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Любишь фотографироваться? Сколько фотографий на телефоне?

leraimn’s Profile Photoleraimn
6915 фото 😂
Красивое небо, животные, сохры - все идёт в альбом 📸
ну и себяшки само собой 🤡
#.beautiful pictures
Любишь фотографироваться Сколько фотографий на телефоне

Why do people pretend to have the perfect life on social media?

My kid's grandparents went to Cyprus for two weeks recently. What happened? Grandpa got the flu, fell in the kitchen, and fucking pooped himself. I am not sure if grandma helped him out or just stood up and went:
- Well, I guess I have to continue my fucking dinner somewhere else now.
I agree. Those fucking pictures you won't see on social media.

If yes, why do you hate to post pictures of yourself? Do you use a picture of yourself as your profile picture here. If not, why?

I have no problem sharing pics of myself :)
I'm aware that my selfies aren't to everyone's taste, but I like how I look! And that's what matters :3
Here's my newest pic :)
If yes  why do you hate to post pictures of yourself Do you use a picture of

Syd said you reported her pictures because you're a hater

Lmfao I didn't report her pictures, idgaf what she posts if I'm being honest. Also me hate on her? Good joke, she's a dirty slob lmfao tf I'm a hate on that for. She's the one clearly doing the hating. I mean look at her and look at me, literally no comparison. I win she loses! Period. She's fxcking delusional, like does she have an actual life? Cause it seems like she's real busy sxcking my dxck. She can run her mouth all she wants but she's getting absolutely nowhere with me 😂😂😂 she's clearly bothered and has a hateful soul. Also again due to the other post she keeps saying I kissed her ass but where exactly is the proof? Oh right she has none because I've never had a conversation with her girl, also let's not forget on my old account where she sent me an inbox saying how pretty I was 😂😂😂😂😂 I don't have a screenshot because at that time there was no issue. But let the dirty pig speak.

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Ap pics bohat achi ani thi per ap ny ye Jo susta da huwai ka 2019 Wala model rakha howa hai ye marwata hai ap ko

Alhamdullilah I can proudly say this that I never burdened my parents for my luxuries. I always bought my phone from my own money.
Yes this was my first phone in 2019 which I bought from my first salary
And now in 2022 I bought a new phone (a comparatively expensive one) that too from my own money and I don't feel any guilt or shame that I don't get good pictures or anything like that.
I'm not the one Jo baap k paison par ayashi karay. Even though my father can afford me and my my luxuries easily but I personally don't like to burden him as he's already doing a lot ♥️
So dear anon try to respect people instead of shaming them for this technology!
Prayers for you ♥️♥️

Wo kehta k body pictures send kro.. warna mujhse baat na kro💔 mene kaha nikkah se pehle nai krskti. Kehta k pyar me sb krlety, me kya krun love to hum krty bht lekin chor na day mujhe wo iss baat se

Ye kia bachkana batain hain. Just dump him and move on. There’s a lot to do in life then to worry about this unnecessary shit.

If you stumbled upon a previously undiscovered kingdom of fairies in the woods, what do you think you'd do? 🧚‍♂️🍄 (Inspired by this year's theme for the musical I'm a part of)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably steer clear, probably snap a couple pictures on my phone so I could show my kids. Tinkerbell portrays fairies as helpful and kind but Labryinth portrays fairies as mean with a tendency to bite so you never really know how they'd really be lol🤷🏻‍♀️

U prove my doubt wrong by posting a full pic of u now wid Bronze Man writen on ur hand with a marker

bronze man
I don’t have to prove anyone wrong. It’s your choice to believe me or not 😉
But since it was all just to get a picture from me with your username written on my hand, then I guess I don’t even have to convince anyone 😌
Ask for a picture from different teenage users who will be naive enough to send you their pictures to “prove you wrong” 😉

This is fake account ???

bronze man
Have patience, man. I can’t answer to all your questions the next second you ask something 😅
Well, I have a lot of answers when I share my opinion, pictures that I made, and I’ve posted quite a few pictures of myself as well, so I don’t see any reason why my account should be fake 🤔
You, on the other hand, have to picture and no answers on your account 😉
I don’t share my Facebook profile link with anyone.
And I’ve posted enough information on my profile that talks about where I live in the USA, so if you’re curious, just read my answers carefully.
Thank you
This is fake account

Do you easily get nostalgic? Maybe share something you have nostalgia for? 🤩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I easily get nostalgic when I’m alone and don’t have anyone to talk to. Or when I search through my old pictures and look at my life 3 years ago, when I was still in Ukraine. Those were some happy moments that bring nostalgia ☺️
Currently, I’m the most nostalgic for my city in Ukraine and for the walks I could do multiple times a day, while listening to music in my headphones 😌🎧🌧
Feb 27, 2019, 8 pm
Going to the bus station after meeting with friends 💖
Do you easily get nostalgic Maybe share something you have nostalgia for

👧 Controversial debates: Should parents post photos of their children online, particularly in things like identifying uniforms or swimwear?

This is a tough one because parents should be able to post pictures of their children and share those moments with family that may be far away etc but in the world we live in, safety has to come first. When I was studying criminology I was shocked by how many pictures of children doing regular things end up on sites that they shouldn't along with names and locations. If I had kids (which I don't/won't) I'd cover the logos and I wouldn't post images in their swimwear solely cause even if it's on your social media and set to friends/family, there could be someone on that contact list that's sketchy and you don't even know it!

Ajkal har koi person itna desperate kun hotay ja rehy hain is ke reason kaya hai? Bohat kam asay persons hain jo apni life say satisfy and happy hain like attay mai namak k barabar

zobbi123456’s Profile PhotoZobbi
shayad desperate log apki profile dekh k attract hotay honge ,ek week k liye apni pictures delete ker k dekhain kitni awam apko msg kerti ya nhi

what's the weirdest question you've been asked on here?

GabbyBiscuits’s Profile PhotoGabbyBiscuitz
Well, I’m not gonna go too much into detail, but…
The ones asking me to take up-close pictures of different body parts. 😰 Cause those tend to get very inappropriate… Not to mention specific.
Also, I’ve gotten PLENTY of sexual questions, and I’m most definitely not a fan of those either.
So, I guess I would say, in general, those are amongst the weirdest I’ve been asked since being on here.
whats the weirdest question youve been asked on here
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Wo kehta k body pictures send kro.. warna mujhse baat na kro💔 mene kaha nikkah se pehle nai krskti. Kehta k pyar me sb krlety, me kya krun love to hum krty bht lekin chor na day mujhe wo iss baat se

These days never trust anyone with these type of pictures if he purely loves you he wouldn't ask you again once you said no Dont worry if he leaves you for this reason he was never meant to be for you i swear it will be hard for you but after sometimes you will be okay

Are you athletic at all?

kinglondon10’s Profile PhotoCooly smooth
Pictures from 3 years ago 👇
Don’t mind me standing in this weird position. It’s just we went with my mom to the gym to realize that we forgot our passes at home, so we entered to one of the neighborhood’s playgrounds and decided to stretch at least.
Today, I exercise at home and basically look the same, only not that extremely skinny 😬
I try to stay fit, but I don’t want to look muscular 😂
Oh, and I’m not flexible too. No matter how I try, my body is very stiff 😒
Are you athletic at all

who have you cried for when they died?

javacow’s Profile PhotoJavacow
For my grandpa. He had a birthday one day before me.
when I was turning 9 years old, he was turned 50. There was going to be a special celebration. On June 3rd (his birthday), he celebrated it with his colleagues from work and people that knew him. My grandpa helped to build a city where I was born, so he was a respected man and many people knew him.
The next day, June 4th, we were going to celebrate his and my birthdays together with a family. We had a huge family gathering, a lot of food, and he was the main figure that day. My aunt made a video of his life as a gift, and she put videos of his relatives, grandchildren, and just pictures related to his life. It was all so great…
Unfortunately, the next morning, my parents woke me up to tell me that he passed away the same day, after the celebration. I was shocked and couldn’t believe how the person that I loved and saw yesterday could pass away so quickly 😞
I cried a lot and I wished to go to his funeral to see him for the last time, but my parents refused, saying that I was too young for that. I still regret they didn’t let me go…
Ironically, that video that was made for his birthday, had this music on the background that wasn’t sad, but after that tragedy, I noticed that it had a pinch of sadness in it. So the following years after that, I would watch the video from his last birthday, a day before my birthday, and remember him, always crying.

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you haven’t deleted any of the photos with romeo from your instagram

Like I said, we broke up because of the distance. There’s still so much love for each other and I can honestly tell you Ro is the love of my life. I’m not going to delete anything because 1- we are on the best of terms: 2- those pictures bring back good memories 🥰

Wo kehta k body pictures send kro.. warna mujhse baat na kro💔 mene kaha nikkah se pehle nai krskti. Kehta k pyar me sb krlety, me kya krun love to hum krty bht lekin chor na day mujhe wo iss baat se

And you still think he loves you??
Is trh k pyar py Lanat bhej k Agy bharo 🤗
Aisi Gandi demand krny waly Larky kisi sy pyar nhi kr sakty. 💯

Describe how you decorated your bedroom?

Mismatched. My entire house is like that. Paintings, prints, pictures of my kids, art they made. some of it (mainly the religious stuff) used to be my mom's and my daughter insisted I put those up too despite the fact that we're an irreligious household, aside from said daughter. I like a nautical theme and not even ⅓ of it is up but some of it is. I decorate heavily for fall & Christmas & there's still some of those up in my bedroom too. Wasn't planning on staying here long so I didn't really care at first and just did whatever with whatever. Funny how that turned out tho

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