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A certain percentage of the population is not interested in any subject related to the politics or economy of their country. They simply live their life and look for ways to move forward with it without knowing how they are affected and how those matters affect them. What is your position on this?

Personally it's not something I talk about myself.
Not because I don't care / not interested. But you literally can not have a civilised conversation about politics! Especially not online lol
A certain percentage of the population is not interested in any subject related

What isn't political?

it's hard to say. Politics is everywhere - from children's toys and milk cartons to science and education. Perhaps only some mеntal illnеsses and love are free from it, that's all.
However, at such moments I sometimes think that nature doesn't give a fuсk about all these political things, so there is no politics deep inside the matter either.

Why are people on the left joining the right?

"The Turn" by Liel Leibovitz (part 1)
For many years—most of my politically cognizant life, in fact—I felt secure in my politics. Truth and justice, I believed, leaned leftward. If you were some version of a decent human being, you cared about those less fortunate than you, which meant that you supported a whole host of measures designed to even the playing field a little. Sometimes, these measures had unintended consequences (see under: Stalin, Josef), but that wasn’t reason enough to despair of the long march to equality. Besides, there was hardly an alternative: On the other end of the political transom lurked despicable creeps, right-wing orcs who either cared for nothing but their own petty financial interests or, worse, pined for benighted isms that preached prejudice and hate. We were on the right side of history. We were the people. We were the ones giving peace a chance. And, no matter the present, we were always the future.
This belief carried me through high school, and a brief stint in a socialist youth movement. It accelerated me in college, sending me anywhere from joint marches with Palestinians to a two-week hunger strike in Jerusalem trying (and failing) to lower tuition for underprivileged students. It pulled me to New York, to Columbia University, to more left-wing politics and activism and raging against Republicans whose agenda, especially in the 2000s, seemed like nothing more than greed and war.
And it wasn’t just an ideology, some abstract set of convictions that were accessible only through cracking open dusty old books. It was the animating spirit of life itself: The dinner parties I attended on the Upper West Side required dismissive comments on President Bush just as much as they did a bit of wine to make the evening bright, and there was no faster or surer way to signal to a new acquaintance that you were a kindred spirit than praising the latest Times editorial. It wasn’t performative, exactly. At least, it felt real enough, the reverent rites of a good group of people protecting itself against the bad guys.
I embraced my people, and my people embraced me. They gave me everything I had always imagined I wanted: a Ph.D. from an Ivy League university; a professorship at NYU, complete with a roomy office overlooking Washington Square Park; book deals; columns in smart little publications; invitations to the sort of soirees where you could find yourself seated next to Salman Rushdie or Susan Sontag or any number of the men and women you grew up reading and admiring. The list goes on. Life was good. I was grateful.
And then came The Turn. If you’ve lived through it yourself, you know that The Turn doesn’t happen overnight, that it isn’t easily distilled into one dramatic breakdown moment, that it happens hazily and over time—first a twitch, then a few more, stretching into a gnawing discomfort and then, eventually, a sense of panic. (cont)

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Why are people on the left joining the right?

"The Turn" by Liel Leibovitz (part 2)
You may be among the increasing numbers of people going through The Turn right now. Having lived through the turmoil of the last half decade—through the years of MAGA and antifa and rampant identity politics and, most dramatically, the global turmoil caused by COVID-19—more and more of us feel absolutely and irreparably politically homeless. Instinctively, we looked to the Democratic Party, the only home we and our parents and their parents before them had ever known or seriously considered. But what we saw there—and in the newspapers we used to read, and in the schools whose admission letters once made us so proud—was terrifying. However we tried to explain what was happening on “the left,” it was hard to convince ourselves that it was right, or that it was something we still truly believed in. That is what The Turn is about.
You might be living through The Turn if you ever found yourself feeling like free speech should stay free even if it offended some group or individual but now can’t admit it at dinner with friends because you are afraid of being thought a bigot. You are living through The Turn if you have questions about public health policies—including the effects of lockdowns and school closures on the poor and most vulnerable in our society—but can’t ask them out loud because you know you’ll be labeled an anti-vaxxer. You are living through The Turn if you think that burning down towns and looting stores isn’t the best way to promote social justice, but feel you can’t say so because you know you’ll be called a white supremacist. You are living through The Turn if you seethed watching a terrorist organization attack the world’s only Jewish state, but seethed silently because your colleagues were all on Twitter and Facebook sharing celebrity memes about ending Israeli apartheid while having little interest in American kids dying on the streets because of failed policies. If you’ve felt yourself unable to speak your mind, if you have a queasy feeling that your friends might disown you if you shared your most intimately held concerns, if you are feeling a bit breathless and a bit hopeless and entirely unsure what on earth is going on, I am sorry to inform you that The Turn is upon you. (cont)

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Rant about something…

Ellis893757’s Profile PhotoJames
I'm tired of doing the right thing all day long and kicking ass at work and being responsible and dependable and then being attacked by people who can't keep up. If you can't do what I do then you play a political game to try to take me down.. Just try harder, be reliable, care about what you are doing.. It's much more fun than politics and being a jerk.
Thank you.

What are your beliefs? (spiritual, religious, political)

I believe that there is a scientific explanation for any thing. Maybe it's a little naivе now.
I am not religious at all, but I am close to the Japanese mix of Shintoism and Buddhism in terms of not hаrming living beings and caring for nature. Politics... this is shıt. I would like all the inhabitants of the earth to unitе, but it is almost impossible.

Last time you cried?

The last time I cried was 2-21-2021 when my dearest friend Matt passed away from cancer. We first met in high school, attended college together, performed together in various bands and played golf and watched baseball games together. Since 2011 we even lived in the same city and often hung around together, debated politics, discussed history, literature and many other topics. Losing your best friend causes great pain and anguish because, as most would agree, developing a genuine friendship is a lifelong process full of surprises and obstacles that must be handled with great patience and care.

What was the best thing that happened to you today? 😇💫

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoNitu.
I talked to my bother in law for about 2 hours on the phone concerning geopolitics and domestic politics. It was a great discussion and sharing of ideas and thoughts. We both came to the conclusion that too many people in our country and in the world are too easily manipulated by the fake news and that, in general, people are too lazy to put forth the effort required to research current event, politics and history that affects much of what we experience in the present day. It warms my soul whenever I can discuss important issues with other people who are well read and who value knowledge and free speech.

Do you think people who don't care about what's going on in the world are shallow and ignorant?

Not necessarily. They might be busy working or preoccupied in some manner and perhaps do not appreciate nor understand their civic responsibilities. They might also be indifferent or apathetic toward domestic politics and geopolitical events.

what's your thought on politics?

QueenEJ’s Profile PhotoAmóre
The politicians we follow are just using people as Votebank. They don't give a sh!t about their issues. They neither have the will or the ability to solve them.
No one decent chooses a career in politics. Decent politicians doesn’t get the support, why would you put someone honest into position of power if he won’t let you exploit the system? Decent politicians doesn’t get any media coverage at all.
And medias purpuse is to lie to you. TV, social media.. It all feeds on hostility and lies and propaganda.
whats your thought on politics

Что ты думаешь о конкурсе Евровидение? Ты тоже заметила, что с каждым годом песни становятся всё более примитивными и не запоминающимися, а основная часть участников - всё более шизоидней на вид?

konda2018’s Profile PhotoПоэт из Днепра
the thing is that Eurovision and the Olympic Games are not about music and sports, but about politics, so the participants are like that.

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Things are going well in my family. My wife has recovered from a heart attack last August and she is slowly increasing her physical workouts and is able to swim 50 laps in the pool. Our daughter is completing her first year in high school with honors and is playing violin, piano, golf and working on various art projects.
So from a family perspective I am pleased; however, when I analyze our politics and the state of our foreign policy I am deeply disturbed. We continue to spend billions of dollars in foreign aide that we do not have. We allow millions of illegal aliens to enter our country from around the world without proper identification, background checks, health checks, etc. And America continues to instigate war and stick it's nose where it does not belong all in an attempt to control the world while enriching itself.
As a nation we are financially and morally bankrupt and currently have the most dysfunctional and corrupt leadership in the history of our country. We are seeing massive increases in energy and shortages in food to the point where babies are not being fed properly. So politically and morally, the United States, in my opinion, is in ruins.
Other than that, things are intolerable and the American people are in the process of rising up against our government and many evil and corrupt politicians will lose power in the November elections. Oh... and the Biden administration is planning to hand over our national sovereignty to the World Health Organization which is in violation of our constitution, but these criminals do not give a damn.

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Republican or Democrat? Do you really think either one are on your side?

We don’t really do politics.
Both sides are bullshit, all human government is tyrannical, restrictive of the wrong things, and none offer what we need.
There are certain subjects some of us may have opinions on, but none of us thus far really care for any political party.

What do you think about the political situation in Pakistan 🇵🇰? Is there chance for hope ?

I don’t know why I’m getting suddenly so many questions about religion and politics but sure we can talk about that. Honestly speaking I can’t say much about the politics or the regime and law system about Pakistan. But what I can say maybe from a little bit of research I made the last month I came to know that all the conflicts I can see are cuz of diversions and Separations within the political parties. I believe that as long as they fight each other and don’t come to a common term and hold together inside „the house“ they can’t be successful to protect themselves from corruption ( which already happened enough with the recourses for example). They have to hold together otherwise ppl like Putin or America as a state will continue harming them. I think the government should understand that. If they don’t hold together they can’t improve things. And I think for this especially the law system and demrocratical principles have to be improved. Cuz I believe that another issue is that because of all the diversion and separations and fighting’s the normal ppl don’t know what or who to believe anymore. But as I always say. The hope dies lastly. I am always hopeful and believe that Pakistan is a veryyyyy rich in cultural historical social and much more aspects! I can see all this without even being there once. And you know as long as Allah exists there is always hope. And Allah is the everliving. Hope this answers your question. Muuuuch much love and peace from my side to Pakistan!! Loveeee you alll❤️❤️❤️

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Do you involve politics and/or religion when dating?

I think it's important to know and discuss... To see where you and that person, matches up on the spectrum.
Those were some things I wanted to know about my current bf, when we first started dating... and it definitely challenged me a bit because we had some differences.
He "was" catholic, but that kinda ruined his relationship with God/religion altogether.. So, he technically doesn't believe in anything? But still believes in a higher being... Just doesn't attach a label or religion, to it. Whereas, I considered myself Christian... and it was curious to see why he felt that way about religion... Which I get now, and I don't ever want to push it on him. Our politics, mostly match up, all in all, but we definitely have differences... Which I think is good to have, because it challenges you to think more about those things, and challenges what you believe and why you believe it!
I don't make politics or religion the "main center" of my relationship, though! It just may come up, every now and then.

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Piece of advice you're glad to have received? 🤍

never ruin your friendship due to pakistani politics!
i was quite emotional and passionate supporter of PTI and used to do unnecessary heated debates.. after that advice and witnessing LOTA system of our politics i would say make a soft line of your opinion and never try to get involved in some heated debate !!

No one asks for your opinion. Hanggang dito ba naman politics pa din? Spread love and always be kind!

I don't talk about politics. But "No one asks for your opinion" then "Spread love and always be kind" sounds pretty contradictory or ironic. Haha. Who else disseminates kindness and love, while obviously saying that they couldn't have an opinion in a public space unless someone asked/gave them permission? xD
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Do you involve politics and/or religion when dating?

It's certainly something I like to discuss in a relationship and I like my partner to have considerable knowledge on politics and a similar view to me.

Thoughts on imran khan

IK has chosen a peaceful way of demanding general elections. May Allah keep him safe and guided. Ameen. Care less about the politics and more about the future of your generations. The whole Muslim Ummah wants him back in power with more authority. 🔥 #KarachiJalsa
‏‎#امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور ‎#عمران_خان ‎#پاکستان
Thoughts on imran khan

You are a grown woman and not a girl. Why don't you talk about politics?

I do, with people I respect. Not stupid rando anons just trying to "debate" like this is 10th grade or something.
I'm a grown woman, after all. Not a child.
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I'm trying to see some subtle and major differences between different INTJs. Describe yourself like telling us about your hobbies, interests, talents, what your personality is like, etc.

I'm complex as hell. No one ever sees the full me because of that. My family sees one piece. People I work with see a totally different piece. People I like/friends see something else. And you people on Reddit see mostly a different piece from everyone else. When people from any of these four elements see me in one of the other elements, they get really confused. Some people think I'm intimidating as hell while other people think the idea that I'm intimidating is completely laughable. I'm old, but I look significantly younger than I am, i.e. at least a decade younger. So, I get a lot of amusement from people because of all of these things. I like dark blue and black and wear those colors almost all the time. I actually love sports, but I treat it like an academic subject. I'm into politics, psychology, reading, research, learning, social issues, pretty much all kinds of music (no "I have eclectic taste" followed by "I hate pop music," though, admittedly, I'm less familiar with modern music--but I just like anything that sounds good to me), old sitcoms. I like philosophical discussions. Great career, but always thinking about what the next step is and positioning for it. "Forever alone"--too weird and different to find someone who is compatible with me and actually wants me. Not "girly." Very calculating and always staying a step ahead of others. Usually have a plan B or a contingency plan. Very unemotional on the outside, more emotional and romantic on the inside. I'm on my early 20s. Very introverted. I find it hard to connect with people. I am picky with my relationships (platonic and romantic). Quite elitistic and arrogant. Loves fine art and the violin. Adores dogs. Pragmatic. Loves money money money! 🤑
I am kind of motivated but unmotivated most of the time. I am a highschool student and I used to go to a boarding school. It taught me a lot about people. And I dream of becoming an engineer and make stuff. I made friends when I used to attend the school, but only talk to one after leaving the school. And I don't really have a person to talk to a lot, but that dosent mean I am alone, have family and friends (2), but just lonely. Closest thing to a friend I have is a random french girl I found on omegle. I rarely talk, to a fistfull of people. I am just shy. Oh and the compliment I get the most by few people I talk to is "weird in an interesting way"
I am also interested in philosophy and psychology, especially applying it to my personal life or analysing the behaviour of others around me. I have grown more confident over time but I still feel very awkward or out of place. I am a very reserved person but I enjoy talking with my friends about meaningful topics. I usually mind my own business but I enjoy giving insightful advice to my friends because I know it will be useful for them. I have two cats. I like iced coffee. I am a good leader.

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Do you support this hashtag?? #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور

Sighhh, long story short, politics and all is all fine we fight and makeup and what not, but when it comes to an intruder tryna fuck with our home, that’s something nobody should let go of.
Bhai karo tum log politics stunts marne jitne bhi but fucks sake don’t sell out your land and your people.

Oh how boring your questions must be, Why don’t you get any good questions anymore¿ and how dare they! Why certainly must they not know already the answer to your most intresting question!! of course you don’t ware any!’ (salmon);

axe_8564’s Profile PhotoColm gallagher
aw ok ya got me,
the most interesting questions are usually ones soliciting my views on Hungarian or American politics and sometimes sex...
how are things in one of the few counties I have yet to visit btw?
Is it possible to have afternoon tea at Lissadell House ? , I'd love to visit and experience what inspired Yeats.
Oh how boring your questions must be Why dont you get any good questions anymore

I don't share your optimism. Polls show that as of now there will be a Republican sweep in November which effectively neuters Biden. Unfortunately we have people more pissed off over high gas prices, which they blame on Biden, than our descent into fascism. We do not have an educated electorate.

I'm assuming you're American yourself so I wont dispute what you say.
I certainly agree we are in what I call the 'primacy of the moron.'
The right are experts at manipulating the gullible into thinking that supporting them is patriotic , they conflate themselves with the good of the country, at least here in Europe it looks like Macron may win tho it is appalling how the far right has to some extent been normalised even in France,
Listening to Gaetz, Cawthorne, MTG, Boebert, Hawley, Cruz and Johnson etc is profoundly dispiriting,
I still feel the progressive centre and left can hold , my fear is not so much the politics per se, it is the criminality that elements in the Republican party will engage in to either alter results or refuse to ratify them BUT sometimes the more people feel that they are being deliberately disenfranchised, they will be determined to vote and see that their vote is counted properly and honestly.

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Neutral Thoughts on current situation of Pakistan ?

kumailaslam39’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Kumail
My thoughts are not neutral anymore, I used to slap on faces who spoke bad about forces, was not big fan or supporter of any political party but Imran Khan won my heart. Apart from the things he had done for country and things which he didn't do, all I know is he was ONE MAN ARMY and he did the things which no one else can think of, if he won't come back, we will never have any politician with dignity and grace. Sarcastically whose opinions are not even considered at their homes are commenting and talking about Imran Khan and politics.

Shahbaz shareef till death 🦁🐅👑

You are one of those illiterates who only wants lower prices for sugar, oil, etc. You have no idea about politics. You really don't have a well functioning brain to understand Imran Khan's struggles and efforts. You people are too stupid to understand why the Yahoodis were against him. Instead of sending such useless shoutouts, I would advise you to go and seek some knowledge. 👍

Post something funny?

UsamaShaukat819’s Profile PhotoUsama Shaukat
Phele country k haalat kaya kam hain itna depressed kar k rakh deya hai Jo baki ke rehi sahee kasar askfm k users nai puri kar de hai politics ke batein faszool kism ke kar kar k pata nahi jesay in sab ko koi inaam mil jana hai. Politics k logon ka bhe yehi haal hai aik dosry par pather phenky ja rehy hain idhar askfm par bhe yehi halat hain log aik dosry par iteraz kar rehy is filah person ke report ke jai. Phir sahee kon hai. Had hai wesay . Insan thori dear k leye entertaining k leye ata hai relax honay k leye but yahan ask par bhe sab ke apni apni hukmarani chal rehi hai . Har jagah saysat chal rehi . Dunya ko ajeeb bana kar rakh deya sab nai . Phir kehty hain sab k k zindagi kesi hai kuch maza nahi hai suicide karny ko g chahta hy koi zehar la dy mera dil ghabra raha mujhe anxiety ho rehi mujhe depression ho raha bla bla zindagi ko tough kis nai banaya hai hum sab khud he nai haan. Lagta hai insan abhi tak monkey hai woh insan kabhi bana he nahi hai.

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Pakistan Murda baad🤝 Imran Khan zinda baad❤

lyricsworld1’s Profile PhotoBia Mughal
For all those celebrating the victory of Opposition or mourning the loss of Imran khan's government; don't ever get attach with a politician, political party or political agenda emotionally, I repeat, never. Politics is not about emotions but reason. These leaders may come & go. They'll play such games. They'll use you, manipulate you & make you follow them like herd of sheep. You have to reflect upon whether your life & social condition gets better in each rule or not. If not, you are fooled. No Offence.

What are the things you are proud of?

UsamaShaukat819’s Profile PhotoUsama Shaukat
Shukar Allah ka Muslman hun. Politics k chakron mai nahi parti apni shuru say abhi tak kisi ko ghalti say bhe vote dene ke koshish bhe nahi ke jiska regret bilkul nahi. Shukar Allah ka neend bharpur deep ati hai byfikar ho kar soti hun . Agar kisi ko vote dy dety to shayd meri neend aur jati raton ke lol.or Allah ke har aik naymat ka har waqat bohat zayda shukriya ada karti rehti hun. Jo nahi mila uska bhe shukria or jo mila uska bhe shukriya.

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