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Pakistani Ashiq be like?

Well, when it comes to Pakistani Ashiqs, they're like the "desi" version of Casanova! With their flashy outfits, slicked-back hair, and a whole lot of confidence, they're always ready to charm the socks off of anyone in their path. And let's not forget about their legendary pick-up lines, like "Tumhara dil toh garden garden ho jayega" (Your heart will turn into a garden) - who could resist that kind of smooth talk?..

i have a serious question. why does the girl wearing jeans and shirt in pakistani dramas always have the negative role, get her heart broken, and have that terrible ending? genuinely curious

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoDing Dong
Q k shareef aur masoom larkio ki ESi dressing nai Hoti wo sada kapray jesay shalwar kamez ho Jaye wesay pehnti hy aur tez taraz larki jo chalak Hoti khud ko sai tip top rekhti hy 🌝

i have a serious question. why does the girl wearing jeans and shirt in pakistani dramas always have the negative role, get her heart broken, and have that terrible ending? genuinely curious

halalvodka_’s Profile PhotoDing Dong
Small-scale ethics shifting. They're pretty much contrasting character roles with outfits/mannerisms (west bad traditional good) etc.

Life of Pakistani girls Shadi kr lo Bachy paida kroo Moti ho ptli ho jao Ptli ho moti ho jao

Cute_harris’s Profile PhotoHarris_Ahmed
Kam he bataya hai or yeh bhe hai larki ke shadi ho nahi rehi ab agar ho bhe gai bari burian hayee shadi nu kinay saal ho gai koi bacha nai hoya bacha ho gaya hy kuri hoye puttar nai hoya beta nahi ho raha chalo saas dosry shadi kar ly beta jesay dosry biwi nai anbar laga deny betton k na 😁

Men who embrace feminism in Pakistan are gems, hot and deserve respect. No feminists don't hate all men ok

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Some females might think that Pakistani men doesn’t support feminist but let me tell you something about KPK, I have never seen a woman standing in a long line at bank. Do you know why is that? Because when a female enters a bank or any other place the men sends them to the front of the line and no matter how long she takes they will wait silently out of respect.
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Pakistani boys crying at their weddings is a new trend these days.Ask boys should also try it' with glycerine on for additional effects

Fabiha_RehMan’s Profile PhotoFabiha Rehman
Ffs it’s not a trend and there’s nothing wrong in it. Takes a lot for men to be vulnerable like that as compared to women. So shut it. :))

After engagement, even harmless flirting, being check out or hit on seems like gunnah lol. Idk it's just Pakistani thing I guess

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Harmless flirting lmao 🤣
Harmless flirting krde krde haraamde nayane ho jande ne 🌚
One shouldn’t be in a relationship if you gonna do harmless flirting after that,

Please do follow her..... Kia tum ma se koi aisa mard nahi ha jo is 38 saal ki aurat ki pyaas bhuja da ma to nahi bhuja saka but maybe someone out there.... @zobbi123456

Wah wah typical Pakistani guy. Apna Matlab poora nai hua toh simple hai badnaam kardo aglay ko. Your parents must be proud
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I swear to God mujhe Pakistani nation se zyada kisi se nafrat nahi. Fakest people ever. Jahil, fake or jhootay zaleel log. Kuch fake religious representative ban k or kuch pseudo liberals ban k sara mulq kharab karte hain fake kameenay log

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Kitni nations se wasta para hai apka?
Khair kuch kuch krte saari qoam ko hi ragar diya apne, ab is se zyada jahalat ki baat aur kiya hogi.

Do you think giving/receiving gifts are important 🤨

Wrankaary’s Profile PhotoWrankary
In islam the gift giving culture is very much appreciated. It is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and he recommended Muslims also do this. Aisha (ra) said: "The Messenger of Allah (saw) used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them." Gift giving should be an act of love and care rather than a formality. And while we are at the topic if you give something to someone while you're in a relationship it's a gift. You did it out of love ( if he/she didn't asked for it) , if you breakup with them later on it won't make them a gold digger. Calm down hamza,raheem,basheer! You didn't have the gold for her to dig it. 🥂🌚
Wow, phlay part mein islam ka reference dia aur dosre mein haram baat krdi XD. Pakistani awam ka kuch ni ho skta.

What is the single most effective way to improve willpower? (IMO: Action. Most people (definitely speaking from personal exp) talk themselves out of doing something before even attempting to do it. Nothing happens without action, and nothing is improved upon without practice (which requires action)

I am self confident . My Will power is strong naturally .I strongly believe in me
.in 2012 I make worst pasta .my university friends didn't like my hand pasta at all .I learnt pasta from Pakistani chef boil tomatoes add salt red chilli cumin it's one of the worst recipe she shared
Then I learnt how to make pasta by American chef .it's perfect 10 out of 10 .sometimes you need proper people to learn proper things .
Action is important .daily I make up my mind I have to do this and that in todays date I do it that's how things get done
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What are you going through?

Unable to gather words to describe how I feel about the death of Arshad Sharif in such a horrific way. My first emotion on getting the news of his death was that an innocent man who stood up with the right got murdered barbarically, away from his home and family. I know this from heart that Pakistani people will not avenge him. He will become a forgotten hero like many before him. Truth is, I wish he would not be bold and stubborn enough. While everyone chose to stay silent, he kept on selling the facts and realities. He attracted all the attention to himself. Everyone either compromised or adapted silence, but he didn't. He preffered being a martyr than a coward. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah and make it easy for his family left behind to find solace, comfort and peace. Ameen. He was indeed a courageous, bold and strong person. He was a patriot who didn't need to get paid for doing his job, but still did it perfectly in such dark times.
Can't get over the fact that he has left this world in such a bad way. But it's said in Quran then it is not okay to call a martyr dead, rather they are enjoying the blessings of Allah Almighty and we don't know about their state. They are being rewarded from the moment of their departure. In Sha Allah he is one of them. His father and brother sacrificed themselves to defend the country as well, I believe he will have an upper rank than them. WAllahu Alam. But the whole nation is in terrible pain. It can not be a coincidence that such a notable figure, who was actively engaged in opposing the corrupt system of Pakistan, just got involved in some sort of incident and died. No matter what others say, or will say, he was assassinated by the very people who were and still are violating the sovereignty of Pakistan. Last but not least, Imran Khan disappointed in.. https://www.facebook.com/100063468980031/posts/pfbid02crPxfke36TG9NXesiXTQ36EkP6Mi5tCEnDiN27f1wRbzwQmBL2EA92wzRz6bVUY1l/

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What are you going through

Match to haar gaye... Chalo coffee pe chalain ab...

muhammadharisali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Haris Ali
We are not living in hollywood my friend real life you have to gain trust let the other person be comfortable with you . Itna direct ho kr Its not United States of America . Its United states of Pakistan(I hope people get my pun) . 90 percent of ask ki chothi to you apni age walo ka sath baat kero why you are hitting on nibbi's despo insaan .


I hate it when Pakistani watches cricket on a big tournament they start expected to much and abusing them . We played good don't abuse them when rizwan got out i legit send streak to my friend say they gonna score 120 runs. When we out virat we won the match in last few years Virat Kohli is different class xD . I don't want to discuss cricket because I hate abusing players for the term of likes or tweets in Twitter . It was no ball and free hit Kuch bhi ho runs hota Hy fazool ka logics Hy Pakistani awaam ka .

Why are men such assholes?

janitaasma’s Profile PhotoJanita Asma
Pehli baat graduate walon ki bhi koi khaas taleem nahi hai. Pakistani muashray me lehaz se.
Dusra agr koi parha likha hai bhi, education ka influence us pr khas nahi hai.
Or hmary parents me 90% parhay likhay nahi hain.
In short. Hmary parents kay pass taleem hasil krny pesy nahi hotay thy is liye wo jahil thy.
Or hum log 16 16 parh kr bhi jahil niklay.
Is liye men aisy hain. Janita baji 😇
Education sirf msla hai. Jo Amal kay sath ho😇❤

The overall image of the men is destroyed by the small portion of men who don't give a shit, can't be loyal and who can't take correct decisions 🙂 PEACE OUT

Shahroze_Shah’s Profile PhotoShahroze Shabbir
Would very much like to disagree
I hate generalising more than anyone & I agree that all men are not the same but a small portion? Hell no!!
It’s not about giving a shit or about being loyal,,as much as it is about not behaving like an animal
It’s just that they lack basic human decency & the ability to understand the rights given to wives by Allah.
Women compromise/Sacrifice a lot
One must be blind to not see the oppression the deal on daily basis
Overall image of men is destroyed by almost 60-75% men who are in serious need of some Psychiatric help!
P.S:Not just referring to Pakistani Men!
The overall image of the men is destroyed by the small portion of men who dont

What’s your all-time favorite memory?

I grew up in Saudi Arabia .I have many fun filled good memories of school .I have friends from Lebanon ,Egypt , Yemen indian Pakistani etc
I love Saudi Arabia's restaurant foods .Al baik , altazij and mushakal which is pita bread in which falafel french fries boiled eggs spread cheese
Every Thursday either we go to Makkah or Madina I had good time there 😃😃😃😄🙂

Your favourite Pakistani channel to watch dramas or shows ?

I don't watch any Pakistani show .I
Watch indian or American horror drama on YouTube
Like Alaska haunting , fear files (indian horror drama based on real events ),Kaun hai and Bhoot Aya on YouTube 😃

Guys we need unlimited prayers for team Pakistan to perform well and win the match !! 🙏♥️

sarmadchaudry’s Profile PhotoFizzah Haris
Dua akeli kaam krni hoti to jitny pakistani dua krtay hain.
Hmara mulk Super power hota.
100% effort, Wisdom, Technique, Hard work, Consistency, Never Give Up, Usky baad Dua aati hai.
Usky baad Naseeb aata hai, Usky baad Muqadar aata hai.
Phr agr kamyab na ho to ALLAH ne likha nahi hota.
I believe in sb cheezon kay sath ALLAH Na likha bhi likh deta hai.
Naseeb kamyabi kay aaaakhri hisay me aata hai. Jisko hum pehly number pr laa kr excuse bna kr chor dety hain manzil ko.

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