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Хорошего вечера ☺️❤️

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Вечер хорош приятным послевкусием трудового дня
Мы друг на друга злимся, сказать по правде - это всё х*йня.
Мы не общаемся, но ты не можешь без меня
16-го апреля будет полная луна.
На сериалы под названием "жизнь" скупим в "Ленте" весь попкорн
Утихнет гордость, наедине мы снимем Golden Pron.

education or indoctrination ❓ there is an ongoing debate about whether or not to introduce LGBT+ relationships & s*xual/gender identity as part of elementary school curriculum. two states have officially required this & 600 children were withdrawn from a birmingham (UK) school in protest. thoughts?

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I think it's harmful to only teach kids about safe sxx with someone of the opposite sxx as them.
I was an adult by the time I learned that dental dams exist because in Ireland, church(Catholicism) and state go hand in hand. In Catholicism there's no speak of any oral sxx, especially not performed on people with vxginas or anxl oral sxx so dental dams here are very rare to see.
I don't think teaching cis kids about trans people is going to make them trans.
Trans kids spend their whole life around cis people and that doesn't make them cis.
But I do think it'd be more likely that if young kids were taught about all of this that when they do, if ever have same sxx sxx that they'd do it safely rather than not and that they'd be more likely to have more confidence expressing their gender however they see fit whether they're masculine, feminine, androgynous, cis, trans, non-binary etc.
I think it's more of a good thing than a bad thing but I do think it would work better starting off if it was optional. That way parents don't have to let their kid learn this stuff but we all know the kids that are allowed are gonna tell them anyway and so in the future, maybe parents would be more likely to let teachers educate their kids on this stuff.
I know that I as a member of LGBTQ+ took to pron for sxxual education as a child and that's extremely harmful but I just wanted to know how I would have sxx with someone I'm attracted to of the same or different sxx and that wasn't taught at schools.
Kid will always learn this stuff but as the average person has sxx for the first time at 15, they may learn about how to have safe sxx too late. They may contract STDs or cause a pregnancy all because of lack of education.
Most trans children have behavioural issues before realising they can change their clothes, hair, name, pronouns etc. Because they feel like they're different but no one understands. The trans community's biggest reasons for death is sxicide, which usually occurs before their 20th birthday or murder.
With the ****correct**** education these trans kids will have better chances of accepting themselves and being accepted by others and the children who go on to have same sxx sxx will be less likely to contract STDs or cause pregnancies.
I think a mere 1hour class for students could make the lives of the people around them so much easier and safer and I think that's what matters most.
We need to protect kids. They are some of the most vulnerable people on our planet and they are the future.
But while people talk about protecting kids, they often forget kids from minorities whether it's the kids living in poverty who can't access this information, the kids who aren't straight who don't know how to have safe sxx with a member of the same sxx or the children who are trans. I think people think their children will be made think they're LGBTQ+ when they're educated but I was telling my mother "I'm a boy" when I was 3 before ever knowing what trans was.

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Has technology ever failed you?Like your cell phone froze at the wrong time or your WiFi stopped working?

Last night I was fapping and watching pron and my phone died....TWICE!
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Why is today's Muslim youth so lost ? Every other night they go to the bars .... Every other time they smoke, drink , watch pron , have gf bf ...... When asked for the reason , they state just fot fun..... Fun ?? Seriously ?? Is this world enough ? Don't they want jannah? Don't they fear Allah ?

May Allah protect dem from such sins ... allah sab ki hifazat kre.. ameen summa ameen
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Why is today's Muslim youth so lost ? Every other night they go to the bars .... Every other time they smoke, drink , watch pron , have gf bf ...... When asked for the reason , they state just fot fun..... Fun ?? Seriously ?? Is this world enough ? Don't they want jannah? Don't they fear Allah ?

its already stated in quran that the people will not aware of this world...they all follow the wrong path...when the world is going to end...that is qayamath..


ok i was gonna ignore this because i don't want drama, i don't want ash to feel attacked, i don't want this to turn into some he said/they said discourse, but i've gotten an increasing amount of messages about it so i decided to respond:
male and female comes in all shapes and sizes. from the genitalia to the exact amount of hormones present in an individual body, no two people are 100% alike-- and this extends to intersex people as well. although intersex does only have a handful of chromosome arrangements possible, two individuals with that arrangement are not alike. me for example, i'm shorter than an average male- not taller, despite that usually being one of the "symptoms".
having a certain genitalia doesn't mean you're //not// intersex- ash is open about how they are dfab and they have a pron hub where anyone can clearly see that for themselves-- but to be honest, my genitals look pretty standard, and so do a bunch of other intersex people's. the only difference here is what lies underneath, aka the actual system (uteri, testes, and so on).
someone who's gotten pregnant obviously has a functional female reproductive system (uteri, ovaries, and a vxxginal canal as well as the ability to produce fertilisable eggs)-- but i know a few people who are intersex and have had biological kids of their own. that being said, 99.99% of the time that requires help from an endocrinologist since we do not produce the right amount of hormones.
again, i'm not attacking ash, this is not a callout or a roast it's just merely facts. being intersex isn't something you can self diagnosis on the basis of having a few things that don't fit traditional female characteristics as there are hundreds of more probable conditions and the only way to truly know if you're intersex is to have your karyotypes analysed.

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https://ask.fm/tipstoimprove/answers/142173028223 Gracias por el consejo, pero yo se que lo que el me dice es verdad, lo se por todo lo que me ha demostrado, yo que llevo hablando 4 meses con el, casi diariamente, y se que es cierto, se que no me conoces, pero desea que el este bien y aparezca pron

Hola, hmm, yo creo que esta bien, y que no le ha pasado nada..
A lo mejor solo no puede contectarese, pero eso no significa que algo malo le haya ocurrido.

vastaa kunnolla: 1. se mitä viimeksi söit on hääkakkusi 2. ne mitkä vaatteet sulla on nyt päällä on hääpukusi 3. se musiikki mitä kuuntelit viimeksi on häävalssisi 4. kenelle viimeksi chattasit on sulhasesi 5. se paikka missä olet nyt on hääpaikkasi. no millaset häät saat?

Vastaan tähän ihme kylläkin😂
Nike pron se setti ja sit random tpaita
You dont know me xdd
Eli meen naimisiin aksunkaa (Akseli T) ja mul on treenivaatteet pääl ja hääpaikka on ihanan ahdas auto ja Khyl tulee varmaa hyvät!! :))
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Pentru ca asta este cultura , asta este modul prin care ne largim orozonturile , pron care ne dezvoltam capacitatile .. Dar imi pare rau ca la cei 18 ani ani tai, trebuie ca un copil de 14 sa-ti explice asemenea chestii .. Dar ce sa faci , nu toti stim sa apreciem adevarata valoare a culturii

Da-m-aș cu capu' de pereți, ce logica ai=)))
Nu îți lărgești orizonturile dacă tocești așa ceva, pur și simplu te supui regulilor. Din punctul meu de vedere, e inutilă materia asta, nu îți dezvoltă nicio capacitate, absolut nimic.
Și nu te mai da mare geniu la 14 ani pentru că chiar nu ești, ai doar păreri. Părerile sunt subiective, nu ai dreptul să mă judeci pentru asta, claros?

oti kalytero sagapaw poly dyo xronia einai ayta 2014 dekemvrios,thymasai ti ginotan tote eixame tsakwthei toso poly poy se eixa kanei block sagapaw ki as mhn sto deixnw.. ena apo ta atoma poy den thelw na xasw hsoyn dipla moy otan to xreiazomoun hmoyn dipla soy otan to xreiazosoyn KARIOLA SGP❤

MariasPov’s Profile PhotoΤέσσα
Pron anoiksw to fake apla tsakwnomastan toso omg.

Onks tollasil uikkareil helpompi uida ku oon hiuka ajatellu tollasii ja mitä ne maksaa js mistä niitä voi ostaa. Pääseeks niil jotenki kovempaa ??

Siis ne tukee lihaksistoo paremmin ja noi on siis hyvät junioreille/aloitteleville. Mut ei kannata ostaa noita ekoihin kisoihin, koska mäki oon menny mun koko "uran" noilla ja päätin ostaa ekan kisauikkarin mut ostan kauden lopust varmaa arena carboon ultran pron ja flexin😉

?19)Πίνεις καφέ για να ξυπνήσεις?☕ ?20)Αγαπημένο ζωω?? ?21)Πόσους ακόλουθους έχεις?? ?22)Πότε έχεις γενέθλια? ? ?23)Τι σ'αρέσει να κάνεις τον ελεύθερο χρόνο σου?? ?24)Ποια social media εχεις?? ?25)Εχεις ανέβει σε αεροπλάνο αν ναι πως ήταν?✈ ?26)Τι θες να σπουδάσεις??

DimitrisMouratidis’s Profile PhotoναΑΓΑΠΑΣσανΝΑμηνΥΠΑΡΧΕΙ❤ΑΥΡΙΟ❤
19)mono meta ton meshmeriano ypno(ama koimamai)
21)118 edw kai 4000kati insta kai 91 tumblr:(
22)23 oktovriou
23)maresei na vgainw me filoys/files
24)exw:•tumblr•ask•fb•viber•snapchat•vine•twitter(p dn xrhshmopoiw)•insta
25)nai..ntaj sthn arxh moy fanhke tromaktiko pron bw alla otan bhka marese
26)psyxiatros thelw na ginw ;) iatrikh dld

Sérieux, on en est encore à cette question de "t'as couché avec un homme ?".....Les anonymes, faut arrêter de croire les pron ! Quand une fille est lesbien, elle ne va qu'avec des filles POINT ! Désolé pour vous mais vous ne pourrez jamais coucher avec une lesbien !

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Les gens ils en sont aussi encore à "photo de toi enceinte" alors c'est pas étonnant, tant qu'ils peuvent critiquer ils restent dessus. Sauf que je connais la vérité, elle n'était pas avec moi l'autre idiote, c'est drôle ce qu'elle raconte.

Dar la subiectul 2 exercițiul 3.La vizitează am pus verb predicativ, cu= prepoziției simpla, care= pron relativ, sălbatice=subiect. La ex 4 fiecare= atribut nehotărât, case= atribut substantival nu stiu daca este bine.. Sa mi spui tu te roog. Aa da si la ex 5 nu am inteles ca trebuie sa delimitez.

la salbatice era adjectiv propriu zis
fiecare atribut nu mai stiu de care
case complement direct

Καλα μην με πιστευεις απλα καποτε θα με θυμιθεις αν θες μηνα παντησεις την ερωτηση αλλα η ιρης αμεσως μολις χωρισατε κολλησε πανω του δλδ αν τα φτιαξουν μη παραξενευτεις εδω αυτη την πεφτει σε ολους σιγα που θα χανε ευκαιρια

1o me poio tropo kolhse panw tou 2on oute h irhs einai tetoia kai kuriws oxi o kosmas poubnmzw ton ksrw polu kalutera apo esena kai xwrisame pron ligo lel pws ginete na tou kolhse

verguenza debería de darle a ustedes y mas a tu amiguita yele que ahora se las tira de tu amiga y se quiere mamar a tu novio rodolfo jojijijiji y pendejas ustedes que se ven es bien ridiculas con esa pron que vea mija mejor ni se tomen ftos porque se ven es feasss najajajajijiji

jajajajajaja A nosotras no nos tiene que dar verguenza nada,verguenza le tiene que dar a usted por andar de metida en lo que no le interesa, pendejas nosotras jajajaja ridicula usted que se pone en estas. Asi seras de hermosa tu que te escodes para que no veamos tu belleza jajajaja
y es prom nena

It seems Millennials possess a level of cynicism and nihilism that soldiers returning home from WWI had. Why is that?

Well... that is a little hard to believe. I would certainly like to see a way to objectively test that premise. Tho' I do not doubt there are at least similarities and haunting parallels.
I suppose an argument could be made that the inhumanity and monstrosity of WW1--i.e., the distance between that which was experienced and what young men were prepared for by human adaptation--has parallels in every day life today. Exposure to pron at increasingly early ages, unlimited alone time, pron time, game time, no limit to interpersonal coarseness, especially from young women, the same young women prostituting themselves for free, widespread divorce and emotional neglect all bound up in a protective social condom for putative safety. None of those are things that nature, even in her wisdom, could possibly have prepared young humans for in the adaptive environment.
Modern culture is a full frontal assault on human nature. Presumably, the strong might come through little damaged. But many, many more on the margins are damaged in a profound way.

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ca robi m skr do humbesh virgjerin po the emrin e nji tfamshmi e di q sesht pron e jotja?nqs se dija ja ku po ta them un tn. si silleni mlla si 5 vjecar

ca karin je tu thon?fol shqip

Imaginons que pour Noël, tu aies reçu une chaîne de télévision... Quels seraient les programmes diffusés ? Les publicités ? Le nom ? Le logo ? Allez allez, raconte moi tout...

agathepsykokwak’s Profile PhotoThe Librarian
Les programmes : le matin et au goûter, dessins animés (mais des biens et beaux hein. Que les grands peuvent regarder tranquille) ET de la "vulgarisation-pour-petits" : les découvreurs, la vie, c'est pas sorcier ...
Aux heures de repas, de la "vulgarisation-pour-grands", avec TOUS les Youtubeurs cools du moment là-dedans.
Le soir, des films intéressants, avec des mises en situations / contexte avant, et des débats après.
Dans l'après-midi, des émissions type cuisine, DIY ... Mais pareil, bien, pas des trucs minables de 2-3 min, ou des téléréalités type quiseralemeilleurtrouducul ... des VRAIS émissions cools.
En matinée, des émissions de tatouage (ok, j'ai honte) (mais j'adore) (inkmaster & tous ses amis).
Et du prOn toute la nuit, évidemment.

apareceu uma cena no meu pc a dzr k tava bloq pq andava a ver pron e era menor e ainda por cima apareceu o sitio onde vivo 😭😭achas k a mnh mae vai descobrir?

Isso eh um vírus primeiro e agr tas lixado/a para tirar esse vírus precisas de fazer uma formatação ao pç , tnb me aconteceu mas isso enumera vírus a mim aconteceu com a cena da bofia isso diz se keres ke isso saia tens pagar mas n Pages , leva o pç Mase a um técnico

apareceu uma cena no meu pc a dzr k tava bloq pq andava a ver pron e era menor e ainda por cima apareceu o sitio onde vivo 😭😭achas k a mnh mae vai descobrir?

:// não sei, pode ser que não..

Moi. Selasin sun tykätyimpiä vastauksia...aika kauan, ja mua vastaan tuli tommonen ootd missä olit polvilteen ja sulla oli mustat niken housut ja semmonen musta niken lyhyt toppi...oon tositosi kauan ettinyt semmosta toppia, niin päätin kysyä että mistä oot hankkinut? kiitos paljon jos vastaat :) !❤

oon ostanu ton ite englannista, mut siis ei oo mikää lyhyt vaan ihan perus nike pron musta toppi! löytyy melkeempä kaikkialt

Kemi x ta pa ket Ca kujto ti mi se e ke shoqe dhe esht pron e jotja e? Kush tle iher? Po ik mi goc shtetezo naj tjt se me ket ncuq sbohet gj

O bir nuk di si paske netva me fol karlliqe.. Se nk ja vle as me u kthy njerzve si puna jote
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Preciosa,no puede conectarme ayer,hasta hoy. Solo quería decirte que espero hayas tenido un excelente cumpleaños,eres una chava increíble,muy especial para mi a pesar que ya no he te visto,y mis mejores deseos siempre,muchas felicidades,perdóname por hasta ahora hacerlo.Felicidades,espero verte pron

Muchísimas gracias en serio, me caes súper bien, te extraño y te quiero mucho 💞 te mando un beso.

Hey! Frasse? - Edad? - Color Fvrt? - Novio? - Donde Vives? - Fecha Inolvidable? - Comida? - Pelicula? - Musiica? - Artista? - Foto tuya Que Mass the guste? - Passate *--*

El que nada debe nada teme,14 muy pron to 15 ;$,todos,no tengo,gato negro,02/12,arcangeeel <3,
Hey Frasse  Edad  Color Fvrt  Novio  Donde Vives  Fecha Inolvidable  Comida

la mejor promisión que hubo fue la de 2013-2014 y ustedes se que están empezando pero esta promosion no se siente una vez una niña de gafas de su salón se igualo con una de 4 entonces no tomelon como un consejo y marquen se y pongasen una meta de que van a ser la mejor pron y le vay a ir mejor

Tienes razón y gracias por el consejo.

Voiks laittaa lisää niit "mulla murtu polvi... AI SULLA MURTU POLVI!!" Tyylisiii juttui, ne on parhaita😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 oot muutenki ihana

"Siis taiteilijat (tms) ei oo tollasia noin rauhallisia. Taiteilijat on sekopäitä ei toi oo taiteilija siis minä tunnen kaikki maailman taiteilijat uliulisprölölölööLÖlölö." (perustuu myös tositapahtumaan).
"Siis en tiiä oonx ainoo mut tykkään dipata ranuja ketsuppiin siis oon nii outo JA VARMASTI AINOA KOKO VITUN MAAILMAN IHMINEN JOKA TEKEE NIIN SIIS EIHKG OON NIIN RANDOM😂😂✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻".
*lapsi vetää itkupotkuraivarit kaupassa koska ei saa 70€ lelua* (vanhempi): "Älähän nyt Pertti-Vispilä-Anton, elähän huuda nyt nii hys hys pilalle hemmoteltu pikkupaska, okei äiti ja isi ostaa sulle sen lelun, voi voi hys nii hyvä poika osaat olla hiljaa ootniin hyvä poika ihana kullanpullan nupukka kuukeliskeikelis tuitui."
Kiitos, ja siinä muutama ihmistyyppi joka ärsyttää! Mukava purkaa mieltä näihin, haha.

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Voiks laittaa lisää niit mulla murtu polvi AI SULLA MURTU POLVI Tyylisiii juttui

Ils sont éduques au porn et à la performance par ici putain ! La vie c'est pas le porn hein dites. Y a pas que l'orgasme y'a le reste avec !

petitbouh’s Profile PhotoWanheda
Non mais non. Moins de 25cm, si la fille a pas 15 orgasmes la minutes et qu'elle braille pas comme une truie qu'on egorge et ce pendant 4h55 c'est que c'est de la merde.
Je les plains quand ils vont faire leur première fois et cracher au bout de 5min. Ou qu'ils vont tomber sur une nana qui prends son pied en silence. Ou n'importe quel petit accident de la vie quotidienne qui arrive a tous le monde mais eux avec leur prOn et leurs idées préconçue a la con ca sera la fin du monde dans leur tete

am vazut la farmacie reducere la suplimentele alimentare cu calciu si vitamina d. daca le iau ma ajuta sa cresc in inaltime, avand in vedere ca mai si topai pron casa ca un cangur? :)))

Calciu de la farmacie nu ajuta atat de mult, dar oricum, aici nu e vorba doar de ceea ce iei ca sa te inalti. E vorba si de corpul tau, geneticul tau s.a.m.d

qeke idiote fare e para mu as qe m intereso marvi hic fare , karin ta fus ne byth dhe sesht se e kam par naiher marvin me nai pron qe t jet i joti kshuqe un sdu me u zen per marvin (mos ma merr per keq o Marv)edhe shoqeve te mia dhe mishelit e krisit hash mutin ti se marvin i fola kot

😂😂 x mom akoma sjm i njeri 😂 sta marr x ofendim jo😜 po pr me mishelin ene krisin skeni pun po patet no1 gjo mthoni mu

Tbh// I love you so very much and I believe that you're my soulmate. You're super pron and literally lemons and it makes so jealous I'm gonna cry. OMG TGERES A GERMAN OUTSIDE TGE WINDOW😍 sorry... Kinda stoked about that.. I love you and you're perfect && marry me.

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"smoke dicks. ignore swerfs. get money" Would you ever want to be a porn star? You would probably be really famous since you look like underage b8. Make a pron with Skeptic.

no. i'm one of those old fashioned loser dorks who prefers only my partner to see me naked.
i support people in the sex industry though. i cannot stand swerfs or terfs. they're like everything wrong in the world combined into convenient labels.

E se tiveres uma conta bancária diretamente ligada à tua conta mas terias de criar conta em sites pron 😂😂😂

Estás a gozar mas há gajas que fazem isso xD Mas para mim, prostituição é 'venderes' o corpo, e não mostrares
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