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Расскажи про своих любимых исполнителей :3 Как давно их слушаешь, почему именно они?) ну и парочку треков любимых прикрепи с;

Есть много певцов,которых мне нравится слушать. Например,постоянно слушаю Ариана Гранде. Изначально я про неё узнала,по сериалу,который раньше шёл по Никелодеон. И она меня заинтересовала. Я посмотрела все фильмы с ней и прослушала почти все песни.
Так же люблю слушать Егора Крида. Мне нравится его песни,если прислушаться,они наполнены глубоким смыслом.
Очень часто также слушаю Charlie Perth и Ed Sheehan, Imagine Dragons, muse. В основном их песни играют в фильмах и сериалах и мне это очень нравится.

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Расскажи про своих любимых исполнителей 3 Как давно их слушаешь почему именно

I used to know a body builder (he's not really that big) in Perth and he always debated on going to KFC. It's no wonder he debated since now I know they're double the price for half the food! I was like "GET THE CHICKEN". You seem to know that in the USA we have moderate ol boxes of food. lol

dirtspawn’s Profile PhotoAshgog
In the US and everywhere trust me they give u good quantities! Except for here! Haha

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+6 answers in: “good morning †LÛLŲ† :P”

Aber Australien ist doch so giftig😥 und außerdem ist dann doch da Winter? Backpacker oder touri? Erzähl mir mehr

also das mit dem winter stimmt nicht ganz...
wenn ich in darwin ankomme, ist dort trockenzeit und das ist eigentlich perfekt, um die nationalparks anzuschauen☺️ wenn ich dann weiter nach perth fahre, wird es kälter, aber nicht weniger als ca. 15°C und weiter südlich fahre ich ja nicht🙈 ich muss nur eben im sommer fahren, weil ich durch wettkämpfe hier gebunden bin.
und eher backpacker mäßig, obwohl westaustralien ja jetzt auch nicht sooo viel mehr möglichkeiten hergibt, da is ja nichts😂

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+4 answers in: “Und wieso hast du Samstag den halben Tag geschlafen? Freitag zu viel gefeiert oder gekränkelt?”

Do you follow the ongoing Ashes series? If so, what's your prediction on the 3rd test match which will be played in Perth's pitch ?

Ashes ko live nai daikh pa raha :"(
Australia in home conditions tou pata he hai kitni dangerous hai aur Perth main bouncing track hoga wahan Cummins nay bouncers maar maar kar rulana hai Englishmen ko!!
lakin agar swinging conditions hui tou
Anderson nay pagal karna hai jaisay Khawaja ko kiya tha,
waisay 2-0 hai jata tou Australia k favor main he 3rd test bhi!

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Mas noval mau tanya dong apa yg terjadi sma air asia perth denpasar kenapa bisa ampe turun sampe 10000 kaki. Ada kesalahan pilot atau bagaimana itu kak?

hal itu terjadi karena pesawat kehilangan tekanan udara. ketika itu terjadi pilot akan melakukan emergency descent, dan akan segera mendaratkan pesawat ke bandara terdekat.
apa itu emergency descent? yaitu menurunkan pesawat secara tiba2 ke 10.000 kaki dengan tujuan agar kita dapat menghirup oksigen dengan normal. banyak sekali penyebab pesawat kehilangan tekanan udara, salah satunya ada kebocoran diban pesawat.
masker oksigen akan keluar secara tiba2 tapi hanya mampu bertahan selama 12 menit. kondisi ini tentu sangat tidak nyaman bagi penumpang karena terasa seperti jatuh. tapi tindakan ini harus dilakukan demi keselamatan semua.
terkadang kalo sempat pilot akan mengumumkan sebelum melakukan emergency descent, kalo engga ya akan langsung dilakukan. makanya pakai terus sabuk pengaman dan ikuti semua aturan penerbangan.

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Halo kak kev! Kak kevina kan dateng ke world tour nya kh orchestra, ceritain dong kak pengalamannya tq!

I think I cried twice the whole orchestra was a freaking rollercoaster like they started the whole thing with Hikari instrumental how would you expect to not cry?????? and have your childhood rewind right before your eyes at that very second?????
I didn't expect that I'd get the FREAKING FIRST ROW I actually thought I bought my ticket pretty late but apparently not...
they kind of messed up in one battle song (the KHI first boss battle) and it was kind of awkward when it happened ?? but overall the Singapore orchestra was great!
Yoko-san walked into the venue and everyone was freaking out there was a fan who sat at the upper tribune that yelled aishiteru HSMFJWKJFKWJKFJE I CLAPPED.
I didn't manage to buy merch since they had to pay cash (ended up having my official guide book sent to home) and I didn't bring any KH merch from home.
my friend Gamba (with his girlfriend who we actually just met and befriended that day since they came all the way from Perth and eventually needed a friend to introduce Singapore to) brought his Sora PAK and I wanted to cry I could've brought Riku along but oh well.
seriously the fansigning was so worth it I love Yoko-san so much she's an angel she didn't even judge me when I said some wrong Japanese words like ARE YOU KIDDING WHICH PART OF HEAVEN DID YOU COME FROM BLESS YOU WITH ALL LORD'S MIGHT SENPAI. ?????❤️

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Halo kak kev Kak kevina kan dateng ke world tour nya kh orchestra ceritain dong

as a parent, do you think how a child turned out as an adult is more innate or taught from parents? as in, do abusive adults turned out to suck so much because their parents didn't teach them well? if so, do these parents deserve the seeds they sow? (ungrateful kids)

I think the nature vs nurture question has been debated since the beginning of time. The answer is that it's both of course. Parenting takes place over such a long period of time that it shouldn't just be considered how IN GENERAL the parenting style is like to determine the influence of 'nurture'. Sometimes it can be one small incident that causes a person to change completely.
For instance, I was 8(?) and I was in Australia with my parents. We were in Perth and it was rural. I fell asleep in the car and refused to wake up apparently, so they left me in the car and went into a friend's home, thinking they will come out soon (they lost track of time and didn't). I woke up, had no memory of my parents leaving me, in PITCH DARKNESS. You cannot imagine that sort of darkness in Singapore. The only light was a scary house some distance away. I cried and cried nonstop waiting for them to come back but they didn't, so I thought they dumped me and left me to die, or maybe they were killed. I finally walked to the strange, scary house - I cannot emphasize how scared I was, I thought it would be a rapist/murderer/ghost inside - and knocked. There was my parents, shocked to see me bawling my face inside out.
My parents weren't bad parents, that was a one time mistake. But it scarred me forever and I till today have phobias of being left alone, one of the reasons why I'm such an extrovert. Being around people makes me feel safe.
Anyway my point is... it is very likely that abusive adults have generally bad childhoods, but it could also be a several standalone incidents that causes sociopathy. Or they could just be born with mental defects such as psychopathy or perhaps have XYY chromosomes which causes violence.
I don't think abusive parents deserve bad kids... I think they shouldn't have kids at all. But if they do, their kids being assholes is hardly a good punishment to gloat about, because my sadness at seeing innocent kids suffer supersedes my glee at the abusive parents not having children who love them.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gSHr8hmWS8 je to Justin či fake ? :/ prosím odpovedz ..v tej tvári sa dosť podobá na Jussa čo myslíte vy?

Je to fake.
Justin ma tourne v Austrálii a on je úplne nadšený a diváci taktiež ❤️❤️
Justin mal s fanúšikmi meeting??
Táto fotka je strašne Cute ako si ho to dievča drží (6.3.2017 Justin meeting with fans in Perth Australia)

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httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvgSHr8hmWS8 je to Justin či fake   prosím odpovedz v tej

♚ Kings: ¿Jon Bon Jovi o Kurt Cobain? Y Jon también lo es, tengo muchos amores de la vida. (!!!) Esta es la última pregunta de la ronda "kings", espero que les haya gustado y muchas gracias por responderla.

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. (Perth Amboy, 2 de marzo de 1962), conocido por su nombre artístico Jon Bon Jovi, es un músico, actor, compositor, filántropo y productor discográfico estadounidense, reconocido por ser el vocalista y líder de la banda de rock Bon Jovi. Desde 2009 forma parte del prestigioso "Songwriters Hall of Fame" (Salón de la Fama de los compositores). En 2012, Jon Bon Jovi se sitúo en el número 50 en la lista "Power 100" de la revista Billboard, un ranking sobre las personas más influyentes en el negocio de la música ("The Most Powerful and Influential People in the Music Business"). En 1996, la revista People lo nombró como una de las cincuenta personas más bellas del mundo ("50 Most Beautiful People in the World"). En 2000, la misma revista lo nombró como la estrella de rock más sexy ("Sexiest Rock Star") y también se colocó en el número 13 en la lista de la cadena VH1 sobre los cien artistas más atractivos ("100 Sexiest Artists"). Entre sus principales influencias se encuentran Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan y Aerosmith. Es dueño de un equipo de la Arena Football League, los Philadelphia Soul. Él es también el fundador de The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, que fue creada en 2006 para combatir los problemas relacionados con las familias e individuos sin hogar o en el desamparo económico. John Francis Bongiovi nació el 2 de marzo de 1962 en Perth Amboy (Nueva Jersey), hijo de Carol Sharkey y de John Francis Bongiovi, Sr., ambos ex miembros de Cuerpo de Marines de los EEUU (U.S.M.C.) En 1977 se graduó en la escuela y forma la banda Atlantic City Expressway junto con su compañero de clase David Bryan Rashbaum.

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Di tahun 2016, pasti ada momen yg buat seneng, sedih, suka dan duka. Momen apa yg ga bakal dilupain di tahun 2016 ini?

bungaviamanda’s Profile PhotoBunga Viola
Top 10 Unforgettable Moments in 2016:
1. Being in a relationship with @andreleonardh
2. My super duper cute niece, Aylanna Siegl, was born
3. Short escape to Lombok with friends
4. Trip to Perth and Sydney
5. Endorphin had to shut down
6. Bali trip with family, with Aylanna!
7. Back to LaSalle to get my bachelor degree in fashion business
8. Death of my uncle few weeks before his son's wedding day, so his son got engaged with his gf (now wife) in front of my uncle's coffin a day before burial day
9. Open a new business with Andre: @BleuLaundry
10. Got my own apartment in Kuningan, thanks Mom!
Best thing happened in 2016:
My parents are still alive and healthy. That fact is more than enough for me.

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Di tahun 2016 pasti ada momen yg buat seneng sedih suka dan duka Momen apa yg ga

Tag de la canción , responde cual escuchas cuando : 1Estas triste? 2Terminas una relación ? 3Estas enamorado? 4Estas con tus amigos? 5Canción que te divierte ? 6Con qué canción te gustaría ?? 7 Canción que te recuerde a Alguien y a quien✨ 8Cancion que odias ? 9 Una que te dedicaron ❤ 10 favoritas ?

❤Daughter - Smother
❤Si tu me quisieras Mon laferte.
Natalia Lafourcade -Lo que construimos.
Carla Morrison No vuelvo jamas.
❤Carla Morrison Disfruto.
Carla Morrison Compartir.
Carla Morrison Eres tu.
❤De todo.
❤Shaky Shaky.
❤Diles Ozuna Arcangel.
❤i hate you, i love you gnash PRIVADO
❤En si ninguna.
❤PRIVADO jajaja.
?Carla Morrison - Todo Pasa
?León Larregui - Brillas
?Mon Laferte - Tu Falta De Querer
?Zoe - Labios Rotos
?Natalia Lafourcade - Nunca Es Suficiente
?Natalia Lafourcade - Hasta la Raíz
?Daughter - Perth / Ready For The Floo
?Maluma - 4 Babys.

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Tu gagne un voyage! Tu as le choix parmi l'Espagne, le Québec, l'Australie et la Chine! Quelle serait ta destination et pourquoi?

XQG2FillesX’s Profile Photo2 Filles et des QG
Je choisis sans hésiter l'Australie, pour ses paysages, que ce soit dans les grandes villes telles que Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth par exemple, mais aussi pour le désert qui se trouve au centre du pays avec ses roches rouges, et pourquoi pas y passer + de temps que pour un voyage, d'ailleurs

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Kak mau nanya dong pendapat tentang cinta beda agama gimanaa? like you're in love with someone but he/she is on different religion Pendapat lu yaa kak jangan berdasarkan hukum agama 😂 Thankss

shu_rheza’s Profile PhotoRheza Maulana
Pendapat pribadi ya?
Mengenai perbedaan agama sendiri, gue selalu menganggap bahwa semua agama sama-sama tujuannya ke Tuhan cuma caranya aja yg beda. Dan urusan manusia dengan kepercayaannya itu vertical, ke atas. Sedangkan manusia dengan manusia itu horizontal, sejajar. Jd gue ga pernah mempermasalahkan agama orang, itu urusan dia ke atas, ngapain gue ikut campur toh bukan porsi gue. Andaikan mereka tdk percaya atau blm yakin dgn adanya Tuhan pun gue jg ga masalah. Istilahnya, gue ga peduli urusan kepercayaan lo gmn selama itu org baik ke sesama (sejajar). Logikanya sih kalo lo baik terhadap sesama ya berarti lo jg berkat, which is a good thing for your vertical relationship too.
Gue ga peduli org mau blg agama dia paling bener. I'm a Christian but I never think that my religion is the most right religion walau di Alkitab pun ada bilang bahwa kalo lo ga percaya Tuhan Yesus ya lo ga selamat. Terus bokap gue yg Muslim dan nyokap gue yg Buddhist ga selamat dong walau mereka berbuat baik? Temen-temen gue yg beda agama pd baik-baik tetep ga selamat? Ga masuk akal aja mnrt gue, gue yakin kok Tuhan itu Maha Pengasih bukan gila hormat. Sama lah kayak agama seberang yg suka blg bahwa agama selain dia itu sesat. Sama aja kaya pandangan ke agama lain, mnrt gue ga ada yg paling bener. Selama yg dipelajari itu baik, ya udah bener aja ga usah kompetisi siapa yg paling bener. Emangnya situ lagi lomba?
Dan di mata gue, agama itu buatan manusia. Ya pasti nanti ada yg bilang kalo agamanya langsung turun dr Allah. Gue ga peduli, coba belajar sejarah dulu, emg tadinya ada tuh Islam, Kristen, Hindu, Buddha, Katolik, etc? Dulu nyembah nenek moyang kok. Nyembah matahari jg. Jd serius, ngapain gue pusingin agama org yg notabene-nya buatan manusia jg?
Tp kl suami, gue tetep milih yg seagama. Tp bukan krn masalah agamanya. Tp krn ribet. Salah satu dr kita harus pindah dulu ke agama salah satunya supaya bs resmi menikah. Cici gue sih di Perth bisa married sipil ga pake agama krn agnostic. Tp di Indonesia kan harus religion based. Lah gue dan cowok gue yg sesama Kristen aja harus bina pranikah (semacam kelas) di gereja yg sama dulu kok kalo mau pake pendeta gereja tsb, ga bs beda gereja pdhl sama-sama gereja Kristen. Lo bisa bayangin ga yg beda agama ribetnya kayak apaan? Terus gue ribet aja ngebayangin kl gue meninggal, nanti laki gue ga paham harus ngapain dan begitu jg sebaliknya krn beda agama. Jadi lebih ke tata cara sih, sama aja kayak kadang org nyari yg 1 suku bukan krn rasis tp biar ga ribet aja utk menyatukan tradisi.
Dan ada yg blg kl beda agama, misalnya gue meninggal, suami gue yg beda agama doanya ga akan bs sampe ke gue. Gue ga percaya sih yailah udah kayak kereta aje beda jurusan beda tujuan. Org tujuannya sama kok ke atas juga.
Tapi utk urusan kepercayaan sendiri, as long as you're a good person, gue ga akan peduli kepercayaan lo gmn. Gitu.

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Kak mau nanya dong pendapat tentang cinta beda agama gimanaa like youre in love

Czy Troye przeżył coś takiego idk jak to nazwać ale czasami bywa ze przy niektórych piosenkach na koncercie płakał

Nie przypomina sobie, by wprost płakał... Ale jestem pewna, że za każdym razem jest bardzo wzruszony, kiedy jest na scenie ? W końcu od zawsze chciał tworzyć własną muzykę i dzielić się nią, a na koncertach ma przed sobą setki żywych dowodów na to, że udało mu się to zrealizować ? Jestem pewna, że to kocha ? Ciekawi mnie też ostatni koncert z Blue Neighbourhood Tour, czyli ten w Perth. Przecież Troye, ten mały chłopiec z Telethonu i X Mena skończy śpiewać i po prostu " Okay, właśnie moja pierwsza trasa koncertowa się skończyła. Tu, w Perth, gdzie się wychowałem. Stąd wyleciałem do Ameryki, by zacząć trasę, a teraz stoję tutaj ze skończoną. Mogę wrócić do domu, być z siebie dumny i dalej tworzyć muzykę "?? Myślę, że jeśli ma się kiedykolwiek popłakać na scenie, to właśnie wtedy, w Perth ? Nie potrafię ująć, jak dumą jestem przepełniona odkąd Troye ogłosił "WILD", wydał BN, zaczął trasę... Ale wtedy nie wiem, jak wytrzymam, przecież to nie do opisania, jak wiele zrobił w ciągu ostatniego roku! ???

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Czy Troye przeżył coś takiego idk jak to nazwać ale czasami bywa ze przy