answers in: “Unde ti-ai fi dorit sa te nasti?in romania ma refer”

/Papyrus looks crushed,Geno had really forgotten him? He actually starts getting tears welling up in his eyes and looks away from him/ WELL.. I GUESS.. YOU COULD SAY I'M FROM ANOTHER AU AS YOU CALL IT.. T-THIS PLACE ISNT WHERE IM FROM.. ..I-I'M SORRY.. I SHOULD..MAYBE I SHOULD GO..

Hey bro are you ok? *Memory or not Geno is Geno and he loves Papyrus* *Geno walks over to him ignoring Reaper* Sorry I'm just really confused right now, that jackass *nods at Reaper* Says I've been off the save screen for awhile, but that cant be right, last thing I remember was watching Frisk do their final pacifist run on my glitches then everything kinda goes fuzzy. Hey you don't have to leave...
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He wasn't from a Pacifist timeline, the place he brought me to, it was charged with negativity, I started getting sick in mere moments. *he gives a description of Dib* I don't remember if he mentioned his name or not... sorry

*I swear I log on at the worst times lol*
*Cross had taken off to fight Dib and to kick Reapes aşş with Epic*
+4 answers in: “*Dream's asleep on their couch at home, he was too tired to get up and move about even after Pit healed him*”

Dream is the kind of guy where if he is forced to fight he'll be crying the whole time apologizing to whoever it is he's fighting. He's a complete muffin, don't worry about him hurting you, he wouldn't even think of it on his own.

/Papyrus sighed in relief in all honesty Papyrus had that same trait though he had to bury most of his original personality and nearly completely change in order to deal with his Sans with the fact he's the judge in his timeline which forced him to have to stop being a pacifist and made him completely give up his dreams of being a royal guard..he even stopped wearing his "battle body" because of it but you can still catch glimpses of his original self, he was exactly like his Classic version originally until his Sans had completely destroyed him, he still has his Classic traits no matter how hard he tried to hide his original personality he still can't truly kíll another monster or human even if they're trying to kíll him or his friends he just can't bring himself to kíll someone no matter who or what it is/

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+1 answer in: “Umm hello? Papyrus? Do you remember me? I came by to check on you, Ink's told me about what you go through. I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Dream and I just want to help *the smol Dream skele is tearing up, hearing about what Papy went through broke his heart*”

(And yes, Islam does allow violence in certain situations, Islam is a peaceful religion, but it's not a pacifist one) Sorry wt u meant?

I mean Islam allows you to defend yourself, to hold off attacks and engage in military actions.
It wouldn't ask you to turn the other cheek or surrender to someone who attacks you.
Allah says in Surah Al-Mumtahinah:
"Allah does not forbid you to be kind and good and to deal justly with those who have not fought you because of your faith and have not turned you out of your homes. In fact Allah loves those who are equitable.
Allah only forbids you to make friends with those who have fought you because of your faith and who have turned you out of your homes, and have abetted your expulsion. Indeed, those who make friends with them are really the unjust. "
Allah also says in Surah Al-Baqarah
"And fight them until persecution is no more and religion is (freely professed) for Allâh. But if they desist (from hostilities) then (remember) there is no punishment except against the unjust (who still persist in persecution). "

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+3 answers in: “Meurtre en Islam pour se défendre ou répandre l'Islam?”

*he lays on you,coughing a bit and holds onto your hand,Pap wasnt doing ok at all*..N-NYEH..*he tries calming down but hes in a lot of pain*..I..I-I..I'M..REALLY SCARED OF T-THEM..B-BROTHER..I..I WANT TO SAY N-NO..B-BUT..EVERYONE DESERVES A..S-SECOND CHANCE..RIGHT..?

*sighs* *looks at @OneDerterminedKid * Well Kid Papyrus says you deserve one more chance. When I send you back you will do a True Pacifist run, and once everyone is on the surface you will never reset again. Stray from this path and I go back to my original plan of ending the timeline forever.

###Can you recommend me people to follow? people with great answers. I don't want questions or likes.

[Insert a lengthy explanation about how awesome these people are and how they are the reason why I’m becoming an Ask.fm hobo, lol. You will not regret going through all of them.]
Without further ado, I present to you a couple of recommendations (in no particular order) (∩^o^)⊃━☆゜.*:
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Princess @SeagullyToon
† LosT My P!ECES † @F4ReWell_F4TE
shahwar @shahwaar
Erin Wolf @ErinWolf4919
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Nightingale @mizsfadhilah
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Great but recently inactive.
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Johann Sebastian Bach @shahabz
It is an extensive list(but hey, you asked lol). And yet, it is not a complete one. Definitely, not doing a great justice to other great users out there. Will update when I get the chance, (°ᴗ°)ゝ”.

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Mai tii minte cand locul asta nu era un simplu site de socializare, era un loc gen unde aratai ca esti popular. Hai ca cu totii stim, aici daca primeai intrebari multe si te certai erai mare om si toata lumea te stia. Si acum bate vantul a gol pe aici ca nu mai sta nimeni pe ask lol :))

Eu chiar nu voiam să mă cert cu nimeni ? sunt mai pacifist de fel, acum că nu mi-a ieșit asta e altă poveste

Zamisli sad priđe ti neka osoba na ulici i počne ti vređati i roditelje i tebe, i onda ta osoba sjedne ispred tebe i kaže ti da joj udaraš facu nogama koliko god želiš. Da li bi uradila to?

ne, zato sto sam pacifist i mislim da bih rijecima pokusala rijesiti situaciju i ono "odjebondzo" i to je to
mislim, to je samo odraz njegove/njezine kulture i odgoja ako ima hrabrosti i obraza vrijedati necije roditelje
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I'm rather a loyalist (Team Hooman & Big E, duh XD) but I like the Tau and their pacifist ways (Compared to the rest of the galaxy, ofc) Btw, do you also enjoy WH40K parody series like TTS and Bolter to Kokoro or do you prefer the original, grimdark one?

DevianaSutanto’s Profile PhotoDeviana Sutanto
The eldars got some of the coolest shit as well. The howling banshee are really a badass, holy shit. I think I like em more than the Adeptas Sororitas.
Oh yes, I really enjoy TTS and bolter to the kokoro. They are both really good. I think it should be only natural that if you're a fan of WH40K, you'll also enjoy these fanworks as well. I never met anyone who doesn't, hahaha
You should also look into the old world Warhammer. They are really cool as well.

In a reactionary society would guns still be necessary in the hands of citizens, seeing as how the amount of crime would be negligible ?

I support men bearing arms in a society for both a practical reason and a reason of principle. In the first instance, a nation in which every man is armed (as in the Swiss model of having received some basic training on how to shoot) will be difficult to subjugate in a genocidal way, because at this point armed resistance on behalf of every man will be the only recourse, so it isn't really crime that I use as justification. On the principled side however, I would just say it is not the government's business if a man has a gun any more than if a man has a sword or a knife. A man has dignity, and part of that dignity is in arming oneself for a conflict if events necessitate it. Jesus did command his followers to purchase swords, and contrary to some interpretations, I do not see this as simply a canned wish to fulfill prophecy, but in fact a green light to ordinary men carrying a means of defending themselves in appropriate situations. The radical pacifist wouldn't have it that way, but I reject this pseudo-morality of pacifism.

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*but now Alphys used Sans as a baseball bat to hit a Swap Papyrus with @PapyrusUnderfell noow Pap hisses snatching @lazybones101 summoning a blaster* see I told you she tries hurting him now mind helping out here?..*looks at Mettaton ohh @ShyLizard *

PapyrusTheSkeleton’s Profile PhotoTheBrokenSkeleton(and AUs)
??W-what? Help? I... I can't fight Papy dear... I'm just an ordinary monster.... -He was now terrified as heck- I... I want to go home.... -This mettaton is really pacifist and "weak"-

Have you ever avoided answering YES or NO to obvious philosophical questions (ie not personal questions) simply because you did not like their implications?

Occasionally, yes. Just to use a personal question of this nature: "have you stopped shoplifting these days" is an unfair one. No matter how you answer it ("yes" or "no") you're condemned as either a shoplifter or a former shoplifter.
"Is it wrong to use violence?" is one such philosophical (not personal) question. Only a pacifist of the absolute kind would believe that even self-defense is morally wrong. Because of an inner desire to avoid confrontations, we seem to be more inclined to agree than disagree when presented with questions of this nature.
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After all, the most successful movement against close-mindedness in the past has always been dialogues and raising awareness. I never heard gandhi or king kidnapping an apartheid supporter and torturing him or leading a violent riot where unconscious men are kicked down in the street.

bortalizer’s Profile Photo@issen.tial | @wear.sateer
This is like one of those left-liberal arguments. First of all, Gandhi wasnt always a pacifist and his strategy of pacifism for the struggle of India's independence did works in raising awareness, but let us not forget the other elements, the violent elements of India militant struggle, because they are too injecting bravery to the Indian mass in fighting against their oppressor. Secondly, King was a pacifist that came from afro-american christian legacy of justice but let us not forget again, the Black Liberation Army, The Black Panthers Party, Malcolm X, and the Weathemen Underground whose slogan was "Bring the War Home". Their violent means sometimes (if not oftenly) helped in sabotaging the liberal struggle/campaigns but it did also injecting the masses that they also have power in their hands (the one and only thing that really matters): and if that's not part of of the so called raising awareness in history, then what is?
Before the french revolution, most of the european were closed-minded, and you know they need a phase where they burn churches, killing priests, noble man, and guilllotine their kings and queens. Its the first "raising awareness" that happened so massive in the past and very influential for the foundation of the state and democracy.
We called this era as Renaissance.
"violence in all hands embrace it if need be."
Bloody Mary!,

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on a scale of 1 (incredibly violent) to 10 (the hippiest hippie to ever walk this earth), how much of a pacifist are you?

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
I'd honestly rate myself a 10. I might joke about wanting to punch people but I really think violence is stupid and would never use that as a way to solve things. I don't agree to violence and I hate when people think violence is the answer.
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Heii frumoșilor ???!!! Nu uita că primii bani i-ai câștigat la o vârstă fragedă, cu colindu' ! Follow you!

BodooBogdan’s Profile PhotoBodo.
hai să vorbim de timpuri pierdute, de relaţii rupte,
de oameni pe care i-am iubit şi acum nu mai sunt să ne-asculte
că-i frumos să iubeşti, da-i mai frumos să fii iubit
de oameni, de timpuri, de locuri în care-ai ars-o liniştit
şi numai paşii-au rămas, te strigă glasuri din trecut
iau forme diferite, în fiecare an mai mult
de mersul, de stresul, progresul, îi explică dexu'
nu vreau să am de-a face cu tv-u' şi succesu'
sunt spirit cu peniţă, luptător convins ca Maniu
da' pacifist convins, războiu' aduce doar sicriu'
cuvintele urlă prin ploaie, viscol şi furtună
sunt ale ăstora poeţi şi le-au învăţat limba română
Te-am pastrat la follow de ceva timp ! :)
Heii frumoșilor  Nu uita că primii bani iai câștigat la o vârstă fragedă cu

Și să spunem că de mine și de Ambă' nu vă pasă, dar implicați niște persoane care nu au nici o legătură într-un potențial scandal pe care nu și-l dorește nimeni. Noroc că nu vă cred și nu sunt vreo nebună să mă iau de fetele acestea. E josnic ce faceți! Mai puneți frână!

KimAira29’s Profile PhotoBianca
Noroc de mine ca exist... Si ca-s pacifist :))

Fill in the blanks! I am a ____ who likes to take pictures of ____. I want to work at ___. I am in ____ grade.

I am an arachnophobic pacifist who likes to take pictures of doggies. I want to work at idek yet. I am in year 12/13?

im new to your account and you seem like a really cool person! can you do like a 20 facts about me thing so i can get to know who you are better?

1- in an open relationship
2- I draw, sing, and play ukulele
3- I plan to be a makeup artist
4- rocky horror picture show is my favourite movie (I made a jacket ok)
5- I'm pansexual
6- I have memory problems because of my PTSD
7- I'm Wiccan
8- I'm trans (nonbinary)
9- Super into BDSM lmfao
10- I love steven universe so much omfg it's my favourite show
11- also in love with doctor who, Harry potter, firefly, and prob a lot more I'm forgetting
12- I'm such a pacifist I hate fighting lol
13- I'm also a huge baby like I cry at literally everything or for no reason and I can't handle being yelled at lol
14- I've been in a relationship with RonBelaire for almost 3 years
15- I'm hypersexual bc of trauma
16- I love stuffed animals
17- I love reading and video games
18- I wanna be a makeup artist
19- I have an unhealthy love for sour neon gummy worms
20- I've been pierced 14 times

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Having done both the Pacifist and the Genocide route in Undertale (can't wait to see your take on it btw), would you say that the latter could undermine or devalue the meaning and impact of the former, as Yahtzee suggested in his review, or do you think that it inversely makes it more impactful?

iluvatar600’s Profile PhotoTomás
Genocide seemingly exists as a response to people trying to kill everything to 'see what happens' or who heard the genocide run is different and want to see it for themselves. The game even takes a poke at people watching streams of the run rather than do it themselves.
The genocide run stains future pacifist runs precisely because you, yourself, in being willing to do something like that just to see what happens, are in some way stained.
You can say it's a bit silly because it is overall just a game, but the ability to get invested in virtual characters is a very human one.

OKAY SO I KIND OF HAVE THIS THING WHERE I WANT YOU TO DECIDE SO I HAVE a) a pacfist crime fighter b) a dragon shapeshifter who wants to be a knight or c) a very fluffy story of a novelist and a feminist (i think b?)

Sarena_A’s Profile PhotoSarena ♔
damn it sar those all sound incredible i have to say i LOVE the idea of a pacifist crime fighter, that's just brilliant xD
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المجاهد له 72 حورية يلعب معاهم كوتشينة لما يستشهد, انما الملحد ايه الدافع انه يموت وهو بيحارب دفاعاً عن بلده؟ مش ممكن نقول انه الالحاد بيشجع على انه الانسان يكون انانى والدوجما بتشجع على الفداء من اجل امة؟ وثم الدوجما متفوقة؟

هممم هي نظرية فعلا .. لكن مش دايما الالحاد بيكون مشجع على الأنانية لأن لازال الشخص انسان بيتأثر بالمحيط و البيئة و غرائز الدفاع عن ممتلكاته و محيطة و بيئتة .. ممكن يبقي pacifist شوية لكن لازال انسان هيطلع القرد اللي جواه ساعه الخطر ..
الدوجما طبعا متفوقة لأن اتباعها اكتر و بتوفر امان نفسي كبير للمتبع بتاعها.

im in the middle of pacifist route because i dislike muffet but I ACCIDENTALLY KICKED THE DOG BOMB RIP WILL THAT MESS THINGS UP

SoupDuck’s Profile PhotoOak
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abi undertalede undyneı pacifist olarak geçemiyorum tani full spare yapıp aktif olunca flee diyom ama o sarı yön deiştiren okları geçemiyom başka kolay bi yolu warmı dün gece 2 saat uraştım uykum var diye beceremiyom galba dedim yattım 2saatde sabahtan beri uraşıyom kafayı yicem daha BH bile gelmedi

Başka yolu yok. Ezberleyeceksin o sarı okları.

Abi undertale'de neutral ve pacifist endingi aldım. Anlamadığım nokta şu, asgore daha bizle adam akıllı savaşamıyor. Nasıl yedi ruh toplayıp tanrı olup insanları katledecek ? Yedi ruhdaki amacı intikam değil mi ? Veya tanrı olunca hiç vicdan yapmadan öldüreceğini falan mı düşünüyor?

Ertuğrul Yeşiloğlu
Toriel'in söylediği noktayı kaçırmışsın. Amacı gerçekten insanlığı katletmek falan değil. Eğer bunu isteseydi ilk insanın ruhunu kullanıp, bariyeri kırıp, dışarı çıkıp 6 tane daha insan öldürebilirdi. Canavarlara umut vermek için o söylemde bulunuyor ama aslında başka bir insanın asla Ebott dağına düşmemesi için dua ediyor.

I've been stuck on Undyne for what must be a few months at this point, and just can't get past her! Is there something I'm missing? Will I get stuck on the next boss if I'm struggling so with this one?

I presume you're talking about pacifist mode? I haven't played the KILL ERRYONE mode, so I wouldn't know how she compares in difficulty to the other megaboss (i think the other megaboss is worlds worse though).
If you're talking about Pacifism though........
Hint 1: There's a trick to her that the other bosses don't have. You might have to do something you may have never done before...
Hint 1.5: ...something that most RPGs don't usually encourage.
Hint 2: Pay attention to her gimmick and what it means/implies!
Hint 3: Is it a constant gimmick or does it sometimes "stop" and you are freed of it's influence? What does that mean?
Yo, just run away and get your ass to Hotland.

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