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I'm stressed. how to get rid of it?

It's completely normal just cry it out if you can. Pray, tell Allah all your problems if you don't know what to say dw just sit down while raising up your hands He knows everything. Go for a walk admire mother nature, focus on the sound of the birds chirping, feed them, water some plants, do something creative or just simply make yourself a good breakfast you'll feel better🌸

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What hobbies do you have and how did you get into it?

🌸 Drawing / being creative.
This was ignited in me by my grandparents! Whenever I would be at their house, my grandad would always have a pad of paper or a colouring book! He would critique me on if I went outside of the lines xD
So that made me want to draw and get better!
🌸 Gardening / all things nature!
Again due to my grandparents! They'd teach me about plants etc
🌸 Gaming
... I wanted to beat my brother at games because he said I couldn't lol it just went from there lol
🌸 Reading
My mom is a bigger book worm than me! So I got it from her lol

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What hobbies do you have and how did you get into it

In contrast to my other question, are there any bugs that you really like? What about them is it that you like? 🐞🐛🐌🦋

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
When I was a little girl I liked caterpillars and ladybugs. But I've had enough caterpillars pee in my hand and die in my pocket, that they don't do anything for me. As far as lady bugs, when a nearby farmer plants soybeans our house and yard can be bombarded with Asian Beatles. They bite and they stink. I guess they're technically not lady bugs, but close enough.
I like butterflies. There's something kind of familiar about how they appear.

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Cool, can’t wait to see your great collection! You’re welcome it’s my pleasure! I agree nothing makes me excited as plants and people into greenery. It’s so amazing, brings joy to the soul. Thanks, you too 💐🌹☘️

Please excuse the very bad photos, but these are the things that excited me this morning!!
But now I need to know - what are you favourite plants?

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Cool cant wait to see your great collection 

Youre welcome its my pleasure I

Do you like having plants around your home? How good are you at taking care of them? 🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
I actually really love plants, but I don't have any! The closest I've gotten is when someone would gift me flowers. I don't know if they were just really healthy and strong or what, but I would at least keep flowers alive for a couple of months. Longer than some people I know could manage lol

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Any updates on your plants? Added anything new to your collection?

I actually asked for plants for my birthday, so yes! I am now the very proud owner of a Eucalyptus tree, two new acers (a regular palmatum and an Orange Dream which is just the most sTUNNING colour, dear lord) and the most beautiful Golden Hornet crab apple! I'll be getting a new David Austin rose as well, because that's tradition every year. I just haven't chosen her yet!
But as for the rest of the plants, they're all coming out beautifully! The first two roses in the rose beds are out, and then I'm watching my geraniums like a hawk as well. I've got the most beautiful lilac double - Cloud Nine - and she's a monster, utterly enormous.
Oh, and I grew a bunch of aquilegia from seed last year and they've flowered for the first time! White Towers and Blackcurrant - I've never seen anything quite like them before, I'm thrilled with them.

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Do you have any house plants? If so which ones do you have?

England v Scotland
Friday 18th June 2021
Kick Off 8pm
One of mates has spare two tickets in a corporate box for the England v Scotland game. He paid £300 each, but he didn't realise when he bought them that it was going to be the same day as his Covid 19 postponed wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place.
It's at Reading Registry Office, at 2.30pm. The bride's name is Moira, she's 5'4", about 8 stone, quite pretty, has her own income and is a really good cook.

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Hello team I just wanted to know if it was one of yours who came to see me last night? I slept in a clean bed and the next morning there were leaves and thorns everywhere! If it's you the next time you come to see me awakened me. And if is not one of yours tell me that I face something.

You’ll be fine.
Just a visit from The Fae.
Be grateful for those
But next time
Don’t intrude on their territory
Or pick their sacred plants.
And you won’t wake up
With thorns in your bed.

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Do you like gardening? If yes, do you have one?

I do!
I'm currently sorting out vegetables and herbs in my garden at the moment. I also have a number of perennial plants in the garden too! I prefer to have perennial's as they bloom year after year!
Currently I have hydrangeas, asters, lavender, lupins, roses, princess mulan, etc etc etc

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Do you like gardening If yes do you have one

Share your one precious reminiscence?

hassaan_mirza01’s Profile PhotoHassan Mirza
In my childhood, during hot summer, in the afternoons when my mum use to pour water on me while watering the plants, with our watering shower in our backyard and i used yo run away and she used to act like she is running, saying gotcha kiddo gotcha but she used to be actually walking slowly and then reaching me she again used to start pouring water on me and it used to happen again and again till i was tired af and fully exhausted playing with her but she had never felt tired, then she used to take me to the bath and bathe me and dress me cute and then she used to say, kiddo you made me fresh today...

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Bonjour à toi qui reçois cette question au hasard, trouves-tu que collectionner les cartes Pokemon à l'âge adulte soit puéril ? Belle journée à toi 😼

Feanor89’s Profile PhotoFeanor
Boh, à chacun ses passions. Vaut mieux collectionner les cartes pokémon que les armes à feu ou les plants de cannabis, non ?
Pour ma part, je n'ai plus mes cartes depuis longtemps. Je les avais donné à des petites cousines. J'aime bien la licence mais je n'ai jamais été un fan ultime. Niveau dessin animé, je me suis arrêté à la saison 4, ça me gavait vu que c'était absolument toujours la même chose. J'ai essayé de me refaire ça récemment avec un oeil adulte, j'ai fini la saison 1 avec grand peine. Je ne pousserais pas plus loin.
Idem pour les jeux, je n'ai pas été au-delà de Rubis/Saphir. La version Or/Argent reste pour moi la panacée. Je suis quasiment capable de nommer tous ses pokemons de tête (sauf les légendaires).
Quand tu croyais avoir fini le jeu, PAF ! Tu pouvais traverser l'océan et te refaire la Ligue pokemon du premiers opus. L'apport de la couleur, de graphismes moins grossiers et de meilleures apparences pour certains pokemon est un plus indéniable.
Je me rappellerais toujours du pikachu obèse de la version Rouge / Bleu ha ha.
Puis sinon sur Game Cube j'essayais Pokemon Colossrum, mais je le trouve vraiment naze. Plus de badges, plus de Ligue pokemon. Et plus de pokémons sauvages !!! Les seuls pokemons que tu peux capturer, faut les voler aux autres dresseurs. Mais le jeu t'impose les pokémons que tu peux voler (seulement quelques dizaines au total, la plupart inintéressants). C'est ultra-dirigiste.
Cerise sur le gâteau ! Les pokémons volés ne gagnent pas d'expérience avant d'être désenvoûtés et n'ont qu'une seule attaque : une charge à la gomme qui les blesse à chaque fois qu'ils s'en servent. Tu te retrouves avec une tripatouillée de pokémons inutiles, que tu es obligé quand même de faire combattre pour les désenvoûter et leur faire réapprendre les attaques de base. Même si ton bidule reste au lvl 30 pendant des heures et que le jeu te force à affronter des lvl 40.
Le Souffle des Ténèbres reprend visiblement le même délire. Puis Epée / Bouclier sur switch n'a pas l'air terrible, dommage. Un peu la flemme de me lancer un émulateur DS/3DS pour essayer les versions sur ces supports.

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Bonjour à toi qui reçois cette question au hasard trouvestu que collectionner

You come across a magic book and whatever you write in it becomes reality. What's the first thing you would write in it?

Can I erase objects and they will no longer exist? If so I’d draw and erase many things, so long as it wouldn’t mess with fate too much to erase them. If I could create something, it would be plants everywhere. I’d draw them growing on everything. So many that people would eventually give up trying to remove them. As well as vine plants strong enough to resist cutting, burning and other attempts to remove them. Basically a world taken over by plants. Man would no longer be physically able to remove nature.

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تكلم عن شخص خرج من الآسك و تشتاق للحديث معه ؟ عن ماذا كنتم تتحدثوا غالبًا ؟ احكي مواقف جميلة تتذكرها حصلت معكم ...🌙🎐

SIEOO’s Profile PhotoṦΪỄƠ̴̴̴̴͡ợ̣̣̃̇̇̇Ở(。◕‿‿◕。)
أوه.. سنسميه الشخص X 🤍، لست جيدة بالتعبير عن مشاعري، وسأحبذ ألا يعرف المقصود أنه المقصود إن حدثت معجزة وقرأ هذا 😆 ف نعم، الشخص X ✅
كنا نتحدث كما يتحدث الأصدقاء، عن أحوالنا والتغيرات الجديدة بحياتنا والخطوات التي ننوي اتخاذها، ثم نزود بعضنا بالتحديثات بخصوص هذه الخطوات التي تحدثنا عنها وهكذا، كنا نلعب معا كثيرا أيضا، لعبة Fun Run تحديدا، مع باقي اصدقائنا المشتركين، كان جيدا جدا تبا، أكره أن أهزم بالألعاب.
كان مهووسا بألعاب الجوال جدا ومرر هذا الهوس لي كما ترون 😆، إحدى ألعابه المفضلة كانت Plants vs. Zombies، اصبحت لعبتي المفضلة لوقت طويل وكنت أشاركه تقدمي، كان يحب لعبة أخرى لا اتذكر اسمها، حاول شرحها لي مرارا وحاولت لعبها وإرغام نفسي على حبها لكن لا فائدة لم تكن لي 😆.
حين كنت أمر بموقف ولا أعرف ما الذي علي فعله كنت أقص له الأمر كاملا وأطلب مشورته، والعكس صحيح، كان الحديث معه جميلا، ويشعرني بسعادة.
لم يقطع أينا علاقته بالآخر بشكل مفاجئ، فقط على مر السنوات حدث ما يحدث دائما، بعد متدرج بدون سبب وبدون أحد للومه، كان يمكنني أن أنقل تواصلنا لمنصة أخرى لكن لم أرد، أردت لكن لم أرد بنفس الوقت.
أفكر به بين حين وآخر، وألعب الألعاب التي كان يحبها، وأتذكر نصوصا من صفحته بالآسك بشكل عشوائي، وآراءه بخصوص القضايا ورسائل كانت بيننا، ف نعم ✅ اشتاق إليه جدا وأتمنى من الله ان يكون الشخص X بخير 🤍✨!

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Tal vez alguna vez le dé una oportunidad al segundo. Aunque vaya, que tengas que pagar por pantas tan fomes apesta jaja. ¿Tú solías usarlas? El Cactus yo solo para el Zombi en globo y la Frustrella sinceramente nunca la utilizaba.

MartinIndignado’s Profile PhotoDead M.
Jaja sí, qué mala onda son...
Pues la frustrella en el 1 no mucho, pero en el 2 la hicieron mucho más fuerte 💪🏻 por eso me gusta y con esto de que las plants se pueden subir de nivel aun mejor, la tengo en nivel 5 y es muy útil cuando hay muchos zombies 🧟‍♂️🌻🌟... El cactus 🌵 igual sólo lo ocupaba para el del globo 🎈, pero con el trebolador 🍀 me basta... La única nueva función es que cuando el enemigo se acerca este se oculta y hace la misma función que un pincho hierba 🌿👀💕.
Pero ese no lo tengo, soy pobre 😅.

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+3 answers in: “Alguna vez has jugado plantas contra zombis? 🧟‍♂️”

Есента привлекателна ли е? Успокоява ли те дъждът? Обичаш ли слънчевото време? Виждаш ли картини в облаците?

TrueReal099’s Profile PhotoSunny M
Yes, fall is my favorite season. I love the fair temperatures, the colorful leaves, and the rain. I do find the sound of rain to be relaxing. Sunny weather is good for my plants and sea monkeys, so I appreciate that, as well. I do not watch clouds much anymore because I rarely ever go outside.