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hey night could you just give me a list of all your extra curricular and things you do outside of school? you seem to be a very well rounded student, and I'm just curious to know for my college apps. thanks love.

hello! awe this was so sweet, i can't believe you think of me as someone like that! be prepared for a lengthy response and in no way am I bragging, simply answering this question.
- I volunteer at my public library, three hours a week where I help prep events for my community and town. I publicly speak, create presentations and set up events for the public.
- I have played an insturment for now, 5 years and plan to continue.
- I competitively play badminton as a sport, where I attended nationals and have won for my state / country three times in a row. I was interviewed, put in the news and had a columb about me along with my team in the newspaper.
- I particapate in: photgraphy club, speech and debate, a charity club, and I started a club at my school where I am currently president.
- I play tennis, and hope to get on my schools team when my try outs roll around. I have one many tournaments.
- I applied for a summer internship where I will help with blogging, journalism and graphics for a company and just got accepted.
- I have started numerous charity events in my town, city and have started several campaigns and participate in many.
hmmm i think thats it for now hahah. i do a hella lot of extra things after school, but i hope that answered your question. this was so nice of you to send, and i hope you have/had a lovely day babe xx

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Pretend that you are introducing your daughter ( the girls in your clique ) for matchmaking to help them find their true love. So define each of them shortly.

amirah : the cutie one , good advisor (( did i spell it correctly ?)) haha , 5sos fan ! , kind one , fashion sense wow , tumblrish , outgoing if u know her well ,pretty
hazlienda : the shy one yet very wow , photography skills damn good , kind , good advisor , tumblrish , cutie one , outgoing too , pretty
murfiqah : the outgoing one , good dancer , cutie one too , good advisor of cos , kind , can make people's day ,fashion sense also , pretty
syasya : the natural beauty one , straight forward , kind , cutie one of cos , good advisor hehe , outgoing too , fashion sense also ,pretty
ayunnie : the pretty one , tumblrish , photgraphy skills , cutie one , good advisor , fashion sense , outgoing too hehe
thyrah : the make up skills wow , pretty , cutie ,fashion sense
basically all have similarities hehe . 💕💞💓💖

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هههه اااك كتشفت حاجه اصلا وتقول صورتك متاع الكوفر اهو صورت الولد ومكتوب اسمه احمد لو تركز فوق ع الايمين حشم حالك

اها قصدك علي ahmed photgraphy
ههههههههه حي كتشفتي الامر وقعت في الفخ
تي بري عدي دور من ي.......... ناقصني مفرخ اني تعرفوش تقرو تحشمو في روحكم علااش
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Kak yuris gimana sih caranya bikin folder di iPhone? Seumpamanya kayak game sendiri, photgraphy sendiri... Gimana kak? Jawab ya kak :)

Tekan dan tahan salah satu icon. Setelah icon bergoyang2 dan ada tanda X di sudutnya, coba icon-nya saling kamu dempetkan aja, ntar otomatis bikin folder sendiri.. dari situ bisa kamu rename atau kasih nama foldernya.. Setelah itu tekan tombol home..
Emang kamu gak pernah coba googling tentang kayak gini ya? :)

Name:_______ Age:_______ Birthday:________ Eye color:________ Nickname:_________Best friend:__________ Favorite Color:_______ Hair Color________ Hobby__________Fav.Song _______single __________ where do YOu Live nOw________ Crush_________ How much do you rate yourself from 10____?

Yeee Marwagak -_- ...
Name: Hamzeh Age:20 Birthday: 10/sep/1994 Eye color:dark brown Nickname:I have thousands , they still call me ShaRy ,Best friend: abo sleem , mumen abo 3ale, , mohammed abo 3doos , mohannad dannan,mohannad jood, 3amer(demon) ...etc, Favorite Color:black,crimson, dark gray, Hair Color almost black Hobby singing rap , photgraphy and Illustration, Fav.Song keep ya head up ,why we thugs..etc, single yess where do You Live now: Ayen el basha- Crush : nobody ,How much do you rate yourself from 10 am out of scale baby :P !

tu apbe aap ko samajhta kya hai... photgraphy bass ki hai nhi bas show off karta rehta hai... bas 2-3 photos achi khich gyi toh apne aap ho bohot bada photgraphwr samajhta hai... bass ki hai toh ek aur daal.

Seriously bro you gotta work on your Spellings... It took me 5 mins to understand it! :P
I ain't a photographer...
Loving photography does not make you a photographer! : )
tu apbe aap ko samajhta kya hai photgraphy bass ki hai nhi bas show off karta

description of these people: elisha,karen,arianne,ramisa,victoria,jen,jselle,jeb,ali,sahan,catreen,chloe,parmita,isabella,isabelle yared

elisha- HAHAHAHA HE IS HILARIOUS! his theories and stuff hahaha he is PERFECT
karen- i only talk to her like sometimes.. BUT SHE IS SO NICE and pretty
arianne- i dont talk to her but her photgraphy skills are on point
ramisa- YO i went on a hunt for you because i needed to give u soemthing, but then i gave up HAHAH. but she is sooo funny i die sometimes.
victoria- idk which victoria
victoria b- PERFECTION, i love her, she is my close friends, and our times in global HAHAHAH
victoria m- i dont talk to her but she is realy pretty
jen- HER BASKETBALL SKILLS R ON POINT , and i love her hair. i havent talked to he rin a while
jselle- i fell like she hates me tbh. HAHAHAHA. but she dances really well
jeb- apprently he doesnt walk fast. HAHAH but he is cool. and what he gave tyler was adorbs
ali- my love, my sister
sahan- so many things to say... stop stealing candy sahan
catreen- she is sooooooo smart oh jezzuuusss .. i have no classes with her but homeroom rocks
chloe - literally my twin. i lvoe her sooooooooooooooooooooooo much
parmita- the nicest person in NEST PROBABLY
isabella- my first friend, my locker buddy, an amazing person, i love her, my close close friend, i can trust her wiht anything
isabelle- I LOVE HER, she is so pretty but someitmes shy, hahah but our train rides. "walk faster"
yared- never actually talked to him, but his hair is cool

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[TF 20.+21.02.19] Nun ne kleine Aufgabe..... Poste deinen Hintergrund (egal ob vom Handy, Computer oder Ask) und erkläre warum du diesen hast. (Falls du diese Frage schon beantwortet hast, dann lösch einfach diese Frage hier ^^)

Lucifa_MkS’s Profile PhotoShishi Skisaison
Von Marie Schmidt Photgraphy (auf FB und BlogSpot)
Warum? Ich meine ja nur, hallo! Schau dir diesen Mann doch mal an!
Bei dem Bild gehen mir einfach zu viele tolle Ideen durch den Kopf :3
TF 20210219 Nun ne kleine Aufgabe Poste deinen Hintergrund egal ob vom Handy

Name:_______ Age:_______ Birthday:________ Eye color:________ Nickname:_________Best friend:__________ Favorite Color:_______ Hair Color________ Hobby__________Fav.Song _______single __________ where do YOu Live nOw________ Crush_________ How much do you rate yourself from 10____?

Yeee Marwagak -_- ...
Name: Monther Age:21 Birthday: 7/sep/1992 Eye color:dark brown Nickname:I have thousands , they still call me abutarha or adriano after all Best friend: amer , abdullah, , baidas , malak , reeem Favorite Color:crimson , black , dark gray Hair Color almost black Hobby drawing , photgraphy and Illustration Fav.Song Unforgiving II , of wolf and man single yess where do You Live now bet rass - irbid Crush : nobody How much do you rate yourself from 10 am out of scale baby :P !

ur honestly so good at photography i went through ur fone once and u have really cool pics on tehre that u never upload which u should!!! r u doing photgraphy this year again?

thank you! and haha i dont know if i should upload them.. hahah
and i dont know like my photography teacher from last year moved to florida which is upsetting
and i dont know who i would have if i do it this year and i feel like she would charge more
because last year it was like 600-700 a month
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I cant really tell you much because you know me personally but i have short hair brown eyes and i enjoy photgraphy and babysitting.

Sitting on babies is hard, ive tried it, reall painful on the bum. Honesty though, you're a brilliant person. But I'm not the type of person you'd like. Trust me, you deserve better
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Tbh ; you're datin a guy that was in my photgraphy class and you ta for my 3rd period and you're so gorgeous it's not even funny ! We should talk more (: sometimes I don't like 3rd period -.-

Browneyedbby’s Profile PhotoAngelena
Hahahahahh. Thanks so much!! And definitely. And you have no idea how many people I wana strangle in that class. Smh.

fajnie że wszystkie gimbusy interesują się fotografią .... Imię, nazwisko + photgraphy i już myślisz że jesteś profesjonalnym fotografem -.-

haha, nie mam takie fanpage'a . ;x a z tego co mi się wydaje to chyba mogę mieć takie zainteresowania .. i nie napisałam że jestem profesjonalnym fotografem , ogarnij trochę . ;x
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Can you write 30 facts about your best friend to show how much she means to you and how loyal you are

Sasha harris-
1.Her middle name is sarah
2.She was born on the 25th augast
3.Her mum is called maggie (she is amazing :P)
4.Her dads called grant
5.Her hobbies are singing and photgraphy
6.Her dream is to become an actor ;)
7.I'm her bestfriend ;) (I should hope)
9.She has a cat called freddy ;)
10.She has a brother called jake
11.She loves playing cod
12.She takes drama for gcse
13.She wears lacoste perfume
14.She goes to chi high for girls
15.She loves jessie j
16,Her favourite movie is the notebook
17.Her mum is her insparation
18.She doesn't care what people think
19.She has a blackberry bold 9900 same as mine ;)
20.13 years old
21.She only trusts a few people
22.She has a box bedroom but she likes it because its homely :')
23.She never stops listening to music
24.She has done a bgt audition
25.She has a stepdad called mark
26.Her dad is a phography and she enjoys photgraphy with him..
27.Her favourite food is pasta bake?
28.Dream place to live os america
29.She is selfconcious
Jeeez that took me ages

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iPod or iPad ? - Blackberry or iPhone? - Guitar or Drums? - Redbull or Power Horse? - Google or Yahoo? - Photography or Drawing? - Facebook or Twitter? - McDonald's or Burger King? - Sneakers or Sandals? - Chocolate or Vanilla? - Dogs or Cats? - Canon or Nikon??

YousefAlDaijy20’s Profile PhotoYousef Al-D3ejy
Ipad - Blackberry - Guitar - Redbull - Google - Photgraphy - Non - Burger king - Sneakars - Vanilla - Both <3;p - Nikon :( ;p

IPod or iPad ? - Blackberry or iPhone? - Redbull or Power Horse? - Photography or Drawing? - Facebook or Twitter? - McDonald's or Burger King? - Chocolate or Vanilla? - Dogs or Cats?

Nadia Alhajri
ipod - iphone - power horse - photgraphy - __ - mac - chocolate - cats

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