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Quindi ci sono zero possibilità che questo gdr si riattivi?

Visto e considerato che le feste di Carnevale si sono concluse e che, con questa domanda, è stato dimostrato ancora | apparente | interesse per il GDR, abbiamo deciso di sfruttare tale quesito come censimento per verificare chi, tra i player, sarebbe interessato a tornare e con quali pg. Vi basterà mettere un like qui sotto, e, se si raggiungerà un numero decente, valuteremo il da farsi.
Se, poi, dovessimo decidere per la riattivazione del GDR, seguirà comunque un periodo di prova per accertarsi che le buone intenzioni siano fondate; lasciare un like è facile, bisogna tornare a ruolare e a prendersi cura del proprio personaggio.
A tal proposito, nell'ipotesi in cui si torni attivi, probabilmente verranno istituiti dei controlli ogni due settimane, per verificare che abbiate almeno una role attiva (se mini, gif o long è indifferente) sul vostro profilo/su quelli degli altri; nel caso così non fosse, si verrà segnalati con un killer tag in un post qui in pagina, e, se il/la player dirà di voler mantenere il personaggio, quest'ultimo verrà messo in prova per una settimana per testare la sua presenza. Ci rincresce ricorrere a tali metodi, ma ci sembra di essere state troppo permissive in precedenza, e che questo abbia portato alla scarsa partecipazione nel gruppo, o almeno così crediamo.
Verranno inoltre istituite le giustifiche, periodi in cui "scusarsi" per l'inattività da giorno x a giorno y, causa impegni personali (ex. lavoro, scuola, università ecc.). L'inattività può essere totale come parziale (es. entro per pubblicare una foto, un estratto, per rispondere alle role), ma, per essere sicuri che pg, pv e genitore non vengano dati via in un periodo in cui il tempo da dedicare al roleplay scarseggia, si può ricorrere a questa possibilità.
Attendiamo riscontri da parte vostra per decidere il da farsi.
⸻ Le admins.

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Quindi ci sono zero possibilità che questo gdr si riattivi

Who is your favorite basketball player?

Thanks for the great question. Larry Bird is my all time favorite basketball player because every aspect of his game was perfect.
Larry Bird (The Baddest Man Ever to Shoot a Basketball) NBA Legends
https://youtu.be/P-KDVcMBmz0alexandermonroe397579’s Video 172744665387 P-KDVcMBmz0alexandermonroe397579’s Video 172744665387 P-KDVcMBmz0

So, I bought a tv. What all else should I buy to go with it? A sound bar? A blu-ray player? Some movies? A Netflix subscription? I'm new to this. Mostly I just log on to my computer. Even now, I use my computer more than my tv. It's more of a showpiece than anything else if you ask me...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocf the great
A full size tv is better for video entertainment. You can mirror your computer to it or set it up as a 2nd monitor to watch computer stuff. It likely has a youtube app on it. A soundbar is good.
There are many streaming services. Netflix is just one of them. They focus more on serials. Their movies are so-so.

Do you think children with siblings and only children form their personality differently growing up?

They definitely are ; theres pros and cons to each.
Only child- (pros); have a higher chance of being ambitious & successful. They usually have a better relationship with their parents. There parents have more money to give them. They get more attention & independence. (Cons); theres a chance they will become narcissistic & selfish. May have a hard time dealing with not getting everything they want. Not very good with chaos or social interactions. Have a higher chance at struggling with obesity.
Children with siblings- (pros); very good at dealing with chaos & social situations. Have an easier way of adapting & sharing with others. Good at being a team player & working in a team environment. (Cons); relationship with parents could be difficult. Has a higher chance of not going to college. Has a higher chance of suffering from depression.
Obviously this isn’t the case with everyone because everyone grows up differently & has different personalities & life experiences so this is a very broad comparison.

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Share a story about smth u love

lost_duck’s Profile PhotoDIVINE
When JR Capablanca was very young (like 5 years) he was watching a chess game between his uncle and his father. The pieces were accidentally hit. The young kid automatically rearranged them in perfect order. They all were awed. His father then took him to the local chess club, where he easily and surprisingly defeated Every single player. His father, very sadly, limited his chess play for some rare hours lest the young kid should neglect his studies and develop a chess obsession. This very young kid grew up to become the third world chess champion, the fastest human to play chess, and the idol that inspired thousands to love and play simple brilliant chess till TODAY.
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Cuál te parece el trío perfecto?🤭 Puede ser de cualquier cosa.. días/mes/estación, colores, objetos, ropa, comida, hobby, deporte, lugares/paisajes, música, súper héroes/personaje de anime, series/películas, personas famosas ETC LO QUE SE TE OCURRA PERO DEBEN SER 3 🤎 Ej: colores: negro, lila, azul

ValeehEstuboaqi’s Profile Photomoonlight ✨
- Programas de Audio/Video: VLC media player, Windows Media player, AIMP
- Anime (Personaje): Emilia, Ram y Rem
- Anime (Personaje) V2: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman y Armin Arlert

A boy came into my life and told me to not talk to any male classmates yet himself had 50 side chicks in his Dms to talk to. What kinda player is this? 🙂

Actually they want to spread this awareness that no boy is good to all the girls in this universe. So dont mind this is their farz. 🤮🤮

Dear Society, here are the campus deities [02]

peneXlope’s Profile PhotoSᴄɪɴᴛɪʟʟᴀ
lee jeno ⸺ the attractive fuckboy
이 제노. korean, 19, american football player. „and he collects all the broken hearts“
na jaemin ⸺ the local soft boy
나 재민. korean, 18, musicer. „and he loved his muses more than god wanted“
im yijoon ⸺ the beloved quarterback
임 이준. korean, 18, american football captain. „and he was adored in the fist second he smiled“
lee donghyuck ⸺ the cruel badboy
이 동혁. korean, 18, boxer. „and he was too fierce for this world to handle“
Dear Society here are the campus deities 02

Are you more of a risk player type or a safe player type of person?

When I was younger I would take calculated risks because I knew that if my endeavor failed, I was still young enough to recover and overcome my loss. With age, I have become more cautious and introspective and as a result I have become risk averse because I realize that loss will have a profound financial and health impact and therefore be more difficult, if not impossible, to overcome.
Are you more of a risk player type or a safe player type of person

Ciao! Vorrei creare un personaggio femminile, magari sorella/legame di qualche pg già esistente giusto per non partire da zero. Consigli?

Scorrendo tra i pg e andando a memoria con le info di ciascuno, che io ricordi ad avere personaggi femminili in trama sono:
@mywolfinside , che mi pare avesse in trama una sorella più piccola e una promessa sposa;
@poisonmoonlight , che mi pare avesse indicato un numero importante di fratelli e sorelle;
@thes0und0fsilence , che ha tutte sorelle femmine se non erro;
@peraspera__adastra , che ha una sorella maggiore;
@TheSwanLake , che ha una sorella minore;
@DontEverCallMeDoll_ , che se non ricordo male ha scritto nella bio che il suo pg ha un numero enorme di fratelli e sorelle;
@Alhambra__ , che ha una sorella maggiore;
@wildwanderess , che ha una sorella minore;
@glassbloom , che ha una sorella maggiore;
@inkshades , anche lui una sorella maggiore;
@ethereal_creature , che ha una sorella gemella perduta;
@twofacedoll ha invece una sorella minore;
@sofosanthropos_ , che ha una sorella maggiore e anche una sorella minore;
Questi sono quelli che ci ricordiamo, magari leggendo le loro bio vieni ispirat*. Se abbiamo dimenticato qualcuno, o si vogliono richiedere legami particolari di sesso femminile dell'ultima ora, chiediamo a qualche player di farsi avanti! Così hai più possibilità di scelta.
⸻ Aica.

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Did you go to school with anyone who is famous now

Yeah (not name dropping though so don’t ask) ; theres two girls who are models and one married a famous billionaire and the other one married a Cubs player.
A guy who went into the NFL and is now a coach and is working into owning an NFL team.
A guy who is now a professional skater and travels the world.
A guy who is now a famous fitness model/body builder.
A guy who’s rising up in the political world and plans on running for senate.
(There’s probably more but thats all I can think of at the top of my head.)

What are your thoughts on this there is a football player who plays in England and he earns £800 Thousand a week. These players earn too much don't you think?

I wish I earned that a year let alone a week 🤦🏻‍♀️
There’s no-one that needs to be getting that kind of money. I get they are talented or whatever but a lot of people are but still have to chose between food shopping and having the heating on :/

What are your thoughts on this there is a football player who plays in England and he earns £800 Thousand a week. These players earn too much don't you think?

Like all the other times I get asked this xD my answer is, has an will always be, yes they do lol :)
What are your thoughts on this there is a football player who plays in England
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انا خريج هندسه بس الانجليزي بتاعي ضايع جدااا نفسي ابقي نطقي وفهمي له ليفل عالي زي الناس الي بشوفها ف حتي مجال شغلي .. لو حد عنده اقتراح مجاني اقدر اشوفه من يوتيوب او غيره يقوله لان انا جربت Zamerican بس حسيت انه ممتاز جدا لحد هيبدأ من الصفر مش حد عايز يظبط نطق ويقول جمل كتير .. وشكرا مقدما

سيبك من z american english لانه مكثف بشكل اوفر يعني عايز واحد عايز يتعلم اللغه اخترعوها ازاي انما انت عايز تتكلم وتسمع انجلش مش اكتر
امشي ع الخطه ده هتظبط معاك اوي
1) هتسمع كل يوم فيديوهين من تطبيق طليق
2) هتحمل فيديوهات من قناة ted x وهتخش ع موقع اسمه down sub هتديله رابط الفيديو اللي حملته هيجبلك subtitle ليه بكل اللغات هتحمل عربي وانجلش
وهتفتح تطبيق mx player وتشغل الفيديو وتسحب عليه الترجمتين عربي و انجلش
وتسمع الفيديو مره بالعربي كامل ومره كامل بالعربي مع الانجلش بهدوء وبتريس
وبعد كده كل يوم هتسمع دقيقه بس من نفس الفيديو
الفيديو ممكن ياخد معاك اسبوع اسبوعين عادي
دقيقه واحده منه تكون فاهمها وفاهم كل حرف بيقوله وحافظ كل كلمه نطقها
وتطبيق mx player فيه اوبشن الكلام لو بيتكلم بسرعه
3) هتفتح مسجل الصوت بتاع الموبيل
وهتسجل ريكورد بتحكي فيه عن يومك كان عامل ازاي بالانجلش طبعا ولو كلمه مش عارف تعبر عنها قولها بالعربي عادي في الريكورد وبعد ما تخلص جمع الكلمات اللي معرفتش تعبر عنها انجلش وشوف بيتعبر عنه ازاي عن طريق اي برنامج ترجمه
هتحتفظ بالريكوردات ع فترات متباعده يعني اول ريك هتحتفظ بيه
الريك بتاع اليوم رقم 5 هتحتفظ بيه الريك بتاع يوم 10 هتحتفظ بيه بعد شهر هتقارن بين اول ريك واخر ريك هتلاحط فرق المستوي
4) في قناه ع يوتيوب اسمها english with vanessa
هتشوف كل يوم نص فيديو ولو كبير قسمه المهم تشوف اي محتوي ليها
5) هتنزل تطبيق اسمه memorise وهتفتحه كل يوم 5 دقايق بس ع السريع كده بيعمل زي مراجعه بفكره التكرار هتفتحه 5 دقايق كل يوم
ونفس الكلام مع تطبيق اسمه wordup ولو مش فاهم تتعامل معاهم ازاي شوف فيديوهات يوتيوب
6 ) هتستعمل تطبيق اسمه quizlet ده هتسجل عليه الكلمات اللي بتحفظها جديده وهتفتحه كل يوم 10 دقايق تراجع فيه هو بيسالك في الكلمات ب اشكال كتير بتساعدك متنساش
شوفله فيديو ع يوتيوب بيشرحهر
7) هتحفظ كل يوم كلمات جديده عادي كل يوم 20 كلمه وتعرف نطقها وتدخلهم لبرنامج quiz let وتحفظهم بورقه وقلم وتمثل قدام مرايه انك بتتكلم بيهم وبتدخلهم في جمل ومواضيع وحاول تعمل نظام مترابط بين كل اللي قولناه
يعني الكلمات الجديده هتجبها من فيديوهات tedx مثلا وباقي الفيديوهات اللي هتشوفها وفيديوهات طليق والخ
لو مس عارف تدخل الكلمات الجديدة في جمل ازاي

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Co było pierwszym odtwarzaczem muzyki waszym... Walkman,Discmen, Mp3 player, Mp4 player, ipad, smartfon??

mbmcru’s Profile Photo....kamil
Pierwszym był walkmen , potem discmen - to było wielkie zainteresowanie bo na płyty CD to różne składanki ponagrywane 😁 . Do tej pory mam parę.
I MP3 player jeszcze gdzieś mam , ważne wtedy była pamięć największa , żeby się zmieściło jak najwięcej utworów. 🎶😉

Why do woman always fall for the wrong guys? Why can’t a guy take the lead? Why do we hide behind anonymous apps?? Why is life so complicated Yesterday price is not today’s price.

Learn to detect a player and a compulsive liar. They like to be cocky and confident. They like calling you beautiful, sexy, cute, etc. They aren't shy to approach you. They say pretty things and things that you would like hearing. Nope, I'm not their next target. I learned my lesson.

。☆✼★ ⸻ ᥴoຕຕᥙᥒɩᥴᥲtɩoᥒ ⳽ᥱɾʋɩᥴᥱ ❕ ⸻ ★✼☆。

Cari player,
Visto e considerato che attendevamo di raggiungere un numero decente di like per poter iniziare l'evento (che trovate qui https://ask.fm/TheVeilGDR/answers/171085840727?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=android ), alla fine quest'ultimo inizierà stasera e terminerà un giorno dopo quello previsto, ossia l'11 ottobre. Questa domanda verrà inoltrata a tutti i player che si presumono attivi, così che possano prendere visione dell'evento se ancora non l'hanno fatto e mettere like al post e venire informati sul cambiamento delle date.
A breve verrà mandata la domanda sugli outfit dalla pagina dei days, e stasera verranno pubblicati i post sui giochi a cui mettere like per dare inizio alla festa e alle role che ne seguiranno.
Ci scusiamo per l'imprevisto, buon divertimento e grazie dell'attenzione!
⸻ Le admin.

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Tell me how your month has been so far? Even if it's been bad or good, I want to know 💖

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I've had a busy month. I've been to:
2 National Trust properties (Nymans and Waddesden)
2 West End theatre performances (Anything Goes & Dear Evan Hansen)
Sat in the gallery for Prime Minister's Question Time
Had 4 days in Blackburn/Manchester staying with friends and doing 2 gigs
Done 3 other gigs in London & Aylesbury and booked a ticket for ABBA Voyage.
Watched Elvis in the cinema
Made a barrel of beer and a gallon of wine
Played Bridge and Table Tennis multiple times
Installed a satellite dish, built and varnished a plinth for a record player, replaced the power supply in a TiVo hard disc recorder, mended a clock, and made and painted a wooden herb garden out of an old pallett.
Had my electricity meter changed for a smart meter and booked my gas meter in for Monday.
Wore a full head to toe bee keeper's outfit when my friend showed me his hives. He gave me some honey and six different coloured eggs from his hens (see photo, the six colours are more obvious in real life)
Before the month is finished I will go to a day of public science lectures at my old university, see Graham Norton being filmed in BBC TV Centre, and meet a load of friends at another gig.

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Tell me how your month has been so far Even if its been bad or good I want to

Why u wrote on bio- cold hearted mf ? What did u wanna be ? Do u have any talent at all, in finance or else ? Do u do own business ? Or simply eating n dressing on dads or husbands money like a mf ??? As most girls in this country do ? I fukn hate it !!!

Oh my my! Looks Like daddy’s little princess got offended. Well I really don’t have to prove myself to a coward who didn’t even have the confidence of showing themselves to me but okay yeah whatever.
So Yes talent yeah maybe not but I’m a district level football player.
And maybe not a big business but yes I do own a small jewellery business online.
And yes my daddy pays for most of my expense cause that’s his punishment for having sex without protection. And yes I’m looking forward for having my husband as my sugar daddy😉

What do you currently play?

Me and fella have been playing through "It takes two" and I have to say, I love it! It's exactly what we've been looking for, a silly fun multiplayer game that's not just another shooter. It has some really great mechanics and the animation style is fun, puzzles for you and your other player to figure out together, it's a blast!

。☆✼★ ⸻ ᥴoຕຕᥙᥒɩᥴᥲtɩoᥒ ⳽ᥱɾʋɩᥴᥱ ❕ ⸻ ★✼☆。

ℭari player,
Benché le gif che riportano l'aspetto indicativo dei luoghi non siano ancora state ultimate, vi lasciamo qui sotto il link per accedere alla mappa della Technicolor Plaza, che riporta le descrizioni di ogni posto presente e che può fornire un buon spunto per le interazioni tra i vostri personaggi.
Lo trovate qui: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d1MyeBCm-O2JgQH4IjfHuzzyZghQmwCRQnNcTJy8QUU/edit?usp=sharing
Ci scusiamo per il ritardo, e, come specificato alla fine del documento linkato, per ulteriori chiarimenti o richieste specifiche di nuovi luoghi da inserire all0interno della mappa, vi chiediamo di scrivere in pagina, come alcuni player hanno fatto prima di voi.
Il link verrà poi aggiunto a quello presente nella biografia della pagina del GDR, per facilitare la navigazione.
Ribadiamo che in settimana verrà pubblicato anche un post con le indicazioni all'evento, celebrativo dell'autunno, che stiamo preparando.
Grazie per l'attenzione!
⸻ Le admins.

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ᥴoຕຕᥙᥒɩᥴᥲtɩoᥒ ᥱɾʋɩᥴᥱ

C'è un determinato pv/pg che vorreste vedere nel gdr?

( sicuramente qualche personaggio di Mulan, ne esistono a bizzeffe! Soprattutto mi piacerebbe il migliore amico di Ning (nel caso la player precedente non tornasse più), figlio di Mulan e Shang. Non ho particolari richieste sul prestavolto, però se dovessi sceglierne uno allora direi Cha Eun-woo, hanno del materiale insieme e sarebbe carino sfruttarlo.🥺 Inoltre pensavo anche al fratellastro, di cui Ning ignora l'esistenza a differenza dell'altro. Un po' di angst ci sta e avrei anche alcune idee in mente. Anche il bulletto di Ning, per cui aveva una cotta, con prestavolto Hwang In-youp ( anche qui abbiamo del materiale insieme). 🙈
Cè un determinato pvpg che vorreste vedere nel gdr

Welche Band/Musiker hörst du gerne? Was sind deine Lieblingslieder?

Mayonym’s Profile PhotoMayonym
Momentan höre ich unglaublich gerne alle möglichen Lieder von Grimes; bin erst vor ein paar Monaten auf ihre Musik gestoßen und seitdem absolut obsessed.
Auch Melanie Martinez zählt immer noch zu meinen absoluten Favs, genau so wie viele K-Pop Groups (momentan ganz aktiv Stray Kids und Ateez) und noch einige weitere Solo-Artists wie Bella Poarch, Jay Park, HyunA, Jackson Wang und B.I 🌸
Ach ja, die Lieblingslieder!
Von Grimes:
💫 Player Of Games
💫 We Appreciate Power
💫 Kill V. Maim
💫 World Princess Pt. II
💫 Idoru
Von Stray Kids 🌙 & Ateez 🌸:
🌙 Maniac
🌙 Venom
🌸 The Real
🌸 Thanxx
🌸 Guerrilla
🌸 New World
Und von den restlichen Solo-Artists sind es zurzeit diese Lieder: Nabillera (HyunA); No Man's Land ft. Grimes, Villain, Living Hell, Dolls und Inferno (Bella Poarch); Cruel und Blow (Jackson Wang); BTBT und Illa Illa (B.I). 💫

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。☆✼★ ⸻ ᥴoຕຕᥙᥒɩᥴᥲtɩoᥒ ⳽ᥱɾʋɩᥴᥱ ❕ ⸻ ★✼☆。

TheVeilGDR’s Profile Photo⊳ OꙆtɾᥱ ɩꙆ ᘎᥱꙆo ー「 GDR 」
ℭari player,
Dopo aver aspettato un po', riteniamo che i tempi siano maturi per tornare definitivamente attivi. Chiediamo a chi deve creare i profili e le info dei personaggi richiesti in pagina di ultimare i suddetti appena possibile e a chi è già nel GDR di tornare a ruolare, poiché da lunedì le limitazioni di tempo ( che ricordiamo essere una settimana di tempo per creare il profilo e due per la scheda informativa; un mese di assenza se non si avvisa e due se si avvisa in pagina ) torneranno ad essere valide, comprese quelle che riguardano il periodo di inattività del profilo ( salvo, appunto, avviso in pagina di ritardi per motivi personali )*.
Informiamo inoltre i player che con molta probabilità la mappa verrà finalmente postata questo lunedì, o comunque in settimana; inoltre, per incentivarvi a ruolare e tornare in carreggiata, è nostra intenzione creare un evento che dia il benvenuto all'autunno e al nuovo semestre di studi. Ulteriori informazioni in merito verranno fornite in settimana.
Grazie per l'attenzione e buona permanenza nel nostro GDR!
*chiarimenti doverosi: ciò significa che, da lunedì, scatterà il periodo di tempo che renderà valide le limitazioni; esempio, se ho creato il profilo ma non ho ancora postato le info, DA LUNEDÌ avrò due settimane di tempo per farlo.
⸻ Le admins.

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RayChill y U diDn'T teLL mE u HaVe A bAnD w!tH tHe Ep0cH aNd cRuSh s0da GuYz???!!!!1!1;. iF u GuYz nEeD a UkuLeLe pLaYer CaLL mE!!!!!1!!1!;. EyE hAvEn'T BeaN !n a BaNd s!ncE ElfVis kiCkeD mE 0uT!!!!11!1;. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5ti25yIXOQ

YeS, DiZ iZ mEh bAnD Ep0CaLyPtiCa. KnEw bAnD pH0t0 c0miNg nExT wEeK wHeN eYe f0rgEtZ aB0uTz mEh s0dA.
SyDe pR0jEkT iZ mAnAgiNg a kNeW bAnD CaLLeD PuRrZuM!1’🐱
RayChill y U diDnT teLL mE u HaVe A bAnD wtH tHe Ep0cH aNd cRuSh s0da GuYz11 iF

[ Salve, mi piacerebbe entrare in questo GDR con il mio vecchio personaggio, apportando delle modifiche però. Se siete d'accordo, mi piacerebbe che mi consigliaste dei pv mori/castani, dall'aspetto giocoso e anche un po' fanciullesco. 🙈 ]

DancingSatyr’s Profile Photoᴀʟɪᴘʜᴏᴛᴇꜱ
Salve a te! Assolutamente nessun problema, puoi entrare nel GDR con questo pg come hanno fatto altri player prima di te. L'unica cosa che ti chiediamo è se intendi mantenere il genitore o vuoi modificare anche quello. Ad ogni modo, di seguito ti alleghiamo alcuni suggerimenti di pv con le caratteristiche da te richieste:
— Noah Centineo ( mi è venuto subito in mente, anche se se non ricordo male l'ha richiesto @DontEverCallMeDoll_ come pv per un suo png: male che vada potete raggiungere un compromesso! ) ;
— Tom Holland ;
— Logan Lerman ;
— Nick Jonas ;
— Joe Jonas ;
— Rhys Matthew Bond ;
— Francisco Lachowski ;
— Asa Butterfield ;
— Thomas Hayes ;
— Cameron Boyce ;
— Thomas Doherty ;
— Tyler Young ;
— Timothée Chalamet ;
— Tyler Posey ;
— Jorge Lòpez ;
— Nick Robinson ;
— Ansel Elgort ;
— Devon Bostick ;
— Ian Nelson ;
— Andrew Garfield ;
— Adam Brody ;
— Robert Sheehan ;
— Aidan Gallagher ;
— Nico Tortorella ;
— Aaron Taylor-Johnson ;
— Ben Barnes (che però @Unlucky__Witch ha indicato come pv del fratello se non sbaglio) ;
— Harry Styles ;
— Israel Broussard ;
— Giancarlo Commare ;
— Riccardo Mandolini ;
— Wolfgang Novogratz ;
— Shawn Mendes ;
— Alberto Rosende ;
— Grant Gustin ;
Per ora mi sono venuti in mente questi, spero ci sia qualcuno che ti soddisfi. In caso contrario, saremo più che disponibili a stillare una nuova lista!
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Cari player, chiediamo un minuto della vostra attenzione. Visto che le richieste per la creazione di pg stanno tornando in maniera graduale e avvengono quasi quotidianamente, è giunta l'ora di tirare le somme e valutare il ritorno definitivo all'attività del GDR. Domandiamo nuovamente la vostra collaborazione per mettere like a questo post, in modo tale da sapere chi sarebbe interessato a tornare e rimanere nel nostro gruppo role.
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Cuales son las Películas que tenías bajas expectativas pero al final te sorprendió

j_manzo’s Profile PhotoJosEDU Acevedo Manzo
Las únicas que se me vienen a la cabeza son:
- El Libro de la Selva (2016)
- Mujer Maravilla (2017)
- Ready Player One: Comienza el Juego (2018)
- Spider-Man: Un Nuevo Universo (2018)
- Shaun, el Cordero: Granjaguedon (2019)
- La Familia Mitchell vs las Maquinas (2021)
- Los Tipos Malos (2022)
- Sonic 2: La Película (2022)
Mi favorita entre todas estas obviamente es Spider-Man: Un Nuevo Universo. Sonic 2 en realidad no se me hace gran cosa, pero esta decente, supera en varios aspectos a su antecesora y si la considero (junto a Los Tipos Malos) de las mejores películas del 2022. Y las otras películas también se me hacen buenas, tienen sus defectos, pero eso no quiere decir que son malas.

Is it worse to have bedrooms one on top of the other or next to each other?

Irish dancers (who quite like to arrange parties) with three children live above my bedroom, an alcоholic аbuser lives next to my bedroom with an accordion player wife, a clarinetist son (my goodness, how he is out of tune) and a violinist daughter, occasionally he loses his tеmper and thrоws them at my wall, and they scrеam. When my roommate calls the pоlice, he makes them behave quietly.
They also have three cats, one of which suffеrs from topоgraphic crеtinism, constantly tries to climb on my window instead of his and yеlls there. I have to go outside to take a stuрid animal and move it to its window. sometimes it gets stuck in my ventilation under the floor or does as in the picture below. At the same time, of course, it scrеams until I get it. Pretty hard to choose, huh?)
Is it worse to have bedrooms one on top of the other or next to each other

sebutkan barang kalian yang dipinjem temen tapi belum di balikin?

headset, mouse, Mp3 player, speaker portable, charger + cable data, kaos futsal, vape....
njirrrr banyak juga sekalinya barang yg blm balik 😭😭
sebutkan barang kalian yang dipinjem temen tapi belum di balikin
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Nejoblíbenější film?

Mám plno oblíbených filmů. Těžko napsat jeden nejoblíbenější. 😊
Napíšu tady aspoň 10 filmů:
1) Šestý smysl
2) Ti druzí
3) Sirotčinec
4) Prokletý ostrov
5) Free Guy
6) Ready Player One:Hra začíná
7) Fakju pane učiteli
8) Avatar
9) Elvis
10) Bohemian Rhapsody
Bonus 11: 😊
11) Karel

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