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What’s the things you guys do for “self-care,” or what small things do you do to improve your day/week/life?

A lot of stuff, actually! Exfoliating, cold showers, regularly wearing good perfume and deodorant, paying real attention to the songs I'm listening on the public transport, eating some healthy stuff so I feel good about myself, and the most effective for me, moisturizing after shower (especially before bed!), it makes me feel so good about myself and so productive!
On Sundays, I never work anything. I won‘t clean my room, won‘t study for university, won‘t go to the gym. I‘ll just enjoy myself, spend the time with my best friends and my family, and take a bath in the evening. Like that, I usually get everything important done by saturday and the rest can easily wait until monday.
If I have a full day or night where I don’t work, I either do errands all day or spend the day in bed to relax, Once every 1-2 weeks. Whenever I get the chance, every few weeks I’ll take a bath, shave every bit of my body (also sleeping with no hair that first night is life changing). Then I’ll pluck my eyebrows, and check my lil girl stache, etc. My biggest thing is keeping up with my appearance and hair is one thing I’m not uncomfortable with having, I just feel more fresh without it. I don’t do it for anyone but myself, I like to look at myself and have my eyebrows well shaped, my nails painted, and occasionally cover myself in cocoa butter. I end with smelling good and feeling soft, being more confident overall. I have a morning routine which consists of making my bed, practicing yoga and meditation and eating a healthy breakfast (oats and stuff). I'm a neat freak so my room is always super tidy. Cleaning my room always makes me feel better. I try to go for a walk and listen to inspiring podcasts almost every day. I write a journal every day in an app called Daylio. I try to write down three things I'm grateful for every day. Most of the time I listen to some relaxing sounds in the background. I always make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep and sometimes take a half hour power nap if I'm tired or bummed during the day. I'm doing much better since I developed those habits! I still have bad days but I recover from them much faster, which is invaluable.
I’ve picked up a fun little essential oil hobby, and love all the new scents and combinations I can make with them. I also do my nails once a week, love a good long hot shower, a relaxing epsom salt bath, listening to guided meditations or sound baths, and turning on my heater blanket when it’s cold :)
I only buy fancy chocolate bars. Like $4 each and get one square before bed. I love to find afternoons free to have a long hot bath and spa time; mud mask, deep hair conditioner, extra time to pluck my unibrow.

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What's your favourite perfume or aftershave?

My favourite perfume *was* Amelie Mae by Lush, it was a pretty, floral scent with a hint of something sweet and candy-ish. I used to wear it all of the time, so much so in fact that I considered it to be my signature scent... Sadly, it got discontinued.
I have yet to find a new favourite perfume.

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Sikap apa yang harus dimiliki laki-laki?

Selamat pagi, terimakasih sudah memberikan PJnya. Sikap ya? um, kalo saya lebih prefer ke sifat? tidak apa-apa ya? Ok, semoga tidak keberatan.
Ini menurut pengalaman saya mempunyai frekuensi dengan bapak-bapak, mbah-mbah, mas-mas, abang-abang.
1. Tidak banyak bicara. Bukan berati tunggu si doi yang sapa/chat/telpon dulu tapi bicara lah seperlunya, dan jangan sekali-kali berbicara kepada wanita secara to the point.
2. Memimpin, take control & tegas. Saat anda mengajak makan, lalu si doi bertanya kemana, jangan jawab :
"terserah, kamu yang pilih oh julietku"
Jangan sekali-sekali bilang terserah. Kata TERSERAH sudah jadi copyright kaum hawa dari jaman bahuela.
3. Humoris. Hal ini seringkali disalah artikan, cowok humoris terus tertawa mulut di buka lebar-lebar kayak kuda nil nguap. Yang elegan dong. Tetap kontrol perilaku, jangan bergerak terlalu cepat.
4. BERSIH. Mandi sehari 2x MINIMAL. gosok gigi sehari 2x MINIMAL. Keramas 2x sehari bagi pengguna hairstyler/wax/pomede. Pake cologne/parfum. Jangan over lebay.
Pelajari cara pakai parfum, dan jenis-jenis parfum. Karena banyak orang asal beli parfum tanpa tau beda ANTARA perfume - eau de perfume - eau de toillete - collogne - body splash dan lain-lain.
5. Menguasai banyak Skill & berwawasan luas. Cowok harus bisa cuci baju sendiri, pengetahuan benerin motor sedikit-sedikit, benerin pipa ledeng, genteng, bisa photography, bisa design, bisa masak, kemampuan berbagai/beberapa bahasa, karena cowok bakal jadi nahkoda rumah tangga jadi harus skillful.
6. Eye contact, body language, smile. Tatap matanya dengan tatapan sewajarnya, jangan melotot tapi juga jangan menatap sayu-sayu seperti orang sedang terangsang.
7. Welcome dan akrab dengan teman-teman si doi, ataupun keluarga si doi.
8. Sering memuji. Pernah dengar wanita adalah makhluk terindah ciptaan Tuhan? Ya begitulah sifat mereka, mereka senang kalo dipuji sekalipun simple. Bajunya, lipsticknya, bibirnya, betisnya, dll. Cari bahan dan kata2 sendiri deh.
Masih banyak sih untuk dijabarkan, kalau kepanjangan takut tidak dibaca semuanya.

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Why so many ppl think Corona doesn't exist??

farwa15baloch’s Profile PhotoFarwa
Maybe because the still haven't lost there sense of smell and sense of taste once they can't sense smell of strong perfume on which they spent thousands on and can't detect the flavor of nestle mango juice on which they spent there 30 rupees on which will only taste sweet but flavorless then maybe they will believe in Corona as known as covid 19
(i am not talking about myself here okay so don't judge and assume😂)

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What is your favorite perfume?

Dexter_Ch’s Profile PhotoHAMZA
I love my daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs. Makes me feel like I am in Spring or Summer.
Do certain perfumes ever remind you of people? of different times and places? When I wear ‘Daisy - Marc Jacobs’, I think of laughter and warm summer days, nights on the beach and my friends smiling faces. ‘Miss Dior’ makes me think of first meetings and first times, falling in love, my hand in someone’s hand as he tells me he thinks i’m pretty and he likes me in ‘rose n roses’. ‘Chance - Chanel’ reminds me of my best friend, and how she brought that perfume because the main character wore it in her favourite movie. ‘Beautiful - Estée Lauder’ makes me think of my Mom, and how she’s always had a signature perfume. I think it’s kind of magic how something can transport you back like that.

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What is your favorite perfume

Sos coqueta o coqueto? Desbordas facha para donde vayas? Con tu encanto varonil desmayas chicas sólo con mirarlas? Usas perfume siempre que salís?

Alutv23’s Profile PhotoAlu
.Sos coqueta o coqueto? No para nada, no me cabe mucho eso
.Desbordas facha para donde vayas? No, pero si desbordó curiosidad por mi forma de vestir a veces
.Con tu encanto varonil desmayas chicas sólo con mirarlas? No jaja y creo que no tengo una mirada muy seductora, igual no me importa
. Usas perfume siempre que salís? No pero hubo una época que si, era de la marca colbert y le empece a agarrar el gusto a los perfumes porque me gustaba una profesora mia, ahí me acuerdo que usaba cada tanto y hasta busque perfumes caros, me acuerdo de uno que valía como 5 lucas hace 3 y 4 años, en esa época, hoy ya no uso

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Suave, como me mata tu mirada, suave, es el perfume de tu piel, suave, son tus caricias, como siempre te soñé, como siempre te soñé Siempre que leo tu nick tengo esta canción en la cabeza

Colorida82’s Profile PhotoColorida
Qué bonita letra! No conocía esa canción,
pero hay bastantes con lo de "Suave" incluído. Se ve que es una palabra muy musical o poética...😆
Te gusta eurovisión? @Colorida82


Cuando nos veamos, el perfume que debo llevar debe ser: ¿maderoso o cítrico?, ¿Cuál es más soportable para ti? Tanto en hombres como en mujeres... 🤭 🦥

george86121’s Profile PhotoJürgen
No estoy segura si nos vamos a volver a ver... 😅

Respecto al perfume, no me gustan mucho los cítricos ya que suelen ser muy dulces. Mientras no se bañen con la botella de loción, todo está bien. (Aplica para hombres y mujeres). 🤪


LIMPA 25/1 🎨 Sei/Não Sei 🎨 O que dar de presente à pessoa que gosto quando faz anos (quem não namora atualmente, diz o que acontecia na altura em que namorava) #mermaid

play_with_me_2020’s Profile PhotoPower Breeze
Isso é no Valentine's Day 🤔🤔🤔
Eu geralmente procuro dar o que a pessoa gosta , se quer um livro , um perfume vou sempre assim buscando o que é do agrado da pessoa para presentear

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I like your aesthetic sense brother ❣️can you suggest me a good perfume mid range not expensive but smells very expensive 😂I can see here you use denim deodorant

Yar try dylan blue by Versace but it costs around 12k but better than all these 25 to 30k ones available in outfitters etc they're scammers... you can use scorpio too .. invest in a good perfume it lasts long

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