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What’s a talent you wish you had or that you’re working on?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I am blessed with zillion talents , I don't need more
I cook beyond good like professional
I am good in photography
I write good quote
I know numerology I can bring anyone's name on good number !!
I am good in Islamic calligraphy, I paint flowers paintings like water lily , sun flower ,roses etc
I sing really well

Would you rather be an expert at one thing, or pretty good at many things?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I am good in zillion things I do all things perfectly
I cook beyond good like professional
2) I write good quote
3) I am good in nature photography
4) I am good in Islamic calligraphy and drawing
5) I know numerology I can bring anyone's name on good number
6) I know crystal healing

Вишня или черешня?🍒

Добрый вечер ⭐ 27 November, 2022
Маша любит вишню и черешню.
🍁🕊️🍁🕊️🍁 НОВОСТИ 🕊️🍁🕊️🍁🕊️
Сегодня, в День Матери, Маша поделилась очень радостной и очень личной новостью со своими коллегами и поклонниками. Совсем скоро Маша во второй раз станет мамой.
berseneza Счастье не может быть громким.Оно тихое. Уютное. Родное…
Но, поскольку я уже на финишной прямой, в #деньматери , пришло время поделиться. Принимаю поздравления вдвойнE! 🙏🏻🥹
Разделите со мной мое счастье )
+ ♥️
@mari.ermishkina.photo #photography
Вишня или черешня

أول شخصٍ ابتكرَ الصورة، تُرى ما الذي رآه و رغب بالنظر إليهِ إلى الأبد ؟

للوهله الأولى كان الجواب
"وجهه، حتى يتأمل بديع صنع الله"، لكن وجدت بأنها وظيفة المرآة.
بعدها تذكرت
الـ Post-mortem photography ،
و تساءلت هل كان شخصاً يخشى الفقد، أو كان مُجرد مخترع ؟

Hey beautiful, done following.. But can u describe your content?

YasserMMoussa’s Profile PhotoYasser Moussa
Thank you! My content is a bit of everything really. 🤣 I do a lot of different things so I post a lot of different things. From my daily life with my family to my gaming things, my photography and modeling, my travels and currently my moving!
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
Hey beautiful done following But can u describe your content

📸 Question: 1.What kind of camera do you own (model)? 2.What's your favourite setting for the photos? 3.Do you use it professionally or just for your own purposes? Perhaps you wish to show us a photo you took with said camera? 4. Can you give us a helpful suggestion/tip that you've learned so far?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I use a Panasonic G80! I run that camera mostly manual so I swap settings on the fly depending on the environment, it has very nifty dials and buttons to make it possible for you to play around and get the look that you want. What I think one should prioritize when wanting to improve their photography is to not focus too much on the gear used. Instead, try to make the most of your own creativity when taking a picture, by taking advantage of different angles for example 📸
Question 1What kind of camera do you own model 2Whats your favourite setting for

Do you like to keep plants in your home? Maybe post a picture of a plant you own? 🌿📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm an addict, a collector and basically a huge fauna and flora lover.
I own about 70 different plants. Most of them are still small since I like to buy smaller plants and watch them grow.
Here's a little photo collage of some of my favourite photos that I've taken with my sony camera.
Way more photos can be found on my Instagram account. I don't do much there anymore, but would love to re-start my plant collection and photography journey.
Do you like to keep plants in your home Maybe post a picture of a plant you own

What are your hobbies?

anonstar17654’s Profile Photoanonstar17654
Eat. Sleep. Read fictions. Write/Journal. Explore and listen to music. Surf the internet. Scroll through social media. Walk at a park and/or beach. Swim (more like float and attempt on frog style). Spend quality time with loved ones. Watch movies/shows/concerts. Experimental cooking. And as of lately, compose music.
I've revived my old Instagram photography account and been posting some of my music works. I've no music background and playing around for fun. I'm still learning on how to navigate through such things but rather contented with basic mixing at the moment.
Creative Instagram account:
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Do you have any hidden talents?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Let me tell once again my talent
I cook beyond good like professional
I write good quote
I am good in nature photography
I sing really well
I paint nature painting like 4 deer standing in tallest tree shadow, lion painting ,tiger painting ,water Lily painting etc
I know crystal healing
I know numerology
I am vlogger
Still finding my hidden talent

What do you post on social media?

Usually art, on my art account.
On my other one, it will be fashion focused posts, or photography, maybe some self portraits, animal photos. Any lil craft projects I do, I share. And on stories it's usually funny posts I see or relate to etc that I share.

If you have so many likes and followers on Instagram, you would be earning huge some of money .

That doesn't interest me :)
I upload to Instagram for fun! Just my photography that I'm proud of, or just day to day things!
I wouldn't want to turn it into a money making venture :)
If you have so many likes and followers  on Instagram you would  be  earning

133 days left until 2023. Have you accomplished what you were hoping to get done this year, almost done or has the time slipped by too fast?

One of my goals was to reduce my mortgage by 75% which I have accomplished as of July. My goal is to payoff the mortgage within 2 years. Another goal was to replace the flooring in the master bedroom which is also complete. I have a few personal goals that I am working on related to music, photography and exercise that are in progress.
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What do you use to edit photos?

I pretty much just use Lightroom these days - tweaking shadows/highlights, playing around with editing the colours to bring out different hues, etc.
I wish I’d known about the application when I studied photography, way back when! For me it’s just another creative outlet to play around with, really :)
Here’s an example, with the original shot on the left :)
What do you use to edit photos

What are some apps that are creative outlets for people?

Depends what kind of creative you’re looking for. I don’t know if both have apps but I’d recommend Livejournal for writing and DeviantArt for any type of art including photography and writing. Both are extremely old school so may not be in as much use as they once were but quite sure they’re still fairly active.

What do you like to do for fun?

boss_wifey_mommy291’s Profile PhotoMrs Brothers
Examples of things I like to do for fun include photography, swimming, playing video games, talking with friends etc. 😄
@smugcobra And to answer your question, I'd say I'm pretty decent at some of those things! Whenever I swim at my local pool I tend to be the fastest in the water and I've felt comfortable framing some pictures I've taken and putting up those on the walls of my room 😁
What do you like to do for fun

Is your Instagram an online photo album or a showcase of your thoughts and interests?

In regards to my posts, it’s more of a photo album/portfolio, which is why there aren’t many posts on there. With my stories however, it’s much more personal and showcases things I’m interested in (whether that simply be the act of photography, things that I find aesthetically pleasing, or small things about my life, etc) :)

Could you please post a poem in memory of all of the Mothers who have died?

"Mom" by Alex and Photography by Guille Pozzi
I write these words to ease the pain,
But life goes on just the same.
Losing you still bothers me,
Maybe in time I'll learn to see.
Those years gone by are hard to find,
Although I know you were so kind.
I'm grateful too, your love for me,
And all those children on your knee.
Love it never dies
It grows every day
I don't know why
You went away
Though life is short it lasts awhile,
So must we try to keep a smile.
For when your sun begins to set,
Surely we will be upset.
The time has come to say goodbye,
We'll meet again, in the bye and bye.
And so it goes... the seasons change,
But with it Mom, Our love remains.
Could you please post a poem in memory of all of the Mothers who have died

What's something u dislike about your hobby/passion? E.g. the community, expense, lack of exposure etc.

smugcobra’s Profile PhotoSmugCobra™
I have been doing photography for more than a decade.. I would say it is the community that is just daft or too technical brained. Instead of going out there to do photography, they are always getting so technical over photos and equipments.

What are your top three favourite things?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
I can't answer such questions haha. Mainly because I don't have top favourite things. I can't determine which is which as it also depends on my mood and what I need in a certain time. But in general, I love my alone time, tea, journalling, collecting stuff, paper, the sky and the nature, photography and many other things. 🤍

¿Te gustaría viajar a Japón? 👀🎌

➤Hace unos años cuando me reencontré con mi familia londinense, me estuvieron contando cómo se lo habían pasado y todo lo que habían hecho cuando viajaron por última vez a Japón, y me dieron muchísima envidia
✱(Mi tío trabajaba para British Airways [tanto como ayudante de cabina, como en facturación de equipaje en uno de los aeropuertos de Londres]; y cuando los empleados tenían vacaciones, les hacían rebajas en los billetes para el destino que quisieran. Además podían viajar con 1 acompañante. Con lo cual, cada cierto tiempo estaban viajando a Asia o al Caribe)
➤Aunque desde pequeña, ciertos animes que se emitían por TV como "Urutsei Yatsura" (Lum, la chica invasora) o "Shin Chan" me hicieron querer aprender más cosas sobre Japón. Precisamente por las parodias sociales de las tramas y las historias tan poéticas o misteriosas que incidían en el folklore de allí.
➤Pero lo que siempre me ha llamado la atención y me sorprende (desde la perspectiva de la Fotografía, de Historia del Arte, del Diseño...), es ese contraste enorme entre la modernidad y la tradición; donde se logra una complementación casi perfecta 😮
A mí me gustaría ir principalmente a trabajar con la Nikon o el iPhone, aunque también ofrece muchísimas oportunidades de ocio
🔹Pierre T. Lambert - EPIC 5 Minute Night Photography Challenge In Tokyo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLBg8onrMqcMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 sLBg8onrMqcMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 sLBg8onrMqc
🔹Cyberpunk 2018 TOKYO Shinjuku 4K
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrHVi0GCFycMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 DrHVi0GCFycMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 DrHVi0GCFyc
🔹Japan - Neons & Sakuras
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzpB5PlVhiAMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 vzpB5PlVhiAMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 vzpB5PlVhiA
🔹DJI Osmo Pocket - Japanese Summer Festival
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlW7IqryMmwMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 JlW7IqryMmwMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 JlW7IqryMmw
🔹Kyoto Festival: Jidai Matsuri
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI1jNveFN-wMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 MI1jNveFN-wMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 MI1jNveFN-w
🔹京都 伏見稲荷(Fushimi inari Kyoto)SONY α7SⅡ slog3 Pilotfly H1plus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgA6LCHG4kAMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 dgA6LCHG4kAMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 dgA6LCHG4kA
🔹Kyoto in Time Lapse
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKPMPU6zCmMMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 eKPMPU6zCmMMissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 eKPMPU6zCmM
🔹100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide
▶︎Audio inglés. Se pueden poner subs. en español◀︎
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYSMJ-lM2t0MissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 HYSMJ-lM2t0MissArtistsoul’s Video 170517090147 HYSMJ-lM2t0

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