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Are you the forgiving type, or do you hold grudges?

I ain't a person of holding grudges and wasting myself doing politics, but if you were unfair to me or you've hurt me deliberately more than twice, then your existence simply doesn't matter to me.
جو ایک بار دِل سے اُتر جائے پھر کیا فرق, بھاڑ میں جائے یا بالا میں جائے!

What are Americans best at aside of technology!?

mayuuush7’s Profile PhotoAugust
It is one of the things I admire in their culture. their research and development are employed pretty well. In my speciality I have seen them cutting hard steel with water! But anyways, aside from that, the people I mingled with were resilient, hard worker, and independent. At a glance, they might seem socially damaged, which is true to an extent, but on the other hand, they were family oriented. They were also fun-loving and easygoing. They keep their competitive advantage unreachable. The majority were raised on honesty. Their service econmical sector is so mature that customers live to high standards. Not to mix that with politics, but they have robust personal rights. One last thing to mention, everybody, mind his own business, which could be considered as a plus or minus depending on where and how they apply it.

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¿Sabiais que han puesto una nueva normativa que apartir de 2023 casi 4M de coches sin la etiqueta azul no podrán circular por ciudades de 50.000h? 🚘 ¿Qué opináis?

itsloth5’s Profile PhotoLo
Pues a ver si sacan una normativa k diga k no pueden circular ni andar politic@s x las calles, son un@s hijos d put*

-whats your pov on Pakistan's politics 🌚

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photoheaven on earth.
People may not like imran khan & agree with him but one thing I love is that he has completely exposed the hypocritical & corrupt nature of our military,made the masses more aware.I am willing to give him another chance because I don't want politicial dynasties to run this country down the drain.If people can give multiple chances to proven criminals such as the shareefs & zardari then why should imran khan be an exception to that? Judging the man for a single tenure when you have allowed these khandani polticians to destroy pakistan for 70 years isn't justifiable.

-whats your pov on Pakistan's politics 🌚

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photoheaven on earth.
Fuck this shit show. Get the fuck out if you can. You don't owe anything to a land controlled by crooks. If you're the type that likes this shit then enjoy you have some chances to thrive here. Get rich outside this country and use this place as a means to an end. You only owe a better life to your loved ones not to every tom,dick, and Harry saying get out for azaadi or controlling your emotions to help gain their own power.
Secure a safer life for yourself and your loved ones first, then think about climbing Maslow's hierarchy of needs and fighting for ideals you're not even sure are future proofed yet. Political winds change, popular opinion is a bitch ass chameleon. Your hakook al ibad will first be questioned for your loved one's. Not for who you voted for and supported politically.

How can I find life happy if there's so much pain and suffering in this world?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
It's very difficult questions, especially for sensitive and empathic people.
One should relize that's they are not a god, and they are only one person, and that they can't control this world unless they had some magical way to do so, and this notion is impossible.
I believe its enough to speak up about such matters, and if you have something to give to the cause and you are able to do, do it. As simple as it can be, it will make a difference.
That war in Syria been really difficult on me at it first 3 years, I tried to speak up and do as much as I could to help, but still it's a war and it's politics and somehow, in the most missed up way, the world allows it to continue because it has a profit margin to someone. And those someone's, don't think of the lives, they think of how to cash out.
It's really sad and difficult to be in world that operates like this.
So, you are just one person. But your small contribution to the cause, matter. In any simple way, even a prayer.

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Drop your favourite Urdu poetry🌻

( I'm writing in Punjabi and English these days and i hate what i write so ain't nothing favorite )
Ay 22 crore khoteya'n da des mera mahaan
Ithy wikday weikhy main naik seerat insaan
The cult of slavery has gotten them doomed
They filling the mouths of riches, got their own condition ruined
2 Asool Ameer ghareeb te 2 hegy qanoon
Te hajy v inna nu charheya hoyea inqilaab da janoon
Religious scholars selling propaganda for money
Satan is confused if this shit is sad or funny!
Kadi kadi main sochda kyun mulk hoyea Azaad?
Kadi kadi menu lagda is mulk ch rehna v Rub da azaab
I'm sick of politics and lies that government feeding me
I stopped giving a damn about hope recently
I spit brutal facts and i reveal what's hidden
Your saviors are nothing but just puppets of joe biden
They playing with your conscience and making you mind slave
The technology knows well how slave mind behaves
Step 1 they give you hope that the better days are coming
Step 2 they feed you dopamine so you just keep running
Step 3 they will divide you between different sects
Step 4 they will separate the right from the left
Step 5 they will give you the freedom of speech
Step 6 they will kill you for your remarks and belief
Step 7 is the main point of divide and rule
Just watch em burn and keep weighing conscience with the jewles.

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What kind of news you avoid reading when it’s on your timeline?

Celebrity news. I don't want to know the whereabouts of Ed Sheeran or the brand of Hailey Bieber's bag.
Malaysian politics. It's so dumb. We're arguing about the dumbest things. I love reading about foreign politics though. It's funnier.
Business. I don't care about the ultra rich. I don't care about saham or crypto or whatever kind of money related news. It makes me feel anxious, dumb and poor. I don't like that.


Abzquad’s Profile PhotoAbdul Ahad
No wait it is very pressure full for any bowler to bowl the last over. Why don’t u ask why wasn’t that alleged no ball reviewed. Babar was right to protest. And when Nawaz bowled on free hit, it still is a contest. There were a lot of things that went wrong today I will say that we bowled brilliantly the first 10 overs but our luck ran out🤷🏻‍♀️ still Pakistan Zindabad 🇵🇰💜

Самый большой раздражитель для вас - это...?❎

whitelila’s Profile PhotoЛилия Белая
For me, in the sphere of communication, any form of lies and hypocrisy causes irritation. As for the general world situation, I am annoyed by the weakness and indecision, and in some cases the calculating cynicism of politicians who are not ready to make decisions to put an end to various negative phenomena once and for all, including the war in Ukraine. Too many heads of State are unable to show firmness and determination in solving problems that have matured since yesterday, so the question of changing the global agenda of world politics and creating a global world government as a body capable of changing this situation radically is becoming more and more obvious.
Самый большой раздражитель для вас  это

Anno 2024, invasione aliena. L'oggetto che al momento hai alla tua sinistra sarà l'unica arma della quale sarai dotato per fronteggiare gli invasori. Quanto sei f****to

TheLastMattoUrlante’s Profile PhotoTheLastMattoUrlante
Il quaderno di Comparative Politics che contiene appunti sul meccanismo di funzionamento interno dell’Unione Europea…direi che sono spacciato.
O forse no! Chi lo sa, magari agli alieni piacerebbe ricevere una lezione approfondita sul sistema istituzionale dell’EU, e potrebbero decidere di prendermi a bordo di una delle loro navi per diffondere conoscenza su tale complesso ed articolato meccanismo di integrazione regionale tra Stati 🤔

We will have a new government in a month, there will be requirements for livelihood, language, citizen discussion with the intended citizen, and you must declare a declaration of allegiance to the country. Live in Sweden.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
I‘m not that involved in the politics there but in my opinion it’s the best that could have happen to Sweden. The country has been destroyed over the last years. Of course it’s not the perfect outcome but I think it will definitely be better in the future.

What do you think of the protests in Iran?

Iran and the Iranian government isn't Islam !!
They ruin its image with their politics
Iranian people 're prot*esting against the religion by taking off the hijab and burning it
Islam did nothing for u, and it was not the cause of the girl’s dea*th. Rather, the Iranian government and politics were the reason that applied the religion in a wrong way.
U who respect ur hijab and ur religion
You didn't wear it for the sake of ur country, but for the sake of ur God , this 's not ur freedom
Therefore, I 'm with prot*esting against the state and its policy if it is wrong, but I ain't with prot*esting against Islam !

What is your favorite Netflix show? I love Peaky Blinders:)

BrookeElizabethxo’s Profile PhotoBrooke Elizabeth Runyan
Same here. It was one of my favorite shows, somewhat reminiscent of HBO's Boardwalk Empire (same era but in the US). If you enjoyed Peaky, you'll probably like Boardwalk too. Just as dark and gritty with very similar themes (prohibition, organized crime, corrupt politics, etc.). Wholesome entertainment... 🤣
What is your favorite Netflix show I love Peaky Blinders

Situation of flood in Pakistan?

I am right now playing my part to raise funds for the flood victims of Pakistan, so, I can't state everything in detail about the current situation and what my thoughts are about it, but I can share some points:
• Nobody has the right to take credit for the flood victims' aid; especially no institute or politician. The generous people of Pakistan and some outsiders are the only ones responsible for facilitating the affected people in this time of need. The ones who are taking credit, or want to take credit, are actually the ones responsible behind all this chaos.
• Many people of Pakistan look at such calamities as a business opportunity. They have increased the prices of their products and services right now.
• People are donating a lot even in this inflation but it cannot go on much longer; for weeks or months.
• There should have been a number of dams in Pakistan but it's always been the case that all the resources of Pakistan have always been stolen by the corrupt officials, politicians and governments.
• A country with 220 to 240 million population is dependent upon aids from Europe, it is hurtful; and disgraceful and also humiliating. The reason behind it is corruption by the overall administration.
• Scammers are also seeing this as a business opportunity: media is concerned about its ratings, YouTubers are concerned about catching more viewers, fake NGOs are collecting donations as theft and so on. In short, people are corrupt, and I'm talking about the majority of the total population.
• NGOs have no helicopters or boats. That's the reason why their efforts are not being much fruitful.
• People pay so much tax in Pakistan, yet the so called forcefully imposed government is asking people to donate; if they're left with anything.
• Politics has nothing to do with humanity. A Muslim will always prefer #HumanityOverEverything.
• People need to learn that they have to stand up.. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch0AE81s35r/

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Situation of flood in Pakistan

Shehbaz Gill k sath jo ho rha kon smjhta hai k sahi ho rha hai?

Idc sahi or galat lekin khan sab ko or gill to ab sharam kr leni chahiye ye gandi politics shuru krdi a pti walo ny b yr huda ka khoof khao sahi tagra fit a shahbaz gill or in ki bakwas sun lo wse bs inko ruk nikalni reh gai ho yr hud batao jb paishi a tabi sans ka masla or sexually assault hona hota in politicians ne bs khan sab bas krdo kitna chutia banana a hamain kaha gai raaisatain Madina wali baat , hum apko is liye nhi lye k ap b wahi gandi politics shuru krdo Huda ka khoof kro bas Allah pak apko naiki or such bolnay ko kabool karny ki tofeeq ata farmaye Ameen.

پاکستانیوں کے نام کوئی 1 پیغام؟

Riqra’s Profile PhotoRiqra
Just wanted to share with you guys that some days back while I visited Kartarpur, I randomly interacted with two Sikhs Youngsters out of nowhere the conversation turned to the importance of the country the importance of separate Homeland they began to explain about their feeling of marganilization as minorities in their own country Hindustan just because they don't belong to Hindu Dharam not just Hindustan they are minorities everywhere in the world
They just wish for their own land , which is all Sikhs pray for ( Sikhistan, khalistan) Here I felt the importance of a country, which is so very important.Yes, there are many flaws in the system, politics, and. So more, but at the end of the day, we have a country identity which is Soo important and that we should be proud of.

Yaar koi movie bata do achi si?

AFRIDI’s Profile PhotoSaleem afridi
Just Leave movie n see the real move by Arshad Nadeem, honestly Im feeling damn happy that he won gold in cwg 2022, Agr humara Neeraj ni to its good ke Arshad k pas gold aya❤ shukr Alhamdulilah kisi gore ke pas ye gold ni gya humare hi bhai ke pas bhot Indians will think ye Indian hokr kya keh ri but still i dont care, im just too much happy❤ If not India this time.. thn Pakistan is better one❤May Allah bless him he is just a innocent n decent man❤ May Allah give him more success with our Neeraj🇮🇳🇵🇰 we both nations need to be unite for unthinkable success we have to leave this conflicts and fraud politics behind to be unite❤ hope we get united soon❤
Yaar koi movie bata do achi si

ew why are these ppl so obsessed with politicians as if politics was some fandom.

that's really what it's like. These weirdos are SO obsessed with Trump that they are more fanatics than anything else. It's gross. Imagine putting that much faith and energy into some hateful old rapist you've never met

https://ask.fm/nebelung1717/answers/171414245358 - All governments are rotten to the core 😅

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
But Poland is something else, it's a state of mind...
We have the highest inflation, the highest fuel price and the worst politics in the world...
And yes, we have beautiful history, but Poland now makes me wanna cry...
Oh, and depression in this country is also very frequent.

شنو رايك ب Gad Saad و رأيك بكتاب The consuming instinct by Gad Saad ليش ما تتواصل مع Gad Saad و تقترح انو يترجم كتابه The consuming instinct خصوصا هو يعرف عربي و كتب عن Nomological network و قدم ادلة قوي جدا لل Evolutionary Psychology و أعتقد هيج كتب مهم جدا لل Right-wing politics

جاد سعد يؤيد الصهيونية، ولا مشكلة لديه مع صناعة البورن، ومعضلته مع الـ woke أنهم يزايدون في الاضطهاد المفترض على الأقليات المحتكرة للشكوى، كاليه9د والسود 😅😅
اليمين الذي أنادي به يختلف جدا عن اليمين الأكاديمي أو السياسي الذي يحاول الدفع بأمثال بيترسون وجاد سعد. راجع كتاب "ضد الديمقراطية والمساواة" لتوميسلاف سونيتش كي تفهم أكثر.

Do u think boris jhonson would resign? Who would be the next in charge?

Apparently he already has, but he has managed to hang on until October as part of the deal I think. I don’t know the exact details, I need to get caught up.
I have no idea who will succeed him.
Whomever it is might well have a better way of managing their party, but I doubt their party politics or policies will change much.

I hate f*ing jobs. Any agree? The whole job set up in general. The politics The hyarchy, the whole job and job structure. I like things slower and less intrusive in your real life.

welcome to capitalism. 🤷🏻‍♀️
however, unfortunately there isn't much we can do about it in the short term ; most people need to work to have money for basic survival.
Liked by: Jane Turtle Meh! Livi;

A certain percentage of the population is not interested in any subject related to the politics or economy of their country. They simply live their life and look for ways to move forward with it without knowing how they are affected and how those matters affect them. What is your position on this?

Personally it's not something I talk about myself.
Not because I don't care / not interested. But you literally can not have a civilised conversation about politics! Especially not online lol
A certain percentage of the population is not interested in any subject related

What isn't political?

it's hard to say. Politics is everywhere - from children's toys and milk cartons to science and education. Perhaps only some mеntal illnеsses and love are free from it, that's all.
However, at such moments I sometimes think that nature doesn't give a fuсk about all these political things, so there is no politics deep inside the matter either.

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