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What is your dream career?

It was Astronomy. Having such a fascination for the stars, for the planets, comets, asteroids, etc., it just triggered so many good and warm feelings. It made me wonder if this could be a career. I found out it could be. Only to find out you need to work with physics and math. I can tolerate Math. Physics, not so much. I hated my high school physics class. My favorite part was failing the exam to fail the class, because it meant it was over. All the freaking pain was over lol.
It was also at that moment any final hopes of having Astronomy as a career faded. Not to mention, the career isn't all that good for growth. From what I read, you either worked in a laboratory, or you were a professor. It's like there's not many other branches - like the ones you have in IT. From programming, you can be a game developer, you can write Linux scripts (and PowerShell scripts, and Batch files), you can develop software, you can develop mobile apps, etc. There's more options.
Even though I went back to school a 2nd time to learn more about IT, would I call it a dream career? No, I wouldn't. A dream career is something you dream of doing. I dreamed of being an Astronomer. One can argue the dream is still alive. I just hate Physics lol. Although, I'm also aware I can change my mindset around that. At the same time, I'm also comfortable with the fact it's not a career. Sometimes you can look at something, you know you can change it, but you'd rather leave it be. So I'm content with it being a hobby at most, and not a career.

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Thanks for the answer 🙂. Then I wonder what you really wanted to do, but never did? What's stopping you?

jungtyan5245’s Profile PhotoKessy_Sinklo
When I was younger I really wanted to be an Astronomer. I loved space, loved how it was so mysterious, and just wanted to make that a career. However, I later realized that you need a good grasp of Physics (as well as Math), and after struggling immensely in Physics (as well as having no passion for it lol) it basically stopped me from really going for it. Not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't want to spend a lifetime doing something I might regret. I suppose taking Physics class was going for it, and then seeing what the end result was. If I did well in that class, I might've changed my mind, but high school was full of me procrastinating lol.
Life's still young, so maybe that could change. I wouldn't put it near the top of my priority list because I'm content with it being a hobby at most.

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Being at a young age, I study Quantum Physics. This gets hard with advanced concepts. Should people like me accept the fact that I'm not a prodigy or try hard to somehow become one?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
Prodigies are on a whole different level. They weren't born that way, but they were ahead of the game compared to their peers. It's not like Mozart came out of the womb conducting, and composing. He learned, at a young age, how to be really good at music, and then became a legend.
It's totally fine to not be a prodigy. Even if you try to be one, it would take a lot of dedication. Even then, they may still destroy you because they started at an extremely young age, and never stopped. It's as if they are the Terminator.

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Co jest Twoim „dlaczego”?

YouCanTrustMeAngel’s Profile PhotoN.
I can’t read physics papers in physics journals. I’m not mathematically gifted and so there are all sorts of scientific and mathematical claims that i can’t evaluate. But most of the time when i read a book, if i don’t understand it, i believe that the author hasn’t made it clear. And i’ve read some difficult people. I’ve read Jung, who’s unbelievably difficult, Nietzsche and neuroscience texts, Jaak Panksepp, Gray’s book. „Neuropsychology of anxiety”, that bloody book took me six months to read. It’s a tough book. It’s 1,500 references, something like that and an idea pretty much in every sentence. When i hit Lacan and Derrida, it was like... It’s not that i’m stupid. It’s that you’re playing a game.

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Co jest Twoim dlaczego

Do you sometimes feel disillusioned with your life?

Nah, I found out pretty young that a lot of people's lives are fucked up, mine is too but certainly not the worst. I feel like I've done pretty well with these broken pieces handed to me
I graduated from one of the top universities in the country in May with two degrees, but I didn't do any job searching. I was more than burnt out. Things I loved doing I had begun to hate and dread, and it was a battle to get out of bed in the morning. I had no idea what I wanted to do next with my life, and so I just ignored my responsibilities. That said, I think it was the right decision to take a break. My energy has been returning. End of August, I took a job waitressing and I'm being trained as a bartender. Work is stressful, but I don't bring it home with me, and it's really nice. But, I don't want to be there forever. I want to start looking for work in my fields, but it feels daunting. I've already learned all I really can at my work place (I work full time hours), and I'm bored. However, all my friends who are already beginning their careers don't seem that happy which makes me...uncertain? I'm not sure how to describe my emotions. But, none of them feel that happy with where they are or what they are doing. I wonder if there's more to life than getting that 9-5. They go to work, eat out a lot (food seems to be EVERYTHING), and then watch tv and movies or read. That's it. Even if they seem comfortable or content, they don't feel really satisfied or happy. I just messed around for a few months (supported by my parents..) applied to a few physics graduate programs, took the GREs and so on. Then I get a job doing physics in February. It's not even exactly the area or physics I was initially interested in, but it is an amazing job. I have some freedom to pick the projects I work on, and total freedom in how to approach them. I suddenly have money. Not as much as people doing, say, electrical engineering. But I'm being paid enough I bought a corvette and moved out. And for my job there is no "bringing work home", which makes this orders of magnitude better than school. Of course I can work on stuff at home, read some papers in my downtime or whatever. And sometimes there are deadlines that need to be filled. But if I want to have a beer and watch tv on a Wednesday evening it's no big deal. Without all that other crap, I love physics again. Not being stressed and burnt out helped. Illusions, no matter how grand, limit your scope and view of the true universe. It is a harsh and brutal place, but it is elegant and beautiful. Embrace truth, even when it cuts, and learn to see disillusionment as liberating rather than something being taken from you. Within this universe, we have the freedom to chose our own meaning, and to assign value to anything we chose, and in enough time, there is no limit to what we might become. None of that would be possible if even half of our wishful thinking were truth instead of illusion.

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Haya best period of your life?

Ammm the school days were always the bestest days of my life.
From coming first in the morning and reserving seats for my frens to letting my frens buy stuff from cateen in the lunch time without being in the que (perks of being the Head Girl). Having long walks in the school before assembly making discussion about Zindgi Gulzar ha, Hamsafar, Alvida and all the hit dramas to being in the Physics lab trynna understand Vernier Calliper and other baqwas experiments. Going out to fill the water bottles and roaming in the school to teacher asking me not to sit with your frens again in my class. Lived the bestest days of my life .
P.S : Imma missing my frens ab (;

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معنديش استعداد آجل يسطا ولو حتى واحد ف الميه💔 وكمان انا كده فاضل اهو ٥٠ يوم هلحق بجد اجيب تجاره مستريح او حقوق ولا لاء؟ واعمل اى؟ وهل شوفتى ناس كده ولا صعب بجد؟؟ انا صحابي ال اكبر منى كانوا ثانويه السنه ال فاتت هم كانوا بيزاكروا جامد من اول السنه وكانوا اوائل قبل كده وجابو ف physics ٣١ من ٦٠ و٣٧

لا خلاص متاجليش وع فكره 50 يوم حلوين خالص ومتبصيش لسلبيات حد خالص بليز فكري في كلامي انتي دماغك غيرهم فكرك غيرهم استيعابك غيرهم وبصراحه انا مشوفتش حد كده بس انت باراده قويه والله هتعملي المستحيل هتكوني احسن مما تتخيلي

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Where do you think Stephen Hawkins is right now (give an honest and respectful response plz even though he didn't believe in God)

cameranmayfield800’s Profile PhotoCameran Mayfield
he didn't believe in God but he outlived his disease by decades, he lived a meaningful life exploring physics looking for answers he was passionate about. If there was a God it certainly wouldn't matter if he believed or not.. he inspired and touched millions despite the odds thrown at him; if anything he might be a God, who knows.

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سلك معدنى ملفوف على هيئة ملف دائرى نصف قطرة 7 cm وعدد لفاته4 لفات وعندما يمر به تيار كهربى ينشأ عند مركزه مجال مغناطيسى كثافة فيضه 3.52×10 T اذا شد الملف ليصبح سلك مستقيم ومر به نفس التيار ووضع في مجال مغناطيسى كثافة فيضة 1.5T بحيث يميل على اتجاه المجال بزاوية 30 احسب مقدار القوة المؤثرة على السلك.

مش معنى أن ال physiology, physics بيشتركوا فى اول خمس حروف انى اتسأل السؤال ده 🙂🥲

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What's the force that propels us far from the comfort of all that is familiar and makes us face challenges, even though we know that the glory of the world will pass away?

RehabImtiaz’s Profile PhotoRehab Imtiaz
NASA has a poster hanging with bees that reads:
"Aerodynamically a bee's body is not made to fly; the good thing is that the bee doesn't know ".
The law of physics says that a bee cannot fly, the aerodynamic principle says that the breadth of its wings is too small to keep its huge body in flight, but a bee doesn’t know, it doesn’t know anything about physics or its logic and flies anyway.
This is what we can all do, fly and prevail in every moment in the face of any difficulty and in any circumstance despite what they say.
Let us be bees, no matter the size of our wings, we take flight and enjoy the pollen of life."

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Whats the force that propels us far from the comfort of all that is familiar and

I'm a a senior high school student &i hate physics tho!! I don't used to go coachings Can I able to get 95+marks without coaching #self study ✨

Bronzegirl4737’s Profile PhotoHimani
Me coming from inorganic chemistry background with no coachings/tuitions can advice you to make your study routine,sleep routine,take mini intervals between ur study hours.Phy n Che are time consuming,mind blasting subjects.For self study you have to give ur 100%,make own notes,practice allot,memorize the formulas,theorems,derivatives.Don't just mug up.

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What genre of book do you prefer? I’ve gotten quite an enjoyment from a new theme of books I’ve been reading.

princess_savvy666’s Profile Photoprincess_savvy666
Wow....That 's a tough one tho 😁
I’m an incessant reader..I more or less always have a book at hand always lookin' for it with passion I never quite thought about why 😂 I just found all genres interesting ✨
Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi, Alternative History, Historical fiction,mystery,crime particularly British and Scandinavian novels, physics, philosophy, religion plus motivational and inspirational books
But my fav genre has changed a little these days
Now my preference weighs more towards physics especially ((Quantum physics/ Astrophysics ))and Astronomy categories than other genres.
I love to read these kind of books and topics that thrills me and sends a chill up my spine 😌
A Journey Through Time: Planet Earth 4,499,999,000 Years Ago
https://youtu.be/geiYwX5s-Qknourabdoun5642’s Video 166731854180 geiYwX5s-Qknourabdoun5642’s Video 166731854180 geiYwX5s-Qk

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What genre of book do you prefer Ive gotten quite an enjoyment from a new theme
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Ajeeb hi bandi thein. Berri ghalat nazroun sy dekhti thein. 😂 Baray achay time thy yaar. 😂 Yaar wo Physics walay bhi 2 teachers aye thy, aikback scratch walay aur aik jinko duster perra tha. 😂

Very touchy teacher I must say. 😂😂 Yaar woh LUMS walay becharay jinhe duster laga tha. Bhai jan Miss Tahira bhool gai? 😂

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+3 answers in: “Ghalat baat. Betay peeeyala. Hum bahar gaye aap ny class main noise produce kerna shuru ker di.”

History and science do. Ummmm! I am a bit skeptical on earth splitting into two. That means the end of us all. There are many theories and i am not an expert on any of it but i understand physics and it's laws.

EnugAmbrosia’s Profile PhotoEnug
I think it’s meant energetically and not physically.

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+39 answers in: “I read that you are currently reading "supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza and that made me text you. I felt like wow someone is there where i guess might share the same interest or not. 😅 I have been doing his meditations for a while now. Interesting bio.”

What events or situations in your life do you wish to "twist" or "rotate" to another direction? Do you think your life would have been better if you have chosen another path?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
It would have been better not to join certain Discord servers. They brought nothing but trouble. I wish I took another science class in place of physics, because physics makes me depressed. I wish I kept in touch with middle school friends.