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Do you feel like January is going by quick or reeally slow? And then how's the year going so far for ya?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
Here in Peru we are already in the second wave of covid 2019 Peruvian authorities are already beginning with their targeting. 😊🖒🌹❤

If you were in charge of making a specialty pizza for a restaurant, what would the toppings be and what would it be called?

shehitsback’s Profile PhotoAllison
🌵 Cactus Pizza (like sweet Peruvian Cactus or something) with tortilla chip, cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole topping.
🌵 No idea what it would be like, but it sounds good on paper ...

© Pregunta: - ? [TAG DE LAS CANCIONES 18/30] Una canción que te haga pensar en la vida. - Saludos con migajas -?-

Holiwis Gina ✨ otro saludito ?
Estas canciones de tipo experimental me hacen pensar en la vida, lo diferente que puede ser la gente en el Mundo ?
? Para la gente que me ha citado:
@AkaXhan @Alasquebradas @Anghieoli @coposdenieveblanca @Dafnava @Daniela12238693 @Dayazulcielo @diegopain @Elektra2 @ElisabethLennonCobain @FDCGT @GinaLazo @hananelj @kidobris @Lala_1128 @LuciaSchenoneDeStyles @MariiRoseUwU @MaryOchoa273 @mensajenorecibido @Mfmorean @MileDreamer @Nati_carter @NeslyIslas14 @Nosoyoficial98 @Nyappyohsy @otaku13bk @PalomaMaddox @RubyPaezGastelum @SamanthaZunigaTkm @SofieHoran7u7 @SuavePili @sylargbrl @Urwcg @UxiYoung @Valeryrt @Vanessa2500 @xLaDamaGrisx @Yolandamm17

Man Man
Origen: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Actividad: 2003/2019
Género: rock experimental
Web: www.manmanband.com

Man Man es una banda de rock experimental fundada en 2003 en la ciudad de Philadelphia por Honus Honus, que figura como compositor, letrista, pianista y cantante. Han publicado 5 álbumes de estudio, 2 EP y varios singles.

Bright Eyes, Buffalo Stance, Coyote, Father Figures, Icy Demons, Landlady, Mister Heavenly, Modest Mouse, Monsters of Folk, Outkast, Shilpa Ray, Spaceship Aloha, The Extraordinaires, The Shills, The Shins, The Unicorns, Tim Fite, Tom Waits, Yeasayer

Honus Honus - vocals, teclados, guitar, ukulele, percussion
Pow Pow - drums, percussion, program, loops, samples
Shono Murphy - DiPinto guitar, trumpet, percussion, vocals
Brown Sugar - Schatzaphone, DiPinto bass, malletKAT, saxophone, teclados, percussion, vocals

Ex Miembros:
Tiberius Lyn, Sweet Chestnut, Russell Higbee, Jamey Robinson, Billy Dufala, Steven Dufala, Craig Van Hise, Chris Shar

Piano, teclados, ukelele, guitar, clavinet, Moog Little Phatty, sousaphone, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, flute, bass clarinet, drum set, euphonium, Fender Jazz Bass, Danelectro baritone guitar, xylophone, marimba, melodica.
Percusión: pots and pans, toy noisemakers, Chinese funeral horns, spoons, smashing plates, fireworks.

Extended Play (EP):
Man Man EP (2004)
Little Torments 7" (2008)

Album estudio:
The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face (2004)
Six Demon Bag (2006)
Rabbit Habits (2008)
Life Fantastic (2011)
On Oni Pond (2013)
♫ ♪
Against the Peruvian Monster (2004)
https://youtu.be/gVr5WRuWEH8salquial’s Video 152929177657 gVr5WRuWEH8salquial’s Video 152929177657 gVr5WRuWEH8

Van Helsing Boombox (2006)
https://youtu.be/8l227xPDYiIsalquial’s Video 152929177657 8l227xPDYiIsalquial’s Video 152929177657 8l227xPDYiI

Top Drawer (2008)
https://youtu.be/R1UjbHfRs4csalquial’s Video 152929177657 R1UjbHfRs4csalquial’s Video 152929177657 R1UjbHfRs4c

Knuckle Down (2011)
https://youtu.be/7Kh7OSxRLqgsalquial’s Video 152929177657 7Kh7OSxRLqgsalquial’s Video 152929177657 7Kh7OSxRLqg

Pink Wonton (2013)
https://youtu.be/w93YAixge9csalquial’s Video 152929177657 w93YAixge9csalquial’s Video 152929177657 w93YAixge9c

Head On (2013)
https://youtu.be/kI1PWcTe0W4salquial’s Video 152929177657 kI1PWcTe0W4salquial’s Video 152929177657 kI1PWcTe0W4

Loot My Body (2013)
https://youtu.be/Qb0jHWLVU2Qsalquial’s Video 152929177657 Qb0jHWLVU2Qsalquial’s Video 152929177657 Qb0jHWLVU2Q

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 TAG DE LAS CANCIONES 1830 Una canción que te haga pensar en la vida

How many brothers or sisters do you have and how old are and if you don’t do you wish you do? Hope you all are having a good day

Well I was adopted I do have a biological sister named Eileen her nickname is lina but she was adopted by a different family, I think she is 18 now because when I was 5 she was 3 years old now that I’m 20 she should be 18 years old now I haven’t seen her since me and her were baby’s so idk what she looks like but I know she looks way more A Hispanic then I do even tho we both are half Peruvian and half American she looks more like our biography father and I look more like our biological mother the only thing I really look like in my dad is my hair and my two bald spots that he had in the same exact area including my fathers dad had the same bald spots . And I also have like 8 half brothers and sisters all I know is they are older then me but I don’t know their exact ages or names
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I've developed a case of cabin fever as winter draws to a close. How do you amuse yourself when you're sick of staying indoors but it's still too cold to spend much time at all outside?

I try making things. Like, I opened a few origami tutorials and made a crane and a swan (and a creature that should've been a horse but looked like something from an ancient Peruvian painting). Or I make cards (though I do it whenever I require it, instead of when I'm bored). Some months back, my brother and I made bracelets and other objects using rubber bands (search for loom bands), and did paper quilling. It was quite fun!

jeSUS PRETTY SURE I JUST GOT BLOCKED AND I ONLY LIKES UR ANSWERS SO FAR.. btw i think the reason ppl think ur asian is bc of the hispanic u have in u.. by boyfriend is peruvian and he deadass looks full on asian

OMG LOL WOW! Jesus ask.fm, just let people spam people... So fucking rude. But thank you so much!!❤️💕 I feel bad for your hand 🙁. Also, y'know what? That's probably it LOL. But I just don't see it like?!!?

Good Evening, peeps! Boleh minta rekomendasi restaurant di Jakarta yang merupakan kuliner dari negara yang tidak biasa di Indonesia? (biasa= Jepang, Amerika, Tiongkok, Korea, dll)

- Kalo ga salah di PIM ada peruvian restaurant?? Pamela pivela paulina something...
- Makanan Korea Utara di Gading, namanya Pyongyang kalo ga salah tapi rating di zomato ga gt bagus.
- El Greco di Setia Budi One greek food tapi menurutku juga biasa aja sih...
- Karena kamu nyebutnya dll, berarti aku boleh nyebut makanan India ya, favoritku ada Ganesha Ek Sanskriti di Gedung Sentra BRI atau apa gitu di Benhil, Kinara di Kemang, Queen's Tandoor di Thamrin, sama Taj Mahal yang dodgy tempatnya tapi murmer dan lumayan di Pasar Baru
- Turkuaz, Senopati makanan Turki
Paan lagi ya... Buka zomato ajasii.

Good Evening, peeps! Boleh minta rekomendasi restaurant di Jakarta yang merupakan kuliner dari negara yang tidak biasa di Indonesia? (biasa= Jepang, Amerika, Tiongkok, Korea, dll)

My friends and i almost went to Pavela at PIM but didn't cause it was too small for the 5 of us plus 2 of them smoke so the non-smokers, myself included wouldn't feel comfortable if they did so we moved. Anyway they serve Peruvian dishes which i've never tried before but would like to sometime cause they all sounded and look interesting...from the picture on the menu that is.

Hola ❤Un Dia? Un Mes? Un Año? Un Amor?Nombre Completo? Equipo? Años? Fecha De Nacimiento? Comida? Gaseosa? Fruta? Color? Lugar? Pais? Signo? Una Letra? Un Numero? Mejor Amiga? Mejor Amigo? Novio/a? Quien te gusta? Deporte? foto

EmilyPalomino371’s Profile PhotoEmily Palomino
Holaaa cx, 04//01//2016, Mi teba cx, Braulio Eduardo Carbajal Martinez, Universitario de Deportes, muchos de experiencia cx, 21 de octubre *-*, Arroz Chaufa ^^, Deje de tomar esas weadas :/, Uvas xdd, Black and withe, Huanucolandia *--*, Peruvian ^^, Libra cx, "A", "7", mas que eso una hermana cx, Eso es tan confuso :ccc, No tengo xd por si acaso dejare esto por aca Wtsp 998800865 :vv, Nadie cx la vida es tan corta como para engancharte con alguien que dice quererte y te hará sufrir mejor es estar solo no lo dijo yo lo dice mi protocolo xd, Futbol *--* y Basquett :'3 amos esas weadas'
Hola Un Dia Un Mes Un Año Un AmorNombre Completo Equipo Años Fecha De Nacimiento

You don't need to be ashamed that your Latino. It's ok don't deny who you are. Garcia mills is definitely Mexican. Mexico is wonderful. It's ok

*garcia-milla and don't assume every Hispanic is Mexican, I'm Peruvian and El Salvadorian sweetie ;)
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Which Hispanic is better dick/pussy is better Cuban Mexican Puerto Rican Dominican Guatemalan Honduran Nicaraguan Costa Rican Panamanian Colombian Venezuelan Ecuadorian Peruvian Bolivian Chilean Paraguayan Uruguayan or Argentinean

Puerto Rican. Dominican. Colombian. Panamanian.
fuck it. idk 😕
and idc, coincidentally 😇

hello selena am your fan I hope to come to Peru in a tour I am yours Peruvian heart I love you for an autograph for my Aryan painter called me sing you I love you beautiful

oka1701’s Profile PhotoAriana YT ✔️
hi my love, now I can not give autographs, but I promise to you that tomorrow I give you and thanks for the beautiful words ... love a thousand times over

You gon get smoked soon if you keep fucking around you can't fucking say the N word when you're a Mexican

I ain't Mexican fucker, 75% African black and 25% Peruvian so bitch I believe I am qualify to say the word nigga if I wished, speaking about smoking. Bitch you can't smoke me, with that lousy aim of yours ? Don't make me laugh fool, you couldn't be able to shoot a deer if it was right Infront of you cabron

Is there something Wong with me? Latina/hispanic- i reject these identities because we are indigenous and i do not feel it’s appropriate to be be identified after the colonizers languages.. I'm peruvian and mexican btw.

yeah, you spelled wrong wong
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Hello Debby'm your number one fan I hope you send me an autograph I called Aryan I am Peruvian painter I hope someday come to Peru

oka1701’s Profile PhotoAriana YT ✔️
Hello my love, well maybe in the future I can go to the turkey, meet my fans, Ari sorry but now I'm not at home so do not give the pea autograph, but I promise you that tomorrow I give you , I Love You

hai kak mora guinea pig nya lucu sekali. kalau boleh tau guinea pig nya dikasih makan apa ya kak? thank you😊

melindafbrnti’s Profile PhotoMelinda Febrianti
Halo, Melinda.
Ini sekaligus menjawab pertanyaan2 soal Miichan ya ehe.
Miichan jenisnya Peruvian guinea pig, umur sudah 1 tahun lebih (hampir 2 tahun). Beli di pet shop daerah Kelapa Gading tapi sekarang tokonya ndak ada, sepertinya. Perawatan untuk guinea pig tergolong mudah dan selama ini, untuk sayuran, Miichan cuma suka lettuce, carrot && cucumber. Sisanya hay && pellet food.
Jika ada yang tertarik untuk memelihara guinea pig bisa coba check ke sini: http://guineapigmall.com/
This is pretty much the same how I groom Miichan.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6MtuftAjRsmorastoic’s Video 128556293872 E6MtuftAjRsmorastoic’s Video 128556293872 E6MtuftAjRs

lol but why do you even care about dolphins in peruvian waters??? their deaths aren't affecting you whatsoever?? do something better with your time

lol but i've been so blessed to have been able to experience the dolphin while in it's natural habitat, which has had such a large impact on my life. I've been so so so in love with these creatures since I was 7 years old and my love for them has grown as deep as the ocean since then. Seeing and hearing about the shit happening in Peru hurts my heart so much and the best that I think I can do with my own time is to share the story, the pictures, and the videos, to get more people involved and ultimately pressure the Peruvian government into being more strict with THE FUCKING WRITTEN LAWS

Hahaha I'll definitely check it out. Never saw a llama in my life. But I saw camels. I might get a llama if they don't poo everywhere like dogs do. So you are peruvian to know llamas like that or do you work for National Geographic?

YOU NEVER SAW A LLAMA:ooo ohh gawwd here you go 😂😂😂😅
Hahaha Ill definitely check it out Never saw a llama in my life But I saw camels
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i just got home 5 minutes ago. i was having an adventure in the depths of a peruvian forest, surrounding by homicidal monkeys which attacked me in a vicious battle for fruits. I knew I had to liberate the island from these godless creations, so i attempted a quest, ending in much bloodshed, pain, and death. I shed tears of blood, I wore helmets of rare metals drenched in molten lava. and now the crown of the island rests upon my head, and i rule over these monstrosities we call family.
so excuuuuuuusse me if i wasn't around lately. god. as if a fellow has no business of her own to attend to.

Well I'm actually black, and I agree with the anon below, you are a jerk who doesn't help other minorities at all. You also only talk about black people. WHAT ABOUT HISPANICS? YOU AINT EVEN BLACK BITCH! You half White half hispanic! Domincans are hispanic. Your feminazi group is mostly white

99% sure this is a white person and last time I checked Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race
You're right I never talk about Hispanics - Mickey is totally not Peruvian at all, and even if he was, it's not like that's Hispanic or anything

compliment~you're perfect inside and out omf tbh~you've been my best friend since the day you got out of the hospital (or maybe in it mom doesn't remember hahaha) we get along so well which is surprising considering we're always around each other. wear pink tomorrow cause its Wednesday ya thats it❤

laurenjohnstone2581’s Profile PhotoLauren Johnstone

oye pinche Mamerto deja de poner cosas en ingles eres mas peruano que le chingada no mames.espero que te viole un pinche toro....

Lets start by saying I fucking love mi peruvian side i'm half german by the way my underestimated moron, i'm proud of my country's variety, a peruvian has everything from chinese to european, we are a multicultural safehaven, sad truth is there's trash like you who can't even see the beauty in speaking different languages, sad trully sad, hope google translator helps your dead this you little piece of shit.
P.S.D.1: Estudio traduccion y soy mitad aleman asi que por carrera y ascendencia te vas a la mierda pinche ignorante.
P.S.D.2: Lastima que haya mierda como tu contaminando mi bello Pais, largate a sendero o alguno de esos fanaticos de la estupidez en masa y se feliz.
P.S.D.3: soy peruano de corazon, amo mi pais y su DIVERSIDAD Cultural y de idiomas asi que andate con tus nociones zoofilicas a otra parte y que VIVA EL PERU CARAJO.
...oh and by the way, Go Fuck Yourself With A Cactus you Ignorant Piece Of Shit.

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