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What can schools do proactively to show parents that their children are welcome, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
By treating everyone the same. No discrimination = positive environment. Don't treat someone unfairly because they come from another country, and don't favor someone because they come from another country. Everyone is treated the same way. I believe that's the best and only way to show inclusiveness.

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What is self-esteem, and where does it come from?

NicoleBuckleyyx’s Profile Photonikki ☻
Self esteem is confidence in your worth as a human, or alien if that’s your thing. This is an all inclusive answer. 👽
That confidence comes from your toes to your nose. It comes from your heart to your brain. It comes from your positive self talk. There is nothing wrong with being your biggest cheerleader as long as it doesn’t turn you into an egomaniac.

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It's so funny many people think I can't do anything I'm stupid, but they just don't know me, maybe you should first look behind the facade.

XYZ25PA’s Profile Photoㄥᄅ˙sıɹɥɔ¯Ԁ
Of course, it's a pity that some people can't behave on the Internet. I've received an incredible number of questions from you in the last 48 hours and looked at your profile. You give partly detailed answers, your questions are often very interesting. You've a lot of thought, but you're also sometimes frustrated when negative messages come. Maybe it's also because of the amount of questions you send, I don't know. Wouldn't it be more positive for you if you only send questions to a few people who responded positively to you? Then more detailed communication is also possible and your anger will disappear. Don't dwell on the negative and remember: it's the Internet. There are a lot of virtual heroes and Rambos.

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Who or what inspires you to be a better person?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
The thought of who I am someday meeting who I could have been. Working to close that gap.
Being a grown up, excuse me I meant parent, yes parent, bc I am a parent. I have a fear of making people sad. I also have a fear of making people mad at me. I avoid confrontation. I am always there to help people deal with their issues, no matter what happens. That is what drives my need to be a better person; to ensure everybody that surrounds me is happy.
I've realized I have to inspire myself. I've been complacent for too long, letting depression and loneliness hold me down. I kept thinking "why bother?" I wanted to find a special someone who would see me for the potential I have and inspire me but that's just unrealistic. So, I inspire myself. I don't improve for anyone but me. Who knows, maybe one of these days someone will see how I've improved and be interested. It would be nice not to be so lonely, but I can't count on that. I have to improve myself by myself. I’m a kind person at heart. My own conscience really to try and do the right thing and see what is the right road to follow. My dad. He's a great guy, the only thing I don't like about him is his temper. Overall, great family man, awesome dad, loving parent, and so many more. Also, my friends see me as this happy-go-lucky type of guy who is always positive no matter what is happening, whether if I'm failing 3 class or not, I would be super confident on passing the class even though I know that there is no possible way. It sounds a little silly coming from a thirty year old woman, but whenever I have a choice between the difficult but right thing and the easy but wrong thing, it's always Kevin Conroy's Batman in my head that steers me towards the right thing.
The world has too many fucked up and angry people as it is. There’s so much negativity, so much distrust, so many pain and agony. Why add to it? It’s really not hard to just not be a bad person. I want to see the world bloom again. And the way to get that started is to be the catalyst.
I have a friend who is in a higher supervisory role than me in our company. But she is also my mentor. We have a fantastic friendship and she kills it at her job. Definitely motivates me to be better.
I amdire lots of successful people I know, but one of my inspirations would be one of my coworkers. His life was always slightly better than mine from beginning to where we are now, but we have similar life stories, I don't envy him for having things easier than me, but he is a very humble and motivated person. He deserves all the success he has, and If I ever achieve half of what he has, I would consider it a success myself. My dad. He passed away seven months ago. It motivates me to think that he can see my progress and effort from wherever it is his spirit may be. More than anything I just hope that when my life is done and I hopefully reunite with him that he can tell he that my life exceeded everything he ever dreamed it to be.

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What inspires you to better yourself?

Octoberbeauty7’s Profile PhotoBianka
Knowing that being myself has a positive impact on others..Seeing those i care about becoming better versions of themselves and knowing i played a part in that, even if just a little. Life is all about trial and error. You right the wrong, tweak the good to be better.. Commitment & perseverance. Every day is a second chance given to you to be better.

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What inspires you to better yourself

How would you describe your intelligence?

I am constantly vibrating with energy, bold ideas, creative intellect focused on problem-solving and a determination to make a huge difference and to turn the tide. I am a vivacious, open and witty man, able to view my everyday life with a contagious humour. My friends would describe me as a person of formidable willpower and keen scientific mind, whose lifelong passion is learning. I believe myself to be of average intelligence but with greater than average education (a Masters and a JD). Education makes a big difference in moving one of average intelligence just a bit closer to the right side of the bell curve.
Most people probably think they're above average, even if they say only slightly to stop themselves feeling like a braggart. Or despite what they think, they lie. If you don't think you're smart, why should anyone else? Generally intelligence is considered a positive trait and labeling yourself as sub-par far from exudes that ever so attractive confident persona we always want to see in others. Truthfully I think the concept of IQ is bullshit and that human intelligence can not be quantified into such a simple number; standardized tests less so but it's the same concept.
At a young age, for whatever reason (most likely as a result of how my parents raised me), I decided I wanted to get good at learning, so I've worked on that for my entire life. I've spent time building the skill of learning and logical thought, and reading tons and tons of books. That's why I score high on traditional markers of intelligence, and I'm convinced that anyone (barring actual barriers to learning such as mental disability) could achieve similar results if they cared to.
Smart enough to be unable to be happy with the same old small town life everyone else is happy with. Doing the same repetitive job and thing day after day. Seeing the same places and people and never becoming frustrated with the lack of change. I pick things up very quickly, but I have a terrible attention span for things that require long term concentration and I don't have the best street smarts. I have an average IQ but it still absolutely baffles me how stupid everyone else around me is. Like. Why the hell are you taking everything personally, and, do you even know how to read?

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What do you do to keep yourself sane and what is helping your PPD or helping you from getting it?

My family is only my parents, and they've already made it clear they won't watch him at my apartment. I refuse to bring him to their house because it's a health hazard, I'm talking it smells like dog pee and poo the moment you step in the door. His family is all talk, as much as I hate to say it. They're quick to say "Call me if you need anything!" and such, but then when I call they kind of shut me down and aren't very helpful/there for me. So I'm kind of riding solo here but with some help from my mom when she is able to stop by. Thankfully my husband will have good communication back home, so it's not like I will go weeks or something without speaking to him. So I still have his support it's just from a distance.
With the weather finally warming up, getting outside helps a lot. Even if it's just a quick walk around the block with LO, it clears my head and puts me in a good mood. It also forces me out of pajamas, which is another thing that I think helps, sanity-wise.
I also started getting into photography when LO was new and sleeping all the time. It's good to have a hobby and I ended up with some adorable memories to put on the wall! Today, the sun is shining (literally lol, but figuratively too), and I am considering whether I want to take my daughter to a nearby petting farm or just to a park. When the weather is nice, I try to get out and do something fun every day. Sometimes that's just a walk around the block or playing in the backyard, but doing something is key. I often try to do one-out-of-the-house errand every day too. It passes the time, and the baby loves to see other people. If the weather is crappy, I look online for a sensory activity or craft we can do. This obviously gets easier and more interesting as they get older! There were definitely some hard days, and days where I felt completely overwhelmed. I just tried to stay positive, and I'd vent to DH a little! He'd reassure me, and between that and the sweet smiles of lo I powered through! Breastfeeding was a little challenging the first few weeks, and definitely the first time she started cluster feeding! I whined a lot lol! But I am SO glad I am able to breastfeed and that I stuck with it. The extra bonding and all those feel good hormones you get from nursing have been priceless! The bassinest was one of my absolute favorite things I got too, I hope you like it as much as I did!! It will definitely be a huge help through the nights for you! It was also peace of mind for me. I could look right over at her and check her whenever I wanted! Which as a ftm, especially in those early months, was constantly! Other than the normal cleaning and stuff, I try to workout at some point every day or go spend some time outside with the little one. He loves it outside. As far as PPD, my Dr prescribed my zoloft, and it's been a GAME CHANGER for me. The first couple weeks pp, I was a crying crazy hot mess.

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Despite everything you’re so happy and positive

Lol not really. I have my moments like anyone else. I just tell myself that these crap feelings are temporary and just let myself feel all the crappiness they have to offer. It's best to do that instead of suppressing them. That's how I end up feeling like a robot.

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Hey, wie war dein Juli bislang? Neue positive Erfahrungen gemacht? 🙃

bergmann2009’s Profile Photo【թ๏ฬשเค】
Och, ich habe mich heute einmal dazu überwunden, mit Kommilitoninnen etwas zu unternehmen und es war doch ganz schön. Der Abendhimmel ist auch so schön gefärbt Langsam komme ich aus meiner Social Phobia Bubble heraus, was ganz nett ist. Ansonsten ist es ein Alternieren zwischen Thesis schreiben, sich um Katzen kümmern, mit meinem Hula Reifen trainieren und zu viele Selbstgespräche bei Mitternacht führen. Es ist nicht der schrecklichste Juli bisher, aber auch der melancholichste.

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How to get your account verified?

snowqueen52’s Profile PhotoSnow
Here aresomethings we look for (in random order):
Are you an active user? If not, start answering a couple of questions daily for at least several months.
We’re all about spreading good vibes and are looking for people who think the same way we do. If you send or have sent negative questions or answered questions promoting negativity, we won't verify you.
We think people who are active and positive are most likely to be popular. This way, you are reaching a whole bunch of others to share your wisdom and happiness.
We want you, the real you. You know how we feel about fakes or impersonation or bullying (see ourCommunity GuidelinesorTerms of Use).
We dig for people who ask unique questions and give creative answers. That’s you! And we want more of it…
Some tips:
If your profile does not contain your photo, there’s a possibility we won't verify it (it’s all about authenticity!).
It’s about how you’re acting. If your profile consists of exchanging likes with others or gaming for followers, we won’t verify you (it’s uniqueness we’re after!).
If you have received lots of violation notifications in the past month, this may prevent you from getting the blue badge (positivity, remember!).

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Hame kese pata chalta hai ke ALLAH ne mauf ker deya?

alishazainab6’s Profile Photoنا محرم
Jab Allah tala hamen muaf krdetey Hain na to hamara Dil mutmayin hojata,hamarey Dil ko itna sukoon miltaa hai k jese ptaa nhn kitna bojh liye phir rage they hum, hamarey andr positive changes Aney lg jati Hain Allah tala hamen Seerat-e-mustaqim k raastey pr chala detey hamen hr Cheez me positivity nazr Aney lg jati Hai.Hamarey andr koi ghalat kaam krney ki himmat nhn hotii or Phr hamen srf yeh khouf rehtaa Hai k Allah tala hamen dekh rahe hain agr hmne kuch ghalat kiyaa to Allah tala hmse naraz hojayengey ❤️

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Is there a song that deeply resonates with you?

AGirlNamedJoanna’s Profile Photoj o a n n a
I have to say "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" by Coldplay. I love it's message that though life can be full of troubles, the best way to react is to see the beauty in it and fight your way out of them. How one can feel liberated by focusing on positive vibes and the things that bring you joy. I also used it as background music for a travel movie I made of my trip around Australia and Asia so I associate that song with a lot of good vibes in general 😊

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Is there a song that deeply resonates with you

Gibt es Tage, an denen du dich einfach nur vollkommen erschöpft fühlst? Wie wirkst du dem entgegen? Was tut deinem Körper und deinem Geist gut? 🐼

JustBeOnlyYourself’s Profile PhotoPandabällchen-des-Verrats
Wenn ich mich richtig erschöpft fühle weiß ich gar nichts mehr mit mir anzufangen. Meistens ist das Wetter dann zusätzlich total heiß. Essen kochen ist mir zu anstrengend, zum essen hab ich keine lust, kriege dann meistens nur Süßigkeiten runter und dann hab ich schlechte Laune, weil es ungesund ist. Zum schlafen schwitz ich zu sehr und die Fliege in meiner Wohnung treibt mich in den Wahnsinn. Heute ist wieder so ein gammel Tag, ich fühle mich nicht wohl, würde am liebsten nur noch schlafen aber ich kriegs nicht hin und der Haushalt fällt mir auch auf den Kopf. Normalerweise bin ich immer voller positive vibes aber es gibt Tage da ist einfach mal schluss und ich werde zur grumpy Garnele.

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Don't you think positively is challenging?

Have you read the book, Apple Tree Yard? - In this book, states that the amygdala, which is like an alarm system in our brains, uses about two-thirds of its neurons to look for bad news. Once it sounds the alarm, negative events and experiences get quickly stored in memory — in contrast to positive events and experiences, which usually need to be held in awareness for a dozen or more seconds to transfer from short-term memory buffers to long-term storage. In order for positive events and experiences to hold up to equally intense negative ones, we need to purposely focus on them for much longer - Furthermore, our brains get used to certain patterns of thought. So, the more negatively we think, the more automatic the process of thinking negatively becomes, and the more difficult it becomes to break out of that pattern and start thinking positively.

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suka heran sama yg bilang aku biasa aja , aku gendutan ih , aku kurusan ih, padahal mah cantiknya bgt udh proporsional tapi suka merendah gitu why???

ada 3 option menurut ku
1. Option negative thinking-nya iya org2 yg kaya gtu semacam merendah untuk meroket gtu deh, kaya caper.
2. Option positive thinking-nya, km pernah ga ada posisi dimana km kena body image? kaya ngerasa ko aku lg gendut2nya ya, ko aku lg kurus2nya ya. atau ngga posisi dmn km sering kena komentar mengenai bentuk badan kamu? soalnya di pendapat pribadi aku, bisa aja dia tuh ya dapetin komentar2 kurang enakin dr orang sekitarnya makanya nganggep diri dia kurang terus, kaya lg berada di lingkungan yg kurang supoortif gtu deh. jd dia kaya ganyadar atas kecantikan yang dia punya (walaupun emg semua perempuan itu cantik ya)
3. Option netralnya, dia lg kena penyakit yg berhubungan ama body image dan psikisnya, contohnya anorexia yg dimana penderitanya tuh selalu nganggep dirinya gendut padahal udh kurus badannya

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