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What’s your favorite hobby to do on the weekend?

The same thing I do during the weekdays, going on my phone. But when the weather is warm, I like to play volleyball outside or sometimes I go to the gym but lately I haven’t been doing that as much as I should :/

When did cell phones become the norm, really? some say early 2000s, but I'm watching this series from 1998, and people are using them casually. The antenna ones which I assume are the ancestors of modern smartphones, haha.

I didn't know anyone personally with a cell phone until I was in college, so like 1999. I didn't have my own cell phone until 2001, In 1996-1998, I had a pager

Do you ever think about people from your past whom you haven't seen in years? This song got me thinking about this girl who was my grandma's neighbor. Whenever I visited grandma, I'd hang out with her. She was around my age, and we'd listen to music on her iPod, lol. I wonder where she is now.

Yes, I still think about my peers from high school even though I haven’t seen them in years. I have some of them added on Snapchat and follow a few of them on Instagram so I know what some of them are up to these days but still feel the disconnect since we don’t talk to or see each other anymore. I’m just upset that none of them bothered to reach out to me despite saying hi to me when they’d see me at school and I myself have reached out to a few of them only to get blocked without an explanation. But sometimes, I also think about my childhood friends and what they’re up to these days since I haven’t seen some of them in 10+ years without any phone calls in between, especially my friend back when I was in second grade who went back to Turkey (where she’s originally from) after a year of staying in the US. She’s probably more fluent in Turkish than me at this point and maybe she lives a more “interesting” life than I do these days but I’m hoping that I’ll get to talk to her in the future (that is, if my mom still has her mom’s phone number/contact info).

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Name your favourite food with its picture. Even if you’re foodie and you eat everything there must be something you always reach for or at-least think of when you order.

yasmeensyd’s Profile PhotoZahra Shah
Umm well, I love khaowsay. I don't have their picture in my phone. But yeah, it's gotta ke khaowsay for sure.

did 90s kids grow up with the landline phone as the main form of communication?

A bit of both . . .
how fast do they grow - 'up' ?
All 3 of my 'kids' were born in the 2nd half of the 80's ; by the time they started high school they and most of their friends all had 2G mobiles soon replaced by 3G ~ by 2003
1992 ~
did 90s kids grow up with the landline phone as the main form of communication

A person's life is on the line. You don't get to be upset here, just as I don't have to mince words. You know basically nothing about your 'friend'. That's fine. You find location from phone #, you call the police in that city and report what you know. They can and will figure it out from there.

i get the feeling that you've never been in this particular situation, otherwise you wouldn't be such an asshole about it. yes, i have *every* right to be upset. you have no right to be critical of what i've done to figure out if my friend is okay. and you also don't know their individual situation besides the small bit of information i posted.
unless you have something productive to say, i'll be deleting your retorts from here. i have no patience for this fake-concern trolling.

بتقضي يومك ازاي ممكن استفيد منك ؟! ..

ahmed19ayo’s Profile Photoahmed
عايز تستفيد من يومي؟
بقوم الصبح افطر واشرب قهوة واعمل check على الموبايل على اساس ان فيه حد اصلا هيبعتلي ماسدج وكدة هتلاقي الضهر اذن قوم صلي بقى وتعالي ندورلنا على شغل او ترينيج جوا او بره هتلاقي العصر اذن عليك وملقتش حاجة ف قوم صلي واتغدى واعمل check للتليفزيون لا يكون فيه فيلم حلو ولا حاجة هتلاقي المغرب اذنت عليك قوم صلي بقى وارجع كمل الفيلم اللي لقيته بعد تدوير كتير واول ماتخلصه هتلاقي العشا اذنت عليك قوم صلي بقى وتعالى check your phone لا يكون فيه حد مش موجود اساسا بعتلك ماسدج ف مش هتلاقي تقوم رايح بقى تدورلك على فيلم او انمي تتفرج عليه لحد ما العشا يجهز تقوم تاكل وتعملك فنجان قهوة وترجع تكمل الفيلم او الانمي اللي بتتفرج عليه لحد ماتنام وتقوم الصبح
استفدت حاجة؟

LJ banned your IP? I bet it's Trump's fault. Orange man bad! He posted something mean using your phone. What do you like about a vibrant economy, low inflation, no new wars, a strong military, lower taxes, a secure border and being energy independent? Call Biden if you want the exact opposite. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

Yeah… I have no idea why. 🤣 Something trying to block me from reading something? I can read it using phone connection. 🤣 Take that Trump!

Where do lost text messages go? Are they forever stuck in limbo? Or do they enter another dimension? Surely it has to be "received" somewhere! What if an alternate version of you... received it?! 😱🤪🤳📳📶 #NighttimeThoughts

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
Weird you should ask this.... a few years ago I was testing text messages on an old tablet to my phone... it took 2 years for it to reach my phone, Out of nowhere I got my old message saying "Testing Duma$$" 🤣🤣🤣

Czy gryzie Cię sumienie?

rebeliant96_’s Profile PhotoChris Rilley
PL: Gryzło i czasami nadal mam myśli, że jakim (tu wstaw dowolne epitety) trzeba być, żeby zgubić telefon...
Cóż, pojadę w poniedziałek po pracy do Punktu Obsługi Abonenta z T-Mobile i poproszę, żeby wyrobili mi nową kartę - nie ma sensu płacić 80 zł za telefon, który zgubiłam.
Być może nawet wezmę sobie jakiś telefon, zobaczy się. 🤔
ENG: It was gnawing and sometimes I still think what kind of (insert any epithets here) you have to be to lose your phone...
Well, I'll go to the T-Mobile Subscriber Service Center on Monday after work and ask them to get me a new card - there's no point in paying PLN 80 for the phone I lost.
Maybe I'll even take a phone, we'll see. 🤔

Random question- do you put your phone on do not disturb whilst you sleep?

suman29668’s Profile Photosuman
More subtly
It goes on charge in a distant room, where it can't be heard .
There's a secret back-up phone where we sleep . Last time it rang was 04:?? , 26.01.16 .
Random question do you put your phone on do not disturb whilst you sleep

The man didn't accept her requests on social sites, he called her by a video call and tell her it's okay and said he lost her phone so couldnt reply on her msg, but didn't accept the requests. Do you think she lost all chances with him as a partner? what does 'not accepting' add requests mean?

It seems like he’s not letting go of what she did so easily but maybe she just needs to give him some time. He might accept her requests later on or she can reach out to him by sending him a direct message on Instagram telling him to accept her requests and if he reads the message(s) she sends and still doesn’t accept her request, then she should move on. Not accepting add requests means that he is declining her requests to be friends on social media.

Thought 💭 about today

yourboy41’s Profile PhotoFahad
The day was fine, my midterms ended yesterday, so I didn't really have to go to university for class, but I felt the library was calling out to me. So I just got there, got my post midterm notes printed, went to the library, put my phone on charge, and scheduled a 48 minutes reading session.
It was nice and quiet, except a group of idiots occasionally making noise.
Got back to hostel after reading.
It makes me happy that depite everything, the day wasn't wasted completely.
Little achievements make up greater ones. Plus, I had the energy to make Chai to celebrate being healthy and energetic enough to go to university, which also means a lot to me.
I know I'm not doing a lot.
But I'm doing something.

Ciasto z jabłkami czy wiśniami?😋🍰

Murzyniopl’s Profile Phototak! Michał to ja
PL: Aktualnie z wiśniami.
W dniu wykonania mojego tatuażu jadłam drożdżówkę z budyniem i wiśniami i była bardzo smaczna.
Swoją drogą, tego samego dnia zgubiłam telefon w Katowicach, dokładnie 14.11.2023 około godz. 9:40-11:00, jeśli ktoś jest z okolic Katowic i widział gdzieś całkowicie potłuczony telefon marki Huawei P Smart, to proszę o kontakt tutaj, będę bardzo wdzięczna.
Szukałam go na stacji kolejowej, pisałam do PKP Intercity, pisałam do studia tatuażu - nigdzie go nie ma, jakby rozpłynął się w powietrzu.
Jednego dnia robisz sobie tatuaż średnika na karku, a drugiego masz ochotę dokończyć to, co niedokończone🌳.
Studio tatuażu to "Biały boli najbardziej", może zgubiłam go gdzieś po wyjściu, może w drodze z dworca do studia, nie mam pojęcia, a bardzo mi zależy, żeby się odnalazł.
ENG: Currently with cherries.
On the day of my tattoo, I ate a bun with pudding and cherries and it was very tasty.
By the way, I lost my phone in Katowice on the same day, exactly on November 14, 2023 around 9:40-11:00 am, if anyone is from the Katowice area and has seen a completely broken Huawei P Smart phone, please contact me here, I will be very grateful.
I looked for it at the railway station, I wrote to PKP Intercity, I wrote to the tattoo studio - it is nowhere to be found, as if it had vanished into thin air.
One day you get a semicolon tattoo on the back of your neck, and the next you want to finish what is unfinished🌳.
The tattoo studio is "Biały boli najbardziej", maybe I lost it somewhere after leaving, maybe on the way from the station to the studio, I have no idea, but I really want it to be found.

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What was your favourite Halloween costume as a child? 🎃 🧛 👻 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ イ乇刀ムᄃノのひ丂 イのᄊᄊムリ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I think it’s a toss up between a witch and a vampire. I was pretty obsessed with both because I used to watch a lot of supernatural type movies and such. I don’t have older photos of childhood costumes on my phone, but here’s a couple from my teens. 😄
This was the only time I was a “good witch” by the way. 😂
What was your favourite Halloween costume as a child

Does it mean I’m blocked if the iPhone message turns green and sends as a text message? 👀

It might also mean that they aren’t receiving your message(s) due to poor connection from their side or they might’ve temporarily shut down their phone to indicate that they’re busy at the moment.

Would you like to recommend some active id here those are good at keep up the conversation?

Omg ever since today when my phone updated to iOS 17 the app storage issue is getting out of hand. All the apps from the App Store are consuming excessive amounts of storage and now I don’t have any storage on my iPhone 😤When I was on iOS 16 my snap was only using 7GB and now since I updated to iOS 17 snap is using 17GB. And all my apps are now all of a sudden using much more storage.
Is this happening to anyone else who has iOS 17????

Agr koi ap k outfit k bare m kahay k design acha nhi colour acha nhi tu nervous feel kro ghy ya pehnte rho ghy sada suit te sadi mrzi tu kon?

Boys don't usually say such stuff to one another, hmara focus or cheezon pe hota hai like shoes, watch, cell phone etc.
But let's say agr keh b de koi tu usko tang krne k liye bar bar pehnun ga.

What modern vehicle option/accessory do you find highly useful/desirable? What option do you find to be undesirable/of low utility?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoRamekin of the Apocalypse
- Eco Friendly feature (to save on gas)
- Bluetooth (to be hands free if necessary and okay music from phone instead of relying on CDs or cassette tapes 😜 hehe)
- Backup camera (nice to see how close you are to another car backing up and beeps at you when a car that can't be seen, comes zooming by)
- Using blinker to merge (let's you know if you can go in the next lane, by beeping or light on mirror shows you there's another car there)
Undesirable/Low Utility:
- Car being 100% electric (I'll keep using my gas, thank you)
- Horns (people them as "defensive driving" without being defensive at driving, anyways? Just another way to be an poophead on the road and get away with it)
- Blinker feature needs "some" improvement... When I'm in a two turn lane, I don't want my blinker beeping at me that there's a car next to me... Lol. I know that and don't plan on going to the next lane!
- Window on the roof... Seems cool, but no one ever really uses it here, lol. Probably give someone a sun burn on their head tbh 😂🤷‍♀️
Probably more, just can't think right now, lol. Brain fried from work 🤯😝

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Hello girls (literal female children excluded) and boys. This is ask fm terms and conditions police. Despite the fact that ask advertises that the app can be used for chat purposes, you're only allowed to ask questions. Failure to comply will result in me BLOCKING and REPORTING YOU.

Emmaginary_main_character’s Profile PhotoEmmaginary_main_character
You know, I spent 4 months with my uncle in Australia, and he has a family there, 2 beautiful daughters and one son. He tells me that his children are always on all sorts of applications, and only on the phone. And they most often play computer games. And you can’t even drag them away by the ears to cook them at home. My son is 12 years old and in 6th grade. The girls are 16 and 19 years old. They all moved to Australia from Crimea at a fairly young age after 2014.
Now please explain to me this privacy policy applies to everyone or only to UK residents? because I use a VPN service, so I communicate with people from different countries. I also adore Portugal, I go there very often..

If you play mobile games, which one(s) are your favorite? What makes them so good according to you?📱

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I currently have Skip-Bo on my phone... It's good for keeping my brain in tact with more number strategies 🤪👍
I have other games that I've had on my phone foeeerever... Don't play them, anymore, but if I'm bored enough... I may return to them? 🤷‍♀️😝😛
- RUA2 Robot Unicorn
- Geometry Dash
- Words with Friends
- Songpop
- Tetris
- Crossy Road
- Trivia Crack
- Draw Something 2

Do you ever use the front camera as a mirror? I was with a friend yesterday and they used their front camera to touch up their makeup and I thought it was weird? Like… are compact mirrors not a thing anymore? Am I too old fashioned? ik it’s not that deep but it was still weird to me.

It makes sense to use the phone tbh, why carry a separate object to do the thing your phone can do just fine?

Urgent: An instagram account has been hacked. She has lost her gmail address and password. That account has pictures. Kindly tell what can be done?

1) Tap on forgot password
2) enter the phone number jis pe account banaya tha
3) purana password poochiengay type the old password you remember
4) verification code mangwao apnay number pe
5) wo dalogay to face recognition k liye insta ki window open hogi
6) face recognize kro they'll ask for the reason to recover k kia hua tha
7) us k baad wo recovery email poochiengay wo add kro us se insta ko ek email jayegi or 3 4 days mein account recover honay ki email a jayegi jo k jaldi bhi ho skta hai
Note: steps shyd agay peechay hon mein ne mahina pehlay ye try kia tha kisi k liye and it worked...

My phone seems to die quite quickly when I'm listening to music at work but not when I listen to a audiobook. Does your phone do the same? And If yes do you have any tips on how to make it last longer? At least 7 hours?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
It might be because audiobooks save to your phone so it's not running through Internet connection? Maybe if you save the music to your phone it might help?

Ok people, did you ever have a “unique” ring tone for your beau? Be honest. Please reveal. Mine was (censored.)

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoRamekin of the Apocalypse
Lol, I wish I could enjoy a ringtone these days... Always keep it on vibrate or silent.
If I "were" to choose one for my "beau"... 🤔😏 I'd set it to gollum saying, "MY PRECIOUS!! MY PRECIOUS!!", lol. 🤣
This Q reminds me of my grandpa's ringtone... He has this comical Indian ringtone that tells him to not answer his phone when my grandma calls 😝 It's the best one I've heard in a long time lol 👇
https://youtu.be/CJxlQZw-NDk?si=sy-xPLWCe-m08jMUCoolio247’s Video 174890443153 CJxlQZw-NDkCoolio247’s Video 174890443153 CJxlQZw-NDk

What were you like as a teenager? 🥰

One of few teen pics on my phone. I was normally more “gothic.” 16 here with my bleached blonde boyfriend. 🤣 I was boy crazy but also shy. At this age I was a good girl, didn’t drink, or have s*x… but the place this photo was taken, we did get banned from the amusement park. Me, that boy and his cousin… 🤣🤣🤣
What were you like as a teenager

What do u say about those friends who ignore your msgs after reading it. Basically seen zone you. And then they are seeing all of ur stories updates. So there’s no way they didnt have their phone with them. Mostly they wont reply back n even if they do they say they were so busy or they forgot??

1) they don't have the energy to reply or carry on conversations but they're just checking their social media and what everyone's up to.
2) the tell themselves they'll reply soon but get busy and forget.
3) they don't really find the conversation interesting enough so they don't respond.
4) you guys have been friends for a long time now and the excitement of a 'new bond' so gone but you guys have a lot of fun when you meet up.
5) You're not at the top of their priority list.
But I think it's important to focus on your life and make your own life so fulfilling /exciting that you don't have to spend your days waiting on someone's replies.

What am I doing here?

So last night I was trying to change the wallpaper on my phone and I pressed the add new wallpaper thing on the Lock Screen. Then my phone became unresponsive to touch. And it happened one time before and I easily fixed it by force restarting after looking up how to do that. I was slightly intoxicated last night and I guess I could not figure out how to do it. So I went into my old bedroom and tore the place apart looking for an old phone. I have two old working ones. I ended up finding my old rose gold 6S pro. Then I immediately figured out how to force restart my current one by just reading the very simple instructions more carefully. 🤣🤣🤣 Freakin’ whiskey sip lush. 🤣🙄 But the old phone is so cute. I wiped it clean to be able to install the software update and now I’m using that too. Smaller keyboard area so I’m making more mistakes. Don’t mind. 🤣 It made me think of it because I saw recently that these older iPhones are trendy with the Zoomers. I’m laik fr chill now and stuff. 🤣🤣🤣 Really small storage space. Can only have a few apps. Deleted all my old photos.

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Why do people pick on Sagetoriola on here so much ?

He's a creep and a bully. I wouldn't say no one picks on him. They are just letting him know that forcing girls into relationships is not okay. And he shouldn't be giving out his phone number on here either since it's private information. He stalks and harasses women. Here's proof. See he literally stalks girls. If they don't date him, he threatens to get them arrested or kill them. Of course cops can't do anything if girls refuse to date him.
Why do people pick on Sagetoriola on here so much

What was the situation around the last time a guy you weren't dating made a s xual approach to you? How did you respond?

In person? Someone had me up in a recording studio in Times Square in the middle of the night and I thought a whole group was coming to take me to charge my phone but the others disappeared as we walked. I’ve told the story before. It’s the only “scary” kinda situation I’ve ever found myself in. But I got out of it without him doing anything. It was poor judgment on my part.
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Are you saving up money for something? What is it that you want to get? 🏖🎮

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I'm currently saving up for spending money on my trip to Krakow, Poland early next year. The flights and accommodation have been paid off, I just need money for spending while I'm there. I'm going with my boyfriend and two friends; it's so exciting! I'd also love a new phone and a gaming laptop, but I'll have to wait a long while before I start thinking properly about that. I prefer experiences and holidays over possessions, anyway. ✈️

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