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Fellow artist, eh? What's your expertise/art preference? :P Pics?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I'm a bit of a vex-of-many-mediums.
My primary source of income since pandemic-life started is 3D printing, then custom finishing & painting, for commissioned models.
But I have drawn & painted, my whole life...mostly abstract, psychedelic stuff.
I'll post one of my favorite drawings, with this, for reference.
I am also a fan of digital artistry of all types, the most recent of which has been focused on Dreams, which you can see in my art polls, and read about, by following the links in my bio.
Fellow artist eh Whats your expertiseart preference P Pics

Do you have any art, pictures, posters etc. on your walls? What kinds? 🖼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have a few canvas paintings of city and a few abstract art. I have a psychedelic poster that I planted on putting up once I remember where I put it. I also hang a tiger blanket on my wall.
Do you have any art pictures posters etc on your walls What kinds
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Spotify users: If you’ve checked out the Spotify Wrapped, if you had to recommend a song from each of your top listened-to genres, what would you choose? /If you don’t use the platform, feel free to mention a song & genre you like! 🎧

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
I’m not sure how Spotify has determined the genres of tracks (is that song prog rock, folk rock or psychedelic rock? How did they decide? etc).
So anyway here are three random tracks from my Spotify playlists (shared via YouTube as it doesn’t require an account to listen):
Tangerine Dream/ Green Desert: https://youtu.be/8eSrlmbTGGkCactusDoug’s Video 168392000752 8eSrlmbTGGkCactusDoug’s Video 168392000752 8eSrlmbTGGk
The Imagined Village / Space Girl: https://youtu.be/POTxYGpDsXoCactusDoug’s Video 168392000752 POTxYGpDsXoCactusDoug’s Video 168392000752 POTxYGpDsXo
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers / The Super-Natural: https://youtu.be/0DsFnQqN8ukCactusDoug’s Video 168392000752 0DsFnQqN8ukCactusDoug’s Video 168392000752 0DsFnQqN8uk
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what is your social media feed or timeline usually composed of?

mental illness, stress and coping mechanism, emotional intelligence and parenting stuffs. cannabis, shroom, psychedelic, cerebral liberty and other hippie stuffs. music, arts, politics, philosophy, poetic old films (with artistic interpretation of emotions, ideas, dreams, hope and reality). abandoned places, nature, different kinds of cottagecores and random photos of places from the european countries with the word "land" in the end. mbti and random memes (cool, horny, dark, overused etc.)

Yоur Audio Aura според Spotify? 👀

DeteNaSveta’s Profile PhotoДиляна
2021 ако животът беше филм и той имаше саундтрак.
Моят саундтрак:
1. Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff, като интро
2. Trees of Eternity - Gallows Bird, докато "сълза се стича в отражението ми в езерото"
3. Papa Roach - Last Resort, докато се боря с древния отмъстителен дух
Прекарал съм 93152 минути в слушане на музика, което е повече от 99% от другите слушатели в България.
Песента, която най-много ми е била на repeat:
Limp Bizkit - Nookie
Моите топ песни:
Limp Bizkit - Nookie
Limp Bizkit - Break stuff
Reveille - What You Got
Dom Dolla - Pump The Brakes
Insolence - Poison Well
Моята аура: Смела и пълна с копнеж (оранжева и синя).
Слушал съм 83 различни жанра.
Топ жанровете ми:
1. Tech House
2. House
3. Alternative Metal
4. Psychedelic Doom
5. Drum and Bass
Плейлистът, който най-много съм слушал:
Operator създаден от Spotify.
Най-слушаният ми подкаст:
The NoSleep Podcast.
Топ подкасти:
1. The NoSleep Podcast
2. The Oyster
3. Space Podcast
Слушал съм 2017 различни артиста, топ артист ми е Limp Bizkit.
Топ артистите са ми:
1. Limp Bizkit (очевидно)
2. Disciples
3. Mark Knight
4. Deftones
5. Ferreck Dawn
Като за финал, нямах представа, че съм слушал толкова много Nu Metal и че най-много от това е Limp Bizkit.
Tech House. Не се и изненадвам. Операторът е най-добрия плейлист.
The NoSleep Podcast го слушах епизод след епизод на работа.
Общо взето е това. Поредната година прекарана с готина музика.

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What type of music are you into?

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ѵ. ♔
I like whatever feeds my emotional needs. Usually reverb, strings and/or waltz are involved in some way.
All sorts!! It really depends on my frame of mind but usually something uplifting and upbeat!
I’m into all sorts but because anger plays a big role in my life I do love some hard thrashing metal to listen to soothe the anger because the music screams it out for you. Why do you think most metal heads are so chill but deep down know how to fuck shit up if need be. Lol
Music with a message of nearly any genre. I like songs/artists that have a purpose.
Mexican corridos. I get that for non Spanish speakers it sounds all happy-go-lucky and festive but if you listen to the lyrics, they get into some real gangsta shit. Rap and hip hop don’t even come close... in rap they just say things like “I’m going to shoot you”, Mexican corridos go into detail lol they say things like “ima chop off your head, put your body in an acid tub, and bury you in a hole” type of shit. But no seriously, Mexican corridos is like a mash up of rap and country and action movies. Most songs tell a story like country music, but they’re violent like rap (even more so), and it feels like you’re watching an action movie by how they describe the events.
Rock spanning from the mid 60s to the late 70s, or thereabouts; I'm very into the psychedelic and prog stuff. And then grunge of course, love that too. But I'll listen to most of rock's subgenres, really, it's just the ones I named are the ones I return to the most.
All sorts. I like classical and choral, rock, pop, metal, reggae, country (even the stuff with gratuitous yodelling), rap, R&B old and new, rock and roll, industrial, dance music, goth, punk, swing, jazz, big band, soca, indie, disco... the list goes on and on. I cannot get on with grindcore though, or Nu metal. It just pisses me off.
I listen to and play a LOT of trad music. Quebecois (French Canadian), Swedish, Cape Breton, New England, Old-Time, Irish, Scottish, English, etc. I also love listening to and learning old folk songs from all over the world (Appalachian, sacred harp, UK, Georgian, French, African, etc). It's what I grew up listening and dancing to and it's always been important to me! I like a lot of different things, though I don’t really like country music most of the time. I listen to some alternative, pop, indie, and rap mainly. A few older artists as well. I love Fall Out Boy, MGK, BVB, Three Days Grace, Queen, and Juice WRLD. I’m not sure how much I differ from most males in general but my male friends and I have quite a bit of overlap in our music.
My musical tastes are pretty eclectic and I listen to a variety of genres, but my preferences tend to lean toward rock/alternative for the most part. A large chunk of my playlists/personalized stations is emo music and I like quite a bit of k-pop as well.

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Którego albumu słuchasz najczęściej?

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile Photo♡ KIM SEOKJIN | BTS | 06.10 ♡
Ostatnio najczęściej wracam do ,,When I Get Home", ma taki fajny vibe ⭐ 😸 Ale zdaję sobie sprawę, że nie każdy przepada za taką muzyką z elementami jazzu,funku, r&b, psychedelic soul albo new-age.
Którego albumu słuchasz najczęściej

Do you think the experiences people have on psychedelic drugs are “real”?

NicoleBuckleyyx’s Profile Photonikki ☻
I used to always think that they were personal experiences which were real to them but not necessarily objectively real to those outside the experience.
I still kind of lean towards this position, however I once read analysis of ayahuasca experiencers (I think by Robert Schoch if I’m recalling correctly) who had noted that many of them had similar experiences and saw/encountered exactly the same entity, suggesting perhaps an alternate shared reality or state.
So that was food for thought.

Szoktak lenni hipnagóg hallucinációid? Ha igen, kérlek írd le a legérdekesebb élményed. [Néhai psychedelic körkérdés újratöltve]

deathcult_dreams’s Profile PhotoMiss Fantomnia
Utánanéztem és nem igazán sikerült megértenem, hogy akkor most ez:
"A hipnopompusos hallucinációk furcsa látomások, amelyek az ébredés során jelentkeznek."
beletartozik a hipnagóg hallucinációkba, vagy sem?
Mindenesetre, ez szokott lenni.
Hát volt már olyan párszor, hogy láttam valakit állni az ágyam mellett egy pillanatra. De, amire én azt gondoltam, hogy álom, akkor az is valószínű ez lehetett, amikor "arra ébredtem", hogy anyám megszorítja a karomat. Őt magát sajnos nem láttam, csak a kézfejét ismertem fel.

[🖤] Buenas noches ✨. ¿Alguna vez has intentado cocinar algo y no te salió? 😅.

Fer_cb1619’s Profile Photo☘ ɒ b ᴎ ɒ ᴎ ɿ ɘ ꟻ ☘
Holi ☘ ɒ b ᴎ ɒ ᴎ ɿ ɘ ꟻ ☘ Todo lo que intento cocinar sale mal la 1ª vez 😄 tras varias veces, ya queda rico. Buen día 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Frank Zappa 👉 Baltimore,USA,1940/1993 🤘 https://www.zappa.com
Rock, pop, blues, R&B, doo-wop, experimental, psychedelic, alternative, progressive, jazz.
Vocal, guitar, bass, key, synthesizer, drums.
Grupo de música: The Mothers of Invention.
🎵 🎙️
Frank Zappa - Peaches in Regalia (1969) Ensemble Musikfabrik
https://youtu.be/-WlQ5oKYgc8salquial’s Video 163537664569 -WlQ5oKYgc8salquial’s Video 163537664569 -WlQ5oKYgc8
🎵 ♬
Frank Zappa - Montana (1973)
https://youtu.be/DmcYTShN4Fksalquial’s Video 163537664569 DmcYTShN4Fksalquial’s Video 163537664569 DmcYTShN4Fk
🎵 ♫
Inca Roads (1975)
https://youtu.be/wqp71DOJ3aYsalquial’s Video 163537664569 wqp71DOJ3aYsalquial’s Video 163537664569 wqp71DOJ3aY
🎵 ♪
Buenas noches 
Alguna vez has intentado cocinar algo y no te salió

Let's try to say goodbye to 2020 without focusing on the pain it has caused. — What are 3 positive memories you have from 2020? I know it's been a hard year, but let's try to focus on the happy moments that stood out! ₊˚.༄

sirenic’s Profile Photo• . ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞AͨNͧGͭEͤL
Just three? 2020 is full of positive memories for me! ☺️✨
1. meeting like-minded people with whom I connect with on a regular basis
(some specific memories here and there)
2. started my polyamory awareness Instagram page, which is very successful with 20,7k followers and 1,1k average likes on my posts
3. ended my monogamous romantic relationship in a very mature way, with keeping our platonic connection
4. learning a lot about myself and how I wanna have relationships with people through that Instagram page of mine
5. my Redbubble sales going through the roof!
6. experiencing the 5D energies more and more (synchronicities, angel numbers, etc)
7. having deep and profound psychedelic experiences from which I’m in the process of learning and implementing what I experienced
8. learning new things on a daily basis by reading and watching videos
9. started and finished two adult paint by numbers canvases, which I’m very proud of
10. discovering new beautiful music
11. deciding to stop damaging my hair by dying it and deciding to not do anything permanent with it like cutting, but to just let it grow and flow
12. enjoying my solitude and hermit mode to the fullest (like having a lot of time for myself with as few distractions as possible)
13. watching insightful movies and shows
14. discovering my favorite tv shows (I never had favorite shows before, like here were many good ones, but none deserved that title; well, that changed)
15. buying more and more favorite clothes, that I feel the most comfortable in
16. making walks in the woods a somewhat daily habit
17. making reading a daily habit, so I educate myself more
18. getting more and more into mediation
I’m just realizing that those aren’t really memories, but more like things that I achieved, but I’ll stick with it ☺️💖

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Lets try to say goodbye to 2020 without focusing on the pain it has caused  What

should psychedelic/psychoactive drugs be allowed in Pakistan? giving that they are scientifically proven to be many times effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

Medical drugs are already being abused here.
If they introduce psychedelic and psychoactive drugs, those will ruin the country.

Ahaha... You are so stubborn! I Don't remember all the questions and they were all not the questions. I was talking about Gaia i remember. The questions i remember is "How many psychedelic experiences you had and what substances have you tried yet? And how was your friend's experience to Alice?

EnugAmbrosia’s Profile PhotoEnug
+18 answers in: “Hey you! Miss Positivity Bomb! How are you? It's pretty late out here, almost morning. I've been busy lately. You tell me, what are you upto?”

Hey you! Miss Positivity Bomb! How are you? It's pretty late out here, almost morning. I've been busy lately. You tell me, what are you upto?

EnugAmbrosia’s Profile PhotoEnug
Hey there 🤗 Happy to have you back here!
It’s midnight here. 😄
✨ Astonishing! I’m getting in tune with the 5D energies of the December 21 and preparing myself for that.
✨ A friend reached out to me and told me about their first psychedelic experience the other day and we plan on tripping together with Alice some time soon and I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been a while since my last psychedelic experience and I’m very excited about what the Universe will have me experience!
✨ I subscribe to Gaia, which is a online streaming platform for like spiritual content, and I’m already blown away by all the amazing content that I’ll be watching in the future. So much more useful than most Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+ movies and shows.
✨ I’m still reading “Becoming Supernatural” and taking notes while reading. All the knowledge that I receive through this book makes me so excited.
I feel more inspired to manifest and I received an actual instruction for a meditation which I’m looking forward to experience.
✨ I’m almost done with my paint by numbers. I think I’ll finish it in the tomorrow or the day after.

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Terrence and Dennis McKenna but Terrence has his reputation in the world of psychedelics. Yes! One step at a time.. We can't possibly talk about everything in just one night.🤣 I myself is very fascinated about the psychedelics and reserves a decent knowledge about them. 😏

EnugAmbrosia’s Profile PhotoEnug
I LOVE psychedelics and I wanna experience so much more with them! 🍄✨
I’ve actually written a book about my first psychedelic experience:
Terrence and Dennis McKenna but Terrence has his reputation in the world of
+39 answers in: “I read that you are currently reading "supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza and that made me text you. I felt like wow someone is there where i guess might share the same interest or not. 😅 I have been doing his meditations for a while now. Interesting bio.”

5th video question - https://youtu.be/nrEfXNRN8zM

My favorite decade for music? That's impossible to say since I listen to numerous genres spanning several decades. Most of it was recorded long before my time - I was born too late. =D
1940s - Swing, Big Band, etc.
1950s - Rockabilly / Rock 'n' Roll, etc.
1960s - Acid / Psychedelic Rock, etc.
1970s - Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Krautrock, proto-Metal, etc.
1980s - Heavy Metal, Punk, New Wave, post-Punk, Gothic, etc.
1990s - Black Metal, Viking Metal, Folk and Pagan Metal, etc.
2000s - Sub-genres of Black Metal, Shoegaze, Ambient, etc.
2010s to present - everything mentioned supra and anything I may find interesting. This includes a great deal of Classical, especially Renaissance and Baroque era composers. Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, Paganini, etc.

Buongiorno bimbi belli,bimbi brutti,bimbi che fanno i rutti cit. Se potreste avere la casa o una stanza tutta per voi,con budget illimitato,che stile di arredamento e decori vorreste? Io un mix tra eco-goth e Barbie pink,casa non grandissima,ma terreno grande,così nessuno può disturbarmi🖤

ZaraCleoLarxene’s Profile Photo•Bloody Lollipop• Top 5.9% OF
Buongiornoo, stile Goth però con le pareti Psychedelic che s'illuminano al buio😍👽

Szoktak lenni hipnagóg hallucinációid? Ha igen, kérlek írd le a legérdekesebb élményed. [Néhai psychedelic körkérdés újratöltve]

deathcult_dreams’s Profile PhotoMiss Fantomnia
Nem emlékszem semmi ilyesmire.
Csak az a (sokak által tapasztalt) jelenség fordul elő néha velem, hogy amikor éppen félúton vagyok az elalvásba, pánik tör rám, hogy zuhanok a semmibe, és rögtön éber is leszek, mert nagyot rándul a lábam is, mintha menekülni akarnék a zuhanásból.

Szoktak lenni hipnagóg hallucinációid? Ha igen, kérlek írd le a legérdekesebb élményed. [Néhai psychedelic körkérdés újratöltve]

deathcult_dreams’s Profile PhotoMiss Fantomnia
Szoktak. Állatok jelennek meg, vagy emberekkel beszélek. Sok esetben valamiféle spirituális téma is megjelenik. Legutóbb azon kaptam magam, hogy félálomban imádkozom a halottaimért (ébren nem szoktam).

What would you do if you won the lottery? I personally would give it all away, I take the thrill of finding it as my prize 😁👍

JamesRM12’s Profile PhotoJamesRM12
Move out of my parents’ house, get my own place, finally spread my wings, make psychedelic experiences, get a van and convert it into a home, travel the world and be very generous to all the people I meet and also give money to my family and friends, build my own little village.
Something like that. 🤗

Well, I haven’t smoked anything in a while and that psychedelic experience was in May last year and I haven’t done anything like that since. 😄 I consume consciously and not mindlessly. 🤗 Thank you for your concern, tho. 💞

zy_cv’s Profile PhotoManu
Ahhh that's good to know that you're keeping yourself healthy and so on! ^_^ ..
And you're welcome! ^_^ ...
Well I havent smoked anything in a while and that psychedelic experience was in
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+4 answers in: “🦋 I hope it’s okay, if I’m asking for this. I’m feeling very low today and it would mean a lot to me, if I could hear some words of encouragement. — Feel free to just ignore this message if you don’t want to. That’s totally fine.”

You mention psychedelics in your interests. What interests you most about them? Have you ever had an experience? If so, what was it like? If not, would you?

aclockworkbananna’s Profile PhotoCaptain Obvious
Thank you sooo much for asking about this! Like that you took the effort of taking a look at my interested!
See the picture below to know what I love about them. 🤗
I had one psychedelic experience so far and it changed my life to 180° for the better! I am so grateful that I was allowed to have this experience and I’m looking forward to the next time. 🌻
Hopefully I will finish my short story in the form of a pdf today, so y’all can read about the experience. 🤗
You mention psychedelics in your interests What interests you most about them

no need to thank me. honestly this is how i always use this site. im curious, that was not too long ago. what was the catalyst for the change? btw im happy it happened for you!

Great to hear that there are still people who know the original use of this site and seem to actually care about what the person replied to their question. 🤗 You’re setting a good example! Very inspiring. 🌸
I had a psychedelic experience which made me feel sooo much gratitude that I have never felt before and from that point on, I decided to change my life by 180°. (I’m currently writing a short book about all that; hopefully I can finish it tomorrow)
I stumbled upon the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which opened my eyes in so many ways and I also connected with other beautiful and spiritual souls. 🤗
I’m happy that it happened to me as well!
+9 answers in: “What is your dream job?”

I was just having a read of your bio. If I may ask? Was there something specific in your life… That lead you to realise your spiritual journey? I was to discover mine… Beginning with a six week long visit to a Buddhist retreat.. In which I was able to find a cure for a tumour. With Dalai Lama

herchocolatebar’s Profile Photoher-chocolatebar
“Not to mention purely a scientist at heart.”
Thank you for sharing a fraction of your story with me. I really appreciate it.
Well, honestly I’m just writing a book about how my life massively changed this year and in there I also talk about my spiritual journey and how it all started.
And I don’t wanna take anything up front, but what I can say is that I‘ve always been in to quotes and I‘ve always liked spiritual and inspirational quotes on Instagram. I was always like: “Yeah, that sounds cool.” But that was it. I didn’t fully understand, what was meant.
In May I had a very life-changing and impressive psychedelic experience which taught me a lot about gratitude. After that experiences everything changed for the better.
My relationship and friendships improved, the connection with my parents got better again, I found my passion and thought about goals that I want to accomplish. Everything because of a little gratitude experience.
After that I also read the book “The Secret” from Rhonda Byrne which blew my mind and I had “wow” effects every now and then. Truly terrific!
For the detailed story, feel free to read my book when it’s published as an ebook in December. 🤗

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— mein Herz, ich musste dir jetzt einfach schreiben, damit du mein Leid mit mir teilst! Hast du die Teaser Images von Binnie gesehen?! Like Bias List WHO ?! 😭♥️ übrigens, sitze ich schon an der Antwort für die WhatsApp Nachricht :c ich glaube das wird n hella Roman; ily sooo much bbe! ♥️

missserenitea’s Profile Photoanoesis
Ah bby!!!! I feel ya so so muuuuuuch~! Gosh, Binnies Fotos waren aber auch pretty ♡-♡ Aber generell sind die Teaserfotos diesmal einfach so schön?? Srsly!! Ich mag sie alle total gerne!! ♡ Und dann soll Side Effects im Psychedelic Trance Genre sein? Like wooaaaahh~!!! We’re SO in for a ride!! Ahahaha Ohne Witz, me is so so excited ♡ ☆
Und bby!!! Ich hab mich so über dein Ask gefreut!! ♡ ♡ Aber Haseeee, du kannst mir doch auch gerne auf WhatsApp schreiben, auch wenn du mit deinem Roman noch nicht fertig bist~!! Ich hab an meiner "Mail" für dich auch ungelogen über ne Stunde gesessen und ich weiß ja wie unnormal viele Fragen ich dir gestellt hab, deswegen kein Stress damit, oki? Hihii I love ya so so much as well my bby~!! ♡ ♡ ♡
P.S.: Hier nochmal das Bild von Binnie~! Just for you and all those people that might not have seen it yet hihi~ ♡

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mein Herz ich musste dir jetzt einfach schreiben damit du mein Leid mit mir

The best writer, singer for you?

1-The Best Lyricist = Tupac
2-Guy with the Best Flow = Notorious B.I.G.
3-The Best Rapper = Eminem
4-The Coolest Rapper = G-Eazy
5-The Most Psychedelic Singer= EDEN
6-The Best Male Band (Alternative Rock) = Linkin' Park
7-The Best Pop Band= The Backstreet Boys
8-Guy with the Best Pop Lyrics (Currently) = Jeremy Zucker
9- The Most Perfect Singer = Bruno Mars
The List Continues..

nors yra žymiai brangesnių tauriųjų metalų, (kaip, kad platina), kodėl žmonės labiausiai mėgsta/vertina auksą? koks metalas tau patinka?

Dzin tas auksas, aš vertinu Black metal, psychedelic metal, depressive metal☠️
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Eski zamanlarda ki gibi yaşamak ister miydin? 1990 lar ve öncesi ya da şu anki zamandan memnun musun? Eğer geçmişte yaşayacak olsaydın hangi yılda yaşamak isterdin? Neden? -deve kuşu

chaosandvi’s Profile PhotoTrois
60’ların Avrupa’sında yaşayıp psychedelic akımın köpeği olmak isterdim.
Liked by: Ji' Trois Ecem Venus Verda'

Kedvenc trumbli modell kisjányom, a válaszodról eszembe nyílalt e zenei vágyálom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVVVTUzNLrU gondoltam megosztom veled, mielőtt fölöslegesnek tartanám, még akkor is, ha nem fog tetszeni :(:

bullshit238’s Profile PhotoZsákos Izsák az Iszákos
Én itt bele vagyok má buzulva a psychedelic , meg a doom, meg a stoner zenékbe, engem már nem lehet kimenteni
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL-NtNBJYbgretekfoka’s Video 152685443166 jL-NtNBJYbgretekfoka’s Video 152685443166 jL-NtNBJYbg

Welches Album von Lana del Rey ist eigentlich dein Favorit? Ich will mir eins kaufen, bin mir aber noch nicht sicher, welches... :)

Ohh, ich habe ewig auf so eine Frage gewartet!
Also mein persönlicher Favorit ist zur Zeit "Ultraviolence". Ich mag diese Melancholie die dieses Album auszeichnet, die Songs sind haunting, man will einfach mitsingen. Ultraviolence, Money Power Glory, Florida Kilos und Pretty When You Cry sind meine Favoriten aus diesem Album.
Falls du Dream Pop und Psychedelic Rock nice findest, ist das Album auf jeden Fall was für dich. :D
Aber natürlich kann ich dir auch die anderen Alben nur ans Herz legen. In Born to Die sind ihre Klassiker: Video Games, Born to Die, Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness. Alles einfach extrem nice und mein allerliebstes Lied Off To The Races ist auch drauf.
Lust for Life ist ihr neueres Album. Sie hat ihren Stil ein wenig geändert, was ich sehr begrüße, denn sie versucht ihre Stimme nicht mehr so extrem tief oder hoch klingen zu lassen. Besonders schön sind White Mustang und 13 Beaches.
Honeymoon beinhaltet einige nervige Lieder wie ich finde, ist aber dennoch empfehlenswert, denn Music to watch Boys to, The Blackest Day und High by the Beach gehören ebenfalls zu meinen absoluten Favoriten. Und ich finde das Album hat nach Lust for Life den schönsten Style.
Dann gibt es noch Paradise, die besten Lieder sind American und Gods and Monsters - das man schon of American Horror Story kennt.
Falls du immer noch unschlüssig sein solltest, kannst du dir ja ein paar Lieder auf YouTube anhören und danach gehen, welche Lieder dir am meisten zusagen! :D
Danke für die Frage ♥

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Welches Album von Lana del Rey ist eigentlich dein Favorit Ich will mir eins
+1 answer in: “Hätetst du lieber Teller als hände oder tassen als Ohren?”

Hola mis niños! ♡♡ Como algunos podran saber, junio es el mes del orgullo LGBT+ ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ) ¿ustedes que opinan sobre la comunidad LGBT+?¿que opinan sobre la homofobia?¿creen que la comunidad LGBT+ son respetados o creen que siguen sufriendo injusticias y discriminacion? Les deseo un dia hermoso! ♡

asdf12345592’s Profile PhotoFlowerSenpai
¡Hola! FlowerSenpai ? Ten un bonito día ?
Creo que todos deberíamos comportarnos como personas, los colectivos LGTB+, y los colectivos hetero.
Dentro de la filosofía de Igualdad y diversidad de género, defender la igualdad de derechos, deberes, trato, respeto, oportunidades y participación en la sociedad.
'Call Me By Your Name' - 'Llámame por tu nombre'

Italia-Francia-USA-Brasil (2017) 132 min
Producción: Frensy Film, Cinèfacture, RT, Water's End, Sony
Guión: James Ivory
Dirección: Luca Guadagnino (Italia, 1971)
Act: Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar, Esther Garrel, Victoire Du Bois, Elena Bucci, Marco Sgrosso, André Aciman, Peter Spears

Historia basada en:
Novela 'Call Me By Your Name' (2007)
de André Aciman (Egipto-USA, 1951)
Películas del director:
'The Protagonists' (1999)
'Melissa P.' (2005)
'I Am Love' (2009)
'A Bigger Splash' (2015)
'Call Me By Your Name' (2017)
'Suspiria' (2018)
'Call Me By Your Name 2' (2020)
BSO Intérpretes:
Stevens, The Psychedelic Furs, Franco Battiato,
Loredana Bertè, Bandolero, Giorgio Moroder,
Joe Esposito, F.R. David
BSO Compositores:
John Adams, Erik Satie, Ryuichi Sakamoto,
J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel

Oscar (Guión), Bafta, NBR, AFI, Gotham
Critics (4), Sindicatos Cine (3)
Oscar (película, actor, canción), Bafta, Golden Globe
Toronto, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney, San Sebastián, Sundance
Taquilla Mundial: 41 millones de dólares

Ambientada en Italia, verano de 1983
Rodada en el campo de Crema (Lombardía, Italia)
Elio Perlman
Sr. Perlman, Annella Perlman
Marzia, Chiara, Mafalda, Anchise, Bambi, Nico, Mounir, Isaac
Elio Perlman es un chico de 17 años que disfruta el verano de 1983 en la casa de campo de sus padres en el norte de Italia.
Se pasa el tiempo ganseando, escuchando música, leyendo libros y nadando en el río.
Entonces llega Oliver como ayudante del padre de Elio.
Oliver es joven, librero, editor y músico.
Ambos son atractivos y tienen relaciones con las muchas amistades del entorno.
Sin embargo, Elio y Oliver comienzan a disfrutar también de tiempo para ellos dos solos.
La relación va profundizando...

https://youtu.be/5rgO_TyyOoUsalquial’s Video 147532074041 5rgO_TyyOoUsalquial’s Video 147532074041 5rgO_TyyOoU

https://youtu.be/CDR8oapp2Wosalquial’s Video 147532074041 CDR8oapp2Wosalquial’s Video 147532074041 CDR8oapp2Wo

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Hola mis niños 

Como algunos podran saber junio es el mes del orgullo LGBT

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