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Why are some Americans against raising the min wage to $15? Like what the actual fuk is wrong with people?

Because those jobs aren't careers. In most cases, they are merely stepping stones to better paying positions *after* the employee works for a period of time and acquires more marketable skills in order to move further. Of course, if one is economically unenlightened and can't see beyond one's next paycheck, one might naively assume that there is something "wrong" with people who understand the dynamics of a vibrant economy. Furthermore, higher wages for unskilled workers will only eliminate more of those dead-end positions as AI, 3D printing and robots continue to replace simpletons with simple code - and simpler machines. Instead of pointlessly wrestling with economic and technological realities, I would advise the plebeians to focus on conquering their real enemy: automation.

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the second the gift was unwrapped, a slight frown had taken up space on his forehead, mixed with a look of utter approval and a small grin. it was the truth. ❛ canʼt argue with that. thanks, jo. ❜ another firm hug, securing the reply, afore he sat down and glanced at the shirt again. ❛ itʼs great. ❜

Jo returned the hug with a wide smile. ❝I am glad you like. Just try not wearing it around kids, without jacket, some people may get the wrong impression. The guy at the printing shop already assumed I was a bit over the edge crazy.❞ The blond huntress said with chuckle as she sat down next to him.

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the second the gift was unwrapped a slight frown had taken up space on his

after hugging her, the present heʼd gotten her was held out. ❛ merry christmas, jo. ❜ a reo speedwagon bandana, because he had heard from dean she loved them.

Jo hugged Sam tightly in return, and when they pulled back she was happily surprised by the gift he handed her. Her smile grew bigger as she saw the R.E.O. design on the soft fabric. ❝THANK YOU, Sam! I love it. ❞ The young huntress tight it around her neck approvingly. ❝I got something for you too ❞ Shortly, she delivered him a nice wrapped red and black plaid shirt that had a white printing on the back stating 'The only good clown is a de.ad clown'. ❝Merry Christmas,Sammy!❞

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after hugging her the present heʼd gotten her was held out  merry christmas jo

Buongiorno🌅 Pensate che il progresso sia importante? Oppure siete quel tipo di persone da "era meglio prima"? Tra gli argomenti in cui si può includere il progresso, quali vi stanno particolarmente a cuore?

GiulyBarb’s Profile PhotoKatsuki かつき
Personalmente adoro il progresso, mi piace molto sapere l'ultima scoperta fatta o ingegno realizzato, è ispirante e stupefacente. E' sempre molto bello parlarne con mio nonno che a 70 anni passati usa smartphone, pc e internet e vedere con quanta meraviglia usa questi mezzi, mi gasa un sacco per quello che potrei vedere alla sua età.
Lo trovo importante in quanto ha definito e definisce la società, nel bene e nel male, le nuove scoperte hanno plasmato la storia e uniscono l'umanità intera (gli esempi dell'influenza delle rivoluzioni industriali si sprecano), portandola sempre un gradino in più di prima. E' forse il cuore della nostra curiosità e volontà di "andare oltre".
Il discorso di "meglio prima" per me non ha senso e trovo nasca dalla mancata conoscenza e/o familiarità della scoperta in questione. E' palese che queste abbiano migliorato la nostra condizione sotto numerosi aspetti, ovviamente causano degli enormi danni come sfruttamento, danni ambientali e pericoli per l'uomo ma questo secondo me è più dato dall'avarizia e incoscienza del progresso avanzato per la sola motivazione dell'arricchimento piuttosto che la natura del progresso stesso.
Vi sono così tanti campi che progrediscono che è davvero una meraviglia: oggi si ha lo smartphone che è uno strumento mostruoso contenente un secolo di tecnologie migliorate a dismisura tutte assieme, si possono guardare altre fottute galassie con telescopi da casa propria, sono riusciti a stampare materiale organico per farci un cuore e c'è un progetto teorico per costruire un ascensore per oltre l'atmosfera terrestre! Mind blowing.
Le nuove scoperte in generale mi piacciono un un sacco, fisica, medicina, psicanalisi, edilizia davvero ci sono cose fichissime per ogni argomento ma l'informatica essendo ciò che studio mi prende particolarmente: da come vengono realizzati i dispositivi all'effetto che hanno poi i programmi/siti creati come social, app e servizi vari. In più il 3D printing perchè posseggo una stampante 3D.

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If you were suddenly given a million dollars or pounds or whatever currency you use, what would your first 5 purchases be? I think I may have asked this already so sorry in advance for this pretty generic question!

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
🌺 All the best 3d printing stuffs for my boyfriend, as well as a lump sum to get his business off the ground! :D
🌺 Buy myself a car! As well as pay for my theory and test so I can actually pass to drive said car haha
🌺 Get our own place! :3
🌺 Make sure that our families are well looked after :3
🌺 Probably give the rest to a well deserving charity :3

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If you were suddenly given a million dollars or pounds or whatever currency you

What’s the closest thing to real magic? With a new “smart” something coming out almost every day, what products amaze and astound you the most?

Let's see. The 3D printer seems pretty amazing. That's something I thought would happen way into the future, in some era more closely resembling some sci-fi fantasy. Did not think printing out objects would be a thing, and an apparently increasingly affordable one, in my youth. There are of course, the products that we are all used to now, that are amazing...like the personal computer, the cell phones and what not. But in the past few years, yeah, I'd say the 3D printer was the one that made me go "wow".

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Printing all the things he found about Natasha, Robert hurried to the door. Whatever else they spat out, he had seen that she was in the face databases under several names and identities. And that she wasn't who she claimed to be. Natasha in the meanwhile followed Lewis and Valtteri during their

tobemydarling’s Profile PhotoMiss Romanoff (Hiatus)
- tour through the castle. It was huge. "This is all yours ?" Natasha asked impressed. -
Lewis was looking around, eyes widening, looking surprised, pleasantly. Even Valtteri wore a warm smile “Yes, these are all mine. But, I ain't one of these kings that doesn't share his wealth. I wish everyone to live happily. Equally.” he smiled, as he leaded them to the room where they stored their weapons. Not a single g.un. A sword was positioned on the center, close to the wall. The king's sword.

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Has technology ever failed you?Like your cell phone froze at the wrong time or your WiFi stopped working?

Yes. All the time. Everything goes wrong when I'm in a hurry. The most recent inconvenience was a few weeks ago when I had to submit my assignment. The machine kept printing the first thre pages out of 35 pages. I had to restart printing over and over and I was running out of time because we had to submit before 12pm. That day I was so frustrated. Luckily I submitted the assignment exactly at 12pm.

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hey i just got a printer (:D) and id be very grateful if you could share some fav paintings or quotes for me to print and slam on my wall. my interests include astrology, gay & witchcraft but id love anything honestly

your interests happen to be my interests as well
if you want some Super Fucking cool occult-related symbols with an actual explanation (y'know cause printing magickal stuff that you don't know the source of is not a good idea) check out chaosophia218 on tumblr she studies some kind of history so she knows where she gets her post material from and she's a witch herself so
that's all I can give you that isn't super famous painters tho, i don't know what you target #aesthetic is and mine is dark and complicated so
lately I've been linlove with Lautrec, he was short and liked to paint sex workers and his In Bed series of two girls inlove is my fav thing right now

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hi!! some time ago you posted a part on wattpad i think on how to self publish [when you wanted to print out phyical copies of your books] which included screen-shots of how to do it step-by-step. i was wondering if you could send me the link of that cause i'm thinking of self-publishing! thank you

Author_K’s Profile Photoerica ♥︎
You can find it in my how to survive wattpad guide on justlyd, though it's just for printing out copies, not for self-publishing. i have no idea how to self-publish, and i wouldn't use createspace if i was going to

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┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑ "There are many that wear my face, but none have the fire as I do to survive." Followed by the one and only Katherine Pierce ┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙

duplicitous_unicorn’s Profile PhotoDuchess
* ️️️️ ️️️️❁ ️️️️ ️️️️. ️️️️ ️️️️❛ ️️️️who needs rules? &. followed by the elusive petrova.
️️❛now, where's that damn P H O T O C O P I E R? i would so love to shot that machine straight on the printing part to end the creation of new doppelgangers.❜

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There are many that wear my face but none have the fire as I do to

What is your opinion about late president John. F. Kennedy? Do you like him or hate him? Personally, I think he was a great president. He issued an executive order that brought the printing of America's money into the hands of the government instead of the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank.

destoereouwemannekerelisterug’s Profile PhotoMark Wiering (Марк Виринг)
In his little time as president he did a great job, it’s a shame his term was cut short.

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For the purpose of gaining more knowledge on human anatomy as well as inflicting further punishment, dissecting the bodies of executed criminals used to be legal. Do you think the dissection of executed criminals should still be implemented nowadays? Elaborate, please.

During the 2WW, Nazis were doing a lot of surgical experiments and dissection for studies was a normal practice, but we are talking about breathing human beings, and terror/violence of war. In general, I think now the studies have to go more towards re-creating human parts, 3D printing is already picking up speed in medicine and bone prosthetics are already being printed. So let's keep the mad scientists on the movie screens and in the history books.

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For the purpose of gaining more knowledge on human anatomy as well as inflicting

For the purpose of gaining more knowledge on human anatomy as well as inflicting further punishment, dissecting the bodies of executed criminals used to be legal. Do you think the dissection of executed criminals should still be implemented nowadays? Elaborate, please.

[[[Re-answered because I went horribly off tangent, lol. Thank you for the feedback, Diana. I would not have noticed it otherwise.]]]
I think my conclusion is kind of similar to my last one:
We are not yet ready to solely NOT depend on the data acquired through these means. Maybe that is why this might still be an issue.
But even so, I still fail to see the need for this practice considering there are plenty of substitutes.
It is easy to dismiss this dilemma with utilitarian ethics:
* Ends justify the means
* Those criminals committed atrocities and their bodies could serve for the greater good for the sake of science.

But then, there is also the natural rights theory or Kantianism:
* We have rights to ourselves
* We don’t have moral duties to help others, only the ones done through bonding, agreements
* We are not just part of large scheme of things. As holders of a life we are of indefinite value
3-D printing (of flesh), interactive 3D holograms, and virtual reality softwares are just few examples of how anatomical dissection of humans seem needless. There is simply no reason to do that anymore. Granted, I do not have the figures to have an idea of the difference in costs between utilizing this awesome technology and using executed criminals. But does it not make sense that the more we push for humane treatment, the more positive change there will be?

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You are an early morning walk on the beach; feet softly printing their marks on the wet sand as the water hits them and reflects the rays of a bright new sunrise.

coveredbypoetry’s Profile Photopetalum inter paginas.
All I want, like in the world, is to just keep talking to you. I wanna know how your day was, where you wanna eat and I wanna argue with you. And I wanna hear all your theories, even the ones that are completely, you know, wrong. And I know it's not that simple, but I just think - no, I really believe, if you'd just be willing to continue this conversation with me, then we can figure the rest out.

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