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rainbowsalt966’s Profile Photomuffin
Was just again watching whatever happened 7 years ago in Peshawar APS attack. I Swear i am shivering still and can't even breath.😭 My heart is too heavy even listening to all whatever has happened 7 years ago in Peshawar APS. I hope Allah gives them the highest rank in Jannah and may Allah give their family sabar to go through all of this pain. Ameen Sum Ameen! My heart is so heavy rn again seeing all what has happened in APS Peshawar 7 years ago. And if we talk about Justice to be given in Pakistan then ig in Pakistan there is nothing such as Justice FFS. There are many other cases pending to be dealt with but our Politicians are just busy rubbing their balls and fighting each other whereas none of them can actually give justice to anyone. This is the most saddest moment tbvh to be called a Pakistani Rn. Pathetic System we have in our Country. I wish they soon realize that this same thing can happen with their children or their family member or relative too and forget their fights for a while. Get the justice to families that are in need of Justice from this Country. For God Sake! May Allah get Pakistan on right track soon. Ameen!

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Ok, what about Jammu goes to Pakistan and Kashmir to India?

The parts Pakistan already has people there aren't interested in joining India, though yes they have their issues with the Pakistani government that should be resolved. If they feel like they were forced into being with Pakistan then I believe they should have complete right to freedom whether that be joining another country or independence.

How politically aware are you?

Ahmedjkazi666’s Profile PhotoAhmed Kazi
Pakistani kameenay logon ko har cheez k baray mein pata hai siwaye apnay aap k. Esay experts ban k baat kartay hain kese har cheez ki maloomat hai zaleelon k paas. Abhi Amir Liaquat ki moat par beth k tabsaray kar rahay thy gadhay k bachon tumhari laaanat zada laashon ka kia hoga is pe socho

Do you watch Pakistani serials? If yes then which one is your favorite?

UmeAbeha’s Profile PhotoUme Abeha کاظمی
That one is awesome. Like the greed of father led the life of his daughter to hell. He rejected his nephew because he was from lower middle class and he wanted the one from elite class. The husband of the daughter turned out to be a fraud who took 20 lac and all jewellery and ran away. Just see its ost its heart breaking. And teaser of new episode, the misery at the face of father, I cried mannnn😭😭😭😭

What has been on your mind lately?

Emma_Rfq’s Profile PhotoEman
RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, Vladimir Putin Says: Pakistan Is A Cemetery For Pakistani’s:
"When a Pakistani becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to London/ America for Medical treatment.
He invests in Uk/ Dubai. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.
If he die, he will be buried in his native country of Pakistan.
Pakistan is just a cemetery for Pakistani’s. How could a cemetery be developed?"

Thoughts on Imran Khan

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali baloucch
He only wants to pay loan .he doesn't care about Pakistani people .he made everything expensive ,electricity ,eggs ,chicken , lentil ,wheat flour etc
He wants to make things more expensive , he said nobody salary will increase as long as I am prime monster because he wants to pay loan
Now let him give speech ,scream !!! Nothing will happen 😂

Pakistani cinema ko revive karne ke liye humein writers aur directors ko criticise karna chahiye? Aur youth ajj kal konsi storylines/genres mein ziada interested hai? Give your opinion. Because I feel like most people are tired of romcoms aur wohi same repetitive plots.

mihoimnida7’s Profile Photo미호
We need new writers and directors but the problem is would producers trust them over more experienced ones they've already worked with? Also, they'd require bigger budgets to make better movies tou producers chahiye who are willing to take those risks.

Pakistani cinema ko revive karne ke liye humein writers aur directors ko criticise karna chahiye? Aur youth ajj kal konsi storylines/genres mein ziada interested hai? Give your opinion. Because I feel like most people are tired of romcoms aur wohi same repetitive plots.

mihoimnida7’s Profile Photo미호
They are doing very good work already. Hamari expertise dramas mein hai movies mein nahi or hamare dramas world class hain jinko Indians bhi shoq se dekhte hain. ALHAMDULILLAH. Morever hamara boht Sara music bhi acha hai mostly classic one or kuch current bhi. ROM COMS se chir Hoti hai kuch Netflix dekhne wali awam ko tou mat Dekho bhae ja kar Hollywood Dekho or sastay angrez ban kar khush hojao. Copy cat mindset hai aqal istemal nahi karni zabaan chalani ati hai bas logon ko. People are tired people are tired I'm not tired and unless you call yourself or a group of folks like you 'people' you can say that.

Thoughts on hum tum.

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Ahad should stick to serious roles. The actress always have one expression on her face 🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s about time our writers realise that no sane adult ever behaves the way they do in Pakistani romcoms… I get it
it’s for “comedy” but man it’s cringe worthy

Piece of advice you're glad to have received? 🤍

never ruin your friendship due to pakistani politics!
i was quite emotional and passionate supporter of PTI and used to do unnecessary heated debates.. after that advice and witnessing LOTA system of our politics i would say make a soft line of your opinion and never try to get involved in some heated debate !!

Konsa drama daikh ry ho ajkal?

Pakistani Game of Thrones where Cersei (Maryam Nawaz) Joffery (Hamza Shahbaz) Twinn Lannister (Shahbaz Shareef) and Night King (Establishment) are against Jhon Snow (Imran Khan)
note: all characters are fictional 🙂
Liked by: Sadia Nawaz AwaiS

What's on your mind?

maryambaig19’s Profile PhotoM A R Y A M Z A F A R
Pakistan is a shithole to live unless you are an elite Sindhi or Punjabi or if you are born into extreme wealth, then you can take advantage of the inefficient legal system, high population and availability of cheap labour for your business and lifestyle.
That being said, Pakistani is more of a shithole especially for women. Dua Zehra case is full of inconsistencies and fake news from both sides. Its difficult to reach a conclusion at the moment. Trolling, ridiculing a young child and her family is just pure cruel. We all are aware of the existence of women trafficking gangs and their methods which appears one of the possibilities in this case. But one must consider what went on in that toxic house that a young child, was forced to run away to another city, away from the "safety" of her parents and family.
Regardless, its funny seeing the brown angraiz, liberals and their stooges implode when their narratives were destroyed. No sectarian angle, no masjids who refused the announcements, no female violence, no inefficient police doing their work, no 50 year old husband, no evil moulvi involved.

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Shehbaz Sharif your are not our Prime Minister ...( imported ) so don't forget that you are criminal and Pakistani Nation will never forgive you. IMRAN KHAN is our only best option. #ImportedGovtNotAcceptable

I am not taking any side but let me be a little veracious here.
Imran khan has played a very calculated gamble. There isn't any foreign conspiracy. He has been ousted through a constitutional process, the constitution, which stands above all. Indeed, he is a good speaker but that is not enough to run a whole country. His poor performance of the past 3 years is a glaring evidence of his incompetency. He has failed to deliever on his promises. He is power hungry just like others. He is that man who makes promises and when the time comes, he starts blaming others. He is the one who has started this toxic political culture, where this blame game is the only way left for him to build his narrative to attract audience and create a cult like followership. Similarly, he has successfully achieved his goal of overshadowing his poor performance through this foreign conspiracy thing. "The bigger tha lie, the more readily the people believe it to be true."
Secondly, It's not a game about selecting best options. As responsible citizens, we must criticize our leaders for their incompetencies. It is ridiculous to choose a lesser evil creature just in the name of not having a better option. It is our duty as good citizens to play our role by letting our leaders know about their shortcomings, so that they can correct their course.
In addition to this, we must remain open minded and let democracy prevail and should refrain from participating in toxic political debates. It is possible that the incumbent government may perform much better than the previous one and in the same manner, we should also remain open to the idea that may be IK will learn from his mistakes and will alleviate the woes of the common man in future. It is fundamental for us all to play a positive and progressive role rather than sticking to an extreme and polarized posture.

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Democracy prevails 🇵🇰

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
it's not democracy, democracy was when Z. Ali Bhutto Asked his Pakistani people before taking any decision.
Who gave the right to 20 PTI MNA's to not allowed with Imran khan when the people who supported IK elected those 20 MNAs.
further, Is it democracy when a poor people cases are in pendings and not be listen after court time but for no confidence motion Supreme court got opened at 11 Pm in the night.
Sorry to say but we Pakistanis are a 'Buzdil', 'Bhikari' qoum hai. We don't fight for our rights and here are some people, who are saying democracy prevails. You should have written 'America Prevails or PDM'. With what face all of them In PDM asked votes in upcoming elections?😂 Just only blaming IK won't help them in getting votes.✌️

What do you think lesbian Pakistani girls marriage should be allowed by Pakistani prime minister 🤣

Did you know the term lesbian wasn’t even used by the trans or even “gay/lesbian” (as you’d like to call) community of pakistan in the first place….
Mera muu mat khulwao about where and when these shits started🙂
Ask pe shughal lagane wali rahun isi me meri behtri hogi🤝

One thing you've noticed in almost all of the Pakistani people?👀

ash_m_khattak’s Profile PhotoAsher
Example sy btati hn..
Covid sy bcho plz : Pakistani ..(ni bai jab moat ay g tab he marna hai)
Vaccine lagwa lou : Pakistani ( ni bai mer gaye tou?? )
Point is.. deen ko smjhny k bjaye convenience ky hisab sy use kia jata hai..

Shahbaz sharif khud tou beggar hai hee America kaa....magar ab Pakistan ko bhi beggar bolraha. Mera bus chalay isky uper truck chalaadun, naalaiq sharif😂

Pakistan may sb log America ko critize krtay hai har cheez America ki use hoti hai Pakistan agr Itna hi masla hai America say toh Bycott kr k dikhao na or batao sbko k sachi Pakistani ho Ap 😂

Thoughts about BTS (KOREAN BOY BAND)?

laibachoudhry’s Profile PhotoLaiba haha
Humble - Funny - genuine 💜
Wese hmare Pakistani hazraat ko inke 'lrki lgne' se bda msla hai. Ye aam se bois apni struggle se worldwide sensation bn chuke hen or hmare Pakistani mard behind the screen bs troll hi krskty hen q k kuch Pakistani mrdon ki "mardaangi" ki definition beard, moustache, 🍆 and macho man hone pr khtm hai. 😎😎😎

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