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Has your family ever pressured you to act a certain way?

towfu’s Profile PhotoTowfu✨
When I was a kid, yes. I remember my parents would wake me up from my nap and convince me to go outside to play with the other kids. It's like they wanted me to be this jolly kid who's friends with everyone. But by the time that I've become a bit outgoing, they've become strict and would only let me out/watch TV during weekends and have me focused on studying. Couldn't even touch the guitar. And the computer is basically only there for research purposes and I couldn't relate when my classmates talked about social media/games.

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What do you like most about your partner?

I love everything about him, perfections and flaws, but his sincerity is my favorite.
When he found me, I was parading around with my inner demons, masking my insecurities and inability to communicate with manipulative games. I tend to avoid head-on confrontations and instead, attempt to change things by discreet human puppetry - analytical play with words and emotions.
I did things that I'm not proud of, but he stuck around. No matter how much I've hurt him, he stayed like a chewing gum. I made an effort to better understand his personality, values, beliefs, interests and experiences. With every bit of new information, I shed tears of repentance because he possesses a compassionate yet fiery soul. He taught me gratitude, humility and open communication. He accepted every single flaw that I have, supported me during my lowest moments, guided me towards the right path and respected my boundaries. He'd do anything for me in exchange for one thing - my genuine and faithful love.
There's a saying that soulmates are a mirror to each other and at this point, I can relate to it more than ever. We tap on each other's love language and complement each other's strengths and limitations. We have similar interests and attitudes. We acknowledge our faults and put in effort to make things work.
I ran away from him once, thinking that he'd pull me farther away from God, but in all honesty, he is my miracle. So, I've never stopped sending prayers to the up above, for a longlasting journey together with my partner.

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What does it mean to have an open mind? How can one cultivate such a trait?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Thoughts are energies as well so they play such a vital role in whatever you think and do. Thoughts basically create your reality. If you have read *The Secret* a book the tells you the law of attraction in depth. It says whatever you focus on may it be negative or positive you will attract that towards you and thus it becomes your reality. And to achieve open-mindedness is to be curious to things that are new to you. Explore, learn, teach and serve.

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cherry bomb | nct 127
kick it | nct 127
fire truck | nct 127
lemonade | nct 127
make a wish | nct u
misfit | nct u
Let's play ball | nct u
Bad alive | wayv
kick back | wayv
go | nct dream
we go up | nct dream
hot sauce | nct dream

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Хотели вы завести домашнюю крысу? Почему от слова крыса ,идёт сразу отвращение ?

viktoriachka’s Profile PhotoRizhaya
My stars are rats says pop idol Dave.
Link/Page Citation
DAVE Greenfield, keyboard player with The Stranglers, just raves about rats.
In fact his country home near Cambridge is overrun by the rodents - 15 of them!
There are rats in the bedroom, rats in the living room and rats all over the fireplace.
"The fireplace is like a rats shrine," says Dave. "It's where we keep all the rats we've had before, each individually cremated in their own boxes with their names on."
Luckily Dave's wife Pam is just as keen on the roving rodents. They bought their first fancy rat, Cybil, eight years ago. Now they are everywhere.
They live in separate cages in the couple's bedroom, dine on the same treats as their owners and play on their duvet.
The couple even boast a rat weather vane on the roof and, instead of flying ducks, there are ceramic rats running up the wall.
And they see nothing odd about their unconventional mantlepiece. Pam says: "Most people who come to dinner know about them, so they're not shocked."
Dave - whose first album with The Stranglers was called Rattus Norvegicus - is currently recording a new album.
He and Pam, a hotel manager, became hooked on rats after meeting Buster, the resident rat at a local pet shop.
Since then they haven't looked back. "They make wonderful pets," says Dave.
He thinks they've had a raw deal because of their association with the Black Death plague. "But the plague wasn't caused by rats," he insists. "It was the fleas they carried."
The couple, however, have drawn the line at 15 pet rats. "If you had any more you couldn't spend enough quality time with each one," says Dave.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4j9OtRQyvIigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 d4j9OtRQyvIigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 d4j9OtRQyvI

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-PW47HHVWsigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 z-PW47HHVWsigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 z-PW47HHVWs
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEIA_UIMnDAigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 DEIA_UIMnDAigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 DEIA_UIMnDA

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igotamatch’s Video 169239563386 d4j9OtRQyvIigotamatch’s Video 169239563386 d4j9OtRQyvI

Your GTA5 is legit RP

It has to be, our 5 year old daughter plays on there with us. We made a script to turn off ped voices and the ability to use weapons so when she plays we can activate the script so its Essentially kid friendly lol theres other tweaks in place to make it even safer like the peds will ignore use so theres no fights between her and peds and her character is immortal so she can watch her character die by mistake we took a lot from the game so she can be like us and game with us. But the sad thing is nobody besides a few will actually play with those restrictions because its "not fun"

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new_empire_dynasty’s Profile Photo✧ EMPIRE DYNASTY
〔 ♛ 〕Nadszedł czas na kolejne sprawdzenie aktywności w tym nowym roku. Zasady chyba każdy zna, ale jeszcze je przypomnę: każda osoba, która należy do naszego Role Play, zobowiązana jest do pozostawienia serduszka pod tą odpowiedzią do jutra tj. 22.01 do godziny 18:00. Osoby, które tego nie uczynią w wyznaczonym czasie, to opuszczą Empire Dynasty a postacie oraz wizerunki staną się wolne. Z tego obowiązku zwolnione są jedynie osoby, które przebywają na urlopie oraz zawieszone konta.
{ @STVRMHOND ; @prince_of_duties ; @BEAUTIFULCRXME ; @xnever_lose_hopex ; @A___Little___Wicked ; @MyMothersDaugter ; @Lady___Of___Harm ; @insidious_snake ; @D3SERTM00N ; @endless__misery ; @Slaughter_of_Innocence ; @CURSEDXWITCH ; @pack__will__survive ; @remarkablemaster ; @Scandal___in___Scarlet ; @Sword_of_the_Protestants ; @masterofxntertainment ; @broken__wolf ; @currentobsession ; @xrejectedpridex ; @Son__Of__Sule ; @crimeanlady ; @LVTTLETHIEVES ; @Siyah___x___Kralice ; @thexscatteredxprincess ; @white_pexrls ; @LULLABYXFWOE ; @dancing__with__stranger ; @Flower____Of____Russia ; @xxsaintsaviorxx ; @Ray___Of___Power ; @PEARLXOFSEA ; @The___Cursed___Princess ; @halfblood____goddess ; @sultansqueen ; @angel__of__empire ; @Ruler_Of_The_Empire ; @MEMENTOXXMORI ; @pietywithgxld ; @Rose___of___Ottoman ; @EMPRESS___OF___BEVUTY }

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¿Te gustan las chicas masculinas? ✨

steinhaltfrey3570’s Profile PhotoFrey
Pues, una vez una chicα así se interesó en mí, muy simpática ella pero algo vαronil; pues no me percaté en el momento, mas su primo me lo dijo luego, y me pidió que la "enamorαra", que estaba pasαda de rebelde en su casα y sus pαdres (tíos de él), que ya no hallaban cómo controlαrla; amanecíα fiesteando, hacía rumbαs en su casa y por ende terminaban en cuestiones sexuαles entre... mujeres x_X. Bueno, le dije a ese pana que iba a hacer el intento; mas que las personas no cambian de sexualidαd; es algo que llevan por dentro, es como su naturaleza pues; pero si ellα se interesó en mí, le iba dar "play" a ver qué tal. Hablamos en varias ocasiones, pero con más personas presente; pues una vez nos quedamos solos y pasó, me le encimè y la besè; te cuento… no sentí, sentí nada, al parecer a ella también le pasó así, no sintió; digo que lo mío fue algo psicológico y lo de ellα fue cuestión de su condición/preferencia, únicamente ese beso insípido nos dimos y de ahí más nunca en la vida nos vimos :/, :D.,‼

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*Vio looks over his shoulder for a moment* "Undyne, I am on your side." *his back is to her, meaning she could backstab him but makes it clear he's not attacking her whatsoever, he addresses Frisk now* "I am a grown Hylian, a knight, hero and swordsman, you and your ghostly companion will not win."

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
/The fish leader turned her head, not believing this for even a second until she saw how Vio didn't even look back to make sure she wasn't pulling a move to attack him from behind/
U: Tch..I don't know what's going on..a puny little punk like you..claiming to be a knight? Trying to save the leader..of the royal guard? Yeah..sure..
C: Can he see me? /The ghost speaks floating beside Frisk/
F: Don't think so but this guy should know not to bother other players who were here first..go play pretend somewhere else, I'm busy..or do you want the honors of being the 1,000th person to die?

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ماذا تحب أن تفعل في نهايات الاسابيع ؟

Sometimes I write..
He looks awkwardly at the questionnaire infront of him. “Um, what’s your major?”he asked.
“Acting. I want to be an Actor.”
He nods, looking away and back at the questionnaire.
I can't help but laugh. “What’s yours?” I asked.
His gaze darts back to mine, and I see him relax when he realizes there’s no malice in my laugh. “Vocal Performance.”He said.
“Oh, a musician!”
“Yes, I love music and I play the guitar too.” He smiles.
“Do you wanna show me some of your music? Like, right now?” I asked.
He looks surprised, and for a second I think I overstepped my boundaries and freaked him out, but then he smiles and jolts up.“Sure.” He said.
We leave, trying not to make it too obvious, and go to his dorm. Perhaps it should be an awkward situation, but for some reason, it isn’t.
His voice is rich. He’s really good, though I can tell he doesn’t know it yet.
He smiles shyly after each song and mumbles something about how he needs to practice that one thing in that song. After about seven songs, we start talking nonstop until his roommate opens the door three hours later. He then offers to walk me back to my dorm. We stand at the door when we arrive, neither wanting to end the night.
“You’re really good, you know. I mean that, genuinely.”
He looks at me strangely and for a minute there I felt like I finally belonged to this world.
This image feels so long ago now. It’s hard imaging a time where we haven’t yet known the experiences that later broke us.

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❅⠀ᴬᴺᴼᴺᴱᴷ︑⠀alternatywny wizerunek dla postaci.

♤ Jak już wcześniej wspominałem, ewentualnym zamiennikiem mógłby być Jared Padalecki, wizerunku którego używałem jeszcze na NK kilka dobrych lat temu, i który jakiś czas temu był przez internautów typowany w fancastach do roli Gambita w jego solo filmie (o ile ten kiedykolwiek powstanie).
Inną alternatywą mógłby być też Nick Bateman, który wystąpił w genialnym fanowskim filmiku "Play for keeps", który jest IMO o wiele lepszy niż niejedna oficjalna produkcja.

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ᴬᴺᴼᴺᴱᴷalternatywny wizerunek dla postaci

There are infinite problems that define the human being: the inability to cooperate and work together, social harmony, etc. What is according to you the biggest problem of the people? Why are there people who adapt better than others to society?

I think the biggest problem people face is their negative attitudes.
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, for me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think they say or do. It is more important than appearance, talent or ability. It will make or break a business, a church, or a home.
The remarkable thing is that we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we adopt that day. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play with the only rope we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% of what happened to me and 90% of how I react.

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Could you love someone you had nothing in common with? Opposites attract they say.

Maybe? I'm going to play safe and tell you that, because I've never been with someone whom I totally had "nothing" in common. However, I also believe that most things are possible. We humans are not infallible, hence there's no such thing as an absolute "No, I can't" or "Yes, I can" when love is involved.

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what are some of the goals that you hope to achieve in your lifetime? 🏆

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Some goals that I have already achieved while some are still in progress.
1. Marriage - Marry a kind and compassionate woman.
2. Family - Create a family and be a good husband and father.
3. Social - give back to society. Worked with disabled adults
4. Education - Received a degree in Music and Electronic Engineering
5. Housing - Design and build a house. Built four and renovated two.
6. Religion - Participate in music ministry
7. Prayer - I pray daily and asked God to guide me. God answered my prayers in 2007 by giving my wife and I an opportunity to visit Guatemala and adopt a baby girl who needed a loving family and a healthy environment to live in.
8. Health - my oldest son suffered kidney failure in 2011 so I donated one of my kidneys
9. Music - I am in process of writing a book on music theory for my guitar students that will cover scales, arpeggios and intervals.
10. Poetry - have written over 200 poems and am working on publishing a book for my family and friends entitled: "Poetic Reflections."
11. Photography - am taking photographs to include in my book on poetry
12. Hobby - I play golf once each week with my daughter and whenever possible with my oldest son.
I have completed some of my goals and will continue working on the remainder of my goals until my death. My final goal is:
13. Death - to experience a glorious death
"A Final Farewell" by Alex
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

The first thing that I would do is pray, and thank my God for blessing me with a healthy and joyous life. The second thing I would do, is inform my family and closest friends, while asking them to celebrate my life, our friendship, and the good times that we were fortunate enough to share together. The third thing I would do, is take my trusted companion (princess) for a long walk along the beach; to meditate, while listening to the ocean waves crash and the birds sing our favorite melodies, as we watch the clouds roll bye and behold the good-bye sunset.
Finally, I would request those who loved me, to read a few of my beloved poems during the funeral mass, while also asking my dear musician friends to perform three of my favorite songs; so that family, friends and my trusted companion, can bid me a final farewell.
You’ve got a Friend - James Taylor
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEkIou3WFnMalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 xEkIou3WFnMalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 xEkIou3WFnM
I’ll Be Seeing You - Jimmy Durante
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSzmuWImK7Qalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 uSzmuWImK7Qalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 uSzmuWImK7Q
Amazing Grace - Wintley Phipps
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNuQbJst4Lkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 qNuQbJst4Lkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 qNuQbJst4Lk

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 xEkIou3WFnMalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169822496811 xEkIou3WFnM

I was playing gta online and I've officially came across the most salty and most toxic person ever. Have you ever came across anyone like that?

Pretty much any time that I play GTA online! There will always be someone who is desperate to troll.
Most of the time, I'm met with "girls shouldn't play games like this", then they proceed to basically hound me in game lol.
But yeah, this isn't new haha
What happened when you played? lol

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I was playing gta online and Ive officially came across the most salty and most

What is your definition of a beautiful mistake? Have you ever encountered such an experience!

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
I remember we had this musical play and it was supposed to be a very dramatic scene because the protagonist's baby died but my classmate who's acting then, held the baby upside down; everyone in the theatre laughed out loud and we just couldn't take him seriously no matter how heartfelt his singing and acting was. That scene exempted us from taking the final exam.😂
For me, beautiful mistake is like this. Even after planning, practicing and trying your best, there will be sudden turn of events that you haven't anticipated that eventually makes everything better.

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*The demon laughs before returning to normal* "What y'all never met a shapeshifter before?" *He continues to snicker as he lands on the ground dark magic whipping around him, but not touching any of the patrons* "Now how bout y'all tell me where the human kid is and we'll be outta y'all's hair."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/The monsters in the bar stare and look around at eachother before responding/

R: Aren't you both humans? We haven't seen any with magic like that but magic weilding humans is what sealed us down here years ago..
DB: I almost forgot that! That's true, I guess it IS possible for humans to do weird $%#t like that, can you actually do voodoo magic? Like the books say, that humans play with these voodoo dolls to take revenge on their enemies?
PH: You seriously want to ask a HUMAN that question? One with magic who could dust us in minutes? We should of evacuated like the others started doing!

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does it make you feel bad knowing you'll never be as hot, as rich, as famous as @syd13kidxo?

Nope. I’m perfectly happy with my life and how i do for myself. Jealousy is caused by misery and i’m perfectly happy with my life.
She’s my friend and i’m super proud of her for what she has and has done for herself and how she handles herself, she’s got a huge heart and she’s a big softie deep down and she’s a great friend to have, it’s really a shame you’ll never get the chance to really know her and just try to throw her around for your own entertainment cause you hope someone will say something negative that you can play off.
get a life.

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Do you like football? I never see you post much about it and was wondering. 🏈

msstephiliboo’s Profile PhotoSteph ♡
I played football in high school where we were state champs for a few years in our division. The truth is that I do not watch much television anymore and prefer to either play golf or attend minor league baseball games. About four miles from my house I can watch the Phillies minor league team play or travel about 10 miles to watch the Toronto Blue Jays minor league team play for about $6.00/ticket. My oldest son is a huge football fan and particularly a New England Patriots fan and a Tampa Bay fan. So whenever we spend time together he likes to discuss football with me.
Steph, I guess my music occupies most of my time and it is what I love doing most of all. I still get a kick performing live with a band. I guess I am still a child stuck inside an adult body wanting to play guitar. :)
I know you are both a music fan and a football/baseball fan correct? If I visit someone and they are watching football I will sit and watch the game and enjoy watching the players executing plays that we attempted back in high school.

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