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Czy Ciebie też denerwują pytania zmieszane z odpowiedziami?

olka_szulc’s Profile PhotoMłoda mamusia ❤️
Staram się "wyprostować" je w odpowiedzi, a jak się nie da,
to pytanie przepada 🎈 Pozdrawiam 💕
- Meryem, diamenty; i Jej turecka ekipa.
meryemuzerlimeryem 💍💙 @bluediamondtr 💙💍
💎 💎 💎
Photographer @fethikaraduman Hair @ibrahimzengin
Make up @alirizaozdemir Styling @aliarisso
PR @burcubulutcan Retouch @meykermen

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Czy Ciebie też denerwują pytania zmieszane z odpowiedziami

🦜 Czy miałeś/aś okazję rozmawiać kiedyś z gadającą papugą? 🦜

cobralenka’s Profile Photo↯ Cobra | Lenka ↯
🦜 Ja nie, ale w filmie "Cingöz Recai", w którym gra Meryem, detektyw ma w swoim biurze papugę i przed podjęciem decyzji, radzi się jej.
🎥 Meryem, otrzymała nagrodę na ceremonii, z okazji 107 rocznicy obchodów kina tureckiego, za którą podziękowała na ig. Gratulujemy 💐
meryemuzerlimeryem #aboutlastnight #istanbulmylove …
Thanks for the award during the 107th year of Turkish Cinema celebration 🎥
👗 Styling @aliarisso Photographer @eneskahraman
Dress @ilathebrand Shoes/Bag @serenauziyel
PR @burcubulutcan Hair @byhuelya Jewelry @bluediamondtr

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Czy miałeśaś okazję rozmawiać kiedyś z gadającą papugą

It's interesting but really tough. Plus, this field is really risky specifically in Pakistan. We have a lot of processes to complete a short film. Tomorrow, I'll shoot a public awareness video regarding mental health. Then I'll be editing that for two nights 💀 What do you study?

Saimusic’s Profile Photoᵃʳᵗᶦˢᵗ ˢᵃᶦᵐ
Mein ne kafi shoots kiye hue h as a model or photographer kafi idea h mujhy iss field ka. I'm doing game design and development

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لو هتلغي بند من بنود الجواز هتلغي ايه؟

معرفش بنود الجواز دي ايه أصلا 😂😂😂 بس فيه حاجات حقيقي مكلفة ع الفاضي يعني انا لو هتكلم من وجهه نظري انا ف حوار الشبكة ده فاكس خالص ماله يعني دبلة وخاتم بس !! حوار الجهاز ده نقدر نوفر فيه كتير وبنات كتير دلوقت مش بتجيب غير اللي هتستخدمه بس . اكتر حاجة بالنسبة لي ملهاش لازمة هي make-up و photographer يعني المفروض انا ك عروسة هكون متوترة ومعنديش make up material ف بقرر اوفر وابسط نفسي واروح لواحدة تساعدني مش تاخد كتير اوفر كده ده طبعا غير حاجاات خاصة بالبنات بتحصل ف البيوتي سنتر كل حاجه بالشئ الفلاني .مش هستخصر ف نفسي ولا بخل مني لا والله بينضحك علينا جامد ف الحوار ده .. ليه ادخل اسأل فوتوغرافر الاقيه ب ١٢ الف ليه والله عملتله unfollow 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Meetup Holland is looking for new members! We do fun activities once a month (think about bowling, jump xl, out for dinner, bbq, etc). Every age, gender and nationality is welcome! 💗 Let me know if you're interested and I'll send the WhatsApp or Facebook group link.

NoraKitties’s Profile PhotoNora May
sounds nice, but I don't have time and no transport, but if you are looking for a photographer, you know where to look: d

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How would you describe yourself?

I have the personality of an untamed struggler, who must come out on top no matter what the cost. I have a strong temperament, I am headstrong, proud, occasionally pugnacious toward other people, easily satisfied and untiring. I am someone indefatigable and a man of sound common sense, I admire the tireless character, determination, and the ability to move forward in myself. I was always exact, indefatigable, alert, and well-informed. I have always engaged in my studies with unflagging energy. I am many things: naturopath and nutritional therapist, a tireless researcher, a gifted communicator and a passionate explorer. I am inspired by the numerous community groups and volunteers who do so much work and achieve so much with little resources. I am on the one hand curious, energetic, inventive, unorthodox, indefatigable, confident, enthusiastic, honest, and humorous; and on the other hand I can be aggressive, forthright, outspoken, ambitious, tenacious, disputatious, and proud. Energetic, a tireless worker and possessing good judgement. With unshakeable optimism and endless energy, I stood by him at official ceremonies and helped him perform his duties, even reading passages from the Speech from the Throne. Tireless, inexhaustible, without ever growing disheartened. With an extraordinary sense of business, I am an indefatigable self-taught man. Determined, sparing no pains, without escaping risk. Dynamic, entrepreneurial and hardworking. An untiring traveller and photographer with a keen and revealing eye. I remember the first time I laid eyes on you at one of the many charity evts to which you so tirelessly devote yourself. I am a cheerful, active, very cheerful, indefatigable visionary with a rich inner world. During the six years that I spent in this field I have unleashed my boundless energy and curiosity on a range of other pursuits, driven by a quest for discovery. I used to be a restless person, I never used to stop, I was always active. A tireless worker and someone blessed with a very generous spirit. I try to set a tireless example, and my co-workers know that when I get an idea, nothing can stop me. I am conscientious, painstaking. I have a strong sense of social responsibility; I assume more than my share of community tasks. Gifted with a photographic memory, relentless drive, high standards and exquisite experimental dexterity, I soon made an international reputation. My writing is lean, lucid, and a pleasure to read. I accompanied him on one of his trips, and could not but admire his superabundant energy, his tirelessness, his constant spiritual alertness, and his kindness to and concern for unimportant people.

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Do you consider yourself an interesting/boring person? How so?

I think I'm boring. I don't have any hobbies besides reddit and occasionally binging a tv show, I haven't experienced a lot of interesting things (that are positive), there's nothing I know particularly much about, and if you talk to me I don't know what to say most of the time. Regarding the hobbies, there are a few things I'd like to get into (like oil painting and wood carving) but I don't have that much money and it always costs so much initially to buy all the tools and stuff and if I have the choice of either spending my money on lots of takeaway food and clothing or on tools that I don't even know I'll use twice, it's not a difficult decision. Mostly, I'm infinitely curious about the world and people. When I meet someone new I see a chance of learning more, discovering someone and finding out what we might have in common. I've cultivated all this diversity of interests because every member of my family likes different things and we always pay attention to each other and learn from each other (dad's a mathematician and physicist who has a rock band, mom is an interior-design nerd who loves science documentaries and learning about different cultures, big brother is a history-geek, programmer and photographer who rescues dogs, sister in law is an engineer and practices karate, middle brother is a writer and editor who's getting into graphic design and wants to study history, i've even adopted many interests from my little nephews and niece, like some cartoons and videogames). I also have a witty and silly sense of humor (thanks to both my parents) and most of the times feel confident around people (other times I get very anxious) mostly because I know I can handle pretty much any conversation topic (either because I have something to contribute or because I know nothing about it but want to learn a bit). I also try to make other people feel comfortable, specially if they're shy. I'm always respectful. Of course, to some people I would be boring anyway. Some might not like my sense of humor or whatever. Also, most of my hobbies are done inside, so I'm trying to get into something that would take me outside (installed PokemonGo for this reason but I'm considering going back to french classes) because I'm dating someone. But right now? Boring as fuck. I'm a student, and all I basically do is study, party, Netflix and occasional interesting things related to my degree. I can't afford to indulge in my hobbies, or have the time to travel even around my country. I like gaining extra knowledge through reading and stuff, but I'm awful at retaining it, so I'm not very good at contributing to meaningful conversations regarding stuff like politics. I'm good at chatting biology, feminism, climate change and animals, that's pretty much it.

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التصوير هو إيقاف لحظة من الزمن للإستمتاع بها إلى الأبد🎥 🔹هاوي تصوير يطمح للأفضل🔹 اتمنى من الجميع اضافتي على حساباتي💜✨ الانستكرام💜 https://www.instagram.com/aistura.0/ قناتي على تلكرام💜 https://t.me/Aistura_0 السناب شات💛 https://www.snapchat.com/add/mostafathamer9 تيك توك🖤 www.tiktok.com/@aistura_0

Aistura’s Profile PhotoAistura
📷Photographer and Producer
🏫College of Environmental Sciences[ENV]🔬
التصوير هو إيقاف لحظة من الزمن للإستمتاع بها إلى الأبد🎥
🔹هاوي تصوير يطمح للأفضل🔹
اتمنى من الجميع اضافتي على حساباتي💜✨
قناتي على تلكرام💜
السناب شات💛
تيك توك🖤

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💎 Chcesz mieszkać do końca życia w Polsce czy w przyszłości będziesz chciał/a się wyprowadzić za granicę? Dlaczego?

karuska13’s Profile PhotoKarolina
Kocham swój kraj, i nie mam zamiaru się wyprowadzać ❤️
- Miłych Majówek, Wszystkim 🌺😘🌸🌻🌹🌼🌷
1.05.2021 - najnowsza sesja 📷
meryemuzerlimeryem 🖤🖤🖤 Photographer @dhanasabira Make up @lukas.k_hairstylist_makeup
Hair @friseurausderwieschen Assistant @paulanietner
Styling/ Dress/ Designer @jasminerbas
#berlin #photoshoot #hairstyle #makeup

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Chcesz mieszkać do końca życia w Polsce czy w przyszłości będziesz chciała się

Does anyone know a good event photographer in faisalabad ?

Well I don't know about Faislabad. But i have 1 photographer who if i am not wrong lives in Lahore and he manages to photograph shaadi waghaira. His name is RabNawaz and he is such a good Photographer. Even we had a wedding on Friday In our family and he took the pictures waghaira. He is a very good Phtographer and more of a family terms with us. Itna bata diya hai ab aur koi Bio data chaiye hai uska?😂😂

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Любимый новогодний фильм Ани?

alenalopeva8451’s Profile PhotoПавел Чинарев и Карина фан
Добрый вечер , любимый новогодний фильм Ани -Ирония судьбы
Поздравляю всех с наступающим Новым годом 🎄🎆🎆, желаю прекрасных дней , счастливых моментов , радости в жизни , пусть исполняется все заветные мечты , но все плохое останется в 2020 году , а Новый год принесёт доброты и самое хорошее
Instagram annaandrusenko44 annaandrusenko44 Воууу))) до Нового Года остаётся всего ничего!) Хочу Вас всех поздравить и пожелать всего самого чудесного, волшебного и прекрасного в Новом 2021 году!!! Пусть он принесёт вам и вашим родным только всё самое доброе и хорошее!!! Только положительных эмоций, радости и всего чего по настоящему желаете!Будьте здоровы!)С Наступающим!!!) И пусть у нас всё будет очень и очень хорошо!) 😀❤️
Photographer: @marinaiva.ph
Stylist: @tatyana.smit.style
MUA: @nagibina_makeup
Hair stylist:@yulishvedenko
Studio: @paramatmastudio.ru

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Любимый новогодний фильм Ани

Где Маша планирует отметить Новый год ?

MiLafan’s Profile PhotoМила Сивацкая фан
Добрый вечер | 28 December, 2020
Маша не делилась своими планами о том, где будет встречать Новый год. Возможно, дома с родными.
berseneza Вчера ✨
Завершили театральный год с @interbal.ruпоказом нашего искрометного спектакля#блэз🎄✨ спасибо любимым коллегам и самым лучшим нашим зрителям за#вчера
Было здорово❣️
Ура! Теперь вот ... 😅#праздниккнамприходит✨🥰
@ola_p_vb #photographer📸

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Где Маша планирует отметить Новый год

Есть ли у Вашего вторая половинка? Как они познакомились?

Добрый вечер, Аня скрывает свою личную жизнь 💔
Instagram annaandrusenko44 💫
Photographer: @marinaiva.ph
Stylist: @tatyana.smit.style
MUA: @nagibina_makeup
Hair stylist:@yulishvedenko
Studio: @paramatmastudio.ru

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Есть ли у Вашего вторая половинка Как они познакомились

That's cool such a real natural photo too I love that its nice to see you in a way thats not a selfie😌

I know, just currently i am not around anyone who enjoys taking pictures and/or good at it. So i have to just do selfies for now but im looking for someone who would just take photos of me! But, it looks like i have to pay a photographer or something. 😔 i prefer photos of me taken by someone else rather than selfies.

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+13 answers in: “Do you have a picture of you laughing?”

hello there, i just started learning photography online and i was just wondering if you happen to know a good camera for beginners? that is also good for shooting film? 🤗

abiepgonzales’s Profile Photoabie
Hey hey! I’m sorry btw I’ve been so slack at responding to questions lately, it’s honestly not intentional!
That’s exciting you’re learning photography! Unfortunately I’ve never shot with film before, so I don’t have any recommendations there sadly, but are you still interested in shooting digital?
The camera I have currently I highly recommend, which is the Fujifilm XT100. It’s fairly pricey for starting out and it wasn’t the camera I learnt on (which was a Canon EOS1000D, for reference), but the Fuji is leaps and bounds better than the Canon I had! Admittedly, it was at the bottom of their range, but even just comparing the bodies of that and the Fuji (as I have only ever had a standard kit lens), the quality is far sharper, crisper and it’s so easy to navigate! It could be worth looking into that brand and seeing if any takes your fancy.
If you wish, @origamibirds is a photographer by profession, and I’m sure she’d have plenty of advice and tips for starting out/shooting on film! Her work is amazing 📸🎞

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🌻I'm going to try and ask a question every day! So here goes lol 🌿 When you were a child, was there a profession you really wanted to do? Did you follow through with it, or did your ideas change? :3

i wanted to be a teacher or a paramedic.
but i’m terrified of hospitals & i don’t have the patience for other people’s kids sometimes lol.
my whole idea changed lol.
i want to be a photographer

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thats whats up looking back i sort wish i wouldve taken a photography class i wouldve definitely been a photographer and create my own photo gallery or maybe try to be a make up artist

michaeljarreau18’s Profile PhotoCiyote-warrior
I plan to photograph abandoned amusement parks and abandoned places in general. I want my career to be in psychology, but I also want to be an author, photographer, taxidermist, bird watcher, and more on the side. Makeup artist? Photography is nice, I have my own film camera. It's interesting to develop photos on your own. You will not get paid much for it, though.

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+12 answers in: “If love ever found you one day and you ended up getting married would you design your own wedding gown or just pick one out and buy it?”

Momken m3l4 tfhmeny ksm technology da btdreeso eh? w El mfrod btl3ko mdrsen computer y3ny wla eh ? W enty nawya 3la eh lma t5lsy kolia

Bndra barmaga w taswer w siana w nozom ta48il w tab3n 3 7asb eltrm
Bn4t8p a5sa2y computer aw 3la 7sb elly nta ht5taro momln photographer w momkn f bank
Na bfker ab2a doctor f elgam3a ISA aw 7aga f bank

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Next time you're out at some place cool, please consider teasing the photographer accompanying you slightly LESS THAN THE LEVEL jismy wo deliberately pura itna bara person ignore kar ka picture me light pole par focus karna pasand kren (@4th display) :P #achaSorry

London ka pole bhi hum sy zyada importance rakhta!!😂

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+7 answers in: “Oh, so it actually feels like earthquake in your phone when someone continuously likes your 10 responses. Thanks for giving me a taste of my own medicine :P”