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Як ви уявляєте домашніх тварин у майбутньому? Будуть вони мати якісь нові навички або здібності? Можливо, вони зможуть набирати текстові повідомлення на смартфонах, лапою?

Курка може рахувати до п'яти, це межа здібностей, щоб могла вижити, так і у всіх інших тварин. Що було тисячі років з ними, то і зараз є. Хіба що можуть меншати, чи більшати пристосовуючись до умов природи. І це не покращить технології майбутнього. Хіба погіршить.. Хіба може на текстуру вплинуть, шерсть, колір очиськ. Дрібниці, понти, комфортне життя, і то завдяки ресурсам і працівникам внизу дає можливість людям, а потім і їхнім домашнім тваринкам відчувати себе фантастично. Але це всього лише обкладинка. Пилюка у очі.
A chicken can count to five, this is the limit of its abilities, so that it can survive, as well as all other animals. What was with them for thousands of years is now. Unless they can adapt less or more to the conditions of nature. And this is not to improve the technology of the future. Is it worse.. The maximum can affect the texture, wool, eye color. The little things, the ponts, the comfortable life, and that thanks to the resources and workers below, makes it possible for people and then their pets to feel fantastic. But this is just a cover. Dust in the eyes.

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Did you have a childhood pet growing up? If so what were their names

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
I had a diverse array of pets, including a German Shepherd-wolf hybrid named Polar, a freshwater alligator named Ralph, and a large iguana named Zeus. Additionally, my household was home to various birds, aquatic animals like fish, and red-tailed sharks, though those belonged to my grandfather. Unfortunately, we had to part ways with Polar due to legal restrictions, as my grandfather was also terrified of how protective she was. meh

Did you have a childhood pet growing up? If so what were their names

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
Yes, we had a golden retriever named Angel. She was nearly the same age as me. I think she was 1? Year older then me. Then we had Libby. A Maine Coon cat. Black and white. Beautiful cat. She lived a long time too. Miss them both. Best pets you could ever have. Sad they only live 8 to 16 to 20 years. Some. :( Wanna keep my whole lifetime. All good. We learn from it. Makes us stronger in the end.

Is it weird to see your own personality traits in your pets?

No, it’s not weird. All pets have their own personalities, but it’s also greatly affected by your own behaviour, what you encourage (both knowingly and unknowingly) and how engaged you are in their lives.
All of my cats are calm in my room. They like to lay on the bed and sleep. I think it’s because I am calm in my room, my room is a space of rest and balance.
In the living room and kitchen I’m more active, I play with them there and my overal energy is more hyper generally. I have noticed the same behaviour in my cats.

But I'm taller than you right now! Can I pet you? *she wags her tail excitedly*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
N-not for long! I'll be back to normal soon! I hope..uhh... what? *Reaper just blinks, he looks very confused to Neo wanting to pet him* You uh..realize I'm still.. Death..right?
*Oh God that made me think of the AU where while Reaper was stuck like this he actually got stolen and sold in a pet store as a pet birb and Geno had to free him out of the bird cage he was tossed into XD Geno would flip if that happened to him and Reaper rn, someone taking them and selling them as normal pets in a pet store- I think Geno can still use magic as a puppo tho so he might be able to break them free and terrorize everybody XD BREAKING NEWS: CUTE DOGGO IS DESTROYING THE PET STORE LITERALLY IT'S ON FIRE AND EVERYONE IS SCREAMING how the f-ck IS A DOG BLOWING UP BUILDINGS WITH BONES AND MAGIC LASERS!?*
But Im taller than you right now Can I pet you she wags her tail excitedly

What is one of your best memories of childhood? Worst?

HappyBoss_’s Profile PhotoAnon+
The best - buying a dog, I chose one who came to me as a first 😍 = love at first sight 👍
The worst - his death 😪. We buried him in my grand parent's garden. Today we walked around pet's cemetery, I did not know that place like this exists in my city 🤔
What is one of your best memories of childhood Worst

حد يرشح أفلام نشوفها في الملل دا ؟

Ron's Gone Wrong
Turning Red
Inside Out
How to Train Your Dragon
The Secret Life of Pets 2
How to Train Your Dragon

What has left an imprint on your heart?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ m o n i c a ⚜️
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
❥ my grandma and my mam
❥ my fiancé
❥ my best friend
❥ all of the pets, that I considered family
❥ some former friends

If money weren't an issue what would you do? I would buy a much bigger house with a much bigger yard. Not for me because I'm content in a 4bd 2 story house as a single person, but for my pets, so they can have more space.

I would buy a slightly bigger house in a nicer neighbourhood. I'd also buy houses for my closest friends and family members. I'd love to go on holiday as much as possible, too. I've never been out of Europe, so I'd love to visit other continents and explore the world. 🌍

Does Ringo like cats?

he does! but the cats do not like him. He finally encountered a cat up close on a walk a few nights ago, and he wanted to play and sniff so bad but that cat walked right up to him and smacked him on the nose so he sat his butt down and just watched the cat get pets and snuggle the humans

I’m reaching a breaking point. Im unsure if I want this career or not because I really don’t like people. I hate my friends I don’t like the city im in. I don’t trust the people here in this city so I don’t have any friends. The only safe haven I have is the internet and my pets. I really hate human

jamaljennings9’s Profile PhotoJamal E Jennings
I think you need to find a path that better serves your soul. I’m so sorry your life is filled with people you can’t trust and a job you don’t enjoy. We have one life. We need to choose what makes us happy and figure out how to make it functional. Limitations are for those who imprison themselves in the mind long before they find themselves trapped.
Im reaching a breaking point Im unsure if I want this career or not because I

I really hate my life. I’m lonely and single. I don’t have no friends or family. All I have are my pets. I hate this city. I don’t want to lose my pets. They are keeping my alive. I’m in soo much debt. I can’t really afford bankruptcy I’m trying my hardest but I still fail. I have no support system

jamaljennings9’s Profile PhotoJamal E Jennings
Keep going for your pets, if anything. That’s all I’ve had at some points. They depend on us. Imagine how they would feel if their person gave up on life.

I really hate my life. I’m lonely and single. I don’t have no friends or family. All I have are my pets. I hate this city. I don’t want to lose my pets. They are keeping my alive. I’m in soo much debt. I can’t really afford bankruptcy I’m trying my hardest but I still fail. I have no support system

jamaljennings9’s Profile PhotoJamal E Jennings
This is so sad. Life is hard especially when you feel alone. I'm just a stranger but I want to let you know that you are not alone.

If money weren't an issue what would you do? I would buy a much bigger house with a much bigger yard. Not for me because I'm content in a 4bd 2 story house as a single person, but for my pets, so they can have more space.

I would probably buy a bigger house than I have just because there are a few things that I’m not 100% happy about but it was expensive enough. And because I would love to grow my own food and have a few animals including a dog which we can't have because with a cat and toddler, it would be too much but a bigger yard somewhere closer to the woods would be perfect.
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zwillingsflamme 🌙☀️🍀 erstelle und poste für gyuri und chaejin jeweils ein "fake" instagram profil :D

lynoe_’s Profile Photolynoe
Also wir haben mal ein Modern Day AU daraus gemacht. Hope that's fine :'D insta-edit credits an meine beste Freundin, die sehr viel Spaß hatte, daran zu arbeiten 🖤
《 Chaejin 》
- was in a car accident when she was a teenager that left her with amnesia for a short while. The mental struggles still haunts her and ultimately are the reason for her interest in psychology.
- is in her last year of her master's programme.
- Loves to take pictures. She captures every moment she possible can, because she is afraid to forget.
- has a second instagram account, just for trips with friends. Loves to travel.
- her hobby is journaling and yes, she has a whole arsenal of journals already.
- is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend kihyun
- always forgets her passwords, so kihyun and baekhyun, her best friend, know them as well now, just in case.
- has gold fishes as pets. Don't worry, their actual tank is being cleaned right now so the bowl it is.

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zwillingsflamme  erstelle und poste für gyuri und chaejin jeweils ein fake

Is it normal for mama cats to be more aggressive to humans and other pets than usual if they try to get close to her kittens?

Even tho I’ve never had cats, I think it’s normal to be territorial as a mama cat over her kittens. But, in situations when the mama cat can’t take care of her kittens and needs a person’s help, she’ll go out of her way to approach someone she trusts to help her kittens live.

What do you find inspirational in life?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Several times in my life I was asking myself:
👉 What would I do if I had no children?
👉 Would I be victim of my career?
👉 Would I live for any pet(s)?
👉 Would I live for my nieces and nephews?
..... So... I don't know 🤷‍♀️. Till my age 24 my education was my inspiration and after age 27 my children are...♥️♥️

What’s the most valuable thing you have ever lost?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Hmmm I deal a lot with ‘out of sight out of mind’ issues, so I have a hard time coming up with an answer.
I’ve also always been very very careful with not leaving stuff around or not getting pickpocketed.
When not looking at this question in a materialistic way, it’s probably my pets and family members that I lost.

Why do we miss our pets more than humans 😭

It may have something to do with pets not betraying us (unless you count a pet choosing another person’s company over its owner’s as a form of betrayal) and being around them almost all the time without having them complain. I don't have any pets but I've been told that I should since I send so many pet videos to my close friends and would like to have some more company.

What are your thoughts on homeless people owning pets ? Do you think it shouldn't be allowed for the welfare of the pets?

sometimes the pets are the only thing keeping those people alive and with hope. and usually those pets' welfare are treated better than the person cares for themselves.
not to mention it's a safety thing — i'm sure a lot of homeless people with pets feel safer being on the street with their dog near them all the time.
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Would you prefer dogs or cats

okay ✅ let’s talk about guys…
as u know guys…
i love all animals…
but i associated my future life with Andrew…
now he is … in such a quagmire… and the swamp…
but this his life … his choice… he is not young man… he adult man
I can only be the only one in a man’s life … and all depends from him.
ok not about .
Andrew is allergic… and i’ve been thinking about our life all the time
i’ve read a lot … i studied allergies…
yes, i’m like that i want my man be happy with me… if he my man .
and as u know guys
or maybe don’t know
pets are a strong allergens…
and i decided that we wouldn’t have any pets .
and that why i inside decided that we would not have pets.
and one month near one month
u know the type of evil women with bad look …( it doesn’t depend from age)
i happened to be in elevator… with woman like that
and of course i say hello
to her
and u know she looked at me with such envy that i was scared
she had a little dog with her
… guys u know a don’t love
from word absolutely little dogs
i adore big dogs …
but this dog so jumped at me so want play with me … no i not playing
and god, i come home
and i was bitten by tick dog tick
from that dog…it fell off by itself
but u understand what it was mean
and pets usually even if u are super rich … pets climb in different places …
and therefore i’m afraid them
especially on streets avoid them
although i dreamed of a big dogs always …
and pets really love me
i have such many love stories from my childhood about cats and me … about dogs and me
about a lot of animals…
something like this
if u look my old answers u will see what kind of cats or dogs i was liked
still like , still love but
need to careful

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If you have a pet, what's the funniest thing you've seen them do? If you don't have a pet, have you seen any other animals do something funny?😹

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Since no one cared about my dream, I'm going to tell it here.
So I had this dream where I was on a huge cruise ship and I made me some tea. And I couldn't touch the big glass because it hurt (yup, I drink tea from a 0.5l glass). Once, twice, the third time- I woke up to my rabbit biting my finger. 😁 Apparently, she kept bit me for some pets.

You notice how people are not only racist to other human beings, they're racist to animals too. I heard so many people saying they want pure breed pets cause they are "better". It's evil.

And they think black animals are bad luck. 🙄 Also pure breads are more prone to health issues. It’s similar to human inbreeding. 🤷🏻‍♀️

That's cool, what job has she got? Hopefully she likes it! 😁 Haha I'm sure they'll be happy to help, your pets are adorable after all!

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
Sis is going to be a forensic specialist for WorkCover TAS
While mom would love my pets at home dad is not so happy, he thinks I will leave them there and disappear into the ether 😂😂😂😂

What do you mean by 'everyone seeks attention, it's normal'? that's a weird take haha. Can you explain, if you have time and mood

it's normal to seek out attention from people simply because it's human nature. we seek attention from friends, family, pets, colleagues, etc. it's a type of validation we all need.
the whole "attention seeking is bad" thing stems from ableism, and it only perpetuates stigma associated with neurodivergence because it makes people think that reaching out to others isn't good or is selfish. the only time attention seeking is bad is when it's detrimental to your or someone else's well-being.

did you grow up with pets?

Yes! Our first ever pet was Doughnut the fish, but I barely remember him as I was so young. We then had a dog called Ben, then a dog called Shandy which we had for 13 amazing years. Here's a pic of me and Ben! ✨
did you grow up with pets

did you grow up with pets?

yes. when I came home from the hospital I was coming home to two dogs. I had dogs for almost my entire childhood, cats for my adulthood starting at age 24, and throughout the years I've also had 3 birds, 3 hamsters, a guinea pig, and tons of aquariums

Can some women feel depressed or anxious during the pregnancy? Someone I know said she didn't have PPD/PPA, but she did feel depressed during pregnancy, but therapy did wonders. I've met plenty of people with PPD/A, but I never heard of pregnancy depression/anxiety.

it makes sense; pregnancy is stressful. not only are you having to change your usual routine, you also have to make preparations for a completely dependent baby to arrive, plan the labour and hope for "just okay", deal with pregnancy hormones and the very real risk of complications, help get your other children or pets ready for the new addition, and so on. if you've dealt with pregnancy or baby loss before, the potential for a reoccurence would be terrifying; if the pregnancy was unprepared, or completely unwanted but couldn't be terminated for any number of reasons, that's scary as well. and then add on that you're supposed to be "happy" and "grateful" and "glowing" the whole time, and anything less means you're already an awful mother... yeah. it's not easy.

let's share our pets names. I have 4 cats whose names are: 1. OREO 2. WAKANDA 3. MOTO 4. MANAY (all are female xD)

sanaisnotsocial’s Profile PhotoSHE WEEB
I have 300 pigeons 93 parrots 150 roaster's so can't take names 😢 but yeah 2 dogs ( marshal and badshah) 3 cats ( gabru, snow and white ) gabru is male and other 2 are female 🌚

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