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Chanar ka tree Kahan milta he?

Chanar is a deciduous tree (those plants which shed their leaves in winter to preserve enough energy for the next growing season are called deciduous plants e.g apple, fig etc.) which means it belongs to temperate regions including Kp, balochistan lakin in k elawa isb or lahore mein b grow hota hai.. kisi b achi certified nursery se pta kro mill jaye ga.


mhmdmntsr053’s Profile Phototyping…
Ventured deep into my back yard. Not sure exactly how much is my property but the woods surrounding are as good as “mine” anyway. (I don’t claim nature, just saying there would never be another human there.) Inspired by today’s Timehop pics when I went to the same spot years ago. I like to cause as little harm as possible to animals, insects, plants, nature spirits so I rarely go back there. Now is the best time with few insects out. And it really is quite lovely and magical back there. And with my newfound love and attachment to the specific trees and nature of my property. I realize I cannot be perfect. I’d like to spend more time exploring it and I plan to. (More photos to come.)
Ventured deep into my back yard Not sure exactly how much is my property but

In a fight is anything off limits?

respectfullyme1’s Profile PhotoThinker
If you wanna see how good this person is .. watch him fighting .. good manners will never change .. even in our religion stuff we got a war rules ..
like we mustn't cut off a tree or do a harm for innocent animals nor plants as possible as we can and must not kill old men, nor children, nor young people, nor women. And Behave righteously and in the best manner. Verily, Cuz Allah loves those who behave in the best manner.
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So I was at the gym lifting weights and two hot babes walked up to me and asked if they could come over to my place and of course I said yes. Are you jealous

the flower does not compete…. with over plants ….
it just blooms…
and i know …. feel how he🕸❤️ loves me….
and guys…. if i were you i wouldn’t be proud….
when woman or girl have past …. or have easy virtue (sometimes big past )
and it’s not absolutely matter if they are rich or not …. with name without name….
you need ask them about certificate of the absence of sexually transmitted diseases…. before you says your yes…. how you wrote in your question
especially if they are not young….who knows with whom they were in their youth….
and the young too ….need to ask ….
i think you talk about young girls….
but i wrote about all ages
and not “drawn “ by someone real certificate
maybe this way you will save yourself from all sorts of bad diseases….
and i’m not about that poor women who officially work like that ….
i’m about girls who you did say yes
you have only one life….
God, i really don’t like write such things….
because i’m not in it …. don’t even think about things like this….
in my heart head absolutely another feels….and things….
and you know i known these basics things since my childhood …!!!

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Do you use an app for plants? I do. I have one that tells me when to water the plants (I need that reminder cause I always forget) and the correct amount of water the plants need based on their location, room temperature, pot size, and soil type. It’s rly cool, def recommend! My babies are thriving!

I don't!
I currently have no plants in the house. All mine are in the garden.
If I had house plants again, then I probably would get an app cuz that sounds so handy! :3
Do you use an app for plants I do I have one that tells me when to water the
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Do you use an app for plants? I do. I have one that tells me when to water the plants (I need that reminder cause I always forget) and the correct amount of water the plants need based on their location, room temperature, pot size, and soil type. It’s rly cool, def recommend! My babies are thriving!

That's actually a great idea! I am awful at keeping plants alive coz I'm forgetful and I don't know how often they need watering so this would definitely help me 😂

what is on your dnd shelf?

A lot! xD
I draped a faux ivy garland so it's partially hanging off the edge (I have a wood elf druid character, so yeah lol)
A few plants, my two dice trays! A chest I made which has all my dice in. My tree trunk dice tower that my boyfriend 3d printed for me. My compendium of spells, as well as box with the rest of my spells in for higher levels. My acorn necklace, same as my character has. My Yggdrasil hair pin, gifted to me last Christmas. A dragon ornament and a vile filled with dried hydrangea blooms :3
I also have 2 battery powered candles for incase we lose power over the winter. And just under the shelf, I have Eleon's sword and a wooden squirrel :3
I'm gonna potentially print some artwork of my character and the rest of Bad Company to go on the wall around the shelf :3
what is on your dnd shelf

Does it ever drive you crazy?

afeefazafar’s Profile PhotoAfeefa Zafar.
Uugghhhhh started looking after a stray kitten’s food a few weeks back and I’d occasionally pet him. That’s it! That’s all I ever did for him.
When he first came, we would fight every other cat and others would hit him as well (we always have a bunch of them here, for some unknown reason 🥲) but then he slowly realised, his food will be taken care of, he will be protected and he doesn’t have to fight anymore, you know?
The kitten eventually stopped being all defensive. Now he plays with the two other kittens, never growls. He knows, he’s safe and he has changed so much! He’s a very affectionate little baby now. He just needed a little love and a little care. Just like plants, just like every other living being.
It isn’t too much to ask for.
P.S I get the song reference! 🥹

What do you do with the cans when you are done with them?

Where I live we have three types of trash all separated:
GFT: which is where all things that can rot is thrown into: vegetables, fruits, meats, plants, etc.
Paper: all clean paper like flyers, the daily paper, etc. gets thrown in here.
Rest: everything else that has to be thrown away that isn’t electronic or toxic, so plastics, used/dirty paper, cans and carbon packages.
So I basically throw it away, the sorting system collects them out and recycles or destroys it.
What do you do with the cans when you are done with them

What makes you happy?

✨️ Starlight, Star bright, first Star I ser tonight wishes
✨️ My dogs' tippy tappy feet when I get home, or the way they come sprinting through the house to see me
✨️ Drifting off to sleep whilst it rains
✨️ The feeling of looking around a room or a table full of people you love and just feeling so content
✨️ Getting excited about plans - booking trips, organising parties, going on adventures
✨️ The kids I get to work with and the shrieks of laughter
✨️ The warmth that comes from friends
✨️ Loving and being loved
✨️ Belting out your favourite songs in the car
✨️ Going out for drinks or snacks or a walk with friends
✨️ Inside jokes with my little brother
✨️ Fingers covered in mud or paint or stuff that says FUN
✨️ Flip-flop tanlines

Do you like to keep plants in your home? Maybe post a picture of a plant you own? 🌿📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My best friend gave me this spider plant last summer, and I'm trying my best to take care of it and keep it alive. :-)
They are supposedly easy-care plants, but I'm not very good with plants I'm afraid, so I'm constantly a little worried I will let this one die too, just like my cactus I had in like 7th grade, just like my brothers cacti and his banana plant that died under my watch. 😬
We've been through tough times together, once I watered it too much and it went limp, but it slowly managed to recover, then like half of its leaves began to turn yellow-brown-ish, then it recovered from that too, but it stopped growing new leaves and I was worried I had lost this plant too ... But it looks like we have overcome this phase too, there is definitely a new leaf coming through now. :-)
Her name is Grünhilde and this is her today.
(Spider plants are called Grünlilie (green lily) in German, and Hilde is an old-fashioned women's name, with variations like Brunhild(e), Kriemhild, etc. So I gave my plant the made up name Grünhilde. And I refer to her as "she". My baby Grünhilde.)

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Do you like to keep plants in your home Maybe post a picture of a plant you own

Do you prefer the city, country, or suburbs?

I live in a cookie-cutter suburb and I hate it, but I still live with my parents, so I don't really have a say and I cannot really afford to live on my own. It's primarily because I want to my own thing, and don't get why neighbors make a big deal of having manicured lawns and I hate how all the houses look the same and everything seems so bland, boring and superficial. Thankfully, there is some diversity when it comes to race, ethnicity and religion. I lived in another suburb before this one, and I really liked it because it was the neighborhood standards and expectations weren't so strict, and the neighbors mostly kept to themselves. Another plus is that there was more diversity with houses. We had a big backyard that was home to all sorts of plants and animals, and I felt closer to the nature, and just seems more natural to me. I could also walk to church, the store, and restaurants, but in my current neighborhood, we have to drive everywhere. As for the city and the country, I don't really have a preference as I see the pros and cons of both and they both have their own charm. On one hand, I like the isolation of the countryside, and the closeness with nature, and I could live off the land instead of having to work for someone else, but I also like the convenience of being able to walk everywhere in the city instead of having to rely on the upkeep of my own car. I could also take advantage of public transportation. Unfortunately, the city closest to me is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. in terms of violent crime, but I think it is gradually getting better. While there would be lots of people on the streets, we would probably be all carrying about our own business and I probably wouldn't have to socialize with them all that much. I love cities for the access to things that I enjoy and the anonymity; I live in the country, and paradoxically I feel like I'm on more peoples' radars now than when I was living in the downtown center of a city (part of it goes with the job, but still).
I'm not sure really. I've lived in the country all my life. What I really enjoy about it is the nature, and being able to go for a run in the forest and be quite sure not to meet anyone, and since we don't have any neighbors, you can also be outside, and no one sees you. And it's quiet and peaceful most of the time. But the people here kind of suck. Small schools, lots of gossip. And the only things that are really going on outside of school is soccer and partying, and if you don't like it, you're just weird. The classes are kind of small (we were about 35 in each grade), and my guess is about 3 of them would be intuitives. So kind of hard to find people similar to yourself.

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What are your reasons to be happy?

when I finally get something that didn't work out for a long time, when it's beautiful outside, when it rains, when the food is delicious, when it smells of fuеl оil, when it smells of roses, when it smells of tаr, when I stroke animals and their hearts beat and they are alivе too, when there is fog, when there is a rainbow, when something shines beautifully in the sun, when I look at the stars, when I look at equations, when I sing, when I swing on the perfectly right swing or rush somewhere at brеаkneck speed, when I dance, when I trаnsplаnt plants, when I solved sudoku, when I walk through puddles, a beautiful sound when a light bulb brеаks, when I find something that I didn't have, but I always wanted, when someone does unplеаsant duties for me, when I stumblе, but find a beautiful stone on the ground

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Do you think cats are good pets?

I do like all animals, but for me, cat is a huge, enormous no no.
They'll scratch the furniture, eat plants, destroy flowers, walk on the table with same feet that touch the poop. If let outside, they destroy bird nests, kill baby animals. They're untrainable.
Low maintenance since they don't need humans.
For some they're great pets.
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Do you own anything that use to belong to your grandparents or parents now you own if yes what

🌸 On my dad's side:
I have 2 music boxes. One was my grandad's which he got from Austria. The other was my nan's, which has some jewellery of hers. Mainly big rings, hat pins, etc :)
🌸 On my mom's side:
I inherited A LOT of jewellery from my nan. I also took some of their artificial plants when we had to clear their home.
I have my grandad's tie pin, which I attach to a necklace of my nan's. So they're still together :3
I also have my grandad's car. It was given to my mom when he stopped driving at aged 93/94 :) and now it's mine lol
Do you own anything that use to belong to your grandparents or parents now you

Do you like to keep plants in your home? Maybe post a picture of a plant you own? 🌿📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would love to but my cat tries to eat everything that's green so I have to be careful with plants because there are too many of them that are toxic for cats.

Do you like to keep plants in your home? Maybe post a picture of a plant you own? 🌿📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I like keeping plants yes! Mostly flowers though, but plants are really nice and good too.
It was hard to find a picture of one of the plants at home, so here is a picture with me and Tante Moortje when she was just about two months old. 🥰
Do you like to keep plants in your home Maybe post a picture of a plant you own

Do you like to keep plants in your home? Maybe post a picture of a plant you own? 🌿📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm an addict, a collector and basically a huge fauna and flora lover.
I own about 70 different plants. Most of them are still small since I like to buy smaller plants and watch them grow.
Here's a little photo collage of some of my favourite photos that I've taken with my sony camera.
Way more photos can be found on my Instagram account. I don't do much there anymore, but would love to re-start my plant collection and photography journey.
Do you like to keep plants in your home Maybe post a picture of a plant you own

share lagu favorit yang akhir-akhir ini sering kalian dengarkan, barangkali bisa jadi referensi playlist... thanks

secretofme29’s Profile Photomela
okay ini lagu yg belakangan ini lg gue dengerin ya :
1. universe - thuy
2. arctic monkeys - i wanna be yours
3. ride - HYBS
4. plastic plants - mahalia
5. halu merindu - gia sabila
6. i wish i was your joke - reality club
if you already listened to them please let me know✌🏼
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What are some random things you love? I’ll go first - pomegranates, good pens, freshly washed hair and 80’s music

🌷 Plants, Eyebrow pencil, Breeze, Nail cutter/trimmer, Disinfectant (alcohol spray), and Dips. Most food that I grew up eating were partnered with dips😄 One of my fave dip is Heinz tomato ketchup♥️

*Space for a picture you want to showcase* 📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Recently took this 🥰 my grandma has the green thumb in the family so she has all sorts of flowers and plants in her front and backyard. I found this cute little purple flower and HAD to get a picture. The quality is eh as I took it on my iPhone but hey not too bad for a phone camera 😁
Space for a picture you want to showcase

What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am a visual learner so anything with shapes or bright colours help me to take in information, I used to get told off a lot at school because I would be doodling while the teachers were trying to teach us until the head teacher realised that I was actually doodling the work, so like in science if we will learning about plants I would draw what we were learning about as well as write information about it, the head teacher had to explain to my teachers what I was doing, I didn't get told off after that 😊😊
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3 am thoughts? 😶‍🌫️

syedakazmi2’s Profile PhotoSyeda Manahil kazmi
Why is it called Feminism not equalism?
Can plants and animals commit suicide?
If pen is mightier than the sword than why do actions speak louder than words?
How are oceans separated?
Why is Mumbai called the city of dreams if it can’t sleep?
Is it morally wrong for a couple to elope and live somewhere else?
Is a weed still a weed if the actual plant dies?
Love is found or created?
Is fruit living or dead?
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