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Do you ever question your religious beliefs?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Being curious to know the logic behind everything that religion tells you to is not a bad thing according to me ... If it makes sense to you ... You follow it ... if not then you look for answers and alternatives to things but mostly ( what I've observed ) in every religion all religious written texts say the same thing it's the views of religious leaders and politics that are different 🤷🏻 ... What do you think?
Do you ever question your religious beliefs

Aik sawal tha...Due to media and dirty politics we criticize each other too much? is it good or bad to be more critical about others?

Criticizing is always bad. Do it once or everyday its bad just on different levels.
Teach the next gen, the golden rule.
"dont debate on religious and political belifs in public"
I dont care imran/nawaz/ zardari lives or die. I dont care who rules. I dont care.
They have done nothing to improve my life.
Nor i can control who'll rule, the ealoer we understand this the better we can become at solving our problems.
Being a girl i took control of my life knowing no one else cant help me, while so many men arround me keep telling me they are in situations becauae of the time, the people, the govt, the policies, which is rubbish.
I aint fighting my family members for a person who'll never know my name.
I aint loosing it for something thats out of my control.
I'd rather like to stay quite then to be seen as a monkey who claps on everything.

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Tell us why you hate Trump.

I'm NOT hate Trump , because in nothing to bad goin'. I think , what HE just typical political and people , which have to in live. It's GOOD or BAD this is to see in future.
We ' are just human , which live to is world . People NOT politics , but need to think in the country. My little internet speech.

When answering on Ask, do you prefer silly questions, deep, reflective questions, or personalized questions?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I am answering personal questions only and all topics except politics and religion because these 2 topics make enemies from people 😅🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. And as Ask.fm is relax after work for me, deep philosophical questions very occassionaly pls 😂
When answering on Ask do you prefer silly questions deep reflective questions or

Have you started working? What's your best advice to deal with office politics and free mixing?

casesenstive’s Profile PhotoUsmanAKhan
Stay out of everything that doesn't concern you. Specially if you are a new employee, observe more, and speak less. Stay aside and ask questions only when you find a trust worthy colleague whom you can rely on. Don't refrain yourself from asking questions but do keep the audience in mind.

For the guys: what r 5 signs a guy is into you

1) Will frequently discuss regional politics with you.
2) Drive you around in his car to showcase his drifting skills and the new suspension that he has just gotten installed.
3) Call you out for cricket when they are one man short. Will make you field at straight to assess your catching ability and thus, your athletic status.
4) Will conduct cry sessions with you while listening to "Bewafa" by Imran Khan to show his softer side.
5) Will talk about his Roman Empire.

What’s your most controversial opinion?

mistyskypath_’s Profile PhotoMistySkyPath
Some of my opinions may be controversial to some people depending on their own politics, religion, or ideology.
But I don’t think any of my opinions could be said to be particularly controversial to the majority.
(Oh, except maybe that we should summon Great Cthulhu from his sleep and allow him to devour us all. Except that. )
Whats your most controversial opinion

politics & religion likely got made because ancestors were bored of being normies or confirmists. Maybe even just like to tell stories & lies like present times

I think the purpose they serve is to put people into categories and make them choose to either support or oppose/go against each other.

Are you interested in politics?

It affects us all whether we like it it not, so I do take an interest in the activities of those who are elected to make things better for us. Especially when they do the opposite.
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What kind of useful idiot would sit there with no political power and defend the two party system at this point

RecordsAreBetter’s Profile PhotoWill
I don't talk politics here, nor will I at length, but I'm inclined to agree with you. Bipartisanship & political parties in general are a cancer to democracy. If they won't wise up and ban political parties they should at least open elections to third parties. Which as much as they claim you can vote third party you still have to register in every state as a Republican or Democrat. The system is rigged
What kind of useful idiot would sit there with no political power and defend the

What are the qualities you like most in people?

I like individuals, people who hear and dance to a different drum beat, characters who do their own thing and think their own thoughts. I like people who are interested, the weirdos and misfits, those who care about what matters and don’t care about what doesn’t. I really admire those who can navigate politics without getting sucked in or tainted.

Your take on cousin marriages ?

alishba_a’s Profile PhotoAlishba Abid
It has been defamed in our society, especially through social media and television, where cousin marriages are shown as an invitation to another level of family politics.
I'm not denying the fact that cousin marriages lack a lot of privacy as everyone in the family feels a need to interfere in your matters.
But it's also true that all of these unwanted occurrences are pretty much exaggerated in our media, so even wanting or wishing for a cousin marriage has become a taboo for our generation.
We are somehow psychologically tamed through our television industry and social media for finding faults in our cousins or relatives to the extent that we even perceive their good qualities in a negative light.

What question do you ask yourself a lot?✨

PreciousB0y’s Profile PhotoRaza
I was watching an interview of a woman who was talking about how she faced domestic violence after marriage. On a daily basis, I see one case after another where either the woman or the man is suffering in an unhealthy relationship where domestic violence and abusing one another is normalized. And I don't just see this in strangers but also in people I have idealized since childhood. I am seeing more and more as I age, and the more I see, the harder it feels to find myself in their situations. To become the one being abused physically or mentally. Their lives have unveiled the saddest truth of life that after all the struggle of going through challenges in life, you end up with someone who can not even become a source of peace for you.
I mean, we millennials mostly have been struggling in our careers, we devoted 18 years of our lives to studies and settling in to good jobs or maybe some of us had it differently. But our academic and professional lives have been a struggle of its own and now after all these years, aged 24 to 30 we come to that stage of life where we want peace.
No arguments, no taunts, no family politics, no competition, just some peace, we don’t even ask for love and big expectations, we only want peace, we want acceptance and a willingness to listen and understand.
And still to be shoved into a journey that brings nothing but torture is really scary, and that's when I often ask myself whether I want to jump into such a ditch or would it be rather easy to just move aside from everything and never get involved into any drama.

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Do you think actors and celebrities in general should stay out of politics?

Nope. Everyone is entitled to have a political opinion, to advocate for what they believe in. They should just be mindful of how they go about it and be aware that if the things they say and do are brand-damaging they may lose job opportunities as a result

Do you think Imran khan should join hands with Bilawal Bhutto ?

alishba_a’s Profile PhotoAlishba Abid
Idk...he is joining hands with Molana and Khattak as far as what i saw today on twitter. Politics a dirty game. You vote for duffers just to bring IK in power, and he chooses corrupt people like Khattaks, tareens, Mahmood Khans etc on powerful posts. The take is;
1) Democracy is a failed system
2) Fuck politics. All my homies hate politics.
Do you think Imran khan should join hands with Bilawal Bhutto

LOOK! Elections are coming up, and I usually don't follow the news or politics. My family supports Nawaz Sharif, but I'm unsure because I don't like how the police and government treat PTI supporters. I want advice from a neutral person, no emotions, just facts. Help me vote wisely.

its dictatorship not democracy.
so voting is like our school president elections.
no matter what and who we kids chose, the president would always be the headmistress favorite student or friends daughter/son.
we don't know anything, we cant prove anything, we are not sure about anything.
so do whatever feels right.

LOOK! Elections are coming up, and I usually don't follow the news or politics. My family supports Nawaz Sharif, but I'm unsure because I don't like how the police and government treat PTI supporters. I want advice from a neutral person, no emotions, just facts. Help me vote wisely.

Just go and give the vote. Dont tell anyone who youre voting at polling station. If they force you to vote for PMLN then tell them you will but vote for whoever you want to when your turn comes

> i’m talking more like early 1900s - Prohibition era? 🤣 Now I'm calling Sage to arrest you for violating the Volstead Act. 🤣 We could also run illegal booze and get rich like the Kennedys. Then, we can blame everything on the mafia and enter politics just like they did. Lexchel 2024. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Well the Flapiron building was being built then so… 🤣 Lexchel… why do I like the sound of that? 😛🤣💗

Who is a great man or woman? Why?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Every person who is able of self-sacrifice for the good of others - now are in my mind Ghandi, Mother Therese, Nelson Mandela, Jassir Arafat and yes, V. I. Lenin too, because his politics lifted the workers out of poverty! 👍

LOOK! Elections are coming up, and I usually don't follow the news or politics. My family supports Nawaz Sharif, but I'm unsure because I don't like how the police and government treat PTI supporters. I want advice from a neutral person, no emotions, just facts. Help me vote wisely.

Why to gamble, when you know the 'house never loses'.
Crypto is the second biggest scam on earth. Vote still remains number one.
My thoughts ofc. Views/opinions may vary guys.
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LOOK! Elections are coming up, and I usually don't follow the news or politics. My family supports Nawaz Sharif, but I'm unsure because I don't like how the police and government treat PTI supporters. I want advice from a neutral person, no emotions, just facts. Help me vote wisely.

Quaid e Azam ka muqabla Angraizon k sath tha. Isi lye fair tareeqay sai jeeta tha.
Imran Khan ka muqabla Nawaz shareef jesay beghairat logon k sath hai.

LOOK! Elections are coming up, and I usually don't follow the news or politics. My family supports Nawaz Sharif, but I'm unsure because I don't like how the police and government treat PTI supporters. I want advice from a neutral person, no emotions, just facts. Help me vote wisely.

Pro tip for voting in Pakistan: always vote for the party that's being vandalized by the establishment, be it military or judicial.

Is Facebook predominantly used by boomers now? My grandma's profile is booming. Her pfp has like 200 likes and, like, 100 comments mostly from her boomer friends. Boomers are wildin' there. I'm curious if any of you zoomers/millennials still use it actively.

I haven't used it in years🤷🏻‍♀️ It was just a cesspool for drama, politics, bullshxt etc so I just deleted the app. My daughter (almost 12) has one & I obviously go through it & make sure she's being safe on the internet but other than that I couldn't care less for it. I don't even really use insta much anymore either🤷🏻‍♀️ Reddit has been my go to.

Какая песня была у тебя на повторе больше 3-х дней?

id148294043’s Profile Photo^^ 케이트 박 ^^
То что вспомнил сходу❤️‍🔥
Coldplay - Paradise
The Neighbourhood - Leaving Tonight
Siouxsie and The Banshees - Happy House
Abba - Dancing Queen
Linkin Park - In The End
Fall Out Boy - Centuries
The Score - Stronger
A-ha - Take On Me (Acoustic 2017)
Radiohead - Karma Police
The Rolling Stones - You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Iggy Pop - Private Hell
Dabro - Полюбил тебя
Space - Deliverance and Daniel pemberton - falling apart, across the spider verse (intro) - не песни но на повторе очень долго!
Pilot Speed - Into The West
Нежность на бумаге - в темноте
P!nk - walk of shame
Panic! At The Disco - House Of Memories
Katy Perry - TGIF
Franky - Hysteria
Fat Cat Cinema - Don’t Break My Wings
Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over
Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero
Wham! - Careless Whisper
The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
Macklemore - Wings
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams(are made of this)
Mattafix - Forgotten
James Caviezel - I Wanna Feel You (desire remix)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Love Rock’n Roll
Lady Gaga - Applause
Missio - I See You
Placebo - Post Blue
The Vamps - Wake Up
Ваня Дмитриенко - Лего
The Weather Girls - It’s Raining Man
New Politics - My Love
Алёна Швец - Некрасивые глаза
Flipsyde - Someday
The Kooks - Sway
Alphaville - Big In Japan
Muse - Map Of A Problematique
Scorpions - The Cross
Robin Loxely feat. Oliver Jackson - Be What You Want
Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah
SYML - Where’s My Love
Clarity - We live in a beautiful world
Woodkid - Never Let You Down
Yellow Claw - Roller
Jason Gallagher - Hero
Twenty One Pilots - Heavydirtysoul
Portugal. The Man - Waves
Tom Walker - Something Beautiful

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What profession do you see yourself in? Do you wanna be a politician by any chance?

Pidorovich’s Profile Photoпидорр-р
I could never be a politician. I'm interested in studying politics but a politician? That would never happen. To be a politician you need some level of dishonesty and you have to be diplomatic and tactful. You can't always say what you feel and I would feel very restricted. Also politicians have to look out for national interests over what is right and wrong and I couldn't do that. Yes I care about both my countries but if I was a politician in either country I wouldn't be able choose something that is morally wrong for the sake of foreign policy or national interests. I know countries have to do things for their own survival but I'd rather not be a part of it.

Какую музыку слушаете? Посоветуйте что нибудь для плейлиста.

Arin_ks’s Profile PhotoПолторашечка
Инди-рок(рок, альтернативный рок и поп по настроению, могу ещё электронную иногда)
The Kooks - Gap
New Politics - My Love
Portugal. The Man - Are Your Light
Fall Out Boy - Centuries
Scorpions - The Cross
Muse - Plug in baby
Katy Perry - TGIF
One Republic - Start Again
Panic! At the Disco - House of Memories
Lord Huron - The Night We Met
Missio - Roman Empire
Cat Power - The Greatest
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close
Какую музыку слушаете Посоветуйте что нибудь для плейлиста

1 thing you like and 1 thing you dislike about your job? I like that I work from home, and it's flexible. It doesn't even feel like working; I spend half of the time doing household chores in the meantime. However, I dislike not having in-person interaction. It feels robotic, non-human in a way.

I like the customers; I’d say about 70% if not more are regulars, and most of them are really lovely (they all are, I mean the ones that particularly engage with us beyond ordering a coffee). There’s a lot of folk that come in with their doggos, which always makes my day!
I don’t like the drama and politics, but thankfully that comes in waves, and I do my absolute best to stay well out of it. Aside from that, the 4:30am starts are rather saddening 😆

What’s a conspiracy theory that you believe in?

The Kremlin did indeed interfere in western politics to make sure Trump, Brexit, and all the ‘nationalists’ across Europe (who are in fact Putin’s playthings) would be elected.
I don’t believe the WEF are using chemtrails to make us all gay, or that vaccines are part of a one-world dictatorship of Bill Gates, but I do think a conspiracy is happening, and most conspiracy theorists are part of it, since they’re also doing the KGB’s work but are too dumb to understand it.

What, in your opinion, are the most crucial things for the average person to understand about urban planning and urban planners in general? Why? 🏢🚏

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
One thing is that urban planning is very much shaped by politics. Yes, urban planners can bring forth facts, statistics and opinions but it's still the politicians' call. So if there is anything you want to change in your nearby area, read up on what the stances of your local politicians are and make sure to vote for who you like. Local elections generally shape your life much more than state elections. It frustrates me how people don't know who their local officials are and end up not keeping them accountable for their decisions. Heck, I've seen multiple times how people blame the local opposition, just cause it is their party who has formed the state government 🥴🗳️
What in your opinion are the most crucial things for the average person to

I know you don't really talk that much about politics on here, but it's really fascinating how conservative Americans will talk about protecting kids (meaning protecting them from LGBTQ, aka people who just exist without hurting anyone) while putting a 🔫 in their hands as soon as they learn walking.

People/ typical Americans are dumb. It doesn’t have to involve politics. I’m not associated with any political party. I’ve been asked before and just delete them. I don’t have any strong opinions about lgbt or guns. I’m not into government or society telling people how to exist on earth. Don’t hurt people, don’t hurt animals. That’s all.

Given the opportunity, will you enter politics? Why and why not?

No. There should be the right person for it, someone who understands the law and can engage with public.
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Why am I so reluctant about being political on my page here? It’s not like anyone has said anything to argue with me but I’m still hesitant about making political related posts. How about you?

i don't discuss politics much anymore, solely because i don't know much at all about what's going on in the world (yes i know that's ignorant of me), and i don't want to speak on topics that idk much about. i used to talk about world events, politics, social issues, etc., all the time in the past, though.

If you talk about relationships people would be like can't you have anything else to talk. If you talk about religion people would either argue or remain silent. If you talk about movies, people would call you dramatic. If you talk about astrology, people would call you superstitious. Never ending

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
If you'd talk about friendships, they will tell you that everyone is a snake
If you'd talk about your problems, they would call you an attention seeker/rondu
If you'd give your personal opinion on something, they will get offended as if there's a law for everything
If you'd discuss politics, they would only blame the government and won't accept that we as a nation need to change
If you'd tell that you want to be successful in life, they would say paisay k peechy bhag raha hai
If you'd say that you want nothing but respect, they would take you forgranted

I never thought you were smart and understood politics. What made you interested in politics

wtf are y'all talking about honestly like my entire online presence has been wrapped up in being an """sjw""" radical leftist//marxist etc

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