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Is there anything you're looking forward to? Or is there something you'd like to do? ❤ #spreadingpositivity

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So there are a few different things I'm looking forward to at the moment, some of which I am choosing to keep to myself since it's rather personal but the rest I am perfectly happy to discuss! I go back to university in a little under a week, I'm very excited to see my classmates again. I'm also looking forward to finally making an actual start on my wedding planning now that my partner and I have found a venue!

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

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I dislike noise while sleeping or while trying to sleep.
There is usually something that comes up naturally. Either a remake, an anniversary of a films release, maybe a famous actor dies. Sometimes a friend mentions they haven't seen a movie and you decide to watch it together. Sometimes you just check you list and see what's available on your steaming sites, and what's available you watch.
I sometimes take ages to decide too. The only time I would know was if maybe something new was added to a streaming service that I wanted to see. It varies. Sometimes I want to watch a horror, or a sequel or even try and get though someone’s filmography. You can use the shuffle thing on your watchlist to give you a random thing. But in all honestly I’m terrible for choosing when I don’t have an idea in mind can take up to an hour sometimes
I make a psychotic amount of lists. I have a list of every streaming service I subscribe to with any movie currently on that service that I haven't seen and am interested in seeing (go to films--->sort by streaming service). Specifically, every month I make a list of the films leaving the Criterion Channel that month that I would like to see and try to watch as many of them as possible since I find once they leave Criterion those are the most difficult to find again. I will also sometimes challenge myself to watch an entire filmography of a director (I've done the Cohens and Scorsese in the past) and sometimes I'll use an upcoming release as an excuse to watch movies (for example, Soderbergh has a new movie coming this week, so I will probably watch 4-5 of his movies I haven't seen yet). I too was finding my watchlist becoming unmanageable so I make a list called my top 100 watchlist. I went through my current watchlist and picked out exactly 100 movies that I really wanted to watch and made a separate watchlist that I know has movies that on any occasion I will be happy I watched. I've gone through a few of these now and I find it helps me really knock of movies that have burning a hole in my watchlist for a while.
I generally choose based on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I know I won't be able to handle a very acclaimed arthouse, so I see something more comforting for me, a musical or an animated movie. Other time I just want a real mind fuck, or a silent film, or something short. I recommend you trying to analyze what you are feeling, not only by what you would like at the moment, but also what you think you can't handle. Hope this helps!
I usually have a general sense of what I'm planning on/interested in, mostly stuff I'm trying to check off my list. But sometimes I'll just be surprised by something that catches my eye. I watch that new Netflix movie The House on a whim and It's one of my favorites I watched in January. So mostly just based on vibes and random guesses about what I think I'll be in the mood for.

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How is your Friday going, Alex? How is your mood today? What are you planning to do? 😊

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Hi Liu. The truth is that I am being quite lazy today. The dog and I walked to the marina and walked along Tampa Bay this morning. The lawn needs a serious haircut so I will do that shortly. My mood is great today because I discovered a way to sleep without aggravating my fractured rib. I sleep in my recliner and that forces me to remain in a fixed position for about 4 hours. Also, I am going to replace the nylon strings on my Taylor guitar later.
How about you? What are your plans for today? How are you feeling? 😊

If you were invited to a costume party for Halloween, who would you go as?

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I'm honestly really struggling for Halloween costumes this year which suuucks because normally I am great at coming up with costumes! Last year I was a forest elf/fairy, and I looked pretty amazing if I do say so myself. This year though, I'm drawing a blank. I don't know if it's because I've been so preoccupied with wedding planning or what, but I haven't been able to think about Halloween at all this year!

Szép napot! Melyik jó és melyik rossz tulajdonságod mutatkozott meg legutoljára?

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Ma legjobb baratom bevett egy party planning groupchatbe lakasavato/halloween parti rendezesehez egy masik kozeli baratjaval akit nem ismerek es nagyon nyogvenyelosen megy a kommunikacio, szoval negativnak mondhato social anxiety / socially awkward traitjeim nagyon elojottek.
Viszont tegnap megmakacsoltam magam es a vakaciom ota eloszor lefutottam azt a geci ket kilometert a treadmillen, ugyan csak 7 km/h-val, de mar ez is valami.

What helps you sleep?

Telling myself that laying in bed isn’t the time for me to start thinking about the past and future. And that it’s not okay to start planning things either. 😂
I really need to have the mindset to take rest in order for my mind to not constantly walk off to things that unnecessarily stress me out when I’m trying to sleep. 😅
Also a consistent sleeping schedule helps me as well! My body starts feeling tired at around 22:00 since I’ve been sleeping more consistently.
What helps you sleep

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170872455664

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The closure was intense and Katherine couldn't even tell if she would be able to break eye contact if she even tried. The doppelganger was still in recovery, catching her breath, chest heaving as she glanced at the incision her fangs had created on his neck healing then disappearing but the taste was still there. The taste of Damon's blood wasn't something Katherine was planning to forget any time soon.
She barely had time to study his features, catching a glimpse of that delicious mix; satisfaction and hunger.
not a even a second later, a moan escape her lips at the sudden flip, before she smirked seductively at him. She couldn't possibly deny what her expression so clearly exposed, however, his enjoyment of the whole experience was just as clear; as she could basically feel it. He was pressing against her and she lightly chuckled into the kiss, her fingers tangled in his hair as she pushed her hips against his, pointing out just how much she could feel his excitement. "I certainly wasn't the only one. I think you might have a kink for this, Mr. Salvatore." She teased into his mouth, refusing to break the kiss just yet.
Katherine had to tear her lips from his to take a breath. "You should get a taste." Her hand dipped into the pocket of her jeans, retrieving a little needle like object, nearing it to her neck as she looked him in the eye.
Katherine was fully aware his fangs could pierce into her skin effortlessly but that wasn't the point; Katherine was recreating a moment. This is something they could both enjoy, her blood was the one that gave him his immortality and she couldn't begin to imagine how this was going to be for him. "You know the drill, Damon." She started, voice just above a whisper, refreshing both their memories as she leaned her head against the wall, the sharp needle scraping the surface of her porcelain skin, drawing blood. "If you want it, take it."

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmdasalvatorebrothersanswers170872455664

If you’re given a chance to meet an ask.fm user in person who will it be and why?

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To date, Ive met 2 guys (1 in the U.S. Coast Guard, 1 in the Korean Navy) and 2 girls (1 you see here was in the Airforce, and 1 Ukrainian civilian; who paid me to take their wedding photos on their magical day.
Definitely, Friends for life! The girl im with in this has since passed away. She was in the Airforce, a dude texting and driving T-boned her, was told died at the scene of the accident. Feel blessed to have gotten to meet her. Her mom still sends me a text messages from time to time.
Im planning on meeting two this Spring and hope to meet two maybe 3, on my way to NB, in 3 years, only time will tell.
If youre given a chance to meet an askfm user in person who will it be and why

have a nice Sunday, are you planning anything special 🤗

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And have a good Sunday. There were no special plans for today. Only it will be necessary to get up in 2 hours, to make a transfer to my husband through friends who are going to work with him.

How's August been, what were the highlight(s) of the month?

great. we settled on our house and moved in, avory started first grade, we started buying new furniture and updating stuff in our house, we finalized our trips to tennessee this weekend and virginia in a couple weeks, i started planning avory’s birthday party, i signed up for a new gym
membership, and we decided to start trying for baby. 💛

Kalian kalo mau tidur suka overthinking ga si ttng masa depan kalian

Lebih berpikir ke planning buat mencapai target2. Dr pada overthinking dg kecemasan/kekhawatiran akan masa depan 😁
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With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

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I am attending an internship in a few days and I am quite nervous about it, since it is so far away from my whereabouts and I never travelled so far by myself via train. xd But I think I will be fine.
I am looking forward to autumn so so much. It is my favorite season and for now, I am not planning anything in particular since work and university determine a lot of my actions. But maybe I visit the upcoming Book Fair in Frankfurt with a few friends and cosplay a Ghibli character, hehe.
Besides that I will be in the third semester of my Master's degree. Time is moving on so fast, that I feel overwhelmed by the pace of it. Let's just hope I will be fine until then. I want to walk a lot through piles of fallen leaves and just swim in the autumnal glow. 🍂

What are your plans for the weekend? 🗓

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I was planning to go into the village on Sunday to see some local performers but I’ve been overcome by this hot body rash and I’m too fatigued anyway so will be staying home.

Describe how you decorated your bedroom?

Mismatched. My entire house is like that. Paintings, prints, pictures of my kids, art they made. some of it (mainly the religious stuff) used to be my mom's and my daughter insisted I put those up too despite the fact that we're an irreligious household, aside from said daughter. I like a nautical theme and not even ⅓ of it is up but some of it is. I decorate heavily for fall & Christmas & there's still some of those up in my bedroom too. Wasn't planning on staying here long so I didn't really care at first and just did whatever with whatever. Funny how that turned out tho

QG 21 août : Avez-vous peur de vous retrouver à découvert en fin de mois ? Êtes vous prêt à vous mettre à découvert pour un loisir ou quoi que ce soit de dispensable ? 💸

AlysonBachterzi’s Profile PhotoPsychologiquement atteinte.
On devrait vraiment enseigner aux enfants, jeunes adultes, à gérer kn budget, c'est terrible les dégâts que ça laisse.
Non, j'ai un planning de dépense extrêmement précis et défini personnellement, avec des potentialités d'imprévus.

What do you typically use computers for? Like if you were to buy a new laptop / desktop today, how powerful would you want it to be? 💻

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I don’t need a lot of storage anymore, everything lives in the cloud but I do like a fast computer. Mostly I use it for my university stuff and planning but also for electrical circuit drawings

Since you answered my poll, I want you to explain your choice. 😄 Why would you adopt a dog from the shelter?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
The black cat I had for nearly 15 years was a rescue, they were going to drown him cause people didn't like black cats cos of superstitions and such, he was the best cat I've ever had 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am planning to get two rescue kitties next month cause there's a shelter near me that's overrun with sweet babies needing a home! They've had 80 kittens born this month alone 🥺

Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now - what's the worst pain you've ever experienced?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I have different scales of pain, so I’ll give two examples 😄
One of the worst pains I felt was when I got my second covid shot. I felt so incredibly sick and weak, the only thing I could do was to lay down and cry because of the pain and tiredness lol. 😣 I was even scared to get my booster, because I was scared it would get worse, but luckily it didn’t.
The most intense pains I ever had are related to my bowel issues. The cramps that I sometimes experience are so painful that they make me nauseous and almost black out. 🤢
I’m sorry about your wisdom tooth pain, I hear those are one of the most painful things ever. Are you planning on getting it removed?
Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now

I may send this out to everyone I follow but, how have you been? 😊 Just curious since I haven't really been active as of late. I put up a small update on my page if you're curious about what I've been up to recently!

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Honestly? Struggling..
My mental health hasn't been great, and neither has my physical. Hopefully things are about to get better, but the last few weeks have been grueling!
But for once, I have a Saturday off! So I'm planning on just relaxing and having some me time :)
I may send this out to everyone I follow but how have you been  Just curious

What is something that you feel, is bad design, in your opinion? 🤔 And, what is something that you feel was designed well? 🤪 (Gotta outweigh every negative with a positive, hehe) 😉

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I'm a city planning student, there are a tooon of cities which at their core are just badly, BADLY designed 🥴 Dubai and typical American suburbia comes to mind! But then there are many European cities which are designed very well! I was blown away by the bike infrastructure I saw when I recently visited the Netherlands 🤩
What is something that you feel is bad design in your opinion  And what is

ada tak lelaki berkahwin tapi tak nak ada anak? dan ok tak kalau future wife/wife korang planning memang tak nak ada anak?

Random; nak tahu tak act kan i takde lah rasa teringin nak kahwin pun bila tengok orang lain kahwin. Bukan tak rasa nak kahwin cuma tahu belum sampai masa i lagi. Tapi kan bila tengok budak kecik ni walaupun time tu dia tengah nangis, rasa macam aii tak sabar nak ada anak. Nak build my own perfect family gittewww hehe macam tiberrrr

Do you act more like your mum or your dad? In what way? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I have inherited something from both 😅:
👉 Dad - I am kind, calm and deliberate person until someone breaks my personal ego circles. Then I am worse than the worst storm 😂
👉Mom - planning and organizational skills, handy, quick decisions, anxious relating to children🙂

Do you think humans will survive long enough to evolve into something different or will we make ourselves extinct before we have the chance to?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
That depends upon whether or not the globalist ruling class at the WEF, WHO and United Nations are successful in implementing their Climate Change sustainability goals which will reduce the earths population from 7.5 billion to less than 600 million people. The only thing that will save humanity from this evil would be the following:
(1) direct intervention from God
(2) the people wake up, protest and revolt, if necessary, to protect their Faith, Family, Freedom, Culture, Traditions and National Sovereignty. And... to prevent the Davos engineered world wide Famine, Pandemics and War that they are planning to implement soon.
- Pay attention.
- Stop listening to the fake legacy media.
- Do your own homework
Do your own research to understand how the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (U.N.) are all conspiring, under the guise of Climate Control and Sustainability goals to eliminate approximately 80% of the worlds population through food shortages (famine), man made pandemics and bogus vaccines, and World War.

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Do you think humans will survive long enough to evolve into something different

For those of you who have kids, are you planning on having anymore or are you happy with the number of kids you have?

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جوووردن كيفك طمني عنك مشاان الله
ليش بتردش يزم مشغول؟؟
هو اكيد مشغول خلص عذرك معك يحب
حاس انوا بكره بأذن الله رح يكون لطيف خفيف ورح نسمع خبر خرافي قولتك ؟

🌿 mental health check-in: how have you been feeling today?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Honestly I have no idea Leigh. It’s been a really rough few weeks and I think I’m finally starting to feel ok again but if I get too much time on my hands I just start to get down again. Not even down like emotional/upset but just kind of numb feeling. I feel at peace with what’s happened but at the same time life feels like it’s kind of screeched to a standstill for me and kind of just totally crumbled around me, yet everyone around me is still going about their lives like normal and I feel frozen in place watching everyone else live their lives.
My relationship ended kind of out of the blue about 3 weeks ago, but I’m still living with my ex and everything still feels “normal” except we’re not “together” anymore. He’s planning to move away from here as soon as he finds another job so I need to basically start everything over again myself. New housing, new dating profiles, new friends because he was my only person up here after I moved, etc. and my primary issue with that is I had been planning my entire existence around moving with him in the semi near future. I don’t want to be single for another several years waiting for someone else again but also I don’t want to find someone else here and then be in a position where either they make me want to stay somewhere I don’t want to be or I make them move when they want to stay. It’s an annoying situation to be put into and that’s partially why I’m feeling all the feels I’ve got. That and it’s looking like even if I did want to date someone locally right now, the dating pool here is literally the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire existence. I’ve swiped left on like 97% of profiles I’ve seen and I’d like to think I’m not THAT picky, especially considering right now I’m really just looking for connections more than anything physical/dating.
I started going to therapy just to have someone to talk to about issues I have been struggling with and how to handle life changes because this is the first time I’ve ever truly felt alone both socially and support wise. I mean I have my family but because my ex and I are still living together they now have nowhere to stay when they visit since my ex is living in the spare bedroom. And honestly I don’t want to be that person who still leans really heavily on her parents at this age. I’ve really leaned heavily into the therapy and working on mental health stuff these past few weeks. I’ve been trying to go out and hang out even just with coworkers. I even downloaded bumble for friends and met someone new on there. It’s been a journey and I’m already sick and tired of it and it hasn’t even been a month yet. And I really appreciate the therapist I’ve been seeing but I’m not sure that her setup is really working for me when I can only get maybe 30 minutes a week with her, if even that.
So long story short, I have been feeling better than the last few weeks but I’ve also been feeling a little lost, frustrated, tired, and also just kind of all around defeated.

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In which platform are you planning to move? I read somewhere you are planning to leave this.

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One of my ask friends has recommended Quora and Medium. So I plan to look into those two to see if I think my writing style will fit. One of the reasons I feel compelled to make this change is that I am not being allowed the freedom to write what I want to write without being punished and having my account suspended. There are terrible things going on in our world right now that we the people need to discuss but our high tech companies, media and governments have conspired to prevent the people from being informed enough to have the discussion. So that is a big reason that motivate me away from sites like this.
Another reason is I need a literary challenge. Writing with folks who are better writers than I am will hopefully motivate me to become a better writer. I am not sure if this makes sense but I've been here since 2015 and there once were some outstanding writers on this platform. Writers who I literally woke up each day and looked forward to reading whatever they penned. It was like magic. But now people write one or two word sentences comprised of monosyllable words and incoherent and irrational thought. And least I forget that I have my fair share of haters and those who believe whenever I post something it is about them. For example, I have posted over 400 shoutout questions and you would be surprised how many people get upset because they think I am writing about them and they take offense. And for some strange and unknown reason it never dawns on them that the writer does not know them, has never met them and therefore is not writing about them. In a goofy sort of way posting in askfm is like writing graffiti on the walls of an insane asylum where the patients hear voices that don't exist and think that everyone is talking about them when the truth us nobody gives a shit.
But these irrational bed fellows sure make for some interesting story lines, right?

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I see your boy is planning another trip to Warren County. Better act fast. I calculate at least five beautiful women from around the world, who are fixated on this long haired hunk and have chosen him as their one and only everlasting somewhere over the rainbow pot of gold.

> your boy is planning another trip to Warren County
As I understand, it is a lovely region of his state. 👍
> at least five beautiful women from around the world
Truth be told, there would be more if he played a "really really really really big violin." 🎻
> fixated on this long haired hunk
He has "loooong hare" like another fine gentleman? 🐰
> pot of gold.
I wouldn't be surprised if his "pot" is made of gold too. This refined lad seems to have the most exquisite taste:
I see your boy is planning another trip to Warren County  Better act fast  I

How far along are you with wedding planning?

Oh god, haha. I'm still in what I would like to call the "pinterest boards and daydreaming" stage. Partner and I have discussed our various ideas and we've looked at a couple of venues, but nothing is set in stone just yet. We have plenty of time though, we don't plan on getting married until the latter half of 2024, so we're not in any rush!

I'm glad you account wasn't hacked

BonesAngela’s Profile Photo#SWEET
Hi everyone!
I'm getting married on 1st of August 2022. I know it's sudden, just a small simple event so please don't take it personally if you arent aware of it. Seeing that it's too all of a sudden and is just few weeks from now, I'm not planning a big wedding but yes it will be a memorable time of my life. I would love it if you take out time to be a part of it. I will be inviting some family and my closest friends, as the customs say. I'll be mailing out invitation soon so I would really appreciate your presence on this day. Please don't worry about bringing any gifts since its on such short notice. Just bring me someone I can get married to, and its all good to go. Let's see who reads this entire status. I find this hilarious. So before you do anything stupid, just hush and copy paste this to your wall and see how many will fall for it. Thank you. 💕❤️🥂

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Что вы цените больше, тщательное планирование или свободу быть спонтанным? What do you value more, careful planning or the freedom to be spontaneous?

ognevstepan’s Profile Photoваш вишнёвый друг •
раньше мне тщательное планирование было больше по душе. я за ранее все планировала начиная что буду делать за весь день и заканчивая о чем буду говорить
но в этом году познакомилась и подружилась с несколькими прекрасными людьми и вот благодаря им я увидела все прелести спонтанности. изначально меня мягко говоря это раздражало, потом со временем начала привыкать и в конце вошла просто во вкус
как по мне планировать все за ранее тоже хорошо, но и также спонтанности прекрасны

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