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How to I stop a big crush on a celebrity

why …?! anonymous… u need stop a big crush on a celebrity…?!
any one now ( even a wh*res)
even divorced a hundred times
adult women…
old … generally dishonest…far away from beauty…
stalkers …a fraud… anyone who would even agree to clean the floors in the house of celebrity …
but not deserve… not unworthy even to clean shoes…
can get chance … even if only for short time
even if it’s not about love from word absolutely…
to be with celebrity.
for what i don’t know … but it’s …
it’s like be careful … everything is possible.
important harassment tactics and psychology
( this words with grin…)
really don’t stop…anonymous
everything is possible.

Can we say that a belief isn't just a thought in the mind but something that takes over and controls the mind?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
Belief, as far as I am concerned, is the psychology of a person that reflects in their actions, depicting how they perceive different aspects of life and react in certain situations without being imprisoned by ego and selfishness. It is not just a fleeting thought but a yearning of the soul, dependent on the understanding of a person, hidden in our conscience, always surfacing when we do anything wrong or indulge in anything that's haram. It is not connected to the mind but the heart, which is the gateway to a person's soul, articulating a life that can be an example for generations to follow...!!!

You got issues. When will you seek professional help? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
A good question. Interesting one actually.
Yeah everyone has issues and I have too. Fortunately, I am studying Psychology myself thus I myself have idea of how to deal with issues. Yeah sometimes I do feel low and that's the time when I can't focus on anything but yeah phases come and go. That's part of life. You just need to manage.
For the time being I don't feel like requiring any professional help because I can implement the Psychology which I know to myself alhamdulilah but if I will feel the need of doing it, I will do. Whosoever feels like, he should seek professional help

A message to someone without mentioning his/her name?

tayyba612’s Profile PhotoTAYYBA
I wish I could meet you in another dimension free from the imprisonment of time, where we could see our bare souls stripped of masks and pretenses, admiring our raw selves without being vulnerable. Where we never had to worry about the judgments of this society driven by a hypocritical mindset with conflicted definitions of words and messed-up psychology, completely against the very nature of our creation. It's a dream that haunts me all the time, to show the depths of my soul and the yearning to sacrifice its existence for you. Kher...!!!

Something you are not Okay with? 🥱

TalhaJawad’s Profile Photoطلحہ جواد
These movies and dramas that was specifically designed to manipulate the psychology and we took it as an entertainment feeding our minds with lies being captive by the fascination it provides confining ourselves to the self created chambers locked away from the reality of this temporary realm to the point where we imprison ourselves to the allure of this world without realizing the purpose of our creation bowing down to the idle of nafs...!!!

The most painful words someone ever said to you....

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoعلینہ قریشی
In 2017 when I was a teenage girl (16 years old) he said:
"I can not be always available to you. You need to learn how to become self dependent. I am busy here discussing about an important task. Please grow up and don't text me again"
Those words changed my life forever because at that time I was soo innocent and immature and my thoughts/perceptions were also limited.
I read that msg again and again and after that I started becoming independent. Infact I chose Psychology as my career too after those words.

Someone really said that they like how I have 20 different personalities. Has anyone ever told you that you have many personalities?

No. If you're implying multiple personality disorder, you're misunderstanding how it presents. Nobody will have 20 different & distinct personalities & the personalities are usually shattered & disturbed/incoherent & intrusive. & In terms of psychopathology, the disorder is quite rare. Nobody would ever say this to you unless they fundamentally misunderstood the basic terminology related to several underlying concepts in Psychology.
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How do you cope up with your dark side ?

rizkhhan’s Profile PhotoR K
I am a devil in disguise, trying to prove otherwise by creating illusions through words. I have hidden agendas to manipulate your thoughts. Narcissistic at my core, I would make you question yourself without realizing the intensity of my words on your psychology. If you try to escape, I would maneuver to create even more twisting stories to feed your mind, clouding your judgment. I'll ensure to fascinate your thoughts within the allure of your ego and selfishness...!!!
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Jak reagujesz na głupie żarty lub dwuznaczne żarty?

Fruubus’s Profile Photoa̷nett
Gdy słyszę głupie żarty lub dwuznaczne dowcipy, zazwyczaj staram się zachować dystans i nie angażować w tę sytuację 🙅‍♂️ Wiadomo, humor to coś bardzo subiektywnego i co bawi jedną osobę, może być zupełnie nieśmieszne dla innej 😕 Ale osobiście nie przepadam za tego typu żartami, szczególnie jeśli są one niestosowne lub mogą kogoś urazić😬
W takich momentach zwykle starannie dobieram swoją reakcję. Jeśli to możliwe, staram się delikatnie wyrazić swoje niezadowolenie, nie obrażając przy tym osoby, która żartowała🗣️ Na przykład, mogę powiedzieć coś w stylu: "Rozumiem, że to miał być żart, ale nie do końca podzielać tego typu poczucie humoru." 🤷‍♂️ To sposób, by wyrazić swoje uczucia bez wywoływania konfrontacji.
Ciekawe jest to, że nauka ma sporo do powiedzenia na temat humoru i jego wpływu na relacje międzyludzkie. Na przykład, badania wskazują, że ludzie, którzy często używają humoru – zwłaszcza jego bardziej przyjaznych form, jak autoironia czy łagodna satyra – są postrzegani jako bardziej sympatyczni i godni zaufania 😁👍 Z drugiej strony, humor agresywny czy ironia mogą być odbierane jako mniej pożądane w komunikacji, zwłaszcza w nowych lub mniej formalnych relacjach 😟
Jedno badanie opublikowane w "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology" wykazało, że ludzie, którzy używają humoru w sposób przyjazny i nieagresywny, częściej tworzą trwałe i pozytywne relacje z innymi 🤝💬 To pokazuje, jak ważne jest dostosowanie humoru do sytuacji i ludzi, z którymi się komunikujemy.
Podsumowując, moja reakcja na głupie lub dwuznaczne żarty zależy od sytuacji, ale generalnie wolę unikać tego typu humoru. Stawiam na szacunek i empatię w komunikacji, a humor – choć ważny i potrzebny – powinien być używany w sposób, który nie krzywdzi innych 😊👌💬

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Open Discussion: What is killing relationships nowadays???

SinisterKnight’s Profile PhotoDEEDZ
Elevated standards set by fiction create conflicts in definitions and mess with psychology, resulting in manifestation that leads to breakups. Many people don't understand love; they simply seek to satisfy their sense of belonging to a hypocritical, stigmatic, and normative society, without grasping the essence of emotions...!!!
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Would you be turned off by someone or see them as less intelligent if they can’t spell out words such as psychology or the word absurd?

Psychology is understandable, if I don't write out some words I forget how to spell them, some have a harder time learning them. I'll only have a go at someone's spelling if they're having a go at me
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Which is your favorite Pixar movie? What makes it good according to you? 🐠🦸🐀🦕🤠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I really can't decide between
Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Soul and Elemental.
All of them are interesting to me because they subtly talk about emotions or psychology so that's easy to understand for every person watching it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwuJeGYlYywLady_Eloquent’s Video 174355703472 DwuJeGYlYywLady_Eloquent’s Video 174355703472 DwuJeGYlYyw

Do you think it's wrong for a therapist to be harsh? Ihad a friend who was a psychologist; her specialty was forensic psychology, w/e that means. And she straight up told me that I lack self-esteem and I'm traumatized, that's why I am dating a toxic person. LMAO. That wasn't in a pro setting though.

if it wasn't in a professional setting, then that isn't her being a harsh therapist, it's just her being a friend. lol.
but sometimes being straightforward like that is necessary, yes.

Interesujesz się psychologią?

Fruubus’s Profile Photoa̷nett
PL: Interesuję się psychologią, i to jest wręcz głupota, że zauważam mnóstwo czerwonych flag w ludziach, a i tak wchodzę z nimi w bliższe relacje.
Niech mi ktoś przyp***doli BŁAGAM. XDDDDD
Może jakoś dzięki temu się opamiętam. 👀
ENG: I'm interested in psychology, and it's straight stupidity that I notice so many red flags in people, and yet I enter into closer relationships with them.
Someone f***in' hit me on my head, I'm begging you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maybe this will help me come to my senses somehow. 👀

Write what you feel.

Ahsan4767’s Profile PhotoAhsan
I believe in employing reverse psychology, allowing people to perceive what they wish to hear, feel or see. Sometimes, I might even portray myself as erratic, fragile or crude if necessary. I let others assume they have control over me and that their words and actions deeply affect me, all to gauge their true reactions.

I am wondering what the difference is between having a female friend and a girlfriend, and vice versa, in Pakistani psychology. Let's see how messed up your definitions are in this regard...!!!

Its a clear difference mr . Having physical relationship with a girl is considered as girlfriend and having healthy good friendship with female called friendship

I am wondering what the difference is between having a female friend and a girlfriend, and vice versa, in Pakistani psychology. Let's see how messed up your definitions are in this regard...!!!

Female bestie are the one who understand you and listen to you and stand up with you in every situation
Even introduce you to her family
And gf wants you for your money , for your body , for your hygiene , for your civic but always wanted love from you but never return back to you , never understand in that way you always wanted ❤️

How does culture influence human behavior?

Omg sometimes culture can build psychology of the whole nation. But internet came and reduced this impact.
الثقافه تحدد ما هو الحسن وما هو المكروه الثقافه هي كل شي لو انولدت بدوله ثانيه رح اتصرف مثلهم عشان كذا السلاح الاخطر بالعالم هو.. الاطفال لانهم كائنات تتعلم من محيطها ولو كانت بعيده عن اصلها رح تتعود حنجرتها ع حروف معينه وتستثقل الحروب الغريبه… موضوع كبير
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Is there a particular field of study you were really interested in, but didn’t end up pursuing as a career? If so, what is it? How long have you had an interest in said field? What made you realize/decide you wanted to pursue your current field instead? 🧑‍💻📑

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
psychology. mind you, it's still an option, but it's pretty far down the priority list for me.
i have been interested in how the human mind works since my preteens, and wanted to study psychology at uni throughout my teens. however, it just wasn't an option for me, due to a plethora of life circumstances and a lack of external support.
my current field is education support, which i decided upon because i've always had a passion in helping people see their intellectual strengths, and believe everyone has a right to an education that they can personally access and understand. it kind of ties into psychology, too, as i specialise in working with autistic students, and mental health is an important factor for how students learn (or don't learn). adolescent mental health in particular is something i have always tried to remain mindful of; it can be such a tumultuous time, and i want to be a source of guidance for kids who might not otherwise have one.

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عندما كنت طالب، ماهي أكثر محاضرة أو حصة رسخت بذهنك إلى هذا اليوم، وعن ماذا كانت؟

ياااه كانت Educational psychology علم النفس التربوي انجليزي كانت مع دكتور رعد الشمري الله يذكره بكل الخير من كثر مو راسخه من كثر انها المادة ممتعه ماعمري غبت عنها لو يوم الكل يغيب الا العهد اول الكرسي تترقبها بحب لأن المادة جداً جميلة ومُحفزّه حتى لو انها انجليزي ومافيها اي ترجمه الا انها سلِسه والدكتور شرحه ماشاءالله يرسخ ويخلي الواحد يستمتع وهو يسمع له حقيقةً كنت بثالث جامعه هالماده الوحيدة اللي ماطوفّ لها ولايوم من اجمل المحاضرات فعلياً يالله اندمج لدرجه اقرا واتعمق ومع شرحه استمتع اكثر كانت جداً سلسه وممتعه😴👌🏻✨!".

فرص كتير ضاعت منى بسبب الخجل وان دايما الناس مراقبة تصرفاتى حتى لو فى مكان محدش يعرفنى فيه ببقى عامل الف حساب لتصرفاتى وبحب اظهر فى احسن صورة مهما كانت التكاليف. معنديش لباقة فى الحديث واسلوبى اما لين جدا او اسلوب همجى بغشومية لرد الاعتبار هل من علاج؟

هو انا مش هعرف افيدك لاني مش psychology doc لكن ملحوظة بسيطه مفيش فرص بتضيع، لو نصيبك مش هتضيع....

Did you ever want a job or career that is almost impossible to get? Like an actor or a footballer for example or were you happy to take on a more regular job?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
All the careers I have ever wanted are like impossible to get 😂 i guess you would call me a big dreamer. My dream right now is get my degree in behavioral psychology & start my own life coaching business.
I always hated working regular jobs. It felt so empty.

paano mag-move on kung hindi naman naging kayo?

I haven't experience it yet, pero I think this situation is much harder to overcome than a labeled relationship. You saw the potentials then suddenly boom. How can you untie strings if you don't know where they're attached? The thought of you're trying to stop wanting something that you never really had. Hindi mo alam kung paano mo tatapusin kasi hindi mo naman nasimulan. In psychology, it's called the Zeigarnik effect where we remember incomplete things more than the completed ones. Kasi nandoon ang curiosity, which is ang what ifs and could've beens natin. Kaya mahirap mag move-on if you're in this situation! Di ko alam ipapayo, kasi hindi naman naging kayo bakit ka magmomove-on? Charrr. Gasgas na tong payo na 'to, just take your time. Time heals everything.
Google, play Hindi Naging (Tayo) by Sleep Alley HAHAHAHAHA

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