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Is there a specific smell that makes you nostalgic

Malt vinegar and sea salt :)
I get very nostalgic about family holidays from when I was a child! Sadly most of the places in Bournemouth that I went to as a child are gone, or changed drastically!
But one of my fondest memories was going to Poole Pottery, painting lil animal ornaments, then whilst we waited for them, we went over to the marina, got chips and watched the sea :)
Is there a specific smell that makes you nostalgic

How's your morning? ~ It's 7am here and It's really dark and rainy outside, but I'm enjoying my hot coffee while admiring the rain.

I woke up with a back ache already so I'm like, meh. My order from Haus was delayed and isn't coming today after all (not until Friday!) I get to work on some encaustic painting later though so I'm looking forward to that

What hobbies did you get into because of your parents or other family members ?

I can’t really think of any really, we’re pretty different in that respect. My dad played the guitar when he was young, but I taught myself how to play one. He also painted model aeroplanes when I was a toddler, and I used his enamel paints (initially, before I moved on to the much more user-friendly water based paints) when I started painting D&D figures. But that’s about the only connections I can think of.

What comes to mind when you hear the words: Self-Sacrifice?

"Help us to recognize your voice, help us not to be allured by the madness of the world, so that we may never fall away from you, O Lord Jesus Christ." - Albrecht Durer
*Adoration of the Trinity, 1509-1511 is a painting by Albrecht Durer.
What comes to mind when you hear the words SelfSacrifice

What, in your opinion, is the greatest art form and why?

Oh man. That’s difficult really, as art is truly subjective, and I think that every art form has its own unique value, whether that be the wonder of immersing yourself in a book or film, the act of pouring yourself creatively through painting or singing, for example.
If I truly had to choose, it would be a toss up between visual art and music. They’re both the cornerstones of human communication, with legends and stories being passed down through the ages via the spoken word and song. Language - particularly cuneiform, dating back to Sumeria, the world’s first visual language (or at least one of - with it being the most widely spread language in the Middle East ); comprising of different lines and triangles. Hieroglyphs in particular are also incredible to look at and study. These art forms enabled us to survive and thrive throughout the changing world, and it has the ability to unite all of us, particularly music, as it’s so ingrained in our collective consciousness. It transcends barriers and cultures, has the ability to move the soul and inspire, and so much more. As a truly personal preference though, as I am very biased, I do love music and painting the most - both the act of creating and observing the works :)
(I hope this made sense as I’m pretty tired, so apologies for the rambling and sentence structure!) :)

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If you were to live in an underground bunker for several years what would you take with you for comfort?

I'd take lots of art and craft supplies, for various hobbies. Like stuff for clothes making, painting, cross-stiching, customising items/furniture, clay making, drawing etc. You can pass loaddddssss of time with art, and if you don't have Internet access or electricity, you can still do it. So it's a great thing to stock up on.
Books /graphic novels too would be a good one.
If Internet or electricity was in a good flow, if there was a generator down there, then I'd bring game consoles, games and films etc to play or watch.
Lots of cosy blankets, pillowssss, cuddly things for comfort too!

The exemplifications here are abstract in themselves and each speak about your past artistically. I hope the alliterations get patent one day!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Take my blood and paint something aesthetic
For my blood might not be blue,
But like you, the sight of stars make me dream, too.
"Shades of my favourite painting"
The exemplifications here are abstract in themselves and each speak about your

A really difficult question for you ... What price would you put on your painting of the headless horseman?

jigsaw20216838’s Profile PhotoJigsaw
Oo, that is a toughie! Going by past experience and the average pricing of my peers’ work at uni and comparing it to those of similar styles, I’m inclined to go around with £2500? Especially given the time element spent on it, and I (internally) have priced my Ichabod Crane piece as the same :)
It sounds crazy expensive writing that, but it’s amazing just how much higher some of my classmates have priced their work! It’s just having the confidence and the belief in your own work to do so, I suppose! :)

What is your opinion on Just Stop Oil protesters throwing canned food at paintings? Do you think it's fair that they are jailed if the painting isn't damaged in any way?

No, I don't. If they had destroyed a priceless historic artifact, yeah, but if they didn't damage a thing then jail is a bit ott imo. People may not like what they are doing but the most they have done is caused a cleaning fee to get soup off the glass which, let's be real, isn't that big a deal.

Estáis felices ahora mismo?

Por una parte, feliz.
Mi técnica con el Glass Painting cada vez es mejor.
Por otra parte, triste.
Necesito un Ultra Fine Point para hacer los paneles de One Piece, Berserk y Tokyo Ghoul que quiero pintar.
No tengo ni idea de donde comprarlos en mi localidad, pero weno.
Estáis felices ahora mismo

What do you find especially fun to do together with others? 🍣🎳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Here’s a few things I love doing with others 😄
-Playing board/video games
-Going rollerblading/rollerskating
-Going on hikes
-Exploring a city, sightseeing, going to museums, art shows, etc…
-Going out to eat
-Cooking/Baking together
-Painting pottery or doing some other fun creative activity
-Spending a day an amusement park or festival
-Going to an arcade
What do you find especially fun to do together with others

اکتوبر کی شام کس کے نام؟

sleepy2687’s Profile PhotoNainS.
"Perfect for a drive or a stay at home candle light dinner. Perfect for writing, reading or painting something mate or shimmer. Perfect for just laying in bed while the sound of the rain soothe your red soul, It's music. It's almost therapeutic; and also sad because it's perfectly bad, for missing the people you've lost and replaying the memories that haunt you. Perfect for wars, wildflowers and hopes preserved and contained in jars, to be set free. Perfect for glee. Perfect for the seed that blooms, as last year the rest went up in fumes."
-Zainab Hamid
اکتوبر کی شام کس کے نام

Has anyone decided to remain single? If so, how do you cope with the loneliness?

> Has anyone decided to remain single?
Many of us have for a myriad of reasons.
> If so, how do you cope with the loneliness?
In my case, there is nothing to cope with and I do not feel lonely. I keep myself occupied, work like a fiend, pursue my numerous interests and devote as much time to myself as possible: studying, reading, writing, playing music, painting, working out, researching, refining my investment strategies, assessing potential ventures, etc. A busy person has little time to feel bored or alone.
Has anyone decided to remain single If so how do you cope with the loneliness

If you need to decompress, how do you typically choose to do so? Like, if you’re feeling burnt out, what is the first thing you immediately want to do? 😮‍💨😴

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I first want to sleep, to be honest! I don’t get much sleep due to the hours I do and my shifts are rather irregular, but just chilling in my room listening to music I find very calming. Having that space and alone time to just breathe is really therapeutic. Other than that though, I do try to take in as much nature as possible if I can, and also interacting with my dogs helps a tonne too! When I’m in the right frame, then painting and listening to a podcast is when I’m at my most happiest and at peace :)
If you need to decompress how do you typically choose to do so Like if youre

What's an activity that brings you joy?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
Ooo, I love painting! Whether that’s a canvas, or pottery, or wood, it doesn’t matter, it just brings me so much joy. I get to express my creativity, and truly, let my imagination run wild! And it just makes me feel so calm. 😌
Whats an activity that brings you joy

/Are you kidding? That painting is pretty good, the only difference is painting is more messy than drawing digitally or on paper, so it won't look as smooth but it doesn't look bad at all (°∀°) I didn't know you could paint/

IoserSkeleton95’s Profile PhotoƤαƥყɾυѕ
(I'm not super confident in my painting abilities. I usually use painting tutorials for when I'm trying to mimic but original art on canvas is hard I did this one on a pot lol x3 ))
Are you kidding That painting is pretty good the only difference is painting is
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Is anyone else in a weird state of mind? Like everything's fine but everythings ... not fine🤧

ammaramalik07’s Profile PhotoAmmara Malik
the kid in you needs to be pampered..
you need to stop worrying about stuff,
and do something you find doing real fun.
could be jumping off the cliff, diving, dancing, painting, hiking, playing.
& you'll be fine.

How was your little holiday?

It’s been truly lovely; we’ve really lucked out with the weather - it was forecast to rain the entire week, but we’ve only had some brief spells, and it’s been fairly warm!
It’s flown by so quickly, and my family and I all feel a bit low about the prospect of going home tomorrow. It’s been truly grounding for the soul, and once I get more time, I’m planning to do a mini painting series inspired by here :)
How was your little holiday

¿Te consideras friki de algo? Yo lo soy de los videojuegos.😋

ElPitu1997’s Profile PhotoPiituuu97
Me apasionan muchísimas cosas, y todas por una cosa o por otra, al final tienen relación con el trabajo (es algo prácticamente inevitable):
➤Me apasiona todo lo relacionado con Historia/Hª del Arte (sobre todo el Gótico, el Barroco y el Romanticismo, en pintura y arquitectura principalmente)
🔹The Evolution Of Painting (1300 - 1960)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbSw_XXzKX0MissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 PbSw_XXzKX0MissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 PbSw_XXzKX0
➤También el mundo de la animación (sobre todo de Dreamworks), incluyendo series para niños y no tan niños... Cosas que tod@s hemos visto desde peques de Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network o Toei Animation entre otros [y más actualmente, de Netflix]
🔹Cartoon Network Studios - Logo Collection (1992-2016)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB8pYzGPHUMMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 MB8pYzGPHUMMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 MB8pYzGPHUM
🔹100 Legendary Anime Openings
https://youtu.be/KeGctT6lJCUMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 KeGctT6lJCUMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 KeGctT6lJCU
➤Adoro las historias de terror sobrenatural (tanto si son escritas como si son recreaciones de Cuarto Milenio o si son series que tratan estas temáticas)
Y en este ámbito Edgar Allan Poe es mi favorito, al igual que las adaptaciones que se han hecho de sus historias
🔹Masters Of Horror 2x11 - El Gato Negro (castellano, completo)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV4Jt90tjKoMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 SV4Jt90tjKoMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 SV4Jt90tjKo
➤Por una de las ramas de Imagen que he estudiado y luego por deformación profesional, me chifla todo lo que tiene que ver con la Publicidad («packaging» [etiquetas y envases], anuncios de TV, fotografía publicitaria...) y sus entresijos
✱(partiendo siempre desde la perspectiva creativa, porque el tema de los mensajes/conceptos asociados a la publicidad siempre es discutible)
🔹Paco Rabanne Black XS (L'excès)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-txicdTY8tIMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 -txicdTY8tIMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 -txicdTY8tI
🔹Loewe - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (versión extendida)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJn_KlW5XHkMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 ZJn_KlW5XHkMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 ZJn_KlW5XHk
➤También me vuelve loca la creación de vestuario/atrezzo y la puesta en escena tanto para musicales, películas, series o cosplays, donde además se entremezclan distintos campos artísticos
🔹San Diego Comic Con 2019 - Cosplay Music Video
https://youtu.be/NnWcr_MnOzIMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 NnWcr_MnOzIMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 NnWcr_MnOzI
https://youtu.be/s8cD5co68KQMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 s8cD5co68KQMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 s8cD5co68KQ
🔹Steam Garden 2015 in Tokyo
https://youtu.be/6L_laiaTvcgMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 6L_laiaTvcgMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 6L_laiaTvcg
➤Y cómo no, los videojuegos ["Bloodborne", "God of War", "Blasphemous", "Doom Eternal", "Alice: Madness Returns", "Cyberpunk 2077", "Hellblade"...]; las leyendas/mitología/folklore de distintos países y la música (incluyendo también OST's)
Será por eso que decidí dedicarme al arte digital; a la Fotografía e Ilustración freelance 😊
🔹Venice Carnival - Masks Parade (2016)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI2IgpXX8KAMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 xI2IgpXX8KAMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 xI2IgpXX8KA
🔹Inside the Rugged Lives of Mongolia’s Nomads | Short Film Showcase
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_ME77BeKGEMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 Q_ME77BeKGEMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 Q_ME77BeKGE
🔹Dia de Muertos Parade, Mexico City (2017)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX7_KwtPiTAMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 iX7_KwtPiTAMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 iX7_KwtPiTA
🔹Japan - Neons & Sakuras
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzpB5PlVhiAMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 vzpB5PlVhiAMissArtistsoul’s Video 171288186467 vzpB5PlVhiA

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Te consideras friki de algo Yo lo soy de los videojuegos

I wanna cry and I wanna love

rory_668553’s Profile Photorory_668553
‏"كانت تراودني رغبات بسيطة وتافهة، كأن أقول لها مثلاً أني أحبها، أو أن آخذها بين ذراعيّ، أما اليوم، فليست لدي أي رغبة، باستثناء الرغبة في أن أصمت وأنا أنظر إليها".
- painting by emile friant
I wanna cry and I wanna love

Is it a skill to paint/draw on an easel as compared to flat surface?

I reckon so! I personally don’t like painting on an easel as a preference, but I do use a drawing board which is basically an easel with a solid back, as I find that supports the artwork more and makes things more stable. It’s definitely a skill though, I found it interesting to adapt to, after always drawing/painting on a flat surface for years!

Do you have any hidden talents?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Let me tell once again my talent
I cook beyond good like professional
I write good quote
I am good in nature photography
I sing really well
I paint nature painting like 4 deer standing in tallest tree shadow, lion painting ,tiger painting ,water Lily painting etc
I know crystal healing
I know numerology
I am vlogger
Still finding my hidden talent

Vorrei renderti felice

Silken soft, eased of mind,
Letting slip the tears of time.
Born to grow, sinking slow,
Never knowing, onward going.
Lessons learned so very late.
Someone else shut life’s gate.
Emotions in a capsule,
No way of escape.
Graffiti of our time,
Written on the inside of my mind.
Hands dancing, the magic of life,
All absorbed into something else.
I spent a life sat on some shelf.
Words out of tune.
Looking up, I sing the song.
But of course it was sung
By another so long ago.
Did you whisper or was it mine?
We didn’t hear.
Yet the answers were always
So very near.
Do you know?
Please tell me where we go.
Image: painting by Polish artist Łukasz Biel
Vorrei renderti felice

How is the painting progress of that horse painting?

Aha well, I have no idea actually! I haven’t looked at it for a long while as I had an issue with the glazing (so I was psyching myself out about it). I’d say it’s about 95% done, I am meaning to tweak it within the next month, so I can upload it on insta during ~spooky season~, as it may get seen more during that time (as I haven’t posted in years).
Other than that though, I think it’s going okay thanks! I’ll have to take a picture of it when I get home :)

Ever been in depression? How did you fight back?

Hassantariq7’s Profile PhotoHassan.
Har ek ky fight kerny ka alag style hota. Kisi ko lagta woh humans sy baat kerky theek hojay ga, kisi ko lagta woh humans sy door rah ky theek hoga, Koi namaz Quran ko apna tool bana leta, Koi drawing, painting or music sy acha feel kerta. Koi rou ky apni feelings ko thora theek ker leta. I even consider that ronay wala human also a fighter. We all are fighters! Bas ek dusry ko samjhna ky kon kesy acha feel kerta.

شاركني نصاً يبات بداخلك

mwh200’s Profile Photoمُمْتَطِ الحَرْف»♏︎
"أنا لا يخيفني الفشل ولا ضياع الجهود سدى،لا يعنيني في نهاية الأمر أن لا أحقق شيئاً،هكذا تقاس الأشياء عندي،لكن ما يرعبني حقاً اختفاء الرغبة،أن أستيقظ يوماً فأجد هذا الشعور في صدري قد انطفأ،أن يختفي توهج عيني،أن أنظر للأشياء حولي ولا أشعر بشيء".
‏- painting by svetlana tartakovska
شاركني نصا يبات بداخلك

Girlie I know you're not just gonna gloss over that weird ass convention you went to 🤣🤣🤣 I need details! I've been wanting to go to the festival in Roswell, but something always comes up 😆

Applepop’s Profile PhotoMᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴏғ Gʀᴇᴍʟɪɴs
Ooh I’d love to go the the Roswell
Convention! 👀🛸 The one I went to was really more focused on Bigfoot (or Skunk Ape, as they are known in Florida) but there is a definite crossover between people who are open to Bigfoot and people who are open to UFOs! It was so weird and quirky and the people watching was the best part lol It was a “town hall” style where people who had experiences gave their testimony and shared recordings or photos they had, and then took questions. There is also a TV show called Expedition Bigfoot and some of the hosts were at the convention too. They had vendors selling weird
Bigfoot and UFO themed stuff like tee shirts and artwork. Because who doesn’t want a Bigfoot painting in their living room lol

Which talent would you rather have, be an expert fisherman/woman and sell what you catch, or draw/paint anything you want perfectly with no mistakes but you can’t make/keep money from your drawings?

I mean, I’d automatically go with the art option, but it’d be a real bummer to not be able support myself financially through my art (therefore having to do other jobs as well as art) would be a bummer.
Having said that, I enjoy painting for the sake of painting and creating, so it’s still a pretty good option!

What are your plans for the near future?

Well luckily, there’s hopes of some issues being resolved at the coffee shop in regards to the days I work, and if it works out, it means I’ll be able to keep doing both of my jobs, which is a huge relief - as it’s been a major stress lately! It felt like I had to choose between them, which I didn’t want to do. So that’s the main plan, to keep on hustling for the next few months, to help achieve an important milestone.
Other than that:
💫 To finish off a painting I’m currently working on (finding the time and energy to do so has been really tricky!)
💫 Once the first painting is done, to finish off my painting/embroidery of the shoe piece I’d been working on, months ago!
💫 Once the milestone is out of the way, I’m hoping to start looking into getting a studio for my art. I’ve come across a few companies that do garden studios that look really cool, and it’s within the budget frame I expected it to be, so it’s a good target to work towards!

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Have you ever been so bored that you painted yourself bright white and started jumping around saying “I’m a Cloud!”

CourtneyThomas63561’s Profile PhotoC.
Haha no but I'll add that to the list of ideas.
I have painted random rainbow colours on my skin though(I was painting something else, and had excess paint left so, in my bored state, I decided to paint the left over paint on my skin haha. Felt quite freeing actually

✨️ we're seven months into 2022. what have you accomplished so far this year? what are your goals for the remainder of the year?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Wow, it’s quite scary to realise that, it didn’t quite hit how far we’re into 2022 until seeing it written down! 😅
In terms of what I’ve achieved… it’s hard to say really. Everything that I’ve been doing, especially the last few months, is hustling as hard as I can, for a major deadline that if all goes well, means that it will be a colossal burden lifted for my family. So while that’s not exciting to do or read about even aha, everything that I want to do (art, etc) is kind of shelved until I can get that done, on my part.
In terms of more interesting things though!
✨ I’m very close to finishing a painting I’ve been working on for @nurbzee! As to the above, it’s been difficult carving out the time I want to give towards creating, but I want it to be to the best of my ability and because she deserves the absolute best! 💫✨
✨ I’ve now finally seen in person some of the work I did way back in last December that was graphic design, in terms of designing chinaware (teacups and saucers primarily), and such. I saw two of the designs on Friday and I’m so, so chuffed with how they came out! Actually selling them to people was the most amazing feeling. Unfortunately I can’t post them here due to my contract, but I’m glad that the hours spent on them paid off! 😄
My goals are to continue what I’m doing, finish my painting and hopefully some of my own personal work as well, and if everything goes okay, I can then start looking properly into garden studios to do my art!! 🎨

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