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Eh Daa bgd :o? Oxam B allah 5altiny Mabsota Awi Awi Awiii ❤ Bahbek y Okhati Asln :'3 .. D nti Had Asln 3asl .. PrettyGirl *-* ✌ LHouub .. Okhti w Sahbty W Okhat Gwozii Kman <\3 MY BEST FRIEND .. Bahbek y oKhtii <3 ✌

Habibty wallahy nty 2l kalam ma3aky bas bikhalini mabsoutaa awee❤,,
Alb okhtakk✌.
Bosy na msh hasibak abdan laghiat ama agwazak kda w a7dar far7ak w a2olak heeeeh khalst menk akheran :'D *jk*
Bamout fekii❤
W kfaya kda ashan han5od 3een hano3od nshad fe sh3r ba3dd :'D

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Haai KakaAmal :) ...yg cantikss :) today the day that you waiting for. right? yeah. Happy birthdaay Kaka amal :* May Allah bless you always :* stay longer with ur love ~ Rudy :) stay kiut lawa aaa :* heee. atu sja eh. na fyrah tau ckp apa. once again , Happy Birthday prettygirl :** <3

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hai c: not really waiting for it. ahahah :p but thankyou fyrah. likewise! x

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do you think you've almost had it with tee? tbh i do think you deserve better, like you need someone who pays you the attention that you deserve! but then i know you love eachother, but maybe you will find someone else in the future? you are young, anything can happen prettygirl x

Exactly I'm young & no guarantee well last forever tbh sometimes I do then sometimes I don't it's like I don't know I think I just need to shut up & eat mc Donald's xx

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Jajaja si el casi siempre sale en mis fotos d instagram! Es forogenico' =') !! JAJA! :* tmb me caes bn! ❤ Y tenemos poco tiempo chat y preguntas en ask! Jijiji! ;) !! SosUnaGirlPretty! Yes!!

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Jajaja Hay ese Bagner! XD" Es un perro fotogenico le gusta estar en las redes sociales pero más en el.instagram :x
Jajaja pronto conoceré a Bagner! x___x
Las preguntas, los chats, tus fotos... Poco tiempo pero nos llevamos bien B|
Mabelita <3 :$
#You're prettygirl and me newfriend :$

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You tell Kaylee everything you told every other girl, you don't really have those kind of feelings for her. She looks like the type that gets played and has been hurt too much and needs a break from it all and all your doing is the same your not mature enough for all that. Shes a prettygirl and you

Never said that before. Get out. Of my business. Find me one girl I mess with since I been with Kaylee. Find me girls I hurt. Just Ashley, we were together for 6 days and she was WAY tooo attached. I'm not gonna hurt Kaylee. You need to get out of my business. I seriously do not understand why soo many ppl try to mess up our relationship. We're together. I NEVER date girls. I got with Kaylee. I fought for Kaylee for like 5 months straight. You don't know my business. Get out!

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You tell Kaylee everything you told every other girl you dont really have those

kben echt blij daku terug ga zien wij hadden zotte gekke domme leuke momenten wij hadden keren ruzie maar alles kwam terug goed en schat wollah kwnie ma ik vond die ruzies van ons echt kinderachtig kwil gwn geen ruzie medu en als iemandu durf aan raken dan eefd die me mij te maken my prettygirl

Ouh ja wollah domste ruzies ooit ma inshallah da gebeurt niemeer schat en ouh zoo lief wollah !als iemand u durft aanrake ik breek die ahhahahahhahahha okno ma loveyou mijn schattebol!!<3

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