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Hi, Sir. I'm interested in composing music for fun but have zero knowledge about it. Wondering if you're able to recommend me some amateur studio apps/software that I can play around with like GarageBand etc. Thanks!

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Call me Lex... =P
You would need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I might start with Cubase LE. I believe it's still free and it has some nice features to get you started. You might also try Reaper which isn't free ($60 personal use, $225 commercial use) but it has a trial period until you decide if it's right for you. FL Studio Producer Edition ($199) is fairly simple to use and it has plenty of features too. The license includes free lifetime updates. Lastly, Magix Music Maker 2022 Premium Edition ($60) is great for beginners. They have a free version but it's rather limited. I hope that helps and you remain inspired... =)

Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves

DanceTop40’s Profile PhotoDance Top 100 (✔)
"Wolves" was written by Selena Gomez, Marshmello, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Watt, Brian Lee, and Louis Bell.[17] The song was described as a "sticky electronic snack"[18] and "propulsive EDM"[19] which is equally "acoustic-laced EDM and long, lost 80's pop". Caitlin Kelley from Billboard noted how Marshmello's influence in the song can be heard through "subtle trap elements, like the triple high hats buzzing beneath the smoky atmosphere."[20] "Wolves" opens "dark and gloomy" with Gomez singing over a clean electric guitar as Kat Bein from Billboard commented, the build of the bridge is "almost country-pop, but the choral hook is all Marshmello sweetness. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Gomez stated that the lyrics deeply reflects what she was feeling during the period she recorded the track. "Wolves" is a song by American singer Selena Gomez and music producer Marshmello. The song was written by Gomez, Ali Tamposi, Louis Bell, Brian Lee, and its producers Marshmello and Andrew Watt. The song was released by Interscope Records on October 25, 2017.
Commercially, the song has topped the charts in Latvia, Poland and Serbia while reaching the top 10 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom; as well as the top 20 in Germany and the United States. It was also the second-most successful electronic song of 2018 in the US. The single is certified Platinum or higher in fifteen countries worldwide, including Diamond in Brazil. Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves Popular songs in Selena Gomez in Radio Stations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xM

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DanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xM

Mi volt a leghosszabb idő amit egy mérgező kapcsolatban maradtál?

nagyfanny0817’s Profile PhotoFanni Kérdez
Sosem maradtam mérgező kapcsolatban.
Sem barátiban, sem szerelmiben. Nagyon könnyen lépni tudok, akkor is, ha belül kicsit belehalok.
De csak egy életem van és azt élni szeretem, nem kínlódni.
Pataki Ági modell (most már producer is) mondta egyszer egy riportban, hogy arra kell nagyon vigyázni, hogy az ember se érzelmileg, se anyagilag ne legyen kiszolgáltatott.
Ez nagyon nehéz, de érdemes törekedni rá.

Who's a talented actress that's oversexualized in the movies/series she's in, not allowing her to show how talented she actually is?

Margot Robbie has become one of the most talented actresses in recent years. She’s had a pretty impressive Hollywood journey so far, making a name for herself and getting rid of the “overly sexualized” pigeonhole she was in during the initial days of her career.
Fans think she’s been labelled as the dumb sexy blonde in her roles inThe Wolf of Wall StreetandSuicide Squaddespite her true talent.
She knocked us with her performance as Queen Elizabeth I inMary Queen of Scots
She got an Oscar nominationI, Tonya.She also showed us she could be a great producer too.
In an interview with Vogue she told that one thing she hates being called is “bombshell”
“I hate that word. I hate it—so much. "I feel like a brat saying that because there are worse things, but I’m not a bombshell. I’m not someone who walks in a room and the record stops and people turn like, ‘Look at that woman.’ That doesn’t happen. People who know me, if they had to sum me up in one word I don’t know what that word would be, but I’m certain it would not be bombshell."

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Whos a talented actress thats oversexualized in the moviesseries shes in not

Share step up karirmu selama ini.

Lulus smp ga lanjut sma, masuk sekolah dj, terus ngejob di berbagai tempat/event, sempet jadi music producer juga dan rilis lagu di record label dalem maupun luar negeri. Jalan 3,5 tahun akhirnya berhenti, sekarang masih nganggur tapi pengen usaha kalo sudah kekumpul modalnya.
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If you were suddenly arrested for no reason and your face was flashed all over the news, what would your family and friends assume that you did?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
They would be shocked 😱😱😱, I dont know what they could think 🤔 maybe that some producer exported different goods he stated in documents and my firm financed it ?🙄

My property tax has gone up 400 $ a year because of the Democrat party. Please stop voting for these pathetic people.

> My property tax has gone up 400 $ a year
That's nothing compared to the coming tax hikes. Have you seen the spending bills which they passed? Everyone is about to get royally f*cked including those in the lower income brackets. Of course, you will hear nothing about it in the mainstream media. Higher taxes are just the tip of the iceberg. Inflation is at a 40-year high. 7% up just in the last month alone. Producer prices up nearly 10%. Lumber and building materials up 300% and higher. Fuel costs 40% to 70% higher and continuing to rise. Millions have left the workforce or been dismissed due to vaccine mandates, "environmental" nonsense and other Leftist / Democrat policies. As a result, we can expect to pay more for basic goods and services. Supply-chain disruptions and Biden's refusal to address the problems are driving costs higher too. Under full Democrat control (currently all three branches of government), the economic situation is about to become considerably worse.
> because of the Democrat party.
Obviously, but the Orange Bad Man was being a meanie on Twitter and his hair looked weird! We absolutely had to put the Democrats back in power because, well, Orange!!!!!!11!!1!.
> Please stop voting for these pathetic people.
Save your breath. People are too stupid and too emotional to vote like rational adults. Everything is based on emotion or shortsighted "solutions" which only make matters worse. Joe Biden has been in government for over 50 years and he hasn't solved one single problem - yet Democrats still voted for him simply because he had a "D" at the end of his name. It's a cult of brainwashed lunatics like any other political party. The only hope at this point is to flip the House and Senate in November. The House is practically guaranteed and the Senate needs just one seat but the cult is too indoctrinated and it won't listen to reason.

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▪︎ enchanted thoughts ▪︎

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》Haeun's Prolog wird momentan geschrieben und kommt hoffentlich spätestens Sonntag online
》Ich habe Jade's Stimme zu Loona's Heejin geändert, weil ich mit J einfach nicht zufrieden war, hauptsächlich, weil sie nicht viel Variation in ihrer Stimme hatte. Heejin passt da 100%ig besser (fun facts Jade's Stimme war zuerst Aisha, dann J und jetzt eben Heejin)
》Haeun ist jetzt ein '98 liner, vllt wird sie auch ein '99 liner, weil ich die Befürchtung habe, dass Enchanted eine alte Gruppe wird lol und für eine 2020/2021 debütierende Gruppe macht das nicht viel Sinn
》bin legit am überlegen, ob ich Enchanted 3x Visuals, 3x Center, 3x Face geben sollte (die restlichen drei haben Producer Positionen)...would make sense right? Und unterstreicht eben noch einmal mehr das neue Gruppenkonzept, was Kakao Ent. anstrebt. Jade wäre dann aber 100%ig ein Face-of-the-Group Representative, weil alles andere keinen Sinn machen würde...allgemein ist mir auf gefallen, dass Jade eigentlich Face sein müsste, wenn man alles bedenkt...urgh I didn't think again but what's new. Ich fühl mich schlecht deswegen, weil es eine Anmeldung für Face of the Group gab, mein Gehirn aber so chaotisch ist.
》wenn es zum Entscheid kommen wird, sollten sich manche definitiv darauf vorbereiten Voice Claims ändern zu müssen, je nachdem ob sie ihre Wunschposition bekommen haben oder nicht. Ich habe das Konzept mit den VCs echt nicht so gut durchdacht...sigh
》als Deadline tendiere ich momentan zu Freitag den 3. Dezember, weil ich so früh so viele Anmeldungen bekommen habe, womit ich echt nicht gerechnet habe ♡ ich bin so glücklich über alle Anmeldungen hihi den Dezember kann ich dann auch zum Website überarbeiten und zum Schreiben benutzen, bevor ich ab Januar mein Praktikum mache und etwas weniger Zeit habe.
Love, solasta ♡

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enchanted thoughts

hab das im gespräch mit meinem producer ausformuliert: weltuntergangsszenarien wischen einen selbst von der tabula runter - aber bill murray beendende ereignisse? damit müssen wir alle noch weiterleben und das ist grausam

Drehpimmel30000’s Profile PhotoPhønix aus dem Aschenbecher
Da muss sich doch noch was dran drehen lassen. Oder spielen wir von Geburt an Glücksrad? Martin will nicht mit Nico reden, alles schwierig.

How comfy would you say that your own bed is? How thick are your sheets, mattress cover etc.? Is there anything you'd want to improve about it? 🛏😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Sometimes it happend that we used to get up with pain of spine in the morning, but from the time we bought this perfect 5cm thick mattress half year ago, we really sleep deeply like little babies and no pain anymore 👌😃 (btw I am not promotional employee of the producer 😂) .... and bed cloth must be 100% cotton 🥰 with flowers pattern 😅
How comfy would you say that your own bed is How thick are your sheets mattress

THE PACK - Positions

Zu den Positions wollte ich noch was erwähnen.
Also im Grunde hoffe ich erstmal, dass ihr alle zufrieden seid, mit den Positionen die euer OC bekommen hat. Das war mit eine der schwersten Entscheidungen.
Zum Anderen wollte ich die special Positions ansprechen und sie hier mal zusammenfassen.
THE PACK ist ja wie bekannt eine self producing group also haben wir folgende Special Positions:
Jaera + Nate: Main Producer - Die beiden sind eigentlich die Köpfe hinter den ganzen Songs und kümmern sich um alles Rund um Beats, Lyrics, Aufnahmen und Mischen der Songs
Yue: Producer - Yue ist sozusagen Producer im Training da sie zwar schon etwas Erfahrung hat, aber eben nicht so viel wie Jaera und Nate. Sie ist aber trotzdem fast immer mit von der Partie und lernt unglaublich viel. Sie schreibt vor Allem auch Lyrics.
Ilsung: Lyricist - Ilsung ist zwar nicht aktiv im Production Team, aber er schreibt mit die meisten der Lyrics mit.
Sam: Choreographer - Da Sam so unglaublich viel Erfahrung in dem Bereich hat ist sie diejenige, die jede Choreografie von THE PACK erstellt und diese dem Team auch beibringt.
Das heißt noch lange nicht, dass die Anderen nichts tun. Sie sind nur noch nicht so erfahren, wie die o.g.
Fast jeder von THE PACK beteiligt sich ab und an bei den Lyrics und oder versucht sich am Produzieren. Und das ist es was THE PACK ausmacht. Sie schlagen ein wie eine Bombe und wachsen mit der Zeit noch mehr.

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How much self control do you have when you're out shopping in general? Do discounts often make it easier for you to convince youurself to buy something? 🛒💸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am in the phase when I buy things in two cases only : 👇
1. When I really need something
2. When I see something so beautiful that I am not able to resist 😅 (this case is not so often because I am quite critical to quality of sewing, practicality and material composition of cloth or other things) 😁 ..... and of course the price must be adequate to quality. I saw many things which were made by known brand producer but their quality was low.👎
The last thing I bought 2 weeks ago was this practical hat 👌😃
How much self control do you have when youre out shopping in general Do

As a child what did you want to grow up and do?

When I was five I wanted to be an author. When I was seven/eight I wanted to be a vet. When I was fourteen I wanted to a singer and music producer. Then it went back to being an author and having my own organization at sixteen or seventeen. I've also wanted to be a detective and work with special victims and recently a plant pathologist. What am I? A biologist.

Did you sometimes work for free in OV? The budget was low like in UA for what we know, how did they manage to pay you for all your hard work (background characters, redesigning each alien, redesigning each character, etc.)?

The budget was exactly the same for UAF and Omniverse. We had 90% the same crew as UAF. What was different was we split Murakami’s job into two jobs, with Youngberg as producer and I was art director. Also my priorities were a lot different than anyone’s on UAF. I wanted to do a lot of world building, so I put a lot of our design effort into that

What was your childhood dream job? Did you follow that dream? What was your dream job as a kid and what made you realise that job wasn't right for you?

I don't really have a dream job today - being retired now that isn't necessary. My dream job as a child? I had several but the top ones were always musician and pilot. Neither came true, well I did do a tour of Europe with a band when I was 18 that was my only truly professional gig. I was an amateur / semi pro musician for years. But as that simply costs you money rather than earns it I doubt it counts. I don't even get royalty cheques any more now. I just did a job that paid the bills and I was ok at. The pilot thing did sort of lead to that, as I left school I was offered a trainee software engineer position at a local firm that made avionics and my interest in aviation at that time led me to applying there etc. I wanted to be a musician. But I have a learning disability that makes it really hard to learn things at a normal pace, so I'd keep getting frustrated trying to learn songs when I was little. By the time I understood how to teach myself things and actually get it to stick I realized that making a good income with it would be incredibly difficult/impossible. I want to go to school and become a sound tech or producer, but there's not much money in that either. I don't know, the things I'm interested in aren't good enough for a full time job so I've made my peace of having a shitty retail job forever. Maybe be a producer on the side, one day. Edit: I wanted to join the army too, but mini 11-14yr old me thought self harm would fix my problems! So now that's completely out of the question, lol.
I wanted to teach music starting sometime around middle school. I was immediately discouraged by teachers/friends because of everyone's music experience in school. It turned me off of the idea for a few years until I was nearing the end of high school and had some of the best experiences with music with my school's program. I am now in my third year of undergrad for music education, and I just started my first round of clinical teaching at our university's lab school, teaching a first-grade class. I fell in love with teaching children and feel like I am making a positive impact on their lives, regardless of whether or not they continue on with music later on. It feels like my students love the hour I have with them each day and are always looking forward to it!
I never got that bike license, but from 2002-2006, I travelled over 26,000 miles up and over and across the US from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean on a bike with my then boyfriend. I lived my dream of touring the mountains and deserts and small towns and ghost towns and back roads of the United States, all on a 1992 ElectraGlide FLH. I met people and saw things I could never have imagined as a kid wanting to go across the country. The best part of it all was that all of our trips were made in early June or Mid to late September. We missed the motorcycle/tourist seasons.

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What kind of champagne do you like best? More clean and mineral? BdB or BdN? More rich, yeasty, and toasty?

Not necessarily! Look for Gran Reserva Cava. A producer called Bohigas makes a great one for around 17-20 bucks. From France, I'd check out Cremant de Bourgogne and Cremant du Jura first, as those will likely have more Chardonnay or Pinot Noir in them, giving you a more classic profile. Look for things in the "Brut" or "Extra Brut" level of sweetness (it's dry, basically, with only enough sugar to give it an element of perceptible richness on the palate). You might find stuff that says "Brut Nature" or "Brut Sauvage" or "Brut Zero / Non Dosage" to be too austere, mineral, and dry for your palate. Your best bet: go into your local wine shop (not grocery store) and ask for a toasty and rich style of Cremant, something close to champagne with a yeastier tone to it. That should get you as close as possible. Agree totally about the quality of sparkling Chenin in the Loire, however. There's so much overcropped garbage that tastes like green apple mixed with copper powder or some shit. It's awful. A shame that the best grape on the planet gets subjected to such torture. I can often find Cremant de Bourgogne that drinks like Non Vintage Champagne for around 20-30 bucks. Look for Lavernette, Thierry Richoux, Piuze, Piron, or Vitteau Alberti from Bourgogne. From Jura, I've been digging Benoit Mulin, Rolet, and Labet. Alsace I'd check out Allimant Laugner (not quite Champagne quality, but super delicious and more readily available I find), Hubert Meyer, and Albert Mann are also good picks. If you're like me and love all sparkling (not just French), then you should also look for Franciacorta, and Italian sparkling from Lombardy in general. They grow Chardonnay and the like there, so you can get similar results. Franciacorta can get kind of pricey again some times though. Prosecco is generally not going to get you to where you want to be if you're a legit Champagne whore. It can be totally great (especially some of the Valdobbiadene stuff!), but I find their structure and character to be extremely different from what most people associate with Champagne. From Spain, look for Gran Reserva Cava as they will have more lees aging and more of the rich, toasty, savory refinement, if that's your thing, otherwise try a few different ones (don't just try Freixenet Cordon Negro and call it a day). If in the US or west coast, I always recommend Shramsburg. Their wines are in the "methode champagnoise" and held in high regard, not only having been served at presidential state dinners but on the wine lists of several reputable restaurants in the Napa Valley. And yet their wines are exceptionally affordable- as in most can be purchased for under $50. several selections can even be found at retailers like BevMo. Highly recommend. I like their Blanc de Noirs the most.

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Если в нашей стране жил появился человек с экстрасенсами способностями,то изменилось бы будущее нашей страны?

johoijoiuhj’s Profile PhotoМальвина
не вижу изменений если честно просто потому что и так то изменений мало да и это влияние 20 того сезона Битвы Экстрасенсов если раньше воду заряжал Кашспировский а денежки брал Мавроди то теперь это такой гибрид Кашспировского и Мавроди и меня всегда поражала как люди легко верят в магическую дичь СЕКТРЕТ БЕССМЕРТНОГО ДЕДА ! ИМ ОКАЗАЛСЯ ПРОСТОЙ СОВЕСТКИЙ КОПЕЕЧНЫЙ ....
поэтому не вижу изменений не прошлом ни в будущем да и о каких изменениях можно говорить когда у меня в подъезде спустя 10 лет лифт поменяли этот лифт пережил и СССР и Обнуление и наконец то поменяли
я просто не могу представить экстрасенса таких сил что бы во всех домах России заменить лифты и убрать мусор в подъездах ( может пусть этим занимается ЖЭК ) да и как такой человек может что либо изменить единственное что такие люди меняют так это новые сезоны битвы экстрасенсов вон их сколько уже выпустили а во дворах до сих пор бутылки от пивасика лежат вот если бы они бы своими сверх экстрасенсорным силами убрали грязь после алкашей по всей стране тогда ( а стоять я знаю таких экстрасенсов это дворники после них всегда чисто )
НЕВА МК-100 !!!!
Mnogoznaal_Гостиница Космос
В гостинице "Космос" холод и тьма
В гостинице "Космос" сходят с ума (Замерзай)
Мы бы позабыли все тропы туда
В гостинице "Космос" холод и тьма
В гостинице "Космос" сходят с ума (Замерзай)
Мы бы позабыли все тропы туда
Все за цель, что в небесах, за моих родных друзей
Я тут как ебнутый плясал, в землю стертых до костей
Сам не свой, будто бы куда-то занесло
Только зацепился за лицо, будто было все подавно страшным сном
Теми дорогами ходят назад, теми дорогами куда-то летят
Белые дали нам одолевать
И в который раз нам надо доливать
Как тебе мой навык нахитрить группу ебланов?
Как тебе мой навык убеждать себя в обратном?
В гостинице "Космос" холод и тьма
В гостинице "Космос" сходят с ума (Замерзай)
Мы бы позабыли все тропы туда
В гостинице "Космос" холод и тьма
В гостинице "Космос" сходят с ума (Замерзай)
Мы бы позабыли все тропы туда
Мне ненамеренно хочется смотреть назад
Пейзаж неподдельных ран, как нам не сгореть до тла
Недоверие, лишь бы не стареть вот так
Ненамеренно дрогнул пистолет в руках
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2eiUduoqWMzfqn’s Video 166886676643 o2eiUduoqWMzfqn’s Video 166886676643 o2eiUduoqWM
Directed by VISNU
2nd Director ELDAR GARAEV
First Director Assistant - SNEZHANNA DUBROVSKAYA
Executive Producer - JULIA DOMBROVSKAYA
So-produced by DASHA ISTOMINA

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zfqn’s Video 166886676643 o2eiUduoqWMzfqn’s Video 166886676643 o2eiUduoqWM

Wenn du ein neues Leben anfangen könntest, egal wo, wo würdest du hingehen? Welchen Job würdest du machen? Und wie stellst du dir dein Haus dort vor?

Amerika als Producer und ein modernes Haus etwas abseits einer Großstadt
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Какой у Максима был любимый предмет в школе?

alenalopeva8451’s Profile PhotoПавел Чинарев и Карина фан
🎋🎋Добрый день🎋🎋
Любимым предметом в школе у Максима была Биология, Химия и рисование
maxim_matveev_ Маэстро @elguapoworld опять натворил... Всем этим людям достаточно просто встретиться и возникает что-то невероятно интересное!! Спасибо dreamteam:
producer @ksenia_dremova
mua @funbelka
set design @124draft
assist @chuvstvennoe
Какой у Максима был любимый предмет в школе

لا بصي ناس كتير معرفهمش شخصيا لان عندي ناس كتير ع فيس وعموما تويتر هو موقعي المفضل لكن طالما مبعتيش حسابتهم فصعب افتكر هما مين دول لكن عموما كما قلت لك مش كل اللي عندي اعرفهم وعموما كويس ان فيه بينا اصدقاء مشتركين عشان اشكيلهم منك:P اختك بتشتغل ايه؟

هو انا لقيتهم عندك فيسبوك اه ، ايوا فاهمه قصدك ، ان شاء الله ميبقاش فى شكوى بقى 😂
اختى خريجة اعلام اشتغلت فى اماكن كتير علاقات عامه وصحافه وكمان فى راديو حريتنا اشتغلت اذاعه وف 2014 نزلت كتابها " يسلم الى مالك " وحاليا بتشتغل digital media producer فى جريدة الرؤيه الأماراتيه
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pod carpool karaoke znalazłam taki komentarz "I’ve met the ex producer of the James corden he said Brittany was really not interested in doing this Karaoke and they forced her crying ass into the car even James wanted to cancel it" myślisz że to prawda? ;o

Zawsze mnie irytuje jak przekręcają imię "Britney" na "Brittany" ?
Myślę, że samo wydarzenie ma niewiele wspólnego z prawdą, ale może coś w tym jest, Britney ogólnie nie przepada za wywiadami, pewnie dlatego, że ma z góry określone, co wolno jest jej powiedzieć, a co nie, forma tego show była dla niej nieco niezręczna, co przyznała w wywiadzie

the biggest thing u have to understand trump tried to get it set up in a way so that Americans can be more self industrialized with certain things the problems he faced were big Korea produce most the world steal that a big reason he got buddy with the north korean dictator trump did do alot

China is the largest steel producer in the world . Not Korea
Did you know trump has many secret deals with China? His company profited millions with China since his presidency. So did his daughters. How about His secret bank account in China ?
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Ho ascoltato i pezzi e allora ti dico sinceramente non ho capito molto, il beat spacca la tua voce e da rapper ma se fossi in te cercherei di trovare un producer con uno studio, non perforza uno studio da migliaia di euro ma basta che ci sia il microfono per registrare e un buon producer 💪💪💗

loryloru’s Profile Photolore005
Si certo hai asssolutamente ragione grazie 🥰🤟

derrick! i just saw that a Mystery Incorporated Producer confirmed that Velma's a lesbian and that her and Marcie had feelings for each other! that's so cool because i always thought that she was at least bisexual lol, were you and the rest of the crew aware of this as well?

UltimateB’s Profile PhotoPrimus
I think she’s bisexual as well. I always thought her feelings for Shaggy and her attraction to other boys seemed genuine. The crew was aware that the relationship between Velma and Marcie was becoming something more than friendship, and it was written like that

Part 5 kab aa rha hai.? 👿

as per producer they were about to shoot 16 episode back to back in 2020 till auguest but due to COViD-19 they stop.
But this money heist will go upto season 6...!!
still more romance,curves,thrills and actions are going to take place...!
as maybe you know requal also got positive report of carona 💔

بص ي سيدي انا بكتب اغاني ?? الفكره بقي اني نفسي ابيع الاغاني دي او اتصرف فيها بس مش عاارفه طريقه عشان اعمل كده

ممكن تتواصلي مع أي حد من شركة producer لأغاني حسب نوع اللي بتكتبيه وهو يشوف رأيه فيها ويحاول يساعدك.
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In the first Terminator movie, why did the T-800 terminate the weapon store owner, when at other points of the movie, it avoided confrontation with anyone that wasn't a threat to it and didn't interfere with it's mission?

the producer was sick of the store owner 🙃
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1. Age 2. Height 3. Do you have a girlfriend? 4. What are your best traits? 5. Any bad habits? 6. Pro choice or Pro life? 7. Dress or skirt? 8. Virgin? 9. Favourite Sports 10. Favourite movie 11. Countries visited 12. Do you drink? 13. Do you smoke? 14. Secret skills 15. What is your dreamjob?

1. 21
2. 178 cm or near
3. No.
4. Idk
5. Getting up quickly from bed and feel twisted
6. Not saying a sh*t about it to avoid hate
7. In girls I like dresses
8. Yes
9. Football
10. None
11. Chile and Brazil
12. Yes
13. No.
14. Learn songs by ear quickly
15. Musician and producer

Sok Pénzel lehet venni Szerelmet ? Szexet azt lehet venni pénzel, de igaz szerelmet is lehet? Pl ott volt az a gazdag producer Andy Vajna az ő felesége egyértelmű hogy csak a pénzért ment hozzá de mégis úgy tűnt mintha a felesége tényleg szerete volna vagy lehet csak megjátszota?

erzeseket nem lehet venni penzert. Ugy ertem valodiakat. Megjatszottakat tudsz.

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