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How was your day today?

Very very interesting.. got a chance to spend my day with this lady who spent 12 years in pimh and got reunited with her children.. she has been a patient of bipolar disorder because of the tragedies she faced in the past by her cruel husband.. has written books and is a poetess too.. got to learn sooooo much from her.. it was almost an interview sort of long convo.. got to know how every female there has a unique and sad story.. but it gives me a lil hope.. knowing how she was treated so well there.. it gives me hope that some of these females may have a happy ending even in Pakistan..

whats love to you? ⭐️

Asifkhangandapur’s Profile Photodoctor x
It starts off with Jane Austen saying, Emily Bronte saying; “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” And then Olivia said; “what am I, if not yours?” And Sylvia Plath followed, saying “What did my fingers do before they held him? What did my heart do with its love?” They thought women don’t love enough to be poetess but Beau Taplin said; “I knew it right away that you were it for me. There were no reservations or second thoughts. I saw you and in an instant I knew it in my bones, my soul had known your soul, lifetimes ago.”
Helene Cixous said, “I clung to your hands so that something human might exist in the chaos.” And Lauren Eden said, “I’m in love with the impossibility of us.” Adriana Trigiani understood that love is knowing somebody. She said “ You know for sure, somebody loves you, when they figure out what you need and they give it to you, without you asking.” Do you know when wolves are about to have a fight, the female wolf would kinda stand under the neck of the male wolf. It looks like she’s scared but in actual she’s just protecting the male wolf from dying by being bitten in the neck. And then Thena followed, saying; “When you love something, you protect it. It’s the most natural thing in the world.”
A Hannibal quote that isn’t talked about enough: “I’ve been staring at afterimages of you, in places you haven’t been in years.”
Izumi Shikibu said; “Even if I now saw you only once, I would long for you, through worlds... worlds.” Oh remember when Doctor Strange said; “I love you in every universe.” Aaron O’Hanlon really said; “Show me your thorns and I’ll show you hands ready to bleed.” Jane Eyre was in love cause he said; “Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness it would still be dear.” Mahoumad Darwish summarised it by saying, “I love you to the point of fatigue.” And Haruki Murakami concluded it by saying, “If you remember me then I don’t care, if everyone else forgets me.”
Crying. Brb

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whats love to you

Затронувшее душу стихотворение о любви💌🗒

https://youtu.be/ScCJYU_pWfYDeep_Six666’s Video 169172019207 ScCJYU_pWfYDeep_Six666’s Video 169172019207 ScCJYU_pWfY
Задело помнится каждый уголок моей души в определённое время
нашла стихотворение на английском языке, а это вовсе не английская поэтесса
I remember every corner of my soul at a certain time
found a poem in English, and this is not an English poetess at all
Do you want to know what is your difference? simply.
He accepted my demons, and you drove them away.
He fell in love with me along with the inner monster. There was a moment, I screamed furiously, came up and hugged.
Do you want to know why? because it has more power yes he can when i'm all the piss in him I will throw Come up and say: you are my good Enough honey, tell me what's inside I understand.
It is important to him that I think, how I speak, he listens.
It's important to him, now I'm laughing because I want to?
Or just in the soul of the cat scraped everything, but ate it.
And I just want to laugh so much from grief ...
I'm always calm, I don't have to explain,
That I'm tired of needing iron in my life,
He cares how my heart beats To him, every word of mine is like a drama.
And when I showed him the other side,
I didn't even think that it would miss Through myself this pain of an orphaned raven.
And it’s easier for me, for the first time, really easier in fact ...

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Затронувшее душу стихотворение о любви

Apna ask fm py experience share karein, kia paya kia khoya means ky kia mila ask sy?

Muhammad Ali Hasnain
Askfm 🙂😍☺️💔❤️😂🤦
• Askfm ny meri life bdl ti tbvh!!
Kafi achy dost mily jo meri smile ki wja bny. Kuch toxic log b mily jinho ny mujhy ye shikaya k mujhy unki trah ni bnna. Toxic logo ny bohaaaAaaat kuch seekhaya mujhy. Ak trah sy life bdl k rkh di. Bohat strong hui ma.
• I was an innocent little kid jb maine Askfm join kia ta. {Kid is liye bol ri q k ma waqei tb na smjh ti, immature aur childish ti (sbki baato ma a jny wli)} Phr life ny turn lia.
• Meri writing skills improve hui Askfm py. Aur maine kbi ni socha ta k ma Kisi b social media py itni famous ho Jao gi k mera account verified ho ga but then alhamdulila verification mili.
• Logo ny psnd kia writings ko jis sy hosla afzai hui. Writing skills improve kRny k bd aur confidence leny k bd maine apna Urdu Poetry page bnaya Insta py. {M a poetess} wha b logo ko meri POETRIES aur SHORT STORIES k post hony ka boht wait rehta ta.
Askfm k (kuch special) log meri life ma kafi change laye.
In short AGr ma Askfm join na krti toh aj meri life waqei "kuch aur" hoti 🙂☺️
• Ak wqt vo b aya jb is masum lrki ny Askfm ko hi "apni diary" bna lia 😂😂🤦🤦 aur apny dil ki har bat post krna start krdi
Kbi post krti ti kbi likh kr del kr dti ti. Yun writings b improve hui aur dil b hlka hua.
• Ma social media py sb sy zyada active rehti b Askfm py hi ti.
Lots of love @askfm😚❤️

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Apna ask fm py experience share karein kia paya kia khoya means ky kia mila ask

So,Finally its 6th of feb✌✌ Birthday of the youngest and most talented poetess on ask.fm who turned 16 today😎😎 Many many happy returns of the day🎄🎄 Stay blessed Party hard🎇🎉🎊🎆🎆🎆 or meray hisay ka cake khud ly ky aana paray ga wo bhi train py😜😂😂 🎂Happy birthday Saleha🎂

Naqvi555’s Profile PhotoIntisar Hassan Naqvi
Thank you so much ❤️
Abhi le ati hun train pe koi masla hi nhi hai 😂😂
You made mah day bro 💕
Sab se pehly wish kiya !!
I'm glad k apne mujhy yaad rkha 🖤
Your words means alot 💓
اک مدت کے بعد گلہ کرتے ہیں
وہ جو لوگ مصروف رہا کرتے ہیں 👀

Do you ever just hear something that broke your heart so you just go like "oh.." and you just stand there speechless not knowing what to say? 🌚

A poet or a poetess knows well how to deal with emotions. They have the natural ability to suppress the pain and shape it in the form of meaningful words and verses.
There have been many times in my life when I faced such moments but because I wanted to show that I didn't care, I simply remained expressionless and put on an air of indifference.
Mostly when someone talks to me like they want to get rid of my company or that I'm boring them, and I feel like talking to that person... I simply respond to their comments with "oh"... And then, staring at them speechlessly I say: "Ah well... I guess I must be leaving now. Thanks for your time. :) "

Сейчас на аске популярна такая игра: ты приводишь 10 фактов о себе, 5 из которых ложь, а 5 правда. Анонимы пытаются угадать, поехали

1. Колени стабильно фиолетового цвета.
2. Разговариваю во сне, могу проснуться ногами на подушке.
3. Если ем шоколад с цельными орехами, всегда их выплевываю.
4. Ненавижу поп-корн.
5. В детстве зимой снега ела больше, чем конфет😂
6 Я метиска
7 Poetess
8 У меня есть татуировка, которая никогда никто не видел.
9 В течение жизни мои глаза поменяли цвет.
10 люблю физику

Yeah I get what you're saying but you doesn't need to burn them. Its shows you're getting under the influence of whatever thing which is bothering you. Poets build their legacies on what they write, they didn't burn.

Jawwad Rajput
I don't need to show off my work... neither would my parents like their daughter as poetess

Ol: Abeerah you're a good person. Kafi parhaku hain ap. Chussein top class kism ki marti hain :3 jk. Apka kutta 😍. Kaafi self obsessed hain ap 😂 buri bat :3.Plus you have a taggra attitude which I kinda envy :3.Khush rahen 😄

Talha Nauman.
Hahahha Thank you Talha Nauman 😂✋
I made the "The Cool and Calm Talha Nauman" thingie for you 😍 How can you miss the poetess part? 😍😂😂 Best of luck for trip back to Pindi though ✋😂

"It is not the rains which remind you of people or the wind which touches you. It is the ruins which you carry, it is what you've become." Do you agree ?

sidhant18966’s Profile PhotoJUST WANNA MAKE U SMILE
In the sunshine she stays,
But dwells in the dark,
Far away from love,
Closer to the pain.
-Dark Poetess
#copyright #selfwritten
Why is it that sadness lingers around for more time then happiness does?
If happiness would stay more then usual;just wonder how much better this life would be.
Its like a dream.
Honestly there are more sad and depressed people then the happy and cheerful ones.
And that is so not correct.
We always let go of things we dont want to let go of cause it will make you sadder later.
Why cant for once we be selfish and never let go.
I bet that love is stronger than all the other things.
I know movies and novels make it seem too much and exaggerate it as well.
But when you truly love someone or something you will no that its real and no exaggeration.
You are so scared of breaking the thing or the persons heart that it kills you day by day; minute by minute.
And you are so helpless.
Cause at one side you want to be selfish and the other side you are too scared to lose them.
Why is love so painful?
Why cant it be a little easy.
Why is it easy to fall in love but so hard to continue.
Loving the other person is not hard but staying with each other no matter what is harder.
And when you have to choose between, it just kills you.
#copyright #selfwritten

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Aaj me pehli baar apne shair pe roya ..??? U r the best poetess I have ever met..? Btw agr kissi shair ki darustagi krwani ho to bheej dena... ?? hats off(seriously) (ANON)

Hahhaha, why would you cry on your poetry? Yours was equally best. :3
I just dropped in mine.
Nonetheless, thank you! ??
And kia karwani ho TW Kia bhejon? .-.

wish you many many happy returns of the day madiha.! :* my allah swt shower his blessings on you.! ^_^ may you be always happy.! :* you are the best.! :) may you get everything what you want and derseve i love you soo much.! :* nva ever frgt me! ^^ happy birthday madiha.! :*

THANK YOUUU ASMAA :* :) AMEEN...!!! I love you too u. How can i forget u mistress madhubala inshallah a famous poetess of future :)

you might be right but you said something about ancient mythology ,you'll never see a guy cuz they were all guys at that time,for example, have you ever seen an arab poetess even before religions came?there was only one and she wasn't describing a guy she likes physically or even spiritually,have yo

i dont get what you're trying to say
ancient mythology had many male gods just none of them was a beauty god
there was even a god of ego but never a god of beauty

the comments tho , are all Chinese people like poetess or something ? they are like 'what he said touched my heart like how the rain touches the flowers in the sunset while the stars are far and the clouds are white but they are also pink like my love for him '

Chinese is really a lot more poetic than English lol because there can be many many many interpretations of just one Chinese character.
Which means that it's really hard to translate.
Which means that there should be a lot more Chinese people who should receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

you guys are on the verge of extinction but wow you are a women who loves poetry their is a hope. (female poet)

Im not exactly a poetess but thank you! ❤️
Liked by: zainab

about the secret admirer question: why would you be eventually disappointed? I don't get it :'( P.S.: use 'poet' instead... poetess looks kinda dates and from a tenses ka qaida ;)

Haha i said i'd be eventually disappointed because the question was *sent to all you follow* implying no authenticity to the "secret admirer" to be that of mine.. :'(
and why would you insist on using something that is not grammatically preferable?
Liked by: Fawaz Khan Faheem

likers get tbh #tbh I really don't know you that well but you seem to be a really nice person. and yeah. you're a good writer. become a poetess. :p

Thank you soooo much! I don't really plan on being a poetess tho! :p
Liked by: Anupama.

I can feel that this is a didactic poem stuffed with a hopeful tone it seems that our great poetess :p faced some sort of difficulties in life but figured that life keeps on whether we accepted that or not so she transferred to us her experience and ended her poem with a moral which is not to let tr

النقد آخره مقصوص كالعادة :3 هههههه
هو كل حد اكيد بواجه بحياته مصاعب بس صراحة هاي القصيدة المس سمعتنا اغنية وكان فيها اكثر من theme ولازم نختار منها ونكتب .. فاخترت life vs death وهاي كتابة عشر دقائق والله وكنت بتهبل فيها حسيت :3
عشان هيك خذوها على محمل المزح ههههه ^_^
Liked by: Mohammed Jamal

Awwh, but you can become that! Btw, weren't you 15? And WOW, you have also become a poetess and are also aspiring to come into mental health field like me? I remember u loved my style. ;)

Zainab S. Rose ☪♎★-(◕‿◕✿)❤☕✮♀
Yes and yes. I must have counted wrong haha cx. I was in 6th grade so I was 12 or 12 going on 13. I am not so sure. I know I still can become an astronaut but I have already planned out my other future. The mental health field xD . Yes, I was the one to love your style!

omg. your writings are just so appreciable. i fall short of words to describe them. ♥♥ p.s : even m a poetess and a writer :D :P

Karishma Goyal
Oh, thank you so much karishma. It means a lot to me. Its only because of people like you I get inspired to write more and more. Please mail me your poems and writings. I would love to read them. Email it to me at kashishsingh.96@gmail.com

طيب انطمي ي بثوون انا .... ........ بقللك راح اقدم على امتحان التيلس وراخ اخذ التيلس انشالله و بدرس ببرتش كاونسل اكيد بتعرفيه احسن معهد انقليزي بالاردن وهوا بريطاني و iam Poetess w hekka

Allah ywfggk/ik ya rb shu bdi ahki :D

Hey I just read you are a writer or poetess too. Can you please share some of your work? pls? I would love to read :))

You know when a Writer feels happy? No?
When someone asks them to share their work. It feels like a medal.
Here are my two poems. :>
These are the two articles.

^HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYY BESITE! I thought I was the one extra sensitive woman and then I met you. You're a good support and SIR jee (at times). You write wonderfully *-* I once thought I was a poetess and then you sent me that master piece. Itny senti na hua kryn ap, ACHAAW? Stay the same always. (>*_*)>

Gulpanra’s Profile PhotoGullalai khan Shairani.
Yaar Lali aap buht pyaari ho :') thank you so much yaara

Lesbi on naissoost homoseksuaalse suundumusega isik.Lesbism on naistevaheline seksuaalne suhtlemine.Sõna "lesbi" tuleneb Lesbose saare nimest Kreekas, kus elas antiikaja poetess Sappho, kelle paljud luuletused olid pühendatud naistevahelisele armastusele. Väide LESBI Kaiekene on sinu kohta väär !

Aitäh. :) Ma nagu ka ei tea ühtegi olukorda, kus ma oleksin mingi neiuga seksuaalses suhtes olnud :)
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hi gullalai ! apne ek poem lekhe the beautiful lies? wo yaha post krden coz apka acnt to bnd hae ab mujhe wo boht ache lage the.. ap ache shayira hae sb poems apke boht ache hote hae :))))))))))))))))))))))

A bundle of Thanks. ^_^
Ok sure. It wasn't that much good. But, you asked so here I go :
I'm not a poetess nor a writer
But I'm writing something Day and Night
I don't know where my life is going on
But I'm filling the pages of my life with beautiful lies
These lies are the important part of everyone's life
Because these lies give peace to everyone's heart
And still I don't know where my life is going on
but I know its moving toward Light, day and night {<3}

Language: English