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You being pisces explains why you are cool tbh. Did you ever meet a pisces that you didn't get along with?

Aw I love this! First time I’ve seen some Pisces love on here haha. I think people just think we are sensitive and dreamy, which we are, but it’s not all we are ♓️
And yes, but strangely enough it it’s been February pisces men all three times. I love the women - a close friend of mine is actually my birthday twin, different years and I adore her. :)

What’s going on ? :)

MinhalBaloch’s Profile Photoᴍᴜʜᴀᴍᴍᴀᴅ ᴍɪɴʜᴀᴀᴀʟ
This is sooo meeee and the cycle continues back and forth everyday 😂😂😂😂😂. I'm actually Pisces. Although I don't believe in horoscopes but the Pisces one are always accurate. Whether it's being emotionally sensitive or worrying about minor things, being available always but attract toxicity at the same time like------
Whats going on

You really can never not talk about syd and maigua!! Everyone knows you hate Virgo bc syd is a Virgo and you hate Pisces bc maigua is a Pisces you will always be obsessed with them!!

They aren't the only two people in the world with those zodiac signs. My ex-boyfriend from high school who did something horrible and traumatic to me is a Pisces, and so is one of my other ex boyfriend's who also didn't treat me well. My ex best friend is a Pisces, I believe as well. Some of the girls who bullied me in middle school and my first year of high school are Virgos. YOU'RE the one who will always be obsessed with them, trying to make everything I post about them. Quit reaching, and get a life. Seek some help.

Do anybody here knows about sade sati period?

Shani or Saturn is the slowest moving planet of all the twelve planets in horoscope. Sade Sati is a period of 7 years and 6 months and has 3 phases. It passes through three signs, each for two and a half years. It spends about two and a half years in a sign and completes its journey through all the twelve signs in 29 years and 10 months. When it passes through the Moon that is considered as the lord of mind and emotions, suppresses the thought process, and clogs the mind from thinking rationally and taking right decisions. The irrational decisions taken during this phase brings troubles and adversities in the life of the person. This period can change the fate of the person completely. A king can become a beggar, if favourable; a beggar can become a king.
The Sade Sati has 3 phases- Rising, Peak, and Setting. The results depend upon the sign through which Saturn is passing.
1. The First Phase: Sade Sati begins when Saturn enters the twelfth house from the Moon on a horoscope of a person. Let's say when Moon is in the Aries, Sade Sati will start when Saturn enters Pisces, the twelfth sign from Aries. The first phase marks the financial losses.
2. The Second Phase: the second phase begins with Saturn entering the Aries sign in the horoscope after staying in Pisces for two and a half years. The second phase brings disturbance in personal life and business matters. Frequently troubles start arising in a person's life and work. Health issues too arise frequently and the person may get separated from the family. This phase is considered to be the worst phase of Sade Sati.
3. The Third Phase: During the third period, Saturn enters Taurus for another two and a half years. Physical fights or injuries may be inflicted upon the native. Thus after completing seven and a half years period Sade Sati comes to an end.

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What is your zodiac sign? Do you believe it truly suits you?

Pisces and for the most part I do. Although I believe the rest of the chart is equally as important. My rising sign (scorpio) I think is a good fit cause I resonate with the difficulties that are often associated with this ascendant, especially in regards to finding negative/emotional state of mind despite best intentions. Sag moon also fits quite well in liking to learn things and urge to be exploring things :)

Слушали ли вы творчество группы Jinjer? Лично мне нравится их песня "Pisces" больше всего.

EvanescenceFan’s Profile PhotoValentine TheDark
Честно говоря, я вообще впервые узнаю о существовании такой группы, поэтому пришлось гуглить. Что я могу сказать: сама не знаю почему, но я изначально не питаю особой любви к отечественным исполнителям, независимо от того, на каком языке они поют. Почему-то всегда скептически отношусь к подобному. Лишь пара-тройка групп стала исключением. Меня всегда больше привлекала иностранная тяжёлая музыка, а с недавних пор я вообще перешла на японский дэт-метал, дэткор и не могу больше слушать ничего другого💕

As you think astrology is interesting rank the other zodiac signs from your favourite to least favourite and include a reason?

Interesting, I like this question!
Scorpio - I think they’re the most misunderstood cause people assume they’re toxic cause they can be ruthless when crossed but they will go to the end of the earth to protect the people they love. Most of the ones I’ve met (inc my best friend of over a decade) are smart, driven, brave and have a wicked sense of humour 🖤
Taurus - A very close second! I love their passion and intelligence so much. In my experience they are reliable and honest, ambitious as fuck and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. I admire their strength and although they can be stubborn little shits, I really enjoy spending time with them and would deffo want them on my team if shit went sideways 🥰
Capricorn - I’ve known them to be loyal and determined. A little bit more chill than the top two but amazing listeners and good at giving advice 🥺
Virgo - Kind, patient and understanding. Logical thinkers who are always prepared cause they’ve thought of all the outcomes so I find them just soothing to be around as an anxious pisces 😋
Cancer - Ride or die type friends, they’re protective and loyal over those who are important to them. Good listeners and sensitive souls so we tend to understand each other well. Can be a bit moody and petty if you cross them though 😅
Aries - I have a love/hate relationship with Aries haha. I get on well with them but have a tendency to clash over certain things. I find them quite irritating in disagreements cause they’re a bit hot headed and competitive but when we get on, we get on well 😆
Libra - I can have a good laugh with them, their sense of humour and wittiness is unmatched. They can be a bit too extroverted and draining for me in large doses 🙂
Leo - Another love/hate relationship. I like their confidence and passion but sometimes it comes across as arrogant or attention seeking. I’ve met a few toxic Leos (I tend to find the males more likeable) but I’ve met some that I’ve really liked too ✌️
Aquarius - I haven’t met many so hard to form an opinion based on my experience which is why I’ve put them in the only gap haha. I would say very intelligent but being an air sign, a lot of their traits are probably not compatible with my own. So a mutual respect rather than a dislike 👍🏻
Sagittarius - I’ve met a few and they tend to be either people pleasing and disorganised but hilarious and optimistic or they can come across as blunt, rude and impatient. I can fuck with the first but not the second. Think we’re just very different people so don’t understand each other well or get the others approaches to situations 🤔
Gemini - Don’t think I’ve ever met one that I liked. They say one thing to you and another about you in my experience. Don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, their superiority complex irritates me and they can be flaky, shady and judgemental. Just not a compatible sign with pisces at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Which is the lamest, lousiest, as well as the cheapest and most horrible, most awful, despicable and dumbest zodiac sign that shouldn't even be alive?

I’m very cautious when it comes to Libras and Scorpios. They can easily stab you in the back. I find them a bit arrogant too. I know a lot of Scorpios and they hold a very special place in my heart but they can be the ruthless people you know when you cross them. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising. I always accepted people as they are. I’m the type of person that befriends outcasts. A lot of my friends hated me for that. I don’t care if they’re weird according to others or if they have a dark past. I can get along with someone who has a different view and morals as I do, but I'm not as open to myself as much as I want to be. I can be highly critical of myself. I crave adventure but I would feel conflicted doing it.
For example, a friend lets me try smoking weed. I'm a curious person and I don't want to eliminate something without trying it out first except for hardcore drugs or extreme sports (lol). So I did try it, but the feeling of contempt starts to sink in. My mind would tell me that I shouldn't be doing it and that, this is not real me. My family consists of Libras. I don’t like it when they act that they act but really they don’t. You would think that they’re an open book but those people don’t even know they’re being talk to behind their backs. Also, I never met a libra person who acknowledged their wrong doings. It’s always the other person’s fault. I get along with Aries and Cancers more. There’s good and bad for each.
I’m Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and rising. I’m very reserved and watch. Once I’m comfortable with people I’m very open, very dominant and blunt.
One of my bffs is Gemini. They’re great. Greatest heartbreak Gemini. Hottest romance Scorpio and Sagittarius. Greatest challenge tie between Aquarius and Pisces. Hard no on both. No zodiac sign is horrible or despicable. All zodiac signs are good. I am Capricorn. Do you like Capricorn?

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Which zodiac signs have the highest level of sexual chemistry in bed with Capricorns? Which zodiac signs are the perfect sexual match with Capricorns?

Capricorns like to be the boss, so it would need to be a compliant partner. Pisces is perhaps the best mate followed by Gemini, as both are adaptable and can follow the leader. Virgo is another sign that works well under the orders of the master, but few other signs will accept that authority and the demands of the goat.

What did you learn from numerology

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
1 is Leo number ,leader ship qualities ,independent individual number
2 is cancer number diplomatic sweet polite person .
3is number of pisces creative artistic people known by their creative skills
4 is number of aquarius they are practical realistic they are goal oriented
5 is number of Virgo they are good in comunication skills
So bring your name on good number like I brought my name on 6 number .6 is number of peace harmony luxury life style 😃

Cewe pisces menurut lo gmna si???

1. Pisces
Ini adalah teori yang tak bisa dibantah bahwa Pisces adalah zodiak paling cantik di antara yang lain. Seorang Pisces memiliki wajah yang teduh dan memesona, tetapi tak hanya itu yang menjadikannya cantik, Pisces memiliki kreativitas dan penuh dengan kasih sayang. (fimela)

• Cześć! Pisałeś, że masz kilka pomysłów na historię. Nie ukrywam, że jestem zainteresowany, więc masz może jakiś kontakt gdzie moglibyśmy to obgadać? :3

⠀⠀ ∫⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ https://jpst.it/2S6Vo ⠀───⠀⠀tutaj⠀są⠀w⠀skrócie
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀opisane oraz pewnie dzisiaj⠀dodam jeszcze kilka
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀pomysłów! Kontakt do mnie ; pisces. !!#4428 oraz
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀numer gg⠀63674248⠀♡⠀Zapraszam serdecznie i
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀zachęcam do dołączenia!⠀ Stworzę coś z każdym,
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀dlatego⠀jeśli⠀macie swoje⠀pomysły na⠀wątek to
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀również możecie się zgłosić,⠀chętnie wysłucham!

Which colour lentil we should give to birds

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
If you are Aries or Scorpio : put red colour lentil on terrace and put liver for eagle
2) if you are aquarius put bajra brown lentil on terrace
3) if you are Sagittarius or pisces put yellow lentil on terrace
4) if you are Gemini/Virgo put green lentil on terrace

Do you believe in zodiac? If so, how they really affect your life?

kuringreja’s Profile PhotoR E Z A
I don't know if I believe in it but I do find it interesting, a lot of pisces traits align with my character and emotions, I've found that I usually get on best with earth signs and libras. I am not sure how I feel about horoscopes though, sometimes mine is right and sometimes it's not so I don't let them affect my life in that sense. I'm intrigued to know more about astrology though particularly in the sense of tarot and constellations

[Colectiva.] ¿Te gustan las películas de Studio Ghibli? ¿Cuáles son las que más te gustan? De no haber visto ninguna de ellas, toma esto como un espacio libre.

DarkerThanBlack_A’s Profile PhotoXion
@DarkerThanBlack_A 🍹 Ten un buen domingo, cuídate 🙃
Ettoo... Castillo en el cielo (1986), Princesa Mononoke (1997), Viaje de Chihiro (2001), Castillo ambulante (2004), Cuentos de Terramar (2006), Earwig y la bruja (2020), y más 😎
Saliendo un Objeto del Espacio ✨
Constelación Piscis ♓ --- Estrella "Alpherg" ⭐
Listado: Estrella Nº12
Catálogo: HD 9270, HIP 7097
Nombre en Constelación: Eta Piscium, Eta Piscis
Nombre propio: "Kullat Nunu", "Alpherg"
Clase: Estrella supergigante amarilla (G7)
Constelación: Pisces ♓ Piscis 🐟 Peces
Visto: Babilonia, Egipto, Grecia, Roma, China, Árabes, etc.

"Kullat Nunu": (Babilonia) Cordón de peces.
"Al Pherg": (Árabe) Cabeza de tifón.

x= Horizontal: Ascensión Recta (RA 360°): 22,8709°
y= Vertical: Declinación (DEC 90°): 15,3458° (norte)
z= Distancia: 350 años luz

Angular de objeto a centro galáctico: 116°
Alejamiento del centro galáctico: 27.100 años luz (54%)
Año luz = 9,439667 billones km (10¹²)

Top Estrellas Brillantes: Nº247
Brillo visual: +3,65
Magnitud absoluta: -1,20
Tamaño (Diámetro): 26 veces el Sol
Masa (Peso): 3,75 veces el Sol
Velocidad de giro: 8,40 km/s (30.240 km/h)
Velocidad orbital: 165 km/s (594.000 km/h)
Velocidad radial.: +13,60 km/s (48.960 km/h) Se aleja (+)
Temperatura superficie: 4.500°C
Edad: 110 millones de años (37%)
Vida Max: 300 millones de años

Sistema: Binario (2 estrellas)
Planetas: No
Lunas: No

Tiene 150 estrellas visibles.
Brighting Stars:
1. Eta (η) "Alpherg" (3,62)
2. Gamma (γ) "Gapisc" (3,70)
3. Alfa (α) "Alrisha" (4,33)
3. Delta (δ) "Linteum" (4,42)
4. Beta (β) "Fomal Samakah" (4,52)
Deep Sky (313 Objetos):
Galaxias: M74, NGC-60, NGC-474, NGC-488, NGC-520

Bueeeno, esta es la Estrella "Alpherg".
Es la más brillante de su constelación.
Tiene Nº247 en Top Estrellas más brillantes del cielo.
Está a un lado si miramos al centro galáctico.
Se formó en la época de los dinosaurios del Cretácico.
Sistema con 2 estrellas, sin planetas, sin lunas.
1: Estrella supergigante amarilla (clase G7).
2: Estrella enana ocre (clase F8) no visible.
No hay indicadores de vida.

Navegador espacial dice que cerca de "Alpherg" hay Estrellas con indicador de vida.
Elijo (RS-8496-489-7-1022966-343) Estrella enana amarilla (clase G9), tamaño algo menor que nuestro Sol, edad 4.000 millones de años, con 12 planetas y 271 lunas.
El Planeta Nº4 es tipo Terra lacustre, con 7 lunas, diámetro 13.760 km, año 127 días, día 24 horas, superficie con mar y lagos de agua, atmósfera respirable de nitrógeno y oxígeno, temperaturas medias entre -3°C y +45°C.
Tiene indicador de vida multicelular en ecosistema marino y terrestre.
Publicaré Ficha de este Exoplaneta.

https://youtu.be/riAhWBH_sIAsalquial’s Video 168738212153 riAhWBH_sIAsalquial’s Video 168738212153 riAhWBH_sIA

https://youtu.be/crCjp-TR0I4salquial’s Video 168738212153 crCjp-TR0I4salquial’s Video 168738212153 crCjp-TR0I4

Mi Canal Youtube:
https://youtu.be/8h3S6CuxK0gsalquial’s Video 168738212153 8h3S6CuxK0gsalquial’s Video 168738212153 8h3S6CuxK0g

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Colectiva Te gustan las películas de Studio Ghibli Cuáles son las que más te

Loe ada sahabat gak ? Sahabat yg bener2 sahabat gitu…

Jordyan’s Profile PhotoAndre
My best buddy. Sahabat terbaik gue di masa kuliah. Anak Bali, jago badminton dan badannya tinggi atletis + sixpack kayak gue. Zodiaknya juga sama kayak gue Pisces, makanya sama2 suka renang. Paling pengertian dan gak suka nyusahin orang. Bli satu ini emang sohib sejati gue 👍
Loe ada sahabat gak  Sahabat yg bener2 sahabat gitu

Piecies best and worst attributes

. Generous
Pisces is an incredibly selfless zodiac sign They're so generous that sometimes (well, most of the time), they put the needs of others before their own. They want to make sure the people they love are happy.
2. Compassionate
Those who are feeling down on themselves should seek out a Pisces for comfort and advice. Pisces have a hard time leaving people who are suffering, and demonstrate concern and sympathy towards those in need.
3. Forgiving
Pisces are famous for never holding grudges, unlike other Water sign, Scorpio. They're perfectly fine giving people second chances (and third chances, and fourth chances...), letting problems fade away and forgiving quickly to avoid conflict.
4. Creative
Pisces are also incredibly artistic. They enjoy finding a solution that isn't the straight and narrow, preferring to solve problems with answers that are considered out-of-the-box.
5. Open-minded
A Pisces woman or man enjoys listening to others and learning new ideas. They don't judge others, and listen intently and with an open mind when someone is speaking to them.

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What sign do you typically dislike?

Personally, I am a Capricorn, and I am really annoyed by most Leo's I meet. I think it is because I enjoy attention, and Leo's are big attention seekers. I prefer to work hard at whatever I am doing, in hopes that people will notice me. But then I still become bitter when a Leo so effortlessly gets the attention that I want. They also tend to be lucky and popular (at least the ones I know), and I am not. Things you dislike about your zodiac sign? What sign do you personally dislike the most? I do not judge people about something, so shallow as a zodiac sign. And it confuses me a bit that people who believe them have specific ones they dislike, because I see little to no difference of saying I dislike this sign compared to saying I dislike this ethnicity or race of people. As you basically alienating a hole group of people over a stereotype or generalisation.
Do you believe in zodiac signs?
I'm not the most spiritual person, but it still is pretty fun to read about my personality nonetheless. And more times than often, my personality does correlate with my sign.
What's your sign and do the personalities associated with your sign correlate to who you are? I believe in zodiac signs but I don't think it's fair to single one out to dislike them. I'm a Pisces myself and yes, the personalities associated with my sign do correlate to who I am. I think that's true about everybody, not just me. I've never met anybody who is the opposite of what their zodiac sign says they are. Being jealous of another person's popularity, regardless of zodiac signs, is no better than alienating a whole group of people over a stereotype or generalisation. You already know how I see astrology. Show it works and how it works, otherwise it doesn’t work. Great for making excuses and avoiding personal responsibility though. What make astrology the superior bigotry? How many people of each sign does one need to form accurate stereotypes. Five? Ten? Does gender and ethnicity make a difference? Age? Does a child immediately act like their sign or grow into it? Also explain the programming part. Happens instantly? No downloading time? Are the planets each emitting a energy beam traveling billions of miles to focus on my tiny head?

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Favorite start sign and least favorite star sign?

I'm a really straight forward and open Capricorn and Geminis just frustrate me. They're mostly flaky and indecisive, and I cannot be around you if you don't communicate directly. Also, I don't really get along w Aquarius' for some reason. I get along really well w other virgos cause my who my family are born in September and I like other Capricorns.
Favourite: Scorpios. They're the only sign where everyone I've met has met the sign's description to a T. Passionate, seductive, and very irresistible! Least Favourite: I don't "dislike" any sign, but Aries as a concept are intimidating.... Rash, easily angered, energetic. My sister is an Aries and she was such a little handful. I love her to pieces though. 2 of my 3 long term partners were Pisces (I'm a Virgo), all of my favorite musicians are Pisces (I only found out about this years after they were already my favs), and my grandma who was the person that I absolutely loved the most in the whole word was also a Pisces. Whenever I'm dating a new girl and she says she's a Pisces I automatically get super attracted to her lol I get it. Most Gemini are hyper or I guess extroverted. But I’m a a Gemini ♊️ and some of us are actually quiet. I guess I’ve been told way to much I’m a broken Gemini. But some other Gemini people I have met have annoyed me a bit. Some rude. But most are pretty nice :). I believe all Gemini can’t be what they call us. Nice,smart,out going, adventuress, those things. But I hope you Gemini experiences weren’t to bad. I’m actually calm, fat,have one friend, hate conversation,I cry when I get yelled at, I do my work and draw that’s all. :) But I agree with you.
For me Aries. Masculine, assertive, passionate, great initiative, knows what they want and how to get it. Will stand up and defend you no matter what. That's incredibly sexy to me. Aries is my Descendant so that's probably why. I enjoy competitive, love-hate connections with men I'm attracted to (I have Venus square Mars) and Aries is a sign that can handle that. So yeah, Aries!
Romantically/sexually... Scorpio. I love that they act like the strong and silent type, but inside have a depth of emotion and passion that just knocks me out when it comes to the surface. Unfortunately for me, those extremes are hella attractive but unsustainable in the long term because I'm always guessing what they're really feeling and what they're about and it drives me crazy. I tend to find more stable and satisfying relationships with signs that are more straightforward.
There's multiple though. I could like Taureans because I just find them hot (taurus lilith maybe), and I'm a slut for stability and sensuality. But I also like Pisceans, because they're soft and gentle (they're like the most feminine men, or so I feel). I'm a Pisces Descendant. Then there's Arians. I relate to them and I enjoy the playful nature that I know too well from my sun and Mercury. And last but not least virgo because they're so analytical and detail oriented.

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As a Capricorn, what do you think of Cancers?

Cancer men as a friend are not my cup of tea. I guess I don’t have the patience for the brooding, very self absorbed, naggy, manipulative, constant victim, personality these days. Also hate the mood swings that they have when you ask them about what’s bothering them ,they beat around the bush or avoid your questions all together and are a buzz kill. It’s kinda funny this post popped up as I am about to cut ties with a Cancer friend. Be gone! Lol! Honestly, am a HUGE FAN, I love Cancers. All the Cancers I have gotten close to in my life have made me look at things in life VERY differently. I like that they are able to see through my sarcasm and my serious demeanour (usually a defence mechanism). When some back away, they come closer, pull up a chair and sit next to me. They can read me like a book and when am hurt, they are the first to pick up on it in a room full of people. They listen to my fears and my thoughts without judgement. My best friend is Cancer and their presence is healing to me, the yin to my yang :) They are my favorites. We always click right off the bat. I swear, every Cancer I’ve ever met says the words “you are so interesting to me”. Which to a Capricorn, is one of the most meaningful compliments to hear. They always make me feel really appreciated for who I am. I truly think the opposite signs thing plays out beautifully..it’s like yin and yang. I think they’re drawn to our depth and we’re drawn to their softness & openness. I can pretty much always tell when someone’s a cancer because we get along so effortlessly. The men melt me down. Even if I’m not really physically attracted to them, I usually end up falling for them. They’re hilllllarrrrriiiiooouuussss as fuck. I’m a big sucker for someone who makes me laugh. And on top of that, I can talk to them about anything. They’re comfortable talking about feelings and their past and I like that open and honest flow of conversation. I really liked a Cancer 8 or so months ago. I knew he was a playboy but when he was with me it was like there was nothing else in the world on his mind. His focus was completely there with me. He worked at the Whole Foods and everyone knew him as being one of the most authentically kind people they’ve ever met. It was one of the constantly busiest stores but every customer he got he would look them in the eyes and ask them how they were doing. I hold a special place for him in my heart. As a friend, big no. Romantically yes. I love girls with Cancer sun. It creates the mother & father archetype relationship. But from experience guys with Cancer sun, they are too nagging, beat around the bush, manipulative. I avoid them as much as I can. I can't stand them sometimes. But I really appreciate their caring nature, their sensitivity. I prefer Scorpio and Pisces.

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الابرااااااج 😂 يعني مثلا الدلو بووت عذراء ڤيرچن ايه بقى القوس ده او الميزان ؟

لا لا بص/ى 😂
اول حاجه لما تسأل عن برج حد هتقوله
What's ur zodiac ?
What's ur horoscope ?
What's ur sign !
الابراج بقى
Aries الحمل
Taurus الثور
Cancer السرطان
Gemini الجوزاء
Leo الاسد
Virgo العذراء
Libra الميزان
Scorpio العقرب
Sagittarius القوس
Capricorn الجدى
Aquarius الدلو
Pisces الحوت

Z jakim piosenkarzem lub piosenkarką chciał/a byś się zaprzyjaźnić? I dla tego?

GosiaGorska’s Profile PhotoPastellova
z Tatianą z zespołu JinJer, mogłabym się u niej podszkolić w kwestii czystosci glosu i panowania nad oddechem - słyszalam ze mam z tym problem, ale barwe glosu mam piekną. A Tatiana przepięknie śpiewa :3.
Do tego growl, mogłabym się od niej nauczyć wielu rodzaji poziomu ten bardziej screamo czyli taki fry, średni i ten kompletnie gruby (już podstawy mam ale zawsze mozna jeszcze grubiej) - w którym jestem zakochana od 4 lat.
A jej cudowne umiejetnosci wokalne można uslyszeć w klipie np. HOME BACK, PISCES, PERENIAL, I SPEAK ASTRONOMY, PUNISHMENT & JUDGEMENT.
(Growl i screamo to technika śpiewu a woasciwe takiego jakby glosowego efektu, krzyku, charczenia - można się tego nauczyć, lecz nie każdy jest w stanie podjać sie tego)
https://youtu.be/0t_I_ghmXIQMoonaryte’s Video 165957746419 0t_I_ghmXIQMoonaryte’s Video 165957746419 0t_I_ghmXIQ
Z jakim piosenkarzem lub piosenkarką chciała byś się zaprzyjaźnić I dla tego

You are the most Down to Earth person here! 🌸

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Oh dude come on, all of you blue badged profile bOyS, one you, two others- you know jin ki baat ki ja rahi hai, har ladki ki wall pe or kuch ladkon ki bhi wall pe yahi sab bolty rehte ho. Ek ki tou umar 24 saal hai I guess. 24 saal k ho kay bhi is tarha ki baatein? Lol. Doosra ladkiyon k pose bana k tasveerain kheenchnta hai. And what's more eww is one is Scorpio and the other is Pisces. Mera zodiac sign or fellow element sign. Aur ap ko I know from 2018 Sana Mirza k dost thy ap. Kya yaar ye. I made profile two years back named Police Officer and you were giving TBH on ask. I sent you @ and you said Kya hai ye yaar. Meri profile dekh k. Tab tou esay messages nahi krty thy ap. Ab kyun?

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

Leo: phoopho ki beti.🤣😅
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According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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Bhai mein virgo hou, lekin khuda ki kasm mein sahir lodhi pe crush rakhlo ga lekin yeh na hoga mujhse

By “shared or put on your profile” I mean shared on social networking profiles really, rather than anything official like a c.v. (though it would be interesting if you did). I’m interested in how people perceive other’s scores/labels, whether it might put you off sharing certain results etc.

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Some people are interested in that stuff, so I felt like sharing. I don’t care much about wether people actually judge me based on that or anything else.
I personally don’t judge people based on their birth chart like “Oh, you’re a Pisces? Nah, I don’t befriend Pisces people.” That’s complete bollox to me.
I just personally think it’s interesting how those things can be very accurate sometimes.
+8 answers in: “25 facts about me:”

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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Mine leo😂 phopo k bety😐

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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Nothing bro you're nothing
You're just most annoying person on askfm
eww muaaf kro

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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Sagitarrius but you aint my BF

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