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Do you think as humans we must seek to elevate ourselves above Nature or live in acceptance of it?

as long as people breathe her air, drink her water and eat her plants and animals, they are not above her. Since childhood, I have been sure that the purpose of the appearance of humans is that nature needs a tool. Something that no other species on earth can do. Perhaps in order to build an analogue of noah's ark in the event of the expаnsion of the sun and transfer its creatures to a safer planet, or maybe something else. Explore the planet and its creatures in all their divеrsity, play with physics and look at the stars - and do not take more than necessаry from nature.
Anyway, even if we imagine that nature is just a resource, I still think that it needs to be treatеd carefully so that it can be restorеd.

Do you have house plants?

CherryRedLipstick’s Profile PhotoCherryRedLipstick
Yes! Yes I do have house plants thank you for asking 🦖🦖🔥🔥!
I've never been great with plants 🚶🏾‍♀️, I have no idea why actually🚶🏾‍♀️.
I try to take good care of them then boom! They die 🦖🦖!
I have these two in my room for now, let's hope they're staying alive 🥲💔.
I have a baby Monstera deliciosa that I'm trying to grow too, but I'm not sure she'll make it.
Also there's a Moss rose, still didn't flower though.
Do you have house plants

What did you do today?

I went to a garden centre and bought some plants for my mom's birthday that's coming up.
Also got something for Father's day!
Did some shopping for essentials for myself. So toothpaste, shower gel etc. Also picked up a pretty decorative bottle!
Did a bit of gardening and watered the flowers.
Then watched a Midsomer Murders episode :)
What did you do today

بعض الكلمات، تحكي بعض ما خفي في القلب ✍️..

areeef’s Profile Photoالرّاحِلُون وَبقَايانا ..
Like those plants 🌱
You are spread inside me 💚
"أُخبئ لك حُباً ، ولو أنَّ الحُب يُرىٰ ، لرأيت في قلبِي مدينة لك".
• Photo By : Daniel Popper (2020).
بعض الكلمات تحكي بعض ما خفي في القلب

I hope you end up with someone who plants calm love. Someone who acknowledges your feelings, listens to your explanations, and stays kind even after a misunderstanding.

rebelsierra’s Profile Photoروحِ من
And I hope you all don’t turn your back on what’s pure, gentle and loving within you. The real you. Abandoning the best parts of you because of what people have done to you isn’t worth it. Please do not change yourself and your good traits because you won't feel the same about people after you've healed.

Plastic plants:yes or no? My mom taught me that plastic plants are tacky&for the slobs who can't take care of real plants. I used to agree until I saw this plastic orchid, this pastel pink color is one of the prettiest colors I've ever seen.Not buying it will cause tears on my pillow and heartache💔

... my room is filled with artificial plants xD I also have real plants in other rooms lol
That's not the first time I've heard that said. But to call people slobs for not having a real plant? Just wow... o_O
It is impossible to have real plants in my room. That's due to my pc chugging out heat, electrics, my cat, etc
That doesn't make me a slob lol the real plants I have, thrive! But that's because they're in much better rooms which are cooler, more light, etc :)
Also different plants require different care. Not everyone has the knowledge on what plant needs what lol
Plastic plantsyes or no My mom taught me that plastic plants are tackyfor the

I hope you end up with someone who plants calm love. Someone who acknowledges your feelings, listens to your explanations, and stays kind even after a misunderstanding.

rebelsierra’s Profile Photoروحِ من
Every one deserves a kind love, love that makes you feel like home. Love that never leaves you unattended, which makes you priority, love that gives you peace , Forever young love, Love which is like a love song ❤️

I hope you end up with someone who plants calm love. Someone who acknowledges your feelings, listens to your explanations, and stays kind even after a misunderstanding.

rebelsierra’s Profile Photoروحِ من
In my life, calm love seems like a very far end possibility. Passion, obsession & possession is sickening. I actually hope to find a logical, calmer, sweeter love one day.

Post a picture of your favourite meal this is mine 8 hour slow cooked beef on potato puree with caramelized vegetables

Not gonna lie, that looks pretty nice :)
This is a favourite if I eat out at the moment. I've been going to the garden centre to get plants, bit they do nice lunches!
So it's a tuna and melted cheddar panini with fresh salad, salted sun dried crisps, chunky chips and a strawberry & rhubarb drink :3
Post a picture of your favourite meal this is mine 8 hour slow cooked beef on

Do you have roses in your garden? We do, we have lots of them in different colors and they're in bloom now and they look so precious. Like, I know roses are like the most basic, common flowers one could have in their garden, but still! I wish I could enjoy nature's splendor more intense than that🌹

Hello. How are you today?
Sadly, I do not have any roses, but I do have several plants that do provide flowers. And for some strange reason my mango tree has it's mango's about one month early this year.
I did transplant a flowering plant into my front yard the other day but it is still in shock so I am pampering it back to life and I pray I am successful because I get sad whenever I move a plant and it dies. My house is surrounded by plants that I cannot remember there names but mostly I care that they are healthy and look attractive. So I am a bit lazy in that sense, but I do love my plants and various wild life that visit me from time to time such as the squirrel that follows me whenever I am working in the yard or the gecko's that stare at me like I'm the jolly green giant. :)
Do you have roses in your garden We do we have lots of them in different colors

What is the best thing or high point of your week so far? (even if it's something small like taking a bath etc).

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I met Anthony Horowitz which was AWESOME. I went on a date and tickled some baby goats. I had a HUGE clear out and took tonnes to the charity shop. I painted a dresser that I've been meaning to do for yonks, went on a killer run which was looovely, put some new plants in, bought a couple of books and got some good fun workouts in. Saw a friend that I haven't in aaaages and I'm seeing some more friends on Saturday - I'm a happy bunny!
A lot of this has only been possible because I took a week of leave for the first time in two years, though. I normally just don't have time 😅

💫 what do you have planned for the upcoming week?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I was at work 6am-12pm today! (It's 2:16pm now) so just gonna relax now and potentially have a bath later! Got a feeling I've sprained my ankle cuz it's swollen at the moment and hurts :s
I think tomorrow I'm gonna go to the garden centre with my mom. She wants some plants for the front garden.
As well as pick up some stuff for my brother as he's moving soon!
what do you have planned for the upcoming week
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What was the last thing you bought to improve the place where you live? What do you think will be the next such thing you'll buy? Doesn't matter how big or small 💸🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I got some plants and some chairs. I have a largish porch, but nothing on it. Tbh, I think I went a little overboard 😅 But it’s been nice sitting outside in the front yard where I can see the mountains ⛰️
I don't know that there'll be anything for a while. We're going to look for another place in another state, so most likely any future improvement efforts will go to the other place.

What would you do if you were alone and lost in the middle of the woods without food, water, a cell phone, a map, or a compass?

> food,
I can hunt, trap, fish, gather some edible plants / berries or anything that I may find. I've spent plenty of time outdoors and I'd know what to avoid. For personal reasons, animals would be my last resort.
> water,
Any body of water would suffice. I carry a portable filtration system is my truck, a basic survival kit, tools and some other odds and ends. Distilling water is relatively easy too. If no body of water is accessible, trees would be my option for water and syrup (maple is about 100 calories per ounce). Simply tap with a small tube (metal, pvc, etc.) and drain in a container. This takes time but I wouldn't have anything else to do and I could tap several while I'm waiting for help.
> a cell phone,
Smoke signals / flares / fire.
> a map, or a compass?
If I can see Polaris, the sunrise and sunset, etc., I can make a good determination on which direction I'm headed. Wild animals would present the greatest threat but I would be prepared for them too.

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What would you do if you were alone and lost in the middle of the woods without

What's your plan for the weekend?

Well, it’s moms birthday on Monday and I still can’t play footy with my bung collar bone so I’m gonna build her the garden arbor she has asked for since I was an apprentice. I have all the climbing plants ready to go to make it look well established 🤗❤️

How'd you describe your relationship with the sun? Do you get burnt easily? ☀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Dear Sun, I am rather fond of the fact that you provide light, supply energy to plants, and keep my planet’s temperature above 12°C. On the other hand, you give me sunburn everytime I stay longer in your presence, was that really necessary? I found that aspect of our relationship downright abusive.

With summer (or winter) not too far away now, do you have any plans for the upcoming months? ☀️🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
well, I downloaded a list of books and concepts, knowledge of which is required to pass the graduate school exam. It's a little early, but it's unknown if there will be free time next year, so I will definitely study in the summer. I will also need to look after the plants in my parents' summer house for a while. I really hope that I will be assigned to practice at a research institute in the suburbs. Well, if not, then I'll have to pack a backpack)
other than the above, for now I'm free as the wind

I was watching a documentary and came across about meat and the vibration of food. I was just curious your opinion? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v14OGWMputg

Moonloauch’s Profile PhotoJeremy
It’s an interesting view point that I’ve never heard before but I cannot agree with it. I don’t feel that sentient beings are here to be enslaved, suffer and be killed. At the same time it is correct that plants are also beings however they are a step down from animals. I suppose what I am going by is taught in Theosophy. (Starting as mineral to plant to animal to human to whatever comes next, etc) I do think that we were probably meant to live as breatharians where we received our energy through air and sun but it’s just not possible with pollution.

Hi! SO I want to learn drawing but I don't know how to do it. I mean don't know from where to start and how I would proceed. It could be better to attend an art class, but I work full time so I don't have time to attend them. What would be your advice for that? Thanks.

Hello there! No worries at all, first off, I’d practice with what you can access already - ie, doing still life sketches - it could be things in your room or a fruit bowl etc, just to play around with lighting, composition and such. I’d check out YouTube too - I’m sure there are artists on there who do tutorials or can give practical advice to those starting from scratch, on how to draw. To be honest, a lot of it is really the art of seeing and using observation - such as, “How is this item lit? “Where are the shadows falling?”“What angle is the light source coming from?”
All of those dictate the strength of how hard or lightly you sketch an area.
If you wanted, you could also get someone to pose for you, if you wanted to try out life drawing - it could simply just be observing someone sitting and doing there own thing or drawing a pet, as opposed to a full on model shoot, aha. Learning to see and draw things that are in person help a lot, for honing your initial skills. It could just be drawing some plants you may have, for example.
In terms of materials, you can’t go wrong with basics - even if it’s just computer paper and a basic set of pencils, but I recommend any pencils within the HB - 6B range. It basically means that they range in boldness and pigmentation, so you can experiment with drawing deeper shadows, tones and values, etc. Anything that’s H to 4H I don’t recommend, as the lines from the lead are incredibly harsh (hence the H meaning Hard), and it’s very difficult to erase.
There’s probably many art books you can refer to too, on the basics of learning how to draw. From my own experience though, I used to draw all the time as a child, and over time, your skills and observation naturally improve and flourish. All I can say is don’t worry about mistakes - they’re key to learning how to improve next, and it’s a perfectly normal part of the process, and doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be an artist or to just simply draw for pleasure.
I hope that helps a little, but feel free to ask me anything any time! :)

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Hi SO I want to learn drawing but I dont know how to do it I mean dont know from

Tell me something intersting

jamisonvurciaga’s Profile PhotoJamison Vurciaga
It's Spring in my region, and if you're like me that means time to mow the grass. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, do you? Yeah... About that spell. That's a chemical distress response some plants release when being attacked to warn other plants to release chemical defenses most grazers don't like. Bitter noxious smells. It's the grass' equivalent of screaming to warn it's relatives and what are you doing? You're enjoying the scent of it's horror 😜

What kind of hobby are you greatly passionate about and like to indulge in? Which kind of hobby makes you feel the most alive and makes all your senses come to life?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
I'm obsessed with nature.
I collect plants.
I enjoy taking care of them, seeing them grow pretty. I love how plants also clean the air in the apt.
I'm not like a hardcore collector, I just buy what I like. I wouldn't get a plant that costs 20euros or more. I like to get the littlest ones and see them grow into a 20euro plant.
It's heartwarming for me to see that my plants grow flowers. When they flower it's like a reward for all of the hard work that was put into it. 🙂

What is the most important thing to build a strong relationship

zobbi123456’s Profile PhotoZobbi
Many many things. True Love and strong relationships are not descended from heaven but you have to make them through consistent efforts of showing affection, trust, loyalty, and respect. People show love once in a Blue Moon and expect their partner to rely on that for months. It doesn't work this way, relationships need reassurance and consistent efforts again and again just like plants need water to nourish as trees💯

What kind of vibe does your home give off? Eg. Simplicity? Cluttered? Vintage? Pastel paradise? Bachelor pad?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Generally it's quite homely. Cosy!
Then my room... xD
To me it's aesthetically pleasing! But I doubt others would think do lol
I have attached if plants, lots of ornaments, books, plushies, crystals etc :3
It's just where I feel safe and happy! Where I can relax and shut out anxieties and stresses! :3
What kind of vibe does your home give off Eg Simplicity Cluttered Vintage Pastel

If you lived in a fairytale, who / what'd you be? How'd you live your life? 🐲👑🧚‍♂️🛡🦄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hmm... I would like to be good queen 👸 who was changed by bad witch to poor fairy 🧚‍♂️ living in the forest and I would help girls living in country around with their health and love problems ❤️😅 by using medical plants and magic spells🌿👍 and once some good and handsome king 🤴 would wander to my forest cave 🏞️ and he would make me free by kissing ugly me 😜
If you lived in a fairytale who  whatd you be Howd you live your life

Reminder ✉ : Stop giving your energy to people who dont give it back , stop watering dead plants .

- آمل أن لا يصاب أحدكم بالفزع من المكان الذي عاهدة بالطمأنينة دائمًا، وأن لا يصاب بالخيبة من الزمان ولا الاشخاص الذين عاهدوه بالبقاء دائماً.

If you were a king / queen during medieval times, how'd your castle look like? What kinds of rooms and features would it have? 🏰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I know it isn't a castle, but if you ever see Redwall (the animated tv series), the abbey is how I would imagine it!
So not like... massive, but has the courtyard with the pond and lots of plants! Lil bee hive area, orchard etc
Then inside, lots of tapestries and plants, and just as bright as I can make it :)
If you were a king  queen during medieval times howd your castle look like What

If you were completely enclosed in a plain white room, and could choose a single medium to transform the room into something creative, what medium would you choose?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
Only one?!
That's hard because I would want to mix it up! And paint would be the logical medium.. but I really don't know...
I like to go natural.. so possibly harness plants as my medium.. it's possible but yeah xD
If you were completely enclosed in a plain white room and could choose a single

What's genetic eng.?

Ahmad708’s Profile Photoأَحْمَد حَسَنْ
a type of scientific professional who specializes in working with genetics in animals, plants and humans. Genetic engineers might work in a research lab creating new genetic variants of plants that produce food or they might work as a genetic counselor for humans with rare genetic diseases 🤎

* That was enough to distract them for a bit. Majima, on the other hand, managed to get up and steal the gun pointed at him to quickly shoot anyone who was there threatening her. With the gun hilt, he broke the chains that imprisioned her. He had such an intense and empty face, completely angry. *

Gorogorogorochan’s Profile Photo❯⠀ 真島 吾朗 ⁽ˢᵉᵐⁱ⁻ʰⁱᵃᵗᵘˢ⁾
*She's able to get them out of there, but not to somewhere else on Earth, rather to her home in Aesotheni, it's clear the violet crystal that it's composed of is a singular crystal, it wasn't crafted into a home as much as it was grown into one, the 5 floored pagoda like building looks out over a thick jungle that glows with bioluminescent plants and fruits, the calls of unearthly animals can be heard but none sound threatening, if anything the sounds are peaceful. She collapses backwards onto her bed on the top floor, self healing is always hit or miss with her, she's still damaged, horrifically so, with a mass of internal injuries, here in her world, her home, her room, they can't reach her, she can heal on her own time. She wrenches an eye open to look at the one-eyed Yakuza she managed to bring along with her*
"Let's not do that again."

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What are your hobbies and interests?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Bouldering, singing, playing guitar, playing piano, metal work, making jewellery, writing poetry, sculpting, making clothes, 3D animation, 3D art, writing songs, travelling, hiking, camping, metal detecting, treasure hunting, art, painting, drawing, digital art, history, science, theoretical science, subatomic particle science, fringe science, photography, videography, bike riding, novel writing, illustrating, wood work, cooking, gaming, making people laugh, motivational videos, both watching them and making them, learning about poisonous plants, science documentaries, history and science museums. And so much more

Bald schon wieder April

April is the second month of spring. It is a month when the weather becomes better and warmer, the sun is shining more often than in winter. And it’s not snowing anymore. The weather in April is very nice, because you can go for a walk to the park and enjoy the beauty of waking up nature. Many trees are flourishing in this time, you can see many beautiful flowers and green plants in April.
Bald schon wieder April

*he just nods* "Even if he hates me for it, I don't want to be alone again" *Shadow takes them both out into the light again, "you've never been in my place, you've never been alone, unloved, only when you come from that place of darkness and loneliness will you understand why I NEED this"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
..Look, dear..I understand you don't want to be lonely for all eternity..ReaperTale, our world, used to be lively with so many humans residing here with us and now that they're gone, it's awfully empty here..this world didn't used to be so desolate with everything dead..we had the living here with us with plants spread everywhere and far more buildings..but you don't see me forcing people to live eternally with me just because I'm lonely.. *minus kidnapping Geno xD* if i had any say so with what Death has done, I would have tried to stop him but I didn't even know about Geno until it was all already said and done
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For those of you that are mothers, Happy Mothers Day. What did you get? Regardless if you’re a mother or not, What did you get your mother today?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I know it's next week and I did see your other inbox lol
BUT I did already get 1 thing for my mom :)
Beginning of last week, I took my mom to buy some plants for the garden! She loves to garden and once the weather is nicer, she'll sit outside with a book! But she loves to be surrounded by flowers when she does :)
So I bought a bunch of flowers! We planted most of them at home, but took a couple up to the graveyard as it was the anniversary of losing my nan.
I also have a book on order for her! :3
For those of you that are mothers Happy Mothers Day What did you get 

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