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Have you ever rejected a guy, only to have him push the issue by asking “why?” and insisting that you just need to get to know him better?

YES. One started sending letters and stuff to my house. Another parked his car outside my work and just waited. Another stole my phone or of my bag to see if i was texting other people. And ANOTHER got so pissy that I had to ask security to get him our if the building.
Like, come on. You should be able to go on one date to work out if you like someone without fearing for life and limb.

Have you ever rejected a guy, only to have him push the issue by asking “why?” and insisting that you just need to get to know him better?

Yes. I don’t deal with people that cannot accept that not everyone likes them. I just block people like this. That is why I do not share personal info about me like phone number or address when I first met guys or people in general.

Are there any minor things that annoy you? For example, it annoys me when youtube ads are silent since that makes me think something's wrong with the audio 😑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I feel like it depends on my mood.ni can have extreme patience and ignore anything but more often than not i am easily annoyed by sooooo many things :'D everything starts to annoy me haha
What annoys me the most are people. Drunk/high people? I get annoyed. Direspectful people? I get annoyed. Unintelligent people? I get annoyed. People making noise or anyhow disturbing me? I get annoyed. Horny people? I get annoyed. Sluty people? I get annoyed. Victim card/self pitying people? I get annoyed. Big ego/full of themself people? I get annoyed. People not caring about the planet like making unnecessary waste or harming living things? I get annoyed. People not being on time - being late? I get annoyed...
And since you mention adds well i hate it and get severly annoyed by how many nsfw adds there are -.- like every second add i get while playing game son phone is of some game where you undressing mostly female character or where things are based on sexual interactions between characters or at minimum smugg graphic stories...it makes me wanna stop using phone all together because i have seen those one too many times 🙄 and the worst thing is icant even block them (used to be able to?). Iam already annoyed by adds in general cuz they are too common and interupt things (in games, youtube etc) but those are just the absolute worst and it instantly ruins my day -.-
Public wc's annoy me. more so repulse than annoy tho. Cuz they are always nasty. I rather not go to the toilet all day than go in those nasty smelly trash holes. The only exception is library. The toilet there is always spotless 😅 the only public toilet i will use honestly haha
I could go on but i am sleep deprived and starving atm and my patience battery was completely drained while battling my kid to make him sleep so right now i feel like EVERYTHING annoys me. Like existance itself annoys me :'D so i dont feel like my answer will be realistic in curremt state. But what i did mention always annoys me :'D

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*After my death my mother telling others about me* Zinda thi tab bhi aise leti rehti thi, ab vese hi leti hai koi fark nahi lag raha bas hath mein phone ki kami bs😂

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
Agayein ap apni moot ka tamasha bnanay 😅 jb kabar mn dal k sb log chle jyenge aur apki ankhein khulegi aapne bolna ha charger kahn ha mera phone dead hogia ha status bhi upload krna hoga nah aapne 😆😜

When you become highly fluent in a 2nd language do you start thinking in that language?

I spent my 3rd year of uni in Spain. I was sent to a little Andalusian village where nobody spoke English, and I very quickly realised I wasn't as proficient as I had thought I was. The first couple of months were really hard but by the end of the year I was thinking and dreaming in Spanish, and when I would call my parents (once a week from a pay phone at the time - I'm old!), I would sometimes struggle to find the English words.
It could depend on which language you're using more at that time. For example, I am trilingual. Back in my home country, I would think more in my native language. When I moved (to the US), I used the two other languages more so I would think in them more than my native language. I think the past few years though I think more in English. I'll think in my native language still from time to time, but I codeswitch a lot more often.
A lot of active listening really helped. Even tho at some point I understood like 60% of what was said it eventually let to me understanding most of the language and being able to use it with no problem. Took me about 4 years to get from a2/b1 to c2. I didn't deliberately try and listen to as much as possible but rather there was a lot on English speaking YouTube that I was into. I hope some of that comes in handy
I started thinking in Spanish as soon as I finished the beginning level (AKA year 1 of college). This didn't happen after I took a year of Mandarin, although I sometimes think of Chinese numbers first because somehow they became very solidified in my brain. Being fluent in 3 languages means I think in that language when I am surrounded by it or I think about things linked to that language (for example I think in my ML when thinking about my family, mostly french when thinking about work and almost completely in English when I'm on ASK). Personally with my Spanish, while nowhere near fluent, have been able to produce and carry very short conversations by linking my Spanish words to English words. I can connect a Spanish word to an object just as quickly as I can connect the Spanish word to the english word to the object, and i've not been able to just connect a Spanish word directly to an object. Not sure how that works but if it works it works.

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

muntha_13’s Profile PhotoMuntaha
Attraction can morph into obsession fairly quickly, but love is something you build up over time. So no, I do not believe in "love" at first sight. I do believe you can love someone before you meet them, such as pen pals, family members you've only spoken to over the phone, people you've only heard of through stories and children mothers have carried around for nine months in their bellies, but not at first sight

When you recieve any good news, do you usually do something to celebrate? 🥳 Doesn't matter how big of a deal you make it. For example, I went out earlier today to get my favorite pizza upon learning that I got a job for the summer 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Depending on which kind of good news, it's either just a phone call to tell people about it, or it's a celebration - there's absolutely no inbetween.

whatsapp e de do sohneyo

It was an established fact in the household that gramps and I, acted as a single functional unit. There was a period when I abhorred all human contact and had no sim to my name. He was forever complaining that I should get a number and download whatsapp so he could call me on my phone instead of ringing Amma all the time. I never gave his request any significance. He died. My uncle asked me if I wanted something from his collection. I asked for his sim. That's the number I use today. My whatsapp is his shrine. Our sanctuary- and the people I let in are the ones we would have loved as a unit. Some might say that Rikzah is delusional. They are probably right lol.

Finish The Sentence: Last Night…

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoAtticus
I remembered the last conversation we had.
There were so many things I'd wanted to tell you.
From the places I've been, to the movies I've seen.
I kept reading our conversations before removing your phone number from my contacts.
I wish you had texted me that day, to tell me me about your day.
Last night memories were haunting me.
Finish The Sentence Last Night

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am doing great lately; lots of things happening in my life yet I’ve been great. I deactivated some social media apps which gave me a great peace of mind! I realized that when it comes to social media (and some other things) people like to discuss only the good and wrong way of using it, forgetting that there’s a third way: to not use it at all! 😄 most probably gonna deactivate ask and other apps I got on my phone… the more I use social media the more I feel like I am missing out on life! .. moreover; summer holiday is coming so I planned a whole thing away from social media; I’m gonna be Belle but live like Rapunzel >.< … I am great, always excited, and happy. I wish you’re doing great as well. I love when I get your questions. Be safe and take care 🌸
I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with

Okay. Don't freak out. I sent the 3rd 50pk MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange teabag bag to my mom. I sooo wished you could've been on that phone call...I think you may have teared up about how she praised the tea. I didn't get this kind of praise when I bought her cricut last year for Christmas. 😅

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM. Adam
I'm so glad she liked it! You're mom probably wouldn't appreciate that the tea cures a hangover 😉
I was worried because it's very strong. Try putting it on your upper lip for a minute, you'll end up with burn marks 🤣
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Do you usually delete photos in your phone or do you keep them? 📱 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Keep them. I don't take many pics so that's ok. My problem is I take screenshots of literally everything. Stuff that I wanna buy, memes to send to other people, texts and any other evidence that I think I might need later in life, recipes even though I don't really cook, just everything.

What would you do if you were alone and lost in the middle of the woods without food, water, a cell phone, a map, or a compass?

> food,
I can hunt, trap, fish, gather some edible plants / berries or anything that I may find. I've spent plenty of time outdoors and I'd know what to avoid. For personal reasons, animals would be my last resort.
> water,
Any body of water would suffice. I carry a portable filtration system is my truck, a basic survival kit, tools and some other odds and ends. Distilling water is relatively easy too. If no body of water is accessible, trees would be my option for water and syrup (maple is about 100 calories per ounce). Simply tap with a small tube (metal, pvc, etc.) and drain in a container. This takes time but I wouldn't have anything else to do and I could tap several while I'm waiting for help.
> a cell phone,
Smoke signals / flares / fire.
> a map, or a compass?
If I can see Polaris, the sunrise and sunset, etc., I can make a good determination on which direction I'm headed. Wild animals would present the greatest threat but I would be prepared for them too.

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What would you do if you were alone and lost in the middle of the woods without

that sounds so vintage. i heard about party lines, were they like the modern dating apps?

Party lines have zero privacy because the lines are not dedicated and are in fact shared. They are similar to the concept of public transportation like a bus. Everyone in your neighborhood has access to the same bus. Once on the bus you can hear everyone's conversation. So on a party line if one person was talking for several hours you would pickup your phone and tell them that they are being rude and to please hang up and let other people use the phone. In extreme cases you could dial the operator and the operator would disconnect the offending parties connection. Also, each phone had a unique number which was dialed using a rotary dialer that created unique pulses by intermittently using a switch to make and break the connection, similar to how morse code functioned i.e. one's and zero's or on and off.

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was it hard to call long distance years ago? was the bill for long distance calls expensive?

It was cost prohibitive which is why we use to write letters or send post cards. Bell phone company use to have something called "circle dialing" where the 4 or 5 towns next to yours you could have unlimited calling but outside of that defined area, long distance rates applied.
In fact, back in the 1950's we had "party lines" where everyone in your neighborhood had unique phone numbers but all shared the same phone line which meant that you could pick up your phone and listen to your neighbors conversation. When you wanted to use the phone you had to pickup your phone and tell those using the phone line that you needed to make a phone call. It was similar to a public bathroom with one toilet. You stand in line and wait your turn. By the 1960's, the phone company started to install separate lines (twisted copper pair) so that each residence had a dedicated connection.

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How did marissa know about that?

This was so long ago, someone had told marissa about things cas was doing//saying and sent her screenshots as proof. Before that I had no proof since what happened took place in phone calls, not over text. I know after that broke more people came forward with their own prood, including his real life friends.

which one is worth buying iphone 11 or iphone 12?

Me takreeban Pakistan ka chapa chapa phira hua hun,
Thar ( Cholistan ) me aik gaoin tha mujhe aaj tk nahi bhoolta. Aik bacha mere pass aya. Uski awaz muje raton ko aaj tk sonay nahi deti. Kehta *Chachu sanu saaf pani pila de asan nalay cho pee pee ky thak gye aan. Aj asi v saaf pani pee layiye*
Aj 7 saal ho gye hain mai sahi tarha soo nahi paya.
Lanat bhejta hun me I phone pr.

Kutton ki trha bezzat ho raha hoon doston k haathon. Real mein to miltay nahi. Ek platform pe message karo tou kayee din tak us platform ko use nahi kartay or doosre platforms use kar rahay hotay. Dil Chahta hai phone deewar par maar doon. Ajeeb mein apni loyalty ki wajha se chhor nahi sak

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Ap bhoot burri zabban use kr rehe hy messages me. Ap ka naam itna piyara or bateen sorry very sad feel hashmi gee

Last time when you got angry🥀🍃

I was using ask at work as you do nowadays and my coworker just pushed his face in front of my phone and asked what i am using, i said Instagram and he was like it doesn't look like insta and i just wanted to punch him in the face because you know how closely you have to stare into someone's phone to know which social media app they are using and then he wanted me to give him a crash course on how to use ask.

I get so annoyed when a girl starts texting me and pressuring me with questions and plans 24-7. Is this what a relationship should be like? Because I wanted one but now I feel like im drowning. I constantly have to call on the phone, i have to have a go out plan…. it is driving me insane.

No a healthy relationship respects privacy and personal boundaries. Below is a reflection I wrote that addresses this issue. Enjoy!
"I'm Not Yours" by Alex
I'm not yours.
I am me.
Healthy relationships are defined by honesty, compassion, kindness, respect and independent dependence. One should never be co-opted from his own life and personal goals. Understanding, celebrating and respecting our inherent differences is essential to maintaining a successful relationship.

Dear Girls! Car k samny koi cheez ajaye to brake marni hoti hai cheekh nahi.

fahadmushtaq5’s Profile Photoشاید آپکا گمان
lmao, this aunty the other day ny meri cheekh nkal d thi. i was 120km/h+ on car n she crossed GT road casually while using her phone, without looking around for traffic not once.
aunti was on ultra pro max chilled level, the level that gets u killed. 🙂

Tell me whyyyyyyy my wifi is not workinggggggggggg

niallbop’s Profile Photo~~niall-bop
iPhone??? There was an iOS update I had to downgrade my internet to 4g and get them to reset the catch ?? CACHE !! House? Who you with? Unplug it from the wall and reconnect it after you count to 13 then you can clear the settings and reinstall it you might have to phone them. Have you been up many late nights? They have to count your bits some time usually it’s around 3am most households then they charge you so they can filter it will it be back on in two hours?? OR a baboon hit your roof with a giant bannanna!!! ? WHY! Do you have to watch some anime ? Man I’m obsessed :-/

@kinzarizwan have a middle class boyfriend who have an old iphone 📱

Agr ye bndi apny middle class bnday ki khuddari, Bahaduri, Aqal mandi se impress hai to Phone or Car matter nahi krty.
Agr Phone or Car achi hai high standards hain larkay ky, lekin Emandar, Tameez Yafta, Aajiz, Bahadur, Khuddar nahi hai to lanat hogi larkay pr or aisi shadiyan 6 maheeny nahi chalteen.
Baqi she seems to be simple and honest lady.
Ap jao yahan se.

Post a mirror selfie 🤳

AhmedZaiyd’s Profile PhotoAHMED 
I don't own a full mirror only a face one for my selfies so have place my phone onto somthing..tall problems .I don't like ring lights either messing with taken usb out my phone charger 🤷‍♀️
From last week in my gymwear on my way out to my clubbercise class not best of pics of me 🙈
Post a mirror selfie

Have you ever done this looked for something when it was in your hand? Example I was on my phone to my friend and I said to him hang on I'm looking for my phone and he said how the hell are you talking to me then it you've missed placed your phone I'm like oh for fuck shake

I've literally done that with my phone xD
Also looked for my keys when they were in the bag I had on my shoulder lol
Have you ever done this looked for something when it  was in your hand Example I

They do look good! But I know you refrained from eating because of your cookie eating ban! :P Does yours have the day wrong?? WHAT YEAR IS IT No scorpions! Just Elk! We say.. Saguaro, Petrified Forest, and Grand Canyon national parks.. lower antelope canyon, horseshoe bend, montezuma well!

gingerbreadguy2’s Profile PhotoGingy
Ermmm... Rigggght...😬🤣 *hurriedly brushes off the crumbs on my face* lolol
I'm not sure?? I'll have to double check! Currently on my phone... Don't have a great view/perspective of the time, lol also, just a grandma when it comes to technology lol 🧓
Ooh good!! The elk are friendly! Or... So they seem, haha 🦌
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How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without your phone? Would it make your day better or worse?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
I'd be a lot more productive, that's for sure! At the same time I'd loose much of the contact I have with my friends, since much of it is through social media! To combat the productivity issue, @LunarHuntress recommended the app "Forest" to me and it's done wonders! It basically forces you to not touch your phone during a set time, otherwise a tree that's been growing on your screen will wither! I can definitely recommend it, I'll certainly get use of it again when I'm writing on my thesis 😅😊
How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without

How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without your phone? Would it make your day better or worse?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
I've done that for a whole WEEK when I went to do volunteer work at a Christian camp! :P
At first... it's difficult/tricky, cuz you don't really realize how dependent you are on your phone to check for the time, or avoid/distract yourself from social interaction, lol... But, as it becomes a more normal part of your daily routine, you get used to it... and you actually "live" life... ya' know? I wouldn't mind doing that again... Like, go on vacation and not bring my phone, or have it, but don't touch it unless for an emergency... Then I can focus on more creative stuffs :P and spend time with those around me!
I think being away from technology sometimes, is good for your mental well being :P
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Have you ever done this looked for something when it was in your hand? Example I was on my phone to my friend and I said to him hang on I'm looking for my phone and he said how the hell are you talking to me then it you've missed placed your phone I'm like oh for fuck shake

Hahah, yeah I’ve done that before, quite a few times! That or misplacing something and feeling that I can’t find it anywhere, and then eventually realising if was more or less right in front of me the whole time 🙈🤣

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