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Are you a naturally curious person ?

RecordsAreBetter’s Profile PhotoRecordsAreBetter
Yes. I like to understand how things work. It is difficult for me to comprehend how some people can live their entire lives and not understand the physics involved with the machines and devices that they come in contact with everyday such as: the combustion engine, electricity, refrigeration, waste water treatment, light, sound and frequency, just to mention a few examples.

How come a man can be an intellectual and an imbecile simultaneously?

hassaan_mirza01’s Profile PhotoDoctor Zhivago
Ahhh this question...
I think wisdom comes with exposure.
If you are exposed to certain things more, you will have a more intellectual approach towards it in comparison with stuff where you lack exposure.
For example, Mileva Maric wife of Einstein considered a highly intellectual person. She played a major role in Einstein's success in his work in physics and science. However, she is also considered dumb for being used and fooled by Einstein.
She was a mathematician. She was exposed to equations at a very early age. However, she was bad at dealing with people. She was an introvert. She had less exposure in dealing with people that's why she got fooled.

how to pass mdcat 🙂

badddie___’s Profile Photogulalai
First of all, there's no concept of pass or fail in mdcat. Even if u have scored more than u thought of (that obviously doesn't happen), u have to pray. Let's say 80% isn't bad at all, but that isn't sufficient to be on merit list.
Don't panic.
Stay calm. Stay awake how many nights u want before the test. But sleep at least 6 hours before it. Close ur books at 11 the night before test, no matter how much u want to study.
Don't cramp ur books. Cramping works till FSC, not after that, not at all. Concepts should be clear. Read ur text books only and read them again n again. Ask ur physics teacher for formulas that will work as shortcuts. Practice them. There won't be much time to solve the numerical n they aren't as simple as the one we solve in fsc. They involve one or more formulas to get an answer. In biology, there are exact lines from books. In chemistry, u should know the chemical reactions.
At my time, test involved negative marking, so if it happens again, please do not attempt all the questions.

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Do you think as humans we must seek to elevate ourselves above Nature or live in acceptance of it?

as long as people breathe her air, drink her water and eat her plants and animals, they are not above her. Since childhood, I have been sure that the purpose of the appearance of humans is that nature needs a tool. Something that no other species on earth can do. Perhaps in order to build an analogue of noah's ark in the event of the expаnsion of the sun and transfer its creatures to a safer planet, or maybe something else. Explore the planet and its creatures in all their divеrsity, play with physics and look at the stars - and do not take more than necessаry from nature.
Anyway, even if we imagine that nature is just a resource, I still think that it needs to be treatеd carefully so that it can be restorеd.

Talk about a time you failed in life🥀

AbeehaRaza32595’s Profile PhotoAbeeha
Okay this one is close to my heart .
I failed physics in preliminary exams ( but i'm a big time A student ) so i was vnervous to share results with my baba..
& when we were there after knowing.
on our way back home he took me to have my fav meal & taught me life lesson on how to celebrate failure so u pick up from where u left instead of pounding on it..
❤️ that gave me nitro boast to excel for next 10 years in my life.

انا لو مكان الكليه مفرطش فيك العمر كله يبتاع ال physics انت ي مبطبط 😂💙

واضح يا انون ان كلمة تربيه اللي انا متصوره تحتها دي معدتش من عليك 🌚
مع انها كبيره اوي مش شايفها ليه 🥲!!

What is your concept of freedom? Should there be limitations to freedom? Who gets to decide what those limitations are?

freedom is the ability to think and say any thought, control your body as you want, eat what you want and be in any place you want.
the border is where it starts to huгt others. Another boundary is the brain. A person cannot think differently than he can think. I suspect that there is another one - the laws of physics, at least it will become more noticeable a little later.

If you had the opportunity to go to university and study a course for completing free, what would you choose to study? If you've already been to university to study something, then ignore this, and answer with a different course you'd do if you could .

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I already have a physics degree, but maybe something in astrophysics. I'm sitting in this at present
If you had the opportunity to go to university and study a course for completing

What was / is your favourite science at school? Chemistry Biology or Physics?

My favourite was throwing paper balls at mr Julien and getting sent out or the time I accidentally got glycerin in my mouth and tried to wipe it onto my jumper whilst hiding but the teacher found me and asked me what I was doing down under the table 😂

be careful with your words, you never know how many times it keeps repeating in someone's mind.

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
There was this physics' teacher in fsc who said exactly this to me
''Tumhari shakal se nae lgta k tum doctor banogi'' in the very first introductory lecture without even knowing my skills or academic record..
That was the first time when i realized that shakal >>>>>> abilities..

Was college different in your days than it is now?

Yes. Big Time!
When I attended college we did not study: gender studies, black history, feminism, equity and inclusion, etc. I studied composition, arranging, harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, music history, conducting, ear training, guitar, piano, bass guitar, digital systems, analog systems, power supplies, electricity, physics, calculus, English Literature, US History, Ancient History, Fine Arts, Public Speaking, Psychology, Philosophy, Network engineering, machine language, basic programming, pascal programming, C Programming, IP addressing, Subnet masking, OSPF, BGP, RIP, WAN, LAN, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, OSI Model, Access Lists, etc
And after acquiring all of this knowledge I worked hard to apply what I had learned. In the case of music, I performed in bands and practiced to continuously improve. In the case of engineering I became a Cisco Certified and Baynetworks Certified Network Engineer and worked for many organizations over a 40 year career i.e. Motorola, Nortel, Cabletron, Bay Networks, Cisco, State of New Hampshire, Vital Networks, Bloomin Brands and Tech Data.
Whenever possible, I studied subjects that interested me and that I knew would allow me to earn money and provide for my family. I also studied music, not for the money, but because I love Music and that has always been my dream to earn a degree from Berklee College of Music. Some people say, so what? Who cares? Here is the thing, when we are moments away from death and we reflect upon the life we have lived, what will we think? Will we regret our life because we only did those things that made us money? Or will we have a more balanced appreciation that we utilized our time to not only provide for our family but that we also achieved our dream and thus satisfied our soul? The choice is ours to make and only we, as individuals, can make those choices and be honest enough to own whatever choice we make, and refrain from blaming other people or society, and thus become "victims."
My father once told me the following: "son you've made your bed, and now you must lie in it." Which translated, means that we are responsible for the decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad. Said differently, we must take responsibility for what we think, say and do.

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What’s something obvious you should have known, but just learned?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
I did actually know this, but was distracted.
Imagine I’m driving with a fresh cup of coffee from Panera in my hand and feeling quite satisfied. My vehicle is at a red light. As it turns green, I take a sip and hit the gas to move. A big splash of hot coffee shoots into my mouth. Eeek!
It is simple physics (objects at rest/motion), and I even took courses in college.
When sipping coffee in a car, do not sip when accelerating.

Do you like museums? If yes do you have a favourite? What is it?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
I've been going to the Science Museum in London ever since I was about 6 years old, and it was part of the reason why I chose to relocate to London to go to university - both my decision to study science (Physics) and because of the access to that museum and others. I still go in there regularly, most times that I travel into Central London.
I also love the Natural History Museum, the Victoria & Albert, the British museum, and all the galleries - Tate (Britain & Modern), National & Portrait galleries, Saatchi, Wallace collection and others. There are so many great museums in London.

Education important to you.?

james24540954’s Profile PhotoJames
I think a good education can help you a lot. Not always with jobs haha but in life it can teach you important things. Like how laws of physics work, writing properly, reading, exploring creativity, maths, making things. All sorts. Even working to deadlines can help teach you how to manage time better for other stuff in life.
People don't need to go to university to be smart, but other education I think really does help build that foundation.

Do you like physics?

I’m pretty sure the grocery stores are not sold out of air freshener. Buy your god damn own.
you always take ours and then say you’ll give it back but it somehow
disappears and stays with you. fuck off.

All hot people hate physics

syedmikael’s Profile PhotoSyed Mikael Shah
I have got many friends who hate physics and always keep grumbling about how difficult it is. Let me tell you, physics is one of the most beautiful subjects to study. People generally hate physics because of the way they approach it. If you just take it like just another subject like history, where you have to just accept whatever is being taught to you and memorize it, people end up being frustrated with physics. Physics is something which demands imagination. The same kind of imagination like reading Harry Potter and completely visualizing every move and spell.
Hating physics can also be attributed to the teaching methodologies, where it is taught in a dry manner instead of showing the practical and experimental aspects of physics.
Finally, physics when approached the right way might result in extra-ordinary revelations leading to everlasting love with the subject, or at least appreciate its significance in daily life.

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If you could master one skill you don't already have, what would it be?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would like to understand math, physics or other unpleasant subjects that are beneficial for my knowledge and therefore for my educational training.

Newton lied about getting hit by an apple, thats not the case i questioned myself about the existence of gravity, why pee does it have to go in projectile direction and down to the ground????

ash_heyyy’s Profile Photoash_heyyy
Why does a ball move upward, forward and then downward when you throw it? There's a difference between something freely fall straight to the ground and something that is controlled by certain muscles or other factors.
Girl, you're having special physics crisis.

Do you like physics?

It's not something that interests me.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Do you like physics

There an expiration date to everything, think as that as life. ⏰👀

Plausible theory but we mustn't assume death is cessation of life when it may be something that is more complex or beyond our current understanding. Testimonials from prominent physics researchers from institutions such as Cambridge University, Princeton University and the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich propose that quantum mechanics predicts some version of “life after death.” They assert that a person could possess a "body-soul duality" that is an extension of the wave-particle duality of subatomic particles. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, (former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics) asserts that, just as a particle “writes” all of its information on its wave function, the brain is the tangible “floppy disk” on which we save our data and this data is then “uploaded” into the spiritual quantum field. Continuing with this analogy, when we "die," the body (or the "physical disk") is gone but our consciousness / data on the computer continues. Physicist Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University concluded that, if consciousness can exchange information in both directions with the physical environment, then it can be attributed with the same “molecular binding potential” as physical objects (meaning that it must also follow the tenets of quantum mechanics). Further, quantum physicist David Bohm stated, “The results of modern natural sciences only make sense if we assume an inner, uniform, transcendent reality that is based on all external data and facts. The very depth of human consciousness is one of them.” Lastly, Professor Robert Lanza (Wake Forest University School of Medicine, North Carolina) also believes that the answer lies in quantum physics (specifically, the theory of biocentrism which proposes that the universe only exists because of an individual’s consciousness of it. Essentially, life / biology are central to reality, which in turn creates the universe; the universe itself does not create life - the same applies to the concepts of space / time which he describes as “simply tools of the mind"). Does life as we know it really have an expiration date? Religious convictions may answer the question for some but others are examining it from a scientific perspective and while many theories abound, I am not prepared to reach a final conclusion based on what is known at this juncture.

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Do you think opposites attract?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
Well , in 'applied physics' they do . . . .
But not necessarily in affairs of the heart ,
in the places where it's said, only the brave can walk alone . . .
Twelve o'clock at night
Streets of many corners
The lunar river winds
Down the closes and the lanes
The night skips the sleeping years
And re-awakes the memory
Takes me along the way
To the places of the heart
The days of summer came
Days of many heartache
Not to love is not to live
Not to live is not to feel no pain
So unlock this heart of stone
Teach me the ways of mystery
In the places where they say
Only the brave can walk alone
You took me through this town
And you took me to the moment
That makes angels lose their wings
And makes poets lose their wonder
But I have found in you
A love line pure and lasting
May your heart hold true
And your nights run long
(covid lonely version)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKZwf-jb8kMigotamatch’s Video 169344892794 LKZwf-jb8kMigotamatch’s Video 169344892794 LKZwf-jb8kM

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igotamatch’s Video 169344892794 LKZwf-jb8kMigotamatch’s Video 169344892794 LKZwf-jb8kM

What was your fave subject during your uni days?

When I was studying engineering I enjoyed Physics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor theory and Networking (routers and switches). Designing, configuring and troubleshooting networks is what I enjoyed most in my career as a Network Engineer.
While studying Music at Berklee College I enjoyed playing in ensembles, harmonic theory, counterpoint, and conducting. As a musician, I enjoy playing my guitars and performing live with bands.

What’s your all-time favorite memory? 🖤✨

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
When my physics teacher at College were distributing the exam results, that person said so many beautiful things about me that no one has ever said, not even my parents nor my own self. Whenever I feel down or think less of me, I recall those words and think that person believed in me so much. So I really do have something in me to make things easier for the people around me.

Do you have a degree? If yes, what determined you to study that? If not, would like to study for one? Which one? 📚

screams6’s Profile PhotoAndreea ♡
I did Physics. It's a good all-round science subject if you don't really know what you want to do when you finish, which I didn't. I mostly chose the practical options (optics, electronics, Atmospherics) rather than the theoretical ones (quantum mechanics, particle physics, relativity) when I had a choice.

Anyone ever seen their teacher in an embarrassing situation?

riverslucy04’s Profile PhotoLucy Glaze
Yes .
I used to go fishing some evenings , when I was about 14 .
I liked to hike upstream a couple of miles upstream , out of town.
One evening , as the light was fading & I was making my way home ~ there on the river bank was my chemistry teacher , bumming my physics teacher, grunting like pigs. . .
I just said, as I detoured around them: "nice evening for it , gentlemen. . . "
I never told a soul.
I would have hoped they might have showed a little respect after that, out of gratitude for my discretion . But the nasty one continued to be a dick , and the reasonable one , well maybe he was a little more reasonable . so I stopped ripping it out of the latter , and continued to put the other down . . . .

عشان ارد سؤالك ليش بتنفس ب سؤال ليش درستي فيزيا

🙄🙄 ما فهمت اشي هو انا سالت حدا ليش بتتنفس ؟؟ 😂
بتتخوت انون ؟؟
عكل حال ما درست فيزيا مين قلك امي دارسة فيزيا 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Physical education = تربية بدنية (رياضة)
Physics= فيزياء
ميزوهم احسن جننتوني وانتو تحكولي فيزيا 😂

What will you do tomorrow? 🤔

I'm going to freeze in a cold tram for two hours to finally pick up my сhristmas gift
then I will edit the photos, release an article, and I need to prepare rolls and an outfit for celebrating the new year
if I have time left, I want to read wave physics or sit down to write a term paper, but most likely I will be forced to clean up or cook or put up a сhristmas tree or something else stupid enough

If you could eat a certain food every day, what would it be? 🌚

aiman745’s Profile Photoaiman
Saray apple khatam krnay hain!
Na rhayga apple, na ksi k sar pe girrayga! Na physics bnaygi! Na hi steve jobs ko naam millayga company ka! 🤷🏻‍♂️
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How much debt do you have currently?

So this just happened.
😂 at people who need to prove their intellectual worth constantly.
Me: If you bang your head on the wall it will hurt 🤪
Other person: Actually I’m a physics major so SCIENTIFICALLY if you move your head at X velocity the damage to your head will TECHNICALLY cause pain due to Newton’s Third Law stating that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So I wouldn’t, as a professional, recommend doing so.
Cool wow we just said the same thing I just wasn’t a pretentious ass wipe about it but thanks.

What’s an incorrect assumption people make about you? A lot of people think I’m unfriendly or snobbish but I’m just shy. A few people have thought I was rich and I’m def not 😂

I get that snobbish/shy one pretty often. People also assume I’m really smart since I’ve been studying math and physics in college, but the truth is I just work really, really hard. It doesn’t come naturally.

What was the biggest turning point in your life?

About a year ago, my ex and I broke up and I had noticed I was constantly berating myself, being the biggest pessimist, and gaining weight like crazy. I finally took a look in the mirror and realized I needed to change for the better. Started working out, frequently meditating, became more spiritually-aware, eating better, and cut the toxicity out of my life. My life is significantly better and I can finally say for the first time in my adult life that I am truly happy.
I was aimlessly taking credits in college. I stopped dead in my tracks after taking calculus and physics finals, turned around, and marched into the school of nursing. I’ve been a nurse for 21 years now.
I was working part-time at a job while I was finishing up my college degree. After I graduated, two opportunities opened up around the same time- the job I was working at offered me a full-time position, and my best friend, who lived across the country, bought a condo and invited me to move there and be his roommate. I considered accepting the job offer and staying in the town I was living in, but instead I packed up my stuff and moved across the country with no job lined up, but with a place to live while I searched for work. 10 months later, my best friend's girlfriend introduced me to a woman she worked with. This woman and I started dating, and 2 and a half years later, we got married. If I had accepted the job offer instead of moving, I would have never met my wife.
I was on the fence about kids before, but having to raise a gay teenager in a conservative rural area in my mid-twenties stomped the shit out of that urge. I refuse to even date a woman unless she has no kids or they're all practically adults.
An 8 year relationship ended. It was the catalyst for every major change I've made in my life since then. Among many other things, I started learning to cry, ask for help, apologize without qualification, and let go of what I can't control.
For better or for worse, I dropped religion. I was never as into it as the rest of my family, and the thought that one entity gets to control how I think and act was stupid, especially since I could just up and leave the church and think for myself. Probably when my uncle, with whom I lived between age 6 and 10, dicided to kick my foster-mom and us kids out. Destroyed quite alot of opportunities for me and basically put the next decade of my life in turmoil.
When I was miserable in a marriage I rushed into. He’s an good man but we weren’t partners or lovers, just roommates essentially. I realized I had a choice - stay and live a mundane but safe life or choose happiness. I chose happiness.
I was 21 working at Walmart with no real plans for the future. I'd enrolled in college, but I wasn't sure what I'd wind up doing. 3 weeks before I was supposed to start college, I see an ad for EMT classes at the local trade school. I thought, "That seems kinda cool," and changed all my plans at the last minute to enroll in that instead.

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Idk why but physics teachers act like they have come to us by rejecting NASA!! Is it so??

youlittlepunk8’s Profile Photoyoulittlepunk
Listen you little punk, start respecting them they've worked hard for their respective positions.
Parents ki jagah hain, aese ni bolty hoty.
It's ok if they flex a little, mehnat ki hai unhon ne is mukaam k liye.

I like this guy but I'm not 100% sure he likes me he's always looking at me when I'm not looking in his direction but will still stare at me a little if I turn around and make eye contact but when I'm already looking In his direction he will not look at me (maybe for a second but not all the time)

How can you tell if he is looking at you when you are not looking in his direction? I'm just trying to understand the physics involved here. Thanks.

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