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Do ppl actually ever meet ppl on here or just random anonymous conversations?

Both scenarios can occur depending upon what your goals are. Personally I do not consider askfm a dating site and I would never use it as such; however, I have had private conversations with askfm users on askfm and other applications like whatsapp, instagram, Tumblr, discord and VK. The issue I have with private conversations is they can get to invasive and intimate unless you establish boundaries. One of the boundaries I have set is to never have a romantic relationship online or particpate in sexting, video chats or sharing photographs (selfies, etc).
You have to decide how you want to utilize askfm and what your objectives and end goal is. I have know several married couples who met on askfm and I also know people who have cheated on their husbands and have used askfm to act out their sexual fantasies. To each his or her own.
What I personally enjoy using askfm for is to post poems, music, and quotes while also answering well formed questions. I am always on the search for excellent writers who are willing to communicate with me and exchange ideas. Using askfm to meet women for a romantic fling is of no interest to me. So each askfm user has their unique reasons and motives for using this application. Only you can decide how you want to utilize askfm.
Hopefully this helps. /Alex

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O que o silêncio tem te falado?(livre Interpretação.)

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLgrabb
""dz9ronin’s Profile Photo:
((I received lots of personal questions from Lenongrabb :))
"What has silence been telling you? (Free Interpretation.)" ""
I've had a lifelong problem with Silence , but solely in that , try as he will , I can never make out a word he says . . . . I'm beginning to suspect He is mute.
O que o silêncio tem te faladolivre Interpretação

Have you ever had to deal with any kind of customer service? How'd it go? ☎️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes, many times. As a technical instructor I had to develop and deliver course material that satisfied the customer and either met or exceeded their expectations.
When I worked as a Network Engineer I had to design and implement customer networks, answer technical questions and troubleshoot problems. As long as I resolved the network problem efficiently while minimizing down time or network disruptions, customers were satisfied. However, whenever a problem could not be resolved or took too long to resolve, customers would complain.
The truth is that I enjoy solving problems and customer satisfaction was always a priority of mine. My father would tell me that if you are going to do a job, do it right the first time. Unfortunately, too many companies today do not prioritize customer service and they hire poorly trained staff who lack good social and troubleshooting skills.

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How will someone notice that you are not interested in them if they contact you?

I make no effort to keep the conversation going. I also don't return any questions if I'm not really interested.
But if they go with some kind of insinuation, I just say I'm not interested.

How to deal with frustrations?

Coping mechanisms and strategies differ from person to person, depending on what's the source of your frustration. These sources can be both external and internal.
Sometimes it's because of build up emotions inside you, your capacity to hold on to those emotions, wo khatam ho jati he because it's just emotions generating and living inside you, there's no outlet for them to be channelized.
Sometimes it's because your psychological and biological needs are not met.
And sometimes it's simply because of something that goes out of your control or something that's not happening acc to your will, i.e., cognitive dissonance.
In any case, know your triggers, accept the situation, try to analyze the external/environmental causes, then look at what you're feeling as a result of those triggers (your internal state), introspect, try to have a solution focused approach.
Try to respond than to react. Mindfulness and exercise can also be very helpful in most of the cases.
I personally try to do something where I can experience control and that can act as catharsis. As in cooking or writing.
And, why do I always get such subjective questions. 🤧

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А во времена вашего детства ваши родители часто наказывали вас за строптивость?

vkond94’s Profile PhotoИван Кондрашов
Uncle admit it, are you a pervert? all these questions of yours on the topic of domestic violence, spying on parents and so on, these are not coincidences, but a system of motivating motives.
А во времена вашего детства ваши родители часто наказывали вас за строптивость

Hey Lex!!! So sorry I haven't been on. It's been crazy busy. I'd love to tell you, but I don't want it publicly known lol. I hope you're doing well and I miss talking to you. You make my days easier by your extremely intelligent answers and kindness. I'll talk to you soon hopefully. Take care.

Beau_Abbs_Char’s Profile PhotoBeau_Abbs_Char
Hello my friend! It is wonderful to hear from you again. 😊 No worries, I have been extremely occupied too. Thank you for your thoughtful sentiments but I am undeserving. Truth be told, I have been neglecting my Ask duties. 🤪 So many great questions but I just can't get to all of them. I hope that you are well and 2023 brings you everything that you so richly deserve. You've always been kind and an inspiration. I am fortunate to know and interact with superb people such as yourself... 💗
Hey Lex So sorry I havent been on Its been crazy busy Id love to tell you but I

Do you believe in the supernatural? Heaven, angels, ghosts? Luck, fate, magic? Mind reading, lizard people, the Illuminati?

I prefer to approach these topics with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Without substantiated facts and irrefutable evidence, very little can convince me. Faith is great but I would hesitate. In my opinion, there could be a scientific explanation for everything that you've mentioned except for a few points which will be addressed below. The science changes constantly and there are countless riddles which we still cannot decipher. With that said, it is important to recognize that science isn't always a final conclusion but an evolutionary process which, at times, can be a mystery in itself. Some might suggest that all questions have already been answered long before they were asked. There may be something to this notion. It may also be true that revelations can be somewhat challenging to ascertain, comprehend or disseminate but in the absence of adequate answers, we must continue to investigate further and avoid jumping to conclusions. Along the way, we will encounter numerous enigmas which are (or may seem?) inexplicable but we should resist the temptation of interpreting concepts, events or experiences from our limited perspectives. Plausible theories deserve our attention. Illusory proposals do not.
A) Luck. A figure of speech. Nothing more.
B) Fate. At best, a self-fulfilling prophecy?
C) Lizard people. Quite similar to flat earth. Pure nonsense.
:::uncontrollable laughter rebounds through my sanctum:::

D) The Illuminati. Yes, it existed. Google "Adam Weishaupt."
I have reason to believe that his quasi-Masonic experiment was a perversion of Freemasonry and an abject failure. If he were alive today and experimenting with such reckless abandon, I could think of one mischievous fellow who may be persuaded to infiltrate his cabal and thwart such efforts.
:::smiles fiendishly:::
Initiation ceremony in Viennese Masonic Lodge, during reign of Joseph II by Ignaz Unterberger (1784).
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is seated on the extreme left.

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Do you believe in the supernatural Heaven angels ghosts Luck fate magic Mind

What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
@JoyouslyJoanna, @GlindaBells this also answers similar questions you two asked 😊
Christmas has always sorta been the same for me. As far as I know we haven't changed traditions really ever Haha 🎅
But I always looked forward to watching a certain Disney Christmas special featuring Christmas cards from different characters which tell of their various adventures, through clips from movies like The Jungle Book, Robin Hood etc. It's something many Swedish familes has as a tradition. Since it's aired on national TV at 3 pm, that's when we begin our celebrations, by watching it. When we watch said special we also drink mulled wine 📺🇸🇪
Soon followed is dinner, which features various traditional Swedish Christmas foods! I'll post a picture below but examples include meatballs, sausages, herring with various sauces, casserole, ham etc. 🐟🥔
After dinner we open presents, which of course was the biggest highlight growing up. For dessert afterwards, we have something called ris à la malta, which is sort of like a sweetened porridge 🎁
We end the day by playing a certain Christmas gift game where you take turns rolling dice. If you get a 1 or a 6 during the first round of rolls, you take a cheap gift from a pile. Once all gifts are taken, a timer is set for like 10 min or so and the second round begins. Then if you roll a 1 or a 6 you get to take a gift from someone else. The round ends when the timer rings and the presents you then have collected you get to keep. During both rounds, if you roll a 6 you get to roll again 🎲

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What was Christmas like for you growing up Did your family have any specific

Good morning sweet beautiful girl with honey. How are you enjoying?

Thanks and the day has been good to me so far. Thank God. I love you all! Good day to you all! Be safe and reach for your goals guys! My last question I am answering for a few weeks! Y'all leave me some questions and I will answer! If anyone wants my Snapchat! IF I KNOW YOU... I will give it. Message me a question asking for it and I just may add you! Let's stay in touch! Stay happy! Keep positive! Touch the sky! ❤ Sweet Bella 😊
Good morning sweet beautiful girl with honey How are you enjoying

This app is getting very boring! I just get questions in languages that I don’t understand (Russian/Arabic) and the questions in English/Dutch are not even that interesting! Does it also happens to you?

And me I can understand English but Russian No
If you know how not to receive messages in the different language , tell me

You are so beautiful

Can you already decide if you are saying goodbye to me or are you bombarding me with personal questions about how beautiful I am?
Можешь ли ты уже решить, прощаешься ли ты со мной или засыпаешь меня личными вопросами о том, какая я красивая?
You are so beautiful

What is wrong with this place? I was trying to make a simple and normal question and suddenly i had an alert telling me to stop violating the terms of use or i will be banned but I constantly see improper and obscene questions...

It's depends on your questions I've never had warning over my questions I've have a warning I think it was 2 years ago think it was calling someone a freak and go hide under a rock one of my haters my mouth got better of me somtimes try not to anymore 🤷‍♀️

What is something you dislike about yourself when you are in a relationship?

My biggest fear is being called annoying, so when I get comfortable in a relationship, I stop asking my partner questions because, for some odd reason, I feel like I'm annoying them. I get incredibly insecure and hesitant and feel as if I'm no longer aloud to, which is sad because I love getting to know my partner, and I want to know everything.

Do you think the questions on here will get nicer or at least more creative in the new year?

dragonstorm86’s Profile PhotoKristin with an I
Extremely unlikely.
To receive thoughtful questions, you need to develop healthy relationships/friendships on askfm. This effort can take months, years or never. To be honest, most of the questions I receive are written by myself to myself. This might sound odd to some folks but, 99% of the shoutouts or anonymous questions are poorly written and are not worth answering. So... if I want to improve my writing skills, challenge myself and acquire knowledge, I am forced to answer my own questions.
Here is an example: I like playing Chess, but most people I know refuse to play chess. What should I do? Stop playing Chess or play against myself? So I play by myself. The same thing applies to most of my hobbies i.e. golf, music, etc. One final thought, I have played guitar since I was 10 years old and since that time most of my practicing and playing is accomplished alone. If I waited for other muscians to practice with me and learn songs, I would still be performing like a 10 year old without any skill or proficiency. In short, I learned many years ago that if you want to achieve success, do not depend upon other people, and this appiles to guitar, math, reading, golf or creating thoughtful questions and posting those questions onto askfm so I can improve my writing skills while also informing and entertaining my followers. /Alex
> "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
Colin Powell

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Comment ne plus penser à une fille qui dit m'aimer mais qui ne veut pas être avec moi ??

Si elle t'aimait vraiment elle serait avec toi ???
C'est trop facile ce discours. Les paroles sont contradictoires avec les actes. Et normal que tu te poses un milliard de questions !
Mais la vraie question c'est :
Pourquoi penser à une personne qui ne sait pas ce qu'elle veut !
Va de l'avant et surtout ne remet pas ta valeur en doute.
Tu ne dois pas être un plan B au cas où ça ne fonctionne pas avec un autre.

Could someone tell me exactly how this app works? Are personal questions just for me or are personal questions just personal questions? I'm so confused. I only know it's for me if someone addresses me. Then I ask questions and they don't get posted...

Askfm can be confusing and take some time to get use to.
> Are personal questions just for me? Yes
Select the "Inbox" and you will discover two soft tabs labeled "All" and "Personal." General questions (shoutouts) destined for ALL askfm users within your country will appear here under the ALL tab. Personal questions designated for you will appear under "Personal." Personal questions defined by a predefined list, where you are a subscribed member of said list will also appear under Personal. An example of this would be a text message broadcast from a friend to multiple friends included in predefined list.
> I ask questions and they don't get posted...
Using the plus sign (+) in top right, you can ask questions using two methods:
1. Ask People - these are known as anonymous shoutout questions which are broadcast to all active members of askfm within your country as defined by your Network IP address. Shoutouts only get posted when a user receives and responds to your message.
2. Ask Friend allows you to select which "friends" you want to receive your queston.
You can also ask specific users questions by selecting your "Friends" tab located on Home menu and select "ask me anything." Whether or not these questions are anonymous or not depends upon if the "ask anonymously" soft button located under the "ask" window is selected or not.
History Lesson: When askfm was first introduced in June 2010 it was advertized as an anonymous text messaging application. This appealed to many people who wanted anonymity and wanted to roleplay where they could assume fake names, characters, etc. (note: most of these users left askfm between 2016 and 2018) because askfm was sold and implemented strict rules that prohibited "offending" people. So essentially conversations involving sex, politics, religion have been banned.
The other problem that occurred as a result of this attack on freedom of speech is that askfm users are afraid to ask controversial questions because they know their account will be suspended. Once in a blue moon I might receive a decent question worthy of a response, but most of the questions, in my opinion, are uninteresting (which is why many askfm users have abandoned their accounts).
To entertain myself, what I do is post my own questions and then I answer my own question. This allows me to challenge myself. In a way it is similar to playing chess with yourself or playing golf and competing against yourself or perhaps recording music where you play all instruments and record all tracks individually by yourself.
I hope you enjoy you askfm experience and are able to avoid receiving askfm warnings or suspensions that are mostly without merit and are a result of other "woke users" submitting fallacious reports to askfm administrators who NEVER take the time to review and determine whether or not these erroneous reports are valid or not. They simply send you a warning and then suspend your account. /A

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"As mulheres irão perdoa-lo por ser mau, mas nunca por ser fraco!" - Qual sua opinião sobre a frase?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLgrabb
(obviously ; trans-fukaffication)
"" "-"Women will forgive you for being mean, but never for being weak!" - What is your opinion about the phrase? " ""
I trust you know, I always read & give consideration to ALL my PERSONAL received questions . And even when I less than like them, I totally value & appreciate them ~ please don't ever stop !
If I don't answer, it's just that I feel I can't justify an answer that won't at least amuse !
I have to confess this one fukt with me . . . .
It took me some time to honestly conclude, I , at last , have found a very special woman . . . . she forgives weakness ; is that the same as 'being weak' ?
~ there's being & being ~ there's being as a perpetual state ; and 'being' as a temporal condition/ pit one struggles out of . . . . wiser
"strange little girl, do you know where you could be going?"
*worth listening*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W25geEBUiWgigotamatch’s Video 172014706810 W25geEBUiWgigotamatch’s Video 172014706810 W25geEBUiWg

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igotamatch’s Video 172014706810 W25geEBUiWgigotamatch’s Video 172014706810 W25geEBUiWg

Humor me, For a malicious smile, A sick joke, And ask, Why didn't I cry! ....... Would you ask me the same question?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
The easiest way to keep people honest is to ask them as few questions as possible. In silence, one could learn a great deal more through simple observation, recognizing established patterns or by remaining open to another person's energy. Yours is a transcendent one and it doesn't flow like a stream of tears in arrears or unreasonable fears.
Humor me
For a malicious smile
A sick joke
And ask
Why didnt I cry

Would you

❄️ Christmas Questions ❄️ 21. Inserta ese cuento de Navidad que tanto te gusta.

Ne0nLightsx_’s Profile PhotoRichard Questions.
Este es el cuento de Rodolfo uno de los nueve renos, él es el último en unirse al trineo de Santa. La historia cuenta sobre un joven reno que siempre fue mal visto y un tanto dis.criminado por su manada, la cual se burlaba de su extraña y graciosa nariz roja, que emitía una luz roja propia. Esto fue así, hasta un día de Navidad en el que se había desatado una gran tormenta de nieve, que imposibilitaba el paso al trineo de San Nicolás, con sus tradicionales ocho renos, pudiera comenzar el viaje para repartir los regalos. Así fue como Papá Noel conoció a Rodolfo, y lo puso al frente de los demás renos, para que con la potente luz de su nariz, los pudiera guiar en el difícil viaje. Desde ese momento, todas las Navidades, Rodolfo trabaja junto a Papá Noel, y es respetado y admirado por el resto de su manada. Rodolfo es el héroe que ayuda a Papá Noel en las Navidades.

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People here on ask are so philosophical for no fucking reason. Understand the humor and sarcasm, people! Fgs. Zindgi mein problems already bohat hain. Take things lightly. No need to give unnecessary lectures on questions. If you don’t like the question, don’t answer. Stop with the BS already!

Neither she has humor nor does she take anything lightly. Moreover she's just giving another lecture!

‏پسندیدہ انسان سے شادی نہ ہوسکے تو کیا وہ جنّت میں ملےگا ؟ limit main rehkar comment Krna wrna block krdungi zalil krke

Hijabshafaq’s Profile PhotoHijab,xx
Zaleel kese karo gi guriya?
Jab tak main tumhen koi question bhej k jawab post krny ka moqa na dun, tum kr hi kya skti ho?
Lekin dekho main to kr skti hun na. My inbox is full of questions from you that I can post "amazing" answers to.

What age did you move out of your family home, or if you haven't yet, how old do you hope to move out, if at all (no shame, living with parents 😊)?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Do you even read real news? iss something going on in SAN FRAN and I am here like willingly participating to get things right ? Right? Right! So don't even try that weak things on my asking stupid questions like I am your son 🙃🤫😑😒
What age did you move out of your family home or if you havent yet how old do

How do you think retirement will be?

Set backs
Reality checks
Fuck I wasted whole of my life doing something I hated.
Where's the cash flow?
How would I pay for my insurance?
Where are my savings?
My sons don't talk to me lmao.
Get yourself prepared otherwise all those questions would tear you apart.
So dig the well before you're thirsty.....

Some men here are so desperate it's funny. They try to act all in control and as soon as you say I'm not gonna talk to you anymore they go mad with messages. Like dude grow up. Have some self respect.

Sassy25h’s Profile PhotoSassy25h
I know what you´re talking about. My bio says happily married and no private messages - I get a lot of private messages or harassment (as questions or comments) and then they say things like "I thought u were maybe married,but not happily" - and I´m like "WTF is wrong with u, are u really that desperate?!"

What if wala ng nagshashoutout na tanong, as in wala na talaga. ano ang mararamdaman mo?

Listofkatanungan’s Profile PhotoTanong para sayo.
Wala naman. Haha! Dati talaga wala namang shoutout dito sa askfm, pero may feature na pwede kang magsagot ng random questions galing sa askfm. Wala ring leaderboard, walang VIP, at walang thread. Puro personal question lang talaga noon. Halos makakahanap ka lang ng kausap do'n sa Discover feed. Like lang nang like do'n tapos 'pag trip kang tanungin nung user, makakatanggap ka ng totoong tanong. Kung hindi ka naman mahiyain, ikaw mismo magtatanong para may makausap ka. Pero masaya naman noon, wala pang palaaway na mga bbgirls.
Hehehehehe :)

You ever get the feeling Earth has been invaded and the Anons are aliens trying to become human with all the weird questions?? 🤔

The xeno-671s, or "Anons", have been attempting to infiltrate humanity since 1952.
The Greys and the Reptilians have been at war for centuries, with the same goal in mind, and the Anons want a chance to prove themselves.
Humanity has become too complacent to comprehend the full magnitude of this universal struggle.

Why did u delete your answers??

This seems like lifetimes ago that I had this question. Here it is again scrolling through old questions. I deleted them because I was dumb. And I posted and felt ways about some of them because I was even dumber. A lot has been learned in 28 days. 🙂
(Nightly tree photo.)
Why did u delete your answers

Can tarot cards tell you if someone is attracted to you or just read your attraction energy to them?

Tarot cards have much to do with symbology and the hidden meanings of things. Hints at answers to any questions directed towards them can be found quite anywhere if you really become aware. But then we are always led to yet more questions. 😉
(To answer the question directly, yes, if that is what you seek and are willing to examine both the mystical and logical in order to understand in the best way possible… reminds me of my shirt… black metaphysics 🤪…I need sleep. 🤪)
Can tarot cards tell you if someone is attracted to you or just read your

Personal questions hahaha. Do you know how the numbers thing works?

I rather don't understand what these numbers are and what they are about. Maybe I know how it works, but it's unlikely. Could you explain? And then we'll see, maybe I'll answer.
Personal questions hahaha Do you know how the numbers thing works

What's a habit others have that you can't bear? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Hallo lieber Tommy. Da komme ich mal wieder zu deinen Fragen. 😉 Wenn man beim Essen schmatzt, das kennt glaub ich jeder. Ich kann vieles ertragen, nur bin ich froh dass es nicht meine Angewohnheit ist. 😅👍 Kennst du Leute die mit Kaugummi schmatzen, oder Nägel kauen, oder in der Nase bohren und dann, was weiß ich was machen.... 😵
Mein Sohn hat die Angewohnheit seine Füße überall hinzulegen 😅 Da möchte man zum Tisch, liegen die Füße schon auf deinem Stuhl. Möchtest du auf die Couch, möchte er die Beine am liebsten auf deinem Kopf ablegen 🤣
Hello dear Tommy. So I come back to your questions. 😉 If you smack your lips while eating, I think everyone knows that. I can endure a lot, but I'm glad it's not my habit. 😅👍 Do you know people who chew gum or bite their nails or pick their nose and then do whatever.... 😵
My son has the habit of putting his feet everywhere 😅 When you want to go to the table, your feet are already on your chair. If you want to go to the couch, he would like to put his legs on your head 🤣

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Is aap ke 5cr+ downloads hai mahat fir bhi ghum fira ke woi 4-5 loog ki kyu dikhte 🧑‍🦯

1. Kyo ki 5cr+ logo ne iss app ko download to kiya par active users <<< 5cr hai kyo ki kuch logo ne account banakar app ko uninstall bhi kiya.
2. Askfm par bahut saare countries k active users hai, par tumhare questions sirf tumhare country k logo ko dikhega aur reply bhi tumhare country k hi log denge.

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