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If you be with anyone right now who would you be with?

Earth has a such beautiful person ….❤️
and i feel everything in him…. and i know…
( i don’t know how….but know)
that he feels everything in me….
how to ‘check’ it
If we are will be together and the world to sees us two so beautiful together….❤️
I don’t want to write about because it’s deep in me….
but every minute i feel his warmth….
and his love…
and all the touches ….
and everything that’s in the
heart and mind….
little not super important…. but super important
moment from ….from….❤️
one time …. one day….
i don’t know how to express
okay …. he told me in his thoughts
what he would be wearing okay it’s about color ….
and you know anonymous….
i watch video…. and saw the photo and it was that color….
this is what i can tell here …. and what i want to …. because another thing it’s too personal for me….
i know that it’s hard to believe….
and i’m magical….
and you know such moment every minute….
but how is it we are even strangers….
it’s like two heart was “separated “
and finally found each other….
and i know our beautiful moms for us …. and look at us….
for not easy to write such things now….
because important not to talk …. o not to feel …. important to feel and be together….

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Have you ever taken back your ex ??

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
No secrets, right? Hind sight is 20/20. When I was 5 yrs old, she touched my finger. I didn't pull my hand away. She announced to everyone that we were married. Well, I don't know all about that, but we became the best of friends. We were invited to all the best birthday parties. By 8th grade she told me she had a crush on my buddy, Noah. They dated throughout High School. (new classmates often asked if she and my sister were siblings)
We all went our seperate ways after High School. She met a fellow. Really awesome guy! I took their wedding photos recently, before leaving on deployment. --> Take her back? Hahaha. I'm assured that I will be a great Uncle to her kids, one day.
(Growing up, I only had 6 close friends. She was the only girl in our group. The six of us studied together and competed academically with each other. In this photo, we had gone to a drive-in movie together, it was sooo cold...I think it was 13⁰C that night, we had sooo many layers of clothes on and countless blankets. 😅. Good times.

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Have you ever taken back your ex

L honest thoughts: whenever your answers pops on my wall and I see your display, mere andar ki roh jaag jati hai aur mai ye message karte karte ruk jati hon "are you into kpop? Are you into k dramas? What's your bias?" but I never did dunno why :p

marianasir5’s Profile Photoماریہ
Hahaha finally you did XD
Yr I'm neither into kpop nor i watch k-dramas. Thora boht i do listen to kpop. And regarding my display photo so yeah I admire BTS 💜

So what made you want to get into photography?

There's a lot of beautiful things. I wanted to learn how to share it.
At the beginning, I took photos as best as I could. Then I took a photography course and now I hope I'm good at photography.
I took this photo recently and I really like it.
What do you think? Do I have a chance to be a good photographer?
So what made you want to get into photography

كنت عايز اعرف برنامج كويس بيحسن جوده الصوره 💙

photo&picture Resizer
ده بيضغط مساحة الصورة.
Background Eraser
ده بيعمل خلفيات للصورة
ده بيحسن الجودة وكده
visa Passport Photo Editor
ده برضو برنامج متعلق بالصور بس ما اشتغلتش عليه👍🏻
أتمنىٰ يفيدو..
كنت عايز اعرف برنامج كويس بيحسن جوده الصوره

What do you think about people posting pics of their children online on public forums where anyone can see? Not on private accounts.

I think it's up to them, if they're fully clothed and it's a nice group photo or something then that's all good.
I don't think it's a good idea when people post photos of their kids in swimming suits or nappies though. Seems innocent to them, but potentially very inappropriate for bad eyes looking for skin

What did you do on the weekend?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
On Saturday, I just went shopping with my boyfriend then we had a Chinese/Japanese takeaway in the evening. On Sunday, I went to a family christening. Here's a photo of me, my boyfriend and dog before we left. (Well, my dog didn't come unfortunately 😅).
What did you do on the weekend

This is my toy penguin who we bought from the gift shop of our local zoo on a particularly windy day. I'll give 1000 coins to the first person who guesses his name correctly, or if noone guesses the correct name after a week I'll give the 10 closest answers 100 coins each... happy guessing!

beyondfeartalk’s Profile PhotoLiving Beyond Fear
With this method of taking photos and arranging objects in the photo, you look like a smart person. Fake Photo

Si une personne te dis envois une photo de toi complète pour toi sa veut dire qu’il pense qu’au sexe ou peut être juste voir comment tu es ?

Sa dépend depuis combien de temps tu parle avec cette personne. Mais le physique est très important beaucoup n'arrivent pas à discuter sans savoir à quoi ressemble la personne d'en face

What do you hate about social media?

Photo editing that promotes distorted perceptions of how people actually look in real life. It's causing young people to feel like they should look a certain way in order to be viewed as beautiful. It's triggering a rise in body dysmorphia, eating disorders and cosmetic surgery. There was roughly 5.5 million procedures done in the US alone in 2020. 🥺

J'aime pas les questions anonymes

Et moi j'aime pas les anonymes qui critiquent les gens derrière leurs écrans, qui ne savent que tailler les autres, mais eux on leur demande jamais leur insta ni de vidéo, ni de photo ? ça vous étonne pas vous les gens qui se cachent ?
Ils ont quoi à cacher ?
Leur laideur ? Leur sénilité ?
Le pire c'est les crétins qui propagent la haine de ces types sans demander de preuve, ni leur demander de s'afficher.
A bon entendeur..

What kind of people do you hate?

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
I had to think about this for a while. I hate people who do harm to people they should be protecting.
Harming a child is something I can't even comprehend or want to think about, but here are two people I wish would get their Karma:
Chris Belter's mother who drugged underage girls so that her son could rape them. Chris Belter went unpunished by the way and is laughing about it.
And this really broke my heart:
The victim's name and photo were made public in social media by a FEMALE State Representative. An elected official. A person to serve their constituents. A Republican WOMAN who punished a victim of sexual assault by putting her name and her face out there and saw nothing wrong with it when questioned before an ethics committee. If there is a hell, she'll have VIP privileges.

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Mise à jour de printemps ASKfm (pour Android)

ASKfm_France’s Profile PhotoASKfm France
Tu peux maintenant ajouter une photo à ta question. 📸
Télécharge simplement une image lorsque tu écris ta question à des personnes autour de toi ou à des amis.
Discuter dans ASKfm devient encore plus intéressant !
Pour l'instant, la fonctionnalité est disponible pour les utilisateurs d'Android.
Les utilisateurs iOS et Desktop restent à l'affût des alertes
Comment aimes-tu la mise à jour ?! 👇
Mise à jour de printemps ASKfm pour Android

Spring ASKfm update (for Android)

askfm’s Profile PhotoASKfm
Now you can add a photo to your question. 📸
Just upload an image when you write your question to people around or to friends.
Chatting in ASKfm is becoming even more interesting!
For now, the feature is available for Android users.
iOS and Desktop users stay tuned for alerts
How do you like the update?! 👇
Spring ASKfm update for Android

see my photo n tell me am i scary?

hadi_khan95’s Profile Photopikachuuuuuu
No one's scary yar.
Don't feel bad about yourself and don't seek others opinions bout your self.
Just be you and live you life the way you wanted to live 💖💖
Allah nay sbko khubsurat banaya hai.. jo kisi ko shkal sy judge krta wo usko nahi wo Allah ko judge kr raha hota 🙋‍♀️
Stay blessed.

Πως μπορεις να νιωθεις ομορφη με ολα αυτα τα ομορφα κοριτσια στο τικτοκ και στα σοσιαλ ενω εσυ εισαι σκατα? Ντρεπομαι να βγω εξω.

esterinalampropoulou’s Profile Photoesterinalampropoulou
Δυστυχώς έχεις πέσει θύμα της virtual reality. Έχει τύχει να δω influencer του Instagram από κοντά και να μην λέει τίποτα, ενώ στις photo να φαίνεται θεά. Κανείς, λοιπόν, δεν είναι ό,τι δείχνει και φυσικά ό,τι λάμπει δεν είναι πάντα χρυσός. Ο καθένας είναι όμορφος με τον δικό του ξεχωριστό τρόπο και θυμήσου ότι η εσωτερική ομορφιά είναι πάντα αυτή που κρατάει.

Post a (PG rated) photo that make someone laugh?

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM. Adam
Я не понимаю о чем ты меня спрашиваешь Адам?
Знаю, что у тебя имя очень сильное и дающее тебе возможность изучать глубокие вопросы бытия, кстати знаю, что одного сына у Рамзана Кадырова так зовут, эм, поэтому пиши на русском людям из России.

PAP of the last creature you saw when you were celebrating your birthday.

Red panda :)
Not the best photo cuz it was far away lol but my days were they adorable!
The red pandas are the newest addition to the Safari Park :3
PAP of the last creature you saw when you were celebrating your birthday
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How you celebrate your 1st Eid day? ❣️

aleee_shaa’s Profile Photo✨Ꮧ Ꮭ Ꮛ Ꮛ Ꮥ Ꮒ Ꮧ✨
Subah ab say pehlay siwayian khaatay hain phir tiyar shiyar honay k bàad jaa kr Eidi milti hai Ami Abu say, uskay beghair eidi ka koi scene nhi hota hai :3 . Phir photo session hota hai behnon k saath, phir khaanay mai parathon k saath mutton qorma khaatay hain aur phir shaam ko bahr ghoomnay nikl jaatay hain saath kuch kha pee laitay hain eidi say😂 😂

📸🐱🐶🐹🐰Post a photo of your favourite animal (doesn't have to be a pet of yours just your favourite kind of animal in general)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Purely because my boyfriend and I went to the Safari Park yesterday for my birthday!
This zebra was so friendly! You can feed varying animals and this lil cutie was so gentle and sweet :3
Post a photo of your favourite animal doesnt have to be a pet of yours just your
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📸🐱🐶🐹🐰Post a photo of your favourite animal (doesn't have to be a pet of yours just your favourite kind of animal in general)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I don't know if I'd really want a pet bat, unless I could figure out how to train one, but I love that they exist.
Post a photo of your favourite animal doesnt have to be a pet of yours just your
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