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🆘️ So lust auf Pizza... Kann mich aber wiedermal nicht entscheiden. 🥲 Welche soll ich mir bestellen?

Nadii_ne’s Profile Photoɴᴀᴅɪɴᴇ ♡
Ist das nicht eher vom persönlichen Geschmack abhängig? 😅
Also wenn ich Pizza bestelle, dann meist eine vegetarische mit ganz viel Gemüse und unbedingt mit Peperoni. Mache ich sie selbst kommt meistens entweder Thunfisch drauf oder magere Geflügelsalami in Kombination mit Zwiebeln, Paprika und manchmal Pilzen.
Das war zum Beispiel ne selbstgemachte Pinsa 😌🍕
So lust auf Pizza Kann mich aber wiedermal nicht entscheiden  Welche soll ich

What's your favorite cousin's night memory?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
jab summer vacations main Mamu k ghar jatay thay tou roz subha tak jaagtay thay aur sooraj ko kehtay thay uthh gaya bhai? aaj tou bohat dair kardi, ab hum soo rahay hain (bachpan say he lame hoon)
tou aik night ka batata hoon k pehlay khanay k baad chakkar laganay gaye, ice cream khaa kar, drifting kar k, pathano say race haar kar phir hum "elaqa ghair" gaye.
wahan sirf hum, road, ghaas, gaari aur ooper aasmaan he thay.
udhar gaari say bahir nikal kar gaanay laga kar dance kiya.
phir kisi tarhan zinda salamat baghair goli khaaye ghar pohanchay.
phir games kheleen "Sona Chaandi" , "Badshah ka wazir kon" , "Killer Killer" etc
phir jab bhook lagi tou Pizza Hut call ki,
Mamu ka ghar Peshawar main hai,
Peshawar say Lahore walay Pizza Hut ko call ki, sara order likhwaya phir jab address ki baari aayi tou ussay bola k Peshawar deliver karna hai aur call band kardi.
Baad main khud jaa kar lay aaye.
Pizza k sath "Grudge" movie daikhi.
phir subha Fajar k baad jaa kar nashta kiya aur sooraj nikalnay k baad mulk uss k hawalay kar k soo gaye. 😃

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⠀⠀⠀↳ [ Пиар-сундуки ]

⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424066548 ( Закат и озеро )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424066036 ( Подсолнухи )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424062196 ( Рапсовое поле )

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⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424103412 ( для @yulia_pizza )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424093172 ( для @kpotapova2002 )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424083956 ( для @topovyeludi1 )

⠀⠀⠀↳ [ ЛТ ]

⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424085236 ( для @the_desire_to_bloom )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424101620 ( для @kpotapova2002 )

⠀⠀⠀↳ [ Пиары ]

⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173424087028 ( для @Angels2808 )
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⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173430148596 ( ф. "Чарли и Шоколадная фабрика" )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173430147316 ( м/ф "Хранители снов" )
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⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173437647604 ( Coldplay )
⠀• https://ask.fm/l_ll_l_ll_l/answers/173430274804 ( Антон Шастун )

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Актуальное Май 40

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бс / меняю 175 бонусов на пс на огни, 10 яч / тема: группа pizza

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Пиар-сундук скоро будет сделан ✨

Благодарю за заказ услуги и участие в жизни данного аккаунта 🌾

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бс  меняю 175 бонусов на пс на огни 10 яч  тема группа pizza

Ti piace la pizza surgelata?

MicLuc93’s Profile PhotoMichele Lucanto
Non cambia molto il prezzo che in un ristorante. Beh se vai un una pizzeria cosa che non faccio da non ricordo quanto probabilmente se non surgelata e fatta sul momento credo sia normale sia più buona.

I’m having pizza for dinner. What’s everyone else having for it? Or plan on eating depending on the time where you are?

Oh, yum! I haven't been very hungry at all today but I did just order sushi. Tofu and avocado rolls and salmon nigiri, it should be arriving soon... 😋
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How's your current mental state on a scale of 0-10 ? (0 being lowest)

10, I had a wonderful day!
It is Mother’s Day and national Windmill Day! So my boyfriend and I went out to visit multiple windmills. We learned a lot about them!
The weather was sooo good!! It was really sunny and warm.
Right now we’re ordering pizza, after that we will go and celebrate Mother’s Day with my boyfriend’s mother. ☺️
Hows your current mental state on a scale of 010  0 being lowest

What's one of your favorite things to cook? Feel free to include the recipe and / or a picture if you want! Am looking for some inspiration 🍳🍲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Tobbe! This is such a hard question as I have so many favorite recipes and I do quite a bit of experimenting in the kitchen! 😅
My favorites are unhealthy and I save them for special occasions because me and my husband are on a health binge. Here’s a few of my calorie UNfriendly tops:
-Cajun seasoned & sautéed shrimp in fettuccine alfredo (sauce has to be made from scratch or it’s trash)
-Homemade pizza with a white alfredo sauce, topped with mozzarella, red onion, Kalamata olives, spinach, and roasted red peppers
-Homemade Bread (google recipe by Jenny Can Cook)
-Brisket Mini Tacos, make them in fried wonton wrappers with coleslaw and BBQ sauce drizzle, (alt sauces: spicy/sweet Asian glaze or a vinaigrette coleslaw for the cabbage)
-Lemon Chili Shrimp Scampi - essentially just the regular recipe with lemon & crushed red pepper flakes (not too heavy on the chili, a little goes a long way!)
-Chicken Piccata https://www.saltandlavender.com/chicken-piccata/
-Chicken Marsala (for starters on this one, try the Emeril Lagasse recipe) and adjust as you like. Serve with oven roasted asparagus 425* for 30 min oil/s/p, and garlic roasted mashed potatoes.
-Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas (family secret recipe 😅)
-Red chili beef enchiladas with eggs (homemade red chili sauce)
-I also love ALL roasted and sautéed veggies… that’s mostly what I eat on a regular basis and I switch up the meats with it throughout the week.

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Whats one of your favorite things to cook Feel free to include the recipe and

If someone at your table was being disrespectful or even so much said something inconvenient, would you grab their head and bump it against the table to let them know you're not one to be disrespected?

Omg 😱 no I wouldn’t!! But, this bully that I went to school with misunderstood someone and got the “wrong” person (meaning the girl who wasn’t even saying or doing anything bad) so she ended up taking a pizza slice and smeared it on her face.

1🍟 2🍔 3🍗 4🍕 5🌭 6🌯 7🥪 8🍿 9🥞,kurš no šiem ir jūsu iecienītākais?

~ Pizza for life 😋👍
Bet nu burgeri un hotdogi arī ir good, viss cits pēc garastāvokļa. Popkornu es praktiski neēdu un not sure kas ir number 6
Liked by: Angel Līna ~Lucian~

Che pizza, mi annoio, nessuno mi fa un po' di domande? Accetto anche anonimi 😉

alicinokiki’s Profile PhotoKiki
Ci penso io:
Come ti chiami?
Quanti anni hai?
Dove sei nata?
Quando è il tuo compleanno?
Sei single o fidanzata?
Qual è il tuo cibo preferito?
Quali sono i tuoi hobby?
Qual è la tua bevanda preferita?
Qual è il tuo colore preferito?
Qual è il tuo film preferito?
Qual è il tuo segno zodiacale?
Credi in Dio o qualunque altra divinità?
Ti affascina il mondo dopo la morte?
Vorresti essere immortale?
Cosa faresti se ti rimanessero solo dieci minuti di vita?
Come stai davvero?
Hai un animale domestico? Come si chiama?
Qual è il tuo animale preferito?
Su quale pianeta ti piacerebbe vivere, se fosse possibile?
Posso continuare all'infinito, ho molta fantasia.😂

Część 😬! Jak spędzasz weekendzik🤔?

Redzikes’s Profile PhotoError500
Wieczór piątek: rolki (intensywne 2h), pizza na wynos i domek.
Sobota: Jazda autem po mieście bez celu i mini domówka.
Niedziela: Popołudniem pojechałam na zakupy, zrobiłam trochę kroków po galerii, kawa, mój markotny humor, bo byłam poganiania, aby szybciej oraz o 22 rolki jeszcze pękła guma na kółkach, dziwne, że bez przewrócenia się na nich, ale no cóż. Rolki z K2 trochę przeżyły. Czas na nowe kółeczka, a moje rolki 5 letnie jeszcze trzymają się.

Какие блюда вы не любите в горячем виде, но предпочитаете есть в холодном? What meal do you not like hot but enjoy eating when cold?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Pizza or any other food like rice, quinoa, chicken, etc. because I almost always burn my mouth when I have it hot since I clearly have no self control and don’t have the patience to wait for it too cool for a few minutes before diving in 😋🍽

How often do you eat outside of your house (fast food or a fancy restaurant)? Do you ever have picnics? + If you do, what's something you take with you for a picnic? 🍕🥪

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I often order a salad from a place next door to where I live which makes really good and cheap ones 😋 Then I sometimes endulge in a pizza or kebab roll from another place next door! I don't have picnics often! But a sandwich of some kind is a go to for hikes, trips etc.! Like for the long train trip I took up north this weekend for a swim competition!
How often do you eat outside of your house fast food or a fancy restaurant Do

Por que a las tías les molesta que les pongan comentarios pervertidos? Osea si publican enseñando tet*s o cul*s que te esperas comentarios bonitos? No se.

Porque las mujeres no nos vestimos, maquillamos, vamos a la peluquería, nos hacemos las uñas o lo que sea para generar ninguna buena impresión sobre vosotros ni mucho menos para excitaros para que nos digáis algo o para que nos miréis como si fuésemos un trozo de pizza si tan solo sois unos completos desconocidos.
Nos vestimos, maquillamos y nos hacemos todo eso porque nos gusta como nos vemos de esa manera y ya.
Lo que hacemos no lo hacemos por la atención, aprobación, aceptación, validación, etc de unos orangutanes ni para que nos digan obscenidades unos bab0sos.
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Is banana on pizza actually a thing in Sweden ? 🇸🇪

chocochipcookie984’s Profile Photo◦•●◉✿Becky✿◉●•◦
It is most certainly a thing, if you order something similar in name to "Tropicana" or "Africana"! It often has curry on it too! Not like I order it, have tried it once and it really wasn't to my taste! It's also similar to another Swedish dish called "Flygande jacob" which is rice served with a sauce consisting of chicken, chili, sliced banana, peanuts and bacon Haha 🍕🇸🇪
(Not my picture)
Is banana on pizza actually a thing in Sweden

Que es esa manía de ponerle jamón y queso al cruasán? Es como si se lo pusieses al donut, tarta o caña, es como si le pusieras chocolate a la pizza. Separemos dulce y salado, es un horror ni esta bueno solo sobre valorado el cruasán con jamón y queso

Podríamos enmarcar esto y exponerlo como ejemplo de incultura, pero es tan frecuente que no despertaría mucho interés.

How often do you eat outside of your house (fast food or a fancy restaurant)? Do you ever have picnics? + If you do, what's something you take with you for a picnic? 🍕🥪

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I was never fast food lover, time to time we order pizza or kebab gyros for the dinner 😅, but we have home meal usually. Today I had roasted salmon with vegetable 😋😅
How often do you eat outside of your house fast food or a fancy restaurant Do

Que es esa manía de ponerle jamón y queso al cruasán? Es como si se lo pusieses al donut, tarta o caña, es como si le pusieras chocolate a la pizza. Separemos dulce y salado, es un horror ni esta bueno solo sobre valorado el cruasán con jamón y queso

Y esa manía de criticar porque piensas que todo el mundo debería pensar como tú? Eso no es personalidad, es cabezonería.

Que es esa manía de ponerle jamón y queso al cruasán? Es como si se lo pusieses al donut, tarta o caña, es como si le pusieras chocolate a la pizza. Separemos dulce y salado, es un horror ni esta bueno solo sobre valorado el cruasán con jamón y queso

Que diga esto un francés lo entiendo, al igual que puedo entender que para un italiano la pizza con piña es un crimen, como el partir los spaghetti.
Pero que el croissant relleno de jamón y queso está buenísimo es un hecho indiscutible.
A mí me encanta tanto como la pizza con piña, como el helado de menta con trocitos de chocolate negro aunque me digan que sabe a pasta de dientes, como la Coca-Cola con sabor a cereza o vainilla o la pizza de chocolate.
Me flipa la combinación del salado y dulce desde que probé de pequeña el cerdo al estilo Chao-Sao creo que se llama ese plato chino, que es básicamente cerdo con una salsa barbacoa caramelizada 🤤.
Solo los que tenemos un buen paladar podemos apreciar los buenos manjares.
https://youtu.be/kuzTxsVWb3M?si=zNqz7JV8MmYc5dYGDarkerThanBlack_A’s Video 173916270584 kuzTxsVWb3MDarkerThanBlack_A’s Video 173916270584 kuzTxsVWb3M
Que es esa manía de ponerle jamón y queso al cruasán Es como si se lo pusieses

Ananas na pizzy - tak, czy nie?

Zdecydowanie nie, ananas na pizzy to nie jest coś, co znajduje się na mojej liście ulubionych smaków 🍕❌ Osobiście wolę, kiedy pizza trzyma się klasycznych, włoskich tradycji, gdzie główne składniki to świeże pomidory, mozzarella, bazyliowe listki i doskonałej jakości oliwa z oliwek. To połączenie smaków, które według mnie tworzy idealną pizzę – prostą, ale doskonale zbalansowaną.
Kwestia ananasa na pizzy jest od dłuższego czasu przedmiotem gorących dyskusji. Dla niektórych jest to świetne połączenie słodkiego i słonego, ale dla purystów pizzy, taka wariacja jest czymś bliskim kulinarnego bluźnierstwa. Z punktu widzenia gastronomii, to kontrast smaków może być atrakcyjny, ale ja osobiście jestem za utrzymaniem klasyki i prostoty.
Naukowo rzecz biorąc, smak jest subiektywnym doświadczeniem i to, co jednej osobie smakuje, innej może nie przypadać do gustu. Gust smakowy jest uwarunkowany genetycznie i kulturowo, a także jest kształtowany przez indywidualne doświadczenia. Nasze kubki smakowe i mózg reagują na różne połączenia smaków, i to, co dla jednej osoby jest niezwykłym połączeniem, dla innej może być nieprzyjemnym doświadczeniem.
Podsumowując, chociaż ananas na pizzy ma swoich zwolenników i w wielu miejscach świata jest popularnym wyborem, ja pozostaję wierny bardziej tradycyjnym wariantom pizzy. Cenię klasykę i smaki, które są sprawdzone przez wiele pokoleń miłośników tej wspaniałej potrawy🍴🇮🇹

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Do you agree that the only truly 'authentic' pizza is the one made in Italy? To me, the original pizza is the one produced in its country of origin, crafted by pizza makers from a long lineage of pizza makers

I mean, Italian pizza is next level. There’s literally no denying that. But the best pizza I have ever had (and I say this as somebody who has eaten pizza in many, many different countries 😂) was on a deserted Greek island last May. Look at the SIZE of it.
As for provenance - it’s not Champagne. New York has authentic pizza, Italy is definitely the home of authentic pizza - anywhere it’s made with fresh ingredients and a bit of love, right?
Do you agree that the only truly authentic pizza is the one made in Italy To me

•° итоги пиар-сундука «Исполнитель PIZZA» °•

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° бонусникам по 2О⚘ начислено
итоги пиарсундука Исполнитель PIZZA

Najgorsza pizza to...?

Ja nie lubię np. pizzy z ananasem, pizzy z boczkiem, nie lubię pizzy z rybami i owocami morza (chociaż ogólnie lubię ryby i część owoców morza), nie lubię też pizzy zbyt pikantnej, tak że mordę wykręca, bo potem się źle czuję i mam, że się tak wyrażę, trudną do opanowania rewolucję żołądkową XD

Scrivi ciò che pensi e che vorresti dire a qualcuno che tieni tanto🌹

Sei tu 🔥💯🏳️‍🌈😈🤟🏻
..quella persona che sogni di avere con te “per sempre”, quell’amore descritto dai libri sei tu quello che mi fa stare bene sei tu! sei come la ciliegina sulla torta le fragole con la panna il pane con la nutella la cioccolata calda in inverno l’arrivo dell’autunno l’arrivo della primavera la nuova canzone del tuo gruppo preferito il regalo di natale l’uovo di Pasqua maxi della kinder il gelato la pizza due litri di coca cola il libro preferito un giorno di pioggia passato sotto le coperte le stelle di notte le nuvole con le sfumature rosa la fine della scuola la fine degli incubi l’inizio di me l’inizio di noi sei tu <3

Have you ever sent a shout out or a dedication on a radio station? I remember that when I was a kid, our local radio station had that thing where you could call in or send a text message, and they would read it. You could request to dedicate a song to someone, or send out a message to the listeners.

When I was around fifteen, my best friend and I texted into (I think it was) Rock FM. We put "Mmm, pizza! From Emma and Amy". 😅. We'd obviously just enjoyed pizza, and wanted to share that with all the listeners. Due to the message being so random, it got read out live on air. We were so happy haha! Now it's just cringey to think about. I bet it cost a ridiculous amount of money to send that text out, too!

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