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Would you have wanted a huge pet, like Clifford the red dog? What kind then? 🐶📏

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think my days of owning large pets have ended. However, if money was not a consideration and zoning laws and such, might like a bobcat. Something the size of a large dog but has the ability to kick ass if necessary to protect my loved ones from harm.
Would you have wanted a huge pet like Clifford the red dog What kind then

How did you potty train your pets?

Mostly through puppy training pads, and rewarding them with treats whenever they’d do their business on the pads, aha. Once they got better and realised that they get rewarded/it’s a good thing to do what they gotta do on the pads, we then started training them to go outside. Once you’ve got the first part down, which can take a while, it makes the process a lot easier! It did take quite a few weeks with Woody, it may have possibly been quicker with Ted, but I can’t remember :)

What are your deal breakers in relationships?

🚩 Ab*se (hopefully)
🚩 Bigotry
🚩 Hatred and mistreatment of children
🚩 Hatred of cats (it's okay if they aren't preferred pets, but every cat *hater* I've known has been as assh*le), and mistreatment of animals in general
🚩 Cheating (I'm poly, so it's more difficult to cheat on me than most - you really have to go above and beyond in sh*ttiness, lmao)
🚩 Serious issues with dishonesty
🚩 Arrogance
🚩 Poor treatment of waitstaff, cleaners, etc.
🚩 Lack of accountability and refusal to grow as a person (this includes serious baggage that they refuse to unpack and sort out)
🚩 Seemingly no interests/views outside of those that align with my own
🚩 Conversely: interests/views that they force upon me, dismissing my own
🚩 Anti-polyamory (monogamists are fine provided they are pro-polyamory)
🚩 Men who believe in traditional gender roles (even if they don't express them verbally, and simply refuse to do their own chores)
🚩 Poor hygiene
🚩 Anyone who would see this as a "lot" rather than asking for slightly above the bare minimum 🙄

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Morning person or night person?

RedRover_’s Profile PhotoRover
Night 🖤
I love the night for its silence, peace 😌 At night, you can relax from daytime worries, turmoil. At night, you can have fun, go to a club or just sit by the fireplace with your loved one over a glass of wine.
The day is also interesting, but there is less of what happens at night. Favorite job, but you also get tired of it, don't you? Tired of looking after children and pets. The turmoil in the city, the noise of the din. During the day you are exhausted)
Morning person or night person

عاوزه اربي حيوان لاتخطي شعور الوحده تفتكرو اشتري ايه؟

بصي هو الموضوع مش بسيط يعني فيه مسؤوليه شويه وان الي هاربين دا روح ولازم تعرفي تخلي بالك منه لو هرشحلك فممكن pets ممكن قطه شيرازي او لو عندك مساحه أوسع ممكن كلب

Do you think if you didn't have pets all your love and caring would be directed to a human?

Not necessarily - I have unconditional love for my pets, and there’s no guarantee that I would feel that much for someone else. I do for my family ofc, I mean this in a romantic sense. I’m not saying I’m not capable of it, I reckon I am, but the right circumstances haven’t happened yet in my life to truly comment on if I can or not, if that makes any sense. I’m not one to truly show my feelings, regardless of how I may feel internally. Self preservation and all that jazz :)

Jasper is fine.*he gently pets her head* This? Its a book pages filled with words it's helping me learn your way of talking*I'm no different from your kind I just have theses ears and am intuned with magic.*he smiles he's already becoming attached to the girl in a older brother kind of way c:*

VieraHero’s Profile PhotoJasper Crowe
Ooh! A..book? Are you from another country!? *Umeko started smiling in excitement, it wasn't everyday she got to meet someone that wasn't even in the same region but she stops and blinks for a moment when she had her head patted, it's like she's never had anyone do that before..* Your ears are so cute! I've always wanted ears like that..or neko ears! I know everyone says half demons are horrible but I've heard they have really cute ears like a kitty! Wait..you have magic too!? Can you give me ears like yours!? *you spot one villager in the background facepalming, they must have overheard her*
*If Jasper adopts her as a little sister that would be cute cX*

What do you do when things don't go your way?

AthenusVena’s Profile Photoav
I'd feel frustrated but I won't linger on it for too long. What I do when things don't go my way is I think of the reasons why it went wrong. If the reason was of uncertain circumstances, then I'll accept it. If the reason was mainly because of me, my shortcomings, my miscalculations, etc., then I'll keep those in mind para hindi ko na maulit and para prepared na ako.
/*ganiyan ako kapag tapos na ako sa frustration stage.*/
To cope with the frustration naman, I go out or isolate myself, cry, go and play with my pets, ride a bike, listen to music, write a poem or just write everything I feel, tweet sa Twitter in my private acc, read a book, and/or sleep. 🥹
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Whose music saved you?

I love music, but I don’t feel like it’s ever saved me. It’s definitely been a solace, but I can’t say it’s had *that* much of an impact on my life, throughout the most difficult parts.
My pets however, throughout the years truly have though. Particularly when I was really young and going through a lot with no one to talk to, I felt like my dog (this is pre Cody), was the only one who I felt I could talk to, and I could feel his support.
Cody was my best friend for 14 wonderful years, and Teddy I’m sure is an angel reincarnated as a dog. Animals have truly been my sanctuary, and without them, I don’t know how my life would have turned out!

In your experience, are old neighbors meaner? I usually like my boomer neighbors and I think it's mutual, I grew up right before their eyes. 'Cept for one vile man, the old buzzard clearly hates anything that lives from plants to pets to kids. He once told a neighbor that he'd bury her dog alive💀

Weirdly in my experience, no lol
My older neighbours have been leaps and bounds better!
My current neighbours (3 of them) are amazing! One lot have seen me grow up as well! They've lived there since before I was born!
To the left of me used to live behind me lol they're super nice!!!
Infront are semi new, but still super nice! All four of our households have a group chat to help each other out! Which is great atm as 2 households have covid (not mine)
My newest neighbours are the youngest... and my god they're a pain in my ass xD
So I'd take elderly neighbours any day!!
In your experience are old neighbors meaner I usually like my boomer neighbors

In your experience, are old neighbors meaner? I usually like my boomer neighbors and I think it's mutual, I grew up right before their eyes. 'Cept for one vile man, the old buzzard clearly hates anything that lives from plants to pets to kids. He once told a neighbor that he'd bury her dog alive💀

Fortunately, that hasn't been my experience! The street I grew up in was mostly inhabited by older couples and they were all pretty nice. I have only ever had 'drama' with a neighbour one time, and that was with a woman in her mid-thirties who didn't seem to get why people took issue with her kids climbing over garden walls, throwing stuff at people's windows, and generally terrorising the whole neighbourhood...
I am so glad I don't live on that street anymore.

In your experience, are old neighbors meaner? I usually like my boomer neighbors and I think it's mutual, I grew up right before their eyes. 'Cept for one vile man, the old buzzard clearly hates anything that lives from plants to pets to kids. He once told a neighbor that he'd bury her dog alive💀

The same as neighbors of all other ages, hit or miss. Generally speaking i'd probably rather deal with older neighbors than middle aged or younger ones bc I don't want to deal with smelling a bunch of weed and hearing loud obnoxious parties all the time. Bc i've experienced that with most of my younger/mid aged neighbors tbh & haven't experienced that with any of my older neighbor. Not saying old people don't get high or party it's just not as common for me personally

This is a question that's more controversial than anything politics related but are dogs better pets than cats? Why/why not

I like dogs and cats but unfortunately I am allergic to cats. My favorite animals are various cats i.e lions, Panthers, Bobcats, etc. I love the power, speed and agility of the cat. But... with all that said, I love my golden retriever.

How did your life improve or worsen after a breakup?

How it got worse: I lost contact with all of my friends that were also his friends. I never hung out with him unless they were around, so it made sense, but they didn’t like me anymore because they took his side and it hurt for a long time. I kind of got a complex about everything hating me and even though we’re all friendly again I still feel disliked and don’t really say much except friendly small talk if we see each other.
It got worse before it got way better. He was mentally and physically abusive, kicked me out of our apartment, I had to go back to my parents house, and start from zero again. I was left wondering what I did wrong, why I wasn’t enough, why he treated me like shit, so and so. I was very depressed for a few months until I started taking therapy, started making friends in school, started dating again, finding new hobbies, and overall finding happiness in the little things again. I started looking for my own happiness, realized I was codependent, I started giving love to my family, friends, pets, myself, and even my community, and eventually I realized I was living the life of my dreams (minus who I thought was the man of my dreams).
My anxiety has DRAMATICALLY reduced. The last few months I had fallen out of love. I realized he was selfless with others but selfish with me.. That he never would commit & enjoyed having me fit into his life rather than creating a life together.. I also realized he did gaslight me.. He made it seem like I was irrational for wanting to move forward after 4years together.. I still have fond memories & in the first couple years he was very attentive but when I truly needed him, he overworked himself & took on the burden of everyone.. I truly think he needs to learn to set boundaries & I realized life with him would always be on his terms or keeping my mouth shut to keep the peace when others took advantage of him.. I am happy I had that relationship as it made me realize my self worth & what I want versus what I dont. I think I ended it at a right time because any earlier, I would of gone back & any later I would of grown resentful I was slowly beginning to & hated him. Now my life feels free & open like never before.
Cons: Materially; I lost everything from the clothes on my back to all my former friends. I lost my pregnancy Lost my home Lost my job Lost my savings It was my first relationship and marriage so I also lost my virginity into the bargain. Lost my sense of self-respect because I made the WORST choice of a spouse that a person could make, which undermined my confidence in my ability to make choices. I lost my health and consequently my independence since I suffered brain-damage as a consequence of this relationship.

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Have you ever been bit by a dog, what happened?

Twice. I was a mailman. Both times, right before getting bit, I was assured by the owners that their dogs don't bite. First time a little lap dog tore into the back of my leg. Second time, the dog busted through a latched screen door and immediately went for my legs, tearing one of my pant legs to shreds. Quite a few times. I used to work at a dog daycare and had to break up fights every once in a while. Once this golden retriever went to try to bite this German shepherd mix but I went to grab him so he couldn’t and he ended up biting me on accident. Didn’t break skin but left a nasty bruise. I told the management and the decided to put him in time out for an hour. He was otherwise a sweet dog believe it or not, but after he bit me and would beg for attention I was like bruhhhh, how can you ask me for pets when you hurt me like that??

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Será que os Pets são cobertos neste frio, cães, pássaros etc ? Ouvi dizer que um passarinho morreu !

frapor209176’s Profile PhotoFrancis Mar Portela
Verdade né, esse frio tá castigando geral, aqui em casa coloco todos em suas casinhas, mas pensa nos que são da rua 💔..
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Is it weird that I keep a beard to feel less lonely cause I don't have any friends or pets?

When you say you 'keep a beard' do you mean on your face. Or do you mean you have someone else's beard in your possession, and you keep it as you pet? XD

Share ur best advice about love?

When I was very young, I loved pigeons. And I wanted to have pet pigeons so I told my nana to get me a cage. I'd keep my pigeons in my cage but he said nope. He explained to me that if I feed a pigeon, treat it with love, give it shelter food water and safety then it won't require a cage. It'll come to me no matter how far it has gone. I was like naaah. How's that possible? All these people who have birds as pets, they keep them in cages so like?
Then he told me to get some bread crumbs and keep them on our roof. He'd help me climb up and do that and I'd see all these pigeons gathering to eat. I'd tell my nana that we should catch one of them or they'll fly awayyy. He'd say nope, be patient. I'd get annoyed tbh but I couldn't climb the roof myself to catch one I was too short. So I had to listen to him. He did this for a week, then he started placing the breadcrumbs on the floor of our home and the pigeons started gathering there to eat. After a week of doing that, he started placing the food and a small cup of water in small boxes that he prepared for them. He hung about 8 boxes on a wall and placed food and water in those boxes. The pigeons would come and stay there to eat and drink. They'd fly away in the mornings or in the evenings and I'd think that they're gone but nope, they'd come back by maghrib. They became my pets. They'd stay in our home and I'd play with them. They felt safe around me. They had kids too. There was sooo many pigeons in our home.
I learned very early on in life that if you want someone to love you, always come back to you no matter where they go, make them feel safe in your presence. Not happy, not excited, nothing else. Just make them feel safe. They'll never leave you! I didn't practice it for long but I had this lesson somewhere at the back of my head.
Then I went to dubai and when I came back after two years, my cousins had cooked and eaten all of my pigeons so there's that! (:

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I see, I partially agree with you! At first when I joined TikTok, I saw a lot of those kind of videos you’re describing, but later on as the algorithm started to show me what I like, I really started enjoying the app! I see a lot of videos about traveling, cleaning and pets on my feed for example

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I was not aware that the algorithm had the ability to evolve and customize itself based upon user preferences, which is a useful feature. My greatest concern with most of these internet applications is that the ruling class and politicians are using these applications to distract the people in much the same way roman emperors used the gladiator games in the roman colosseum to gain favor with the people and to distract the people as they were raising taxes or preparing to go to war or pass new laws that were unfavorable to the same people they claimed to care about.
In contemporary society people are confused and feel hopeless and so we find comfort in online applications like facebook, askfm, tiktok, instagram and twitter that distract us from a painful reality while simultaneously serving as an echo chamber where like minded people express similar views all the while organizations like the WHO, WEF, United Nations, CDC along with our governments work together to promote lockdowns, vaccines, food shortages, war, great reset, globalism and a new world order that attack our humanity and obliterate our freedoms and our God given right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And while all this is happening, much of the worlds population is completely distracted and then when winter arrives and their is no fuel to heat their homes or when there is no food in the store and inflation has completely consumed disposable income, only then will people turn off their computer and smart phones and ask this vital question: how did this happen and who is responsible for the pain and suffering that my family, loved ones and neighbors are experiencing? And by then, it will be too late.
If the people of the world were not so distracted and were actually paying attention to the objectives and goals of the United Nations and other organizations like the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization, the world would revolt. So when I make comments about various internet applications I do so to hopefully inform and educate. People need to pay attention to what the Globalist Tyrants are doing and the way in which they are attempting to remake the world we live in, because if they succeed millions will perish.
One of the primary goals of the United Nations is to reduce the worlds population from 7.5 billion to less than 500 million by 2030 (Agenda 2030) in the name of "SUSTAINABILITY." Now the question that every citizen of the world should be asking is this:
- Why?
- How will the globalist ruling class decide who shall live and who shall die?
One last thought. Do you know why 99% of the worlds population does not know anything about what I am writing about here? Because they are distracted by internet applications created by these same globalist billionaires who are remaking the world in their own image while the people who will be most affected, are "distracted."

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I see I partially agree with you At first when I joined TikTok I saw a lot of

What gets you up in the morning? What gets you motivated not to stay in bed all day? Asking because I’m running out of reasons to 😅

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoMr. Blue
My pets. Tbh, they’re the only reason I’m still alive, there dependency on me has kept me going countless times. More recently I had some suicidal thoughts and the only thing as always that ever stops me acting on that is the fact my animals would have no where to go and would struggle to lose me and have someone who treats them different to me ❤️❤️
What gets you up in the morning What gets you motivated not to stay in bed all

Tru love is when your pets know you’re sad & they cuddle with you.

iambeeels7’s Profile PhotoKhan
Reminds me Jab Subha 10:30 Ke Kareeb main Consultant Ke Call Ka wait Kar raha tha. University of Technology Sydney Ka Letter aya ya nahi Puchna Ke liya. Consultant na Kaha tha Umeed hai. Khair Rejection ai Door open tha Abbu office gae he the Simba aa gaya andar aur usse Samaj lag gae thee Ke muje kitni Takleef howi ❤️ He is the King ✌️

TAG: Um pouco sobre você, https://justpaste.it/23x44

boredombreak’s Profile PhotoBoredom Break!
Eu respondi uma dessas há três ou quatro anos atrás, vou comparar quando eu encontrar a publicação. É provável que as coisas tenham mudado muito.
01. Qual é o seu nome completo? De solteiro, Cameron Alexander Kolling Dallas; de casado, só acrescentar um 'Howard'.
02. Quantos anos você tem hoje, e quando/onde você nasceu? Eu nasci em Calabasas, no estado da Califórnia, neste país burro que é os Estados Unidos da América, dia 8 de setembro. Hoje eu tenho — pasmem ou não — 27. Todas as razões possível para desistir, porque não sou brasileiro.
03. Você tem filhos? Se sim, quantos? Quantos deles são pets? O suficiente. Uma penca, na verdade. O amor é lindo, vou deixar que eles acreditem nisso e que realmente foram fruto dessa invenção. Pobres crianças que não pediram para nascer. Ah, e eu tenho 2 cães e 1 gato.
04. Você tem um ou mais melhores amigos? Quais são seus nomes? Creio que, agora, o meu melhor amigo sou eu mesmo uma vez que eu faço todas as coisas na minha própria companhia e tem sido relativamente bom. Quer dizer, eu estou passando por todas as etapas comigo, isso justifica.
+ https://justpaste.it/7ibs1

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Do you think its weird when people talk to their pets like people?

I think that it's nice. I don't have any myself but it's nice to see that as it shows that they genuinely care for their pet and they probably appreciate and love their owner too! 😊
Do you think its weird when people talk to their pets like people
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Personal Profile: Do You Have Pets?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
Rowena, knackige 45 Jahre alt (wie sie ihm ungefragt auf ihrem Tinder Profil präsentierte), mit einer Dauerwellen Frisur aus den 80ern, gekrönt durch einen Pony, der am Hinterkopf begann und in einer Föhnwelle mittig auf ihrer Stirn endete, schenkte ihnen das schönste Lächeln, das ihre Zahnlücke zwischen den zu groß geratenen Schneidezähnen zu bieten hatte. Ihre große Brille, mit runden Brillengläsern, die ebenfalls den 80ern entsprungen war, rückte sie über das Nasenbein hochschiebend immer wieder zurecht. Auf ihrem blauen Poloshirt prangte das Emblem, ein gestickter gelber Aal, des zoologischen Geschäftes. Nicht, dass Matt viel Ahnung von Mode hatte, aber auf den ersten Blick konnte er sagen, dass entweder Rowena’s Trockner öfter eingesetzt wurde, als dem Shirt lieb war, oder Rowena sich optimistisch in Größe M quetschte, aber geschmeidig hätte das L Exemplar wählen können. Um ihren Hals lag ein elastisches, schwarzes, aus Gummi angefertigtes Halsband, das ihn an Choker Halsbänder erinnerte; nur, dass er dieses hübsche Exemplar weder als revolutionär noch modern eingestuft hätte - nicht minder deshalb, weil mittig des Stückes ein silberner Hundeknochen baumelte. „Was sagst du hier zu?“, fragte Rowena Jona und zeigte mit ihrem schneeweißen Arm auf ein Terrarium. Matts Augen blieben an dem tätowierten Unterarm hängen, über den sich eine Blumenranke zog. Auf dem anderen Arm waren Hundepfoten und das Porträt eines Jack Russells mit dem einfallsreichen, kunstvollen Namen „Blacky“ in ihrer Haut verewigt. Unweigerlich fragte er sich, ob er in seinem Leben je einen schwarzen Jack Russell sah, oder ob je jemals auf die Idee gekommen wäre, sich Elvis’ Gesicht auf den Unterarm tätowieren zu lassen. „Sind die tot?“, fragte Jona und presste seine Nase gegen das Glas des Terrariums. „Ach nicht doch“, kicherte die Verkäuferin, deren Kichern in ein Grunzen überging. Matt blinzelte sprachlos. „Hamster sind nachtaktiv. Dein Dad hat dich doch aufgeklärt!?“ Der mahnender Blick Rowenas traf unverfroren Matt, während sie sich - dieses Mal am Gestell - die Brille richtete. „JA!“, ertönte es von Jona. „Er sagt, ich darf keine zwei haben, sonst machen sie Babys und dann frisst die Mama alle auf!“

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Personal Profile Do You Have Pets

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