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If true change, matters so much they say Why are we hurt, as behaviors fade away? Why do we trust that a new age will arrive? Only to return to living to survive?

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life is evolution, the biggest lessons are failures, I always see the glass half full but I always get pissed off about the missing goal. We live, instinct will always lead us to survive and it is only up to us how to survive, there are those who do it well there are those who also climb for nothing.
“If there was a God to discuss
Now, it's gone
You are too naive to believe
What a God, you are
God, it won't be arithmetic
It is not in your false symbols
In pornography
You play God in the Totocalcio
You sell it for a dose
You throw it away in one sentence
You will look for it in the pharmacy
Think He goes to oil
Faith is not a scam
And there is no God on the moon
But in this land that trembles
If anything, it won't be God
He will be rebuild
If anything, you will find it again
In a thought, in a desire
In your delirium, in your sky, God
It could be God
And I too, with you I would look for
In fear, a safe way
Another promise
Maybe the same, God
Take God back to where you will be born
There where you will die
Bring God back to the factory
In the meanest dreams you have
You play God in the Totocalcio
You sell it for a dose
You throw it away in one sentence
You will look for it in the pharmacy
And God is not a manifesto
Death without a pretext
Boredom or another poison
Another shark's mouth
If anything, you don't have a God
I'll introduce you to mine
Where he lives, I don't know
Maybe in a heart in an act of love
In your immense self, there is God
It could be God
And you, in his place
Would you betray me?
Would you kill me?
Would you leave me without, a God?
If anything, it won't be God
It will be rebuild
If anything, you will find it again
In a thought, in a desire
In your delirium, in your sky, God”
https://youtu.be/Gu43qXc4Oisspidermax2’s Video 170240073017 Gu43qXc4Oisspidermax2’s Video 170240073017 Gu43qXc4Ois

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spidermax2’s Video 170240073017 Gu43qXc4Oisspidermax2’s Video 170240073017 Gu43qXc4Ois

Halo kak, i dont know if its psychological or not. Aku tak punya indra keenam, tak pernah bisa melihat hantu. Tapi pernah aku ketindihan, dan aku melihat vivid strange creature in my room. Like a ghost in a form of little girl. I wasn't dreaming. Can you explain what had just happened? #MAPS

#MisconceptionAboutPsychology nomor 15.
Mengenai "ketindihan", aku pernah menjelaskannya dulu di sini: http://ask.fm/PalakieNevermore/answers/108072256635
Mengenai indera keenam, mari aku jelaskan di sini.
Apa yang dikatakan indera keenam mempunyai nama resmi berupa ESP (Extrasensory Perception). Biasanya ESP disangkutpautkan dengan kemampuan "mengindera" tanpa menggunakan indera pada umumnya, melainkan dengan menggunakan pikiran belaka. Sering disangkutpautkan pula dengan telepati, mendengar apa yang tidak terdengar, melihat apa yang tidak terlihat, prekognisi (mengetahui masa depan) dan retrokognisi (mengetahui masa lalu).
Hanya saja, setelah penelitian yang berlangsung lebih dari seabad, hingga saat ini tidak satu pun penelitian yang bisa memberikan bukti yang cukup tentang keberadaan ESP, memberikan teori konkrit kenapa ESP bisa terjadi, maupun mereplikasi fenomena-femonena yang berhubungan dengan ESP. Jadi, hingga saat ini, ESP (atau indera keenam) tidak diterima sebagai sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan psikologi atau sains pada umumnya.
- "Biographical Dictionary of Psychology" oleh Noel Sheehy, Antony J. Chapman, dan Wendy A. Conroy (2002)
- "Popular psychology: an encyclopedia" oleh Luis A. Cordón (2005)
- "Statistical Problems in ESP Research" oleh Persi Diaconis (1978)
- "Why Parapsychology Cannot Become a Science" oleh Mario Bunge (1987)
- "Pseudoscience and the Paranormal" oleh Terence Hines (2003)
- "ESP (extrasensory perception)" oleh Robert Todd Carroll (2007)
- "Encyclopedia of Perception" oleh Bruce E. Goldstein (2010)

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Good afternoon 😍✋🏻 What do u know about " parapsychology " ? If u don't know anything then try to read about it 😐✋🏻

bilalalani’s Profile PhotoBilal ❌
Good afternoon well i know little , we studied some of it in college i know about telepathy it is a major of parapsychology which is the communication of thoughts between two or more minds without using actual spoken words توارد خواطر يعني

Ana shakhes ktir mo2min christian wsolt la fatra khalas ma ba2a e3terif b alla wala bhada srt fakkir eno kif eshya wahmiye edra l nes tsadde2a w tsayter 3a 32oul l nes. B3dne la halla2 mba3ad bas ma l ossa eno fi miracles eno ktir shi bi 7ayir

God exists bas it's not what people think it is. Hiyye ossit te7lil fi ktir theories ma7toutin 3an the existance of god and what exactly is god.
If you study Parapsychology you'll know that there's many dimensions in this world 8er l 3D dimension that we live in. Fi infinite dimensions mennoun l spiritual wl Astral w ktir osas, w fi part of those dimensions met3al2a bl frequency. The higher the frequency is, the more holy (good) it becomes, the lower the frequency is, the more negative and unholy (evil). Search about it on google you'll realize enno all of our souls are part of god. and when everyone's dead we come back to our origin. If you keep your frequency high enough by doing good stuff you'll return to the holy power, if your frequency drops too low you'll return to the unholy power (also known as "satan" which is not an actual living thing). Do a google search about it i'm sure you'll find it interesting.

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مرحبا. ... تؤمنون بالحاسه السادسة او ﻻ ~` وليش..؟ ..... وتعرفون احد هيج ~` ..... وشنو ممكن يكون سببها ؟

SHOOOSHANA’s Profile PhotoShaHad ✌
مراحب ... كلا انا شخصيا لا اؤمن بالحاسة السادسة ... كتعريف الحاسة السادسة هي مجموعة من الفعاليات الخارجة عن نطاق العقل ووظائف الدماغ الطبيعية كالقدرة على رؤية المستقبل او الاحساس بالخطر قبل حدوثه ... التفكير بشخص او شيء ما ثم حدوثه بعد فترة قليلة ... وغيرها من الظواهر الغير طبيعية والخارجة عن نطاق العقل البشري ... وهناك علم يدرس هذه الظواهر يسمى الparapsychology وهو علم تم انشاءه عن طريق عالم نفس يدعى جوزيف راين في الثلاثينات من القرن الماضي ... اما سبب عدم ايماني بالحاسة السادسة هو عدم وجود دليل منطقي وعلمي يدعمها وحتى علم ال parapsychology يعتبره اغلبية العلماء من العلوم الكاذبة او الزائفة pseudoscience نظرا لعدم وجود ادلة مادية تدعم ادعاءاته ... اما بالنسبة لي شخصيا فقد حدثت لي بعض الظواهر كتفكيري بشخص معين وبعدها ياتيني اتصال من هذا الشخص وايضا احساسي ببعض الاحداث قبل حدوثها لكنني اعتبرها مجرد مصادفة لا اكثر .....

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Well here's a link of all the parapsychology books you can donlowed them all and enjoy http://www.4shared.com/folder/DYaW4ZrN/__online.html?detailView=true&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME they say you have to be a receiver if you want to be a master in parapsychology. i'll give u the rest later chaoo

MoeYAlEryani’s Profile PhotoMoe Y. Al Eryani☬
oh thank you xD i am still 17 will do that later xD will read those and see xD THANK YOU
Well heres a link of all the parapsychology books you can donlowed them all and

Does the parapsychology a science I already read that there's lots of institutes that studying it till now but they haven't make it into the people hands to study just like engineering or any majors that's the point that I'm looking for XD

MoeYAlEryani’s Profile PhotoMoe Y. Al Eryani☬
til now they didnt consider the parapsychology ''science'' and day by day they are exploring new stuff but as i read there is parapsychologists which are scientists means that i guess that kind of study do exist in some sort of place xD idk what is this http://www.pflyceum.org/10.html but may it helps you xD

Thank u I really appreciate that,, um I got lots of questions about the same topic however I've been studying psychology for a while and I found that it was once called the behavior science which exactly as u said but the parapsychology is more an interesting science but anyway the question here is

MoeYAlEryani’s Profile PhotoMoe Y. Al Eryani☬
yes the psychology once was like a philosophy and then it became science xD yup parapsychology is interesting but if u wanna success in the parapsychology you must begin with the psychology xD the basics xD

Hello again ;) I have one question,, what's the difference between parapsychology and psychology! Foresight I've been reading about these things they are actually an amazing things for a clever person to learn but I want u to explain somethings cuz I can see that we're walking in same path :)

MoeYAlEryani’s Profile PhotoMoe Y. Al Eryani☬
hello xD idk how can i describe it but i dont see that there is a much big difference between parapsychology and psychology cause parapsychology is a field in psychology ''my own perspective'' xD psychology involves studying the mental functions and behaviors while also exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors xD but the parapsychologists study the telepathy and that sort of stuff they are more concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena xD there is a difference between them but at the end we will see that they all are involved in psychology xD there are also many other types of psychology xD its according to what you are more wanna be or involved in to xD psychology is a scientific study while parapsychology isnt that much scientific xD i hope i helped xD btw if you have any other questions about the same topic just ask cause your question just made me realize new stuff in psychology xD exchanging information xD

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oh , on meditation ... there are some recordings that induce brain into certain states , mainly alpha state I think , which help meditation , a certain group called "brain wave entertainment"

Aha !
I remember those days when I was a master of parapsychology !
but now I stop doing all those things !
maybe nxt holiday , I will complete what I started b4 .

The monster in the lack from the kite runner novel by Khaled hossein with an attempt to interpret it.

The morning of the kite-fighting tournament, Hassan tells Amir about a dream he had: The two of them at Ghargha Lake. However, no one's in the water because apparently there's a monster in there. In Hassan's dream, Amir jumps into the water anyway and Hassan follows. They swim out into the middle of the lake and the people on the shore cheer. The lake is renamed "Lake of Amir and Hassan, Sultans of Kabul." So what does Hassan's dream mean?
It's possible Hassan made up the dream. Amir is very nervous on the morning of the tournament. Hassan could be trying to comfort him through this story. Don't worry, Hassan is saying, a monster isn't waiting for you out in the streets of Kabul. Hassan's truthfulness probably isn't worth too much consideration.
Another fact, however, is worth quite a bit of consideration: later that day, Assef rapes Hassan in the streets of Kabul while Amir stands by and watches. Does this mean Amir is the monster in the lake and that Hassan is horribly wrong? Is Amir's jealousy of Hassan the monster? Or is Assef the monster? Much like the people on the shore, Baba and Rahim Khan cheer for Amir when he wins the kite tournament. Does this mean Baba and Rahim Khan are oblivious of the monster?
This is a complicated little dream. There's probably no one way to interpret it. We can't even say for sure if Hassan is wrong about the monster. If Amir redeems himself later in the novel and overcomes his past, doesn't that mean he and Hassan scare away the monster? That Amir gets rid of the monster inside himself? We can say one thing for sure: even Shmoop's Department of Parapsychology and Dreams had a tough time with this one

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About this disembodied entity you believe to follow you. See I have 10 years of research into parapsychology and occultism And demonology. Tell me what it does or why you think it follows you.

Bigissuepls’s Profile PhotoMister Bear
Ohh, well it was after we done a sacrifice and I went home and I had this really bad vibe/feeling type, and then weird things started happening like things would get moved or things would turn on in the night, so I got really paranoid, so me being me I don't a wigi board and now there just so happens to be a spirit in my house! Yay

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